To Empower You as Parents - This calendar will enable parents to utilize these activities and enhance their child

's development. Remember, children learn through play. With a few minutes of fun each day, your child will learn and grow. Choose from this calendar to enhance the following: language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive, creative and multicultural experiences. Also use the Florida Birth to Four Early Learning and Developmental Standards,, along with Florida Department of Education VPK Education Standards found at:

Have Fun Getting Fit!
Children need to stay active to grow physically fit. The workout objectives of toddlers & preschoolers are different from the fitness goals of grown-ups. At this age, it is most vital for developing fundamental movement skills – running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking….. and developing healthy habits. Following are a few tips to get you moving! FIT TIP #1: Make it enjoyable! To get psyched about “exercise”. Children need the promise of an immediate benefit - & that benefit has got to be sheer pleasure. You’ll never tear a child away from his favorite cartoon by telling him it’s time to run around so he doesn’t get heart disease. But if you say, with enthusiasm, “Come on, let’s go outside & have some fun,” your child will be more than happy to get off the couch & follow you outside. It’s your job to be trainer, coach & cheerleader. FIT TIP #2: Make it a family affair. The kids of active parents tend to be active themselves, & that’s especially true of moms: One study of 4- to 6-years-olds found that children of active mothers were twice as likely to be active as children of inactive mothers. So, join your kid outside, even though you may feel like lounging on the couch with a bag of chips instead. When you plan family events, make physical activity part of it. Ride bikes or walk there. Even reading books about being active helps. FIT TIP #3: Make it an everyday thing. Your child requires at least 90 minutes of activity each day…. and it doesn’t have to be all at once. A two-year-old simply needs to go up & down a slide or pull a wagon around the backyard for ten minutes at a time. He’ll get all the benefits he needs as long as he accumulates an hour or more of activity over the course of the day. FIT TIP #4: Make it age- and stage-appropriate. It’s important to choose activities that are right for a child’s level of development; otherwise, she’ll become frustrated or bored. A recent study found that kids with well-developed motor skills were more active than those whose skills were less developed. By improving kids’ motor skills you will boost their self-confidence. They will participate more in games & other physical activities.

Your baby is growing very quickly & is developing through a series of back & forth interactions INFANT ACTIVITIES (birth to 8 months)
• • • Look into your baby’s eyes & talk to your baby during feedings & diaper changes. Rock your baby while singing lullabies. Use three or four relaxing activities with baby as part of his/her bedtime routine, e.g. a warm bath followed by massaging & a short period of quiet time together. Show your baby how to touch gently. When baby grabs your hair for e.g. say in a calm voice, “That hurts me. Hold your hand like this & pat my hair gently.” Hold baby’s hand open & slowly smooth your hair. Play lots of echo games. Call out sounds such as la, la, la or ba, ba, ba. Encourage baby to repeat the sounds. If she makes sounds, echo her. This will get her ready for saying real words. Help you baby learn about sizes. Give baby two or three empty boxes. Talks about the biggest, smallest, tallest, widest box etc.

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Books The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds by Joanna Cole. A book about how things grow. My First Easter by Tomi dePaola. A cheery farm family enjoy the holidays with their four young children. The Berenstain Bears & the Mama’s Day Surprise by Stan & Jan Berenstain. Papa Bear and the cubs attempt a big surprise for Mama Bear on Mother’s Day! DVD’s I Love You Like Crazy Cakes... and more stories about families from Scholastic. Food & Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy, Active Kids hosted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. A great springboard to get families & others excited about improving the health & wellbeing of our nation’s kids.

MOBILE INFANTS (9-17 months)

Memorial Day

Celebrated in most states on the last Monday in May (30 ), Memorial Day is a time to remember the U.S. men and woman who lost their lives serving their country. 840 SW 81 Avenue North Lauderdale, FL 33068-2001 Phone: 954-720-1000 FAX: 954-724-3900 or Dee Nevares at 954-724-3955


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