2(a)2008  Dated, the 22nd October, 2008 PUBLIC NOTICE In   compliance   with   the   directions   of   Hon’ble   Supreme   Court   of   India,   the  National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into nine Civil Districts vide Govt.  of   NCT   of   Delhi’s   Notification   No.   F.6/10/2000­Judl/694­704   dated   28.06.2000   read  with Notification No. F.6/15/08­Judl/Suptlaw/1980­1982 dated 21.10.2008 (shown below  as Annexure).  The nine Civil Districts will start functioning w.e.f. 1st November, 2008,  under   the   control   of   the   District   Judges   from   the   places   notified   vide   this   Court’s  Notification   No.540/DHC/Gaz./VI.E.2(a)2008   dated   22.10.2008   as   mentioned   against  each, as under :­ S.No. Civil District 1. Central 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. North West New Delhi South East North­East North­West South­West      Place Part of Tis Hazari  Courts Part of Tis Hazari  Courts Part of Tis Hazari  Courts  Part of Patiala House  Courts Part of Patiala House  Courts  Part of Karkardooma  Courts Complex Part of Karkardooma  Courts Complex Part of Rohini Courts  Complex Dwarka Courts  Complex     Headed by Ms.  Mamta Sehgal, District Judge–I–cum­Sessions Judge Mr.  M.L. Mehta, District Judge–II–cum–Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, District Judge–III­cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Ms. I.K. Kochhar, District Judge–IV–cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Mr. Gurdeep Kumar,  District Judge–V­cum­ Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Mr. A.K. Pathak, District Judge–VI­cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Dr. R.K. Yadav, District Judge–VII­cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Mr.  B.B. Chaudhary,  District Judge–VIII­cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C. Mr.  I.S. Mehta, District Judge–IX­cum­Addl.  Sessions Judge I/C.

Rohini Courts Complex.  (Discom) 1. FERA and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence shall be dealt  with by the criminal courts at Patiala House Courts.2008.2008 to  regular District Courts Complex as indicated hereunder :­ S. Delhi Rent Control Act and Public Premises Act are being transferred as  per   the   jurisdiction   of   different   Civil   Districts.   2003   thus   far  functioning from the premises of Power Discoms as under will shift w. Karkardooma Courts Complex.. Patparganj Industrial Area  BYPL  6.e.f.2.f.11.    The work of Customs. The Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals shall continue to function from the  existing place. Karkardooma Courts Complex.e.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Police District / Agencies Central Police District North Police District West Police District New Delhi Police District South Police District  South­East District East Police District North­East District North­West Police District Outer Police District  South­West Police District IGI Airport and Palam Airport Police Stations Courts   dealing   with   the  work to be  located at Tis Hazari Courts Tis Hazari Courts Tis Hazari Courts Patiala House Courts Patiala House Courts Patiala Hosue Courts Karkardooma Courts Karkardooma Courts Rohini Courts Rohini Courts Dwarka Courts Dwarka Courts 3. till further orders.  Karkardooma Rohini Jurisdiction  District Court Complex from where the  Court will start functioning w.       All   other   pending   civil   cases   will  continue to   be tried and heard in the courts already hearing them or their successor  .  5. The cases pending prior to division of Delhi into nine Civil Districts under Land  Acquisition Act.   The work of criminal courts will be distributed at the five District Court Complexes  as under:­ S. Place where  the Court is  presently functioning  1 2 3 4 5 Vikas Puri Malviya Nagar Shakti Kiran Building. BRPL  BRPL  BYPL  NDPL  Dwarka Courts Complex. 4.e. i. The   Special   Courts   dealing   with   cases   under   Electricity   Act. Patiala House Courts Complex Karkardooma Courts Complex.No. 1.11.

nic.M. 8. the Courts  of District  Judges. except where all  the accused have  already put in appearance. Accordingly. sd/­         ( AJIT BHARIHOKE )      REGISTRAR GENERAL (Annexure) (Copy of Notification No.1918 (Punjab Act 6 of 1918) as extended to the National Capital  .        (Name of the Civil (Place of sitting of        application. application.F. Karkardooma Courts or Rohini Courts (as the case may be).   Rent   Controllers   and   Administrative   Civil   Judges   of   the   concerned   Districts  would also start functioning from the places  as mentioned above with effect from 1 st  November.  http://delhihighcourt.nic.in/ 2.  2008. Senior Civil Judges. of NCT of Delhi)                                                             "NOTIFICATION No.10.Courts at Tis Hazari Courts. 1st November.in/      BY ORDER. revision or appeal is         District to which the the Court)       preferred)         Court belongs) For details.6/15/08­Judl/­  In exercise of the powers conferred by sub­section (1) of section 19  of the Punjab Courts Act.6/15/08­Judl/Suptlaw/1980­1982 dated 21. shall be transferred by the Sessions Judge to A.f. All   civil   suits. and at the  places as aforementioned. District­wise and the title of each suit.e. revision or appeal  should read as under:­ “In the Court of _________________ of __________________at ________________"      (Name of the Court in which suit.­02  (Airports) at Dwarka who shall allocate them to the courts of Metropolitan Magistrates at  Dwarka Court Complex.  7.   revisions   and   appeals   may   be   presented   to   the  competent Courts. South­East  and   South­West pending at Patiala  House Courts.C.2008  issued by the Govt.   applications. institution of civil cases will be District­wise. South. New Delhi. namely. Judges Small  Causes.  Fresh cases of the said category pertaining to entire Delhi shall  be filed  and entertained by the courts at Dwarka Courts Complex w.  http://delhicourts.M. the individual can log on to the following websites :­ 1. 9.    Thereafter. All   cases   under   section   138   Negotiable   Instruments   Act   involving   financial  institutions   will   be   treated   as   separate   category   and   all   cases   of   the   said   category  pertaining to jurisdiction of four Police Districts. F. 2008.

2 East District North UP.Territory   of   Delhi. .2000. details of which are given in  the Schedule below:   SCHEDULE 1 West District  North­West Haryana North Haryana   from   New   Drain   starting   from   the   river  bank   of  Yamuna   till  the  intersection point on GT Karnal Road near Budhpur Village East From   intersection   point   on   New   Drain   &   GT   Karnal   towards   Samaypur  Village following the GT Karnal Road (road excluded) and thence till Badli  Railway   Station   following   the   Outer   Ring   Road   and   thence   following   the  railway line till the railway intersection near Trinagar Colony. hereby notifies and specifies the boundaries of  the nine Civil Districts of Delhi as per legends of the map annexed hereto.   the   Lt.   and   in   partial  modification of this Government's notification number 6/10/2000­Judl/694­704 dated the  28th   June. South Delhi   Rohtak   railway   line   (railway   line   included)   from   the   railway   line  intersection near Trinagar till State boundary.   and   all   other   powers   enabling   him   in   this   regard.   Governor   of   the   National   Capital   Territory   of   Delhi.   in  consultation with the High Court of Delhi. and describing  in text the landmarks along which the boundary lines run.   Western   bank   of   Yamuna   river   along   right   marginal   embankment   till  State boundary of UP and thence till Jama Masjid Parda Bagh on the Western  bank of river Yamuna South From Filmistan Cinema Hall on Rani Jhansi Road till the crossing of Northern  railway   with   Metro   railway   line   (near   Sabji   Mandi   Railway   Station)   till  intersection   of   Amritsar   section   of   Northern   Railway   line   with   that   of  Rohtak/Firozpur Rail Line.

 Delhi railway line of the Southern side West 4 The Yamuna Bed along with both the bank of river Yamuna District  East North Delhi­Shahdara   railway   line   from   Western   side   of   railway   bridge   of   river  Yamuna till State Boundary (including the railway line) East West UP Western side of river Yamuna from railway bridge till State boundary with  UP (including both the bank of river Yamuna) South UP & Western side of Yamuna river till the State boundary with UP 5 District  Central North Jama   Masjid  Parda   Bagh   Western   side   of Delhi­Rewari line  DCM   market  Kishan Ganj.West Bifurcation of Ambala railway line near Tri Nagar along the  railway line till  the intersection at Outer Ring Road from there along the Outer Ring Road till  its intersection with GT Road from intersection along the GT road till 'T' point  with New Drain (Outer Ring Road from intersection with Ambala railway line  till   intersection   with   GT   road   included   with   pavement.   GT   road   from  intersection with Outer Ring Road till 'T' point with New Drain included with  pavement) North 'T point of New Drain with GT road to Western Bank of river Yamuna along  the New Drain 3 District  North­East North Uttar Pradesh East Uttar Pradesh South Shahdara. Gaushala Road (included in Central District) East Till Yamuna river from Parda Bagh to IP Depot .

Ramnath Ridge Bans Koli Link road round about West  Military Road    Road with pavement included Bapa Nagar Road Western side of Gaushala Road Road between East Patel Nagar 6 East District  New Delhi Punchkuin Road (Road with pavement included) from intersection of Upper  Ridge Road till intersection with Basant Road (road with pavement included)  till   before   the   intersection   with   Basant   Road   &   Chelmsford   Road. South From railway line near IP Depot the the mid point between Gate No.­2 & 3 of  ACP (Traffic) Office then crossing over to Ring Road on its Eastern side till  Nizamuddin Bridge on river Yamuna till the area between Western Bank of  river Yamuna on South and New Delhi ­ Shahdara Ghaziabad railway line .   thence  crossing   over   the   railway   line   near  New   Delhi   Railway   Station   till   Minto  Bridge on the Northern Side from there to Southern side of   till IP Depot.South IP Depot included in District Central Tilak Bridge Minto Bridge Railway station (New Delhi) Northern side Punchkuin Road Jhandewalan Extn.

East Western bank of river Yamuna near Nizamuddin Bridge on the western bank  till State boundary of UP.West  From   Nizamuddin   Bridge   on   river   Yamuna   to   Bhairon   Road   then   upto  Western side of Mathura Road at its intersection with Bhairon Road. Security Line from Round about of 7­Race Course Road till the Nalla  Behind Race Course.   from  intersection   of   Aurobindo   Marg   with   Safdarjung   Road   till   intersection   of  Safdarjung   Road   with   Kamal   Attaturk   Marg   till   Roundabout   of   7­Race  Course. South Haryana (Faridabad) till Mehrauli­Gurgaon Road. (Upper Ridge Road included  with pavement). 7 District  South North From intersection of Aurobindo Marg & Lodhi Road to intersection of Lodhi  Road with Golf Link Road (road & pavement of Lodhi Road included).   from   railway   bridge   on   Shanti   Path   to  railway bridge on Upper Ridge Road. thence  till   the   intersection   of   Mathura   Road   with   Subramaniyam   Bharti   Marg  (Subramaniyam   Bharti   Marg   with   pavement   included)   till   intersection   of  Subramaniyam Bharti Marg with Gold Link Road (pavement included Lodhi  Road).   from   intersection   of   Bharion   Marg   &  Mathura Road to interstion of  Ring Road & Bhairon Marg and till Western  side of river yamuna on perpendicular line.   Aurobindo   Marg   till   intersection   with   Lodhi   Road   near  Safdarjung Tomb (road and pavement included) District  South­West 8 . West State   Boundary   from   the   intersection   of   Mehrauli   ­   Gurgaon   Road   till   its  intersection   with   Mehrauli­Badarpur   Road.   from  intersection of Subramaniyam Bharti Marg & Mathura Road to intersection of  Mathura   Raod   and   Bhairon   Marg. from  Golf   Link   Road   to   its   intersection   with   Subramaniyam  Bharti   Marg.   from   MG   Road   ­   MB   Road  intersection. North From railway bridge on Upper Ridge Road till intersection of Upper Ridge  Road with Pusha Road on Punchkuiyan Road. From intersection of Gold Link Road with Lodhi Road till intersection  of   Lodhi   Road   with   Aurobindo   Marg   Opposite   Safdarjung   Tomb. from Nalla till the intersection of Railway Line with  Shanti   Path   (near   Rail   Museum).

 Safdarjung Tomb (road & pavement included) West Haryana . Upper Ridge Road till its intersection with Railway Line.North From   intersection   of   State   boundary   Najafgarh­   Bahadurgarh   Road   till  Najafgarh  (road and pavement included).   from   Jang   Road   &   Kamal   Atta   Marg  intersection till the intersection of Aurobindo Marg (near Safdarjung Tomb). Upper Ridge Road till its intersection Nalla & Railway Line. from Najafgarh to Daya to Patel Road  &   Najafgarh   Road   intersection.  from   Railway   Line   &  Nalla   intersection   till   roundabout   of  7­Race   Course  from roundabout via Kamal Atta marg (excluding road & pavement) upto the  intersection of Kamal Atta Road & Jang Road. from the railway line till Filmistan East From Filmistan via Guru Ravidash Road till Pusa Road roundabout (crossing  with Metro railway line) near Sidharth Hotel South From   intersection   of   State   boundary   Najafgarh   ­   Bahadurgarh   Road   till  Najafgarh (road & pavement included).Girdharilal Marg & Patel Road intersection thence  Dev Prakash Shastri marg till its intersection with Todapur Road thence till  Sidharth   Hotel   via   Todapur   Road. from MG Road intersection upto  State boundary South From State boundary at the intersection of MG Road on the Western side West 9 Haryana State boundary till intersection of State boundary with Najafgarh­  Bahadurgarh Road (via Jharoda Kalan Village) District ­ West North Delhi Rohtak railway line.   from   Sidharth   Hotel   to   Link   Road   till  Shankar Road. from Jang Road & Kamal Atta  Marg intersection till the intersection of Aurobindo Marg (near Safdarjung  Tomb). from Najafgarh to Daya Basti to  Patel   Road   &   Najafgarh   Road   intersection.   from   Patel   Road   &   Najafgarh  Road intersection to Ch.  Safdarjung Tomb (road & pavement included) East Aurobindo Marg intersection upto MB Road.   from   Sidharth   Hotel   to   Link   road   till  Shankar Road. from  railway   line   &   Nalla   intersection   till   round   about   of   7­Race   Course   from  Kamal   Atta   Road   &   Jang   Road.Girdharilal   Marg   &   Patel   Road   intersection   thence   Dev  Prakash   Shastri   Marg   till   its   intersection   with   Todapur   road   thence   till  Sidharth   Hotel   via   Todapur   Road.   from   Patel   Road   &   Najafgarh   Road  intersection   to   Ch.

2008" .                                                                                sd/­                                                                   (Savita Rao)                                                                Joint Secretary (Law) No.6/15/08­Judl/Supdtlaw/1980­1982    Dated the 21st October.                                                                By order and in the name of the                                                                 Lt.This notification shall come into force with effect from the 1st November.2008. Governor of the National                                                                 Capital Territory of Delhi.F.