Important questions Unit-1/INTRODUCTION (1).write down the history of internet & World Wide Web in detail (2).Write in detail about various HTML4 protocols namely (1)HTTP (2) SMTP (3) POP3 (4) MIME (5) IMAP (3).write a simple program for printing a line of text in a web page (4).How java script is used in object based scripting in the web &explain? (5).Write short notes in structures concept in java script? (6).Write short notes on java script functions? (7).Write short notes in arrays concept in java script? (8).Write short notes on objects evolved in java script? (9).What is mean by scripting language? Explain the features of any one of the scripting language? (10).What is mean by recursion in a function write the difference between the recursion and iteration? Unit-II /DYNAMIC HTML 1. What is mean by DHTML, state the difference and similarities between HTML & DHTML? 2. Explain ?(1)dynamic style (2)dynamic position (3)frames (4)navigator in DHTML with example ? 3. What is mean by event model, state event click & event on load in DHTML in detail with example? 4. What is mean by filters, explain with example? 5. Explain the methodology for creating gradients? 6. How transportation takes place with the help of filters? 7. How to create an image in DHTML & creation of motion with blur, explain its process? 8. What is mean by data binding in DHTML with example? 9. How binding to an image & binding to a table takes place? 10. What is meant by event bubbling? Unit-III /multi media 1. How audio & video synthesis is done and recognised in a multimedia? 2. Explain any two e-business models?

How HTTP request handling takes place in servlets & explains its process? 3. Explain the process of accessing a database using ASP? 7. How online payments are done in E-marketing & explain the types of payments? 6.3. What is the difference between client side scripting vs server side scripting? 9. What is mean by DTD &various DOM methods? UNIT –V /SERVELETS & JSP 1. Explain IIS server (internet information service? 10. and delete statement with example? 3. Explain various HTTP request types? 8. update. What is mean by directives in JSP? Explain with example? ================== . Explain Apache web server? Unit –IV/DATA BASE-ASP-XML 1. Explain name spaces XML and how they are used in ASP? 10. What is mean by session tracking in ASP? 6. What are the web resources evolved in ASP? 8. Explain the various objects evolved in JSP? 8. Explain e-marketing process in details? 4. Explain RDBMS (relational data base model)? 2. How security is done in e-marketing? 7. Write short notes on JSP? 7. What is mean by XML in detail& explain its structure with example? 9. How redirecting takes place in HTTP? 5. Write short notes on ASP & the working of ASP? 4. Write down the various file system objects evolved in ASP? 5. Explain the methodology in handling HTTP get & post requests? 4. Write short notes on servlets architecture? 2. Explain any two standard actions takes place in JSP? 10. How scripting is done in ASP? 9. What is mean by SQL? Explain the following statements -Insert. Explain multi-tier process in servlets? 6. How CRM takes place in e-marketing? 5.