January 28, 2011
Philamlife Tower 8767 Paseo De Roxas
1226 Makati City
Tel: +63 2 754 1500
Dear Sir/Madam:
This will introduce Jolly Monique B. Dela Peña, our student taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer
As a graduation requirement of this course, students are required to undergo 300 hours of Practicum to enable
them to relate their field of interest with actual work experience. Please find attached bio-data for student concerned.
May we request that the above-named student be accepted to undertake the required Practicum with your
Kindly return the form attached for our information and record purposes.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.
Very truly yours,
Engr. Christopher F. Cunanan
Practicum Coordinator
Noted by:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lyceum of the Philippines University
Intramuros, Manila
Attention: ________________________________
This will inform you that we are ( ) allowing ( ) not allowing your student, _____________________________,
to undergo __________ hours of Practicum in our company from _________________ to __________________.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Signature over printed name

WORK ATTITUDE a. Is accurate and through B. Calls in when not able to report for work G. Is regular in attendance and is punctual b.0-1.0) Failed (5. COOPERATION/INTER-PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS a. Is a team worker F. Assures responsibility willingly b. Can be depended upon to finish tasks D. Works harmoniously with superiors/co-workers b.75-2. LEADERSHIP a.0) A. Is helpful to customers J. Output of work is reasonable b. Accepts corrections positively E. QUALITY OF WORK a.F-COE-004 (9/30/09) PRACTICUM TRAINING EVALUATION REPORT PERFORMANCE RATING Name of Trainee __________________________________ Period Covered ___________ Description of Training ________________________________________________________________ High Pass (1.75-3. JOB KNOWLEDGE a. Deals with the public in courteous manner b. Is neat in attire and has corporate image b. Listens and understands instructions OTHER COMMENTS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Company:______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ Name/Signature of Certifying Officer ____________________________________ Position Date _____________________ . Has good diction/speaks in well modulated voice b.5) Pass (1. Is dignified and professional in manner I. ATTENDANCE a. PERSONAL APPEARANCE a. Shows initiative and creativity H. Works with minimum supervision b. PUBLIC RELATIONS a. Tries his/her best to perform work of high quality b. COMMUNICATION a.5) Low Pass (2. Knows requirements and responsibilities of work C. QUANTITY OF WORK a. Possess required background b.