This solution is a web-based feedback management system, designed to handle support tracking, assignment, alert, escalation and diagnosis. RapidCRM Helpdesk enables users to respond to clients quickly with the right information, and provide excellent customers service and support. RapidCRM Helpdesk is perfectly tailored to any customer service organisation to achieve utmost business satisfaction. The advantages of NetsterRapidCRM Helpdesk are: - Increase the effectiveness of customer service operations with automated online helpdesk workflow. - Enable customer to reduce support handling cost and improve response turnaround time. - Instant information sharing internally and externally. - Available as onsite intranet application or hosted SaaS. - Dashboard overview for all past, present and future feedback status. - Supports multi-task escalations, multi business unit and custom SLA. - Supports active directory authentication. - Built-in live chat feature, email and SMS notifications.

Core Features
Support- tracking Once a case-call has been made, a docket (case details/ info) will be automatically generated. The dockets are stored in a database in number order, and repeated calls will use back the same docket number. Since docket information is available on the helpdesk database, support staff can easily query the database for any previous dockets for reference. Assignment of task The assignment module allows a supervisor to view all new or pending jobs that awaiting to be assigned to support staff. The supervisor can add in additional information for the support staff. Once the job is assigned, an email will be sent to the support staff notifying t e newly assigned job. h Assignee should be notified via email if the priority flag of a complaint job is being changed. Alerts on Cases The module will alert the user/staff when a case is nearing its deadline. Number of days in advance for sending the notification emails is set in the reminder setting of the administration module. The system also automatically exclude weekends on the deadline calculation. Escalation The module allows staff to escalate a case when he/she is not able to solve it. The support staff can note down some comments before escalating the docket. A docket that is being escalated is considered as pending until the supervisor reassigned to another support staff. Diagnosis When a problem is solved, support staff is required to key all relevant diagnosis taken and action. At this stage, the docket is tagged with "Solved" status and it will wait for the supervisor to close the case. It is accessible by both support and technical team, but different staff will have different access levels to features and functions of the module. For example, while a support staff can only see jobs/tasks that are being assigned to him/her, a supervisor can see jobs of all status.

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