BM-30 Smerch

Multiple launch rocket system

The BM-30 Smerch is the most powerful multiple launch rocket system in the world
Entered service 1987 Crew 4 men Dimensions and weight Weight Length Width Height Armament Caliber Number of tubes Rocket weight Warhead weight Firing range Full salvo duration Reloading time Mobility Engine Engine power Maximum road speed Range Maneuverability Gradient Side slope 60% ? D12A-525A diesel 525 hp 60 - 65 km/h 850 - 900 km 300-mm 12 800 kg 280 kg 20 - 70 km 38 s 36 minutes 43.7 t 12.37 m 3.1 m 3.1 m

Currently it is in service with Russia. . Type 03 or PHL03 is a Chinese copy of the Smerch. variant based on the Tatra 10x10 chassis. Reloading usually takes place away from the firing position.1 m world. Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. 9A52-4 lighter variant of the Smerch. Rockets are fitted with a range and direction correction system for better accuracy. the Vivari. 9A52-2T Smerch. improved multiple launch rocket system with new navigation and targeting systems.70 km. Azerbaijan. can function automatically or under manual control. The latest launcher variant has the designation 9A52-2. The Smerch launch vehicle is prepared for firing within 3 minutes. A full salvo of this rocket system covers area of 67 hectares. while the launching vehicle is the 9A52. It is in service with the Indian Army. The whole launching container is replaced after firing all rockets. The standard rocket is 7. Variants Smerch-M. cluster with antipersonnel and anti-tank mines or self-guided anti-tank munitions. Reloading of the BM-30 is assisted by the 9T234-2 reloading vehicle. fuel-air explosive. based on KamAZ 8x8 truck.The BM-30 Smerch (Tornado) is the most powerful multiple launch rocket system in the Fording 1 .6 m long and weights 800 kg. It is based on a similar modified MAZ-543A chassis. It takes the same amount of time to leave firing position. Vehicle is powered by the D12A-525A 38.9-liter diesel engine. Kuwait. Trench ? Vertical step ? Russian designation for the whole artillery system is the 9K58. Rockets are launched directly form the cab. It was developed in the early 1980s and was accepted to service with the Soviet Army in 1987. or remotely form the vehicle.1. with a maximum range of up to 90 km. It is based on the MAZ-543M 8x8 heavy high mobility truck. Peru. It has a six-pack launcher for 300-mm rockets. Export operators are Algeria. The BM-30 Smerch has 12 tubes for 300-mm rockets. Launcher is capable of single or salvo firing. This artillery rocket system saw combat during the Russian wars in Chechnya. The Smerch launching vehicle is based on the MAZ-543 8x8 heavy high mobility truck. Belarus. it calculates ballistic and targeting data of each launcher. to avoid counter-battery fire. It is compatible with new extended-range. developing 525 horsepower. including HE-FRAG. This multiple launch rocket system has firing range of 20 . incendiary. The Vivari system is housed in a command vehicle and controls six launchers. The fire control system of the Smerch. It is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. The reloading vehicle is fitted with hydraulic crane and carries a full set of 12 reload rockets. A number of rockets are developed for this vehicle. A full salvo takes 38 seconds. A Smerch unit is typically composed of six launchers and six reloading vehicles. Reloading takes 36 minutes.

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