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Refractory Materials for Electric Smelting Furnaces

reducing process consumption and prolonging furnace campaign life. FangYuan Group. FangYuan Group LTD also provides a full range of lining services including lining research. Our products and methodologies have been utilized in 30 provinces in China and over 10 countries. ISO 9001:2000 Certified # Supplier in China 1 This publication focuses on our Electric Smelting Furnace linings materials and methodologies. FangYuan Group’s main products and services include electric smelting furnaces linings. Our products and lining methodologies have been utilized in 30 provinces in China and over 10 countries worldwide. blast furnace linings.furnacelining. and other types of lining materials. Henan province.FangYuan Group. lining design. ladle linings. LTD FangYuan Group LTD is a leading refractory manufacturer and service company located in Lushan county.000 metric tons of refractory materials. sales and construction. Today. The company was established in 1974 and was originally called Lushan Carbon Refractory Company. the company produces over International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. China. Each year. FangYuan Group LTD operates the largest carbon block production facility in China. This publication will give you a brief introduction to our electric smelting furnace lining products. It was one of only a few furnace refractory suppliers appointed by the Metallurgical Department of China. LTD INTRODUCTION We have successfully served over 300 electric smelting furnace lining installations and over 500 blast furnace lining installations worldwide. 2 International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www.furnacelining. In the past few decades. The company currently employs 1500 full-time employees including over 200 refractory engineers and technicians. Please contact us for other  . our product research & development has mainly focused on increasing furnace efficiency. We are proud to have successfully completed over 300 electric smelting furnace lining installations and over 500 blast furnace lining installations worldwide.

The finished products are then once again evaluated for adherence to the customer’s order specifications. a team made up of process and material quality control engineers inspects the final product to ensure that the product conforms to our high standards of quality.  International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. In addition. ensuring customer satisfaction. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT FangYuan Group. flat and even to within ±  . our employees understand that the output of their workshop is the input for the next manufacturing department. Raw Material Selection Perfectly leveled to within ± 0.5mm. Therefore they have been trained to always carefully inspect the previous workshop’s work and be responsible for their own output. such as micro-pore carbon blocks/bricks. With every purchase. our quality control team inspects the output of each process to ensure material quality and consistency. the pre-assembly platform allows our customers to come to our site and inspect their linings prior to shipping. The platform is perfectly level. micro-pore corundum bricks. our quality control staff performs the first inspection at our supplier’s site.5mm To ensure the quality of our raw materials. the Wuhan Science & Technology University. The primary focus of our R&D department is to promote new technologies that extend furnace lining campaign life and increasing furnace output. LTD Our Pre-assembly Platform FangYuan Group has an ongoing research and development partnership with the Wuhan Iron & Steel Technology Center. The new pre-assembly platform has led to reduced pre-assembly time and delivery time. Process and Quality Control From raw material to final product. Once the raw materials arrive at our facility. we only purchase our raw materials from our long-term trusted International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. The new platform allows us to pre-assemble several furnaces simultaneously on its surface.furnacelining. Pre-assembly platform building FangYuan Group works closely with our customers to research their situations and requirements in order to develop the most suitable lining solutions. we have successfully developed over 20 new products. the Beijing Iron and Steel Research Center. our process control inspectors ensure that our procedures are consistently and correctly applied each step of the way. Finished Product Inspection Prior to shipping. LTD OUR FACILITY We believe a successful pre-assembly is a significant step to ensure a successful furnace reline. micro-pore alumina baked carbon bricks. our quality control team performs a second inspection on the batch. QUALITY CONTROL FangYuan Group is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our R&D department also provides solutions for construction and furnace startup. Each time raw materials enter our facility. semi-graphite self-baking carbon blocks. With the support and guidance of our research partners. etc. In addition to rigorous process control. In each of our workshops. the University of Hunan and the Anshan Iron & Steel College. semi-graphite baked carbon blocks. Therefore we have recently installed a new 18m x 18m pre-assembly platform.furnacelining.FangYuan Group. such as micro-pore carbon blocks/bricks. graphite blocks. We pride ourselves on our high quality and process consistency standards. We hold national patents on several of these new products. they are inspected again prior to being accepted.

The working layer can be semi-graphite blocks or self-baking carbon blocks. carbon blocks and graphite blocks are used for the sidewall area and the furnace bottom. Nickel and Ferroalloy. the outer surface of the lining uses water spray cooling method. For applications such as International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. Water Spray Water Spray High-Alumina Brick (Clay Brick) Graphite Blocks Low-temperature Ramming Paste Refractory Cement Insulation Material Ramming Paste Carbon Blocks Exhaust Graphite Blocks Exhaust Light Bricks Self-baking Bricks or Semi-graphite Blocks Light Carbon Bricks High-alumina Bricks  International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. Unique materials are utilized based on the needs of different areas of the furnace. 4. we recommend our cooling concept lining structure (shown in the illustration below. LTD COOLING CONCEPT LINING STRUCTURE INSULATION CONCEPT LINING STRUCTURE For applications such as Chrome. the I-beam support underneath the furnace bottom allows for boiler exhaust. 4. the permanent layer uses high-alumina or clay 7 . Products such as Carbide.furnacelining. the working layer utilizes carbon materials. The advantages of this structure include: 1. Ferro-silicon. The beveled shape of the carbon blocks prevents the bottom blocks from floating during operation and increases furnace strength.FangYuan Group. Manganese.) The structure applies high-alumina bricks in the upper sidewall due to lower temperatures in this area. LTD FangYuan Group. Our cooling concept lining structure offers our customers the following advantages: 1. 2. The insulation layer reduces the thermal loss. 2. increases the temperature of the molten metal and reduces the workload on the exhaust system.furnacelining. In this structure. 3. we recommend our insulation concept lining structure (shown in the illustration below). The high-alumina and clay bricks in the permanent layer are oxidation-resistant and erosion resistant. The use of carbon blocks highly reduces the chemical erosion. The highly thermally conductive graphite blocks lead to better cooling and protect the furnace bottom from attack by molten metal. Magnesium. have higher melting point. Both materials have been proved to have good erosion resistance and good overall structure strength. 3. Overall this structure is able to provide higher temperature in the furnace working area and also prevent furnace bottom infiltration. and under the bottom and the outside uses insulation materials. industrial Silicon and Carbide.

High Alumina Bricks (Application Area: side wall) High Alumina Bricks utilize high Alumina chamotte as primary materials. high quality petroleum coke and pitch coke as primary materials. We have a full line of standard products. baked and machined to specification.U.U.0 Clay Bricks utilize chamotte as primary materials. baked and machined to specification. such as blocks/bricks in carbon. Graphite Blocks feature excellent thermal conductivity that leads to better cooling. and low permeability Index TKD-1 ≥92 ≤6. along with additives.FangYuan Group.50 ≥30 ≤20 ≥5.65 ≤24 ≥30 ≥13 ≤ International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. impregnated. LTD About Our Products FangYuan Group manufactures a full range of shaped products. cements and grouts. side wall) Carbon Blocks utilize electric calcined anthracite as the primary material and use pitch as binder. The bricks are molded.  . Please contact us for further information on our full line of products. We also manufacture a series of unshaped products. high density and compressive strength. LTD ELECTRIC SMELTING FURNACE LINING PRODUCTS ELECTRIC SMELTING FURNACE LINING PRODUCTS FangYuan Group. side wall. The following are our standard specifications for several of our Electric Smelting Furnace lining products.20Mpa Refractoriness Under Load (R.6 >=1750 >=1450 <=15 >=58. Specification AL2O3 Refractoriness 0. and we also custom manufacture our products to met each customer’s situation and requirements. The bricks are molded.L) Apparent Porosity Compressive Strength (room temperature) Unit % °C °C % Mpa Index >=75 >=1790 >=1530 <=19 >=68 Graphite Blocks (Application areas: bottom. High Alumina Bricks feature good refractoriness and can be used in the critical area in the furnace.furnacelining.k) Compressive Strength Apparent Porosity Thermal Conductivity (800ºC)  International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. Index SK-1 ≥1.furnacelining.0 ≥1. graphite.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load (R.0 ≥1.2 150~160 High Alumina Bricks Specification Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Compressive Strength Graphite Blocks Unit g/cm % MPa MPa % W/m·k 3 Bending Strength Ash Thermal Conductivity (room temperature) Clay Bricks (Application Area: Bottom) Carbon Blocks (Application Area: bottom.8 Specification AL2O3% Fe2O3% Refractoriness 0. The blocks are pressed under high pressure and baked at high temperature before final machining. The blocks are molded under high pressure. such as ramming paste. taphole) Graphite Blocks utilize low ash synthetic graphite.3 120~140 SK-2 ≥1. graphitized and then machined to specification. alumina. silicon carbide and clay.L) Apparent Porosity Compressive Strength (room temperature) Clay Bricks Unit % % °C °C % Mpa Specification Fixed C Ash Bulk Density Carbon Blocks Unit % % g/cm3 MPa % W/(m. Index (ZGN-2) >=42 <=1.52 ≥30 ≤20 ≥12 TKD-2 ≥90 ≤8. along with additives.75 ≤16 ≥45 ≥18 ≤0. Carbon Blocks feature excellent erosion resistance.

Self-baking carbon blocks are cheaper and easier to handle during construction. LTD ELECTRIC SMELTING FURNACE LINING PRODUCTS Delivery OUR COMMITMENT FangYuan Group.65 N/A After Baking >=82 <=17 >=35 >=8 <=16 >=1. The outer layer of our packaging completely protects the blocks for transportation. LTD Semi-graphite Carbon Blocks (Application area: the upper layer on the bottom) Semi-graphite carbon blocks use electric calcined. low-ash content. Specification Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Compressive Strength Bending Strength Ash Thermal Conductivity (800°C) Semi-graphite Carbon Blocks Unit g/cm % MPa MPa % W/(m·k) 3 Index >=1. This way we know our products are well protected during shipping. then put each block into fitted boxes. The production process includes high-speed vibration. The advantages of semi-graphite baked carbon blocks include good erosion resistance and good thermal conductivity. After our preassembly team and our customers inspect the finished products. Our self-baking carbon blocks have been highly praised by our customers. Once our products reach the customer’s site. 10 International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. Specification Fixed Carbon Ash Compressive Strength Self-Bake Carbon Blocks Unit % % MPa MPa % g/cm3 mDa Bending Strength Apparent Porosity Bulk Density Permeability Customer reference upon on request. our furnace construction specialists work side by side with our customers to ensure that the reline process goes smoothly. high temperature baking and final finishing. we carefully package each block. The production process includes high-speed vibration and a molding press. Self-baking Carbon Blocks (Application area: the upper layer on the bottom) Semi-graphite self-baking carbon blocks use high quality anthracite and synthetic graphite as their primary components.furnacelining. FangYuan prides itself on quality. from raw material to delivery. The quasi-mouldability of this product allows the self-baking carbon blocks fill up the seams in the lining structure during the warm-up and use of the furnace. After the reline.50 <=18 >=30 >=7.FangYuan Group. Our packaging team covers up each corner and edge. we follow up with customers to provide support during furnace operation. high-pressure 11 .com International Sales +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 www. Packaged products ready for shipping. Index Before Baking >=75 <=16 >=35 >=8 <=6 >=1.8 >=8 >=7 Our team working on preassembling finished blocks. along with other minor ingredients.furnacelining.55 <=15 The inner layer of our packaging adds extra protection to the edges and corners. semi-graphitized anthracite coal and silicon carbide as primary materials.

FangYuan Group LTD The World’s Leader in Refractory Materials. Ohio 44067 Tel: +1 • 216 • 544 • 3587 Fax: +1 • 216 • 274 • 9627 Email: nancyli@furnacelining. Lushan . 467300 P.China Tel: +86 • 375 • 5072290 or +86 • 375 • 5072148 Fax: +86 • 375 • 5055438 PO Box 670408 Cleveland. PingDingShan City. Henan Visit us on the web at: www.R. Blast Furnace Linings • Electric Smelting Furnace Linings Lining Design & Construction • Specialty Graphite Carbon Electrodes • Cathode Blocks Contacts International Sales Director Headquarters in China FangYuan Group LTD Nancy Li FangYuan Group LTD ChengDong WuLiBao.furnacelining.