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FB is an exciting and highly innovative way to do it. And the uber cool and shiny thing about FB is that you can tailor your message to appear on the computer screen of your target market. Very soon. If you’re a FBR (Facebook Rookie) relax! You’ll quickly get the hang of things. Kind of similar to a new language immersion program but with’ The Deep End’ the immersion is water. Your Facebook ‘deep end’ experience won’t be life threatening. FB is highly intuitive and gives us all an amazing glimpse into the future. you’ll be the one showing someone else what to do and at the same time. It’s been going on from year one and because the human race is so amazing. Another major reason real estate professionals need to embrace FB is that it humanises us. It can only be one or the other. The first and perhaps most important thing is don’t let FB intimidate or bamboozle you. they either don’t know you or they don’t perceive you can help them buy or sell. If you wanted to learn to swim. That’s called an impression and we’ll get to that. FB lets us showcase our opinions. sharing. but we need to warn you there will be some learning curve action going on before you become ‘fluent’. but if you want to learn all about Facebook. it strips away the stereotypical real estate veneer to uncover a caring. But let’s focus on now and how you’re going to leverage the hard work courtesy of those clever kids in Northern California to get more listings and make more sales. There are people in your community right now looking to buy and sell who could really use your professional care and attention. The rumour goes that new recruits who can’t swim are pushed into the deep end of a pool and kept away from the sides with ‘prodding poles’. If they don’t call you. then we suggest you jump right in and get started. we believe Social Media websites like Facebook. a grin and a phone number. So if you can connect with your market well before they make a buying or selling decision your chances of being the one they call will sky rocket. YouTube & LinkedIn (at the time of preparing this document there are more than 40) are the most important invention since the telephone. making lots of Copyright Ray Wood 2010 2|P a g e   . This is fun technology and you will thoroughly enjoy it once you get into the groove and gain confidence. Depending on your ability to set up your page correctly. The best real estate professionals are good connectors. warm and interesting human being who just happens to be in real estate. It’s human nature to connect with others.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website The Deep End There’s been a rumour going round for years that the US navy has a rapid learning program for new recruits who can’t swim. feelings & passions. It’s called ‘The Deep End’. When it comes to valuable tools for real estate professionals. I could think of more warm and caring ways. We are suddenly more than a suit. we’re evolving into smarter cookies and inventing awesome things that make life fun and way more interesting.

And keep in mind. Go to http://www. We need to prepare ourselves for the fact that things will change very quickly from now on. Walking and parking are essential skills and if you’re in real estate. What system does Aaron use and what do I recommend? Aaron uses LockedOn and I recommend you try it free for 30 days and tell me what you think. so is Facebook! So what are you waiting for? Do it now. phone and start where we all started. and it’s going to be a blast! What’s next? Just so you know where this is all heading.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website new friends on your way to becoming the tech savvy numero uno real estate commando in your neighbourhood.. letters and cards and they do it often. http://LockedOnHQ. Even as we complete this document there will be changes and adjustments required in the days. and may the face be with you! Ray Wood   PS: Interest in Social Media and networking internet sites is surging right now. so be patient and show this awesome technology the respect it deserves and learn its wicked ways. But you have caught the social media train! You’re on board with us for the journey. Here is an observation I have made (and continue to make) about real estate’s best: They pay lots of attention to their CRM. the real estate industry is grabbing this new technology and discovering new and exciting ways to leverage its awesome power. In fact. He couldn’t do it without a system and the number one email message I get from readers of this eBook is. bulk sms. brainstorm and perhaps. weeks and months ahead. your Facebook page or profile can never replace your dedicated Contact Relationship Management System (CRM). Aaron Shiner (see page 9) makes a minimum 44. strategise. most importantly. you didn’t walk with your first Enter promo code FACE30FR when prompted. In particular. Fresh ideas will evolve to learn and apply. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 3|P a g e   . We plan. most top performers employ (full or part time) assistants to continually enter data and create communication with their contacts..facebook.. take action.000 individual contacts with his database of more than 2000 property owners in his area each year. or execute the perfect parallel park on your first try. Your work with Facebook is simply another really useful way of feeding it. Here is the link to download it and promo code to get your free 30 day trial. They do this via email. Every day I’m working with real estate’s best people. In no time at all you’ll be a Facebook Jedi Have fun. In fact.

The young billionaire is commander of one of the most exciting new technology start ups on planet earth. Facebook started out with a single option: A ‘Profile’ which was kind of like an online resume that let you make and receive comments. ideas and suggestions to help you either get going from scratch or vastly improve your FB presence and influence. In both cases you can connect and share with your sphere. There is energy in every word and sentence so take care. We’ve listed 27 actions. If you don’t want to ever be limited by how many contacts you can have. A ‘Profile’ allows a person to add you as a friend. 3. Topical subjects or blog summaries are okay if they can link back to your site. he and 1400 other clever kids rule the social networking world. The benefit of a page is that you can target ads directly to the list of people who like your page. show images etc. Stay positive. A business page or a personal page Probably the most asked question. Long posts will rarely be read. Our focus is to help you customise your FB page to your career and use it as a marketing tool to help you win more listings and make more sales 1. A Page is a dedicated profile for a specific brand. In real estate. From his lair in Palo Alto California. Just listed & just sold ads can be targeted at just the people you know and who live in or near your market. rules. Set your page up as you would like to see it and keep it interesting. fun and newsworthy. you should probably decide at the outset to drive traffic to your (business) Page so you won’t need to change down the line. So I guess we’re saying.. Offering congratulations to a friend or professional contact is positive. If you are not confident about what you are about to say or post then have someone else check it. The Mini Media Release Think of your posts and comments as a small press release. the person is the brand and growth potential for contacts is virtually unlimited where a personal profile will ultimately be limited to a certain number of friends. Who could have thought this nerdy Harvard student would change our world at such a young age? So Facebook is here. You will be judged on your content and the response it generates. 2. It wasn’t too long before Facebook saw the huge potential for advertising revenue and created Fan Pages which have now become ‘Pages’. Keep it light and interesting and relative. Short topical ones are interesting and get noticed. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 4|P a g e   . Let’s leverage its power and make some money.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website So when did the word friend become a verb? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not your average geek. Be wary of trivia and minutiae as you run the risk of losing your contacts. A ‘Page’ allows a person to “Like” your brand.

Upload it to your FB page with your special Mothers day message Performing random acts of interestingness is one of the great things about FB. This is a list of local professionals and contractors (Mortgage brokers. Images are a clever and interesting way to create an eye catching point of difference on your FB page. 4. Keep your news about your community. one of the most important marketing lessons you will ever learn (and profit from) is that people are mainly interested in themselves. Click on ‘See full size image’ 5. that tomorrow is mother’s day. people are mainly motivated by chance of gain or fear of loss. However you can say “anyone who likes my page… sees this ad”. This is useful information people could use. If you didn’t already know. • You could set up a business to business referral network group that people will be included in when they join you on FB • It’s getting a little tired but you could offer a free market report each quarter that summarizes sales in your area. (But you do!) Let’s say for example. 6. this is an item of retail value and something that can easily be packaged and delivered. plumbers etc) you can recommend. You will also be popular with your contacts on the list as you are constantly referring them new business and it will not take long until the law of reciprocity clicks in. Keeping your news about your community will automatically appeal to your local followers and shows there is far more to you than listing and selling. They will also help you stand out more as most people don’t know how to source and load an image. Use images. the value of their real estate investment. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 5|P a g e   . photographers. There are a stack of options here. people are interested in where they live and in particular. Go to google. Build ‘friends’ with a free offer If you are targeting sellers in your area. When you break it down. The more you can offer that focuses on your targets ‘wants’ the more effective and noticeable your message will be and when it comes to real estate. 1. Save it to your desktop or photos folder 7.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website You can’t give Facebook a list of your friends and say I’d like to target them. • You could offer a free trade or contractors list to your FB friends. • If you can access a free book on increasing the price of their property when they sell or a complimentary home presentation or staging advice. Type ‘flowers’ into the search box 3. click on images at the top left of your screen. Right click on the image and select ‘save image as’ 6. Double click on the image you like 4. 2. the fastest way to do this is by creating a free offer of tangible value and making it available.

Take photos of your buyers (with permission) During the pre-closing or settlement home inspection.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website 7. Now and then is fine but if that is all you ever contribute your friends will quickly see through it. When the sale is final. If they are looking to sell and don’t know a real estate professional. take a photo of your happy clients in front of their new home. We have never had the power or opportunity to connect with so many potential contacts in our lives. abuse the wall with mortgage rates. So instead of ‘blasting’ for a few days then doing nothing for a week. I know of one agent who recently held a free movie night for a high profile animated franchise film. It was a huge success and after getting general permission from the audience. attendees and their friends were ‘tagging’ themselves in photos. Suddenly. Connect FB is public endorsement by association. People do business with people they like. That’s okay as everyone is different but you will soon see how the fierce connectors are quite influential and will help you reach more people faster as you develop your social network 10. run a contest where anyone who tags their photo is entered for a chance to win a prize. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 6|P a g e   . Enter Facebook. Ideas for posts often come in a set of waves. Just advertise in the advertising section. After the event. (I have a program that is producing amazing results here) 11. take lots of photos. Her number is…” 8. then maybe one of their friends do. Don’t play Farmville. invite people into mindless games. 12. 9. Think like a marketer Here’s your chance to show your friends and potential clients what a great marketer you are. he snapped a heap of photos and posted them to his FB page the next day. You will notice that some of your friends are fierce connectors while others are really not that into it. You firstly want to check they are okay with it (well why wouldn’t they be?) and you will also want to know if they have promotional or introductory deals you can use to promote them. new listings or open houses. you can load the image to Facebook and tag them (with their permission) on Facebook with a message of congratulations. get some snaps and post them with permission. If you run client appreciation events. you will do better if you pace yourself over an even period of time. Take photos at events People love seeing themselves in photos. Keep a ‘Facebook posts’ word doc (or pages doc for Mac users) on your desktop and throw your ideas in there when they come to you. That way you’ll have a ready bank of posts to upload whenever the mood takes you. make sure you tell your contacts what you’re up to. Obviously you need to take care how you go about this but whenever you get the opportunity. Source great deals from local suppliers and share them When you list your professional contacts and offer your list around. “My friend Lisa at Great Glasses is offering Free Eye Tests to my Face book friends.

If you don’t like it. These are great for creating comments from your friends as someone usually has an opinion about a movie.. This is a very subtle and highly cost effective way to build brand awareness and credibility with your sphere. Chances are you will quickly find yourself being ‘unfriended’ by those contacts you worked so hard to get.pdf version of your It’s about the size of a mobile phone and super easy to use. say so. You can control what others do and don’t see about your profile but be careful what you ‘like’. or religion. I recently bought a Flip Video (http://www. Create video blogs Why not film some short videos of you going through your buyer and seller package? Upload the videos to your video tab on FB and include a link so they can download the . 17. In fact. There is a lot riding on this so the quality of your image is super important. In real estate. Yes it’s a free country but people quickly tire of others voicing their religious or political beliefs. Advertise Do a ‘just listed’ or ‘just sold ‘ad every week and target the message at only the people who “like” your page. I’m working hard to reach 100 people on my Facebook If you see a new release and you like it. A USB stick pops out of one side for quick connection to your Mac or PC.   You can grab the FB logo at  http://www. we are initially judged by how we look. especially in an open social forum like Facebook. Get professional shots of yourself and rotate them. You can shoot a quick video and get it onto YouTube or Facebook within minutes. 15. My model is High Definition and the audio and picture quality is”. If you message people one on one it comes in differently and people will be more receptive to taking action. Don’t send a mass message. I recently heard how a senior executive of a large mobile phone Copyright Ray Wood 2010 7|P a g e   . 18. it will have a direct influence on your professional success.theflip. Why try to convince everyone when you can build a referral business just from this one tip? 16. Invite friends When inviting people to join your page. So invest now and get some great shots of yourself taken by a professional and rotate them in your profile. This is a professional page to attract and maintain professional connections not a personal blog of your likes and dislikes.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website 13. others will judge you on your opinions and everyone thinks differently. do it one at a time. 20. Around US$200 14.  Just click the  "Like" button at the top of: facebook. Again. Avoid posting about politics.. Do a movie review. Include in your email signature a call to action: “Can you help me out?. Be careful what you ‘like’ as others can see it. and type ‘Facebook logo’ into the search field. keep it to yourself.

you’ll see a quality image of John holding a huge red sold sign. It was a very expensive rant as the executive listed with another agent. Make it easy for people to contact you The web is the new yellow and white pages combined. 21. And don’t make the mistake 95% of real estate professionals make: They leave off http:// at the start of their address. If you don’t know already. Facebook lets you control who sees much of your information so it pays to be aware who can actually view your images. you are telling friends you are the real deal. they seem to tolerate the odd subtle message. Its effectiveness will be determined by how well you write. If you’re using your Facebook Profile Copyright Ray Wood 2010 8|P a g e   . When you go to his page. Learn your privacy settings Take the time to learn more about your privacy settings. Chances are. governments and controlling bodies will be looking to make sure privacy rules and laws are observed. But when the executive went to the agent’s FB page. As Facebook and other social networking websites continue to grow. they will Google your name and location. No typos or bad grammar Nuff said! 25. he had written about how much he despised the carrier for the trouble they had caused him. This is the perfect way to make it obvious what you do and the perfect execution of a simple idea. Write good copy and engage others. adding http:// before your domain name makes it live or creates what is called a hyperlink to your site. there is no doubt. It becomes highly personalized and far more interesting. Good basic writing is writing it like you would say it. Good writing is engaging and interesting and has the power to move people. when someone you know writes to you in this way. While Facebook stipulates personal profiles cannot be used for business. Be very wary of a profile or page with little or no information as it’s probably bogus. so take the time to get it just right. Make it obvious what you do on your front page (profile page?) There is no confusion about what John Hellaby (Logan Bestagents Queensland) does. Part of the success of Facebook is its transparency. (This could all change tomorrow as with anything online) 26. you can almost hear their voice saying it. The copy in your profile and the copy of each post will be read many times. By listing your contact information and images. if someone wants to contact you. It’s kind of like an online resume. In fact. In fact. 22. your posts and other information. With the http:// added you will notice how your mouse curser turns into the active hand and pointed finger when you hover over the domain. Linking your Facebook page or profile to your website and vice versa is going to help your organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). the more you have the better. 24. 23. It says he is open for business and is clear about the purpose of his profile page. Create links to your website Search engines love links.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website carrier was about to list a home for sale with a Facebook contact.

No swearing and delete those that do You need to keep a constant watch over content added by others to your Wall. There are a number of ways to do this but one of the most dynamic is to incorporate it into your image 27. it’s an amazing experience you don’t want to miss. I see Facebook and Real Estate as a perfect marketing match. I don’t know if you’ve heard about my friend Aaron Shiner. As career Real Estate professional myself. earning more than a million dollars a year takes up a lot of Aaron’s time. (Just counting it would take ages but I digress). He has a way of cutting through the ‘Bull’ and getting into stuff you want to know.000 a year in real estate commission. I genuinely enjoy sharing what I know with tech savvy real estate professionals who are super thirsty for this lucrative knowledge. Aaron and I have been working together for a few years now and if we’re coming to your area soon. Between the two of us.000.9% of people are savvy enough to know what can or can’t be said and follow the unwritten rules. 99. it would be great to meet you personally and share our combined knowledge and ideas. we put on quite a show and cram lots of great info and ideas into our half day session. Aaron is a brilliant real estate professional from Sydney who consistently earns over $ Copyright Ray Wood 2010 9|P a g e   . you’ll be the first to find out about new stuff and coming events! http://www. As you would probably appreciate. But every now and again.facebook. If you allow others to pollute your professional profile it will cost you. As the saying goes. I am constantly after him to commit to a live event and when he does. We are judged by the company we keep. If you ‘Like’ our Facebook page. someone might use colorful language and this may well reflect on you. See Ray LIVE with Aaron Shiner (the Million Dollar Man) You can probably tell I am very passionate about Social Media Marketing and in particular Facebook.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website or Page for business then make it completely obvious who you are and what you do on the front page.

Most are built by external developers. Visit the Help Center to learn Some are built by Facebook. Blogs generally contain commentary. Cause An advocacy group or online campaign for collective action. An online diary or column maintained by an individual. Admins can invite people to join the Glossary of Facebook Terms This is a dictionary of terms common to Facebook from our friends at HowDoIFacebook. Creator The person who started and administers a cause. Users can create Facebook Ads to market their products and ideas. Application Users can add applications to their profiles.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website Free eBook. Charity Gifts (by Causes) This feature enables Facebook users to donate money to any of 21 select and specifically targeted charities. pages. appoint other Admin An admin is a person who's in charge of a group. Ads are not free. There are dozens upon dozens of applications to choose from. and groups. They can also remove members and other admins. or descriptions of events. Used as a noun or verb. Ads An advertisement. A cause can be used to raise money or promote one's position on an issue. videos. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 10 | P a g e   . Facebook Platform The underlying systems software and application framework that developers use to build Facebook applications. but may also contain graphic images. When you create a group. Any Facebook user can start one. Special Limited Offer. pages and groups that lets them share news about upcoming affairs or social gatherings. Donation amounts are predetermined and range in value from $10 for two blankets for people suffering from a disaster or emergency to $200 for a laptop computer for a child in a developing country. Visit the Causes Help Center to learn more. and edit group information and content. Facebook Blog The official Facebook blog where you will find hundreds of posts on a wide range of subjects. you are automatically be listed as both an admin and the group's creator. Chat A feature that lets users talk with friends who are online in Facebook. Event A calendar-based resource that users can add to their profiles. Facebook Connect A single sign-on service that enables Facebook users to login to affiliated sites using their Facebook account and share information from those sites with their Facebook friends. Get Direct Mail Power including the complete suite of proven direct mail letters at http://bestagents. Blog A Web log.

A Mini Feed centers around one person. removed fans. Friend Finder A Facebook utility that helps users find present and former friends. total interactions. It lets developers build social applications on the Facebook platform. Friend A person who has joined a profile. Mini Feed Similar to a news feed. Limited Profile A profile that allows only restricted access. Visit the Help Center to learn more. company. It is a Facebook site created by bands.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website Fan A person who has joined a page because they like what that page fans. discussion topics. It allows Facebook application developers to customize the "look and feel" of their applications. Visit the Help Center to learn more. unique views. but different. school. Ads can be posted as either available and offered. Specifically. and Other. companies and other organizations to promote their activities. and video plays. or wanted. Marketplace Facebook Marketplace is a feature developed by Facebook that allows users to post free classified ads within the following categories: For Sale. wall posts. family. Group A group is not a page or profile.facebook. Inbox The Facebook mail application. coworkers. FBML Facebook Markup Language is a variation and subset of HTML with some elements removed. Housing. There are several applications offered that have FBML editing capability. or military organization. photos. new fans. photo views.) they've added. Notes Notes are like mini-blogs for your profile. group and event Walls. You can also filter by applications. Mini Feeds are sent automatically and posted to friends' profiles for all to see. Tour the new Facebook homepage to see the where Filters are used on the profile. like Photos. Facebook Developers Wiki is an excellent resource for information about FBML. Stories are chosen based on what your friends have interacted with. usually by invitation. reviews. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 11 | P a g e   . For each Facebook page. Each person's Mini Feed shows what has changed recently in their profile and what content (notes. events. Lexicon looks at the usage of words and phrases on profile. audio plays. News Feeds are posted to profiles for all to see. Insights Facebook's answer to web page analysis. Highlights Featured photos. Jobs. Create your own filters using Friend Lists. Filters Used to separate friends into different categories. Lexicon A Facebook tool to follow language trends across Facebook. Network A circle of friends and acquaintances that centers on a city. whether it be a video. Insights tracks the number of page views. Facebook Mobile Texts and Facebook Mobile Uploads. Go here to see Facebook Help (Mobile Edition). and other acquaintances. such as Facebook Mobile Web (m. notes and more that you don't want to miss. etc. See Static FBML. Mobile Facebook Mobile offers multiple Facebook features for your phone. News Feed News Feeds highlight what's happening in your social circles on Facebook. schoolmates. a comment or something else. Member A person who has joined and participates with a group. Like A feature that appears as a link next to something you see on Facebook that allows users to let others know they appreciate that something.

Status A micro-blogging feature called which allows users to inform their friends of their current whereabouts. Each registered user may have only one profile. as well as interests and activities. Some consider it flirting. • The Wall tab displays the user's interactions with friends (comments and messages) as well as status messages. RSS Really Simple Syndication. sent automatically as they engage in activity on their profile. musical groups. It allows one user to virtually poke another. notifications are news feeds from friends. Wikipedia defines it as a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries. Stream The stream shows you posts from your friends in real-time. news headlines. • The Info tab displays basic information like Birthday and Hometown. Publisher Use publisher to Publish your status. The features and capabilities are different. and comment on photos. Tabs Tabs mark the different sections of a profile. notes and more into the stream. Profile A profile is not a page. It is a Facebook site intended for and created by artists. • The Info tab also lists all Groups the user is a member of. It is a Facebook site intended for and created by people who want to share information about themselves and socialize with others. Static FBML A Facebook application that lets users customize their pages using Facebook Markup Language (FBML). Only the official representative of an artist or business can create and make changes to a page. Page A page is not a profile. You can control who appears here. and on your friends' home pages. The features and capabilities are different. or thoughts. Tag Marking a photo or video with text that identifies the image or the person in the image. Translations A Facebook application that allows translators from around world to translate Facebook into different languages. Visit the Help Center to learn more. Users can feature their Applications by creating a tab unique to that application. and all the Pages the user is a Fan of. Updates News feeds sent to you from pages that you have joined. It may look like one. Posts show up both in your profile. Poke A poke is a way to interact with your friends on Facebook. but it's not. You can add pages to your profile to show your friends what you care about. and video—in a standardized format. • The Photos tab displays profile photos and albums. • The Boxes tab displays all of the applications and features not showcased elsewhere on the profile.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website Notifications Like Mini Feeds. Platform See Facebook Platform. photos. Tour the new Facebook homepage to see the location of Publisher on the profile. celebrities. A profile displays a user's personal information and their interactions with friends. Copyright Ray Wood 2010 12 | P a g e   . This keeps you up to date on everything that's happening. brands and similar entities (not individuals). Tour the new Facebook homepage to see where Stream is located on the profile. audio. tag friends. • Other tabs. businesses. Photos A Facebook application that lets users upload albums of photos. actions. It may look like one. but it's not.

Pronounced wiz-ee-wig.  27 Proven money making actions for rapid success on the world’s most popular website Video A Facebook application that lets users share videos on Facebook. Users can add their videos with the service by uploading video. or desktop publishing system that is designed to show you on screen exactly what will be displayed when a document is printed or viewed online. and using a web cam recording feature.   Copyright Ray Wood 2010 13 | P a g e   . It's a space on every user's profile page that allows friends and users themselves to post messages for all to see. WYSIWYG Stands for What You See Is What You Get. See Warnings on the Facebook Help Center for more information. adding video through Facebook Mobile. Warnings Notices from Facebook that you have engaged in a prohibited activity or that you have reached a limit that suggests you were using a feature at a rate that is likely to be abusive. Additionally. Wall A featured section inside a Facebook profile. users can "tag" their friends in videos they add much like the way users can tag their friends in photos. word processor. The term relates to an HTML editor.