Websense® Remote Filtering extends the premier web security and industry-leading web filtering technology of Websense to include protection for corporate laptop users outside as well as inside of your organization’s network. Websense Remote Filtering allows you to apply internet usage policies to remote users and frequent travelers, protecting them from external security threats and preventing access to malicious and inappropriate sites. A critical component of any organization’s endpoint protection strategy, Websense Remote Filtering ensures secure employee internet use anytime and anywhere. Prevent Exposure

The secure internet access provided by Websense Remote Filtering protects remote laptop users from the malicious threats lurking in publicly-accessible networks and reduces the cost, downtime, and frustration associated with compromised computers in the field.

Websense Remote Filtering protects remote users from spyware, malicious mobile code (MMC), phishing sites, and inappropriate content. • Protects your local computers and associated business data from web-based security threats that inevitably exist within unsecured networks. • Eliminates the potential introduction of malicious software into your organization when the laptop re-enters the organization’s network. • Mitigates legal liability due to inappropriate internet usage.

Maximize Productivity
Websense Remote Filtering minimizes laptop user downtime and frustration resulting from computer issues occurring away from the office. • Reduces the time spent by your IT department to troubleshoot and repair damage inflicted by spyware or malicious attacks on remote laptops. • Lessens the time required to resolve software conflicts due to downloads of unauthorized applications.

Save Money
Websense Remote Filtering cuts overhead and capital equipment expenses with its web filtering and web security solution for mobile laptop users. • Reduces the labor costs associated with remediating security-related attacks on your laptops. • Saves you money on phone bills by reducing the need for lengthy and multiple problem resolution calls between remote users and IT. • Lowers the shipping costs associated with laptops in the field which require re-imaging by headquarters. • Decreases the capital equipment costs required to maintain an adequate “loaner laptop” inventory.

How Websense Remote Filtering Works in Your Organization
An add-on module to Websense Enterprise® or Websense Web Security SuiteTM, Websense Remote Filtering redirects the remote user’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request for a website to the central corporate Websense Policy Server via a publicly accessible filtering server. The Websense Policy Server finds the user’s internet use policy and allows or blocks access to the requested site accordingly.

Secure Policy Management and Reporting for Remote Employees
Websense Remote Filtering extends your organization’s web filtering and web security policies to remote users regardless of their location or type of network connection. This efficient one-policy paradigm allows your laptop users to have the same policies and level of protection outside the corporate network as inside the network. Websense Remote Filtering also extends the powerful monitoring and reporting tools available with Websense software to include remote user activities. Your organization can identify potential problem areas proactively through more complete real-time and historical views of all employees’ web usage. With this information, your IT administrators can refine internet access policies, further reducing the security, productivity, bandwidth, and legal risks associated with employee computing in your organization.

System Requirements
Remote Filtering Clients • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP1 or SP2 • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition with SP1 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, or Advanced Server with SP3 or SP4 Remote Filtering Server • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, or the same with SP1 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with SP3 or higher • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4: AS, ES, or WS, or Red Hat Linux 9 • Sun Solaris 9 or 10

It has become critical for organizations to enable employees to work remotely, and as internet access becomes more pervasive in non-traditional settings, the need intensifies for a solution that protects remote laptop users from the malicious threats lurking in publicly-accessible and unknown networks. The secure internet access provided by Websense Remote Filtering not only provides protection from these threats, but also reduces the cost, downtime, and frustration associated with compromised computers in the field. In addition, organizations have the flexibility to observe remote usage patterns and fine-tune remote user policies for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Websense Remote Filtering Agent

Websense Remote Filtering Server

Websense Policy Server


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