Test Procedure 2.

1 Steep Wave Front Test (For Disc Insulator only) Test following test shall be performed on 10 insulator units in case of disc insulators selected at random from the lot offered for selection of sample for type test. a) Each insulator unit shall be subjected to five successive positive and negative impulse flashovers with a wave having minimum effective rate of rise of 2500 kV per microseconds. Each unit shall then be subjected to three dry power frequency voltage flashovers.


Acceptance Criteria An insulator shall be deemed to have met the requirement of this test if, having been successfully subjected to the ten impulse flashovers, the arithmetic mean of the three subsequent dry/power frequency voltage flashover values equals or exceeds 95% of the rated dry power frequency flashover voltage. An insulator shall be deemed to have failed to meet the requirement of above testing if, (a) It has not flash over when the oscillogram or peak voltage indicator shows a marked reduction in voltage. or (b) Any one of the subsequent three dry power frequency voltage flashover value is less than 80% of the value specified.

Failure of any one unit either in the steep wave front or subsequent low frequency voltage test shall cause for testing on double number of units.


Residual Strength Test (For Disc Insulators only) The above test shall be performed as per clause 4.4 and 4.5 of IEC 797 preceded by the temperature cycle test, on both glass and porcelain disc insulators. The Sample size shall be 25 and the evaluation of the results and acceptance criteria shall be as per clause No. 4.6 of IEC:797.