*NBDE PART 1************** 1.

kaplan videos and Lecture notes ,complte set 30 hrs each subject,anat,physio,m icro,path,biochem 2.kaplan nbde 3.dental decks 4.old ques 1000 as of june 2010 5.asda q bank 1976-2008 6.okseon for Tmj 130 pages 7.usml first aid 2008 soft copy 8.review books 9.guyton for physio 10.BRS anatomy 11.BRs path 12.Brs physio 13.lippencort biochem 14.Dr.Kaims notes for DA 15.Achland anat video anat,head neck,uppr limb,trunk 16.Nbde notes on DA and occlusion 17.everything in 12 dvds 18. NBDE part 2 material "dental decks , gard ,unreleased & remembered questions 2007/2008"

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