APPLICANT’S NAME: AYON GHOSH POST APPLIED FOR: Dear Applicant, Details sought in this resume form are intended to give us an impression of you as a professional and also to help assess whether we could provide you a career, best suited to your abilities and interest and matching our needs. If you are invited for a selection process, this form will be used as an important input. We would, hence, like you to give accurate and precise response to the details asked for and questions raised. Please do not leave any column blank. Kindly indicate ‘Not Applicable’ (NA) in the column which is not relevant to you.

Chief General Manager Human Resources Management Group Export-Import Bank of India Floor 21, Centre 1, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005. E mail : hrm@eximbankindia.in Website : www.eximbankindia.in


: Magra.O. No.: C/O: Mr. Amalendu Occupation : Business Ghosh Mother’s Name : Mrs.com PIN : Permanent Address : Vill. Amodghata. & P. : NA Fax : NA Email : NA . Vill. Bengal. No. AYON GHOSH First Name : Ayon Middle Name : NA Surname : Ghosh Affix recent Passport size colour photo Age Date of Birth Nationality 22 05-081988 Indian Category (SC/ST/OBC/ Persons with Disability / General) General In case of Persons with Disability.S. Sikha Rani Ghosh Occupation : House Wife Address to which. Bengal. Amalendu Ghosh. West Present Employer : NA Address : NA Tel. Dist.S.: Amodghata. : 033-26846843 712148 Email : ayon_6843@yahoo.: Magra. Amalendu Ghosh.O. we should write : C/O: Mr. Dist.: Hooghly. Tel. Tel.PERSONAL DATA Full name in Block Letters : Mr. No.com PIN : P. please indicate nature of disability NA Marital Status Single Spouse’s Name : NA Occupation : NA Organisation : NA Organisation : Glass & Ply Centre Organisation : NA Father’s Name : Mr. & P.: Hooghly. West P. : 033-26846843 712148 Email : ayon_6843@yahoo.

year and the outcome : NA Are you willing to work anywhere in India? Yes 2 . please give details such as post applied for.If you had applied in the past for a post in our Organisation.

/ Class/ Grade 1st 1st % Marks obtaine d Scholars hips & other Distincti ons Xth XIIth Graduation PostGraduation Any Other 2004 2006 2009 2011 Don Bosco. of Years / Months) Employer Designation & Grade/Scale or Rank Job Profile Emoluments per month (Rs. I.) . Degree / Course done under Correspondence/ Distance learning.R.C.A __________ __________ #Other __________ Allowances #Gross Pay __________ Vocational/Summer Training: Period Employer Assignments/Projects Emoluments per month (Rs.A #H.) 2nd 51. College.S. EXPERIENCE: Professional Work: (Beginning with Present Employer) Period (No.) # Basic Pay __________ # D.Com(Hons. Bandel Tribeni Tissues Vidyapith Chandernago re Government College I. University or other institution Name of Examination & Major Subjects / Degree (Specialisation) Result Div.E.62 * Indicate if any. B.EDUCATION: Standard Perio d School.C.S.

held and outstanding achievements At School At College Elsewhere EXTRA-CURRICULAR INTERESTS Mention your extra-curricular interests.g.3 LANGUAGES KNOWN: Language Mother Tongue : Other Languages Bengali English Hindi Yes Yes Yes Speak Yes Yes Yes Read Write Yes Yes CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (e. if any. Which do you actively pursue? How do you see these developing in the future? EXPOSURE TO COMPUTERS: Indicate the degree of proficiency (P) on a scale of 1 (Low) to 4 (high) in the column provided Languages P Operating Systems P Applications/Packages P . Literary or Social Activities) Types of activities and positions. Sports..

4 .

what has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment and why? What are the values and beliefs guided your life so far and how do you see them influencing your future? What do you think are your personal strengths and what are the areas where you need to improve as an individual? What are your short-term and long-term career objectives? 5 .MORE ABOUT YOU Within the limits of your experience to-date.

No : E mail : Tel.CHOICE OF EXIM BANK AS A CAREER Outline briefly. who know you closely and are holding responsible positions in industry / government / educational institutions to whom we may write for reference : Name : Name : Designation : Address : Designation : Address : Tel. your reasons for applying to our Organisation. Place: Date: ____________________________ (Signature) 6 . REFERENCES Names and addresses of two persons. In the event of any information being found false or incorrect. other than relatives. No : E mail : I hereby declare that the statements made in this application are true. complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. my candidature for appointment may be cancelled / terminated without any notice.