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Retail Management
The Indian retail industry is on the verge of a revolution! Market liberalization and increasingly assertive consumers are sowing the seeds of a retail transformation that is bringing bigger Indian and Multinational operators on the retail arena. A number of Indian and international retailers are entering this advancing market. There has been a significant change in retail trading over the years, a transition from the traditional retail sector to organized retailing. The size of Indian retail at present is US $ 300 billion; by 2015 Indian retail business will be worth US $ 637 billion. With around 13% contribution to the GDP and 7% employment of the national workforce, retailing is undoubtedly a strong pillar of the Indian economy and a sector offering huge opportunities. According to Global Retail Development Index by A.T. Kearney, India is positioned as the leading destination for retail investment. There are about 300 new malls, 150 supermarkets and 325 departmental stores being built very soon. The career opportunities are in the areas of Store Operations, Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Buying & Merchandising, Brand Management, Store Location & Design, MIS in Retail, Human Resource Management, E-Tailing and Digital Retailing. There is a large growth opportunity in an organized business that the country will see after a long time. Apart from the direct jobs, every retail job created adds further jobs in the support business.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Public (NYSE: WMT) Dow Jones Industrial Average Component Retailing Rogers, Arkansas U.S. (1962) Sam Walton

Industry Founded Founder(s)

Headquarters Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. 36°21 51 N 094°12 59 W Area served Key people Worldwide Mike Duke (CEO) H. Lee Scott (Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board) S. Robson Walton (Chairman) Products Discount Stores Supercenters Neighborhood Markets

Revenue Operating income Net income Total assets Total equity Employees Website

US$408.21 billion (2009) US$ 23.95 billion (2009)

US$ 14.33 billion (2009) US$ 170.70 billion (2009) US$ 70.74 billion (2009) approx. 2,100,000 (2009)

WAL-MART 1) Discovered:
The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, incorporated on October 31, 1969, and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. Walmart was founded in 1962, with the opening of the first Walmart discount store in Rogers, Ark. The company's shares began trading on OTC markets in 1970 and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange two years later.

2) History:
The company grew to 276 stores in 11 states by the end of the decade. In 1983, the company opened its first Sam s Club membership warehouse and in 1988 opened the first supercenter -- now the company s dominant format -- featuring a complete grocery in addition to general merchandise. Walmart became an international company in 1991 when it opened its first Sam's Club near Mexico City. Wal-Mart has 8,500 stores in 15 countries, with 55 different names. The company operates under its own name in the United States, including the 50 states. It also operates under its own name in Puerto Rico. Wal-Mart operates in Mexico as Walmex, in the United Kingdom as Asda("Asda Wal-Mart" in some branches), in Japan as Seiyu, and in India as Best Price. It has wholly owned operations in Argentina, Brazil, and Canada. Wal-Mart's investments outside North America have had mixed results: its operations in the United Kingdom, South America and China are highly successful, while it was forced to pull out of Germany and South Korea when ventures there were unsuccessful.

3) Merchandising:

4) Franchising: 5) Retail Stores:

6) Retail Renovation

The success of a retail store is directly influenced by the chosen color scheme, its layout design and atmosphere created by the retailers. Good renovating ideas and design play an important role in retail business. Here we discuss about latest renovation design, best renovation ideas, cost effective remodeling and lots more.

7) Store Design:

8) Store Layout:

9) Quality of Staff:

10) Quality of Product:

11) Inventory:
Heavy Investment in IT and communication system to track sales and inventories. Set up its Satellite communication system in 1983. Networking of suppliers through computers. Collaboration with P & G. Accessibility of employees through a magic wand -a handheld computer. There are variety of products available at Wal-mart s like : Apparel, Jewellery, baby, baby gear, baby furniture, Electronics, Grocery, Health & Beauty, Movies, Music & Books, Pharmacy etc.

12) Branding and Marketing:

People today identify themselves with the brand and branding needs to be done under professional guidance. In the retail industry, an effective retail branding & retail marketing strategy creates a unique identity and differentiate you from your competitors. In this, we get to learn about retail branding ideas, and retail store marketing ideas, strategies and more.

13) Suppliers: 14) Services: 15) Technology:

Today technology plays an important role in every sector and retail industry is not an exception. On regular basis, new retail technologies are coming up and to enjoy success in retail industry, it is must to adopt them. This category gives us an update on latest retail technology news and latest retail technology trends.

16) Packaging: 17) Schemes: 18) Channel Management:

Channel management marketing and channel management strategy determines the success or in some cases failure of a company. However a properly executed channel management strategy could greatly boost the performance of a company. Here it helps us to understand and clarify all your doubts about supply chain management in retail.

19) Discounts:
A typical Wal-Mart discount department store in Laredo, Texas

Walmart Discount Stores are discount department stores with size varying from 51,000 square feet (4,738.1 m2) to 224,000 square

feet (20,810.3 m2), with an average store covering about 102,000 square feet (9,476.1 m2). They carry general merchandise and a selection of groceries. Many of these stores also have a garden center, a pharmacy, Tire & Lube Express, optical center, one-hour photo processing lab, portrait studio, a bank branch, a cell phone store and a fast food outlet. Some also have gasoline stations.

20) Transportation:

Fast and responsive transportation system. More than 3,500 company owned trucks. Hired only experienced drivers. Truck drivers have to report to coordinator daily. Trailers would be unloaded at night. Gap of two hours between unloading of each trailers. Private Fleet Driver Handbook cross-docking Shifting the focus from Pull view to Push view. Low transportation cost. Replenish the selves four time faster than its competitors.

21) Parking: 22) Maintenance: 23) After-Sale-Service:


Part of Rajan Raheja group, Globus was launched in January 1998. Globus is on a mission to democratize fashion and be 'the' iconic youth fashion brand in India. To achieve the motive Globus flagship stores are located at distinctive locations, one amongst them is also located at Corner of Hill Road & Waterfield Road in Bandra, Mumbai. Renowned for its vibrant color schemes and intrinsic artwork on apparels, it offers ample miscellany exclusive casual and formal apparels for men and women. Wide miscellany of gorgeous apparels for men as well as women both at Globus store adds unbeatable glamour intuition to your wardrobe. Besides apparel Globus is also well stocked up with fashion and dress jewellery, ties, belts, wallets, Socks & Handkerchiefs, eye wear and others of the like. One can visit the store from 10 AM to 10 PM throughout the week. All are found moderately priced but no where compromised with quality. For the payments purposes, Globus entertaining both cash and credit card payments.

1) Discovered: 2) History:
Launched in January 1998, Globus is part of the Rajan Raheja group. The company opened its first store at Indore in 1999, followed by the launch of its second store in Chennai (T-Nagar). Soon to follow was another store in Chennai located in Adyar. The flagship store in Mumbai opened on 1st November 2001 followed by a swanky new outlet in New Delhi in South Extension Part-2. The sixth & seventh stores opened in Bangalore in Koramangala & Richmond Road respectively. The eighth store opened in Ghaziabad at Shipra Mall and was followed by the ninth at Kalaghoda in Mumbai; tenth in Thane and eleventh in Ghaziabad.

The twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth stores opened in Kanpur, Ahmedabad and Lucknow respectively. Recently Globus has opened its Store in Indore, Aurangabad and the journey continues...

3) Merchandising:

To be successful in retail merchandise business, it is must to maintain the quality of merchandise in your store and to upgrade it with time. Plus, always try to integrate and execute a successful merchandise strategy to increase your sales and margin.

4) Franchising: 5) Retail Stores:

To be successful in any retail business, one must recognize the importance of marketing and adapt to latest retailing industry

marketing trends. Under this segment, it covers all latest retailing business news, industry marketing trends, retail business strategies, retailing industry opportunities, retail marketing services and lots more.

6) Store Design:

What consumers notice first in a retail store? Well, it is the appearance of the store. The retail stores design creates the first impression upon the viewer s mind. Nicely designed and well maintained retail stores attract the consumers.

7) Store Layout:

For any retail business to be successful, it is important to give due consideration to retail shop design or retail store fitting. This segment give an idea about how to keep retail shop up-to-date on design and shop fit and tips on retail store promotion, retail store fitting, retail shop design and more.

8) Quality of Staff:

A retail venture needs adequate retail industry training for the employees to operate. Continual retail staff training and development of retail staff is essential to ensure that a business is efficient, customer-focused and as profitable as possible.

9) Quality of Product:

Marketing is a continuous business activity which aims to create, communicate and deliver value to your customers. Consumer reviews about your products or services are important for the growth of your business.

10) Inventory: 11) Future:
Globus combines state-of-the-art international information technology, the highest quality of human resources and sustained

financial commitment to realize its long term vision. We are rapidly expanding and our target is to have an additional 100 fashion stores by the end of 2012.

12) Infrastructure:
Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd. was formed to contribute to the revolution sweeping the Indian retail industry. Globus promises to bring about a perceptible change in the way apparel and lifestyle retailing is carried out. Towards this end, we have brought in modern international technology and made heavy investments in investing and acquiring the best, tried and tested processes and procedures of operation.

13) Suppliers: 14) Services: 15) Packaging: 16) Promotions:

Retail store promotional strategies are the backbone of any retail business. Retail promotion is simply the way that retailers communicate with their publics. It is important to learn about

retail marketing strategy and retail promotions ideas and implement them in your business.

17) Discounts: 18) Transportation:

The transportation of goods from manufacturer to retailer is called logistics that plays an important role in retail industry. Logistic transportation can be simple or complex, but all logistics supply chain management contain similar elements and are managed in a similar way.

19) Parking: 20) Maintenance: 21) After-Sale-Service:


Augmenting the value of low prices with other differentiating values. To know consumer preferences in India, can conduct surveys and can take help of Bharti. Aggressive advertising for low price positioning. Ready with all arrangements so as to explore opportunity if govt. allow FDI in retail sector.