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FORM OV 4 (CSF4255)


(Focus on the things over which you have control)


ACTIVITY: Offsite Visits – Theme Parks Group Leader:

Visit Details: Date of Visit:

Assessment by: Date: Target Date for review:

Approved by: Position: Date:

Significant Hazards Those who might Control Measures(CM’s): Additional CM’s required? Residual
and Associated be harmed Controls, including relevant sources of guidance If existing CM’s cannot be met or Risk
Persons at risk from (e.g. Generic Risk Assessment, CSF Offsite Visits Manual, circumstances have changed
Risks Rating
the significant Guidance from Provider, etc.). Specific CM’s not included in the
Those hazards which may (H / M / L)
hazards identified generic RA (e.g. briefings, actions by leaders / participants,
result in serious harm or
qualifications / experience of supervisors)
affect several people
All accidents All group • This generic risk assessment will be read in Parts of generic risk
members, addition to the generic risk assessment “General assessment, “Indirect or
including leaders Considerations” Remote Supervision” may
also apply
Inappropriate Group members • Activity management takes account of group
Leadership characteristics
• Leaders trained, competent and experienced
with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for
all staff
• Leaders familiar with HCC Offsite Visits
Guidance and that offered by site management
• Group leader to undertake preliminary visit.

Generic Risk Assessment page 1 of 3 September 2007

Theme Parks
Hazards specific to All group • All leaders familiar with guidance offered by site
Theme Parks e.g. members, management including lay out of park (use maps
large crowds, including provided), emergency and first aid procedures
boundaries leaders and how to contact duty staff / manager, if
encompass large required, at any time
area (several ha) • On arrival, group will be fully briefed regarding
→ Individuals required behaviour, potential hazards, “no-go
separated or lost; areas”, and safety measures / procedures –
particular mention will be made of:
o meeting points and timings
o group members will given a map of the park
area and will clearly mark those meeting
points on their maps
o individuals are never left on their own by
other members of their group (e.g. if one
member does not wish to go on a ride)
o system for contacting staff in emergency -
young people to have ID cards with contact
details of leader’s mobile ‘phone number
• Large groups to be divided up into smaller sub-
groups reporting to designated members of staff
(group leaders) during the day
• Group leaders will do a name-check on each
rendezvous occasion
• Group leaders to report to the visit leader at pre-
determined intervals during the day
• All leaders will have an established contingency
plan for dealing with lost group member
• Group members briefed to:
Physically challenging o follow safety instructions given by the park
rides → strain staff, and those responsible for each ride
injury or illness o relax into seats and against head restraints
on rides
o take ‘time-out’ if feeling dizzy, sick or faint
and inform staff

Generic Risk Assessment page 2 of 3 September 2007

Theme Parks
Confrontation with All group • Appropriate briefing of staff on expected
members of public members, behaviour
including • Appropriate briefing to young people on required
leaders behaviour / Code of Conduct
o young people will operate buddy system -
each responsible for named other(s) and
must accompany each other at all times (inc.
visits to the toilets)
o young people will be briefed regarding their
response if approached inappropriately by a
stranger, or if they are offered anything by a
Transport to and from All group • Use reputable coach company / minibuses in
venue members, accordance with HCC guidance ‘Selecting a
including Coach Operator’, ‘Purchase and Operation of
leaders Passenger Vehicles’ and HCC Transport Code of
Car Park and Road All group • Hazards known and addressed in pre-planning,
Traffic Issues members, including allocation of staff management and
including briefing of young people
Incident / Emergency All group • System of emergency contact in place
- no staff present members • Staffing allocation takes account of medical and
behavioural conditions
Weather extremes All group • Protective clothing etc. according to time of year
members, and weather forecast



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Theme Parks