Foreword: Given I find myself having to teach these things from time to time to this day, Im putting all

of the walkthroughs I wrote on to this document so that I can simply forward it. Some of you may already have other strategies in place to deal with situations mentioned and they may work better for you. However, in this guide I will go over how I ve learned to tackle situations. Ive modified this guide to comply with J155 as some of the situations weren t exactly applicable. WALKTHROUGH Contents: 1. 2. 3. 4. Cardinal rules to staying alive in wormholes Coming prepared Scanning like a boss POS Detection without probes

1 WALKTHROUGH: Cardinal rules to staying alive in wormholes:

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS: When your caught, pointed and being drilled; there is only one legitimate reason why you should be podded and that is warp disruption bubbles. Other than that, you should never be podded and here is why: right as your ship is going into structure your opponent is grinning at his fresh prey and focusing on getting that kill, dont provide him another one. Eject as soon as you get into structure, and warp out. This tactic has kept my pod alive in every instance that I used it. It doesnt matter what you warp to; dont think about it - warp to anything. ANYTHING. They won t notice you and you ll warp just about instantly. Give them their 'gf' in local and cut your losses. I have never had to replace my learning implants *knocks on wood* simply because I chose not to go down with my ship.

Dont wake up and warp to things randomly: Do not EVER join a fleet and randomly warp to a fleet-mate. Ask them if they are providing a safe warp to. Ive watched too many die from failure to comply with this cardinal rule and at least a dozen warp in to delicate situations not knowing whats going on. Never assume because you dont see something on dscan that something isnt there and never assume because the chat has gone quiet all is okay. Atheus and myself prey on dudes all the time because they cant see us coming.

Pay attention to communications channels:

Never just up and warp to a fight unless told to by the fleet commander or the more experienced PVP pilot among you, always defer to them. Martyrs dont get anything in eve except a shitty loss on their kb. Ive seen dudes just warp to a fight and get killed because they werent paying attention, not being on comms and directly ignoring chat will get you killed - consistently. If you can t get on voice comms, you have no business in a fight. there is no if's ands or buts - you'll die an embarrassing death. Even if you cant broadcast, you can listen.

When losing a fight on a wormhole: If you're less than 15k, burn/motor to it jump through it and warp to something. the obvious goal is to always deny the kill, even if you have to put the bullet in your own head later on. If greater than 15k and no MWD, warp to whatever is closest to directly infront of your ship, that reduces align time. If you get pointed, see cardinal rule #1 above.

Make love to your dscan: The more often you scan, the higher your chance is to catch a ship jumping in in that split second before they cloak. While this is based on the assumption you are in range of the wormhole, at the end of the day there is only so much you can do to stay alive but that doesn t mean you should skimp on it either.

If possible, don t travel alone Take friends, strength in numbers. If anything look like bait. You earn less ISK, but you re losing less because you reduce the chances of dying.

2- WALKTHROUGH: Coming prepared This by far is one of the most critical elements of living in a wormhole. You are either living there, or just couch surfing. If you re trying to do the latter, perhaps you should consider staying in highsec for missions.

Basic list of gear to bring to live in wormholes: y 1 Giant Secure container. This is for secure storage of your items. While not always necessary, I prefer it so I can pack up and take it with me should I need to move without a nightmare and/or don t want specific items up for grabs to the entire corporations, IE expensive meta items, skill


y y




books, sleeper loot waiting to be run etc. This isn t to imply malicious intent, but it s assumed by most if it s in the hangar its FFA. 1 of each: Shield booster, Armor Repair, Hull repair. If you just got your shit pushed in but managed to escape, the exit may be blocked, you need to be able to repair on the spot without depending on a station. 1000 Nanite repair paste. If youre overheating, you don t want to have to go to a station every time. 1 OMNI-PVP Ship, already fit and armed ready to be deployed at a moment s notice. What I mean by omni is your go-to ship , the one you re skill for the most and feel most comfortable in. Most PVP situations are time critical and too many times dudes are sitting there messing with their fits while the fleet is ready to strike or desperately needs more man power. Don t be that guy holding the fleet up. 1 OMNI-PVE Ship, already fit and armed ready to be deployed. When I FC, I don t wait and I wouldn t expect anyone to wait for me. Have the damn thing ready, its not that hard and again; don t be that dude holding the fleet up. 1 Cov-op s scan ship. Im not going to debate with you with why it needs to be cov-ops. If you re using regular scan ships, youre missing out on a lot of horse power and protection. Get into cov ops asap. ?? Reserve stock of ammunition for both PVP and PVE. This is pilots preference, but bring enough to last you TWO WEEKS at least.

What you need to learn immediately: y y y PROBING. If you can t/wont scan, you don t belong here. If you re willing, ask for someone to help. This guide also has a scanning tutorial. Dscan triangulation. It s imperative you are able to do this to locate POS s, enemy ships and where you left your car keys. Threat analysis. This comes in time from the broken back of your flaming hull or in the sound of concern in your fleet commander s voice. The latter is preferred, defer to the more experienced.

3- Scanning LIKE A BOSS This guide is based off of This guide is everything you need to know. However for the purposes of wormholes, I found it easier to change the middle probes from 4, 2, 1 to 4, 1, 0.5AU and can instalock wormholes and am able to graze the type of most sigs without changing the sizes. If a sig gives you trouble, re-adjust the center probes to 2, 1, 0.5AU (You can scan this way the entire time, but you may encounter more red spheres). YOU WILL NEED:

Astrometrics IV Pinpointing III (IV even better) Rangefinding III (IV even better) FOR BEST RESULTS (requires little if any probe resizing): Covops IV Covop scan boat Sisters expanded probe launcher Sisters probes Poteque Pharmaceuticals 'Prospector' PPH-1 (or PPH-0 if youre cheap) Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs x2

FOR ADEQUATE RESULTS (Can still instalock wormholes and pick up most sig types but has difficulty grazing some sigs): Expanded probe launcher sisters probes small gravity capacitor upgrade rigs x2 Notes: If you do not have covops equip a proto cloak. Scanners are among the top deaths in wormholes, DONT BE A STATISTIC. Covops offer huge scan bonuses in addition to frigate scan bonuses. Using a covops to do this is much better over a heron not to mention safer. Straight to the point: To be a boss, you need covops.

USING IT EFFECTIVELY: DEPLOYMENT: STARTING PLACEMENT: 7 probes. 1 at 0.5, 1 at 1.0 and the rest at 4.0

SCAN WITH THESE SIZE PROBES AND MINIMAL ADJUSTMENTS? HAOW? While normally I do not encounter EVERY ONE of the problems listed here back to back, I deliberately set the situation up so I would and would be able to explain how to respond in that situation. After scanning this way enough times youll learn how to avoid them intuitively. For the most part nothing spawns (sigs) outside of 5au from a planetary body. So youre going to want to put the bulls eye on each planet. I'll start with the outer most planet.

Youll see anoms show up, right click and ignore that sig - we dont need them for this and they get in the way. Ill pick the first sig on the list; UQM, and see what it is. First I must align my "3D crosshair" on the target.

While I didnt get a 100% lock (which is not necessary since I'm looking for wormholes), I was quickly able to see that it was a grav, thus useless to me and then promptly ignored it. I also ignored the next anom that showed on my scan.

This leaves me with the red ring of death, MPH. A red ring means your sig is at any point along the ring. What I did then is made sure the ring is completely encompassed by the probes radius.

After scanning again, this caused the signal to break into two points, which happens quite often and is an easy solution. Another anom was also revealed.

You must make sure both points are within the center "3d vehn diagram" (the middle oval, not necessarily the smaller probes on the inside. In this case the two points were both able to fit in the center point of my cross) to ensure you combine them into one solid sig. After doing that and scanning I got my result - a mag.

This leaves me with a red ring. After placing it in the middle of my probe spheres I was able to get a fix on it but it was not revealing its type. The red dot jumps around every time you try to scan it. This means the signal is weaker and we will need to adjust our probe formation. I changed the center point from 0.5 to 0.25, the middle point from 1.0 to 0.5 and the outer one from 4.0 to 1.0 and was able to see it was a grav. I also got lucky and found an unknown. This will happen a lot with your scanning strength this good, you will often get multifixes and able to clear scans faster. If a signal STILL gives you trouble after reducing your probes to that size you can ALSO reduce the outer points of the crosses from 4.0 to 1.0 (matching the center outermost point) while making sure to maintain the same formation, just a tighter deployment.

After restoring my probe deployment to the original setup, I scanned GNQ and it split signals but was again able to fit in the center point of my cross.

This resulted in my famous instalock. From 19.17% to 100%.

Most of your scans of a wormhole will only take two pushes of the scan button with one movement of your formation to cover the target once you see an unknown. I made this demonstration as troublesome as I could so that we could encounter every possible issue you MAY encounter trying to lock sigs. The most difficult I encounter are mags, some gravs and nullsec wormholes. For the demosntration, I only scanned one planetary body (Since it contained every type of distraction needed) but you will need to scan EACH body for a full system scan. One problem I was not able to recreate was the red sphere. The red sphere means that your sig is at any one point on the outer edge of it. While that sounds daunting, remember that 99% of sigs are within 5au of a planetary body. This will greatly narrow your search area. If that doesnt help, increase your outer points from 4.0 to 8.0 (expanding the deployment out, maintaining the same formation out if you have to - i usually dont have to) and that will give you the fix on a location and you can use any of the tools above listed to match the sig's needs after restoring your probes to original deployment. Once all of your probes turn up negative at each planetary body, pluck one of the edges off, place it in the center of the system and increase its size to 32AU to do one full sweep of the entire

wormhole. This will show you if you missed anything. If you did, youll get a red sphere and you can use the above to lock it down.

4- POS Detection without probes
Foreword: There are a few ways of accomplishing this using the directional scanner. I find mine to be the easiest and safest because it involves as little staying put in a single as possible spot and doesn't involve constantly messing with the range to find your target and ignoring the clutter of multiple POS hits on the scanner. This process may seem complicated or very long however it has never taken me more than 5 minutes to nail down someones POS and I've encountered planets with 25+ moons before. Lets do it: First, when you duck in to the target wormhole, obviously move away from the actual wormhole and engage cloak. Bring up your dscanner and do a quick scan on 360* and at full range to see if you can tell if the POS is near by. If you cannot see a POS, its either not in your range or doesn't exist. Instead of warping to planet 1 in the next step, move to a planet far from your location, using the solar system map, and complete the next step working your way on from there. Now, warp to the closest planet to you (If you see a POS on dscan) in the solar system at 100km. When you arrive immediately turn your camera up and have your ship go full speed in an upwards direction. This is to avoid sitting in the warp in spot, if someone else warps to that spot theres a chance they'll decloak you. Given the whole idea of not using probes is to remain undetected, alive and healthy getting decloaked is a game changer. If you've been detected in that split second switching between jump cloak and your module cloak, someone may bounce off of planets to try to find you. The longer they go without seeing you on dscan, the more security they feel and the higher chance they'll go back to whatever it is they were doing. Bring up your dscan and adjust the range to 15,000,000km, The furthest Ive ever seen a moon orbit was roughly 11m KM. Verify with the map that there are no moons further out, which there will almost never be and if there is, adjust your dscan range accordingly. Now press scan. If all you see is moons, or even a lack there of, the POS is not located on any bodies orbiting that planet. Warp to the next planet repeating this until you get POS hits, such as hangar arrays, force field etc. Once you get those hits, right click on one of the moons and hit add moon to overview (I dont normally keep moons on overview, so I turn it on and off as needed) and then theyll appear in all their disorderly glory on your overview. Adjust your dscanner to 90*, single click the first moon, verifying its from the correct planet and turn your camera until you locate the box in space indicating the moon is that way. You will see 1 of 4 things happen on your dscan 1: Just a single moon will appear on your dscan - make a note of it and single click moon 2 and dscan again.

2: you'll see several moons on your dscan, note the moons youve already scanned and scan the next moon not on that list as this makes your life very easy as you've just eliminated several moons from having to specifically scan. 3: youll see a moon and POS equipment. You are a winrar. Move on to the next section. 4: youll see several moons and POS equipment. This being the most common as WH corps tend to hide on moons orbiting planets with a lot of other moons in the errant idea that it makes it harder to find them - it does not. See next step. So you got #4? No problem: On the list, check the ranges of the moons from you. Lets hypothetically say you have a dscan list that looks like this: ::Insert metric fuckton of POS weapons, modules and cans but no range indications:: J123456 VI - Moon 3 - Moon - 157,264 km J123456 VI - Moon 4 - Moon - 531,673 km J123456 VI - Moon 7 - Moon - 621,748 km J123456 VI - Moon 9 - Moon - 895,472 km J123456 VI - Moon 14 - Moon - 1,732,774 km Easy mode. Set your dscan to 200,000 km. Scan. Nothing - Not on moon 3. Set range to 600,000 km. Scan. Nothing- Not on moon 4. Set your range to 700,000km. Dscan changes, you see all the POS equipment. By the process of elimination via adjusting the ranges, we find that its on P6M7. BEFORE YOU GO SLITHERING IN like something out of a tom clancy novel, it is IMPORTANT - as in your hull and pod depend on it - to check for traps. So you found the POS? Heres what to do: You'll be looking on the same dscan you used to find the pos for Mobile warp disruptor of any size. These are fly catchers in the truest sense. If your warp path intersects with that, youll be pulled in. While its common for corporations to put them around their POS, few put in secure containers to decloak you and even fewer put it in the right spot. Out of the dozens of POS's I nailed down, only one corporation had placed a warp disruptor on the path between its planet and its POS. I should note that the mobile warp field does NOT decloak you, but the device itself WILL if you get close enough to it. If you encounter a trap, dont let it alarm you, if you get caught up in it, motor your way AWAY from the warp disruptor and navigate around it. If you get decloaked change your course so that you are moving exactly the opposite of the direction of the object. Hit your afterburner and blaze away to +2,000m and reactivate your cloak. The tower will take a looooonnnnngggg time to target something as tiny as a scan boat, so youll be fine. The bigger concern is being spotted by the fish in the bowl. Warp to the moon at 100km minding what I said above about traps. Depending on POS placement you may be VERY close to the POS force field. If it decloaks you, just reverse course and recloak asap.

Position yourself in a place that you should now be able to determine wont intersect anything thatll decloak you and bookmark it as a POS safe spot so you can warp back with ease to watch them if need be. Right click a moon on your overview and hit remove moons from overview so that you can see, uncluttered, whomever is inside. You can now right click any of the modules in the POS and hit show info, then click the corporation logo to determine who the owner of the POS is. As I said above, all of this only takes about 5 minutes or less as you get better at it. Hope this helps.