The Logo Evolution of 15 Corporate Brands






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Nike Nike probably got the best deal amongst all companies when Caroline Davidson designed its logo for just $35 in 1971. I don't understand why they waited for 7 years before they realized that the text and the swoosh were overlapping each other. Unfortunately. Then. the company name was dropped from the logo. In 2003. which made it more simplistic and memorable. There has been a minor change in the logo since then. they finally got lucky and chose the name Firefox. The company has different variations of this logo for its various departments like Skate. As the brand gained recognition. which is visible in their first logo in 2002. but the name was chosen so that they would be able to retain the same logo. The main part of the logo hasn't really changed with time. just to differentiate them better from the oceans. this name also had trademark issues because of existing software.Mercedes Microsoft Mozilla Firefox An open source web browser. Soccer etc. created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross. with the colors of the continents using a lighter blue color. the now famous logo was designed by professional interface designer John Hicks. the name had to be changed to Firebird. which also signifies the global reach that the company strived for. was first of all named as Phoenix. which has become one of the favorite and most used browser worldwide. Nokia . Due to some trademark issues. However. The logo depicted a Firefox engulfing the whole world.

in 1950 and 1962. The typeface was made smaller so as to fit in the globe. After 1998. Pepsi had a blue. shoes. the typeface was moved from inside the globe. The red bar was lengthened and the typeface came on the top of the globe. this has little to do with the current business and brand image. In 1991. In 1933. furry animal we now call the Pine Marten weasel. In 1998. and in their current logo they have done away with the script altogether. The Nokia Corporation was formed as a merger of Finnish Rubber Works (which also used a Nokia brand). Walter Mack. the CEO of Pepsi came up with the idea of a new bottle design. red and white logo. As a result. it seems that Pepsi had decided to give the globe more prominence than the script itself. The Pepsi Globe was "boxed in". The globe now had 3D graphic and larger than earlier versions. This logo became hugely popular. the company was bought by Loft. and the Finnish Cable Works in 1967. with a red bar coming in from the left and a light-blue bar coming in from the right. this bottle cap with the swirling blue and red became prominent in the company logo. the white background in the logo was replaced by the blue color. and to support the country's war efforts. and came up with the µRefreshing and Healthful' logo. Finally in 1903. which is visible in the first 1898 logo. Brad made custom logos for the brand as it became more famous. The µPepsi Globe' emerged when USA was in WWII. the major breakthrough in the Pepsi logo design came in 1940's. The company has sold a variety of products in the past including television. was first started by Caleb Bradham in 1890's. However. During the 1960's when it became even more popular. the name was trademarked and hasn't been changed till date. Inc. In the early years. the name µthe Pepsi Globe' was given to the logo. We see the first appearance of the Pepsi Globe instead of the bottle cap in 1973. Pepsi and the globe touch each other for the first time in the logo. Initially named as Brad's drink the name was quickly changed to Pepsi-Cola. which also resulted in dropping the red horizontal band. and the main attraction was on the bottle cap in the logo. the globe came on top of the script in 2003. So. on the banks of Nokianvirta river in the town of Nokia. The evolution and the meaning of the logo is unclear due to the changing business over the years. It might be that since.µNokia' in Finnish means means a dark. However. can rather be attributed to the setting up of the wood pulp mill (set up by Knut Fredrik Idestam). with a crown having the Pepsi logo. and went on to be the identifier for the company. Shell . the Nokia Wood Mill. car tires and others. one of the biggest soft drinks company. Pepsi Today. The company changed the bottle size from 6 to 12 oz. the script was changed from the curly red. The origin of the company name.

accountable to the simplicity of the logo. other than any other intermediate logo. who have tried so many logos. The colors help Shell to stand out. The 1981 logo changed the curly font to a more solid font. when the company was started the logo was a realistic and simple shell which lies flat on the ground. They have kept the star from 1992. but their current logo is more like the original logo. when Sam Walton started. which was mainly used for uniforms. This has helped the company because this logo is more memorable and recognizable. but today the company has a logo which is bold. but moved it to the end. and the familiar blue color of the logo returned for the first time after the company's inception. when a hyphen was added and the color was also changed from blue to black. it became necessary for the company to simplify their logo. The font differs a little from the original and is indeed more stylish. colorful and much more simplistic. The hyphen in this logo was replaced by the star in 1992. This was a pectin or scallop shell. the company. it added the red and yellow colors to the symbol. established and balanced look. these are the colors of Spain. but the µWalmart' word without a break appears for the first time after 1962. The 1968 logo shown here is the discount city logo. With the advent of internet and fax machines over the later years. Walmart is probably one of the few companies. The evolution of the logo began after 1915. The 1971 logo is still used by the company albeit with minor changes. In 1962. Additionally. This came to be known as the "Frontier Font Logo". giving the company a more stable. but it has become so recognizable that it often appears without the company name now. Wal-Mart The company has tried out various colors and variation of the word Walmart over the years. when rendering enabled the company to reproduce its identity easily. in-store signing etc. which would prevent it from being distorted in small images. where many Californian settlers were born. Xerox . When the company started a project in California. the logo had simply the word spelled in a very basic design. The logo was changed in 1964.Back in 1900. The 1971 logo designed by Raymond Loewy is very simple as compared to the earlier logos. but it was never used to advertise or even in annual reports. which might have helped the company to create an emotional bond with the people. This is visible in the 1930 logo for the company.

and that has been a major problem for Xerox. They also added a ball which has a stylish X instead of their µboring' X in earlier times According to Anne M. the original Haloid word which was prominent in the company's logo before 1961 was completely replaced by Xerox due to the immense success of this idea. by changing the font of the word. People associate the company only with photocopy machines. The company changed its logo in 2008 to get away from this stereotyped image. Read Full Article At: http://www. partners. Unfortunately no one was willing to invest in his invention. But in 1938. Chester Carlson invented a technique called xerography which we today call the photocopy . But Haloid Company decided to go with Chester and made the first photocopying machine named Haloid Xerox 14. As can be seen in their logos. RCA and others decided not to finance this invention.html?utm_source=wahoha. Xerox's chief. industry and innovation. Mulcahy. But in 2004 there was a problem with the Xerox books and it tried to reinvent itself with a new logo. that little piece of art represents the connection to customers. and many big giants like They retained almost the same logo from 1961 to 2004. GE.The Xerox Company used to be known as the Haloid Company almost 100 years ago.