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U.S. 112TH Congress Representatives, et al.

ATTN: House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515
[202] 225.5074 [F.202] 225.3974

Darrell Issa, Chair Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member

2347 Rayburn HOB, Washington DC 20515 2235 Rayburn HOB, Washington DC 20515
[202] 225.3906 [F.202] 225.3303 [202] 225.4741 [F.202] 225.3178
1800 Thibodo Rd #310, Vista CA 92081 1010 Park Ave, #105, Baltimore MD 21201
[760] 599.5000 [F.760] 599.1178 [410] 685.9199 [F.410] 685.9399

Lee C. Bollinger, Chairman of the Board, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10045
President, Columbia University, 412 Low Memorial Library
535 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027
212.854.4974, 212.720.5000, 212.720.6130, 646.720.5000, 646.720.6130
Timothy F. Geithner, Treasury Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman Neal S. Wolin, Deputy
Secretary, US Treasury Dept [IMF] United States Treasury Secretary US
1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW International Monetary Fund Department of the Treasury
Washington DC 20220 700 19th ST NW 1500 Pennsylvania Av NW
[202] 622.2000 [F202] 622.6415 Washington DC 20431 Washington DC 20220

George W. Madison Douglas H. Shulman [Hon] Mortimer Caplin 1960sIRS

General Counsel Commissioner [IRS] Internal Comm_Caplin& Drysdale
US Department of the Treasury Revenue Service 1 Thomas Cir NW #1100
1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW 1111 Constitution Ave NW WashingtonDC20005-5802
Washington DC 20220 Washington DC 20224 [202] 862.5095

To Whom It Concerns: DEMAND is hereby made to,

Mr. Timothy Geithner, ET AL,

requesting DUE PROCESS in the PRODUCTION of any and all information [i.e. see
former IRS Director Owen's letter, now a Caplin & Drysdale partner, re IRS Special
Exemptions]: Americans must meet the obligation, to understand-communicate-
cooperate and negotiate, in-by-through-to and partner with the organization of US
government operations in this digital-due-process age of information. According to
my research, I understand that to guarantee the maintenance & stability of our
pg. 2 | [date] FROM: [vitals] TO: Darrell Issa, et al.

government performance, the business of uninterrupted government self-insures and

defines digital money absent of any & all boundaries every second of every day of
every year. We see that the United States has had a special unfettered
operation(s) since around the time of John F. Kennedy’s assassination — followed
by the Nixon currency implementation during the 1970's?


tortious intent [fraud: mail, else?]: Unintentional tort with intention to do harm by
threatening with a third-party intervention by who and from whom?
DIGITS] that I may enjoy the fruits of my existence IN DUE PROCESS OF
CONTRACT LAW, thereby honoring the United States Constitution and ALL Ten
Articles, our Bill of Rights; [2] A DEMAND [IRS-IMF-UN-et al-WHO-WHOM] ANY-
ALL (per Caplin & Drysdale-) “loser” information, who is assiduously tracked &
traced with wrong information & wrong human capital; [3] IMMEDIATELY
PRODUCE ANY-ALL INFORMATION: B-D-SSN-name changes, signature capital
production and all capital-producing generation from my digital chip(s) . IRS admits
failure1 where a burdened public already lives/knows of unjust, unlawful inequities.

STATES’ COURTS since actions must match words: “THE MISSION AND CORE
VALUES,” see Page 2, “Strategic Plan for the Federal Judiciary Ad Hoc Advisory
Committee on Judiciary Planning 2008-2010,” approved by the Judicial Conference
of the United States on September 14, 2010 — Chairs, Executive Committee of the
Judicial Conference, Anthony J. Scirica, David Bryan Sentelle, and Charles R. Breyer,
Joseph F. Bataillon, Robert C. Broomfield, Julie E. Carnes, Rosemary M. Collyer,
Michael W. Dobbins, James C. Duff, Julia Smith Gibbons, Barbara M.G. Lynn, Paul R.
Michel, Lawrence L. Piersol, Michael A. Ponsor, Julie A. Robinson, George Z. Singal,
Toby D. Slawsky, John R. Tunheim, Gary H. Wente. INNOCENTS deserve to trust
human rights and treatment of dignity in the Rule of Law – fair and impartial – as
expressed in our Constitution and [your] Mission. PERS and portfolios do not allow
for Judicial Independence and must be noticed and corrected swiftly lest
Innocents further harmed. Answer that there aren't innumerable instances in which
those of your practice [LAW:JUSTICE] should/must recuse themselves?? In your
own words, the highest jurisprudential and administrative standards in this, the highest
court, have not been met when on the backs of labor and true creative grit,
millionaires, billionaires & trillionaires are making Paupers. In fact it seems Paupers are
the only things they actually “create.” Their means of this “abomination-creation” is
in large part a failure of “our” judicial system. Tell Congress more laws are not
needed, for the Innocents are not so out-of-line as are the law-yers/law-makers
twisting words and ideas to conform and confirm their perversions of just and fair
pg. 3 | March 4, 2011 FROM: Charlie White TO: Darrell Issa, et al.

1*EO Tax Journal,September 30, 2010

and compassionate. These are tortious acts on the Innocents [us] who trust
professional due diligence in your profession – LAW – as we in ours, respectively.

Tort Law: How do you propose to compensate and make our human population
[Innocents made victims of tortious behavior] “whole?” By the words of Professor
Ralph Brill, Kent College,2 “We recognized that for serious injuries, there really is no
way of making a person whole, of restoring the victim to the health and happiness
that existed prior to...” [the egregious, harmful, terrorizing conduct of The Federal
Reserve, its Banksters – acknowledged by even Innocents – their corruption and the
courts' collusions in the heist].

Therefore, by action not words, please, award me monetary damages and replace
financial and physical losses persuant to intentional and unintentional Tort Law. It is
only by your profession [LAW] that fair and just corrections can be made in the
egregious errors of inequity as regards the Corporations of Crime [IRS, Federal
Reserve Bank, (the) BANKS, Congress, ET AL. Is it not your duty as [PAID-well]
Professionals of the Law to do this in the words of Prof. Brill, “...the only way you
can...[in the case of political Global/Federal/Congressional tortious conduct]
awarding monetary damages to replace financial and physical losses?”

I hereby demand relief, compensation and future protection for myself and for my
fellow Innocents from tortious conduct since our Global/Paternalistic-Parasitic-
Corporate-Welfare System, WALL STREET! is one of OVERsight and management
of ALL OUR AFFAIRS without exclusion: putting thoughts into our HEADS!! Eugenics,
Bioethics/”Common Rule:” (IRB, IEC, ERB)/EMFs/HAARP/Satellite
technology/stalking/control. And the MEDIA!
To be continued.

Our Diversity Supports Our Individual Freedoms... While... societies continue to try to dictate and
enforce human behavior to please the majority, [by virtue of] diversity, it continues to be an
uncomfortable struggle that, again and again, falls of its economic weight. There simply is not enough
money in the world to buck the natural currents of individual freedom and independence of thought.
-- Abraham. Excerpted from, The Vortex,Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 2

Respectfully submitted this ___________day of _________________.


* Chicago-Kent College of Law, Professor Ralph Brill