NETWORK THEORY UNIT - I (Transient Response) Transient Response of RC, RL, RLC Circuits to various excitation signals such as step, ramp

, impulse and sinusoidal excitations using laplace transform. UNIT-II (Network Functions) Terminal pairs or Ports, Network functions for one-port and two-port networks, poles and zeros of Network functions,Restrictions on pole and zero Locations for driving point functionsand transfer functions, Time domain behavior from the pole-zeroplot. UNIT-III (Characteristics and Parameters of Two Port Networks) Relationship of two-port variables, short-circuit admittanceparameters, open circuit impedance, parameters, Transmissionparameters, hybrid parameters, relationships between parametersets, Inter-connection of two port networks. UNIT-IV (Topology) Principles of network topology, graph matrices, network analysis using graph theory. UNIT-V (Types of Filters and their characteristics) Filter fundamentals, high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, and band-reject Filters. UNIT-VI (Network synthesis) Positive real functions, synthesis of one port and two port networks, elementary ideas of Active networks. BOOKS RECOMMENDED(Text Books) : 1.Network Analysis & Synthesis : Umes Sinha; (Satya Prakash Pub.) 2.Network Analysis & Synthesis : F.F. Kuo; (John Wiley & Sons Inc) REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Introduction to modern Network Synthesis : Van Valkenburg; (John Wiley) 2.Network Analysis : Van Valkenburg; (PHI) 3.Basic circuit theory : Dasoer Kuh; (McGraw Hill). 4.A course in electrical circuit Analysis by Soni & Gupta; (Dhanpat Rai Publication) 5.Circuit Analysis : G.K. Mithal; (Khanna Publication) 6.Networks and Systems : D. Roy Choudhury; (New Age International)

Introduction to Recursion.Data Structures and Algorithms by A. Augentem.. Heap sort. Depth first rraversal. Staticand Dynamic implementations. 1983.path matrix implementation. (Original edition. Quick sort Algorithmanalysis. Straight/circular implementation of doubly linked queues / Lists. bottom . Balanced multi way search trees. Topdown Heap sort approach. Running Times.up.The Stacks : Definition. Graph Traversal Breadth firstTraversal. Sorting by exchange. Array based implementation of Queues / Lists. Adjacency matrix. AVL Trees. selection. Moshe J .Implementations and applications.E.DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHMS UNIT . (Pub.M. Worst Case. Merge sort. Tables : Definition. Average Case. Applications. PriorityQueues. Searching algorithms : Straight sequential search. Implementations. Factors depends on runningtime. UNIT-IV (Graphs) Definition of Undirected and Directed Graphs and Networks. Binary Traversal Pre-order. Threadedtrees. Heap sort : Heap construction. insertions : Bubble sort. (PHI Pub) REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Evaluating time complexity. J.Merging of sorted arrays & Algorithms. Big . Examples: Infix. Shortest path Algorithm. opcroft and T. UNIT-II (Queues and Lists) Definition.the Array based implementation of graphs. Straight selection sort. Inorder traversal. Langusam. Aho.notation. Hash function. binary search (recursive and non-recursive algorithms). Linked list based implementation of stacks. UNIT-V (Running time) Time Complexity. UNIT-VI (Sorting Algorithms) Introduction. postfix. prefix representation. Tenenbaum.Implementations. Efficiency of abovealgorithms. BestCase.Data Structures using C by A. Divide and conquer Algorithm.D. Examples and real lifeapplications.Linked List implementation of Queues / Lists. Binary Search Trees. BOOKS RECOMMENDED(Text Books) : 1. Low Priced Edition) 2.I (Inroduction to Data Structures) Definition of data structures and abstract data types. Addison-Wesley. Circularimplementation of Queues and Singly linked Lists.V. Properties of Binary treesand Implementation. Conversions. The Linked List representation ofgraphs. performance of shell sort. post order.Fundamentals of Data structures by Ellis Horowitz & Sartaj Sahni. Applications. Shell sort. Ullman. 1999. UNIT-III (Trees) Definition of trees and Binary trees. AW) . Array based implementation of stacks.Oh .

Richard B.Theory and problems of Data structures by Jr. Bunt.Fundamentals of computer algorithms by Horowitz Sahni and Rajasekaran.Data Structure and the standard Template library .Data Structures and Program Design in C By Robert Kruse.3. 2003. Jean Paul Tremblay.Willam J. (2002.H) 7. (Schaum's outline by TMH) 6. Collins.H) . Symour Lipschetz. 4. (PHI) 5.An algorithms approach. T.Introduction to computers science .M.M. (T.