Q.1 Describe any situation in your experience where the communication was a failure.

Analyze the barrier(s) which stood in the way of successful communication. Explain how you would overcome the barrier(s).
A.1 In a layman's term communication stands as the way one self conveys his/her views, ideas, feeling to another. Communication has to be easily understandable and to the point to make it more effective, else it can go to opposite direction and can lead to any kind of misunderstanding or issues between the recipient and receiver which can lead to complete failure. Recipient is the source from where the communication starts and receiver is the source who receives the communication from the recipient. Example for communication failure: Failure of communication is a very normal and frequently occurring process. Which can happen with any body and at any time? Sometimes we don’t even realize that communication is going to be a failure while communicating. Like what happed with me when I was working as HR in a bank. I was assigned to conduct a meeting with all the colleagues to announce the list for the promotion of few of the employees among all during our annual appraise cycle. We announced the star achievers of the year. Wherein we distributed the prize and bonus to the selected employees. Due to the shortage of time, we could not spare enough time to explain the rationale behind the selection process. This lead to feeling of disappointment of some of the members of team who were not selected as they did not meet the targets. This feeling lead to whole team disintegrating and losing interest in job. During one to one discussion, this matter came up. Then as HR, I decided to clear the air in our upcoming group meeting. During this meeting I outlined the importance of teamwork and also the basis on which I decided for the promotion. This was also followed by questions for clarifying further doubts and to have better understanding between all and iron out the concerns of employees. Barriers which stood in the way of successful communication: 1. Lack of Time 2. Confidentiality 3. Lack of Understanding


Both parties have strong focus on the point under communication. Precisen is the key.1. We have to present things in a way where we try to make every thing clear to every body and also to maintain the confidentiality. Q. B. C. 2. it will not be possible for us to understand the things in which the other person is trying to make us understand. All the communication made has to be given proper time and space. Confidentiality: In an organization. keeping in mind the reaction on matter communicated. If possible.2 Observing the random course of a particle suspended in a fluid led to the first accurate measurement of the mass of the atom. as it may lead to several other problems in future which might not get solved later. Receivers should be given enough time and transparency to open up and ask their doubts. no query should be left unanswered. if any. This also becomes a barrier in communication concise. If we will not listen with open mind. Analyze the readability of the article using the “Fog Index”. We need to plan communication. Poor Listening: Sometimes we have to be more open and clear in what we are listening and speaking. Lack of time: Sometimes we do not have enough time to explain each and entire matter in detail to everyone create a major problem among the people. we need to follow some agreements under which we can not discuss every aspect and way we work. This will lead to mental block and misunderstandings and also confusions. Is the reading level appropriate for the reader of the publication? A. 3.2 Select an article of around 200 words from any business publication. Ways to overcome the barrier: A. It sometimes happens that a drop of water is trapped in a _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ . Brownian motion now serves as a mathematical model for random processes.

Suspended in the water were scores of tiny particles.16 Hence.4 = 9.3 Imagine that you are the Chairperson of the Board of Studies of the Department of Management & Commerce of Sikkim Manipal University Department of Distance Education. Brown reasoned. ceaselessly oscillating with a completely irregular motion.3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ .8)*0. however. Number of sentence: 10 sentences.1 words Number of difficult words per hundred. but he could not be more specific." Brown rightly concluded that the agitation of the particles trapped inside the quartz must be a physical phenomenon rather than a biological one. A. we obtained the fog index stating that indicating that a reader between the ninth grade and the eleventh grade should be able to understand it without difficulty. What kind of meeting would be required? Prepare a comprehensive agenda for the participants of the meeting. namely that "vitality is retained by (the 'molecules' of a plant) long after the (plant's) death. You have been asked to call a meeting of the members of the Board to discuss the launch of new management programs and new specializations in the existing management program. He focused a microscope on the drop of water. Number of difficult words: 21 hard words Average length of a sentence by dividing the total number of words in the passage by the number of sentences: 171/10 =17. In the early 19th century the Scottish botanist Robert Brown discovered such a drop in a piece of quartz. The water.84% Fog index: (17. The new experiment. Q. must have been inaccessible for many millions of years to spores or pollen carried by the wind and rain. ruled out the explanation he had put forward earlier. Number of words: 171 words.1+5.chunk of igneous rock as the rock cools from its melt. then by multiplying this figure by 100: 10/171*100 = 5. The motion was familiar to Brown: he had previously happened to observe such oscillations during his studies of pollen grains in water. by dividing the total number of words in the passage into the number of difficult words.

This meeting is called as task oriented meeting which is called to discuss and make necessary arrangements.4 Select a corporate ad of your choice from any publication.This meeting is called to diiscuss the launch of new management programs and new specializations in the existing management program. meeting room “clove” Points to be discussed: Admission procedures Notification to students Future aspects and growth prospects Dates for commencing of the program Q. Rajan The Director of Marketing: Mr.4 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ .: Mohan Admission Officer: Mrs.00 PM Subject: for the discussion of launch of new management programs and new specializations in the existing management program. Place: 2nd floor. Date: 10th Nov 2009 (Tuesday) Time: 5.: Rashmi From: Chairperson of the Board of Studies Department of Management & Commerce. All the people listed below are invited to attend the meeting to provide their valuable ideas and contribution. Analyze the ad in terms of its specific objectives and type of corporate advertising. To: The HR (Finance and Marketing Department) The Director of Finance: Mr. Is it effective? Why or why not? A.

Lee Recruiting Coordinator Finch & Finch 250 Timberline Way Cincinnati. To. Include a one page profile about yourself. BTM-II stage Bangalore (India)-560076 November 08. UNSOLICITED APPLICATION LETTER ABC 46. If the letter is persuasive enough and meets potential employer’s requirements. which are sent in response to an advertisement. Nelle H. I am working as a drug safety associate in Quintiles Technology private Ltd. Lee: I am seeking a position as a safety associate with Finch & Finch that will afford me an opportunity to hone my skills and utilize my business expertise. 2009 Mr. that was discussed in an earlier unit.5 Write an unsolicited job application letter to a company that you would like to work for in a specific position. C. it could even be successful in creating a job. This is because it has to be much more persuasive and convince the prospective employer to select one for a job that is not currently available. Desire.5 The unsolicited job application letter is not as direct as a solicited letter. Currently. Unsolicited letters carry some benefits of there own: A.Q. D. It suggests initiative on the part of the job seeker. There is less competition for the job seeker than there would be in the case of solicited job application letters. or the “Attention. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ . B. the job seeker increases the number of job opportunities available to him/her. Action” format. A. By sending out a number of unsolicited letters to potential employers. Dear Ms. Interest. It is essentially a sales letter and follows the fundamental steps of selling. The AIDA format is one type of indirect organizational plan. OH 45069 SUB: Application for the Post of Operational Scientist.

and performing business research. Vishwanath knowledge that his co-workers are behaving so with him. he should have given them some time to accept a stranger in their house firm. and Mr. I am confident that all of these skills will allow me to serve your clients well. The engineer could have ignored their behavior as _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ . the foundry workers and Mr. and Procter & Gamble. and development of safety proposals. He should have not ignored them rather should have tried to know them better. he should have not behaved in an uneducated manner. I facilitated sessions. advising clients. ABC Enclosure Q. He knew this that those worker are going to take time to accept him. I may be reached at 1234568. being owner of the firm Mr. engineer. I became adept at analytical thinking. had been known this fact. he should have given them more respect to make them free with them.Com from the University of Rajasthan and a perusing MBA with a Sikkim Maniple University. In that capacity I led multiple account teams in developing quality work strategies for our clients. Thank you for your consideration.6. Engineer could have also spend some time during lunch or any free time.1 For more effective and quality work. As he was the youngest among all. drafting well-structured communications. Vishwanath will have to work as a team. As a safety expert. From the engineer point of view: He should have been friendlier with all the workers. he should have also brought this to Mr. both verbally and nonverbally? A.6. to know him better and to make them realize that he is also going to be apart of that firm family. Sincerely. all the workers. My resume is enclosed for your review. Vishwanath should have idea of all this.1 How could the engineer. I worked as a consultant for XYZ where I had the opportunity to interface with large companies such as Nationwide Pharmacovigilanve.I hold a B. strategic planning. Being an educated person. Vishwanath be more effective. On the other side. research. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my business experience and the value I could bring to your firm.6 Case study: Q.

6. Being educated among all could have been one of the reasons for the workers not to like him. Vishwanath point of view: He is the owner of the firm. Vishwanath could have had a talk with engineer and workers individually t makes sure that they both accept each other.2 The engineer has faced some major problems in which any one may get depressed and may want to leave job. they should have taken advantage of this by learning some or the other thing from him. It was the prime responsibility of his to make sure that each and every employee of his company is comfortable. The engineer can go back to the workers and clarify them they that he also want to be a part of them.6. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ . the engineer should have given proper thought to what’s going on and how to rectify that. However. they should have also informed their boss about him. Being an educated person and having much more idea of work environment then others. wave at them to convey his positive feeling towards the colleagues. the workers were not educated. to give them all time to realize and to understand that they all are going to be a family and they will have to work together. All the workers were much old them the engineer.2 What do you suggest that the engineer should do. He should have taken an initiative to introduce the engineer with the workers and make sure that they both develop relation to each other. He should have also asked engineer to spend most of his time with the workers and to make them comfortable with him. after the hosing incident? A. In such situation. Mr. From Mr. If they were not comfortable with the new colleague. He can make them understand hat though he is more educated then them but still he has lots of things to learn from them. being a human being they should have at least behaved properly with engineer. he can go and help them in their problems. their firm From workers point of view: As it is told in the case. but they have reacted in mature way for this. So it was not correct to expect a warm welcome from them. Instead of teasing and misbehaving with him. He also should have shown some strictness to workers so they have to think twice before misbehaving with engineer.they were elder to him and he should have understand that it will take some time for them to take somebody else in their self made house. so they should have behaved in same manner. Vishwanath could have organized a welcome party for engineer from workers. They all knew that he is an educated person. Q. Mr. As a non verbal communication. he can pass smile to them.