We are fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully made (Ecclesiastes 3:11, Psalms 139). Made in the likeness of God Almighty (Genesis 1:28-30, Revelation 5:10). We are made His sons (John 1:12) and that automatically makes us ‘gods’ (Psalms 82:1) and heirs to his kingdom (Hebrews 9:15) through the death of ‘our brother’, Jesus. Through the same death, we were brought back when we strayed away. God brought us back because He loves us, He sent his only son to die that we may not be WASTED. (John 3:16). This huge sacrifice shows how strongly God hates WASTE. He preserved Noah, his family and a pair of every living creature despite regretting why he made the world (Genesis 6:6). He didn’t want to WASTE any species (Genesis 6:18-21). He spared Lot and his daughters when He turned Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes (Genesis 19:20). He left one blessing for Esau so that he wont WASTE (Genesis 27:30-40). Crumbs were gathered into baskets to avoid WASTE after feeding five thousand people (Matthew 14:20). We need not ask why God detests WASTE as we see the adverse effects of WASTE in our daily lives. Household WASTE dumped near our habitats constitutes the diseases that affect and kill millions of us. We suffer the likes of Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, e.t.c. Malaria happens to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world, killing millions every year. All of these deaths, we owe to improper WASTE management. It is interesting to realize that even HIV/AIDS spreads explosively as a result of WASTE; the sperm/body

it’s a WASTED shot since he did not hit his intended target yet somebody dies. All the types and forms of WASTES mentioned above can kill but only your flesh. steals and destroys you into a pile of WASTE. If we cannot stand WASTE. Do not allow yourself to get killed by WASTE. I am most concerned with the WASTE from heaven (Isaiah 14:12) who deceives you to death. how unfortunate to be killed by WASTE because to the shooter. The scariest WASTE of all is the one that targets the soul. Therefore brethren are you going to allow yourself to be WASTED by WASTE? Decide now for there is no time to WASTE. water and land. Nations go to war because of WASTED words. Lucifer was cast down from the presence of the most high and that qualifies him as a WASTE (Luke 10:18-20). he kills.that is supposed to be preserved for ones wife or vise versa. God did not save us just to see us WASTE. NURU NYAKU . die a death purposely meant for you (like the death of Christ on the cross). That is why Jesus cursed the fig tree that had no fruit (Mark 11:14). People die of hunger and starvation because they WASTED in times of abundance. That is why God WASTED Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24). killing us. our plants and animals. is WASTED in promiscuity and he/she lasciviously contracts it and/or other STDs. People get killed by stray bullets. I have nothing against death but if you must die. Industrial WASTE pollutes our air. how then can our heavenly father? That is why God rejected Cain’s offering (Genesis 4:3).