The internet has evolved into an invaluable resource on which organizations rely. However, unmanaged access to the internet not only threatens employee productivity, but also exposes your IT environments to malicious threats and increases your organization's legal liability. Websense® has evolved along with the changing, complex web environment. Websense offers protection for both employees and computing resources with premier web and desktop security software solutions based on our superior database, Websense Security Labs™ expertise, and software technology.
Websense Web Security Suite™ provides a best-in-class internet security solution that protects organizations from both internal and external web-based threats. Websense protects against spyware, malicious mobile code (MMC), and phishing and pharming attacks; and unlike some other solutions, Websense blocks spyware and keylogger backchannel communications from ever reaching their host servers. In addition, only Websense offers the SiteWatcher™ and BrandWatcher™ services, which help protect your website and brand.


What if you could be protected from high-risk threats as soon as they are discovered, reducing exposure time and cost?

Underlying Websense Web Security Suite is the technology and expertise of Websense Security Labs. Websense Security Labs provides research and delivers timely product and information updates to customers and the security community to support their infrastructure security efforts. Websense Security Labs offers two unique services to • Global, 24x7 web analysis. protect your corporate website. • Sophisticated data mining techniques that discover • SiteWatcher alerts Websense customers when their malicious websites online and those in set-up mode, websites have been infected with MMC. often before exploits have been released. SiteWatcher allows organizations to take immediate • In-house web security expertise for developing measures to prevent the spread of MMC to advanced solutions to today’s evolving security threats. customers, prospects, and partners. Websense Security Labs provides rapid identification • BrandWatcher alerts Websense customers when and protection from threats. their websites or brands have been targeted in phishing or malicious keylogging code attacks. • Identify over 20,000 malicious websites per day. BrandWatcher provides organizations with security • First to identify the MSN Korea malicious code attack intelligence, including attack details and other and recent cyber-extortion attempts. security-related information.

Websense Web Security Suite blocks known threats before they reach the desktop, and also: • Quickly identifies new threats • Decreases threat exposure time • Stops resident spyware from doing damage • Manages instant messaging (IM) and IM attachments • Prevents dangerous protocol-based applications from introducing security problems • Controls application use with unique lockdown features

Proactive Protection from Internet Threats
• Blocks known threats before they reach the desktop – Websense Web Security Suite identifies security threats—including spyware, malcode, phishing, pharming, and keylogging—and blocks access at the gateway level. • Quickly identifies new threats – Websense scans and classifies over 350 million websites per week for malicious activity and adds over 450 new malicious websites and 250 new malicious applications to the Websense Master Database each week. • Decreases threat exposure time – Real-time security updates are available within minutes of the discovery of a new high-risk threat with no administrative intervention required—unlike antivirus solutions that may take days to deploy.

“On the laptops that now have Websense, we have not had any instances of viruses, and we’ve not had any instances of spyware get installed onto a machine since our deployment…we’ve also had positive feedback from our end users.”
Russell Ryan Global Windows Administrator Colorcon

Their Pains: • Remote users – Laptops were being infected in the field and bringing malicious software into the organization. • Antivirus response – During the NETSKY attack, the antivirus vendor took three hours to update signature files, allowing the infection to spread. • Customer support – Downloads of unauthorized software were proving incompatible with business software, leading to Help Desk calls. Why They Chose Websense: • The database of categorized applications not offered by other solutions. • The ability to create their own rule sets and categories, which enables the IT Department to build policies quickly for the 'allowed' applications. • Day-to-day ease of management. • Elimination of Help Desk calls for problems on users' laptops caused by unauthorized installations. • Help Desk is able to be proactive, not reactive, in dealing with unplanned, often expensive incidents.

• Stops resident spyware from doing damage – Websense Web Security Suite blocks backchannel spyware communication. • Manages IM and IM attachments – Websense Web Security Suite fills the security and compliance gap inherent in instant messaging communications, which presents significant risks for intellectual property theft and malicious attacks. • Prevents dangerous protocol-based applications from introducing security problems – Websense Dynamic Protocol Management™ offers the ability to extend policy control to the network level including management of peer-to-peer (P2P), email, file transfer, and other protocols.


Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown EditionTM extends the Websense web security and web filtering expertise to the desktop, leveraging proven technology for data identification and categorization to specifically manage and address desktop security threats. Prevent Attacks
Websense provides an immediate “first line of defense” by: • Addressing weaknesses in your antivirus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, and patch management processes to prevent zero-day attacks. • Protecting mobile laptops that may operate outside your perimeter defenses or that do not receive standard security updates or patches. • Establishing levels of desktop "lockdown" to prevent the launch of unauthorized applications or mitigate the propagation of security attacks.

What if you could proactively stop viruses and spyware from affecting your operations?

Control Application Use
Websense helps control application use by: • Enforcing flexible and auto-updating application use policies that protect end users from malicious software. • Preventing the installation and execution of unauthorized applications. • Identifying and categorizing application data and delivering automatic daily updates. • Reporting on application activity, with detailed forensics to help pinpoint potential problems.

What if you could reduce Help Desk calls associated with unauthorized applications, such as spyware, and monitor desktop inventories and activity?

Safeguard Information
Websense helps block the potential theft of private information or intellectual property via removable media through Websense Removable Media Lockdown™. Websense provides another level of security by: • Providing another layer of control over information at the desktop. • Preventing the introduction of malicious software within the organization. • Allowing system administrators to prevent devices such as flash drives, CD/DVD burners, floppy drives, and external hard drives from being used on client workstations. • Blocking writable media, depending upon your organization's policy.

What if you could mitigate the risks associated with information theft and unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information?

Streamline Operations
Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown Edition optimizes IT and Help Desk operations by ensuring only "approved" configurations are running, and allows the Help Desk to be proactive by eliminating calls and dispatches for desktop rebuilds due to performance or application compatibility problems. Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown Edition requires minimal effort to deploy and manage, yet offers: • Integration with leading directory services. • A low-impact agent compatible with Microsoft Windows.

What if you could implement a proven desktop security solution that offers immediate value without tremendous overhead?

Advanced Reporting Tools
• Determine your organization's risk profile. • Detect the presence and location of MMC, spyware, hacking tools, and other security risks in your network. • Perform critical software assessments that provide categorized and normalized views of programs and applications. • Enable early threat detection and identification of potential application vulnerabilities.

• Websense has been recognized as the worldwide web filtering market leader by independent research firms including IDC and Frost & Sullivan, as well as by leading industry publications. • Our vast knowledge of the web has enabled us to develop unique industry-leading web and desktop security solutions based on our core web filtering technologies: our superior database, sophisticated analysis techniques, and quality software products. • Websense solutions are automatically updated, easily managed, and fully supported. Websense reporting tools ensure identification and reporting of trends and risks. Websense software integrates seamlessly with leading network infrastructure products.

System Requirements
Websense Web Security Suite • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, or the same with SP1 • Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP3 or higher • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4: AS, ES, or WS, or Red Hat Linux 9 • Sun Solaris 9 or 10 Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown Edition Server • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, or the same with SP1 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with SP3 or higher • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4: AS, ES, or WS, or Red Hat Linux 9 • Sun Solaris 9 or 10 Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown Edition Client • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP1 or SP2 • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition with SP1 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, or Advanced Server with SP3 or SP4

Why Websense
• Websense has a unique understanding and knowledge of the web—from web filtering, to web security and desktop security. We have a breadth and depth of expertise resulting from highly complex analysis and research techniques and over 10 years of experience.



Remote Laptops


Websense Web Security Suite and Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown Edition provide organizations with a premier web security, endpoint security, and web filtering solution. All Websense Web Security Suite solutions are easily managed, automatically updated, and sup ported by the Websense Master Database, sophisticated analysis techniques, and superior Websense technology.

Network Agent
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