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GE Energy

MWD System
Smart Drilling Solutions for
Directional Drilling…a retrievable
and reinsertable MWD system
for short-radius drilling
Commitment to Quality, Backed gamma ray and Centerfire resistivity
by Experience solutions. The component structure of
Since 1971, GE Energy has been providing the system enables flexible sensor posi-
precision directional drilling instruments tion and placement close to the drill
to its customers in the oil and gas and head, optimizing sensor performance.
river-crossing industries. With an estab- Replacement of individual sensors in
lished reputation in the industry, GE the field is another added benefit,
provides high quality, reliable down eliminating the need to replace the
hole systems for directional surveying entire MWD system.
and navigation.
Short Radius Applications
Efficient The unique design of the MWD systems
The GE Energy MWD system is designed results in significant system flexibility,
for easy and efficient transportation to allowing the down hole probe to operate
the jobsite. The system’s modular design in short-radius drilling operations. The
provides MWD services in a single, flexible system has been utilized in radii as
system with a variety of collar diameters,
short as 80 degrees per 100 feet.
from 3.5” to 9.5”, and in flow ranges from
75 to 1200 gpm. Additionally, GE Energy’s Positive Pulse
MWD solution is fully retrievable and Through positive pulses, down hole life
reinsertable, minimizing rig downtime and servicing is simplified through the
and financial risk. production of and minimal moving
Economical parts. Maintenance is also streamlined –
The rugged retrievable and reinsertable the tool can receive routine service by
design reduces financial risk associated an experienced technician in less than
with “lost in hole” conditions. GE Energy’s one day.
training and customer support programs Standard Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
get your experienced personnel up to GE Energy’s MWD System operates
speed quickly with customized training in standard non-magnetic drill collars
and maintenance courses. with a choice of finned or bowspring
Retrievable and Reinsertable centralizers
GE Energy’s MWD probe can be Power Conservation
retrieved and reinserted, maximizing Energy efficient hardware and software,
down hole time effectiveness and such as low power components, on
Pulse Waveform Data
enabling efficient probe upgrades and demand sensors, down linking capability
replacements. In the event that the and operational setup options, integrat-
pipe gets stuck in the hole, this feature ed into the MWD system minimize
minimizes the rig time lost for probe power consumption and maximize use-
retrieval. Two people can transport the ful battery life. An electronic flow switch
probe to the rig floor, eliminating the powers down the system when flow
need for overhead cranes. ceases, powers up when flow starts and
Modular Design converts into alternate operating modes
GE’s modular MWD System is easily for optimal battery use. An option to run
transported and assembled in the field, a second battery can be configured to
enabling easy addition of formation electronically switch from an exhausted
evaluation systems such as GE Energy’s battery to a fresh one, ensuring the user
qMWDPC-Data Words
of ample power.
Efficient Encoding/Decoding • Retrievable and rein-sertable design
The heart of the surface system is an decreases financial risk
extremely reliable, efficient receiver • Proven software/firmware
and decoding system, eliminating the communication system adds
need for “hand decoding”. Both surface operational flexibility Control Module
and down hole systems are easily pro- • Easy to configure monitoring screen
grammed to meet the needs of drilling
• Downlinking capability for selecting
conditions while transmitting necessary
tool operating mode without tripping
information to the surface.
• Adaptable tool configuration and
Safe Area System programming flexibility
The color graphics LCD screen of the • Long battery life, low power Battery Module
newly updated Rig Floor Display is easily consumption
viewed in normal rig operating conditions.
• Simple transport and assemble due
Depth tracking options are available, in
to modular design
addition to several screens for numeric
• Efficient receiver and decoding
and graphic analysis. Intended for use
system prevents “hand decoding”
in hazardous areas, communications
between rig mounted transducers, safe Surface Equipment Pulser Unit
area laptop computers and the display is • Rig Floor Display
distributed through a Safe Area Interface. • Safe Area Interface
The interface, located in a non-hazardous • Standpipe Pressure Transducerl
area, contains the necessary barriers • Depth Tracking System (optional)
and protection circuitry to safely operate
• Connection cables
the system.
Gamma Detector
Down Hole Assembly Module
Software Supported by Windows-
• Wireline retrievable and reinsertable
Based Operating System
• Operational at downhole tempera-
GE Energy’s MWD system runs user-
tures to +150°C and +175°C
friendly software on the Microsoft®
Windows® 2000 operating system. MWD Probe
Field engineers also have the options • Directional Sensors/Electronics
to configure the screen to deliver a Bowspring Stabilizer
• Battery Pack
variety of operating functions and data. • Pulser/Driver
Value-Added Options Available • Optional Gamma Detector
The system includes options to allow • Bowspring or Finned Centralizers
for the easy addition of GE Energy’s • Diameter
Centerfire resistivity and gamma — 1.88 in
ray system, down hole memory • Length Rubber Fin Stabilizer
and hardcopy logs. — 25 ft. standard directional only
Performance Benefits — 32 ft. with gamma or second
• Reliable battery pack
• Long downhole life, low maintenance — 39 ft. with gamma and second
• Positive-pulse battery pack
• Collar sizes 3.5 inches O.D. and up
• Operates downhole to 175°C
and 20,000 psi
Operating Specifications

Flow Ranges 75-165 gpm, 3.5 in. O.D. collar

100-300 gpm, 4.75 in. O.D. collar
150-600 gpm, 6.5 in. O.D. collar
400-1200 gpm, 8.25 in. O.D. collar

Pressure Drop 100 psi @ 400 gpm

Data Transmission Positive-pulse

Electrical Power/Operating Time Lithium battery operates to +150˚C or

+175˚C. Will operate for 175 to 200 hours per
battery pack

Operational Modes Operator-selectable sequences and downlink-

ing options. Highly flexible operating soft-
ware. Selectable resolution – all parameters

Maximum Lateral 2.6 ft./1000 ft. or a conical uncertainty of

Displacement Error ±0.15˚ maximum

Inclination Accuracy ±0.1˚

Toolface Accuracy ±0.5˚

Dip Angle Accuracy ±0.1˚

Maximum Lost-circulation Material 40-50 ppb concentration, any size, pre-mixed

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