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An Introductory Module eed Queen’s Harvest Dees Td 9261 MAP #1: Kavorguian’s BaseMeNnt ONE square = 10 Feet MAP #3: DUNGEONS OF the Queen’s Keep ONE sguare = lo fect BX coveneo rit — scenet Door Trap Door @ Spinal stains —- Secret Sliding Wall 1M Ol! Holvers DUNGEONS DRAGONS’ Batic Game Adventure QUEEN’S HARVEST by Carl Sargent Table of Contents Introduction “ é 2 Adventure 1: The Wizard’s Dungeon Ea Anew SPECIAL PULL-OUT REFERENCE SECTION jf Area Map : 215 Gredits: Ready-to-Play Characters 16, Bee cals NPC Profiles/Diary Page sees 18 Cover Att, on and Laura Lakey Interior Art! Karl Waller Cacjopreplar Died To nnae Aieties Tae. Adventure 2: Harvest of Death oo.0.ccec0++ 1” Kathleen ©. MacDend Keyliner: Stephanie Tabet New Monsters/Letter az AGING & DRAGONS snd DAD ase veined trarmars MAPS "Une aby win | Area Map ata. haere 15 Map 1: The Wizard's Dungeon left inside cover Map 2: The Queen’s Keep right inside cover cceuiiec’ | Map $: Dungeons of the Queen's Keep PO 6 wos USA eowuors Seve ienteTon 9261 Introduction ‘Welcome to the adventure! This module contain two adventures, one for 5-7 player characters (PCs) of frst or second level, and a follow-up adventure for PCs of second or third level. If you are going tobe a player in these adventures, please donot read any further! The matcrial presented here is for the Dungeon Mas- ter (DM) to read and use in sexting up the game for you. Queen's Hervest is best enjoyed after playing the adventure module B11, King's Fastial. However, they can easily be played as a pair of stand-alone adven- Preparing for Adventure If you have played King’ Festival, she PCs will have a note addressed to “Kayorquian,” They will alto have met Aralic, acleric, who will have told dem thathe has heard of Kavorquian the wi2~ ard. This adventure begins with Aralic telling the PCs that Kavorquian lives ina hillside mansion about a mile northeast of Penhaligon, and the PCs ca easily travel the twelve milex or so down the Duke's Read (© his home. Aralic sug gests thar the PCs ake the noce to Kavor- quian at once, since the matters referred 1 seem very important! Tr you have not played King’s Festieal, ica you should begin the adventare by having the POs arrive in Stallanford. If you do not have suitable PCs (a0 char ‘acters of 2nd level), you can tse the pre generated characters listed on page 15 and 17. PCs can be lured 10 Stallanford by vague rumors of ore raids, ueasure, and plunder, When they get 10 Srallanford they will discover that the ures have been slain, but the town cleric, Aralic, ie inter- ested in meeting them. A full profile for Aralie is given on jaage 1B Aralic asks the PCs 10 act as couriers ‘They are so take a private leiter to the home of Kavorqaian the wizard, who lives in a hillside mansion shout a mile northeast of Penhaligon. Le offers the PCs gp each for this service. Thisisn't much, bur thea it’s only half a day's walk! [the PGs accept, Aralic hands them a bone tube sealed with wax that bears the iuprine of a signet ring. He asks chem not to open the tube. You should diseour- uuge the PCs—especially Lawful characters—from going against the der ic's wishes, What is in the nove is shown ‘om page 31 of this module Whether the PCs have played through King’s Festival or not, you should give the players a copy of the map found on paye 15 to show them where Stallanford and Penhaligon ate In fact, the whole middle seetion of this praduct is special pull-out section cof hejpiul material for the players and the TDM. Detach pages 15-18 by lifting the staples, raking out the middle leaves, and pressing the staples Mat again. You can photocopy any oF all of these pages for personal tse if you prefer not (0 cut up the central pages ‘he first adventure begins on page + ar the PCs upprouch the (own of Penhali- om, carrying the lerter for the wizard. The adventure's background is Fully de- tailed, Uut you should reed through the entire module and be familiar with its contents before running any part of it If You're a Novice Dungeon Master Iryouhaven'« played King's Festival prior to this adventure, you really should! ‘Thut medule is packed with many uaefal hints for the novice DM, covering all as- pects of D&D® game adventuring, to: ether with helpfal play-aids which may the photocopied for personal use. However, Queen's Harvest has been written with the inexperienced DM in mind, toe. One thing thar should be noted is that, because there isa lot of ad venture crammed into this package, boxed text (for the DM to read to play- cers} ia not always aed, and when it is xiven, only the main details of locations are described, ‘You can and should embellish this boxed text slightly, adding duaty floors, cobwebs, distant hoots or moans, and similar appropriate details. Customizing rooms to frighten or alarm certain PCs helps to make modules lie this one more personal. Locations and Mapping For both adventures, the map on page 15 shows the general area of Penbaligon and Stallanford. ‘The location of Kayor- ‘quian’s mansion is marked on it for the players Other parts of the module are keyed to specific maps. For example, dhe mod- ule’s first adventure takes place in the easement of the house the PCs will vist—shown in Map 1, which can be found on the left hand side of the mod- Uule’s inner cove Individual areas on the maps are called locations, and when PCs enter them you should provide basic details of what the characters see, hear, smell, and so on. Some of this information ean be found in the text of the adventure by matching the number on the map to the ‘number in the (ext, Resmember, you can always add marerial of your own to the Loxed tex, 100. twill be useful for you to keep a re cord of Experience Points (XPs) earned by PCs on a spare sheet of paper as you RA. ieee tia ei, \ play through the module. Note what XPs the characters carned, slong with where fn the dungeon they earned them. This will algo allow you to ree a¢ a glance which locations the PCs have visited. Monsters When a monster is described in an indi- vidual location, its abilities are given in abbreviated form. The following infor- mation is covered: Name (number); Armor Glass; Hit Dice (or Glass and Level for an NPC); hit points; Moverient por turn (and per combat round in brackets); Number of attacks per rounc: THACD (epecial—aee ‘material ater in dhe Introduction); Dam- age per attack; Special attacks (polton, tc,); Save as (Class and Level); Morale: Aligament; XP value fur overvoming smonstcr (if there are several of the same creatures, the nuznber shown is per indi- vidual monster); and Other abilities (if any). Ability Cheeks An extra rule isused in these adventures, the Ability Check, When the text calls for such a check to be made, it will specify the Ability (e.g, Charisma Check, Dex- terity Check, and so on). ‘The player must roll the specified Ability score or lower for his character (on u €20) t9 suc~ ceed in the check. ‘The text explains what will happen if the PC succeeds or fails each Ability Check THACO THACO isan seronym for “To Hit Ar ‘mor Claas 0 (aero) Ii the minima Tab eeise. core hcier femy of ACO. Th find if the creature has Fi in opponent in combat simpy rub tract the opponent's AG from the THACO given, and if the 20 roll is squad o'er grea than thar modified fhumber the creature las snack ix en ny. For exunpier a Hoonner with a ‘THACO of 17 hits ACI on 16 or beter, AGS on I? or beter, an 300, troduction Abbreviations ‘The following abbreviations are used in this snodule: ‘Number of Arracks Armor Class Alignment Chaotic Charisma Cleric Consticution Copper Piece Dwarf ‘Type of Die Dexterity Damage Elf EHlectrum Piece Fighter Gold Piece Fal Hit Dice Hit Points Intelligence Lawful Neutral ‘Nosmal Man Morale ‘Movement Rate per Turn (and per round in brackets) pp Platinum Piece SA Special Attacks (poison, paralysis, ec.) Save Save As (Class and Level) p Silver Piece Str Strength T Thiet w xP ail CEC Cll the wizard's dungeon ‘The PCs begin by setting off from Stal lanford, headed for Kavorquian’s home. ‘They need to cover about 12 miles, which they can do in a day. During the morning the weather is aveful—rainy and windy—but ic becomes calmer by early afternoon. The PCs cannot buy horses or mules in Stallanford ay none are available, so they must go by foot Read the following to the PCs aficr they set out: ‘There is little pedestrian traffic on the roud, but no wagons or horses. The bad weather seems to have made most people leave travel until tomorrow. So, it's peaceful enough, After about six hours or so, toward carly evening, you find yourself standing at the botiom of « path lead ing to several lange houses atop a slight hill. Walking up the psth, you soon see a notably fine house with some marble statues in its grounds, ‘The iron gates have some interesting, unusual designs wrought on them A PG magic-user or elf ean recognize that these designs are actually runes uscd by spellcasters, so this is probably Kavorquian’s home. The gates can be ‘opened easily enough, 90 read on: Your boots crunch on the gravel as ‘you make your way up to the heuse As you arrive, a liveried manservant steps on to the porch outside the front door to light the lamps on the lintel. The PCs will presumably ask the man- servant if this is Kavorquian's heme (or, if they're feeling confident, ask to see the wigurd), The man will frown slightly and then drop the bombsiell that tie wizard died in hie bed three weeks ago. However, he quickly adds that, icy ‘would just like to wait outside for a mo- ment, someone will speak to ther. He goes back into the house and shuts the door. Allow the players enough time to wonder what to do now that the man they've come to deliver letter to isdead, and then read the following to them: ‘An elegantly attired butler opens the oor and apologizes for your wait. He ushers you ia through the hall ( a lounge, and oifers you glasses of a very fine white wine while you waie for the new master of he house You can have a lide fan role-playing the butler and fending off questions from the POs here; the “raasicz" will tell all. The butler looks discainfully at anyene who svears armor and with considerable sus: picion at anyone wearing leather. Ifyou Tike, he sill count the silver items in the room while looking up at any PC thieves from time to time. ‘The butler will want the PCa" names, ‘Then the builer leaves, and after « min inte or so he reappears with a young man. He gives the PCs nares tothe man, and then announces his master as “Lord Kaerin Perhaligon,” and leaves ‘You can find a full description of Kaerin oon page 18, snd you should give the PCs good description of what he looks like. ‘The first thing they'll netice, of course, is his missing right arm, ‘The infermation below covers what ‘Kaerin will say and how he will reply to the questions PCe are most likely to ask, The Letter The PCs muy oller the letier to Kucrin Fight away—or not. Kaerin will, of course, aik the POs what brings them to the house. If they give some foolish an: wer, he atks them politely bur firmly not (o waste his time, the PCs do not produce the letter or a reasonable excuse [or dhe visit, dhey will be asked toleave. Ifthis happens, a mes renger from Stallanford arrives at Kacrin's acer that night to see ifthe PC got to the house safely. Then a group of watchmen from Penhaligon itself will go and get the PGs and the note and bring them to Kaerin When Kacrin reuds dhe letter, he will be alarmed and concerned. He does not know exactly what it mosns, but says that he wil take advice from a cleric who iy visiting him shortly, In the meantime, ‘mm reward, how abont some dinner? Answering Questions This is done over a delicious dinner, served up in Kacrin’s dining hall (spa cious and tastefully decorated), How ever, Kaerin asks as many queitions of the PCs as chey ask of him. You can role- play @ mutual question and answer ses- sion here. Of course, the PCs’ answers will depend on whether they have played King's Festival or not. Kaerin's Questions; Kactin will, of course, vant to know how the PCs gor dhe note. He will ask for details about their adventares in finding it (if there have been any). Af the PCs have played through King’s Festival and mention Aralic's resexe, Kucrin will look very pleased. He also perks up at the mention of the Chaotic cleric’s defeat or any other actions the PCy have undertaken against evil. Kaerin also subtly interjects queries about whether the PCs are actively 1 ing adventure. Questions by the POs: Kuerin's replies to the most likely questions are: 1, Kavorquian died from natural causes, The old wizard was nearly 90 years old, and unlike some wizards, didn't want to live forever. 2. Kaerin honestly doesn’t know any thing more about the contents of the note, He will not disclose its contents if the PCs have not read it 3. The butler called him “Lord,” PCs may suspect he’s royalty. Kaerin Joaks a litle uncomfortable and says the s really only honorary. He tics 1 change the conversation. However, the PGs may persist in this line of question- ing. Keerin will admit that he is related 10 the noble family which rales the Es- tates of Penkaligon, an area around the 0 the 4, Kavorquian had a wife, but they sepa rated some years ago, the wizard's Oungeon 5, Kaerin is Kavorquian’s only child, and he realizes that his facher wus quite ld when he sired him. 6. To queries about his wounded arm, Kaerin says truthfully that it was tom away by a monster—a slicer beetle (which the PCs won't have heard of)— about a month ago. Really persistent POs may keep 2 about Kaerin's name, relations, his thes?” and the like, If this happens, have the butler appear and serve another ‘course (which should put a stop to it). If the PCs continue, the butler clears his throat loudly and looks extremely disay proving. If they still persist, move on to ©The Offer of Adventure” below, since ‘Kaerin won't want to be pumped for in- formation on the topie of his family. You'll have to deal with other ques: improvising on the basis of profile (page 18) and the infor mation below. ‘The Offer of Adventure Afier the meal, brandies are offered. Kaerin does not drink. Then, he will say the following to the PCs, deflectin tions during this litle speech, answering them only whea he’s finished! speaking. 1 think you | forhelping me with « pro | L've only just moved in, having come from Specalarum, and I'm stil taking stock of die whole house. I looks won dlerful—apart from the hasement.” Kacrin shifts in his ermchair aad Jeans forward, looking at each of you in turn. “T haven't told you every thing ofimportance. That note is wor ying me becaute it could concern important people. I can’t tell you everything, but I will promise to be ‘wholly truthful in what I do tell you “Kavorguian's basement holds some of his magical items and also some treasure. T want you to find | something down there for me—a sword with a unnistakable yem-set hilt and pommel. Also, there isa dia- ‘mond tiara thir T kuow is there, be- ‘cause Kavorguian told me about it. I | want the sword and ti everything else you can “The problem is, the old man fitted the basernent with traps and magical guardians, Nothing meant to be le Thal, but ir could be dangerous— possibly very much so, because some of his guardians might be out of con- teol now. My problem is Kaerin ruelully points to the arm. “I'm not in a position to go down niyself aad get what T want, T was just about to adv turers to help when ys Kaerin pauses and he asks, “Are you int you say yes or no, though, remember that you can Eave everything other | than the sword and tiara you find in | the basement. You must promise (0 | deliver chose two items to me. 1 will ‘Une wizaro's OuNGeon also pay you 250 gold pieces each for finding those two items, And I must haye them in 48 hours.” Kecrin can be bargained up to 300xp cach if the bargaining PC makes a Cha risina Check. Kaerin does not know ex actly what may be inthe basement, and Jue doesn’t have keys to rooms there ei- ther. He does know that Kavorquian protected his basement with enchanted monsters, traps, and some special magi cal creature thet can travel through walls, He alao knows that Kavorquian performed magical experiments with ‘monsters, and that there might be afew failed experiments looxe in the basement Ifthe PCs have played King’? Festvel, they will probably have a magical staff of ealng. Fiowever, if your PCs do not have such an item, Kacrin porsemes one ‘which he will end to them ifthey agree to gather the two items for him ‘Keerin is adamant that he must have the sword and the tara in 48 hours, aud if pressed, he will say that le needs them for a social function. He will edit no more, but says that ifthe PCs can’t de liver the items in time the reward is for feit (elthough they can keep any treasure from the basemen!) the PCs gree, Kacrin notes that its late and the FCs must be dred (which they are; ifthe heroes want t start to night, say they really must rest). He ar- ranges for his butler to show them 10 comforiable guest rooms. “They are aveoken with « good break: fast early the next morning, and after bathing and dressing, they will be taken ‘othe wine cellars ofthe house, where the door to the basement is. Kaerin will ex ‘rset a promise from each character that hhc will do his very best to reirieve the item bythe evening ofthe nextday. This gives the PCs two game days to find the sword and tiara. Allowing for rest, sleep, meals, and relearning spells, game day is 12 hours long. The PCs, of course, will expect to be sble to move to and from the house with case. Are they in for a surprise! Dowa In The Basement Map #1 shows the layout of the basernent, Check for wandering monsters only fonee per hour of game time; a wandering monster appears on x rall of | on 1d6, Use the table below co determine the monster type (cell 1d12) WANDERING MONSTERS 4-7: Phase Stinger (1). AG#; HD 241"; hp 10 each; MV 15! GIy 15" (60°) ying; #AT 1 sting; THACO 17 Ding f hie point; SA Paralysis; Save ‘MU?; ML 13; ALN; XP 43. See New Monsters 8: Wood Golem (1). See New Monsters. 9: Ciant Rats (245); AG7; HD ; hp 3 each; MY 120 (40): FAT 1 bite; THACO, 19; Dmg 13; Save NM; ML 8, AL N; XP 5, These rats do not carry disease. 10: Shadows (144); ACT; HD 249*; hp, 40 each; MV 90/ (30); #AT 1 couch: THAGO 17; Dmg 1d + special; SA (em porary Strength drain; Save F2; MI. 12, AL G; XP 33. Shadows are only hit by ‘magic weapone and ore iaamnune to harm and sleep spells, surprising on 1-5 on 166 rll AA: Fire Beetles (1d4); AG4; LID 1 +25 hp 7 each; MV 120" (40"); #AT 1 bite: THACO 18; Ding 24; Save Fl, ML 7; ALN; XP 13, 412: Llusory monster! PCs are “at. tacked” by phantom cabinet, wardrobe, table, and s0 on, which does no damage: and vanishes after 4 rounds, ‘Timekeeping ‘This is crucial, The POs start at 8 A.M. fon one game day and must deliver the goods by 8 PM. the following day. With 12 hours sleep and rest, they have only two 12:hour days to attain thelr gual. Keep careful track of time! Lighting, Doors, and Geilings All Hocations are unlit unless the text specifies otherwise, but there are brack: feted wall torches along the corridors which PCs can use. Doors are unlocked unless the text says otherwise. & locked door can be opened by a thief making an ‘open locks roll or by using the set of keys found in location #8, Rooias are 15 feet high unless othervise noted, A Complication Although the basement is supposed te he deserted, there are some NPCs there, ‘One group is there on specific business and is only encountered in a specific set= {ing (location #21), However, two other NPCs are mo- bile; you can place them wherever you like (before location #21). They have managed to sneak into the basement in the hope of looting it. They are thieves alter all! ‘These two NPCs are smart. They will spot attack a sizeable PC party, and they may own up to being thieves trusting to Erren's Charisiaa co get away with this open admission, Indeed, ifthe thieves have envered one ‘or two rooms, there muy be signs of thei recent work, and you may wish to alter some of the jocation descriptions accord- ingly For example, Sarrah has abad cold and tends to drop one or two of her scented handkerchiefs now and then. ‘These (wo NPCs will try 0 steal from the PCs if they can, but they may well try to help Ue PCs with a fight or two—s0 that they look brave and helpful, They'll flatter the egos of tough male fighters so they can be assured protection, They'll stay with the PGs and pick a pocket or (WO, then escape. NPC MINI-CAPSULE Exren and Sarrah Thieves (Erren Sid Level/Surrah 2nd Level) The Wizard's dungeon Erren: Ste 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Dex 16, Con 11, Cha 18; AL'N; Hit Poines 10; AGE (leather ermor +1), magic items owned: potion of invisibilly. Exven has a backpack with normal equipment, and has short sword and dagger Brren ie 22 years old, 56", with shoulder-lengih strawberry-blonde hair and big blue-green eves, She likes to play being @ dumb Llonde, but she is sinart and highly manipulative. From Specu- larum, she is worldly and! fairly cynical. Sarah: Str 13, Int 13, Wis 7, Dex 13, Gon 13, Cha 13; AL N: Hit Points 9: ACA (leather armor), magic item owned: short sword. +2. Sarrah has a backpack ‘with normal equipment, and also carries « dagger and light crossbow with 1 bois. Sarralt is 20 vears old, 5° 8", and of stronger build than the slender Erren. She is quite tough, tanned from outdoor work, and, while unwite, is not foolish She leaves the talking to Erren when she tan. Sarrah is also from Specularum, fairly new to thievery, and somewhat in awe of che more self-confident and as sevtive Biren. Away Grom Ecren, she is reserved but friendly if talked ta kindly, 4nd she could become a trusty and brave ‘companion for the PCs if they can get her to separate from Erren. KAVORQUIAN’S BASEMENT 1, SPIRAL STAIRCASE Beyond the door in the cellar is a stone spiral staitease, descending into dark. ress, PCs must have a light source 10 go down thestepssafely. Keepa carefulnote ofwho is carrying what light source. This will be crucial shordy. 2. BASEMENT LANDING ‘The staircase descends 60 feet, terminat- Ing in this bare chamber. ‘The floor is dusty, and no tracks or marks are visible ‘The points on the walls marked “X" on Map # (where secret slicing doors are located) do not appear unusual and POs will not be able to detect them, 3, CONCEALED PIT ‘This 10'x10! pie can nor be detected, even by adwarl The pitis 6’ deep and a fall into it causes teé points ofdamage. It is concealed by swunc-covered metal plates chat slide laterally and are trig- gered us described below in “Mayhem in the Basement.” 3a, SEGRET ALCOVE There is a tiny secret door here, one foot square, 5 fee: above ground level. If opened, there is a 1 cubic foot recess which has a lever within it. [Pthe lever is pulled down, the pic in location #3 will ‘pen; if the lever ie pushed back up, the pit closes 4, CHAMBER OF THE MAGEN This chamber is dusty, cobwebbed, and dirty. There is a Tule junk (worthless small furniture items, 2 moldy carpet or two) stacked against the cast wall, and a caldron magen (see New Monsters) lurk- ing within Caldion Magen: ACS; HD 4%; bp 14; MV 120" (40%); #AT 1 grasp and acid; THACO 16; Ding 1d10; Save Ft; ML 19; ALN; XP 125) ‘Again, the magen’s actions are detailed below in “Mayhem in the Basement.” ‘Mayhem in the Basement! When any PC stands over the pit in loca- tion #3, the PCs hear a small voice ap- parently coming trom the east wall! It says simply, “What's the password?” Obviously the PCs have na idea at all what the password is, vo whatever they say is wrong. Whether the PCs guess or not, on the round alter the voice is heard the following things occur (i) Atthe poinss marked "X" in location #2, 10 thick stone slabs that reach to the ceiling suddenly slide outward and meee in the center of the raom. ‘The southern halfef room #2 is totally blocked off (and the PCs can't get back to the staircase). Aone or more PCs are in location #2 atthe time, allow them to run forward to join the others. [fthey don’t do this, they will he trapped at the bottom of the stairs and won't be able to open the doors to join their friends! i) The pit ia location #3 opens, and any PCs standing on it are dumped down for 14 damage. The pit plates instantane= ously close again, sealing ther in! The conly way to rescne anyone trapped is by ‘using the lever in location #3, (Gli) In the distance (the PCa can’t ell ex- actly where), a bell rings loudly. The door ro location # opens, and the magen steps out, This action has the usual chance of ? in 6 to surprise the PCs, Combats “Two combats will now take place. First, those outside the pit battle the magea ‘The valdron magen can stretch ite arms 20/ to attack. However, because the mag’ ical ereature has been uncontrolled by a mage for some time, its grasp ix not as firm as usual, Its hit causes normal (id10) damage, but the magen cannot continue to held iisenemy aitera hit, Ia: stead, it must make a fresh to hit roll every time it strikes, ‘A second fight begins in the pit, for on ‘the round after anyone has been dumped clown it, a phase stinger (see New Mon- sters) appears through the wall ofthe pit, surprising PCs on a roll of 1-5 on 146. Phase Stinger: AC4: HD 2+ 1"*; bp 10; MV 150! (50') }, #AT 1; THACO 17; Dmg 1 hit point special: SA Paralysis; ‘Save MUT; ML 12; AL N; XP 45. New Monsters, ‘The stinger causes paralysis for 2-8 turns ‘or until a cure light weuade spell is cast on the victim, Phase stingers do not con- tinue to artack paralyzed opponents. I the stinger paralyzes all the PCs in the pit, i departs ‘the wizard's dungeon Any characters caught without @ light source during combat must fight with 2 penalty of —# to bit (unless they have infeavision). When the fight is over, dhe POs will ‘want to check the stone walls i location #2, Make it plain tat there is no way of dealing with them; they are an impen cetrable barrier. PCs may look for secret doors or search for a lever like he oi in location #32, but there aren't any to be found. 5. GUEST ROOM The door to this room is locked. If the PCr get in, read the following, ‘This isa comfortably decorated room, ‘with faircarpersand furnishingsand a pair of beds. Beside cach bedis asmall | table with a lamp, a goblet, and an uuen, The west wall has a’ tapestry showing elves frolicking in the wood: Tends. There is a brass gong on a stand by one bed. The twpesiry is valuable (worth 200gp), a are the silver goblets (25gp each). Tf the beds are carefully searched (takes 1 tum), a small silver ring with a blue green gem is found under the pillow (value 75gp). ‘The gong is too heavy to carry. [fitis struck, immediately make a wandering monster check. 6. LOUNGE When the PCs enter, read the following: “This is a rather agreeable lounge, with armchairs, a flickering fire in a grate, rugs, mahogany furnishings—not wel maintained, alas—and a liquor eabi net. There isa pair of spears mounted above the fireplace, and x mantel with some ornaments. Very cozy! ‘The fire is magical and burns apparently without wood. Any PC foolish enovg to at hishand in the flame takes 1d8 points of damage The mantel holds two valuable orna- ments along with a bunch of worthless Junk (broken pipes, small pottery dwarves holding fishing rods, and a on} f cays bird (73gp) aud a bandalwood hx with mother-of-peatl inlay (7549). "The Kgior caine cate dt of silver goblets woxth 254p each and & trata decanter worth SUgp. The crystal it are rule ancl will smash the PC: cartying them fale downs The Senne tal spears have blue. tndeialedpen- tani, but afe édherie quis neal and of no combat valve 7. DINING ROOM PCs will see under this room’s doors if dey make a successful Intelligence Check. When the PCsenter, ead the fol: Towing: "This io Geailya dining room, Theres allarge table wth sc chair around it fa ti place setngy of aver and china, A painting of an imposing old ‘wisordbangs onthe west wal. Aside table with gasses, a bow, and vases of Tongrdesd lowers rents under tha Fainting. A splendid crystal chande Tice that glows with «soft magial Hight is mounied on the ecling wove the able, ‘The plare settings are each worth 23gp, but have an encumbrance value of 25 €n The erystal bowl is worth 7Ogp. The painting ix of Kavorquian, al- though there is nothing on itto show this. ‘The painting shows a man in his seven” ties, wearing blue and cream robes. Heis thin, almoct 6! tall, with graying brown hair and brown cycs—very different from Kaerin. The painting it too heary to carry and hasno value. One round after the PCs enter the room, the chandelier glows brightly and casts & light spell ar the eyes af one PC (choose at random); dhe PC must make a Saving Throw versus Spells or be blinded for + rounds. (On the same round, the door 10 loca tion #8 opens and the monsters there (eombies) eater and attack. The chunde- ier will also continue to cast light spells at PCs at random, one per round, as long as they stay in this room. ‘The chandelier can be disabled by in. Alicting 10 hit poimesof damage (consider as ACQ); ic is 15’ off the ground, so may be haid to reach, Award 50 XPs for disabling the chandelier. 8. KITCHENS ‘This chamber containe work tables, cop- Per utensils, pots, bowls, a stove with a magical fire within it, and other cooking necessities. The zombies the wisard used for do: mestic servants are not exactly the tops for hygiene, so they wear thick leather gloves to hold the meat cleavers they em ploy as weapons. Kavorquian was not evil, but he had no objections to unimat ing parricularly evil enemies of his as aombies to werve hima, ‘Three of these zombies wait mind Teaaly here, bat will attack if chis area or location #7 are entered. Note that zom- bbies that are turned by a clevie in the ‘basement only stay turned for | turn (10 rounds). After this time, they will hunt the PCs if they are have not been slain, Zombies (3): ACB; HD 2; hp 5, 7, 12; MV 90" (30; #AT 1 meat cleaver: THACO 18, Ding 108; Save Fl; ML 12; ALG; XP 20, There is no treasure here, but there is a large set of keys—some 20 in all—on the wall by de north door, These keys open all the doors in the basement, but 2-12 rounds must be spent each time a door is to be opened, looking for the right key! 9 & 10, STORES. ‘These storage chambers contain dried fruit, sacks of grain, moldy cheese, roe ted meut, bottled fruits, dried’ and smoked fish, and 2 supply of kicehet linen and spare dithes. The bottled an ried truit is edible, se POs can stock up if they brought no food with them. A very careful search ia location #10 (3 tums) tums up a forgotten silver sugar bow! that has exceptinnal filigree work and is worth 50gp. the wizaro’s OunGeon 11. WEAPONS ROOM When the PGs can see the doar to this chamber, read the following to therm The door here is unusual. It is made ‘of a glossy black wood with iron hinges, and there isu plaque affixed ¢ it, bearing aa etched warning: “Do nor enter! Guardian in hostile and very dangerous! K. The PCs have been warned, 90 they should be at fall strength to enter this rca. They will have to pass through this room al some stage, since the sword Kaerin wants is within. The door is locked, of course When the PCs enter, read the follow: ing to them: 1 [any weapons tine the room on pelvew and in rocks, The guardian ie | a horrid thing, 4 horned and fanged | winged monster with raking talons, Tes slein in made of stone, and it streaks: through the air straight ar you! Gargoyle: ACS; ILD 4"; hp 14; MV 96! (30°) or 190° (50) ying; #AT 2 claws! { bite/t horn; THACO 16; Ding 143/ 1d3/Ido/1d4; Save FU; ML 11 AL C; XP 125 This gargoyle is large enough to attack two PUs atonce, surtking one with a claw and the other PC. with irs other thres attacks, If the PCs defeat the creature and search the room, they find 12 long swords, } two-handed swords, 4 short swords, 1 longbow, 3 cmsshows, I mace, 30 arrows in a quiver, « hox af 60 cross bow bolts, and G spears. Only oxo of ‘hese weapons are unusual in any way. One of the wurhanded swords has igemsset into the hilt and pommel, and is obyiously the sword Kacrin wants. Iisa magical teo-handed sword +2. Ie is per- fecely permissible for a PC to use the sword if he wishes to do so during the ad venture. Aficr all, the agreement was to take the sword to Kaerin; it's fine to use the weapon tohelp you reruen it! Ifa detect mayc spell used, one of the crosshows radiates magic, This ia a eros due + J, and aPC using it adds +1 to all hie rae made when firing bolts fromm this weapon, 12, ARMOR CACHE, ‘The secret door to this chamber is locked and must be opened in the usual way. In- side the bare chamber are two suits of chain mail, one suit of dwarf-sized plate tail, and four shields, on stands. The divart-sized plate mail is plate mail +1; nothing else is magical, but it is all in ood condition, 13, BATHROOM If the PGs open the docr to this locked. room, read the following: This is a splendid bath chamber! A sunken bath of marble dominates the ‘the wizard's dungeon room, and the walls are covered with blue and green enameled ules, A quilted bathrobe hangs on a peg, and | you see copper urns, a table with soap and some vials, and a pile of towels. There is a commode in the southeast em comer of the room, The first PC to enter the room is in for a nasty surprise, Above the door is a col- ny of green slime, which will drip on the PC ashe enters. A hit roll is needed, bat every PC trying to enter is subject to this attack, and any AC bonus from shield or Dexterity is negated. Green Slime: AC can always be hit; HD 24, MV 8'(i): AAT I drip (but see be- low); THACO 18; Ding see below; Save Fi: ML 12; ALN; XP30. Note that due to a printing error this monster ia incor reetly detailed in the Dungeon Master's Rulebook. The slime gets one attack at anyone whe enters the room or altacks it (il splashes when struck), Ts can only be damaged by fire. It dissolves wood or leather in: srantly. It dissolves metal in 6 rounds When the slime penetrates armor, it will then start to affect flesh: [4 round ‘after contacting flesh i urns the victim to slime! This can only be stopped by burning the stuff off, which causes ball the damage infliced to the slime and half to the PC. Green slime is very dangerous if PCs don’t know that it is only vulnerable to fire. [fthey have no iclea what to do, wait until the slime is in contact with flosh, then allow the wisest cleric PC a Wisdom Check to remember that fire burnt slime. They may just savea PC that way! Ifthe PCs get into the bathroom, the four crystal vials are empty (smelling faindly of soap) and are worth 25up each, ‘The bathrobe is worth 20gp but has an encumbrance value of 75 en; inside one pocket is a small aquamarine gem worth 100ep. 14, SMALL STUDY ‘This room is Ltby « chandelies similar to that in location #7, yshich is not going to attack, however, The door is locked. There isa 50% chance that the monsters here will be in the room when the PCs enter (giving the stingers the usual 2 in 6 surprise chance), and a 50% chance that they sense the PCs beyinning 1o open the oor and phate through the wall to attack the second rank of the party, giving them surprise chance of 5 in 6. The study has acoupleof reading tables, a desk, several chairs, a ratty old wollskin rng, and shelves of books. Phinse Stingers (2)- ACL; HD 2+2; bp. 18, B MY 150" (00); RAT [2 THACO 47; Dmg { hit point + special; SA Paral ysis; Save MU7; ML 17; ALN; XP 43, ‘The books cover various subjects—herb lore, astrology, covarven kinship rituals childrens’ games—and are worth be ‘ween 20 and 100gp each. There are 100) books in all, but each PC should only be able to carry two or three, as they are rather heavy volumes, (On topot the desk are sheals of vellurn and inks which are valuable (H0gp for the Jot), and some quill pens. The desk has two drawers, both of which are locked. The lawer drawer con tains two magical potions (one isa pation of healing, the other, of inetsiblity), andi 3 pouch with three red-orange gems worth 50gp each, The upper drawer it also lacked, and has a trap; if the trap is wotivated by ‘opening the drawer withont unlocking it yellow-green gas fills the room in one round, and anyone inside must make a Saving Throw veraus Poison or be. para lyzed for 1d¢ hours, This drawer con tains a hag with 60pp and S0gp. 15. THE COAL HOLE ‘The steps to this chamber lead down 10) to alocked door, Ifthe PCs open it, read the following: 40 ‘This room appears to be largely filled with coal. A pair of large shovels are half-buried in the stuff, whict is heaped up toward the eastern end of the room. There are squceking noises coming from under a pile of empty sacks in the north, [Phe glant rats here are desperately hun- gry and unless the PCs throw food to them (which Keeps them busy for 2 rounds per set of rations thrown) they at tack with the frenzied desperation of the starving, Giant Rats (10): ACT; HD 7; bp 4 each MV 120" (60), ¥AT 1 inc, THACO 19, Dmg 1d3+ special; ML 11 (unfed) or & {alter cating), Al. Ns XP 548), 6(42) Rots #3 and i carry adisease; let the PC know thisif bitten ("the rat which bit you had a disgusting foam around its mouth”), In fact, this disease can be avoided i? « Seving Throw against Poi son is made, and even if this is failed the PC will not die for 4 days. PCs may wonder what on earth a coal hole it doing down here since the fires use no coal. T's just a ruse, of course. "The avea in front of che secret door has Tittle eoal in from of it. The seeres door is locked and trapped, with the trap being a 10! cube of paralycing gas whose effects lust for ie hours unless Saving Throw versus Poison is made, The passage be- yond the secret door is only 4 feet wide, ‘snd PCs must walk in vingle fie along ie 16. ZOMBIE GUARDS This bare chamber contains only four mindless guards, One stands before eae of the southern doors, and ewo stand in the center of the room. When the PCs center, those in the middle approach (o at tack. Unless the PCs attack from both i= rections, one of the zombies (nearest a door) will head down the corridor to the routhern secret doort and artempt an at- tack on the party's rear the wizard's dungeon Zombies (4): ACB; HD 2; hp 14, 12, 6, 9; MV 90! (30); #AT 1 fst; THACO 18; Dmg 148; Save Fl; MU 12; AL N: XP 20. 17. MEDITATION CHAMBER ‘The door to this chamber is locked; read the following when the PC's enter This small chamber it decorated in azure and sky blue, and has chairs, feotstools, and a large brass bow. on the east wall. The carpets here are thick and quite Inxurious; the whole room smells slightly spicy and sweet. ‘The brass vessel ip am incense burner, and the strong smell comes from. the ‘mall amount of incense within. If the bummer is checked carefully, the PC can find a small catch in the front and open a compartment in the bottom of the vessel ‘which has a small mahogany bese (worth 10gp) with six blocks of sweet, fragrant incense (worth 25gp per block). 18. CONNECTING CHAMBER ‘This small antechamber har no decora- s, only a pair of valucless gray robes fon pegs and a tattered pair of old slippers ‘oa the loor. Ifthe smartest PC makes an Intelligence Check, he can see splash ‘marks (of liquid, now dried) on the floer. 19. LABORATORY Both doors to this chamber are locked. When the PCs enter, read the following: Glassware, brass and bronze vessels, and similar chings chuuer this 100m, There are flickering flames from sev- ral iron bumers, and the atiaosphere isheavy and warm. ‘There are many lables and cupboards, and the glint of strange and rare. substances— sulphur, mercury, gents, and crystals, But there is also a guardian in the room, and it immediately attacks you! Crystal Living Statue: AC4; HD 55 by 125 MY 90 GO", #AT 2 fists, THACO 17; Ding 146/1d6; Save F3; ME 11; ALN; XP 35. ‘This manlike statue is un sllecved by step oF charm spells Ic will take time to search here, Bach tum, PCs ean colleet small gems, bortles of rare substances, brass and bronze ves sels small enough to carry, and parch- mene bearing alchemical recipes, io te ‘value of i00gp (encumbrance value 20 «en per 100 gp valuc). They can keep chis up for 6 turns, grabbing a toral of up to dep worth However, each (urn there is & 1 in 6 chance thar their search creates some re- action involving chemicals and the magi- cally sustained fire, causing something to explode, shooting hoe liquid over one PC (choose at random from those who are scarching) for Tel points of damage 20. MONSTER PENS In this chamber, Kavorquian kept mon- sters that he used Jor magical experi- ments. Most of theni—including a carrion cravler and a giant lizard—died from starvation some line age, and their corpses litter the floor. One of the crea- tures remains alive, however, having es- caped from its wooden cage and eaten the metal ones. It i now extremely hungry. ‘Rust Monster: AC2; HD5*; hp 20; MV 120" (40°; #AT 1; THACO 15; Ding special; Save F3; ML 7; AL. N; XP 300. ‘The POs can delay the excatures with at Jeast 6 iron spikes (or more) for 1 round, bar unless they do something swnasingly clever like luring it into ancther room swith a tral of upikes and then shutting ie inthatozher room, they willhave vo fight, it If chey are amart enough t0 do some hing as clever us luring it away, award full XPs for overcoming it. ‘Alc from the monster destroys metal armoror shield, although magical metal has achance to survive 10% per magi cal plus (cats, a shidd +3 has a 90% chance of not being turned to duat by a rrust monster). Metal weapons striking the monster are likewise wubject to cor rosion 4 21, KAVORQUIAN'S CHAMBER When dhe POs get within 5 feet of this door, read the following to thei: A thick, heavy oak door bars your ‘way, but even through the thickness of the wood you can hear the clang of tivetlh db etn ‘This gives the PCs time tomake prepara tions, for they are going to have a tough fight in this room. The door is locked, ‘but when they open it they have a3 in 6 chance of surprise on the NPCs inside, and the PGs cannot be surprised them: selves, since they have heard the noise, If the PGs hear the battle and go away, re- tuming later, the noise will have died ‘dowa und they will only have the usual 2 in 6 surprise chance when they enter. When they do enter, read the following: ‘This huge chamber must have been Inmrious once, for the carpets, far- nishings, books, and paintings look of hhigh quality. But this isn’t your con- corn now. There is a pile of shattered iron on the ground and four people in the room. A dwarf in plate mail i in specting his hand axe, while a tough- looking fighter in ‘chain mail ix dragging his blade out of the mass of iron. A dark-haired man with chain ‘mail and a mace is (ouching the shoul der of a robed, blond man who has a dagger in a seabbard and a bone tube at his belt, from which a scroll has been half-entraceed. These NPCs have just destroyed an iron living staiue, They will atack the PCs immediately: ifthe PCs waste tine try: ing to negotiate, they have a ~1 to the Initiative Rell in combat. If the PCs don’t have surprise, bur attack at once, then the fighter has a =2 penalty to Ini- tiative, since he is retrieving his weapon, Gurdrot, Dwaefi AC? (plate mail and shield); D1; hp 6; MV 60’ (20'); #AT 1 hand axe; THACO 18 with Strength bo: nus; Dmg 1d9+4 (Strength bonus); Save Di; MI. 11; AL: the wizard’s dungeon Hacgrinn Coogan, Fighter: ACS (chain rail and shuld + /); F2; hp 11; MV 9 (80), FAT 1 sword; THACO 18 (with Strength bonus); Dmg dB + 1 (Strength bbonus); Save F2; MIL 14; ALC; XP 20, Katzani, Oleric: ACS (chain mail, shield, Dexterity bonus); C3; hp 13; MV 90! (30"y PAT 1 maces THAGO 18 with mace; Dmg 1d6+4 with magical mace +4; Saye C3; ML 10; AL C; XP 50 Katzani has used one swe ight wounds spell, but hay not used dhe other He keeps it for himself Mordrain, Magic-User: AC? (ring ofro= tation +1, Dexterity bonus), but sec be Jow; MU; hp 8; MV 120" (40); #AT 1 dagger; THACO 19 (melee) oF 18 (wich missiles); Dmg 1d4; Save MUS; ML 9: ALG; XP 50. Mordrain bos already cost his shied spell, which gives him AC2 in ielee and ACO against missles. He has the spells magic mile and tase ‘The dart will uy to auack an elf PC if possible; he hates elver (“take that, yous pointy-cared pile of pig's droppings”), ‘Otherwise, he attacks 4 fighter-type. The fighter, Hargrinn, will head for the toughestlooking PC fighter. Katzani is a mean and cowardly sort, and tries to at: tack a thief or magicuser with his mace (but other PCs should easily be able to cut him off). Mordrain tries t cast his lettate spell, then i magis missile spell agcinst 0 PC, and throwsdaggers (he has § ofthese) at PCs who are not in melee combat. ‘These NPCs are Chaotic, but not focls, They will not fight if their denths will obviously ensue and will do almost anything, even offer their magic items if they must, 1 siay alive. When the dust settles, the POs can sce cone additional detail of the room; the trap door in the ceiling, which is open. Tr is dark beyond, but there is a 60° high shaft that has an iron-rung ladder on cach side. Searching the NPCs, the PCs can find litte treasure—Karzani hasa gold brace: Tec worth Ggp and the magic-user has 2 scroll in a bone rube with two knack spells written on it Uf there are no PC magic-users who can cast a knock spel, it is important that he players get the screll from the NPCs. TThetiara that Kaerin wantsislocated be- hind the southern door, but the door is held closed by a wizerd lack spell If the PCs manage to take the NPCs prisoner, they will not talk. They hope that powerful friende will get them out of ‘rouble later, and they wil give nothing away about what they have been doing here. Not even a charm peron spell will do the trick! At the first opportunity, the NPs will leave via the open trap door in the ceiling, using tables and chairs to limb up v0 it In this main chamber, small items (or= naments, trinkets, and the like) can be taken to the value of J00gp; other items are too heavy or bulky to carry, None of the books are of major interest or value. 22. TREASURE ROOM ‘The door is locked! und ulso has « wizard dock spell on ic, If the PCs can enter the room, read the following: ‘You see a small, barren, chumber Virtually nothing worth mentioning in here, except for two chests standing con the Moor by the opposite wall ‘The chests arc both locked, and both are trapped with a paralyzing gas trap (per son opening chest unless the trap bas been defused must Save versus Poison or bbe paralyzed for 1d4 hous}. Chest #1 contains veveral magic itema—a pair of blue down boote, a reaad of mapic deection with 10 charges, asiine +2, a sword, and three leather-heund hooks The sword is magical: it is a long savrd +1, +2 versus spelleasier: ‘Tivo books are spellbooks! ‘The first contains the spells floating aise, light, con inal Tighe and invbibility. The second contains the spells magic misil, protection from eel, knock, acd urror image. The third book is a notebook, Most of the enirics are of no importance jottings about alchemy and astronomy— ‘but the last page is of interest to the PCs, Give the players the handout oa page 18 a if you have photocopied it or write out a Jonghand version for them. Chest #2 contains bage of platinum and a fabulous tiara, made of gold and set with diamonds, rubies, and pearls. It is obviously the one Kaerin sent you af: ton It i of axquisite workmanship and ‘worth 10,000gp—but the PCs do nor ger to keep it, and XPs are not awarded for this, The bags of gold contain a variable ameunt. The total sam is 200 pp per PC: in the party. Getting Out ‘The PCs can leave by the trap door in lox cation #21. They do have to get 15 feet up (© the ladder, though. A thief can climb the walleto ger up and tie 2 rope to dhe ladder or PCs ean stack furniture u til they can climb to the exit. Tn either cave, a Dexterity Check must be made for a PC to successfully reach the ladder. CONCLUDING THE ADVENTURE You will need to modify the ending below ifthe POs do not get out on the second day: there will be no extra payment and no evening visit by Kaerin The PCs climb the ladder and emerge through a secret trap door in the butler's pantry. Kacrin is present with scveral chain mail-clad fighters, and «call, im: posing, man in his 60's who has gray- white hair and pale blue eyes, Keerin introduces him ax Baron Sherlane PCs will immediately note that Kaer now has two arms and is wearing plate ‘mail, There is bland on the floor, and in Ue room beyond wo unen are carrying & coffin ont. Kaerin looks grim and tells die PCs that the bandits Giey have just faced were almost certainly let in by the butler, since ke has now disappeured. Kaerin has no idea what they were up to. They die, however, quietly kill three of his servants. Af there are any NPCs with the POs (Erren, Sarrah, or any of the Chuctics) Kacrin will want to know exactly who they are and what they have been doing, He will nat allow any ofthe thieves to get the wizard’s Dungeon may without being punished and will hhave constables fiom Penhaligon ssn ‘moned to cart them off to jail. Only im passioned pleading by a PC (eg, if Sarrah helped the PGs a lor) on behalf af an NPC will change Kaczin's mind Kaerin will be delighted by the sword and tinra—the tiara is the erucial item, He pays the PCs dhe ogieed reward in platinum pieces. He wil excuse himeelf saying that he hay to attend w the hhouse—there are dead folk to deal with Sherlsnc gives him a nod at chia point. Later, Kaerin will meet with the PCs ‘again (after their wounds have been tended to and s0 on), He presses the PCs about whether they found anything in Kevorquian’s basement that could ex: plain why the raiders went to such lengths to get into the cellars Ifthe PCs don’ offer Kacrin the note bbook (which they should), Sherlane. will sak about the books they are carrying Kacrin will eaf through i, get vo the last page, and look anxious. He gives it to Sherlane to reud. Sheslane thes tells the PCspoltely that he would be very grate falf they would stay. They have become involved in something of great import, and for theic own protection, they should know what may be going on. Sherlane says he wishes to speck with advisors about the notebook entry. Kacrin notes Ghat he has a social engegement that evening. Kacrin and Sherline then leave for the evening. The PGs get the food and resi they need. This ie a convenient place to award XP, share magic items, und let, players amend character sheets. XPs sre not awarded for the reward payable by Koerin; thiscountsonly as money. There is also abonun of 100 XP per PC if they sot the sword and tiara within the 48 hour descine Later That Same Evening Kacrin and Sherlane return to talk co the PCs. Kaerin’s face is slightly flushed ane! he looks very happy. Sherlanc has a pa tient smile oa his face, but when they meet the PCs their expressions become more serious, It is Sherlane wao does the talking now. His voice is authoritative and cominanding. PCs should he aware that this man is powerful, wise, and someone of importance, although they will not know exactly what position he holds in the land ae yet, ‘Read Sherlane’s speech below to the players: “Think T should firt explain the iin portance of this houschold. Kaerin is the son—adopted, to be sure—of Ka- vorquian the wizard. That old man was the brother of Lord Arturus Penhaligon, who clied some four years ago. It is his daughter, Lady Arteris, who isthe rilerof the Hstates of Penta” ligon and directly responsible to Duke Stefan Karaneikos hisnsell. [ ara, shall wwe say, an old family friend, ‘The note you brought from Aralicis fairly eryp- tic, but it makes sense now that we have Kavorquian’s notebook.” Ac this point, if the PCs have not previ- ‘ously seen tht last page in the notebook, give them a copy of it az shown on page 18, If the PCs have not seen the note Aralic sent, give them the handout from age 82. Sherlane then continues. “The queen referred to in the note you brought is known to me. Her name is Tlyana, andl she is a fighter of some merit. She is intensely Chaotic, and a vicious and evil person. She is also the illegitimate danghter of the old Lord Arturus. ‘lt is clear that Llyana is raising a force 10 uttuck Penhaligon isclf. Al- though she is illegitimate, only Arteris stands becween her and the rightful claim to the rulership of the estates. Keerin, being adopted, would not have @ daim. “If she should take he estates, Duke Stefan might have to accep her daim. Ihe did, the place would be ruled by chaos and evil. IT he did not and took the estatex hack by force, any oer Iocal rulers would say that the dulce feels free to overthrow any 13 ne whose rulership he does not care for. Hither way, the resule would be vad for the land. And the duke has much else to worry about. “Further, I do nos think you will be safe here, The killers you overcame must have friends; they had an agent a this very house. You must leave and 30 to the last place on earth these peo- ple would expect you to go—to the keep of this self-styled “queen,” Ile ‘yana, to strike a crippling blow at her there. She cannot yer have raised a large force—but it will grow with each passing week “You can accomplish much if you have the bravery and strength, A. Jarger force would be seen too early; surprise would be lest. A capable, small group could use hitand-run tactics, striking a blow and retreating, returning and striking again, finally overcoming this evil woman and bringing peace to the land. If you do not, there wil be war and you wil not be safe wherever you go. The enemy knows you new.” ‘The PCs should take up this challenge; their adventure against che “queen” is the next stage of this module! If they do not, have them attacked regularly by small groups of NPCs like the one the en= countered in the basement watil they de- cide to do the right thing, ‘You may need to deal with PCs! ques- sions here. The most important is: where isthe queen’s keep to be found? Sherlane will point out the keep’s general location on a map similar to the Area Map oa. page 15 of de module. Ti the PCs accept, the final adventure will soon be upon them! However, they may have some other questions, und a role-playing conversation with Kaeria and Sherlane over brandies—after they hhave agreed tohelp—shoul be informa live and fun for the PCs, ‘The following topics of conversation ‘may arise. Youcan letthe PCs have some oral of the information below as you see fit, either in response to PCs? questions or as comments by the NPCs the wizard's dungeon Kacrin’s Arm: Kacrin says that Sherlane thas been able to help him with this prob lean, If pressed, Sherlane says that magi- cal help was necessary. The Sword and the Tiara: Kaerin wanted the sword in order to look dash ing and the tiara as a gift. He has just dined with Lord Desmond Kelvin I, ruler ofthe great town of Kelvin, and his daughter Alerena. He has been paying court to her, and after his resplendent gift, Desmond softened and agreed to Kaerin becoming engaged to his daugh: (er. PCs will need to ask tactful questions to get this information Baron Sherlane: The PCs may ask what he is a baron of, or words to that effect. Sherlane smiles, and Kaerin mutters tomething about not introducing people by titles again. Sherlane says he is the riler of Threshold, a major town west af the River Shutturgel, some 40 aniles northwest from Penhaligan ‘Kaerin and Sherlane will have much to do, and the PCs should move on to the next adventure quickly. Sherlane insists that Kaerin must stay with Lady Arceris for safety. Sherlane himsel has other problems; ‘Threshold is under atrack (goblins, orcs, and worse!) and hie has certain political worries at the present time. In other words, the PCs should quickly realize that they are making the! trip to the queen’s keep alone. Still, the PCs are being sent on a tough iission, so the NPCs will give th some help before they leave. If the PCs did not have a staff of healing until Kacrin lent them his, he now gives this to them. Sherlane will cast a spell to cure a disease ifthere isarrat-bitten PC, and if Lawful PC has been killed during the adventure he will read a scroll that will return that PC to life! He eaye that thie is a boon ‘which ean only be granted once. Soon, however, the player characters find themselves on the road again, this time in search of the queen's keep! “ REady-to-pLay Characters SS Players may use their own PCs for this module, but they should ‘ot be significantly more powerful than the ones shown here. ‘These pregenerated PCx should be used in the order shown here if duere are fewer than 7 players. i'there are only # players, the DM should play PC. #6 as an NPC who is known tothe PCs and thas ageeed co adventure with thei. Certain details of these characters—their name, age, sex, personality, and so on—have not becn filled in wo players moy personalize the characters, [is strongly suggested that mos: of the PCs be Lawful, and none should be Chaotic. If rwo eleries are being played. both should be of the same alignment (preier- ably Lawful) to avoid discord ia the party PC #1: Fighter, 2nd Level Strength: 16 (+2 bonus to melee Hit rolls and ‘damage, +2 bonus to opening doors) Intelligence: 7 Wisdom: 8 (1 penalty to Saving Throws against Magic) Dexterity’ 13(+1 bonus to missile fire Hit rolls, 1 bonus to Armor Class) 16 (+2 bonus to hit point roils) 10 J (includes Dexterity bonus, wears plate ‘mail and shield) 14 (includes Constitution bonus) 700gp XP: 2,035 Bonus to earned XPs: 10% XPs needed for Srd level: #,000 ‘Magic item owned: (normal) reonl +1 PC #2; Cleric, 2nd Level Strength: 13 (+1 bonus to melee Hit rells and damage, + 1 bonus to opening doors) Intelligence: 9 lom: 16 (+2 bonus to Saving Throws against Magic) Dexterity 14(+1 bonus to missle fire Hit rolls, 1 bonus to Armor Class) Constitution: 9 Charisma 1B Armor Class: 1 (includes Dexterity bonus, wears plate ‘mail and shield) HitPoints: 9) Money: 650g XP: 2,035 Bonus to earned XPs: 10% XPs needed for 3rd level: 3,000 Spells usable: 1 Ist-level Magic items owned: mace +, steff of healing 16 PG #5: EM, ist Level Strength: 19. (+4 bomus wo melee Hit rolls and damage, +1 bonis to opening doors) Intelligence: 13 ( +1 language of player's choice) Wisdom: 9 Dexterity 15 (+1 bonus to missile fire Hic rolls, =| bonus to Armor Class) Comtitution: 14 (+ 1 bonus te hit point rells) Charitma: 9 Armor Glass: 2 (indludes Dexterity bonus, wears chai mail + 1 and shield) Hit Points: 6 (includes Constitution bonus) ‘Money; 700gp XP. 1,945 Bonus toearned XP: 5% XPs needed for 2nd level: 4,000 Spelle usable: 1 It-level Spells in spellbook: magic risile, od magic, shield, slerp PC #4: Thief, 2nd Level Strength: 9 Intelligence: 11 Wisdom: 10 Dexterity’ 18 (43 bonus to missile fire Hit rolls, ~3 bonus to Armor Class) Constitution: 13 (+1 bonus to bit point rolls) Charisma 13,( "1 bonus to reactions) Armor Glass: 5 (includes Dexterity bonus and ring, ‘seears leather armor) ‘Hit Points 8 (includes Constisution bonus) 150ep 2,035 Bonus to earned XPs: 10% XPs needed for 3rd level: 2,100 Magic item owned: rng of proction + 1 ‘Thief Skills ‘Open Locks 20% Move Silently 2% Find Traps 15% Hide in Shadows 15% Remove Traps 15% Pick Pockets 3% Climb Walle 88% Hear Noise 13 Ready-to-play characters PG #5: Magic-User, Sed Level Strength 5 (~2 penalty to melee Hit rolls and damage, ~ 2 penalty to opening doors) Intelligence; 17 ( +2 languages of players choice) Wisdom: 13 (+2 bonus to Saving Throws against Magic) Dexterity: 16(+2 bonus w missile fre Hit rolls, ~2 bonus te Armor Class) Constitution: 13 +1 benus w hit point rolls) Charisma! 9 Armor Cl 7 (includes Desterity bonus) Hit Points 11 (ineluees Constitution bonus) Money: 700up XP. 5,200 Bonus to earned XPe: 104% XPs needed for 4th level: 10,000 Spells usable: 2 Istlevel, 1 2ncelevel ‘Spells in spellbook: read magic, magic missile, sie, step, ‘knock, locate object Magic item owned: potion of Laitation PC #6: Dwarf, 1st Level Strength: 18 (+3 bonus to melee Hit rolls and damage, +3 bonus co opening doors) Intelligence: 6 Wisdom: ul Dexterity’ 7-1 penalty to missile fire Hit rolls, +1 penalty to Armor Class) Constitution: 13 (+1 bonus to hit point rolls) Charisma 7-1 penully (o reactions) Armor Class: 2 (includes Dexterity penalty, wears plate mail and shield + 1) Hit Points; 7 (includes Constitution bonus) Money 700 xP: 2,0 Bonus to-earned XPs: 10% XPs needed for 2nd level: 2,200 PG #7: Cleric, 2nd Level Strength 9 Intelligence: Wisdom: 18 (+3 bonus to Saving Throws against Magic) Dexterity: 17(+2 bonus to missile fire Hic rolls, = 2 bonus to Armor Class) Constitution: 10 Charisma: 10 Armor Clas 2 (wears plate mail and shield) Hit Points: 7 Money; 7003p XP 2,035 Bonus to esrned XPs: 10% XPs needed for 3rd level: 3,000 Spells usable: 1 1x-level Magic item owned: potion of healing 7 npc profiles/Oiary page TT Aralic of Stallanford Cleric, 3ed Level Strength: n Intelligence. 10 Wisdom: 16 Deaterity 43 Constitution: 9 Charisma, 14 Alignment: Lawful HitPoints: 11 Armor Glass: 3 (chain mail and shield, Dexterity bonus) Spells: 2 Istlevel (usually care light wounds(x2)) Magic item owned: mace + Aralic is +4 years old, 5'8” tall, of medium build. He has early brown hair and green-hazel eyes. He ie a kindly, friendly man, whose days of active adventuring are over; now he prefers 16 (end to the needs of the villagers of Stallanford. Kacrin Penhaligon Fighter, 4th Level Strength 16 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 9 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 13 Charisma: 5 Alignment) Lawful Hit Poinss 25 Armor Clare: 6 (ring f protection +2; can wear his plate mait +1 for AG ~1) Magic items owned: (normal) seord +1, ste of healing Kaerin is 26 years old, 61”. tall, strongly built. He has brown Adopted son of Ravorquian the wizard Kavorquiac, in turn, was the uncle of the current ruler of Penhaligon, Lady Arteris Penhaligon. Kaerin is given the honorary ttle of “Lord” by courtesy of Arteris, and is both friendly and loyal co het. He is inissing his right arm, Nyana Penhaligon, “The Queen” Fighter Mth Level Strength "7 Intelligence: 9 Wisdom 8 Dexterity 10 Constitution: 14 Charisma i Alignment: Chaotic Hit Points: Ot 3U Armor Class; ~1 (plate mail +1, shield + 1, Dexterity bonus) woin over the allan andl deck UstaaicAS Ne BETA! EET yrs ld 519" rather pudgy, Wie shod eitppedrs THACO: Dmg: 1do+4 Magic item owned: Chaoticswerd + 2, gives power of ubolute command over up to 40 HD each of goblins and hobgoblins When she wields the sword, llyana and all allies within 6° are innmune to charm and slep spells. 15, 13 with sword +2 Ilyana is 5'10", strongly built, with brown hair and brown- hazel eyes. She has a cruel smile and very pale skin, She is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Arturus Penhaligon, Her mother died in childbirth, and Arturus did not know of her existence for some years. By then she had already become Firmly committed © Chaos and evil. Bitter about her father's desertion (as she saw i), she vowed to take her “birthright” hy force Bernal Cletie of Chaos, 4th Level Strength: 18 Intelligence: 7 18 15 8 Charisma: 3 Alignment: Chaotic Mit Points: a Armor Class: | (chain mail +2, ring of protectin +1, Des: terity bonus: docs not use shield) THACO, 18 (16 with staff +2) Drag: 1d6-+3 Spelis 2 Istelevel, 1 Qnd-level. Usually: cue tight wounds, darkness, silewe 19° radius scroll with the spells curr light seounds (22), potion of gareows form Magic items owned: blond bair anc blue-gray éyes. Léa long-time associate of Tl- yana. He is wickedly evil, sadistic, and brutal Last page of Diary is puzzling. Haradralh’s Keep comms ta be where this jonce is ccombling. Its still weak, but growing. The leader is a sef-styed warrior queen and has an ex spelleasicr with her It corms she ts mad, but is earning enough to raise this rabble and prepare jor —veha? Te may bs thet Antara s first-born 1c this “queen.” She woes always cam vil bandit, and she may hace stumbled upen seme itn of evil poet may have confirmation from a irsted sereant soon The “queen” may ty to take what she madly thinks is her birth right by force. Even if she cannet take Penhaligon—and | do net ‘now how long she will wait, how great ber force sell gro —she could drseray Stalfanford and wreak havoc along the Duke's Roed. She MUST be stoped. If only Kasrin seers here-—T rust get word te Fir abeus dis 18 harvest of death TS ‘The PCs now stand between the vengeful “queen,” and the harvest of death she threatens (o bring down on Penhaligon, ‘This adventure begins as the PCs leave Kaerin’s home and head northward, ‘he ‘obvious route to take is to Seallanford (a half-day), eros the river there, and strike out for the Black Pesk Mountains. Belore they go, FCS can safely cache their weasure from the last adventure vith Kaerin. In Stallanford, che PCs can renew their friendship with Acalic and get sup- plies. They ean also get a mule to carry spare supplies. They will have co pay 0gp forthe beast. The mule allows hem Wo carry extra equipment and food, bueif they are attacked by monsters a Morale Cheek must be made for the beast or it will fee Movement Across Land ‘The PCs have some distance to travel in the wilderness after they cross the riverat Stallanford, On your Area Map (page 15) three typer of terrain are marked: civilized (farmlands), hilly, and moun- tainous, In civilized territory, they can cover 18 miles per day. In hilly cecrain, this is reduced vo 12 miles per day. In the ‘mountainous areas, this is reduced fur ther to 9 miles per day. The mountains— the Black Peaks—in which the PGstravet faren’t sheer peaks, just tough climbs, and no special gear like erampons and ice picks are needed. Finding the Keep ‘The PCs have been slightly misinformed tts (0 the exact location of the keep, but once they find the trailnoted on the Area Map it should be easy zo locate the struc ture, The keep stands in a 200-yard-wide gorge and can be approached to within, 100 feet under absolutely safe cover. ‘One thing that is erscial to the PCs is a safe base. They have been briefed ro use hhitand-ran tacties, and of course they should have a sale place 10 retreat 10, ‘They can find a dry cave anywhere around the keep—the Black Peaks have many sich hideaways. Be sure to make tan exact note of where the PCs muke their Iain, and how far this is from the keep. Mark it on the Area Map. ‘When PCs sleep there, make sure you getan “order of watch.” Bach rest period is usually 12 hours Jong, during which any single PC mast sleep for at least 6 hours. Its vital lo know who is on wareh ‘at what times in cate a wandering mon: ster comes along in Uke night Wandering Monsters In the hills and mountains, check for wandering monsters once per 4-hour period, On a coll of 1on 146, a wander ing monster tums up. Roll 1d10 and se- leet the monster frou the table below. WANDERING MONSTERS 4-2; Wolves (244): ACT; HD 2+2; hp. 40 each; MY 186" (60'); #AT 1 bite; THACO 17; Ding 146; Save Ft; MLB (Galler half killed); ALN, XP 25. 3: Stirges (1d10); ACT; HD 1*; hp 3 each; MV. 30" (10°)/180" (G0') flying: #AT 1; THACO 19 (17 on a dive); Dmg 1d3; SA drain blood for 143 hp/round ‘automatically after hit, Save F2, NLL 9; ALN; XP 13 4-5: Goblins (2a): ACB; HD 1-1; hp 4 each; MV 90’ (30"); ¢AT I short sword or 1 erassbow bolt; THACO 19; Dmg 1e5: Save NM; ML 7; ALC; XP 5. jobgoblins (16): AGB; HD 1 +4; hp 6 each; MV 90! (30); #AT 1 sword or I crossbow; THACO 18, Ding to or 16: Save Fi; ML; ALC: XP 15, 7-8; Ores (2d4): ACB: HD 1: hp 6 each: MV 120" (40"); #AT 1 spear (have spares for throwing); THAQO 19; Dmg 1a6: Save F1; MI. 6; ATG: XP 10, 9: Mountain Lions (142): AC6, HD 3625 bp 14 each; MV 150" (50"); BAT 2 claws, { bite; THACO 15; Dmg 143/103. 16, Save Fd; MT. 8: AL Nz XP 50. 10; Mountain Goats (1d4): ACT; HD 2 hp & each; MV 240" (60'), #AT 1 batt for males (30% are male) only: THACO 18; Ding 14; Save Fl; MLS, ALN; XP 20. 19 There are no wandering monsters in the keep, only patrols, A patrol will be ran- donuly encountered on a roll of 1 on 146, made each hour of game time, until the PCs have slain or driven off the keep’s defenders. Patrols will be (roll 1d); 1 146 ores; 2: 2u4 goblins; 3: Idk hobgob- ling, #: 1d¢ hobgoblins and 1d goblins. Une statistics from thor givens below for guards (duplicate for patrols) After all defenders have been dain, use the wandering monster table above, check- ing once per 4 hours, ‘There are no wan- dering monsters in the lower dungeon, Adding Detail You should add details to the adventure script given. For example, when the PCs are traveling outdoors, (ell them about the weather ‘There are no ruler for ‘weather here—if you want this, buy the D&D® Expert Set—but sunny days pouring rain, and a foggy night or two fadd atmosphere to the trip Likewise, in the keep itself many loca tions are not deseribedin full deal, This has deliberately been left for you ro add You can acd small flourishes—sacks of food, utensils, dice and cards, a dead rat, irty dlothing in baskets, flagons of foul ale, and so on < Tnsome locations, itis stated chat cidental treasure” can be found, and the vahue is given, Such easutes should be Titdle kniekknacks—small crystal oma- ments, ivory-handled combs, silver mir rors with fancy filigree, and the like. Use your imagination and have fun filling in these litle extras, ‘The Story of Ilyana’s Madness Enactly what is goingon in the keep? Il yana and her Chaotic cleric friend Bernal are raising a force of bandits, merce- naries, ard monsters to attack Peahali gon (after decimating Stallantord first) yana ie coming to claim the rulership of Penhaligon by violence. Ilyana isinsane. Always an outeast and bandit, on a recent adventure she found & ‘magical and Chaotic sword that once be- ouged tw a warsiorgucen, Elendorads who ruled the local lands in terror and hakvest of death misery hundreds of years in the past. This hocrid weapon magically contols goblins and hobgoblins, eausing them to ‘obey Tlyana’s will (and giving thein a su- perior Morale). ‘These monsters are to- tally loyal to Tlyana and will never help the PCs in any way: Ilyana, asthe holder of the sword, can converse in goblin and hobyoblin. No details are given of Blen- dorath here, since the PCa have no way of finding out about this during the ad- venture (see “Concluding the Adven ture" for further discussion of this). A “Living” Dungeon, ‘The occupants of the keep will not just stay in their rooms waiting for the PCa to come back ayain and again to kill therm, ‘They are going to react to PC incursions As DM, you have work to do her. The first time the PCs artsek, the peo- plc in the keep will nov ke special pre- cautions aguinst a second attack. They are Chaotic and disorganized, and with ores, goblins, and bandits in the moun- tains, these things happen However, the gatehouse and battle- ts will be replenished. Fighters und monsters who have been killed by the PCs will be replaced on guard. Take re placements from the barracks areas (1o- cations #4, 5, 7, & 18) 19 keep guard strength up. Don’t forget that these rein- forcements will not be in their original barracks locations any more After a second attack, matters will be different. The keep’s defenders. will know that somcone is ont to get then, What you do now is simple, Take all the monsters and defenders of due keep, place approximately one-third of them in the gatehouses and on the battlements, and the rest will be in their barracks, OF those in the barracks, half will he asleep atany given time and will nevd 2 rounds to waken and get ready for combat. ‘The creatures in the gatehouse will have two large yongs that they will bang immedi ately when the PCs attack. Unless the PGs manage to mount an amazing surprise attack, the third time they attack the keep, dey'll have a ter- tific showdown on their hands In the keep’s dungcons, martets will be cifferent. The characters and mon: sters therein will nct emerge to attack. ‘They will be highly vigilant at all times. Alera firs: attack there, all surviving creavures will be pulled into a tighter de= fensive ring around the throwe chamber (location 432). Corridors will have guards after a first attack, who will shout a warning if they have any tune wo do so, The PCs will deed ta be emning and fight well before they get to the drone chamber from which Tlyana and the mad Chaotic cleric Bernal will not move. Tacties for PCs und Defenders If the POs head for the gates first— possibly after using one round to fire at archers atop the garchouses—svhat hap: pens? Below is a suguested outline forthe actions of defenders Round 1: The defenders at the front gates shout the alarm. Sleeping guards in the gatehouses (#2 & 3) ure woken, Ar- vow fire from top of towers (#2c & 3c). Round 2: Defenders who were already awake in the owers (#2a, 2h, a, & 3b) move to the gates. These asleep begin 10 wake, Alurm cries reach locations # & 5, One archer nearest each set of stairs (#122-d) moves ta the top of the stairs, drawing a hand weapon, Round 3: Assuniny the PCs are in the gates by now, defenders on top of the gatehiouses draw hand weapons and move down, but do not strive in combat yer Door to location #4 opens and two hob- goblins eome out. One gets to fight, dhe other nuns off 1 the north ¢o warn the leaders Alarm reaches location #7. Goblins or nolls from the battlements descend the stairs (Had), They do nor reach the fight yer. Other archers on the barile= ments (#Ea-15e), now afraid of hitting their own truvps, draw hand weapons and head for the seeps Round 4: Two more hebgoblius emerge fom location #4 to fight. ‘The dear to le cation #7 opens ond [our goblins come out, running to the doors to location #6, 20 ‘Two ores reluctanily emerge from loca- tion #9 t6 fight, Troups from the bawlements who ‘came down the stairs last round get into the melee. More troops aove (©, aad down, the steps. Doors to locations #8, 9, & 10 open and occupants whe were ink (ially awake emerge. Guards in the gate houses’ two lower floors (#2a, 2b, 3a, & 3b) who were initially asleep now emerge, armed and ready to fight, Round 5: Assume that all previously sleeping defenders have now been woken. Hohgoblins emerge 2/round from location #4. Ores emerge 2/round from location #3. Coblins emerge 2/ round from location #7 to fight. Goblins in location #6 enter pens and saddle up the dire wolves, Goblin and hobgoblin leaders from areas #8 & 9 enter the fray. The dire wolves ride out with their gob lin riders on round 6, and other monsters leave their barracks at a rate of 2 per round. Archers from che bartlements continue 10 descend, Forces fron locu tions #16-21 do not come our to attack, ‘They protect their inner lair area. Reticating PCs will be chased for 6 rounds and then the defenders will head buck to the keep. ‘Hunting Parties Afeer« second aitack, you may have a force from the keep came out looking for the PC saiders, Thi force should be no more than 25% of the reunaining keep Sccupents, although one of the dire ‘wolves ridden by the goblins will be sed Teor trucking apoor Will tiey find the PCx? Roll 1420, On a roll nf 10-0 higher, they find the PGs lax, However, subtract from the dee all for each fll half mile between the keep and the PGx' lair There is an Adcitional 2 penalty ifthe humtees hot have at leat 1 dire woll with them (ie. the PCs have killed them al), So, ifthe PCs cave is miles from the keep, Ue hunters only find itom a all of 14 or better IF the hunters fail 0 find it, they will return to the keep. OF comrsey the PCs ‘may spy on the keep and attack when che hunting parry is away. If the hunters find the PCs, roll 146, Ona roll of 1-5, they attack at once, On a roll of4-6, they go back to the keep and ‘come back with extra muscle. Creatures from the dungeons will nat he ina hunt. ing party. Adding to the Keep's Defense ‘The PCs can't cake forever co get into the keep, Fach week of game time, extra de- fenders arrive at the keep: 146 ores, 146 goblins, and 1d4 hobgoblins. A Few Hints The PGs have already been told to use hitand'ran tactics, but there are other tactical twists they can use, The keep contains ores, goblins, and hobgoblins Only the latter two types of monsters ar: magically controlled by Ilyana. The ores are extremely unhappy about being ‘bosted around by hobgoblins, and hav- ing to watch the goblins strut around is really intolerable [the PCsean take an ore prisoner and talk with it, they might be able to con vince the orcs to help them kill goblins [although the ores are fearful of the tougher hobgobline}. Offering the ores a share of the spoils would certainly in- crease the PCs’ chances. The ores will not be prepared to fight any other smn ‘ters, though. Whether the orcs come through on any bargains or turn on the PCe ie up to you, but, remember: ores arc cowardly by nawre! Ifthe PCxmake a really bold, effective strike you might also consider having ‘one of two of the human mercenaries surrender and defect to dhe PCs. The ‘mercenaries will want gold, for sure, and dhey may well leaveifthe fighting gets re ally tough. They will not lake silly risks for the PCs. ‘There are many possibilities here: re- ward good play by PCs, make it sticky for them if they do something silly. The text for the adventure notes one oF two NPCs who are ready to change sides, but you can decide who would be likely 10 see the PGs as the probable victors in the battle for the keep. Can it be Done? Assasin this keep looks like a formi ble task. There are well over 100 monsters inside, Bue they are disorganized and the ‘ores are cowards; the gnolls con't have great morale; waiting for a hunting party lo leave the Keep means fewer defenders left inside 19 overcome; hit-and-run lac ties do work, I'the players can handle a fundamentally different type of tactical play to dungeon adventuring, they will telish the challenge here! When is the Adventure Over? When Hyana Penhualigon is slain. How- ever, it is possible thar the POs may get into sich trouble that they feel they have to give up without being able ro do this. If so, then that is where the adventure ends. “Concluding the Adventure” (page 31) deals with this possibility. ‘Awarding Experience Points Experience Points should really only be given when the POs finish their adven: ture, However, at the start of the adven- ture you aight have one or more PCs very clase to the 3rd Experience Level (or even only 2nd for an Eif}—within 100-150 XPs. I7this happens, you might allow one intermediate awarding of XPr, aller a tough wandering monster encounter in the mountains, THE QUEEN’S KEEP ‘Locations for the keep are shown in Map #2. The locations and forees in the keep are detailed first. With later PC avaacks, you can use these tacties as guidelines, bbut, of course, che defensive forces will Ibe weakened and regrouped, so you will need to make modifications ‘The Forces in the Keep. ‘There are five types of intelligent crea ‘ture present in the keep, and it is useful to know their individual backgrounds, Fighters: Thee are evil mercenaries sand ne’er-clo-wells, save for a few Ne: trals, who go where the pay is. They pro- toce the urea of the keep close to the a1 ee hanvest of death ‘entrance to the dungeons. They tend to avoid the non-humans—except for the ggnolls, with whom they have to share their area. Their Ieader, Merkul, is crafty and evil. Normal morale applies t9 these men. The mayie-user widh ther, Tarrayo. is detailed below. Each fighter has 1d6gp. Gnolls: This is a small group, lured w the keep by the promise of looting and pillage. They are very greedy and might be umenable to being “paid off” by PCs. They generally ignore the other non- humans, but sometimes bully them if Uhey meet. Normal morale rules apply. Each gnoll has Idbgp. Hobgoblins: These rough crearares rule the roost ia the non-humans part of the keep. They are mean, tough, and have superior morale duc to the magical con trol. They are wholly loyal to Hyana, al- though they may surrender to aave their skins if a Morale Check is failed. Each ‘one has 1d4sp. Goblins: These mean litle creatures also have superior morale due to Hlyana’s control, and while they are ordered about by the hobgoblins they are (unusu- ally) above the ores in the pecking onder. They have an exceptionally tough leader, trained wolves, and a tribal spelleaster, they are confident and aggressive they are totally loyal ta Tlyana, Fach one has ldfsp, ‘Ores: These are the lowest of the low in the keep. They are not magically con- trolled, they have to do menial work, anc they get bossed by goblins They have wretched morale and would defect quite quickly given the chance. They would love to kill the goblin chief before run- ning off, though. As noted earlier, wise play by PCs could exploit this. Each ore has only td6cp. 1, ENTRANCE GATES ‘These heavy wooden gates are 2! thick and are barred. A ineci spell would be very useful in opening them. harvest of death \Wil x 2a & $a, GATEHOUSE: GROUND FLOOR ‘There are always two veterans and two goblins in each of these chambers, Dur- ing the day, the goblins sleep; during the night, the men ere asleep and the goblins are awake, Veterans (4): AC7 (leather armor and shield); HD 1; hp 5 each; MV 120! (30); ¥AT I sword; THACO 19; Dmg Id Save Fl; ML.9; AL G; XP 10. Goblins (4): AC6; HD 1-1; hp 4 cack; MY 90" (90'); #AT 1 short sword; THACO 19; Dmg 1d6; Save NM; ME 11 (9); ALG; XP 5, 2b & Sb. GATEHOUSE: SECOND FLOOR ‘These rooms are reached from the spiral staircase up from the ground floer, and the doors in each chamber open onto the battlements (#152 & 1b). ‘Ihere are re- serve guards in theve rooms, 2 veterans sand 2 goblins, with the same sleep rota: tion. Stats for these vereraas and gob Tins ure exuetly the same aa for locations #2a/Sa 2c & 3c. GATEHOUSE ROOFS There are two archers atop each tower roof, During the daytime, these are vet~ ferans; during the night, goblins (who hhave infravision). Both the humans and the goblins use crossbows, During their sleeping hours, archers will return to their quarters in locations #7 and #16. ats for the veterans and goblins are, once again, exactly the same as for chose in locations #2a/3a above. Because of cover from the bate ments? crenclations, AC: for those on the tower is 4 against missile fire {rom out side the keep. 4, HOBGOBLINS This large barracke-style building has 2 bunks, tables and chairs, and military or rnamentation. The habgoblins are of the 22 Splintered Skull uibe, and they wear frag ments of skulls about their necks. Their feader and his lieutenants wear whole skulls on thick silver chains (chains worth 30gp cach). AC aay given time, 6 of the obeoblins in the room will be asleep, and need 2 rounds to wake and get weapons readly to fight, Their leader lives in loca ton #9 with one of his lieutenant Hobgeblins (14): AC6; HD 141; bp 6 each, MY 80° (30"), #AT 1 sword; ‘THACO 1 Dmg tefl. Save F1; ML U1 (8), ALG; XP 15. Hobgoblin Licutenants (2): AGS; HD 2; bp 10 each; MV 90" (309); #AT I sword: THACO 18; Dmg 148; Save F2; ML 11 (8); ALG; XP 20, The lieutenants each have a pouch with gp and 3pp, plus a small green gem worth 20gp in addition to the skull- chain, Tneidental treasure in this build ing is worth a total of 60gp. 5. THE ORCS This large barracks chamber is home to the ores, who are disaffected and miscra ble and have rotten morale. The ores de ‘lot of menial work, and the same num bers always present here. These orcs are members of the Dark Web wibe and dress entirely in black, ‘The beds and fu nituce are dirty and unkempt, and squabbling and arguments are common, ‘Their leader lives with them, ‘As noced earlier, the ores might well be incited to revalt against others, especially the goblins. It is pariculaily important for the PCs to appeal to Dyarr-Dakk’s pride as the leader; if chey do this, their chance of getting the ores on their side— even ifonly temporarily—will be consid crably improved. (Ores (18): AGB: HID 1; hp 4 each; MV 120° (40°); #AT 1 sword or 1 throwing axe: THACO 19; Dig 148 oF 166: Save Fi; ML 6 (5); ALC; XP 10. Dyarr-Dakk (Ore leader): AC5; HD. 2 1; hp 11; MV 120" (40°); #AT 1 ono handed eword; THACO 18; Dmg 1410; Save F2; MIL 8; AL G; XP 25. Dyavr-Dakk keeps all the meager trea- saute ofthis group in a small wooden cas ket that is locked (he has che key in a pouch, together with a 8p and a pilfered silver ring worth 20gp). The casket con tains bags with 125¢p and 200sp. 6-6f, THE WOLFMASTERS Dooes line this dark, musty hallway. In four of these rooms are laired dire wolves that are ridden by goblins (one each in the pens, location #6a-6d), Their trainer, an old, earred, one-armed goblin who ean sil use a short sword, lives in #6e, ‘The small chamber (#6f) is a storage room, with harness for the wolves, wo whips, ‘meat for the animals, and sa on. Goblin: AGG; HD 1-1; bp 6; MV 90" (80"); PAT 1 shore sword; THACO 19; Ding 1¢6: Save NM: ML 11 (9); ALG; XP 5. Dire Wolves (4): ACG; HD 4+ 1; hp 27 23, 10, 14; MV 150" (80'); #€1 1 bite, THAGO 15; Dmg 2ut; Save F2; ML & (@ with goblin rider); AL Ny XP 125 7, THE GOBLIN HORDE (his large barracks has bunks in ranks of miliary precision and is fairly lidy. Several uophies of the Wolf ‘clan decorate the walls—a pair of halfling fect, two dwarf skulls, the sealps of two Lawful cleries, and several similar hor: rors. The goblins here are evil types in deed! Their aumber varies. Dusing the night, most are on guarcLon battlements and towers (40 in teal), so only 10 re main here. During the day, all 30 will be here, with 40 of them asleep, needing 2 rounds to prepare for combat Goblins (10 or 50): ACB: HD 1-1; hp each; MV 90" (30"); PAT I short sword or Lerossbow: THAGO 19; Dmg ldo; Save NM; ML 10(9), ALC; XP-5, ‘There is incidental sreasure worth 100gp. here; the leader is in location #8. 8, LEADER OF THE GOBLINS ‘Two nasty, tough goblins share this well: decorated room (incidental measure worth 100gp). Klossurek—the chieftain is @ museular brate wielding a ewo- handed weapon with his exceptional Strength. He wears a wolt’s fur cape, swith the animat’s skull on hishelmet. Fis bodyguard, Rargrebb, is a masterful fighter who also has the ability to cast clerical spells. This is 2 rough pair, and fone of them is always awake. ‘lossurek, Goblin Chieftain: AGS; HD 3%; hp 15; MV. 90" (20°), #4 1 two- handed sword; THAGD 15 (Strengeh bor ; Dmg 1410 +2 (Strength bonus); Save F3; ML 14; AL G; XP 50. Ratgrobb, LicutenaaYShaman (spell caster): AC; H11D2": hp 10; #AT I staf; THAC 18; Dmg 146; Save C2; ML AL (10); AL C; XP 25. Ratgrobb can cast the spell cure Light woud 23, harvest of death ‘There is a locked chest here (Klossarek hae the key in a pouch), which contai sacks and bags with’ 350cp, 400sp, 200ep, 75g, and a pouch with 16pp and three chunks of quartz worth 20gp each, 9. HOBGOBLIN LEADERS This well-maintained and comfortable lair (incidental weasure worth 130gp) ia hame to Skrakkbak, the ferocious hob- goblin leader, and ‘his personal body- guard. One of these two is always awake. Shrakkbuk, Hobgoblin Leader: AO3 (wears chain mail, shield +7); HD 3 +3; hip 18; MV 90° (30), #AT 1. sword; THAGO 16 (Stength bonus); Dmg {d8.+1 (Strength bonus), Save F'; ML U1; ALO; XP 75. Hobgoblin Lieutenant: AGS: HD 2; hp 10 each; MV 90" (30); #AT 1 sword; THAGO 18; Dmg 1B; Save F2; ML 11 (9); AL ©; XP 20. Sleraldebak-has the key to the locked chest in the room, whieh contains the accumu lated loot of the hobgoblins. The chest is trapped, though: the key must be turned twice (once to open the lock, once to de- fuse the trap). ‘ A thief making a find traps roll will know this and can open the chest safely (no remove traps roll needed). Other- Wise, 6 darts fly out striking PCs in front of the chest (THAI 15), each for Id points ofdamage. Bach of the hobgoblins has a small skull on silver chains (chains worth 25gp each) about their necks, 10. MESS HALL. ‘This isa simple eating area with trestle tax bles and stools. Roll £46, Ifthe rol is 1~ there willbe 1c goblins eating here; ifthe roll is 3-4, there will be 1d6 ores eating bere; if the roll is 5-6, there will be it hobgoblins cating here. Use the statisties above for whichever creature type is present. Do not subtract the creatures here from che numbers shown in their barracks. ating creatures need 1 round to ready their weapons and fight. harvest of death 11. KITCHENS ‘This is 2 large cooking area with stoves, wensils, and the like, There are alse abundant stores of food—barrels of talted fish, bowled and dried fruits, breads, grains, and soon. The “staf?” are totally demoralized menials who will surrender immediately if they ean, and will not fight at all unless commanded to do s0 by a goblin or habgoblin from location #10. Ores, Kitchen Menials: AC5; HD 1; hp 4 each; MV 120! (40"); #AT 1 ladle or kitchen knife; THACO 19; Dmg Id#; Save F1; MLS (2); AL ©; XP 10. 12a-d. BATTLEMENT STEPS These 10! wide stone stairs have a steep gradient and require 1 round to climb, 15, LATRINES The foul smell from these sianple dug. pit latrines is detectable 20" away. 14. WELL PUMP ‘This is a simple faucetpump with « wooden handle that is used to pump wa- ter from an underground stream. There are a half-dozen wooden buckeis around 15a-e, THE BATTLEMENTS: ach wall (#154-15c) is 20" high ancl has 4 high crenelations that provide a ~4 bonus to AC against missile fire Loin outside the keep. There will always be archers on duty who also have hand weapons, During the night, there will be 4 goblin on each section of wall, #15a- 15e. By day, the guard is somewhat ‘weaker: there are 8 gnolls, 2 each on sec- tions #15¢, 134, and 15e, and only one each on sections #15a and 15h, Goblins (20): AC6; HD 1-1; hp 4 esch; MY 90! (30), #AT 4 shart sword or T crosshow: THACO 19; Ding 16; Save NM, ML 10 (9); ALC; XP 5, Gnolls (8): ACS; HD 2; hp 9 euch; MV 90' (30; #AT | sword or 1 longbow, THACO 18; Deng 1d8 or 1d6; Save F2; ML. 8; ALC; XP20. At the points marked “X” on Map #2, there are copper containers with wooden handles that hold the equivalent of & flasks of cil. Some 5 feet away from exch copper vessel isa bundle of torches with a tinderbox. The oil can be lit and the ves scl emptied over the battlements, splash: out over a 10-foot radius below. Tivo creatures must be carrying dhe copper vessel to do this. Within 5 feet of the center ofthe oil sttack, normal burn. ing damage (248 for one round, 1d the next) will be suffered by any creatare hit From 9-10 feetaway, damage is only hall this much (2d4, then 144). A Saving Phrow against Breath Weapon is permit: ted to halve the damage. 16a-e & 17a-c. REAR TOWERS: The two towers have identical layouts, as shown on Map #2. However, unlike the gatehouses, the only guards here are archers at the towers" tops. By day, there are 2 gnoll archers with longhows on each towers at night, there are 2 yoblins with crossbows. Goblins (4: ACB; HD t-1; hp + each: MV 60! (30'); #87 1 shore sword or 1 crossbow; THAGO 19; Ding 105; Save NM; ML 10(9); ALG; XP 5 Gnolls (4): AGS; HD 2; hp 9 each; MV 90' (30'); #AT 1 sword oF 1 longbow: THAGO 18; Ding Ld8 or 16; Save F2; ML8; ALG; XP 20. 18, THE MERCENARIES ‘These huuan ne'er-do-vells area rabble ofbanclite who regularly attacked traders along the Duke's Roac. Their leader, Merkul, has been recrited and given 2 gold pices hello” by Blackmeer, the thag who leads Hyana’s troops in the dungeon, These men are untrustworthy land brutal, ihe seum of the earth. ‘This barracks area has palle beds, simple fur- nishings, and « handful of spare weap: fons, military trophies, and the like {incidental treasure wort 7Ogp here) Veterans (12): AC? (leather armor and shield); FI; hp 5 cach; MV. 120" (30°); YAT 1 sword; THACD 18 (Strength bonus); Dmg 1d8-+1; Save Fl; ML 8, ALC (10), N (2); XB 10. Warriors (3): AC4 (chain mail and shield); F2; hp 9 ewe; MV 120" (30), FAT 1 sword: THACD 18 (Strength bonus); Ding td8+1; Save F2; ML 9, ALC.(2), N(); XP 20 19. GNOLLS The gnolls that divell in these barracks ‘are members of the Faceslasher wibe, This i a small, mercenary group, which. has relatively low morale and isonly con- cerned with money and the chance of killing. Their leader is with them. Dur: ing che night, there are 14 gnolls plus (eit leader here; by day, there are only 2 gnolls and Hastriasek here. This bar- racks building is diety and uncidy, bur there is incidental rreasure worth 80gp here, Grolls (2-14): ACS;HD 2; hp 9 cach: MV 90' (20"); #AT 1 aword or I long: bow, THA 18; Dmg ld or 1d; Save F2; ML 8; ALC; XP 20. Hastrissck, Gnoll Leader: AC; HD 3; hp 16, MY 90" (30, #40 1 sword; THACO 16; Dmg 14841 with magical (uormal) sword +1, Save FI, ML 9; AL G; XP 35, Hastrissek has a gold ring with striated, tiger-eye gem acttings worth 70xp, and a pouch with 22yp and akey that opens the mall chest in thie room. The chest con- ins the gnolls' treasure: 250cp, 150ep, ‘Dep. and 145gp in loose coins. These coins are mixed up with lors of junk and need alot of sorting out. Right atthe bot- tom of the pile of coins ane junk ix a wooden case which contains 8 aasbow quareeh +2 20, THE ARMORY ‘A lurge cache of spare weapons is kept here. Tn total, there are 40° swords, 24 short swords, 6 stalls, 18 longbows, 29, quivers each of 30 arrows, 10 quivers cach of 20 crossbow quarrels, 16 cross hows, 4 wo-handed swards, + maces, ‘and 11 daggers. Absolutely nothing is magical, There are also 4 kegs of tuel oil, cach of which contains the equivalent of 20 flasks of the liquid, ‘The armory is kept locked: Merkul (see below) has the key 10 this eache. 21, COMMANDER OF THE KEEP In this well-decorated room, Merkeul— leader of the human mercenaries—lives with Tarrayo dhe snagie-user. Merkul is ‘winish and brutal, but he has the knark sf apeicingg did OF mone Wem Tas ayo finds agreeable. Tarrayo is, in any 25 harvest of death event, stuck here now, so she is making the best of it Merkul, Swordmaster: ACI (cain mail +1, shield + J, Dexterity bonus); F3; hp 20; MV 90! (80'); #AI' 1; THACO 16 (Strength bonus and magical weapon); Dmy [e8+3 (sword +1, Strength bo: nus); SA F3; ML 10; ALC; XP 530 Abilities: Str 17, Int 14, Wis 9, Dex 13, Con 16, Cha 14, ‘Merkul is 6" 1", strongly built, with luck hair ape light blue eyes. He has the expressionless face of the true psycho- path, Larrayo, Conjurer: ACS (ring of protection +1, Dexterity bonus}; MU3; hp 10; MV 120’ (40"); #41 1; THACD 18; Dmg. Idk +1 (dagger +2); SA MU3; ML 9 AL N; XP 50. Abilities: Sir 9, Int 16, Wi 9, Dex 18, Con 11, Cha 13. Spells memorized: light, magic missile, levitate. ‘Tarrayo is 9/2", slim and pete, with curly blond hair and green-hazel eyes, “Tarraya carries a pation of invisibility that she kecps for a fast excape. In action, sie has a seroll with the spells fight and magic mizsile In any fight, Merkeal will make sure that be has his warriors and Tarrayo nearby. Tarrayo will use her leviate spel io get out of melee range, and then use her magic missile spells to uttack and light spells to blind the PGs. Incidental treasure here is worth 200yp, end there is w locked chest under the large woll’s skin covered hed shared by Merkul and Tarrayo (the skins are ‘worth 150gp). Merkul has the key to this chest Inside dhe chest is the bandit treasure: three ralls af silk worth L00gp each; a bale of dyed and hand-embroidered cor- ton worth 180gp; a large sack with 1,200sp; a smaller sack with 890gp; a third sick with 400ep; asm jude figure of a swan worth 200gp, a pair of silver daggers with small gem settings in the Lilt, and seabbards inlaid with ivory a Jet. worth 300gp: a pouch of 14 assorted ‘gems (10 worth 10gp each, $ word each, 1 worth 150¢p) harvest of Oeath Tarrayo’s spellbook is alka hidden in the chest. It contains the following spells ’m addition to those listed for her above: hold portal, eed magic, ESP, wizard lock. The trap door in the floor here lexcls down to the dungeons THE DUNGEONS OF THE KEEP ‘The keep’s dungeon level is extremely dangerous! ‘There are not many enemies there, but thove present are strong and utterly ruthless, Map #3 shows the layout of the keep's dangeon. It may seem odd that these dungeon dwellers don't attack the PCs when they are decimating the keep. There are good reasons for this. At the frst sign ofa pro longed attack, Merkul—the leacer of the mercenaries—will try to enlist the aid of Blackmaer the Sworcmaster, Blackiuaer will take some time to get back to Merkal, and will say that Tyana wants the keep’s defenders to do their duty and kill the intruders. Help will not be given, Actually, Blackmaer will not tell U- yana or Rernal—her clevie fiend—what is happening in the keep. Why not? c= cause he hopes to gain something from the arrack. If the keep's defenders win and kill the PCs, it shows thar he had everything under control, If ie PCs win, Blackmacr is confident that he and his men can kill uke PCs, Still, Blackmaer realizes that the i traders must have boon tough ro through the keep, and they will have loot and magic from’ “upstairs,” at well ae magic items of their own, Blackmacr plans tn take whatever plander he ean from the PGs, then desert Tyana. The. treasure the PUs bring to hit will be worth a fortune. Blackmaer is ne fol; he is vicious and scheming, and he will not pass up the chance co acquire the PCs’ money and magic Ofcourse, it’s unlikely What the POs will find out about this. Hossever, if your play= crs find it odd and illogical that those in the dungeons don’t help these inthe keep, ‘you could consider leaving a diary in Ilackmaer's quarters (location #30) with notes on this strategy for the PC to find, thischungoon level is danger- ‘ous, but your PCs should be sinary and strong enough to deal with i, and in the prisoner, Sarala, dey have # potential ally. It is up to their wit and sinew to ac- quire the splendid treasures Hyannis in her throne chamber! ‘A final note: dungeon areas are lt by oil-buraing lamps. 22. STONE STEPS These steps descend a total of 40 feet. It is disturbingly quiet in the dungeons, and any Luwlul cleric will gee 2 cisquicting sense of evil her. 23. BARE CHAMBER The only notable features of this charn- ber are several long streaks of old, dried bbiood leading 10 die door to Iveation #24 Tsalmost tifa bloodied body had been dragged along. . harvest of death 24. SERGREB THE OGRE The ogre here is wily and cunning. He will have the dear to location #23 ajar slightly, ane when be hears the PGs he will wedge a hair under the doohandle, making i ny possible to open. He then will go te his pet's iron-barred pen and unlocks it with « rnassive iron key he carvies. ‘Sergreb will then send the owl bearinto location #23, Next, he will move into loca tion #23, open the locked door there, and head south and wese through the hallway He plans to have the owl bear attack the rear of the party while he attacks the other side, pinecring them. If he does this, he will roar out for “guards,” but none will arrive during the combat. Sco location #29 for further details on the guards Sergreb the Ogre: ACS; HD 441; hp 48; MV 90' (30%; FAT 1 lerge dub; THAGO 19; Dmg 1d8 +2; Save Ft; MT. 10; ALC; XP 125, Sergreh carries a thick gold chain ahout his neck worth 200gp, and within, his mostly barren lair he has a sack with #50sp and 75gp. In a large bowl is ns fa vorite food—smoked thigh joint of dwarf—with a handful of candles thar he eats as an hors Poeuvres, 25. OWL BEAR PEN This pen comains only a mess of matted, filchy straw, a large bowl of water, some gnawed bones, and Sergreb's. well trained and horrencious pet, an ow! bear, Trained Owl Bear, AC3, HD 3, hp 22 MV 120) (40); #AT 2’ claws! 1 bite THAGD 13; Ding 148/108/1d8; SA if both paws hit in same round, hugs far ex tra 268 damage; Save F3; ML.9; ALG. XP 175. 26. OLD STORES This st chamber contains only ut food, sacking, and so smashed glass and earchenware, There is aothing of interest or value in here. 27 Mi Ht il 27a-[. THE CELLS OF THE DUNGEON Thete six cells each have peephole shut ters in the corridors, but nothing can be seen through them since itis dark ‘each cell (infravision shows nothii well). Each cell contains a filthy mat tress, manacles and chains set into the walls, and the like. The only “oceupied” cells #27¢, which las a (hharmaless) shee fon im the manacles and cha 28. STORAGE CHAMBERS These two stores are currently in use Location #28u has foodstuffs, vessels, and utensils. Location #28b has oil ropes, iron spikes, and similar items (but ‘no weapons). Allow PGs to lke any reat sonable items they may need if they wish todo so, 29. WARRIOR GUARDS This chamber contains three pallet beds, ‘a small chest under one of them, and rough furnishingsand trappings. Itis the home of Blackmaer's three warriors, cach asevil as their leader, Lf Sergreb the Ogre cries for help in battle, these three will ready themselves for the fight, but they will not come out until there has been one round of silence, Iruhey do cmerge from the room, they will assume that the ogre has been killed sand the PCs should be weakened by the conilict. They expect their leader— Blackmaer—to follow them, but he is as treacherous 28 they are and plays exactly the same trick on them that they played on Sergreb! Ifthe warriors faila Morale Check and. ‘one of more surrenders, they will ll the PCsabout the secret door to Blackinaet’s lair and about his pet hunting lizard, in exchange for their lives. They also kniow where the doors to the throne chamber are, although ey have never been in- side it. They know that Blackmaer has a prisoner in his room, a eaged girl, al though they think she is an ordinary per son he captured, Warriors (3): ACS (chain mail, shield, Dextetity Lonus for each); F2; hp 7, 13, 9; #AT 1 sword; THAGO 18 (Suength bonuses); Ding £48 + 1; Save F2; MT. 9; ALG; XP 20 The treasure these mien have is pardly on their pertons (2410gp each), partly ine’ dental treasure in cic room (70gp to= tal), and partly in their (unlocked) chest, Which has bags with 350cp, 200ep, and 180gp, plus a magical potion of healing that they have forgorten about in the eacite ‘ment of the combat! 30. THE SWORDMASTER his chamber is very comfortable Biackmaer has a down materess on his bed, with sik and fur cavers (total vale 400gp), a pair of armchairs that have been parched up with ill-fitting leather patches, a goaiskin rug, and the like. He also has a large table en which is eopper bbowl full of water, an oil burner, a silver mirror, a razor, and similar itercs. ‘The segregated area in the corner ia a cell, surrounded by iron bars, 1” thick, spaced 6 apart, with a small door that 28 has # metal lock. There is a single pri ner in the cell. Blackmaer’s tactics are these: he listens atthe secret door, and two rounds after the PCs pass he pulls a lever by that door, ‘This opens the pitat location #31 and may dump PCs dowa it, Blackmaer then emerges from the seeret door with his pet Tizard to attack the rear of the party. Dlachinacs, Swordmaster: AGT (pla mail +1, Dexterity bonus); F3; hp 20: MY 90" (30"}; #AT 1 tow-handed sword +1, +2 axanst eenthropes: THACO 16 (Strength and magieal eword bonuses); Drig 14103; Save F3: ML 11; AL Gz XP 50. Abilities: Ste 16, Int 14, Wis 10, Dex 15, Gon 14 Cha 9 Blackmer is young 28), 6" 2" ell, with wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has abroken note, and hie front upper teeth ate missing. He has a gold signet ring worth 25gp, a gold bracelet worth 100gp, and a potion 9f ‘eaing (in his belt). He also has a pair of keys—one to his reasure chest, one tothe calland a bunch of wolsbane. Lastly, he has athis belt what appears to be a simple small sack. This is actually a of hold. ing, and Blackinace keeps his ereanure in it500sp, 450gp, 25pp, and stall jew elry items worth a total of 450gp, Hunting Chameleon Lizarel: AC2; HID. 5: hp 19; #AT 1 bite/1 hom: THAGI 15; Ding 2d4/1d6; Save F3; ML 3 (rained); AL N; XP 300. ‘The lizard has « third, additional, at. tack with its tail at anyone attacking it from behind: if this hits, no damage is suffered, but the PC is knocked down and cannot attack that round Within the cell, huddled behind a pile of dirty sackiny, is a young female. She is 20 years old, with aubom hair and green eyes, and is streaked with dirt and scratches. She eyes the PCs with suspi- ion and fear. She ean converse in the common tongue, but initially will be wary of any conversation. ‘The first PC gerting within 3 feet of the cage area is allowed a Wisdom Check and, if this is successfully made, that PC. will smell that the eae has a feline scent, The girl says that she is a shepherdess, Sarala, kidnapped by ores and dragged dowa here. Blackmaer has ill-treated her (which is obvious) Make a Reaction Check for her here; if the PCs have treated her wel (letting her frec at once, offering food, a cloak for cover, etc.), add +2 (0 the dics roll, Ifthe result is Friendly, Sarala says dat she will help the PCs. She asks for no weapons or armor, and does not answer if asked ex actly what she will do. She simply staies that she wanls revenge for her ill treatment. ‘Any other result on the Reaction Roll means that she simply wants to be let free. She will nor attack the PCs what: ever the dice roll is. Sarala is, of course, no ordinary girl She is a werciigress! Sarala, Weretigress: AC 3 (9 in human form); HD 5*; hp 30; $AT 2 claws/! bite: THAGO 15; Dmg 1d6/1d6/2d6; Save F5; ML 9; AL N: XP none—Sarala ie no! hostile 31, COVERED PIT This pic is opened (covering plates drop inward) by the lever in location 490. The. pit is 13 feet deep, and a fall into it causes 1dG* 1 points of damage. 32, THE THRONE CHAMBER ‘This grand chamber is lit by chandelier, and arred carpet leads from the doors to ‘mussive wooden throne set on a platform, Portraits of Lvana and her father, Ar- curus, decorate the west wall, wyether with (wo black edged tapestries that shove repellent scenes of torture and aurder Ilyana sits on her throne with Bernal at herright hand. Her servants are zombies im Livery. One stands before each of the three easiem doors, two before her, and hwo by the entrance door. Hyuna’s vi cious war dogs ait by her feet and will spring (0 attack any who approach their mistress. TfSarala ie with the PCs, this is where they will yet a further shock as the “gin!” transforms into a muscular, pow: erful digress. Complete profiles for Myana and Bernal can be found on page 1R. Statice ties for the other monsters follow. Zombies (7): AC8; HD 2; hp 10 (by cast doors: 3) oF 19 (main entrance docrs: 2); 7 (before Hyuna: 2); MV 90" (30'); #AT 1 claw; THACO 1S, Dmg 1d8; Save Fl; ML 12; AL C; XP 20 War Doge (2): ACS; HID 2+2; bp 8, 1; MV 150" (10°); #AT 1 bite THAGO 17; Dg 1d; Save PI; MIL 10; AL N; XP 25, ‘Tactics of the Chaoties ‘The zombies (save for ewe) and dogs will attack the PCs fairly randomly, since they are not intelligent Hernal is the one who commands the undead, and he will keep 1wo zombies by hhim as bodyguards. He will frst cast his silence 13° reds spell at a PC magie-user or df w stop that PG from spellcasting Then he will cast his darkuess spell at the eyes of anyone headling for him, Darks: is w reversed nt spell, and it will blind an 29 harvest of death atfected PC for 12 tums (2 hours!) unless a Saving Throw versus Spells is made. ‘Next, Bernal will attack with his staf + Zin melee, trying to pick on a weak PC (@ thief or such). Stil, Bernal 18 rather cowardly: IPhe is reduced to Bhp or be- tow, he will try to cast is cur ligt onends spell on himself fand he hos a scroll with this spell inscribed «ice on i just to be sure!) before returning to the fight Bernal will net surrender while Tlyana is alive, but ifshs is killed Rernal wil try te escape using his potion of gaseous form ‘The zombies donot surrender, of course, but if a war dog fails 2 Morale Check, it will fe to a far corner of the ‘yelping all the way. na will attack ‘the stronge: looking fighter in the PC party. Sie will fighe to the deati; treat her as having a Morale of 12 What if the PCs Run? tthe weretigrest is with the PCs, sho will attack the dogs (she hates dogs) and then the zombies. If the is reduced to Shp or below, she will le. ‘The PCs might just be forced to run away after a few rounds of combat, hay= ing suflered severe damage. A tactical re treat to use care light wounds spells and their staf of healing could be a wise ploy. Should dhe POs de this, the dogs will cer tainly chase them wherever they go. However, whether Tlyana and Bernal will follow them is another matter. TfTlyanaand Bernal have suffered 15hp, or more of damage between them when the PCs run, they will wait while Bernal casts his cure light ounds spells (1 spell per round, so this could take up to 3 rounds) Only then will they pursue the PCs. Use the standard pursuit and evasion rules ifthe PCs are running away with no intention of coring back for some time. This will atleast yive the PGs time to da some healing, although only one PC ea ‘ouch the siaff of hating each round, ‘At some time, however, there proba- by willbe a fight to the finish, unless the PCs totally abandon their quest. If the PGs eum another day, Bernal will have all his spells back and will certainly use harvest of death his healing abilities to restore hit points {or himself and Ilyana. Further, Bernal will retrieve and most definitely use the ‘magic items he has cached in his easket (location #33) 33. BERNAL'S CHAMBER Thernal’s bedroom alep coneaine an as- sortinent of clerical items devoted (0 the Chaotic god he worthips Two silver can- dlesticks (worth 25gp each) with tallow candles rest on an. alta Undemesth Bernal's bed is a secret trap door 1 foot square; iLopens into { cubie foot recess. Inside this area is a small wooden casker containing the cleric's treanure ‘The casket contains a pouch with + or ange gems each worth 50gp, a second pouch with 70pp, a foion of hating, aad a scroll of clerical spells: darines, keh das, ane hold peaon (se: the Basic S's Dungeon Master's Rulebook, p.17). 34, ILYANA’S BEDCHAMBER A sumptuous king-sized bed covered in silks and furs (value 600gp) dominates Ade room, There is also a wardrobe with fine cotton and silk robes (300gp value), and a dressing isle with vials off per fume, silvered ornaments, tortoise shell+ backed brushes, and similar luxuries (otal value 4004p). ‘A very large silver mirvor is bolted to the eastern wall, The mirror can be taken off the wall, but it rakes two PCs to de it. In addition, the POs must make a Dex (erity Check against the average Dexter ity of the two PCs doing attempting to take the mirror, [the check is failed, the mirzor falle andl breaks; otherwise, it is worth 190gp, but has an encumbrance value of 200ch, 35, ILYANA’S TREASURE CHAMBER Here, ut last, is the supreme reward for your heroic PCs! ‘The walls here are culpted with bas relicfs and strange si- gils and runes, and three chests stand by the east wall, All are unlocked and not trapped. ‘The northernmost chest contains three sacks: one has 2,000ep, one has 2,000sp, one has 2,000ep. “The midalle chest has two sacks. The Grst ofthese contains 1,000gp per PC in the pasty; the second contains 200pp per PC in the party (r0, if there are 6 PCs, there are 6,000gp and 1,200pp here in total “The third chest contains magic items snot usable by Hyana oF Bernal, or not use- fil 0 them. These are: dagger +2, cysal sal, potion of gaseous frm, a sero of magic: user spells (magic isle, kava wee, free Sal), a sword +2, and a short sword +2. ‘T?Saralahasfoughe with the PCsand is present, the should receive a share ofthe treasure. She willbe delighted with some perkime vial, erall gems, and the like, t9 the value of 250gp per PC. This must be dedlcted fiom the PCs’ treasire 30 concluding the adventure The PGs can set off with their splendic treasures, heuded back for Stallanford (probably) and Penhaligon. With Bluck- maer's bag of holding, they should be able to carry almost all Of their treasure, al- though they might have to leave a Tew coppers behind, They should have a fair store of magic items, and several PCs (notably clerics aud thieves) should have sufficient X¢Ps to raise them to the 4thex: perience level! Back to Penhaligon The PCs should be encouraged to head for Penhaligon, more specifically Kaerin’s home. Aralicof Stallanford will certainly urge dhem to do this. When they arrive, Kaerin wil be at home with Alerena, his bride-to-be, and Lady Ar- teris Penhaligon, ruler of the Estates of Penbaligon, together with 10 fighters in her service. Lady Arteris is 3/11". An imposing woman in robes of dark blue and silver, Lady Arteris has brown hair and eyes, und is 29 years of age Lady Arteris will commend the PGs on their actions if they have slain Ilyana. T? they were forced to retreat, she will ook grave and at once send a messenger to Biaron Sherlane in Threshold. At a later time, you can have gossip feed back ( the PCs that another group of herces ‘overcame Hyana and her forces at the keep. ‘The same NPC heroes who de- feated the mad “queen” might encou tor the PCs later; if you like Assuming that the PCs did their best they will be warmly greeted by Lady Ar- teris, but her special attention will vnly be granted if che PCs wer their mission, Ifthey were, a public heli day will be declared in Penhaligon itsel The PGs will be greeted as heroes by the people of that town, and a feast night will be declared in their honor. They may have experienced this type of treatment in Stallanford if they suc cessfully concluded King’s Festal, by this celebration will undoubredly over ‘whelm them, Penhaligon is a large place (sith nearly 4000 inhabitants), and there will be elven mime artists, gnomish jug lore, even dusky dancing maidens irom the far land of Ferendi! successful in rae A Pe Ty coe Where Do You Go Frou Here? ‘Your PC party will now certainly include Ath-level characters, so if you want 10. uve farther adventures with this same group (and your players will surely want this), you should acquire the D&D" Ex: pert Set, which details experience levels 4-14, That should certainly keep your players going for a long time! you want to contine adventuring in the land of Karameikos, you should ac~ ‘quire the soureebook GAZ 1, The Grand Duchy of Karaneitos. This excellent pack= age gives you plenty of informatic about all aspects of life and adventuring in Karameikos, a land which—for all their exploits—your PCs have hardly ex plored at all yet! GAZ gives further details, amongst a great deal of other material, of Lady Ar- tris (fighter of Beh level) and Raron Pax (wick Sherlane—a cleric of no less than Mth level, and a man with many political or further advenrures, you have sev ‘eral options. You can write your own if you wish, and given the friends the PCs now have—Aralic, Kacrin, Baron Sherlane, und Lady’ Arters—they cer- luinly have contacts in high places who trust them and could readily point them to grand adventures, ‘You can also use the adventure oudines and locations in GAZ 1 as 3 source of in spiration for your own adventures. In ud dition, the D&D® Expert Set briefly dezails the known lands of the D&D" game world. The Gazetteer series of mod ies, all similar (o de one detailing Kara ieikus, describes many exotic lands, Using these guides, your PCs can explore an entire world of adventurous locals ‘Altematively, you can purchase une of the X-Level modules produced by TSR and rua the cdventure therein. What- ever you decide todo, though, your play= frm will ke looking ter fresh challenges, hnastier monsters, and greater, splendiel treasures! ‘And with a little imagination, the ad: venture can last forever a new monsters/letteR a GOLEM, woop Armor Cla: 7 Hie are Move: 120" (40°) Attacks: 1 fise ‘THACO: " Damage: 1d No. Appearing: 1 Save As: FL Morale: 12 ‘Treasure Type: Nil Aligament Neutral XP Value: 35 A golem ia an enchanted monster created by u powerful deric or ‘magic-user, although the wood golem isthe weakest sort, The wood golem is usually about tall. Te has a cradely carved man-like fg ture and moves siffly (penalty of ~ 1 to the golem’s Initiative rol), Golems are immune fo magic miss, charm andl sleep spells, and also to the more powerful hold wpella, gnscs, and cold-bascd attacks, However, they burn easily, saving at ~ 2 versus magical fie aitacks and suffering an extra 1 point of damage per die of ire damage (in- cluding burning oil). MAGEN, CALDRON Armor Cla Hit Dice: e Move: 120" (40") Attacks. 1 (ce below) THACO: 1b Damage: 1410 No. Appeating 1-4 Save As Fi Morale 2 ‘Treasure Type: V Alignment: Neucrat XP Value: 125 Magen (“Gens Magica” or ‘ Magical People") are beings created, by powerful magic-users, They are human in form, but aze aut ac- ‘ually iving beings. The caldson magea is one exarnple of this type of creature ‘The ealdron magen hat the bizarre ability of seretching ite limbs (usually arms) up ¢0:20', and ifit hits the vietna it secretes ueld that ‘causes 1-10 points of damage. This damace is suffered each round ‘nil the victim is freed, which is usually accomplished only by bill- ing the magen. The caldron-magen ign’t affected by clam and snp spells and gases. Tericeds no ais, food, water, or seep. When destroyed), is body dissolves in a burst of flame and smoke (this does not canse damage). 32 PHASE STINGER Armor Clam: 4 Hit Dice 2rit Mave 15"(5!) Flying. 150" (0') Attacks: 1 sting ‘THACO: 0 Damage: No. Appearing Save As Morale: ‘Teeasure Type: Alignment: Neutral XP Value! 6 Phase stingers are magical guardians created by Kavorquian to protect his laiz They are sina brass splicies that travel by flying, and they can magically pass through walls. Incombat, a small brass spike protrudes from the sphere, and atrikes for 1 point of damage. Tt also injects u magically enhanced mild poison that causes paral sis for 2-8 turns, or until a cue light waund spelliscast om the victim, unless a Saving Throw against Paralysis not Poison) is made. *hate stingers are not intended t kill although they may do so; 1 soon as character has been paralyzed, the phase stinger will at lack another character. Ifphase stingers successfully paralyze all of aPC party, they will not atiack Further Ha phase stinger appears throw wall, it surprises on a roll of 1-3 on 146, It will atack a party member chosen at raadom, Phase stingers have no mind, and are immune to charm and sleyp spells SPECIAL NOTE ON SAVING THROWS. ‘Bos ofthe monsters abave have Saving Throues better than Basie-levl charac tars. Sass for an F4 (aldren agen) may be fond onthe inside back cove of ‘he Dargern Master's Rudebobk. Saves fr an MU7 (phase stinger) are found. by subtracting 2 from the Saving Throws for MU 1-5, except for RodStaf/ ‘Spel, where the Saving THeou i es lower (ce, 12 oF beter) sa asa ‘Duar Keverguian 1 mast tell you of en useing happening. Recently a young warrior ‘rode into ot village, badly injured and Beyond my ability to heal. But Ais ife was nt what concerned him; he was dspenae five me a mes- | sage which he goed sxe t pci on to yeu He cased of Penhalion’s nemesis—a dark quen who promiced « hat cet of death in the land, She's a madiwomen seh is draveing together {forces of Chaos inher citadel. “ Magic and madness bring fort cold sed ‘and Bld.” be said mith his lst Death ‘Do you bnew this queen? Dees this mamas, tht Sharcet,” mean any ‘thing to you? That boor young man did in the belief that i cov Eve sours, raise MAP #2: The QuEEN’s Keep ONE sguare = 10 ¢cet 9261XXX1401 D&D Officiel Garne Adventure reo rie pEeue. Es The wizard Kavorquian is dead. But certain fe Oe ne ee eee ens Sa Recon eet eee ee Reem Cee RO ee euea eur ees Breese (Meo para ee ree ar re Sie eee eee) eee tee eee eee venture in itself. [t 1s tailored for beginning Preece ee ee entry ee eee eu ee Ot ee Oca ace a ere aaa Pare rt Pua east ue cee ks front Ilyana Penhaligon, mad pretender to the ies en bowen Lees remem n Lake Geneva, tite Simee iret. nited nee Fee es PRODUCTS OF YOGRIMAGINATION, and the TSR logo Pt aes £1989 TSR, ine, All Rights Reserved. Printed in S.A. (eRe reed Pia ||| EOER Cs