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From 20 to 40 KW

M C 5-20
M C 5-30
M C 15-40
MC 5-20 / MC 5-30 / MC 15-40
The PERGE wood burning range of boilers provide extremely efficient and flexible methods of producing heating and domestic hot water.
Designed to be “user friendly” and “installer friendly”, these boilers can be installed in a variety of ways, allowing the boiler to be
connected to other sources of energy, including biomass, solar, gas and oil.

Specifications and Dimensions

Heat Output Log Door Combustion Water W eight Test Max φ Overall Flue pull
Boiler Opening Chamber Capacity Pressure Pressure φ Flow Dimmensions
reference (mm) (mm) (L) Kg Flue and (mm.)
kW BTU Width Depth Height bar bar (mm) Return Width Depth Height (µ bar)

5 to 17000
MC 5-20 20 68000
308 x 308 340 535 495 49 425 5 3 180 40/49 F 600 1010 1270 130 to 180

MC 5-30 5 to 17000
308 x 308 340 535 495 59 445 5 3 180 40/49 F 600 1010 1270 130 to 180
30 102000

MC 15-40 15 to 51000 484 x 409 394 638 717 85 530 5 3 180 40/49 F 640 907 1400 130 to 180
40 137000

Refractory Ceramic Combustion Chamber and Heat Exchanger

Unique patented technology designed for wood burning (Patent n° 87.11712).
In a traditional boiler the walls of the combustion chamber barely exceed the temperature of the water within. The PERGE MC design
utilises a number of tubes cast in to a high temperature refractory ceramic combustion chamber. This design allows the inside surface of
the combustion chamber to reach temperatures of over 500 ° C. This ensures complete and efficient combustion and eliminates tar, even
for wet wood. The PERGE patented combustion chamber design protects the boiler pipes from condensation and corrosive flue by-products
and prevents corrosion, with the additional benefit that even low temperature water from the return is not an issue.

1 Safety Systems 1
Water thermostat
Anti-boiling system, designed to prevent overheating when connected. 2
Open/shut loading door safety mechanism.

2 Multi Energy Options

Factory fitted facility, allowing on site or retroactive installation of:
- Optional Immersion Heater (option, except MC 15-40),
- Universal Connection Kit (to use in “coupling up” to an existing boiler or thermal store)

3 Durable Long Life Design and Quality 3

Document non contractual and subject to modifications and updating

Upper heat exchanger: tried and tested technology, inovative design and robust
Lower heat exchanger: 100% Protected by the Refractory ceramic combustion chamber,
preventing corrosion.
4 Automatic Operation
The temperature regulator maintains the central heating water at the required
The refractory ceramic and the concentric shape of the combustion chamber maintains
functionality at lower heat settings.
5 Energy Saving
High efficiencies, even at low settings. Fully insulated outer casing

The high combustion temperatures generated by use of the refractory ceramic material guarantee complete combustion. The lower heat
exchanger will absorb up to 50 % of the heat produced through the refractory ceramic material. The large surface area of the upper heat
exchanger allows maximum absorbtion of heat from the combustion flue gases (flames).

Burn Time Up to 10 hours. (Dependant on the quality of wood used)

The combustion time is maximised due to high efficency and low levels of heat loss. The loading door is desgned to allow logs of 50cm long
and 30cm in diameter to be loaded. The generous combustion chamber allows a high volume of wood to be loaded resulting in long burn
192446 - F (10/05)

Efficient combustion ensures that ash levels are kept to a minimum. A tool is supplied
to facilitate the recommended weekly cleaning of ash from the uppper heat exchanger.

Guarantee: 3 years : Heat exchangers

1 year : All other parts

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