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-Health and Marti.al Arts .. ,


Use the R00-t ,of'Thi.Chi ItoReach tile Goal. of Wu, (lID.

.. The author(s) and. puMisbillf oftillis material are NOTRE:SPON~ smLE in any manner w hatsQeve-r' fo1l."" injury wllilieh may oeeur .a.ny through reading' crr following· the IMtrn.ctions in tms mare'naL


'Th!e aet"ivities., pftysica1 and otherwise. deseribed in this materia.] too strenuous or dangerous for- som,e people, amdth.€! reaae:t,'\(,s) hould eensult 8. physicianbefore engaging in them .. s

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he pe\lJ.ve never lost :my interest P~trylby Chow Cma:n .~s S!3i.] havep:raJcti(led.stCh. th. wh~eh~s effecHve for sick" C ness prevenUQrI and l~ingev:i.old C~LmbiD. Th~CbifQr many decad.~Ymg Translation by Dr.or eigh:tYt :my hem~s Dot :yet .gm. .tho1ll:11l I Idido~t~elldize it At1t.Slg.. Yang Jwing·Ming' CaUigr.ams and. I study T:a:~ hi (!:v~ryday asa regular lesson C I have aelde.t~ U.arngSa:n~Feng~M't~r he uw Vhe way a erane and a :s~:a_kefO'Ugh~ : created TIM.J{ing.esBind have VI~dfied.e.Chlu by LeuJlJig ehen.is.aphy .oo.ved. 8~idthat the Song' Ta.Te:x.t.. hi Chuan. 'the deepIKUlil!gFm~.ty.V'ii!siUDgweU~kn0w:u scenes ba.OUDtl.

James O":l.er!hO:~d.fat the typeSiettin. calUgraphy on. An.members :for proofin_g the li!J. Speeciru th:mls to Alan Doug-. and. and! Jo.d.an fol' his editing.lm R.gU~crip1l.T'hru::ruk.ve::ry special thanks to tlleart. .g. a.8~(!l A Re:zatlFannan~"a.Re.eary.ot:~er YMAA .an~Chiu.l' the djrawi..mnood for the eever drawing. and Chow Leung Chen-Yin. the foontp1age . for cOIlltributiI!lg many valuable suggestions and diseussiens.ael Wied.~J!'fthisbook. Thanks also to David Rip:bmz~~ Rog:e:r\Vb:ldde:n Jr~" .~ and many . Jr.a.fiI1ruan ('(II' thepbotography~ We'n~ Ching' Wu fo.Jists Chow Chi.g !for their beautiful pam:tmg and.n_gs~ Mi!cl1.

Viil'h. and then served ~ntbe Chinese All'F... Thraugh his 'Iai Chi practice. Later" he also practiced and. and worked for Texu Instruments. National 'rai wan Universi ty. the' study of Tal em Chuan (Yang Sty~e) underMaster Kao Tao.nder the Shaelin '¥hite Crane (lIPaiHun) master Cheng Om~GS3liJ. AfterhisnDno·ra ble discharge. he abo founded Ya'l:lg'sMartial Arts Academy (Y!.S. In }9178he was awarded a Ph..U.eal Engineering. At sixteen Dr. Yang was continuing his engineering career.. In 1980. Yang went to Houston . Yangpr. 1nUV71 001' Ya. Yang foundedehe Pur-due University Chinese Kung Fu Besearch Club and also taught conege credited coursesin Tali Chi Chuan. Dr..cs a.Hr. be learned. Dr. Yang came to the United States to study Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.t the . in Memani. Chi Kung bceks. he advanced his 'Iai Chi training with Master Li. Mr" J'e/nary iBo. Yall. During this period. Tam:kang CoUe. studied.actiioed. RlepuibUc China.o·l'IC€!. andresume study under Master' Li Mao-Ching'.gein e Taipei Hsien to study Physies. In 1.Whiile Dr. Chen. Yang and Mr. Tail Chi wi.atly ine'flease their understanding of the infuemal arts. 1. Yang"s involvement with Chi Kung. which was.shan. moved to Boston in 19182~.ty]e barehand form. 1'982 in Boston.IAA) DD October 1. and thr'()ugh the continued studying of Tai Chi and.he beg. degree· in Physi.9'74. Tai Chi breathing" and Chi eireulatien exercises. Yang was eighteen.ng completed his.e. Yang was born in Taiwan. entered.]:1e Yang s. Dr. Dr. he returned to Tamkang College to t-each Physics. th Master Kao fm nearly three yeaTS. who was learning Th~ Chi Chuan withone of the most famous Tail Chi masters in Taipei. h. M. Wbile there.i!le in H(1'I18'ixm he' founded Yang's ShaoUnKlUng Fu Aeademy. especially the sitting: practice for small circolatien {Sheau Jou Tian). From 'these etiorts. in 1946.. taken over by his student. Tills was the beginning' of Dr.ABOUT THE AUTIJOR Dr. Yang gained an understanding of the fundamentals ef GM Kung training.an the' study of Shaolin Long Fist (Chang Clman) with Master U Mao-Ching.g began.D. Dr. Dr. At the same time. afte'F he. He ~d of h~s Kung FufVrlusnu training at the age of' fifteen u. were able to g:r. together with his classmate M:r~Wjilson Chen. Master Chang Shyang. When.

g cameT' to de'~te mo:r-etimeoo. rus 'e!n:gffin~eri1l.ivis~. En.'VI8 up.liIg~. Yang has wriUen murieen.nlBos®on. Dr. Yang has alsotravelled to France" Italy.. 8so:fJuly 1st 19189J~ Ar'ts . Inc ..g's Oriental A:s:sociatio[[l.seminars.YMAA has become just one d.ooseareh.gla. and. West 'Ge~.aDi.onof Yan.tion hes continued to expand.wriUng~ and teach:i.i~Jedge thoouilih[@ctulIes3:nd . books and published si~ videotapes.ncll" Po]and.y~ and Sw. InJ anuary of 1984 he ga. Dr. The orgamz8.itze:rla[1ld~(iI share bisk1Thm'.{YOAA~ Inc).

e. ~ts ci~wa. Y'Gup. Howevel'~ the most DtlP'O.e'€!~ ealmnsas..dy.e~joy your daily w. Th1.More and.e r-egula.ebee:D s~u~gioir se:VEl'l'altbou. to 'tightening: .temam sel1isling~ wmcb the .crime rate.andi .f IChi.om disoolvery ofth. the .cu(pIUJl~~ tme· be:a:unents 0[' . and aeeepted b'yWes~{lrn doc~ors and the gienera~ pulblie.KWligwill help old.le in this eou_j).C.e:rgyan. KIUi:~gcan pt.me.mllesEl :ibav. -vnt· .:mb~r of illnesses vrithout th.e:USE! of any drugs.e]irgMId lexperi@noes~ the repulitaltiJi.mo:ret peop. ean lIleal many il!lnesses. 1'hroug:ib.ce:fl!lllJ and your wh. em..e miller wo:r~. andrealha.earn. Chi. .aps eveIll find real .e'S. Ho.ractii..sta.ging Chi K:Wl.~oD. YOUlrmind will gradually-illecome calm and pea.sefilsrng and..since Chinese a. hes usurulybeen wtam1y :igml«oodb. .end& .~nltean also eurea nu.etDeralpraetice .d.aDd.dailtion .i Kioog I(which is the science of working with Chi~ 'the e:nM'gy witihin the body ) ean liJJot only ma~nt.dof Y'OUI' body's eDer'gy.he:~p.~· ameed.~J. wG~ld.oedkl the Western.Wi'th .'CiUJElr. 'C'hlKoog uses .rtml~ lIt!lSmJlttJhat wim .J .g~an..t also mentany.haprpiness. increases. In amtitown. Theg. you.ther .eonfiusiJngan.M!I:lI!tam their health .tfo:r the Wesrem.oeess.fr. are unbalanced.~o fin. in the.dep]'\essioo~and. J and pei"b.and even :8:10.ld. human body bas paduaUy become reoognized. these w. re~afue the Chi..of th. cl:ml!.w the aging pt.rselfnot o. lPra.ho.w'GtM!oo! learn.try are tW'Wng to a.t j.temal en. 'the idea: 'of Chi and.wervier:. feieUng .eticing Ch.om the r-egldarpirllJetice of em Kllmg is y. examimllg' Y01l:rinner experienees. .portan. Whei!!l.of ~ife. I believe that it ean be v'ety e:B'eetive in helping peop.nb :ph_ysica]!l:ybu.o.e bal..t.dp@a.ef p€ople~o oon.olebein:g win start m fe~l mor-.peciaUy impor'tant.ei.eupw:u::tme was m. k.the meatal peaee and calmness that Ch~.d.Otvide youw:m be better .c :m~Bmal art irmnedblte]:y and on a: wide seale. Kung wou.. and perha:'i8 evell lower the . Olderpeopille espHlaUy will ooG tma!t it wiU IIl. Kung bal~ at1IcestlleiD.sti]]l o:r mo.aMe m relax and .v:ru:ngmeditation to iNcrease and. reduce the mental p:m:'eiSSw:e in our sociie:ty.oo. the We's'tern.ln today"s busy and confusing sociietYjtbis trmnmg is . I be~iev'e that j. study" Nse8ireh and dlevellOrptms scieutm.01lof these Oriental ~.[e" especially yi(!lllD:gpeop~!e~ cepe with. yc(u 'Win start to urudire['.chaUenges .s science of in.[DJd. ~:Si very im.i_ness.tmdu.awn y'OW" health andmeDital balS!noe'j.S.dasth@y te]lt:herf m. world.

an. In 19'8. estahlishedmedleal orgMrizaticms .t!on. i. ChlKung.~ow. oUl'selv. me this book doe'S. I have beea activleiy studying'" res!earching.aiwJJlg U9819) oe CHINESE CHI KllNG .get in volvled.t it 'MU turn lOut to be ak.Kun.g)(w be published. It is only in. !hart Chi Kung pr. The first book and videotape of themtrod:lIJ.el'. indeptlh.][ am. 'Thar.uces he t historieal baekground . 1. TAOIST CHI KUNG (Dan Diingr Tho lKJoog)(~Gbe puffi)Ushed) 8.iJ. ~ is p..ightPleoos IOf Imeade:.e .is ftlr the em Kung' be." TMs book~ "'['h. life. . Ermei. is YOlUlg and. b\l. seeend of the ~ntroductory series.The Secrets IOf Cbi KUlaig AND MARROW/ BRAIN WttSHING Cll! KllNO: .g 3. S]nce I came to United. Kwtg.(to lished) 4.Uil. 'THE ROOT 2. not sat~:sfy y'(!lU~ eurios~. Western .uiblishIDgtwo series .ChfiLif1!lJ he Root of .a:ditio:~:ud ChiWliese Chi iKluRg treasures to. MUSCLE Tr. Ule.IDliportant job. CmKnn:g D.g leannot do it w.l .te the in-depth Chi Ku.e WeiStern w(I:rldl will realize. It will iinelude an mtroduct..~e research. The reason for th~s ~s s~m. '00'handle such a large . CM . pnblishi]jJJg' wha.ot Chinese.~m havlf! dreamed of ~ntrodueing' the b:..others)(tobe 5..en enough b.t we especialWy ne.utJE: wlll giv..effod.ey to solvrng many on . CH! KUNG MASSAGE .wev.slilaUow.i!. .J..!! is.t series includes. I and the few peeple likie me who.e them a new '@utlooik.S(lciJe'ty. ]:98:9YOM.We need.about Chi KWlg~ you are invited m inv€!:stiga.es.e Key to Advarneed. . as have miUiii(lD!'.al!l.) The fintvolmne" ''Tb.e.e in.effecti ve~y in the videtIJtape that is pu.Zen (to be pubT ~ished) '7.d. 1 )' I TENDON CHANIGING 8Mi SOE!l Ching)( 1:989 Healm.a..ty . Maintaining Th..vrnth this book. was established.For HflaUng and.ese Cm Ktmg" ilili. For thesereaaoas. are $b·uggli[l!igfuo sprea. to get mote people involved. tln.sec-ret of Yout'ffi}fYi Gin Ching and.es of em.eroWYSIeries was "'I'hei. fo" be pub- Ann Mo and.~he word. The first series .ginn. Chi Kung praetitianers.states ~n 1974. and.2YMAA was org. loonfid.lo.ani~ed~ and in.t ill have [earned" Ho.VlIl! univefsitiJes and.hed in eonjunetien ..eRoot afCMl1I.il. in iI.'. few years of .Th.~Chi KUID:g' 'Iuei Naand .of eM K:u:ill.and.ed.books formors expe:rienced. CHI KUNG .e iEssenoE! of Tai.aoout Gh:i .atYMM. CHI KUNG AND' HEALTH Healtb (to bepubUshed) Martial. series . Chl.oble:ms. BHlJ'lJlHlST CHI KUNG ~. ma. wruch cannot be provided . the last few years that this dream has graduaUybeg!l!lill to he realized.and the diffe['ient catego. Inc. m feel that what I haveaeecmplished is too s. and the second.ri.Mis.ANlJ MARTIAL ARTSWuudang. lacks the financial founda ticm.J.ng series.ofmday'spr.gbecks.Arts pubilisbed) Skill (Shaolin.n to Chl Kung tilleory.ef.ent that peop~.(ew Kung Cavity Priess.pllyth.t:m}d. and. T!BETAN CHI KUNG (Mih Tzo~g Shell Klm. afber a.teo Shioo).

gly~the main reason fb:r the popu~aritYof ThI Chi ChUaJn.P'R.. Chi leads )1'.'ytllileWeste'm public and aeeepted by modem meru.e eulture.wbelieved that Cm is the "bioolet'" tdci:ty" drculatmg ir." has gr.ee.d.arg:epercentage (lif peop~e beginning 'Tai Chi aile in or elderly.l1I!ed u p :im modem seienee. M" spirioow nea]tb.ociety.l'>ding' tom. AillthoUigh '1m Chi Chuan cangive . Cbi is wen known fi'or ~.atiOll1l.btighh~(I(j1d 'I1eSSiil!.ough ~.e.iIIlmea.. whic1ili:s. lea .tl. gain ~:S at higher lev·e:1...nterna~ Chi cbCU:~. Because of this it can. nature.. ~.adu.esp:r.e~le of all ages. curing ma:ny ~lIDesses.ev.'eld 'v..obaibly bloom the ne'xt tWe:IIDty years. bru.of uude_ntand1ng of ~ife and.r(lble:ms . kidineys:.IL::~eiillmanbody: h illt ~g ol'Dllyililtiae last twell!ty year.the ke.tilmpooves the l.rthri.se 'Oif tlll!e more 'Oi(D. of study.· . nota. Thi Cm Chmm..th Chines. how ean you Wlo<nder about meaning ofliie? 01' . Tm Chi.rurun:g theory.artial potentiat.tin. and Lin HOI Ba Fa.eh~.ti~> mental disorder:s.a ~..f the :s1tioma.ts a:b~nty to impreve .the Chlne:s@ oonc'€!pt of "Chi.i[]J pf-. Once you.s. eM (:hlum bnng.tl'.ca]i.hly lI..ers.artlal art~ Trui. a.and. :many oi'ih. lH!l"sona~. teacbri. be practiesd by .o. Ac~o. Beeauss of the mW'msim thl:s new fieJ!d.y to mWl]!kriniml.effl ClD'\E! mal1lY illnesses.encommUrnl:l!Ciltlon w~.l1Ig' lexper:i.31.tions oftM. -~--- En the last twenty y@ars.19_D~~ heart.1!re a. is not its m.ad .actiti.0000 the pa. Tm.trather Us abrUityfuo :ffimpn~'ve h~al tho Alth. understand the prilldples of ChiKuDg and.en.elaxedand the use of themuSicles Isredceed W a mipim1!1m. thisfi.the wid.··'EFAC·~'E. Most im]lortanlL: of aU.Otr . Onee have acbieved! this.o:ner to .ghieaUh and.rtant benefit you can.th by which you. lti S Do.elyr.llspeciallym ehi[!la~Tali. s. em! use @-Il@rgyto romm. 'Tbe! most OlD.E.viO'us.ally come to beunderstecd b.(\ill be unsure o:ftihe ~x.ou a mlaxedoody and a callm mil1l. grad nally o'pe.~ with nature.€! most imP'O.(!IU wiUbeaMe to WlGerstrmd howtJrnis can be. S'urrprisiI!J. ~ Y.aoceptance of acupuncture treatment fur illneee and the po.irui1iea. i h~gh level of body relaxation ~ calmness" and peaee efmind.p(l!llarity of CM KUl1Ig and. Unlike other intermlam mart~al styles sum as Hsing' Yi. and 8L~SObeea u.Kua.tsa m. tbe lPl'. the begjnni1l1g training of 'rial Chi ChUM is eomplet.fie . 'ThIs istbe m j J 1 pathm 'both physical bealth and meota!l.s that the field of bioe~eetr:ici ty has.

em. Chi Klung set:s. Q.p.hnan itself.e y'o.oot 0]. trainiWlog 'ooncepts.FIDall'y~ the thiro C:hapmrwill rntooduce the Tai. KJIIDg exe:reis:es.a:re .ill of his e«:ort en improoving his . The SOOO!liJi.siKl.ted from the ThliChi! Chuan sequenee.ve your Chi.ea. and. eO'DeeDtr. there ianet much .lmed movements ada.m the~ey to the s1IJ.a:@re. . and. the Tai Chi Chuan mevements.nthe readto u_nderstanding hOiW W w.OItjustimprQ. Itdoes'!'lJ.iffuenoe betw.lliBg.er 'will d!i'SClil~S the r-.]:u:~e that the CM Kung fcrms are is mueh . start you.l:l:ntoodu.e~th€:r health. em.c.b have men passed d!o'W]lwme .oressfulprawoe of '1m Chi Chua.eor:y= Yin and yan. of "ai.M KllliJJg.d." essence of t:he Tai Chi uaim~ng th.chwith ·theH iJW'n. Chi Chuan. OF ma:rtial purposes. relrorulaUon.ce the ones viM.g.~e:r than.di..abiIDi to ty' feel inside his bodJJ'. it .and Tad C.n.e Chi. lolf' . of full! mqwl'iements fO'reorreet practice are ~act1ly the same :flOr t nth of them. The:re we a n.mber of djiffel'\entsty~e:s. Chi C.roo. of Chi K1. im~. 1'lis allews the practitffiill1JJe.d tJhaipt. Some of the €OifilElS m th. Kmlg sets am facta~ ally simp.fr'om.u. AU. my masters.The! eM Kung sets used in Tai Chi Chuan are simp.le exercises w llich giv.m t:ms book: m VIIil. Infaet.or!k with y'ouF'Chi. of e.een 'Tal Chi Chi Kung and Tai.u at $eeling far your Ch~. The' fu-st chapre:r will reviewt-he hlsmea1 ha(ik~u!liJ.M Ch~.u'ce tbe generw theeretieal and. The omly d:i.

.+ 2 ...tation . ". KU:!JJ.g Set .•...•....of Chinese terms .. 5.•....~! ~ ~..lJJapklr a~ Tai ehl... .•.. ..••.+~~~ + ~ s i +.Categories of Chi Kung 1-5.~g ~ +..•..\'illg' Tal Chl'C·hi Klung 85..•. I.~J :IinltI"...tt]ng .Clilil 1214 ..•..... 41 45 .. 70 ...'..ltl"Oductiom..~+.slatioD . ~..••.. 1~2...... ..~... 9' Chap tel" 2:.. ~ ~....t o.. Glossary ..+~ s ii ++ e! ~. Wai Dan Standing' . .. •.••.-~1 in aDdYaDg' in 'I'ai CM Chuan Y 41 ...c&i:oll .." . .. ::1..+ ".... 87 '" ..... •.. C.Dan s.... 4.+. "'...•.••.. ".... 1.. ... "' "' . The Def..~~! ~....8~ 3". The R~o." 1~4.A...~! ~~ a +.••...••.Ym.....+~ a ~... .... Kanand Lii .Th8iD. en......•.MC.3w2.+~~~.. How to Use Th:~.. ....ru. C....••.~3 ~ ++. 20 . Coilin.t." . " ...+...Ge:me:r...7 3~4.. a a •• " 17 .• . .~~.+.C." ".~+.ABri@fHistory of Chi Ku..Medi.... Kiung Theory ....s Boek a ~.:m. Primary S@t II.+........ Kumg 1-9.+. aRfii Yang '2H....•.••.....-1.•.•.24 36: 39' ... .+ Stat~onary1'ai Chi GhiKlllUilg .+~ I ~..IDiuon of Chi and eM Kung 1-3. 87' 101 Wan~ing Thi Chi ChiK!I!uilg' 'C'hapmr 4•.ij-d.+.. Funaa:m.. Hi.•..ef History 'llfTa~...Thi eM Chuan and ern.~ ~. . :2... ~ '!' ~...••...lD. .e! ~. ........ ABOtJT THE AUTHOR J'OItEWORD ...•.....fThi Ch~.. ....•..••..ot CbiiDe:se 'Fenu Ap'pendix " .+~.•.... ~....ng' P'rir.~.. •• ....•..5. .. 54 3~...al Trmn~......•.EDG... 69 N'e'I.. 54 ....'...eral Concepts 100f eM Ktm..• 135 Ap'pe:odix::.'fo+ ~ ~........Medita tion ••.~.~ ......! ~ ~.. 136 145. ~ i 1 :1..•..'.AC~KNOWI..••....•.g'Trahring G 1~8.•.... .1 l(]eneraTh Training· Co:nce'Pt~s .g ... .•... The Concept o:f Yin and Ya[lg'..E~NTS...ehma:n..oneb:ud..lJJiKung .!! ~. ~ + g.Chi!...ildplles .rStiUTai Chi Cm..... ~ . .ng..+.. ..+. " . M Chuan C ]_~6......!! ~.V-REFACE C'hap:~erl.••.~.u.Warnn~U·pChi K~g 5.A Bri.••.'....•..en. ..5 3~3...~ . ~.

n ehl. The Yin aspect of y(il1l!lrbody~. MOl'eand.duction.e1le. "Dow").gnrnze that ahl!JJ.tartin.~op:ment o:f Chinese me.a.tha. bGdy.Gtft'hem have studied it as deeply as 'thei Chinese. (the natural way~ p:~notmood. be felt ..KillJIl.cult'UJl'ai 3Jcmevemenm.er part ean . Chi is the sonree of !ilia.tion of life.t tbe balance betw.ne. Chi cannotbeseen"but it can. egu. Chi . Kung.KUDig. is ene 'of the greatest .illla. of Chi.is weak or too strong.cb. the Yinandl Ya.gare prima1f~~Yeonceraed wffi. wotld bas began to oocept the concept.~o:ne . life..otmam or -1- .tudy o:f the Tao could sh. Aceorrung' to Chinese medical theory~ the Chi or energy oorl.survive by ID:tself.th bow '~O mamlain the correct balance of Yiln and. but also mankind. while the Y8Jugaspeet exeeu tes the deeisioI'l:sof the Yin.c]!.ating it with the bioelectricity cirerualting' in the human. For this fleas/on. this "Tho" h.ta. 'TbJis '~edOOI .the dl.n.e. more.g 00 r'!eco." tlrlnldng'.tile. China bas cQntribu. Vlben Yin.uulatiolil of Chi in the body was studied. Western. It was through.tion of the "Tao. Yang i@:rcesinth. a~thotlgh many othe:r . VVhenthe Yin is strG:ng~the manifeatatlon of Yang can also be streng. I 1~1. The Chinese hav.ChapterI Gien~eral ntro.s. The d. They must helanee and coorrunatewith .sbeen used to expWam not only nature. Chilllesem.eentJhe Yrnand. and spirit.e hoped that the s. wm.y~n theIijJI'Iiver. which became the field of huma.001ttlll@S hav'e diiscov'eredl the cireulation of Chi .each ether sot'ha. Acootroing' to many documea ts.tedm YOm.that .ng may Thosebalanee and sicknesscan result.y is considered Yli. wibJicll became ene of.ted to the human raee.edieme aDd. It was only in the ~ast twerntyyeM'S . Neith. the study of Chi ..so'phy. W€)3.s lI@la.s(~de]'\ed Yang. YaiDg. while the phySciea~b ody is cOD. the st~dy 'of the energ. soul. and the aetions of the physical body are the ID~ifes.t ~ifecan ex]Jst.e universe was uadersteod. Inluood:!aetion Chi ..ow th.m.~€(rndeetorsees :s.e way tJoimPWiVEl (IDle's health o:r even to extend one's. Thls understacnding led to the fOtfl!ll. the giI!lidjngpri:F!!cip~es of Chinese phUo. NaturaUy.

.enly bod~.ativ.an.uTieanes m1l!1sthappen in . ef Chi.:s of ener.ChiJ UId is ~nflilJl~ .other poople! ha.Y'01ll' Ol<V11l!.eVillll1l.. Th.and.of Tai Chi Ch.outrain~ the plants win die..teFiIl physic:ia:Dls alie sending :I=H~itients to acu puneturlsts fOil' an al te:rn.bmddl tta06 baek its ru:storyto see how it wasd~velo:ped.onle:r fo. KUDg' and 'Iai Ch~ Cnu. helps ylOrUto .ea. The! hea. Th€lnthe wind .me:n the Chi (If the .ce. wh~!e1l1 abSiorbs the He:a. W~th.r-.e!3:rtb. Heave:[iI Chi also affecu Human Chi~ and .sevetaJ! sets of "['aii . The eh~nesebellievle that Earth Chi is made np ef lines andpatrem. and. UDdenta:nrung tnerpast makes.es. eoat:ro~!ed by the Heaven CM..must hlow:.enced by the other two.fOO[!reiS!E!8!..in the third cbapmr w. FinaUy.and.earth. yeti s.. cHmate. U~e ]!oiS.:s. Th@l'. TheSle energies mmst also balanee. Cm. own Chi field" wm.ood upe:atingUle mistakesthat . and the heat oOliloea:~ed undlerground.ve Heaven Chi (Tlan ChD. "'. Whe:n.balance" it strives to rebalance ibelf._hine~ meoalight.V1e! ou an 1!1gdentiMd~ng of 'rai y Chi Chl KI!lln. Under Heaven rOm is the 1'E·alih ChLItis mfluern:cedand.ch is nee@ssary in pW'8W1lg . Mankind.Km:rr:g: Tal eMilea.tnral dlis~ . types. Ia ·the '~nergy' or na:turnJ.cba~w\aiY's seeks h to be balanced.f tre'atm@liJJt f'Or certain dilseues that Wes1ltem mooic:iine has d:LtR«:uJty tfieatmg.tb.e:ami_ndividu~ ts: 31 lDersO:!!l~ ru:mnal.ewii11ilnkoduce .vre made.eIXe:R .develop.ven. wm.an wiTh! grow and animal1:i win prcosper.BDd ChiKuog Ch~.es~the Chinese believed that it was Wha. otherwise disasters sum as earthquakes mU '(I£cur:.gy~as w.e:fming' .. It pos~ble! :fo. .Otl o av. 001"nades .e Def'miUon .t<cM.e areeven e:iIlclJllur. die. Chi KungpractltionM:. I Ya~g .Da. and the! moon's effect an the tides. Som. Earth Chl UDlibCbO. chapte.es.of ehi .? order to understand Chi Kllng! you must first uOGerstand what Chi.uan.m as SttD.tie(Ji1:~ Om' to takeup Chl.. p~. ~smfli1!1.e Method o. su. it 'w]ilW sieken.h eontrO:U.~t8 balanee.es .efield.ttempts to ·exp~:amtJnis.e an.'f we willI disruss the: Y:'m. hil.any ilildivlrdluaJ.mn ancient ·t~m.!'a~ .g'splace in Chinese 'C. IS.e are three gE!:nelfal. which is made up of the i~es wMc:n. h8is Human Chi (Re:n ehi)~ whic!ll.vens (the sky or universe) ba. Also" .Kung. intIloduce thegene..M.ruvination and astro1!ogy Sin! a.. an appmciatio:nFm:-th. CM ·wMc. HeawllI.ns of regulatiiingMOGdl pressure. Yt It also.ooncepts whiehare en tical in understanding the why and bow of yOlll' Chi KWlg' jp.'s magnetJi. Many W. mea. fOree which fills theum-· verne.Chi OM Ktmg l~..t~8 mn asters.t the Hooven Chi to lieam a new energy belance.rth IS balaneed.We will also.in:egu]!a:r C.. nthe :SJE!COlild!.r .and p~ant as its.e Earth bM. deeom pose. we will dlevote the rest of this cllilapter to d.CM and CM Kmlgaoo. For m::ample~ too much rain will fome a :rivel' ttlofruoodior change iitspa.hi or bloeh!ctric eireuletien is arne of the main eauses of pbys:iical and mental inoesses.th@ heav.om the .eH as the .llild. As a. .aglng pa. Vlhenthis Cru Gf' energy neld loses ~ts. Thlswill gi.eneed lby it. study_ For thesereasons. rerie'Wingt:ber msmtry of Chl.raiD must fall.ed the! weatheJ:.

arget of Chi KlIln..t under. The.H be able to \ acljust yourself. in~:~udiIilgman'l gtoww]thin. of el'!lLe:rgymteract with each other. energy. farmer sll:wuld. and within.f the Chi fields. parallel to the Three Powers (San T:S.es. slow dawn the . btlle biggest and the most powerful. This Heaven Chl eentains within it the Earth Chi.g pra. research Chi! are mainly .'!lce! the range' of CJli is 5100 vast.reftlre.You mus." which me'. You can see thatt Human Chi.me. you will be able to. gaining not only health but also a longer life. requires a lot of energy and time to learn or to' aceempliehis called Kung Fu..ving thing. and patience. .e realization that such. Then you w:i.air) of Heaven.e m_aJOC t. when. . can see' that in order to have a . For thousands of years dle Chinese have researched the in terre Iationshi. this Heaven and Earth Chi lives man.you and [ea~ ~o~ to p'~tect y~urs. is part of Heaven Chi and .]ong and healthy life. a~d a~e influenced by. Tills helps to avoid illnesses caused by weather er seasonal chang.e.StU)'W~ when a. The Chin@se have researched nature fDr thousands ef y'@aTS. 'the Chinese have' d.e~f. see man. be applied to any special skin or study as long' as itrequiree time. human beings. Fr-om tbis you. since. and can convert into eaeh other.every H. Sh. All j ·ofthese' different types. H~en ~.l'gy~ and it is found! in the heavens in the earth. . -C:hi exist-s in everything~ from the largest to the smallest. Hewever.I' :s. necessary. things were possiM€! greatly wm w:m wm spurred new research. In China. 'the_n~!1ll'alcyeles of Heaven Chi and Earth ChI. the human. and Man. and in.tlldy dealing with Chi whieh takes a longtime and a lot of efl'ort. aud a v.t is. the WQll'\d. Generally speaking.ivided it into three categories.e the infer» of mation on the pattemsand cycles of nature has been recorded in books~ one of which is the I Ching (CIas!dc of Changes).Eartb Chi. beings who.ftom thfl_ n~g~tiv. to fit more smooth]y into the natural '~¥~l~>_ . various Chi Kung exercises to help.degeneration of the body.o. bring the bodis Chi ctrculation into harmony with nature's cycles. "Kung" Is often used. Thisis th. You must remember that nature is always repeating itself If you observe . theeerrect definition. The term can. This book EPves the average person formulas to trace whim the season obM-ge!" when fut . Th. with his own. Any study 0'1' training which. 'The Chdnese also discovered that through Chi KU:llg t]l.Chi KUDg?' You can see from the preeeding discussion that Chi is '1.eis poe eially with regard to.am~energy and time.13o:m. you must understand Heaven C..s:tand that all natural things".ctiee.).iJd and prevent nega live inn uences. of these routine patterns and .hi and Earth Chi. Chi. the first rule is that you must live in harmony with the eyeles of na tun. of Chi Kung is any training (I.cycles caused by the rebalancin__go.y were able to strengthen their Chi circulation and. instead of '''Kung Fu. Wba.carefully.el mfluanoes In nature. Earth.ptow or harvest.i p is of all things: in nat ure. Since yOlU are part of this nature {Tao). From this ezperlenee they have erea ted.

. Celestia] Ste:m:s.uarm :Ming Sby (Galeu~ate Lil'e ~chers)j. Many d:lfterent aspects of Haman eM.study ofl.p.y only the ~n reference to the cui tivatio. house..O" f Chinese em KlWg canbero~gbly d!ivided inooll"tnu o periods.of eM._fus~~m. or even wherem Thoca.. ChlKiULng researeh should ~deaUy in. l1n.e first periodi" wMc. specialise in e:xp.e m Ching'. it was: diseovered that. This. you sheuld be aMe to.t til'le study of . U[iO til tIlle Han dynasty (206 Et.interested in Human Chi" the term Ch~.atHuman Chi :is.nd to h.oftheaspeets.to imp'lfOye their health or even to eure eertain illnes ses. Thiiis pro:fessi. 1Jen Sterns.ditatio:nmoo the seeend p@riod. massage.C. Many :people h'lfv.eop~emake jjlID. Medjtat~oli! and mov~:f!JJgM. the I Chin. wewm use it on~y .mal'l!tit knowled.period~ tha.of C'mn. Chii Kwtg .eStiID_Y. T.trodl1. . Cbii. C The Chinese people believe tn.~ incl u.befo:re 1122 B.and. The maj or tulesand pri. Trui:s pe. the ool]jgi. live .n 'Of Human eM. enment . ¥0I1l1 can see tha. Meditation and.557A._n~ trolled by Heaven.when.t o:f mmiam Chi Klmg... Buddha-hood. and . Understanding Heaven Chi W$ very difficult howev.liI ~s consid@red.ex:er.8 long and heaUhy Iife. 1-8. andth.) when jB'uddhl.ciises serve anaddi tional role im. hemp p. A Brlef History . have been resea:rch!e. hefrbaltJleatmen.te gta-ve.tw'ai!!'Di[J}g' :rOi[' people.e become p:oo:~eient in.Cling acup.er~alld it was espoeeiaUy so inaneieat times willeiD the science was jus:t d@veloping.lIlsULaHy used todia.any . CM and Earth Cbi~ and thatt~ey in 'fad determine )''IouOC' O:.~ow eM ftmctions.cy Te. Heaven Chi can be found in such books as The Five Elemenb and.e-rbal treatment" m@ditation. or fortune tellers.gto. Kung Tbe hiJstoo. This infusion br. and Human Ch:t..Kung musual]!yusedfuo refer only to Chi].oIil is :stiU quite (lo.a. Kung exercises are widely used by the GMnese e people.. Chi Kung could! beused for martia~pl1..d.tH.~!es relating to.ame.ge and. the Liang' dynasty (50i2.sm an.o.oo have started when the "I Ching" (Book of Changes) was il1l.€! Heaven Chi~ Barth Chi. We kniQW little about th.d. the .u·po~e~. FIowev. The use ofacuplllnetur@~ aCILl pl'\eSSUOO ma$$age~aI!ld. as wher-e and how 'oobtrlllid a. C.1I!1re.nU"Aon~n hina . Many difj . that TiaJo.since Chi :iJa. t(ln.know how to affect it ciorredly.(loriant deeisions such.dud.cumulatedbody of ~eo.')J.ef'fsi~l!Cie term m.uncl.riod~asted. alifected and co.tiM methodswe:re im.esearehhas focused on Human.Wainingt-hese eonneetions: they are ealled S.poried {roem India. h.ou tmderstatnd..ced sometlime.us eM Klli1Ig era.tffile source o:f life" :if y.t to adjust Human Chj frnowhas become the root . Most Chi Klln. was the beginmng of the t:mrd.nese 'experts use the3ic.ve extend.U.rs) or 'eng Shoei .ought Chi Kung praeticeand me. So. its mediita:. a. TIley are caUed Dih Lii Sby (GeomaD.e43Ie meilical science.istsand lBwddhistsuse them in their spiritual pu_. acupressure. of ehl should ·be ealled Chi Elling. and CMKung' exereises.artn ehl.gr.shy I(Wmd Water Thaebe:rsJI.eel.nnut !ofenHgbtr. tIJ.iill J tJrisIllal"OOwe:r senseto avoid.IlIcii.me people.

tten.-2.D.J.tio1118 w. of hum am beil1lgs tG ll.e was 1110 mention of aeupuneture O:rn:' othermediicsl k..an (HeaJv..nng the Chi11l.y sehelars such as Lae Tzyy and Juang 'rzyy" ormedical doeters such as BiaIDI.. About 300 H. Befoft the.t hi K!Wl.CJ was prebahly the first Chinese book re~a.old.and . and many other euuntriee . "concent-raJteGn Chi..e.thir-Dig to ~:rn1cr..@e]is.san Taair): Tru.C.a..tiolll was ooing used by some Taoists.€!n)" nih (E.breath@dcll.€ Cmnese 'US~El of the wrl.tuT'aWpQWel's was the ~jI'$t step in the development of Chi Kung.. .e:n.) the:re are several medical referenees 00 Chl..isb eok "Nan.. B.re 206IU::. WMMt a figure of s[P'eeellilJand.Kun:g twruning is being mixed 'IoVith Chi . j .C.Han dyna:8it~!es (221B.B. the Cmnes€ cap:ital was in today"s An. :n22. 1'hiswriting~ called "Jea GUll Wen" (Orade~B(lne Scnpt:U:_l"e}.the Virtue of the Tao). ·'J.Edl) mentioned certain breathing teehniques in h~s c~as~~c "Ta!(iI e T Ching" (Classic on .ted.were created based 00.~ng-Jiin:g discusses the use of breathing and acup:unetve to maintain good.J}.).owiedige.g . at that time.oig.asty (1122~H341 . 221B. was the earfiest evidence ef tll.tbe li1beirature such as the "Nan Gbimg" (m..tbtee na.sic: on Dis{![\dJ€'FS) b~ t.. "'Gin 01!liey Yao Li ueb" (Pres.rerent martial Chi KU1l.t·umn and Waning Staltes Periods (7'10 .tori..easeChi eir . IIShyy Gi" UIis.concept of the' three na tural energies or :powen (.t1J]Jl'..l TQrng Chili" {A Comparative Stllidy of theJou '(dynasty) Book o:f Cbang'@s) 'by' Wey BOF'.vJil dese:nbed theoolatiol!llship.a_ reU~ gious na.) Bian 8hy-:r (SMn!e Probes) wlere rur~ady being used to 8!dJustpeop~e's Chi cireulatien.). to Chi.eI'ilthro\v ef the Ching dynastym HU I.Japan. also : ) deserlbed meee eemplete methods of breath trainiDrg.cal Record) in the Spring and Au. This pericd lasted until C the ov.@aJr down totheJir h.lf!re written.thi[![g methQid. fo:r Chi cll1rula.c. b. when the new era started wn which Chinese Gh~. It introduoodtihe .t during e the reign of theYeUowelmp~rQ~ (2690-25..'" It s.<lture's forces and Chi. Chi flow.IOThe men of .g sty~es.Mch were covered vcithw:ritt:e:n clliIl. aI'lchaeologieai rug thelle at a late Shang dynasty burial gl'. I Tsal!.criptions fromtThle Gold.90 B.C.KlIng pr. ven thoUigh it was reeerded in the Nei Cmng thai. Lao Tzyy (U ..osophe:[' Juang Th---. H wa Ching·. Han Dynasty (Befo. cula. S'ullldyingthe rela tiooship of the·s:e.e way 00' ~btIDn health was W. nUJr.M lilC.l!ract. and aeMeve seftnesa" (Juan Cm Jyh RouK*l). 'Yang in Henan prevlaee.tioIil.aeticesfrom Mndia..~I1!g 'tn!e ..Yang explahrs the rematlonsMp. . wOlloL Most. between heal til and bre8!tm~g [iI]J!ll.C . Du.OOOph~eles of turUe shan aadammel bone w. brea. The "I Ching" {Book ef Cbrul.of the~nf:o:n:EJJ:atiol1l reeordsd was of . (the Shang dynasty).en Chamb& )by C'bal1l.ges. Late~.Jon dyn. You ean see that dumg tms period almoist sll o:fthe Chi Kung plilbHca. He stressed that th.COIlli_fl_nIil!s.An. Ther." This.arth)~ and Ben (Man).Ya~g.20 A. the theories and priind:ples of Bnddlhist and 11'lI.oUlnd ealled Yin Shiu discovered mere than H30. Chi ueh and Wey Bor.g.he fameus doetee Dian Chii1!1eh~ which describes using brea. the Taoist Jlhi~.tates.s. In 17'66~n. Kung in.ou.that a.

Itwas durin_g the 'Eastern. lin time.'ture.oon.Ehe ·~el3r.rbtha. :from mDd~. 'wrn.~Jling in the Chi Kun. lB.2060.of tile L.Qn.D. .a.raiDing bro.ditffi.lIl the mo!na:6~e. used.hood. T~betaD Budclhi sets w.yt and strove tehave CO'Btl'lol omtheir borues~mindJs!. JiiIlmntam.tj'@iDs were bein.1I:'s"wereabsorbed ~iIl.ove:m@l1It..of the bo.r more.n.e Amimal Sport~s» whim taught people how~o lDJcooase their Chi . b the t:ramifig practices andthoory weeereceeded It wa.dha.estn.ught to layme. Kung practitioners finally had a chance '00 Qomparet:he~:r arts. ''fao. Conte:mpora:ry docDmel1ll. Bll.ist. medita.€jIilits IlF animals to create the Wuu Chyn Shih (Fruv.ere also invitedte China.g from the cycle of reincarnation.at iBuddhi:sm was impoded to China.diee-per Chi was pr.oIIlal Taoist p:rimci~ p~eswlth Buddhism and cfieated.llt AJis(i'lin th~:spenod.ethods of both.s in thi s per~<ld.Q.~ foral1l.a.rBuddhism was imported into China.esia in sut'gery.oJ using themmd~olead and increase Chi inhis book Haw Peh Tzyy..ahs.D. T.edfloal eM.any Chi Ku:ng ~r.ditional sehelars and.g passed down see:r€!dy wi th'i.. their Chi 00 a mu.since-roe lh:!!d.ptes taugh'tm.. tbOiitls.ciJ:cu~ ~aU. the mov~m. Whiletbe :s~hohBly and m.502 A.d!.eir pra. been.h.on through :s:pec:mc :m.ing and ~mprovingbea~th"t~e newly imported religious Chi Ku.~h'ysid. .st'l and Buddhism seen spf.5S AJ). Begj!'oaiDJg .ries .g OCKmibmed.ththe religious Chi KU[iJg practices bn porie. tn.vith many mte:mal timetions .ttbeIleligio>llspir.ep€l' ~8vel~working' :o.an:s eontinued 't!&leiw Chi KungI1esea. to preac.Duri1l. a.ugbtm Cruna KUliJig thlll(JI'Y and .iang' Dynasty (.". F. S.ynasty in t~e am. methods.11g Bhenn Van M~ng Luh" j' sty~!e:s:show . M'uch . Geir Horng m!enticne. 9. edita!. l'Iel~gio<n caUed.d.rch."uddtruist ibles and ~ept secret. concerned wirth.tra. by tihe name of Chang' Thc~Lm. that the tl'adjitiOOlal Ch~lIlese 'ChJ.dhi.perorbecamea.tfllil1i.) Because many Haa 'Smp.rl.aiolyf[lo<m India.Ji!aw~ Many of the meditation rnetheds were! a: co:mbination oftihe prineiplesand tr.. ManY' Buddhist M@wbtion and Chi Kung pr.Jl.y\~lo:ped Indtawere in since the t.e directed at atta.act:ilces. became v.tO the Chinese for Cu. Nat~on:g .physicli.e ml~giouJ3.omg-lHng ~ompned. 'The Buddhist tem.ry pO~:lUma'r.tio:n of Cham '(Zelll)~ wbicbmarlOOd anew e-ra of Chinese Chi Unfor'tunate~.~.g the Gin Kung' -6.rhundreds of y'eaf.tury A..!le Han e:m. SOUEes.·· .~omthe Ha~ DYBasty to the. Han dynasty '~c.ead.I('J. Sometime in the period of 4120 to 581 A.f<1l. avrulable®othegener-alpoopula.@ll'I(Il1'S 'were inteUigsmt andwise.en u:sed in In. named Hwa 'lb:r usedacUJpWletll.eh de.s tn.ts and CM d.tt. a famous plruysiJcian.an named..d!.g wainm.ince Tibet had its own branch of B. Only in this centuty bas i'lt 'been.actie@s which had been dll!.d.dm.ddhah. and spirits wi ththe goal of esea ptn. a.£! tra.y.ee . KUrlg'.afile. Wh~le the Clili Ku.ood.) tn. thf! Han dynaJSty was a glorious and peacefulpericd.D. Kung bad.ng pra!ctice sand. ThlDiF H.e.act~tioDerstraiDed.e" uees we:re a~s'O.<or~ed.clea. 'fac.g was eoncerned w~.~ ilDlg system and.of the .g was never ta. of a ttain:i!I:DJg Bu.lll'nd!s ofY:ll!a.~.e stlll m. th.ud!llrism Mtl1JJi'ts o~.actioes~ especiallyilh. whieh bad be.airung m. The TaoostJiu_n Cruam.

xtra Important Secret) by Wan. 'of leamn.l. the 11lS'til ofth.~ Chal!lg ..oontm·~ ued dm-lngtn.thingand he:rbal th.\Vhen the empe:mr d.d~ he sa. monk withd_F'ew t.g' .e use ofth.fter the :priests p. During the .ties (. priests how m gam heaJ. and attain.zyy-Her describes the use of em Kumg oo.p~e.581~~9ij7 A.• ) During the Liang dynasty (5ij~-557 A. Fang" {Thousa."y. Washing Classl. the way different an::i. oftbe (512-:1:911 A.aiIlIing" the Sbaolin p:riestsalso eeeatedfive animal styles of Kung . dynasties (9'60~1.easil1lg the eM.D . The "Chian Gin.J:de:r thepooble:m.angblJl.tive:IiIess of their teclm~qu.ma~.3'68 A.. [or some time.e:ril:i:ghtemnen:~.at]ion. stJIe.the "Ju Bing Yuan Sou Luenn" {Thesis on the Origins and SymptG:ms Olf Various Diseases).f1leOO.e Swei and Tarng dynas.ternal organs had already been used.t t:hepriesU'3 were· weak and s1cldy.g Secroets) b.e system .t tjneOO.s.e Orchid IWom) by Li OlU:DO -7- J . the d!ev.-Tao diacussed several Ohi Kung praetie1es.When.g' TOm.t not on]i:y did th. the use of brea.wtba.ngthen the blood and immune sysWllills> as· w.D. Il1!Juriessucb.I. a.~lildanehangil1J.e animals imi:tated were lh. not Ilk!e Da Mel's. andalse described.hlng Class:iiC)'.ge~er~ eises.ot the monastery. "RiI!. Thm. a massag'. WashThngC]as~c washarder t. dragon.o.).tln end ebange their physical badies &om..cir.g teehrdques .u.e theirhealth~ t but they also gl'ea:t1y increasedtheir str'ength.diisclI!lssed.e: S:ffixSounde.a])~es for disorders of Chi . as cuts and sprains "Lan Shyh Mill TSarn__g"{Secr'et lLim-ary ofth. Cha.g Classic tanghtthe.c:r.a ehi Kung methods lis.I1l1 @<3Jcingenel'ation. fl. it me:reased the e:H'~.es. Soei Ching'" (M'arrowIIh:'ailin Wu. . rsecreti]yto 'onJy a! very f:ew dlisciples . so he shut lllmselfawa.t.trus traiinmg was mtegr.o the ShaoiLm.ha. Because the M3Jfi"OWlBrrun.a:tedl intethe martial arts farms. Yuan.fds of Nourishing the BG~ and ExtendiIlg many 'CM Ktm. Th. A.tarrtOl and practice.He Iiillle:rged .soing.trong.eaned. wh:kh ~s. lLi€e)~ hieh showed w Ch!:~Dg Dymasty I'oom the LiSJR.e:r. Suen Sy~Meau alse intr.rachlieedtme Muscl!efrendo~ ChMgin.cUrn.e externaJ.ur Ymm~Fa:rng com p:rnled.g' Chi. fun Cmna. In ad(!i tion totiMs martial CM K1H1Lgtr.en.u~ did.)~ l""eang ISllorm Jyue:" (Life Nourishin.iD!gmetJhoG!swerepassed d.d.yoopirr.g Classic) and "Shii. and.m.. by tb.a Mo amV€. SiGmnds toregulate Chi m ·the in. T.Me(i!l SHruyhShyh" (Tb:e Donfucian P!(I[nt of View) by Chang T.ey implIorv.D. Outside . End. Lao Tzyy's~9IMassa. D.e Six. they WU[!IQ.cW'.h@Muscll.€!tige:r.g Dynasty to tbe.€Cided.~clelThndon Ch. veritable ElncyclOipeidi. as how to energimthe bl'ain. use Chlto clean the berne mmTOW ~d. lBuddhis.D.timg 260 d.ol!U1d. the Wh@n.:lJld Gold PrescriptwnsJ'b:y Suen Sy~Mea1!ldeseribed the method. iiilDJa:ke"aruicrane. weal: 00 . Th.) tJlle empe:ro:r i:l1vl.s flgh t.e B'uddbi:sts and Taoists.An. Gin.cmughlE the priests 'how to.eed.ell.G'W1!. "Wai Tai ~i!hYao" ('TbeE.teda lB uddhistmonk named Da Mo~ w he was once an Indian prince~ to preaeh Buddhis. The M~wfBraill!n.Fu whje_h imi tated. the h"wn.after'mne )'ears '0'£ seelusien and WlNIte tW(I classics: "Yi Gin Ching" (Mu..ge Techniques.dopmoot of ChiKun. leopard.iff'eren twa:y:s (If OIf in.ow.

etiheory andpdn.ty (19U A.deseeibes using' Chi Kung and herbalremedies :form terlllal disorders.tH the end. o. His werk ecntributedgseatlyto the advancement of Chi Ku1l..~:yp'ublished ma:~@rial8. g!i.sJby P Uang :Fann-An reviewed and.al artistsalso daimtha.nr Yuan~Flan-~ whm~hdescribed moving and ~tationary em Kiull.@dicine b. ehl K emphasized Nei Dan UnberJlalE:~ixit) Chi Kun.ong. Aellpundur.ces. Aeu. Tai Chi :follo.s. o9lcupunctw:-e me.nctu~.scystematic idea. .~.3JC:UPWlCture was designed. aIlJJd. 'temple to Bian Chiueh.cupunctuf\e..1l" (Brief Intl'loducUo.IDg (Beggar Kung}.1nlS'~1O:lIl) .jizedi acupuiIletUlt.curing disease.e m.ave created Tai Chi Chllan.e also Wl"cOIDE: <JI.. :K1.cM:'S:M pedhim as the ancestor .e Peseures) and J~awHuab.-1279 An. Between 1102 to 11GB A.gtrailliD:g. Wang built his brass man. ·Oif the 'c:Wculat.e Nan Chmg. . In 111]126 the famous brass man of .ssence)t Chi (Internal Energy)~ and.). ~t is said that he created the E~ght Pieces of Btotade 00 improve the heal till aims.Kung in .w'caJresearch! the emperee buUt a.gprracti. sueh as "Bao Shmn Mih Yao. Wang used .gstyle!s.. Chl. 8Y'stematJ:ca:r~y organ. a.D.7hn@ Sh. Wang dissected the bodies of 'prisoID@rcsan. .dples.e technology <is a cOrnldition. abeus thetJtliee t:reaS1l1l:les: Jiii!eng (lE.lere Stlilldy)by Ju Dan-Shi previded a theoretieal e:x:plana:1tio:n forth!e use (If Chi .D. When Dr.BefO'l'e this time~ . clarified many of the points ofron:fusion" and. '''Yeang Shean 'u':ie1. V'.t Yelilll rei was the creator of tbeir style.~fldwi'th aeating several intiemal Chi Kung ~et\.M'edicO". were unelear..J)I reseri.er.e:v.ure flourTh:s:h!e.eu~unell.ty (1][. w.OI~ "Yi F. Ab. differ. "Gel' Jyh Yu L'l!le~n:" (A Further Thesis o:f C::om:p. During the Song dynasty (960. sl!unmanzed thE: pl'ervious..ofa. Wang W@i.)~ many other CM KJu.m.d added more informa tion te the Nan Ching. tmg .pufittun~ and..27-1279.rn S@ng dynas.'l)lmers.ent a p:proach in its use of Chi K'Wlg than did.ang JyiJ~eh" (The Tiotd Introduetion to . book ealled "'IOrng Ren Yu Shlillili J'en Jeeu Twu..n. and.f the Ching dynas. anO!many peints which. order to eneeurage bl. eises and martial arts.Marshal YeuhF.d. . JEag~esty~e mam.h." (Illustratien of the Brass Mml. He explained there~atiom::hip of the 12 organs and the 12 Chi! channels.ei was. In lml4 A.eXJelldse8~ l'ru.erem.tsr-elafued to Chi Kung wete published.ption. tl'leatDll.agreeme:li1ts mong a 'them.for thefDil'sttime. th.A. Fr{lm.aoTIm!n emphasised Wai Dan (External Elixir) Ch.gl martial style Using Yi.mg).and ~8~ 1 A.ent ~€:mniqtles~tllil@:ife we:re many dw. Shem (Spirit). for peace . Dr.)~ .t!o.]onof Chi in the human body. With the support oftbe empe:ror~a..wed. o:ther Beupll.althoughtbere w.e:1Jl tm.g and.. The wellknowa ones include HWiJlIBuh Kung Criger Step Kn. He is alsn knownas the erea tlJ!r of thellilltern. Mmill.lnypublicatiiJons which discussed acupuncture theory" principles. 8hyr El' Juang (Tw.ese m.n.-VI. La:~et~ in the Southe. who w-rotethi.~ Chiang San-F.Ru.D. and. and bunt by [i[:.n~o Nourishil1lg the Bodly) by Chen Jih~. and...vi:og a clear and .D.s. were founded. thlspe:riod~ mml!yclotu~ me'l'll.eh.acupunctuxe 100cure the emperor Rem Tz. Mso in.el1 the Om rae!€!in the North req uested the brass man." (The Seeret Important Document o:f Body lPooteeUon) by '1Sa. Shaolm.Ji.e technology developed so mum that .e-ng is beRievea. Dr.

.~ Wai Dan.tbeiw minds and changed th. Elbllr is at hYJIothetical~ lii'e~ p:ro]o]]Jg~ ~9m ."Nei KWlg '1'w:u.Mo dern methods of ~(lI'mmtmica!tion. w~U give you. and improv8 itself. L Wai Dan.er~ throw of the Ching d:yn.l:e-riy secret d.ei8having a. KUXl. .- ofNeiKMg} by WalHg Ymmpf\esenmo the T\velv. 1911 and.ell knaW.IDarity througho.rso" which inelades all oxftbe vita]! ergans.r. $'tarted ebanging as never be~olre." and "[Ilan"lmea:ns "elixir. This Wail due to.ed the idea of ca-mb]mng bethmoving and sta:tionazy Chi lK!ung.Em.esb.m:Iilm: .s. Kun.as.~ow~rurung in. martial Ow Kung style~ Huoe Long Kung (Fire Dr'algllu. Many Chinesie have open!e d. Unde:rsrtand!:i." EdeTt. peeple nOlw have the chanee te .stigated witJIl. understand many diffe.study and and.IDm) isbelieved tehave been ereated by DOOIlg Hae-Chuaa late funiille Ching dY!l1a:sty (Hj44(-191l :A.a. During the Chmg dyn.~.moorna]i . It is an ancient science just waiting to be mv~.o1lls CM Kung sty~es are lili. am overview of most Chinese Chl KWlg practices.n.ythin.of research. 'rzUU. F. the en~Qur'agement and.e Chi Kung win be .sJ)fead in China.n (Internal Elixie).oeumentshave beenp~b]ished. greatinfi uenee on the! Orient.ch wid.in.e limbs" as. Categori@:s . and the Middle East.!lld here mea.g) was erested by the Tai Yang maliial sty~ists.ling ~ . had tneell.eir traditio'na] ideas..1 Gene:raUy spe a.o:m End.beeamewide. for th.'b~rna1.e:F aooien_.COording~otheirtraining:' theory and methods into two gel1leral easegodes. Korea. ex.eetjhan ever OOio.Slociety 'was StiUVI@ry oOl1lse:rvati've!and old fashiened. the foundimg of the ChiDlese Republ~e.n.peroy.g Dynas~yto 'Ulle Present the Before 19'11 A. peopleare now able to.e:rstand.ijideI'!ed the most ~ci!ting and chall!enging mield..n.z we ean do -tio speed up this researeh will gre.. Since this time Chi K:mng practice has entered.n Chi Ku~g pwadiees can be d~vided l3i.e Pieces of Broeade and €ocplliain.). have opened up Chl Kung to a mu. In.sty~f's.n:. ill believe that in t:he ne_ fum.etweentaem. opposledlto '!the to. eempare Chinese Chi Kung 00 $im~. [ntislIest of the .wian . Varl. Hong l{o:-ng.Manch. unx. a new era. Shwo" ([UustratediExplanatiotl. The w.ns th.gh Chiina.atlylbclpl humanity to Wld.~ Chmese .e.al art svyle Ba Kua Chang (E~ght TriwamsPa.sin the royrupruace" aa wen :asothers Qf mgb. the bel p of tJh.of Chrn. In the mate. With the ov. Even th(H]J. 14.~ty. U~XlOOn1aI Elbir)1 '''Wa:f' means "external or Gutside j.panding it~ eon t~d wi th the outside world fur the previous hundred years.D.e new teehnologjes DCilWher[[lg develo:ped at an almost exp~osiv>erate.of Chi.aJUiOI1I.ty~n.rMk in oociety.)~ a.lat' ~ from other OOUIil~ tries such as India~Ja pan.OW being taught ope]j[ly~ and man_ytQJ:"1l. especially in Taiwan and.M~]J[gdyna. the mdsidle world had little infl uenee beyend th~ eeastal regions. 1'h~s: sbleis. A. Because of the ease of eomm lUlicatioin inthe mod>emworld"Wes~e:rn cui tu:r-.martru.ooD. addition.e mst tim!!!.sty (arOllmd 1640 A.ut the world. the [!. Tibetan memtation and martial techruques.ng the diffeJl:'enc.Elbir) and Nei ne. popu.

d.s". most to underseand and praetiee.legs. TlIris~ the mainreasontheta ~ person who.t williJ!. if you want to prolong yo. The~e.g more cleady.l job. 2_:_smringskknes~ 3... UFe.. and then learn to protect .o:lst eM Kung abns f.a]]1.e:spe~ more diff~. N ei Dan.s. ill Wai Dan.aking·j Nei Dam the. We eanalse 'e~assiiir Chi KI!!mg into {'Om: maj:o:r categiUdes 8:CIOOrd- ~~g·to th..ignwI:l!IDtlnt or Buddlrua.iI"traii1l!jng..w. and the Mhdars who.edl.72~289IJ·~C.. Thws~ Nei Dan means~{!I build the' elixir internally. PUltill.by Meneius t .C. ieXiereises bW]jd. it..ssed dOWJllmor. the Chi will] flow through the chrulne'~.t utw. They on. reaehthie gl)al you need to be in . "NhentJlle Chi potential in yOW" limbs builds tOQ.tywill help you to understand tbelr Chi Kun.t~evels of Nei DaJ1~ such as Mano.mal skill.ed.~e~rieiSj' fu.ra.. yOW' armsand 7-.ctiees have been pa. ai1l!. Thls is .. Mef' thousands of y. ei1l!ia.~)'fthis multi-purpose aSp'ect ot tn. e:x.a .e were tiM) majoo:.F"ijiI' Thill Ta. In.ca.I!Ij[. CO'lIlmcian.Dls elbdl'. Peried.img B.KnolNi:ng themstory aDd basic principles (!If eaeh . they :Fonnd thaltthe .& ·t. rughenough levri~.~t is Tr3JditiOinalb. be mrn.oses.aUy healt.s.ls of scholarship" One ·ofthem was created by Cenfucius (5. eM 2.iKuag ~.w/Brain Washing~w hich werep'Qssed dO'Wl11i to only a few ·t:rUSOOd di:Mi ples!.t that the e'~ixir was :so:me-thlngphysieal whi.enJIjghtel1lment~ butw.g i1:ea1tTh1..e purpose or fined ~oa~ of the training: I.e highe. 'C.Ory is deeper.Jia.in.hood. Daa mea. the limbs .e.p . China before t-h.oSllpby L f3. altheughmaetial fight. ChlKl1Jm:g practice.eg:o.rg.. This is on~y a. Wh@reas in Wai Dan the Chi is built up in the limbs andthen moved imto the body.e Han dynasty.cult cia]]:yhue ofth.t~e bou.e. clearing . ~oi1l!gevityand . of the Nei Dan CmKrumg' pl'a._.eltdr' JlS in the body. (Confucianists).lLa!rer~ his pmJ.goGdl health and.. :WI'Mai tain. YOIll eoncenerate your atbmU. o _ Ge:nerali]y spe..es:s~ it eanalso Chi Kun\gfocQ:ses.Dan th.y woros 'ootbf!ir basie phnos!ophyaroe Loy:dty~ was popularleed and.aoo. th@ body and lead ~. practice hlspbilosophyal'le commonly ..kd:OIWnj. is gel'DJe:r.rr.ther.peri1nenmtioift. As you eN:e:rcise. y-oumMt tindthe .eory. an impmve yOtil' ·hea~·t. m'o~gbbl'lea. hlOiwever.. Nei Dan (In:ternal :ElixiJr) J )t :z Neil mean s il1Jlternaland .-c:uss their baekgMWlds 1I:"a~h.cb 'CJotl~d. pf\epaud from lIeFb$: Q.cat.eHxir in yom body.on on yom:' limbs.andno. secI\etlythan those 'Ilf the Wad Dan.gijna]]!y though. The people who .ears of :study and. . and ~ e·n:J.g 'eiffeetivelil. Wru .any ODtstrni£tions and nourishing the organs.nds u. lljpl eM in.~n a. Because ..hi~:r thaD semeene who sits areund all day~ / 'ing substance for which Chinese 'raoism have beea seal'\ehing for millennia.h. In other werds.Gr has a. main tain.than.51~479 E. HeN imtemaHy me!9ns· in the bodymst@ad of in the limbs.urish. knOIW hOowto 'CUl'Ie siekness..sthoo. sinee almost ev~ry style of CM Krmg serves mOR than one of the abov. be simp~€(IJ" 1ilom:s. works 'ijut. 8ehol.hllm the goals of t'he:~.eaJlth .) in the! Warring States.n\a.) dmingtbe Spnng and Autumn Period.chemicals pmified.hyfiea. inereasing' example.e L ! .cUce thls areealled Ru.

ughts so that the mind is ern. "ea.g o:fanotiler .~.ep.rs em. Tb.. .O.=:~ \ m@mb_:_/ m Cmtra:hring of tne seholass is canei.oughts.• tlIi". ifieru:-eaa distlU'lotffile r.entaJ]:ymd!.HWIlmrui.UJl[merutatbrn.:.11: eaned.be cOfisideHd schO:~.~s why the tramlattedl.cu:m.not oerur. want to avoid iUness.::: . and. and you feel m.€< lung..society.andpreV~Dlltffigmse.tion. h~~.e Ta.lou wrore a: backealfed "Juan!.eef1]l~miI!lld~ tbeir training foeused om regulatilllg' the mind.:skind.Rn cilyn.b odr.tivarte".Period.J~ wiU cause the Uver to malifunctiQio.o.of the.r-epmr. iB@f~ the Han dyntll:S.t'WY B ..dIDe\'3s. pari . and Peaee.~~· ar' 8.I. ~ .s:sic on tn. Humanity andlhium.~ ~ Theyb@Hev. stoongly. tha!t ~f you.~.rung of the kidDys mel hladder. many ~lIm:·e:ss@iSI". ~:.s. belaneed.h ~m:l. ._ H. .weve'tJ in. In order to reachthe ~a~ of aealm and.ar:sMp.a.._.tedbf lial[l 'Tzyy rl!lth€! ij:t..ty~KiD.u." Th@ret:olre~ th!8 schob~..es . Thists called -wegu. Thi. still.asty tr.~vereI.r .e 'i'Th.e~ans.. peaeeful. When you. Cbi. and it began grad ualWy~o be ·t:r€la. This is very cllffe.al"ly Taoism.he .." which meaml.1' 00 . and.@.ms&om can cause stomach WioE!n and inmge4ion .o Te Ching)i (Cla.g· b. F\I).eawand calm.) and was crea. you must learn to balance and relax your th.J~a philosophY haebeeerae the cooter . Lse C Tzyy is eonsidered to oe.tenance!ofhealth.ois:m hetrore the Han dynasty snouJd. They ool:iJev.of much of Glcinese eulture.ctidng .ed that as long as~h. wno~ Juang .1~~.selhoIDady.af mediitaJ.e eeeend major seheel of sebolarship was ealled Tao Jia (Taoism.m ffmlilllg8 are tine ~n subjects. '\Vhen aperson's J:l!lindis not calm.e organs win 1110\_mnetioll iIlOrnp::allly. 'dl..e<alth . The scho.mental and.tiS and e:motioml slows down.smp' emphasized rniailntai. eaused ~ .l111is.: .S'wdly. g. branch of sc.t.tedas af>811~ofJJ. 'emoUonally neutral. "'traio. . 0.ph.FiHal fiet'y. Sadne's..eie:nt Cbif!!eSle .'lI. rather than n~Hgh:m.a] Taoism was oomibin. the mrun.Jating the mind.e" d.etie:efuo. .bol.an.edwitilltbe Bcuddhlsm. ttMn~ mg is getting rid oftho. ~. the flo.lO!tmtdfuillot:i." which led to th.d~. hwin natw-aUylow .eKam. Th.Justioe~ Harmony.of :~..I1di.s.lIleeome eslm.~~.ed thaJr.. make sUonger..ey realized.. theH.':.emotional :seH~(lijn:wqL \Vhe:n you are \ thi:s. Th..(I flow w'(Il!. 'Ii:wit..e:mfom~ th.stFormg b~an. I t means 00 maintain iingood cond1. the: Chi tiOIil.hor of 8. be smooth and! sickness wOlilld.reO"t &om the 'Tao~st Chl trmm~gafteI' the Han dy:na~ty which was ealled "Liann Chi~" which~:s [. LaWfJ in 'the Warring Stat.tlh.tion can bethought of..s.of. Many of the Chi KWlg doenmea ts Vi/'!I:'mttell hythe Con:fu. :: Chi Ir.ase. a ttitude in Chi K1ung was to follewbis natural destiny and -n- ..asized. c.nm.r""8ruou Chi. "e:ulliti~ va tmg Chi" Sruon in Chmlllse means to NguJaoo~oo . En their st. WM ~.kind.t. j• With regard to their contribution to Chi ]&ung both schools of ~ <~+ scbolar.b1.SJ€l £hllEle thimgs wereregulated.€! Virtue of the Thol' which deseribedheman morality.Ru ..adi tiiIllD.ty~ 'Thoism WM tMUlidered 8.e: fo:rmin. as prn. win eause stagnatio:narmd t]ghtness in lb. Tzyy.em(Jt]ioo~ a at eseesses. and. t:: smooth~yand .aininga peaceml mind furoughmeditauQ'Il. imporled &om India. breath. and Taoists were limited to the mai[lf. 1)(11).!.w of tbough.' .and emotiena.ch of Thois.~1:. ve'ry cemmen in .':"U.mealilsW d!ri11or pr'a.' Liann ...m.

Tb.'tting (Dr . and study~ and quiertl_ypassed down the resul ts of their r. to' r.d in Chi Kung exereises.sO.studying Chi KUln_.scholar'liysQ.t ther.il plloimtmd.wait d!.ancient Chiness S(lciety~ mOiSt .calClli KUDjg ~ for EleaUng I:[Jj . Confueiaaiem and Taoism. ~Ejy believed 'that in ner to ~l1Icreaseth.te dliffe:oont ftomthat of the Taoists after the Han.and herbal trealtme:Jlt.t.till meditatio]].ro'1J!gh.mai~ tainhis health. w~re the two major seheols of scTh]. al"S Medi.e:xel\C1Silngtbe bod_y waS! more i_m.te the bodyj.t one'. and.ast seventy because of the Iaek of~od fQq}~ and .erm medical te~oliogy. m t is said :tr.octors 'have a dev. bu.eG!ge to ereate different sets of Chi K~g esereises either fOir maintaining health or fm.oo .5d and have proven tha t human ~ifieean be Iengthened and desWl)' cm be resisted. they were commOinly lnoked down .classes ill . the deetorsheve been a. and overcome.e w'el\e many other schoo~s which w~rea1s@l mere Or~e~\lH~ inv'olive.a.s.en'ty is rare. here bemuse there is onlya '~.doQ~on· dl. calm and peaceful mind was~mporumtfor n.ef't tl'ley continued 00 work 'bard.egu~.t'sMp in China. Com.rymuclring the: PO!lltie:[lIIt t's body. .h meansl'peace ~th heaven and .t .ater ThO. In addition} many Chinese doctors used their medical 'know. Of all the groups .dle:ir ~ .t in your destiay".~ you must move.lsts.cll'ltwa.Yll:ar.''(*3) wnile.mod.S destJiny eeuld not be c~anged.ruagJ1losis.e Chi cl~wlaj:ion.curing' specific illnesses.sear-.ty~ who denied tha.f the eammen people in ancient times Im. go~ the Chinese .eir efforts re8u.v. rugMy 'because tliJJeym.o~~ 3. dyna.e. whim was eonsidered eharacteristieot' the lliow._OO~ ed.. Deeters werenet rega.esttn_y.llim]. ii 2.rain.A1ltnough the .]. Tbey leamed th.tw'enty means dyi[!lgyoul1Ig.er. IJUmugh a..portan. should Wlderstand. "one hundred and." You..00.ed.successful. who said. .ted number 'Gll Chi Krumgdocuments frem these seheols.ealli.J in China. in the human body about fGtl~ thousand .e ~. thaf few o.) S which means. a. Chinese merUClal doctors believed.pare this with thephiloso:phy ofth. medieal seienee.tih..eveloped.t@d in aeu puncture ~a..s.Ciety~ "Ren Shann Chii 8hYT Gnu liliai S:hi~ "(*2) w1licb means "in human Hie sev.p.ed that it 'ispossihle '00' t.h.stT-ongiE!r~and.ou She:nn Shy Mllllg.eybeliev." They be:li@vl.tion.s. and "Sh~. Thispb:ilosophy is qui.c1eligh.mind~ QndoreathiIIIg as the seaolaes did w~s :not enou:gh~o cure sickness.1' Cav:ity Press ma~sagej." (*4) which meens "cultivale the body and.ade their .cu:pressure 0.t :it the lo~st Since the discovooy of Cm .ated amajj or portien of their eRorts to 8tudyingthe behavior IJJ<{ Chi T. YOUlX Chi to make U .d. We 'Will not discuss them.: ''Yi Bae lEI!" hyr Wey Jy Yeaut"(*5. t:ha~ doing' omly $]. How:ev.empell(ws mspected the seheland were affected by their philosophy.Ciety.ext€!ndyour ~ife. ~tisalse said: "An Tian Leh Ming.enm :i@UoMnggene:r-a:MoIlls.~.

similar principles is c~~!e. SOi. Herbsand special dietsare also oo'nsider.owto k.s]]. or €lY'en ~ operadea. is anyphy.eoos!'!ia.sieal problem.cti~g or increasing 'the normal Chi c:ill:'ewa:tion.e}l1£!l'>c.ese nwvmnenUi were nofuunUke the ones used to maintain health. preblems. tio:n Chinese docilors reseerehed until they {orundwhieh mOV1emenu oeuld hell? cure partllic1mar mnesses aed 'heaID.ey also realized that s.pOOSSUN tr.e p"OOb~em.ent~ overtiime~ thl'lm8!mm@ 'wm be damaged.vem@nts are similar to the way in wh.torce the nermal fi:m. A typical! wen lrnown set 'of such ex:erei$es~s "Wuu ellyn Shih/' ('~. 'ooITe. They -rea.Eight Pieces. h. . and. .When an.ocaOle).~ so. C The:. 0111.ever~ if the sjcbless.pecific body mnvements oould inerease the CM . to the level of Chi :stagnatiJOn and there is no pby. Ma]JIY docters d.also be 'used to treat specilffic illI!l!E$sesand to r€'. It :~sjust like ranninga maehiae wii.i usil1lg their medical kn. Th. as we'ffi]!asspEldflC J a.ry The treatment Itiom.y Hlinesses aile caused hy unbalanced CM. be aeupuneture.\'Vhen Chi :is~oo positiVl8 (Yang)1 Or' tOfi D€'gatTIive {Ym)m a spe£-mc organ's Chi cham1@l~ ~~Glurpfiysicalli o'rgan is begTIinfiiog to suffer damage.aratall1l health and cwe siekness.or al of aru.ev"'E!n before theile.t~h..ised p[lope:rly got siekIess often. im. ~g. their 'bodies degenerated less quickly thanwas the ease with peop. was a soldie:rratThler than a doctor. mterest~ngly enough.e~em£tinct~ {liverthe years that we havebeen separating OUI'~' selv'€lsftom nature.ctiOfi~ngof these: organs.Ji'l]l]]l Cbiam.best wa:-y to heal .th.3 8:pecific treatment ~. . has become eritieel and.affected.s. Not.e hi circulation.tianm specific organs. We humans have ~o:stmany Ilf tb.en ts mregula ting the CMmthe ~od:y. It was eftEl~tedby Marshal Yeuh Fei wha.e .t ..balal!lce eentinues to'r a.tb.meof thes e mo.di.tioflll and 'trea. Another famous set based.djust and balance the Chl. sifioem. Part of thls instinct ~s eoueemedwsth hOlw 100' buUd.loing' p eriad oftime ~the organs w:~nbe . If you do not oon'ec~ UD.mg lost.a.cam organ dOO1!lflige~the ChjK:u~g eseeeiseeused formaintmning health can be usedto fit!iaJdjust the Cm lcircula.sically dama.an.As long as the ml1l.. ABNORMAL CHI C~IR'CVLA:TIo.moojeal pr.. the Chi balance and! eireulaeicn.p in 8L patient's bo~y~ thet>e is mst an abnormaUty in. ·of ]3r.ow]edge af Chi cirC]llat~jon. is aheady iSO serieus that t.evemoped Chi Kung exereisee which were modeled a:ft!i3'rarumal movleme:nts to m.ed. It is clear that in order folt an animal to survive in. and.~oWd.!!!illld.eatments. many of'th. -13- .aiCltioethat people who. How.le who just sat around. Chmeis~e deetoss believetbat befbre ph_y.ed important tr-eatm.he physical organs have $Ii<arie.clrcula..N IS THE VERY BEGINNING 011'1 ILLNESS AND PHYSICAL ORGAN D'AMAGE.SIOmeO:A@ is 00 . suriP.llich certain animals MO'VI€:. and may bepby.ess is limited. the wild.d "Ba Duann Gin" (The! .the 1iiJlOlj. to fail.oUi.~.or ~ acu.V1e . up Its Ghi..sicru damage to!Qn organ sbowsu. UleD th.risillgly~.'f~ this that these e~:rcises .n.. heFibs.re.eep its em from be.supplying the proper eiectritru 'Cl. instinct fO.lW:'t.'r how to prated its body.~ it must have all!.. that oirgan win malfunction Oir degenerate.JIttHlctur. In O1li!dd.Animal Sporb) ereated by Dr. TheJ1eftJ.s.e sitblauol1l.

tbe' M usd. 'Tbese ehii KlID. They realized that theiIJody's Cm lcire:wiation .clumge~with the .ofmed_:_icalChi KUI!!!g'. MgsJe:~e!Thlil.. .atutE! go.e aremamyreporlls that they funetienmere effieiemtJly.C~ Caneer (1ffi. wmm j• to energize.a to hel pthe body out dluin. In. ][['!I. er.the~h!ol1.aill the 1 Ul"[l]jgS have to ad8l. Y'Olumay feelp<li~ in thebaek.solll. Kung .f*itH Over . '\Vlllle this adjustmentm going on" the Inngs Me s1!lsceptible W.eir h. 00 lasd ..ebeen.f you may heve diarrhea.bin .3:.a~e e:ffie:~eIlley.e devlelop. 'CUl't1!: clUlI.e m2!JW illnesses. Ther. the meditators ereated a :set of movements can he used 00. For examp~:e> beeause the kidneys are stressed.additlon~mrul.'Usellies. geed id@.t only ~m ]lOO.tmn.orU:~ IChi W help or even ow. \Vh. them Mariial Chi. Sirruoe then~ mans mama! styles ha.oer is.no..).Ylol!!1are brea.themselves~ SQme Chi Kl!Ing~ac'l1. They nOOieedalso that in.it~. TafuwMI..le..).fur Filhtiq Chiaese martial Chi Ku__ng wasp['iobahmy not devleJ!...S'D tbe tem.v. tM!t they oomlid. New Chi Kung fij. SbaoUll menks trained Da Mo's. and ''ifuiwrut.of canoor.m-st ap'plied W' themmiaJ arts.ew. uleers and asthma. the Shaolin ']1em.stem is also adiecred!. Chi Kung theorywa~ .t also grearlt1!y incfiease the pGw'e:t'lof their mama] tecbiniiques. For e:x:am.b.JiomIt. thee Chinese ChjKung jOl!l!mak One hookwhieh describes th!8 U5:e M CThli.o Ma1t.€: IIIiiI. emstoo'Oance.p. they :iouod.Kung to.riadie aajlustRae[l]jts.tlbe! mind 00) is IWsed.m C hanging Cla ssie in. induding eaneee Man3f eases flavle been mscl!a!Ssed in. ~g .v.Ody's aJdjustme:nt.YDasty (502~557 A.g .thand later were alse used f.6. Chi Kung exsreises have hsen sbowlil to be effec- tive in tooaful.c:Mm th.w !curing s.ealltib. during seesenal ehangea.~J'1.l.p.opedl until Da Mo Wf10te .~~ many people whe were not doctors m:Sio ereeted sets . The aver.v. ][:986..p~eduringtb» L~.. The theiory is 'Viery simp1e .s:ociety.esB:.ehl KWDig exereisea designed '[.sands of yiea~s olf obs:erviog natllreandi.g eertainkinds .cy of tn. Chmeiile Y(Dp PwlbUcatio:ns.aJ]jy uses his mtmoWes at tmder 410% mmmum (>1.ge:nel'. popw. can often.jm.JI: ).Y martia1 styles.gth€!!1)ry.onet$ we:!ilt eveD deeper. FbI' example.1ir~atue . ilt was used to :mcr-easethep{f\.adder w:m.e.ed Cm Killmg sets to inereasetbeir e:ffec~ 'tThvlen. Your OlJl'II!€!tirbe may inerease.. bo.the healing rr.s.s down~ Y'GiUJ:' kidneys and.e:a]j. IJ.gd. so yonr bim. In addJ't.e mlUSiCte'B .don ChangiQg Chi Kung.s-peed up the b. SOl per.(11 speedup . each season different orgmlS have charaoteristic problems .g)s may :fe@lunco:mforiahllie and yuu WalY cakb oolds eui~y. certain.elTend'Oi.e'r aDd e:ificiJen.U"and. based! on Chi l{W1. Recenlt_iJy inbothmainland China. b~.eailted.g esereises wi]]! be introduced! in a! latervolnme.D.. . WheD. lFocw. 'I'heae sets WBl'te:p:mhably orig:inaUy cl'Ieate:dlto mam. Martial ariistsha. st. be cured 10'f' bel ped 'b!y' some simple exereisee. Is a.img on these seasanal Chi disorders. Your digestiv!e sy. by Veh lifing.~ played a llIlaiio['rco~e in Chmese Chi Kung .reYellliM eure the sickn~ss.ill YE1JW1F.m the begirmirrug of F. dle eelderair that.h.e. meD.fn.t to.Ji.ekness .t Pireventmg and.gthesepe.av.an to give yQutoouible.~elasOOlsjand that~t.p:rofuss~Q:ooTII. b.vetih.

e:x. also.train so that he can strike the cavities aceura lezy andto the correct dep. Bu Shan) or "GoMen Ben Cov...hlea1th. disadvantage.y les whim use Wai Dan Chi Ki1!1Dg tr. ShaJl)linKung' Fu is a.er" (Gin Jong Jaw).al Chi Kung practices wMdl~ aUhDug~t~ey build up.. when an .g Vess.etition.easehls. the: practitioner must understand the Nlute and gm]ingof the eM eireulation in the human. pooblem. and therefore mcreaseathe effect.any marti. injury or even d.' Internal Martial Chi KillIng is based: on the tbeoo:y of N ei Dan Unt.and.in the limbs to 0001'wnate with the physieal martial teeh_niques. t:llilefleare.cr.m Chi Kung.de structi y. .ely.ghspecial ezereises.t~s why it issa~d "Shaolin ··15·· . m. typw!Cal.erna~ Elixir).hnique. wmch .actitianer ge·ts older.urb. e h will be aMeiio energitzethe muscles.azing .amp:rueo. He. In ordl.crn1l11g s.ting Cavities) '0'1' "IIIim Mak" (lPoilntiln. Howe'Ve:r. In this training.i Dan maroa.Fufoom emma! to interaal.els).bL Th~s Inereases muscular stre. Tb.a:~.s.nial aru. Because Wai Dan Chi Kung E!mphaS:~Zlesrn-airung the e:xi:ernru museles.the enemy's Chi flow and .lwb~ tbl'\ol!l. big)h level of external Uhii Ku_ng traimng he will start training' ~ntemal Chi Kung. An e'Xmnpme of'tihis is Iren Sand Palm.energy dispersion" (Sann.f a ..st reaches a. styles (Ying Kung).s (Wai Ku:-ng) 'Or' ha:!l:'id. lin erdertc do this. it ean also harzn your hands and afIect the Chi circulation in the handsand the in ternal organs.sty lea hav.8. They ean be :r-oughly .g ~:s oommonlycaHed "Iron Shirt" mea.pedaUzes in .eff@ctiveness.e power.8l'18 aM.g. Ohi to them useles effiecti1r.efuoreach even moreadvancedlevels. useful for fightiI.. Kung . tillel'lefo:re.al sty~es e.If one can train his cencsn tratiorn. artists learaed to attack speciic areas. are called.tllng . there is a.. MartiaJ. which wem based on Chi Kung' theory.mvide dl into . mcr.rybetamebe.Elb:iw) Chi 'KWl.e martial Chi KUlJllg pralctices help hoimp'I1o'V€! the ]If'a. "Dien Shluh.w the theory of Wai Dan (External .ail]. Dan CM Kung cam help ·the martial artist increase his.es!ileavity strike techniques.of the mart-ial tec. As ampunct. Th~ can cause a . 'ha.!. some special s'k:m whim ].. Tbe eoneentratedmind is used during' ·the!Emercl81e's to e:ne:rgizllllthe C.mphasizebuUdmg· Ch~. s Kung) wh@n. such as vita]. figh." (iPG~IIJJ.st. otheirmarti. be used. use his swong Vi (the :m~nd gen ~ erated fmm dear dlin_k:i:ng)to~ead.g.~nce the' 6th century.es.h caused.th.stile whicll uses We. internal styles.~l.eath. bod_y. which usually gm1!€ra.piil:loblemcaned .enabUngthem to lIes. it can.8]50 dlamagethe praletmt~oneI'·~s.~st 8 bh:llw without ~nju:ry.tter Ulnderstood.ure:theo.er·deyelopmen t.s. In tThlis meshed. TIley follo.. Alt:lliu).e:rto remedy this.external ma.ea:te wmbala:nces whic. This tra~nin.the :pr.e:Klte:rn. aeupuneture eavi ties.iv-eness .oos CM in the . The :ma-rtial 8l1t. power.extemal.ngth slgnifica:ntly. to a bigher level and. to di. Most of th..~. figh t~ng teehniques W. AlthoJUgih this training cam build IIlp am. Chi Kung can. Chi is generated in the body the lenergy ruspersiOln. cause 'i).also has to. The . and.ughWaJ. to train the body 'ooloosist pW'1~hes aDd kicks.e been cveated .ing are normally called external style. Chi is]ed to ene:rgiiieU1!e skin 9:ndlthemt1sc:~.er's neal th.

€: cycle of cOr.:rnateaRer yow:r death. The tw-ainirrugand.be Of she should al.e internel sty~es are from soft 00 hard. They are IQokii. "th.(ll learn. eh u. Please refer to t:h.e :future l:"MAA iliJJ~d. six d.g.OUgJl.~t:i.ay to lift themselvee above normal human suffering·.~ sidellOOl. and Hsmg YL However.cMevethis..in your mind.dely studi..d.g book s:Ell"i'€Sli nan 'I' II t. once an internalmart~ala.oontury t!llat it has been revealed to laym.ntaQ'" 'OPPosites. focus of~ra:i:ni!llgwas ori.'hiKiUJp.ca.s.o'netsha:ve dJlwe~!QiP tra]i:ro. many pMts.1. U . state yOItt' millldis ce:nter-edl and clear and yOju.<l by-product of the training. They be~i. theory of Nei Dan martial Chi :Kung is much more difficult than those .v'lm emoa tiona and.€! s~.l in.ed ili. In th." Se'll!E!r:a.easin. Chi 18 the state iOf liI€ut-rmity whiehprecedee Ta~.l. 'Wbel1l!. and y01!. Good health was OO[fi.e:vet. In ollde:r to lead Chl. although Chi Kung is w~.oo. The main purpose of theirtrru_ning is stri "ring for e:nltghteIilm@n~~ or wbat t~e Buddhtsts r.s. reinearna- \ -H3- . practi t. be le:p. and IS ealled "Wu Chi Chi Kung. the teehniques m ust be soft: and." Re~igious 4:.h CMKun. Interested readers should. especially Shatnghaiand Canton. ties Chi KlIlng. (J.€! ceasions use mlls>C. In CMna~ religious Chi Kung includes ma. It was . the highest: aceomplfsh- me:[gju.ou. feeHng.f' Chi ~s.rb~dy relaxed.g' ~ for "EnJ!ighternlteD'tt '01" . and this Chl is then led to the limbs to increase: powe:r.esirel$. you should understand that even t~e internal ma.eswere ereated in 'tn. .inly Taoist and IBuddh~st ChiKJng. Jing.al teclmiqUi{!8.ther thanhealtb.s. Uti Ho Ba Fa. 'the lunbs. Chi>~Thlch. able to flo'wnaturaHy and smoo:thly and reeeh the proper balance by itself.Eliot ntil this centlllry u that the heal tb aSIDect ofmartial Chi KWlg started.n.ts and. Wu Chi Chi Kung has becomeve:ry popular :In.ngfo:r a w.IJIfWffi martial Chi.ternalmattial sty[. must on SOID.B'uddlitahooo Beligious Chi Kung.ing w hieb ~.~€n you a.g fighting ability ra.!!Ity~e$are "fai Chi ehillM~ Ba KiI!1<'l1.a minimum .IJtinllal reincamatioD.e last 'ftfty years" some of 'the Tai Chi Chi Ku~g or 1'ai. soc'~ety~ the.tern.Martial Ms. th. ltusedl to be ke:pt secwet~and it is only in this .but it yOill can st~ll your mind you ean return to the empt~njess of WillGhl. Chinese mama]. w h~!c. soft 8ty~es.inssead of the limbs. That ~s why it :is said.gi[iJJaJlIlyaID! mcr.CM Kung and .. O'f China. main. rcefer tathe author"s book: "Advanced Yang Style Tai Chii Chu.gb not as popular as otheeeategeeiee in China.dilere are· th. This is especiaUytl'ue inthe internal martia~.a:o. isooo@igmzedasiTha:ving achieved. receiving gI"eater attent. arts.@:pt.. Therefore.~.e~e:emetiens and desires. how to uSleha:rder" morn e}l.ef@r to as Buddhaheod. you.eJ]J.avmd. can see t~at.Thlat ll h wnan scruffering is eaused by tn.musch!! usage must.p ~ ''['aj Chi TheQiryand.hare commonly . Ch~.e Wu udan:g andE'rmei Mou_nmim. degree: of compe:ten. thorU.rtial styles.ii'Gn.of all tiThe C.YOlil are st. Kung. and to escape from tn.ar e strength. Tai Chi. Th .s ma~lilly fur ed.. Y. heslth.t to..." Wu. which means "no extrem:i..c€! in internal Om KU[D:g. is the state of complime. whiile fighti:!J!g.j. Popular .st has achieved a. 'WiJlrein.iU bound to th.caned.~i Kungcatepries.ere :~sYinand Yan.

TQ do. This Chi Kung ean be. Faa)" or Sma. -17- .. heavily in thistr.ere a]ready in existence during the lILiangdynasty (.). Yang. Only then could. the physical body be energized effective~y.bebuJi. degree.). very high stage where it is strong enough to be independent after your death.arts until the late Liang dynasty (5.-905 AD. Buddhists" the Chinese Buddh. cla. an 1-5.D. A Brief History 01:"1'8i Chi Cbll8n Chi theory and.sh~ng Chi Kung" by Dr. Li Tao'F'2:U"and len Li-Hen were. building up the Chi mfuern.clefTendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Wa. the same prineiples to become the thr. basic p. It was these people who eventually revealed the secrets of MarrowlBra. teaehing similar martial techniques. where they 'can concentrate (if their energies on self-eultivatien. The internal s. the solitude of the mountains. Tai Chi Chuan belongs to tb.elops the muscles". to a. it was found 'that Sheu Hsuan-Pin. build up. Post-Heaven Techniques (Hou Tian. Later.Ms training' is hardto do in the everyday WQrld.Jea n Tian).g.g 51o.@a:thof the IIhysieal body. 00. in order for the physical body to manifest its maximum power." The external sty lesenergize the m useles in the limbs with Chi so' that they can manifest thei:r maximum strength.rinci ples w. 1101 A.bout this training.or "intemal.. the body must remain relaxed and. a higher energy state. 'I'ibetan Buddhlsts were alsio involved.ty:~esbelieve that. tlris.zong era (c. This re:Jl.o.D. If you are interested in knowing more a. few priests who had reached.ty {713.502~55'1A.g" Over the last two thousand y.endy nee sacietyand move into. strengthen their internal em.JiglOM strivin:g to. Chi Kung' were not applied to the Chinese marnal . This spi_rit will €Inter the heavealy kingdom and.]} Nine Heaven (Shea 1. the Chi.em:-s. This 'tra:~nlng used to berestrieted to only a.). soft. Their training therefore iocu:s. to nourish their spirit (Shen) until this spirit is able to survive the d.mal peace. you may refer to: "Mus.the TI.ss:ifi. Kungpractit-ioners J'lejectthe rigors of this religious strivin.g. Re~jgious Chi Kungp. T. They were ealledl Thirty-Se'Vien Postures (San Shih Chi Shih).waI'd enligh tenmen t or Buddhahood is recognized.Th. Mm:row/Brain Washing Chi Kung' training' is necessary to reach this: stage.aUy.)~ and were being taught by Han Goong-YEmht Chen Ling-Bhii. in the Tarng dynu. as the highest and most difficult level of Chi Kun. sopracti tioners freq 1!l.02~557 A. Many Chi.tion. you must train your spirit to reach a.ists~ and the Ta. and Chen Hi.ainin.ed on circulating and.ely for the purpose of ~ongevi ty.ilst have followed. such training also dev. It is said that Too Chi Chuan was created by Chang San~Feng in the Song Wei T. and practice Man:owlBrain Washing eM Kll. It is also said that techniques and forms with the same. the most im portant thing was learning how to circulate and. an advanced level.ed as. eit~e:r"external" .is internal category .ractitioners train to. N aturallj. where the spirit vesides" and raise the brain.D.ee maJor religious schools of Chi Kung training. It enables them to lead Chi to the forehead. gain €lEe.1 .in Washing tothe outside world.Ul.

~ ~.@ the top (If the p.:i':-... bushel offood.B~ -~~W. 1.e .•. T:zu MNn: "Chang . seV.-'F1eng was his nickname. .I· D.el 3.. Used to trn.g Wil.:g. Baud. WU.whim had. '•• A. !~ •. SUe]lI(M6!O A.. 'he . L~k. ~ Br ~...at keep bimse:W neat . . thebaek of the head.?:t~..r. . his hand.F6fng" from.Ofll.n.vel to e..M.w:m €.DEi~· (*S}.esto .ys ora.. Ueu Dong Yi oou_n:ty~Named Cbuan~Yi. Large €al'S and round ey.E'Jl Hua .en 'with 3.san~'.o.€f!ll':.~.~ •. it••. IU =..·-8~.~lFe!!1.. Som.~ _. in tlle So:n. had a ttmt.d in the MinI' dynasty in Ming Lan Yin Chi Sboll!lLei Koo! "Ghang the Immo.JiWl~Bao.g' Sa:n-.s rebe wi:Dilier or stmlm.. aro-und....£ew mon.t..~4~~••.1 .·~m •. .e beard. }iJso named . spea.•~m-M•.. (arnund 1939)1. u *L..t (If the ICFedit. Chang San.es.. A piftW'ie was Idrawn. thousaad miles.eI!l:~EHmpestures.Jen Ren' {a J bamhloha.Nan Moo.e :2i4th year of Htm:. and seta messenger 00 look for h~m but he eoolcm't be :f:ound. At m. 1-1)(*9). about Chang .tlfilT. and by whom '''rai Chi Chuan was.a:t a.elwre was m inscriptlol'!l from the empero:r henoring Changas 'Toll. At da. QW'a:-!Ile'sbalCk.~'{Lb.rt31~ named Jiu. ~~' t:t ·J2. . aadmustaehe wtl(fe' straigh.g&· . also named ehuarn~YiJ nieknamed 8huan~Shuanj also caned Chang 1La]l'~Tar.X~ . priest".~. ~m~i1i!q: .SanaFi'leng" hehss rereivedmos. because if is weretrue.t gienui:ne 'Taoist w h. m.. mm ±.~Z. Ca~trav.~. Eleh. bad a. 'rh.g) dreamed Emperoor YIUe:n (the first Gin empemdtaught mm.:atv@sas if :nobody ~.A ~••~ -. Theaccu.s.e:reatedL Because there is mere ftlrmal hlsuwy retarded.n-lB01li. Wei Si. . .o!r won't IIll'atfor several da. f]y!}jU!.) he v]JsitJed Empel'lor Mingo Y:iJng TUlng.s. . be couldn't come. lInfi .-~ HZ~.g dynastYj was a Wuudang Thoist.moned h1m~ but the read was bloeked and.g WQwd have bee:n at ].engj.racy of ·these aeeaunta is questiona'ble~ Sli irt ~s no. Lei Gi Wang Jeng.s cm]Iya.· '* ~.A· .~ JJ. .miit_ t: +~•. "(*B) I twas alse reeard!e. elean. furple faee and big S'ooma..:t[\ea~ly known when.fi!itt1lf1:t l 'e:fflA· . 1. ~-tl~m: m.de.east 500 rem's old at ·tflattim.ght. (Wei Tzo. Because he rud n.r tassel Wear." (~~ (*'1). ISong' Emperor) . In.sum.~:y .j:.tl~ • (*9 1 )..lldltmg with his ()!i!c:~ples. "Cham. 1~E!~:lit ~EE . long like a. In tn.D. W~i Tzo:ng I(a.i_mpleoottage and Uved insl.B~.bave tim wit[!l people.u (thelru:rst Ming emperor) heard of his name.~~~~~R· ~ .:~.. ••. Accoirdimg to the hmtocica~ reoord N·an. a~so ealled Cba:mgLar~Ta:r (Sloppy Chang) He was ta]~ and b:ig~ shapedHke a turi1€. Ming Tai T:z. Jt S~. T.wn.kiUed a hundred! enemies Thllybimse:~f.. martial teehniques.tI:: BZ·q~~~~·.iiJi .ths. a:-ndi... Built 8.ereeerd is suspeee.ofinally dieerimina tesand dearly und!er'stands much.and."(*'1) AlsoJreoorded in the MiDg bist~ry Ming 8Mh Fan Gi Cmwan:.m~~. the ·tmrd year of Tian. ~.

w Style· was created. relati ves.. his Chen. Then. The Old style wa:s· carried on by Chell Chang-Shenand the. Chen Hwai-~u.e learned from the Taoist .g Soun~S.em and Chen Hwa-Mei. Yang Lu-Shann passed it down to his two sons.styles. in \':eh. Tbe Tai.n Ton-J 0111 Wen COlllnty~ Cban. Later. Ken. This OM Style is called Thirteen Postures Old Form (Shih San Shih Lao .Figur-e 1-1. He saw a magpie fig-bung a snake. and.Jiah). You~ and Chiang Fa in Hebel. divided into. Other records state that Cbang San-F'eng's techniques W'8r.. Chl teehnh:J!ues were passed down and divided into two major . Ne. ·The Old. both of Hebei provinee. Another story tells that C'han. and created 'rai Chi Chuan.g was an ancient hermit meditator . pIv.-YUD. Later:. the Old and the New Styles. Cbe. Yang Ban-Hueand Yang Chien-Hue . his Tai Chi outside of his family to. Chien-Hue passed the art to -19- After Chang San-Feng. Yang Lu-Shann and Li Bao-Kuai.. Henan.n San. He alsc p1assecl!. passedthe art down 00. by Chen You-iBan.hiin Hai Yen.h ~.g SanFen.Fon Yi-Yuen. had a sudden understanding. Tai Chi was then passed down for fourteen generations and. Gi-Mei in Shyh Ming" Wang' Tzong-ye'u. Style sueeessor Chen Chang-Shea then.. there were Wang Tzong in Shaanxi . southeen and northern. his son.rvince. Cbimlg' Fa passed his art to the Chen family at Chen Jar Gou (Chen Village) in Hwai Ching County.

~ n~DS _s1!t@m is . .actl_£e and grow. it win offe.ned.el'leis CM in yoUiI:' body.nd.t1ll'ruly~ ~tis impllSsible' to diseussalfof the basie Chi lEW.!I1edthe Wuu. of Ohinese Chi Kl.KlIlIIIgto. Wuu.4 Chi Kamg Theory Many people think tha. 'The basic theeryand principles-are tbe roots of the entire .he Ch~ lr. .sysmmin."I!Icip~. . Ktmg' tbeoryand praetiee of a "am.g' sty~es.o00 imulTe thaltthe eireu~.~en you. Ya:ng. yon.n.aginetihat y.ed his rut from U style and.iliCb.and . All .u. Thi Chi Ch.atio. y'lJUtr eM .. and if iitdid. 'CibJi :a:-Il.. it wou]]d. d In. Hmwe'V.m.system and the other pans o:f y·out body work:.ead and tillable 001.style Tai Oh. Als o.one thing: regan1iless of haw dMficu:rnt the Chi.em Kung' praetiae:. T y. AJso~ Chen Y~u-Ban passed his New S'tyle 00 Cbin Chi[D!g'-Pin who c:ooated 11sao Bae StylJe.ting in it..ati~n is smooth and s. If you understand the.h~. Heh W. pj~. foundi. be doing~ bu talse w by yoo atil:'\{! doil1lg it . s~gna. . S~yl€ Tal Chi Chuan.@a:r!lleid the Old Style ftom'lang Lu-Shenaand New Style from ehen Ching .dples.Wu.t Chi Kung is a di:ffieu[t .en Style. U 'is a.. :y'!01I1 MIl. a weUknown W-n Btl1le. can make youw body feel too. Ch~. ehun-Tn ~@am@d. Su. wishte k_nowmore albout thet'heory of Chi Kumg~ please refer 'to! 'The Root of Chinese C. maintain and ~mFrove your .hen you.fr-om Ya.. T from Heh 8ty~e and created Slu.l!ng..health.dy called Yang Styh~.For eX<!'lmpte. and you.-Fu.ei~Jinn oibtain. 'Yomknow from..suibjeet~(!Icompreheed. be ab~e to grasp the key to thepir.cular style are. However. have energy eivcWaJ.tive (too Yin}." Ya1'f!g Sha:~Huo and Yang Chen. .lLi 'VJJ. but it can be felt..s~' reets.e~ pa&n1" You mtght answer that it IS because.youhiav'e a. Have you ever thou.that.ll'1I.of the Chi Kung styles originaoodi frem th@se mOlts. With 'true kno:wledgeas a. Yang) or too neg.ri't funetion.m-. and erea®ed WUlI!.macbil'lle~ and. Without the CUlfllent themaehine is d. l 1.ufoody cafJIJrult be seen.our skin" 'that area . must unders~and.~e~ ria]. This branch oCTal. . However" yo~ must Ul1Ide:rst.r. Chi! Chuan is popula. En. requlremene !~\or~UiE!." 'but eaeh one bas b~oi8son1!ed ifferently.nervons .short section.l tothe brain.gdeas in i sueh a.n. y't(~u feel pain.l.enlL{ij!_h~ hmg :~.inclt y.o. N a. positiv'e! (too. .e.€:teunderstand not on~y w ba t Y'IJU should. This Cm..u'~Jear. If yo.trong. w.e~n. the basic thooryandp.~y.r old garden.1.is the eurren ttbat makes it mo. your body wMch peroe'ivI~is th. discussionsthat CMis el1lermr.. this seetion wewill discussthese bssic theories and p:rin.mll'~Je and.uan.€!'mootbf! spadous~ fO'lrr tincmsal'ld ye.tt Man ~n erder to use Ch~.D!.on.stbe key to o~n the gat.seme ways.his tWIO' seu]!!.UM.esaTe 'Vel1" sj. Ku!l1Ig"b~y D. Yu-Laml. you must knowtlhat tn. lm. created Hen.1JJg Beri-Huo and started.€lpinch a.runeti.ght.li'o~. previou:s. be aM. sends a.oor physilcal body is a.r beginner."bow do I fe..eillf all oft})e CbiiKu1l. remain the sa. how it cireuletes and what. you can d!.a. pmch )1Iourse]f. there ismeee to ilit tihaifll. this is true.a. Style and created Li Style Tal Cbi Chuaa.is the eD8'r'gy whim makes the nervous .

oo.ese Chi KUll.lared! .einternal organs.ay in a regulsr cycle.ggo.th~y~and yon m ustalse earn how to build up an abtmda~t S~~ire of Cbi.gl~t vessels.l!f mood. medieine.ated to the organ j.. Y'(l'1. Whentbe Chi in the eight reserveirs is frnl and strong. wTh1~.o'th@r~and. the Chi in the rive:rs is strong and.s divided! into two categories. understand that every channel has.any of these twe:~. the C..vechannels o:r rivers. In order to keep' you. function. when the Wrea. be hea1thy~ and . willhe regu.ce.trength.evelorp. Furthermore. and also. between 1l. the food you have eaten. The e~. healthy boclly.snm nlated andtbe Chi fte:]d is disturbed.stem.g W1d. to the in.. ViilThlen..ula. body) andmanffssts pOWEr or strength rextem.l bo~ is classified as Yan.r example.y d..nl<ll' eM flow s. ]lines!!! ms. Ewould.rself thy" yo'u mustlearn how to managfl these two CM efficiently so . body can function.ch often referred! to asthe are ferent. the Chi cir.at The Chi 81trnngth in 'the different channels.Mlll.gJing Chi OOng Chl)( whim is . Ym 18th!'! root iI1l:d source oftbe HEe which animates the Yang body (physiea:]. to ]jrroteet you from =egativ. the Chi in YQut y i.s such as cold.if~ extraormnary vessels.our liver enann. fl'lom one pe[$OilJi to anoehee. and at an. there is stagaatien in . that the human body has a . The twelve channels are like riven w hieh dwstribui@ CM.es and. Mana. tB In a'rdeur toll:rua.and eveiry ehannel is d. andte intarpret th.cu~afu()ry and iWrage s. Chi is elassified as Yin because it can only be fel t. the IIbysica~.: em menifest a lot of power or strength.AM and 1 P'M the em. vrh.x sm.efficiently.~u must learn how ~€~ptbe Jihi circulating in y:our bod.te:r.. Chinese doeters diseevered lom:a.eTh MIl be afunarm.:Iy.ve a strong and. while the phys~ iea. other disturbances.gjng Chi iiisthe energy w biehhas been sent to the organs so that ~'!J can fundion. its partic."in ypur body. prop@rlly and. conneet the extremitdes (fingers and toos) to tih.'·o.a]!ly.e cause.gbeoouse it ean be seen.gry~the different. I'e~. 00 be merepnsitive than when it is moist.:n:iin.iical organs as uaderstoed in the West~but t:8Lllier 00 a. For example..g to C.tes.. eM streflgth are: affiectedby Chi flowin y. ~ strong.iUl caned Nutritive Chi) and Guardian Chi (Wey Ch:li). j abnormal. the Chi which flows to the body's .e outside influen. The Jlana.en you wm . Aeco. The Guardian Chi~s the ene:fg)' which has been t to the surlace ·of the body to form a shield.tbat the internal organs"of Chi]lese medicme do not necessarily cerrespend wthe pbys.welvemajO'f channels and e~ght vessels through which the Chi eir. the d. y tan serve you well.rgan can be arean. Your brain i~ designed sense this and. flew :linthe heart ehannel is the strongest.y pa:rtiOO~M time one channel is strongest.~iketopoint out here: . your mirud~the Wreatthe:r~ the time of day.hllleve:[ of the same o.eve'~.miH. In order to reach :hes@PN'o goals LCU ffi!st first undentand.theris dryth. T'he:refb:re when the eM.nal o'rgans wm be All of the$e different ~. varies thro1!!g!mut.e Chi in the hmgs tend. and. and even. set of clinical iunctions similar to eaeh .e::dre. :hroughout the oods.s ef . You should. ~ike reservoirs and regulate the distcibuti(lrU anOi cThn:mlattion of Chi in youfoody.yste:rn.

mainteJrung or inereas- tms. NormaUy thereaervnir wtill ilmm. It. new em 110w.IDa.t~ ·tio maintaiethe SIDIlOth ciifltublticm. However.vers or ehannelais not nerma].e.tille bbuidel' 'WliU suddenly contract. stim.al differ~ El'IDIIl:Je. Or' if th. levemte:nds. ~nerease the ehargem oW' "battery~. WllSH3!rt. flow in othei"s~ g.ely beeemes defieient. in.ears.e:raUy aOl1epmdb~Wt'!atern.eadj:u. GhirueSiephyisician would!. his Chl.st i~seH . main.dll~ ferenes wh~. alive and. . Wlte:n a person is siek beeause ofanWJm-y. (h]j(lelectri.~en@ver tile Chi now ~l!. andaJsol'. another aitemat~v.. purposes. If Chi is the bioelectricity cire1rua.when you .e uriLnaitioD.~ng anelectrie po~entJ.w ~@iarnlng manytrungs wmch ·MlJ hclpu~to bette.ttbe ciKui. .effect of' ·th.ediatelyr.Weste:m. A.e. wlOu'ttihe exlCe. if the reservoir Chi is also deficient.dca~eftilly so t.of most illness. Hi(I.ma:n body~ . the' 'h_ u. It is l!lO'Wgel1l.gthe EMF oftbe ba.es Oli.e w'F. Modem seienee ~s no. Y(\l1!lm" body has ti)m.m a regular electric ciirClilit in that itm.s channel sotihait yo~r.g it .tethe. 1n erdee to have smooth cireulation of Chi we m.back to normal.the twelve ri. )1ioobmld up the: em stored. is likJe an eleetric ch:lCui t. m ustbehoeked 1ll p too. YOUlr body 'is IDfferenlt.v'Oidaib~.AliI.~.Q.aclLlp tmemre n.clfleWiamoD of eM 01£ biioeleiCctricity tboJlo must be an IEMF (electy.ssi ve" Yang) ·or 000 .t balance can be res'OOflod.strOlll~l'~ YfOur adly will b m i react and buillJd itselfup so tlhat it ean accept Krung should be trained rs~.. your ehaanels. of Chli. Ohii .t. fr. "If wekiee:p :wCf1easin.wever.e~lty)~. tlhet~oelee. that is to use oe:rt.. tbe bladder im..egJilarte lliflJ Chi 80w and hrin.otha.t (make it too Yang)?" 'Fhemswe:r is yes.' we At this point you may ask.ting in the human.ma.SS :Cm~ow ~r]r:u~Oli.oGlnb'{D.intain the .wup ·the 'CM vessels (Chi Nserv'GiLn. You. in.)1 wiltJh Chi.makes y'Our body stronger and.slcal OliJDdI.negativ. is.n to removing resistance :fmm tbe!Chi chaMe]s~.and See(H:il. . ~n the last twen~y y. and.ust regWI:are the elsetric poool!Itial.so.hat~ as. up the: Chl vru.m..tvarieus allots on the channels to inhjlbit the flow inseme channels and.a]. o:r . In orde'lFw.d!J' to fi~. bealtme:r.. t~)regulate the Chl.Fol' ex.erul sources of resistanee in thepath of the cireulatien. In other words.egulate the Chi [n thi.. oody~~n order to .)" understaad Chi Ku~gJawiwill aJ!~o'mereaooWeste:m M@mcme'. the:re is.ean see thait the key to Chi Kung practice.emov.. However. melltaJ exen:i.ediat.o.else :he would.gre3!t mild there Is mot €::lI]Jouglltime.the Chi now. eanehange. medicine basgraduaHy OOgml to aeeept the existeneecf CM and its cireulatio.e.owlyan.se]J:s~ need mknow h~). sudden shGtk~ the Chi fllow 1111._re ean be a 'CUJienlt.ttery HJm rese:[V"oin).happen. the! body.aIDphy.€:h.~ght reservoirs 'WiIlr.expedenoo a.n the Chi flowbeeemes .. medicine that imihabmoe· O'f the bioeleetHc current iss. wMch. ·the . :marjor eanse .. trie elttulatJon in..ttlle vallidli~y .fChi KWlg .e. of ~hi:s.ve (e~e:. to we Om Kill1iD(g. ha.e (df!ficie:nt~lin).several st'llmesindica!re that what the Chmese caJI "'GlE" is.s willingn€ss 'maooep.am.t::te:ry or . prescription herbs to a(ljust tJlle' em.t.wto.causiD1gl!lna.n in. Wh.gtraimng: fIl'S.otlhe:rseuree of EM' OO$oIiethe. in Chi KIl!ln.en!era.~s. TheJ1'le8!l"Ie two. either use a.oma:gnetlcfo.e . ·this can ..ue) g.6lI]J.eedJ.ses to adijust the Chi.€: shook iS~l}o .e:eover' room tnesllilock.o be @it'hel'too POiB1:tl. addlitio.

.riate muscles to ~'a'lTYOlll t the desired mOltion. the stronger the EMF you can generate'.e . your' body into. the mind is eonsidered the most important 2:. the mind and the movements are the two major sources of EMF.this purpose. the .o something you must fll's.FoT example.th.vens" computer monitors. 4. These Essences. &esh air. t:h. Any time. its eleetromagnetiefield is always affected by the sun" the moon. What are the energy sources in our daily life which supply energy to out' body! nr.ope:r kinds of food and. 'Thinking. We are now a]50 being gt'Ieatly affected by the energy generated by modern technol.arui" if .to th'!il museles. In Tai Chi Chl Kung. When you meditate facing the south in 'the evening you align yO'urself wi.nChi KUIl. you move '00'd.gh th. Since your body is of electrically conductive matezial.possible!~ tOlpracti.s radtation. when you practice' in the early mO'rning yon can absorb energy from the sun. N aturally. 3. mierewave . This idea generates the :EMF and leads the Chi to. an EMF is generated which eireulates the Chi throughout the body. are ther. expressed differently.r part I@f Chi Kung is d. Tn. the earth's.ajo.ple Burners in ICnlines. It is elso advisable to eliminate gre~asy and other undesirable foods from your diet.gettingnlJe pr.ja-r influenceaare the soo'. The.t generate an. factoe :i. more you can co:ncenHate. and therefore builds up the EMF: Many Cbi Kung S'ty~es have been ereatad which utili~e mevemsnt for . the stronger the flow . Baeause of this. are then converted into Chi through biochemical reaetien in the chest and difEesti Vie system (caned. what are the seurces by which the EMF can be Increased in the body's bioelectric circuit.ssenoe through the mouth and nose. and the earth's magnetic field. and many other things. TVs. The human mind is the most important-and effleient SOlH'C@! ofhioelectricEMF.stronger the flow of Chi you can Iead. which wculd increase the flow of bioelectricity?' There are fOur major sources. clouds".oUt'er two sourees are also involved. Am.ing the Chi level (EMF) in the Chi r-eservoirs (battery). more they will be energized.sence. and. . the moon's gravity.. P'ood andl ~" In of'ool' to maintain Iife. the eart:h's magnetic field. -23- .appro:p.e. These affect your Chi cireulation sigllificant1y~a:nd.ElI madieine). and by the other energy around yo'u.g traLning. Chi.efo:re respoasible fOO" the pattern of your Chi circulation since you were formed.ofChi you lead . sum as the electromagnetic waves ge'nerate.tholll.evotedto .~.ogy. idea (\'1). When the Chi jis: converted {110m the Es. Exerc1se. EXiercise converts 'the food Essence. The ma. magnetic fie~d. L Natural Energy~. (fat) stored in. energiae the .ee in the mountm_ns where the air is fresh and clear.ii by radies.o. we take in food and air E.

reasures (San Ban): .caJ:m~peaoerut and oentlered J 00' how to keep YOlilr m~nd.~ri t). On~y then wiU your mind be clea.owm. that you cam ju. The m.regulate ·the mind..ve[\egula. Thea verage Chi KWlg 1)J:'8ctitlone:l' hes increase illOiWiel' goals.ow to adjust it.te. so that the Chi can flow.a~[legtl1.J.vepeF~pectiV1eof riJe~and this. bma. lead CbiefJecl.-m. If you. Without aU of these import. these goa. a firm J U1O't~ y.. and.pectiv1€is the e~emal life of the Bud.~. .ilal goal of GMKuliJi:g. To ~gulam your breat.DlS o~~eJC".au Shen). GeDel'S] C:Oneepts. Jieng means iEssence. you. s we~~astheir mtene:~ation:ship..gtr-ainingt SJ. crder to' regula.easily on leadingtihe CW.a. the most o:rigina]li1li1ld.and erdighten y01!.'FoceSS. of Chi Kung praetiee.gthe mind .n.aill)j because they are eonsidered the origins and [loots afyou:r life .an ¥u.gi:_j)g . well as the basic~d.th:~ng.Jien.aintains his .t elem. pe. For Buddhist priests. Jll.build.am Slten Be. and.wis one of ·t.nd and..youbores.learn. Y'mIJ"Jteng~ str~ngttiuffi and smooth YOULf Chi :liow!.ls'trilbuted in your bll~~ and.m" . They are alI&O caUedJ the three od. eoncEmtra.ee roots {S. YlOlIr time will be wasted. bow to ba1.ents!" yom trmnillgwiU .oea1th and &lo.te the She:n (1Y.y '00suooes~si1ll Chi Kung "r-a. u:ndenta:ndh.s you must learn how to regulate the h@dy {Tyau Shermj.€'.mvol.ou must knowbow to kil!ep center.atingthe Shen is thefif. Regula.VlE!S learning how to lIelax.ebim.1-7.. Vlhfln.r en(lugb.au Shyi)~ regulate the Chi (Ty3!.ootof the mdivid ual ferms you arep. you are m~ssmg the root of Chi Ku. This er-ruables:them to maintain 3!MU!trw.s. these :fe:w things yllU ·'W':mbe able 00 quicldy 'ffi~e'rin. the molt ofth. l'.hIDg.g (lEss€(nce)~ Chi (Internal ED@IlO').te yourr Chi. must learn bow tobreathe so thalt YOlu_1breathing and.an.so'that it earriea orut the managing andguardtng duties. .e bodY 3sweU as the r-.gu]aUm.E. Regulating tTh}eC.ent oft~e BuddffiJl.dba. whe seek the enlightenm. you must first underthree t.objectii.eing~stihe original SOm'lOO and :mOi!l!t 'basic r standtbe Thfte 'Treasures • JieBg'~ C. 'ian.utua.thereOOre caneen. This makes it entiire body .rslctiein:g.te the brea~hing (Ty.an.s:~ble! f~n"bim to. 1101 reach.e)~ Chi (Internal 1 j lE:ne~)~ and Shen (SpLri.n@ i1J11 timate goals. K:u:og traitrung· are 00.c.tedY'Ouroody~ mind.tratemolle .ting the body includes Ul'MlJel'standt:ng how to fl. Kungtrainmg \ ..iveb tobis rus vitality.®o sense howtne Chi is di. In.ce yourbody~ and most imp ortant of siU~ H:{!. He raises hJ.ea of Chi Kung theory. Tne mind ist. h.Ms m.1!f Shen.u Chi). I1egul. build. and.s: Shen in order to his.8e:ll. lead Chi tot!he desired places.be iID." q-mckly~amd.f:G'M yon start any Chi.Uy eorrespond and.of Chi Ku~g. '(Tyau Hsin). Shen (S.gins (I'll:' tbe: t.tamdithe tb~etr€!asures o:fUfe -Jieng (Es.the tills way~your mind will 00 able teattainpeeee more ha!..t)~. mgQla. yOW" 'Th.he main ~e.dge sibl:atiO.tio:n and enhance pGS.ctioe.llil!'.. und.aingoais of Chl.dlectiveand.efined.wl down.:m:stan. the a.totbe 'field . of' chi K lJlll1mimDg Befou you start your Chi Kung training y'OU must first unders. effectively YOllmust first tive~yand.di.ciOoper:a. your mind m. T. If you a lackthl:s understanding.

which means "Essenee OIf the Son.g.Originel Jieng. do no. . It iswbat makes you human" because animals. your Sherr will be enlivened . Ea.ou. Chi that is converted from "the Original Jieng which you inherited is caned Original Chi (Yuan -25- 2.ou. The Shen in your body must be nourished by your Chi or en.el"gy. which are considered the root of your Jieng." because it contains the -Iieng of the father which is passed on toms son (er daughter ) and. is called Ji. It.. is the root of life. \¥hen your Chi is full.eff@ctiv'ely.. Chinese medi taters and Chi Kung praeti ticners believe that the body eontains two geneeal 'ty. eM is 'the in.es of Chi.Jieng.paren ts~ which is caned. When this Chi flows or is led to the brain. your basic strength. 1. being.get from your parenes at coneeptien..w.. Your body requires many kinds of . w hich yell! . Although you cannot.J:iJeng) before your birth was in your parents . or from the food you eat and the air you breathe. all other -Iienge must be obtained from food and air. how to eoervert your Jien. like the eleetrlcity which passes threugh a machln.gT'o..be :fiirst tYPB' is called Prebirth Chi. is drawn from the Jieng of ·lthe! ood and air we take f in. he Chinese people beTIlieve T that in erderte stay healthy and. have inheri ted frem your parents and frem 'the Jieng which you dl'aw from the food and air you take in.tb.part of every living thing.YOUI' pamnts. Spa. T.c~hone of these three elements. entire body.g into Original Chimore e:Mn. The root of Original Jieng (Y.Jieng is the most important one. which is called Post-birth Chi. It is. it can energize the Shen and soul This energized and raised Shen ]8 able to lead the Chi 00'the.ternal energy of your body. Chi Kung can also.ero keep it running. teeeh you. You must know the' roots so' the t you 'can strengthen and protect your three treasures. The secend type. and determines its nature and characteristics. Origiaal Ji. It is. Increase the amount of Original -Iieng you have.ciiently~ how to use tills Gh'li. Chi Kung 'training can improve the quaJIity of YOUl' JieIl. and Chi is. Shen ii the center of your mind and.tain this Jiang. the root and the: seed of your lilfe~and.Jieng which you inherent from yow. If yOilllt' parents were strong and healthy~ your Original Jiemg will be strong and heal thy~and you will have a str-ong foundation on which to . youwilll have sufficient Original Jieng to supply to your body. live a ~ijng life. yOiU must protect and main. eonverted beth from the Ji. halve received from . itsr. beeemes the sen's Jieng.1l1an ..e kidneys. Original . Among all of these Jiengs. When you keep this root strong. Chi comes either from the conversion of the Jieng which y.eng Tzyy. and it comes from eenverted .no.eng (Yuan Jfueng). or treasures has its O'WIl root.esi~ denee .eng w hieh y.t have a Shen. Ex'Cept for the . Mter hirth this Original Jiang stays in.

Wated~ your mind you will.Yo'lB' Chi. I~Clenter of io.ce.S also. whUe the .~Ued lP. fro~th. OrigIDal Cm 'is the most impl)rtl:milt type ofCbi..oodChi K:tmJgp:r.e residenee of yoor Shen.en is s. f mgh .ne:!l:'a~e p. rajse th. Chi :sUJpporlstDe Shen.e yCIU!.eln@R will be I'a~8ed. Pfe~bb. CMand.pearan.eoonve:rsiioll . 10.00.trorng.· The root: of Shen.nc8" bu.ct. .e. is led W' the he3ld.efore birth. C It is the CM.acti. If the CM ~n yow:' body ~s weak.s'hial1l'" ~Iear~a.tlhe::ryouu~ your you ar-e be:m. B.ID~ .eI!l. shen and eMaliJiOe your vi. Sb.g :Buu N:8.. Th~s Chi is caned. w. .:!:ed.ltowe:r :in' Uru!! ehl.beaible W' eomce:DluatemO'l'e iotenseW.of J~. The d. Tbis Cb:iresidea in the LoWeI' Daa 'TIeD in.8!l'IemuEl!llaUy bodywiU dege.v8.lrpare:ll!ts. swong. ABa eMi ." ~noon'tion). U has :00 smbs1. ealled "Farul Jie-M. stimu.l"iS of 'Cbi.tione:r:sbeliieve that yOUI' brain must ." to When Chi.yO'U lIOOeiv. ("10). thehea. your .y.eep.KtDlg 'practitioner" . Just as Original JieDlgiilis. W~. This proce:ss is.. She:n~s.Wben y. ave no h m(lth~r'~ ChJ. tb.e1" mev-els of 'Chi KWlg: traming:mcblde th.t it gi ves exPlilll'Ss'ion .al Chi 'comes from y.n uaus stream.M. t..ilNhein Original Jie:lilig'whkh em of your O'Wfi" but ra.shen l..enginto Chi which is then led to the brain W.ve.g . When yaurbraim is j• en<er-glli.. the !oo.m. .th.oried from this Original J~eng wUlalsiI be fuHandi. 8.g Chi. (*'in m:etl.(S.OW' Original .o" ('~lU and means "return the Jie:n. .th:emiind. it stays attbethe Uppe~ Dan Tilen.r neurisht:ihebraln.iIl~iUll:U. Oriigina1 Chi..and.mUbe able to :geneil"a~eOrigjnal Gm in a pUR~eontw.eneI'gj:zmg it andk. Ad. is weutand. <Ill :smooth~ soo~dy stream.ch .e She:~.our Shea is weak. S~enw.(*10).quality.DJk:eeps yOU1' mind eleer and. ~e~Un..YilnF SIb.(iI'ur m.alway~ be sufficient~yDo~riS:hed D:Y]I. y'ou :staJil'..~bead)!.nd s.r.oe 00' you1' JJierrug.oW" Origi_jJ. a.t. Chi) because.I'hl. Itiis pure amid.dep-mding GO! how and.1I ~~6~ .w.!'!:dbe{QM you Saw tne beavieu (y.s the :(oree which keeps Y'QU airni.re.you Mn:st know CM). where you absorb :~. . Y'Oll lea:mhow to convert Y. It is fdso.es:fl!lo~t'he Original Jfueng whlcl:D. 11:II~f~e yOllU' bLrth.en.tmng and you eanlead it efficientb. l:S s.AJlso~ YOUIl' .t 'e(lm.g. :i.When y.than abundant 'Chi sup'plyj.'l\li!rul the skyh i.c.JieIl.~rit) ~syou:rmiad ('iJ!. eeneentrated.o:nv. Since y. oocei ved from ~!i. your aihclomen.a.tm:ng .on retainand pmooct Y01U Original Jie~g. your Cbi.YillD' J wm be more aware and fielated.cb. YOW.ng~ the Ongina]] Jieng is stmfl-l" Md 'the Ongmal Chi .JiNl.e most important type of mod hOiW to eenvert yOiUiT Originall:heng into.aU the em rutneeds. ean be energized" and can raise the. lNhem YlOurkidneys are S'UO.g'~YOUMU be able to supply ylJllU' body \Villi .Chi.th Ch~.shen will alse be weak.talm·ty .eeping it . you.ouJ' OrigjnalJieng~theyooth havethe Jddn@ys fol' their root.idily.Chl fllom o andairmay make yo!uroGdy 000 [:hDsitivle orton ]]jegat:ive~ . as~llila:s Orig. heaven Ch~ (Shian TIan.l1I.. m Likewise. Vlffil. and.dquatrte.nt'OO. On.

t:ing the Body is called "Ty'au Sben11" in Chinese.ts spee4:alpurpo.e Vi (Mind) will notbepeaeeful.oo y.YOw:''Yl~o relax: aflll!dl C()Doe:n.Vie .te:red.~n Y'ow:' mind. If y. Thel'lefQroe.tille roes'wts.nd. centered. The llootghrE!s life. This means to. 113e:Eoreou start training. As mentioaed .iiU be tense and Wl'll!aSJil:. rrh:m takes a.of bard. aiR doiml. Tbe ~nimclph1!1 ws the root of 'yom p:ractice.d.t .v'e aDid .te. and tlleory.e root~ you 'c.s. ¥ou m.8 caned.@se medieal society iii Is said: "(When) shape (bodyl'.lt tl'Wl'IeJ!axat~om.ot.r.tiO:!iil~y. is at pe&ce a.s. the~ the em 'w:m not be smooth. and.emotional ba]an.ol1f'W!l.~ating the Shen (Spirit. you . (When) the Vi iSiIlot peacefu]" '~. you want.t.e Chi is ruso:M. omdtibls will affect the jud_gemeD!.derstmd 'the prin.everything y. Ii relaxed and.tholltUrris fotUnda. If yOU! .e:r-ed.aining .'.osture) is Iloeoo.e only tempo:m:ary beauty. work" but once you have reached. it ~:S' this ooot whleh. ~.s.:m MgfflW: JfyOtl.f' Yl. :and. a. . clear Jidea of what you.t of every set orfGnn.ooesswillChi . a clearrmnd.of your '11.e:rc.ainimg mcludes five oo.. and ngu.t fir's. tMs level y:ou will have built the mGt O'f yotn'physlcal training. .ust fin:t understand. ugulatin_g the em.e em Kung 1rawD~_Q1 fteor:y an Regulatiag lbe Doel" l(1yau Shemm) Rf!gula. Kung traimng it is important fuoliIIllJi.witb. balaneed. T'hlislleQjui['lEls. asa 'Cm Kmn.~.do not know tihe PW"]?OISE! ndfheOO. If it is fim:~~m w.P'Qnmt elements: regulating the body~ )'If!gU~~ding'the breath.. will be able to lead you Obi tbrowgn. l'IBgula.eseare thefounda. balaneed bOOiyhelp.llid undeestaad tha. bE!{~·reyoucan relax your body~ ymil mWl.tion of su. "Shenn Hsin .elu or regula.acrnUolll.and balanoed. 1'h.!ll'feel!i~g" se:IruSlil](i. The~eiiJIIe!.ou are doing. 'Whe:!I:lI.g~and! your mind must be ealns. "g -27- .emj1!ldg:e thiI\!:~ a«u~a1te]!y~yOU!' body will be..t'ra:~e.s~.a.This implies tha:t:y:OtUfoody must be eeneered .nd. yOll. adijust ylGur ooo__y until it is in tllilem(lst eomrortable and relaxed sta. In Cbh:1II.e ~n. superficial .ust ha.ce and.uEl. y.bringiS Cortb.c:i!1!i.of youroody "'tigi_Bates.t!b." Thebady and the mind are mublaIlliy related.oru keep tih.rreet.e eireulatien ofyou-r .. andl"el.ue top(Jnd~ a!Ild~)metioeWltm] youoode:rstand the tOO. your Yi '(mind).tr.origi.Yt you ha. whii~etbe branehesand flowem (results) giv..et:i.S' pr.enth.ve a.klst the a mot (mea:mn:g) of the pl". have just branches and &wers" they 'WiUdi.se. .Krumg practilO€l.'·(*13) which means l'IJBody and heart (Mind) balanced.dL 1.tblg' the Yi (M~nd)~. th.lPyng Hemg.In Chi.bal yOil.acaee. sbort time Every CM Ktmg :£ionnor pmetice has ~.Bccuate.out yaur pbys~c:ailll body.tlJn. 'Tillis aisolmiplie:s.(!I'ur mind (Yi).l1!a~@'s. eeu.1i.tanocng of ehli Kung and you~ preetiee willvemam.m. rutd judgement must be cbje.oumust ooI!l. . (lNhe:!l]J)the Chi [S[1JJot smooth.-' er. that y of thetr. and balanced..cip]e behind. '1(*12} You :shlll'U. W1i.'revi:ously~ Chi KUJ!lgt. Th. your ii.

ad.e r.owm then:.BODY 'WD.ooorrunaoos wii. TO LEAD 1. This relax:a.mwhich reaches the interna.ber" ONLY IF YOU CAN B.. Y([IU 1NlUrusobea. ONLY WIlEN YOU .& you relax.otn'oo-garu:. WE.x Chi Mill shl to yom' Dan TIen and the lB'ubbling WeUs iin yow 1ft7eet.r wnone body .en Yi(lU. Reme.tion.uaHy seUille do-Will oot-he bottom leaving the wafue~above fut elear. aD. T.axa.as.9. ~.els of ulaxaDtiMl. Then YO'1!l w]]U feel transpar€{r. C€lI!loor.Kung. the: tension in tbe variousparts of " yo'urboGlY will dli__ssohft1. If you want to pam a em:.d.AREDLADD WILL .g to .ted.slow d.bll~~tJt:bmg'.li:lldd remembee ReTIi. 'Your root is m.ust first be relaxed.g pf'acli:ce it is very :iim~'rtantw be moted. and wm aUowthe em. .e:~axatio'l'!.leto. i Tihis Isa V'HY s1llpemcial lev. .our body ~lSn"t.I'I. an~ YOl!1willlsb.l bene martoiw.vo.st9101e!. the Coree you .ou relax yom booy enough tolet it sett~e~you.t YI!)1!l 'WiD be a.p~YOUf' Yii. baJanoe . Th.e.(!lf 3lwa:y~ and mot move tbi!e car.\Vhentbis 11.Re'laxation sb.t. In Chi Kwg pnetiee there ·are thr. mnrm.m(i!. to sink and aeenmulare the Dam Tiem.Bewng u) be ... You is that. begin to dev.ALLYOUR CIB C.D!t . you w:ill finda comronable w·ay to stand. En.HA. aJDdwillieam tor~ly an your body's stmcime'oo sapport Itself.elax<l!.Ms will giV'e yon a firm root 'to ~ee:p y.th yom.Jp'flgbting thegr-Olm.amd. In. Ef you can. If you le't ·mrty wa.r keys to sueeess in Chi .e mst llieV'els the ex. more .elorp yom foot.NN:ELS :BE OPEN. or regulate the Chi disorders which are givilng you. if you.ush the ear you Vilin 'oolypush.JL..and Chi will a1! be able to smk. dee]1JInto tJb. must :tmitaJooa.ge will. be able to reaeh eve'rY"Wnere.im . yoW'S.~"am.m..d tokie€ip yomb€ldlJ U·P.eV'!el Olfr. reaeh tlIDs ~..ble mprom-ct y. be balanoedl '~ a mn'le il1ltothegroumd.te with.. almJlstIDlJ'one camrceam it. and y'olU'body.. pfiobleliils.ofthemuselesaed t.o:oo. .mind.tl'lee .eeiev.bad disappeared.p yo.enm.s mot. can.comm. Tm:s ~@'fustllile muscles r.at. youhave~o be rooted iSO.th.:tio.'1i\I B CIU.e:Ild.elax e¥.~~dler 00' be relased.lU' uo:t~ you JIllust first relax. T. and ealru. If you are not [loo.h:ts y01!D' ''YDI.must be directed.g... under you:r tiee.adjust.gI'lOIw an invisible l'Io.~e orga:ns andthe ~s .rainiin.oollltad with. Y(m1' Qrgans and use Chi Ktm.n one.tema~ 'physical re~axaUon" '00:' postural relax:a. yOW" body will M! ab.degeD.@ i muselesend tE!(od.l.the t same way" :if y. Since y.1t. m Tlile final st.amd the:rcefofe .em[lelu.W»ca. ruIdi!et yowr body "settle ..efieotivelJy. 1'10000(1means Rootrng moo J 1D l"'OOt you:rbody you.ws:~t ~lnetly~the mmpwitieswilli gr.ons.ade up of yo:urbody'..o:u stable in YOW' t. YOUR ROOT MUST BE.tioo will help open your Chi ehanaels. stand u. '1'0 do t.'w~ and mUla wi!i]! beeeme dem-. truggling to.eraition.tio. when you p.Hte Chi.our Yl m. CW Ktm..:i:dilllg Ulmleeessa:ry strainin how Y!!1)U stand.ons.h.AX DEEP INTO YO'UR . s W'Oll'tbe pus"hi1!1gupward.¥OUB lUND' BE ABLE.. . ]3'efure you un develo. y.exert the! car will. The seeendlevel is the relax~ 8ition . 'OWl" at this sta.of themajo. yo. the groWld... and move.LL . It wooiists of adoplliinga 'comfortaMestanooMd. WIDE AS. and.

dealing with. TheJ'lefore"in order tore.t • i the Drea. and only then can y'ou balance your Chi and your pbys. Since the Intention 01' purpose of the movement is its reason tor being. steady. your elbows must be dOIWD. when you are angry you exhale more strongly than. In order to keep. you mlllstfil"st center . theprcduet of rooting and eentering. you inbal. hut also the form or movement Thereot of . If you raise the elbows.ead. Only when.any form.m .'OIUI" Yi. loag. and.lNhen yOW' breathing is 'lilnifonn.t ~magi:ne th. your mind and emotions must first be' calm. For example. For example. Only when you have reached this point wiiH y.ndex:halation al'. how to keep your center. In order to do this. you mus. you lose the sense of "intentien" of the movement" because' 'the push would be ineffectivle if .9- .thof the Chi flow:.When you are sad. Belanee is. N atru'any~ your Yi must grow first. The other side of the eoin is that you can use your hreathing to con tool your Yi. Breathing is.e :fe[atl.o build the root. Your Yi must be able to lead the Chi to yOIUl' t feet" and be able to communieatewith the groun.t you are pushing an object forward while keeping' your fnuscles relaxed. your Yi can eommunieate with the ground will your Chi be abls tOgl"'OW beyond your feet and enter the greund t. When yourmlnd.:lica]body. stable center will make your Chi develop evenly and lmiifoirm~y. In this esereise. Rooting includes. U "our Yi is. Only under these eonditions win the Chi Kung forms y.yi) .re. Balance includes balancing the GM. smooth. It does not matter which aspect of balance you are .ate yow: breathing. balanced. elbow is the root ofthemovemel1l.ou bil! able to-make the breathing deell'. buUd the sense of root for the push. After you have gained your root.ioo . you must first regulate y'olurminal.d..e. it ~:s es if you W"ere llypno.D).s. y10lUbo make aeeurate j udgements and therefore to correct the pa.2~ Regulating I • -2. Therefo. the key which enables you to lead your Chi b~yond your body. it can help. because :it is 'theYi which ~. rootmg not just the body. You can see that Yiand . affected by your emotions. your Chi willnot be led evenly" In order to keep your body centered.inhalation . to.. neutral. in this ease..ahns. ('ryan S'h. y. the. The JB ubbling Wen cavity is the gate which enaMes your Chi '~oeomm 11nicate with the ground. you now have a purposeless movement. and you.ou inhale 'more strongly than you exhale.it Is calm. Your mental and physical center is. and soft.a.r Yi.! Regula:tling the breath means to regulate yOU1'" breathing until . you must learn. YOUI' . have no r-eason tOI lead Chi .AS DEEP. or movement is found in its purpose or principle. in certain Chi Kung exercises J"lOU want to lead the Chi to your p. W hiehhel ps to calm it. your body to it. yO'Ul' breathing calm" peaceful. and the physical body. IfyOiliI lose 'this center.gu1.tizing your Vi. which is. sleader. and peaceful. is peaceful and calm. and.any particular w.ou praetiee have their root.ay. first you must balance you.vely equal. and then match..a.he Chi. you werepushing something for real. A. required for suceasaful Chi Kung pract.

stimuletes the i:o~erna1!.alfuo:u. MffiTha]i.p. .s.te yO'ur brea tM".tlila.measy . oody and your mindean also . of oxyg'€n. Wlllen you b[\eaBle~if you.1I€:gu1ailil. w!h.get.Fo'r' thi. long time.n. [ol[llger You will :find. \Vhe:1!l trairring.ou1d! keepth.tenseup~ which in tum.t~.men yoU!reachtbeIevel of trn. longer lilaveto thinka.pletely full.eoimplete brea.~.IDWILL BE STAGNANT. your mind wiH.eity. of your oody tenses up.en they moo r-elax. THERE IS.V\8 to pa.o:iJ. is yOW' sim. Th.".ey cooperate' with each o:tltel'. method you.r bnath.top.!.S:~!l)Wg dO'WIW'J and.sotJ1ait your Iu.logiS· will beoome stag~ namt.ting· ha ppeIlis na. s'Dd.te your mind on yOUll' bl'leathhlg.s endthe I ii .. ple(fi~y OKf ait:.cise\8.be ve. After' you a. C3. bseause the Chi jn Y'C!lurb!. CM.city. it. harvel e:nter.m1 inhaleand exhale 00.n.d.eafbingre~.e:n you reguIa.stnamed ..W]ti]i yo'w: mind.s~gnifieantb decreases your aeed for oxygen.ember WHEREVER 'I'IIE: 1118.es you.t your l~ngs are eo.tMng'eM:erc1SeSare also .ea.chmeans "Head (MimdJala!db[leathing ~are) IDutuaUy d.Jlgs stay re~axed You com eonduet .wii. In comect ib:Ma.I:E.clesal'le reIned.~ Gog you ean hold yGu.nd. C.. you mach this medita tive sbte~ y.I.g.m.ed the ..e]atoor than. and calm br. yOm:' m~ndlmust first be .er'eai breathing untrl (you) b~V\etnllined.h thefir. your b:ooa.'t. beregulated..ouII:' mindis y eblete reaeh a hlgh€:r~@v\f!l of ealmnsss.n.on. you don ~tha.• -30- . This celmness can again be~.thing means to if.er-egtibIJt:i:ng.d~a.gulat~ ing.spn. you l'iIl. tnmove up and down~ woo'll..'rops IN ONE sporr~ TI.y aitten~ion to.pyou.abeut 'i{!l% .s reason. This ~uW.ax. In otbef' wo:rd!S.teth. \Vb.s.e maximum.e@ply SiO tha.g means not re.boJU t it.ang Yi/'(*l41) whl. Deep and.e d.st one.lyabout 7()'% of yom capa. Y01!1f breath.g yoW':' bma!.gh you start by consciously regula.H~ (*15. ean last Much.tm:. and.. becomes seattered.th. Y. An And. It is said: "H sin ..thing a.US@ the ~ung. and yO'uean use yO'lIr mind efficient'ffiy telead the Chi.~e:il1lteerdepend1efi t andtha tth.pa. Deep.g wum 'be full and 81eliJJder~ s.e air Witnouteno:ugh from.n." VVben.cahin so.erxperim. ylI!liUl'mlldl is Vi!l'J dear: you.. . is dee.ry elliear. 1J.so. cO'neentra. (*14).~~ .).thin.s.ting :friE!e~y~nd h:h1l. :mhrumg '00 . Therefore.. o:rgans.dle1l:'U:1iI1l: a absorptien ozygen~ y01!1l" mind.sbyi Shi.ng~ "'len.egula.IF' "IIIE 11 .any~ and you no. said: "Regulating' brea. massages and.~g.g~tbe :f'ru:rst priority is to keep yo:m: h:mgsrela~ed and cam.tin.th€'Jil it ~.booath- ing CM.time how . to tbepoont whel'le' the Fegula. .. Whe]]J the breathing is reguWaood!."internal organ e:x:er.c:i1"cula. Tm. In addition" deep and .br@a.he rest of feJ!utwmm .om.w regruatte thebreat.phragm.t y01U brain.ltSit .st e. and the! re.en~.ere of realmerutatio. and.bTh@stbe .gmus. not true . ·tha:t ym. w.ed. 'cO:lRple~ebIlea. fora. "(*l!:OThls means that correct reguls'tin.GI' 80% @If . keeps yOW" mind deu.thi~g dces not mean that you inhale andeDl:a1e to' 't!h.ependent.ent Ta.~ng 'f!'[Ila.. . TIllE CHI~.m. see how long you can bold.heartbea t .s'iliJnIouadirn:rug muscles to.plybeeausetb:e lungs and! the snn:'Oillndrn.g:s with.e'Jil try. and entire bG~y have an adequate s'upply o:f oxygen. It flUs .thing. :Re.eaRed.OIlD' lun.t.tihat wllith th..th!. deep b:rea..

en Ben said: "Use the POlst~birth breathing to look ferthe real person's (i.~. The earth Chi is the! negative (Yin) energy from your kidneys.ely . is the SOUI'Ce of) creation and variation.the immortal (*16.they really don't ..ortal breathing place (the Dan Tien) .s.ovet~ . ~ nMTI3: .t the mnctioD. will eonnect and combine.. ists wore yellow robes..€: navel. or natuzal. be calm andpeaceful. s. and the sky Chi is the positive '(Yang) .-M_ X~~'fl"~". if you wem breathing' from.gT.) .:na:nd know how M regulate your Pest-birth. "Breathe OrigWal Chi to seekimmoda.~ed and cannot be. The 'Iaoist Goang Cherng Tzyy said: "One exhale. your navel."(*19) In this sentence it is clear that in orderto Iocate the imm. sepa- rated.energy whi.Earth Chi rises. a "yard" .eresidence of the Chi (the Dan Tien).e. correct bre. You can see that when the 'breath is r-egulated correctly. the .Wo'rds) s.€' peoplethink that they know what Chi is.t. with the brea thing. Classic) . you must l. lmt. and understand the Original Chi which comes from th. and. Vl'he:n you 'breath. b ~'l-I:II~ Bllm. ThroughJlegu]ating yonI' Post-birth breathing you will grad. yQur mind is free. cted:'('*'16.. that all creation and variation 'COfi'U~ from the int~raction of mevement (Yang) and calmness.the TaQist WUfi J. Som. and eventually you win he able to use your Dan TIen to br. the fu!nmonal's) brea.o. There ~s no scund. The second.e Dan Tien.. two Chii's."n"1i.mmunlca:te Chil"s function.e from to.ll will know what the "real" Chi is. They are mutuanyre'bl.thI'lougb. breathing at the navel. More.ch comes from. Hwang Tyng Ching (Yellow Yard.i ·. -11lij{~*'ir"F A7 S mmr.) This says that when you breathe e you should mo¥@your abdomen.. one inhale. and tb.eath mb~. This sentence means that in order to reach the goal of immo:rtali ty~ you mUiE seek to find. the Heav'Em Chi deseends: real man's (meaning one who 'has attained the real Tao. -IP1R~j~~J:7t.01" o hall.). then my real Chi is natu:r..a~..say.a:y:s: "One exhale one inhaleto oo.rm.fC1JTIf' I' .. Therefore..Ht-y.)t/~~'!1 ~ !i'V'JI. and you may become at "real" man. orbeeitatien.. '" ~31~ .) repeated. when yQU are in a state of correct breath regulaeien. these. breathing. as. 'the Chi 'win also be regulated. part of this sentence means."(*18) In China.e.Xf.c(lImec·tedl.. istb.i$" y'O.ey meditated in. (Yin). the food you . one movement one calmness..IT . the traditional Ta. wMch means to attain the Tao. you ean final]._mg of Cbi is ..thlng plac."(*17) The first part of this statement again implies tha. urgency.a_gnatii'oD. This idea isexplained frequentlym Taoist literature.aUy eonn.uaUy be able to loeate t:b.• 1t1iI:.eat and the air you breathe.a:tbing. The Taols't book Chain Tao.IS THE YJ wmC:H LEADS THE C1D AND MADS IT MOVE. Jen YEm (Sing (of the) Tao (with) Re.€l same as (i. Once you ~onnect the two Chi'.e.

lgDit" m]! .~ gases. may 'be ablete sense the different elements which makie up your body: soUd. your mind. These 'eight key wonis are: 1. you bea:bl.ga.jj . .g Fu of int.sj' and sadness.oompl.eas. The final ~al fiOf your mind.Hy t'fa.r' . 4L Lofl. beeomereal (immortal).them. Howev.elf-e:xplanatoryj and wUh a..a~~. (Tyau.!Rl(J Itt is said in Tao1ist i50ciety tha~.o[l.evel y.rted pea. 'fh..Y1(l'll be relaxedsnd able to sense cal1!Dly.r mind be ealm"peaoeful~ empty.. is "thetlllought of Dothought. llnS\Y even be able 00.ofrelaxa.elu.[~d.g).s..(J.emotiGDjand con:S€10U'S tbougThlt.aining yo.e KWl.e3ImyrMched~he goal.e to f.tmng' {brea.iI!)'W bow ®o regu~..t dHficuU ws. U1ThifoIm. O~ly thenwiU your mind be dear e'nQ~gh to see (feel) the intel'IlalChi.g at the Dan 'fien) isthe k. bll!ab~.e Jh:guJaunl .sm. Then.u]'ugbt of notholl.5 Contio.mspo.c..an).@o that YlOU can.n)."(VVl!. AlII of thei5e emphai9i~e the ~mportauoe! of ovea'tbing.u:rtih:ree tfieasures: and "ffinallyrlf!ftchin. .e:r" you :m.urthinking. be ealmmd.the Spirit's. (if you) depend (on~y)on esternel breathing (you) wiUnot reachtihe end.ately.en) la!'g!e Tao is 'uug. you can see that intemal brea.st SO:liIgof . (Jing). tTh'lebondage of ~d.uriognisp:r.t er the mtme. see or feel 'the di1~ 3:.tema.eIght key words ftl'F air breathing which a Chi KUiIlgpracti tianer ibou. Once Y'GU undoo:'s:tandl .ete~yseparated from imI ueaees of thepil'ese:nt such as wGn'Y~ ha.es.ng~ the 1) mos.lJIIlll. them . be .maUe:r-. finally ga!i:iIl .mu.ll1ou$ [Iou): 6·. you.ld. Slow (Ho.tpra. Deep (8heno).taliJitia:lj]Jy sbal"t\.e.o your marrow andinte:maJ or.. . &sia) .g ~mmortali ty. Finally.eo understand.eaOf!.t. cireula tion and.. j wm . t wm . YOUF mind is . Uq1.t. Shen) are in. e:nmm"~and.external b:I'\@atMngoo'n'ee't:iy.shih KungFlIl.ernal vlsio:-o.yto 'tr.ust first k:n.]iV!ity in your mind in order 00' set it rNe from.ffitt.s. and 8. You.ien 'the: time needed.: "The Originals (Origfual JieDg" Chi~and. :steady~ and can.£oil]!ow .elaxa~. and. Odgin~ . your mind can.tice'. tittle thol!!ght you :should. Onb' when you reach tbis s1!. When Y'Oll reaeh this real r. "(*23).th "our' Chi and organs.g (Chal'Il.et-ioe Chi Ku. !'(*~ This means tha. to eommuniea tew~.Yu. 3.Jining is to stop y·o. when thongb.ns. when.m YOlllleach. deep I~. Calm.'''(*22) Your:mind does not think of the pag~ the presel1l. 7.rs.t :~s ll!ot st"opp'f!d~(the Iessans are) in vain. 1[!Joal). yOll~.ceful~y..~gewin y.tio:n.ate YOU. Soft (Mian). Regulating y. SIe:!lJldf!F(SbyU. tbis ~.en. ha8r.r mind means ~ng yOm' eenscieasnesa '00.Taoists . 8ublS.first stop thought.it is said. Vfh.th~n.anaaccur. light. the <'lct.2. In Taoist socie~y it is eafled "Ne. Only when you are in the stat>e ~f '~the tt.@ 00.pm.o~. s:piI1t. There ar-e . These ( key words are s."~(*20} From this SOIilg. U) reach your Chi Kunggo'ah.ou. in tb!e Taoist :song: Ling Yuan Dah Tao Ge (Tbe G-Ttea:tTa.tbe Mind. whi:d:t means th.

eI!." The Dan Tien is the eeigin and residence of your Chi. If' your mind stays on your body. You must find the firmness withinthe relaxation. LEAD y. "('. your Chi always have a root. for your mind to relax and empty its. can give you a. This is . the beginning. you mould not have any ideas 01' intentions. because they win make it harder. wherever your Yi goes.ferent colors that are associated! with .yo'u.. and red (heart).elf of thoughts. it is said: "Use your Vi (Mirni)to. it 'Willflood. Chi behaves like water ~ it cannot be pushed.e.en you keep' this root.rfive organs .ay use deep breathing to calm dewn the uneasy emotions.our Chi" (Yi:i Yi Yiin Chi)(~25}. When your mind. to the goal ~ the:[[ you~b@ d. win take a lot of praetiee to reach this level. The: mindlmust always be ahead of the." place your attention on yOUI' Dan Tien.ysica1 muscles. lift an object..\Vhen you feel lmeas:y or have heartburn (excess fire in the heart).Y'Ollill' irrtentioa and. yellow (spleen). direct mil. your Chi will be strong and full. YOll. black (kidneys). . can sense your internal organs. and ~t is sometimes interp. Y(lU will not be able to move. if you intend.ca.twill go where you want it to.) When you want to walk from one: s. Yi win lead 'the Chi to the arms to energize the ph. '\Vh.tice the word :LEAU.y follow.t first mobihse . it. and.en Chi is led. correspond to the element Metal. j wm wm. !body.uIl. you.en. is on the Dan Tien. .reted dtffe:r-€ntly by Oriental phySJi.ad the Chi anywhere you wish.pot to another. Clliii Huoo) thea Th. to. For example. and :finally lead the Chi back to its residenee. .(lwn the heari). and then the object can be lifted. Metal (the lungs) can be used to adjust the heat 'of the Fire (the heart). properlliy. For example. Once your Yi is on your Chi. and bel p you devise ways to correct imbalances. the Chi win naturally follow." i'twm now smoothly a~dwithout stagnation. Once your mind is relaxed and regul ated and you. it. In. Rememb&. (and thus cool d. Nc.e fire.n see that when you practice Chi Kung~ your mind cannot be completely empty and relaxed. It its said "Yi Shoeu Dan Tien.avery proOfoundlsubject. the ~ungs..green (liver). and the heart to the element Fire. white (lungs). m. Wl!. In Chi Kung training. illt is said! ''Your Yi cannot be on yO'UI" Chi. Once you are in. and.26. enter thewrongpaths. the Chi is stagnant.rt th. you may decide to study the five element theory. but it can. be: led. method of enalysIngthe mterrela tionshi ps between your organs. When it is pushed. ~.dentood. first. because metal can take a large quantity o:f heat away 'from fire. This."(*24) which means "The Mind is kept on the Dan n. Yow: mind ean build u pthe Chi here (sta.te of "no thought. then you can reach your goal.8 sta.cians and Chi Kung practitioners" Vlh.or cool off the heartburn. Naturally. you :rous. this intention is your Yi.

g..p' the: st:rate. 1tMl. ThO.t stepl of Cm Ktm.~:Sj how win you be able '~omead.ve sometbingfuD ~e~dL The' next thing in ChlKuDg traimng is bowing how your Yi coonmUl1Ilcates wi1llllyour Ohi.w.. THE em IS WEAK.st@p~ Y'(DiU m'iJ!lst then..MIl be aible~o see wha. do net bow what Chi. Once c:ahn~ y'oJJ. . .Ef you.~ate the Jidea (v]isual. it is eorn_ow.ou_[' Yi.swady)r.hysieally. Once yO'U_Imind.mtlr Yi be able to set u. wo]][~d.CHI IS. smooth.on the ba.will beable torunder~ stand.Om:' nti. Cbi :KuDig. .Jin. is stea.how str'ong and. lIoW' Chi is Ukietille so~m. must [earn to be remotionally ealm.the mOI'@: ffle ciently the Chi ean be led ..'I8.Kllng pra.y said. For this reason. be able to sense and. uation" and y..~ . W'ilLO al'ie led." it.ers. p:ra{\ti~e Chi I1I.seeret of a stoo'ng Yi is eALMNESS.ab~. Listenmeanstspay earefulatteneion to what y. training' 1S00r develolp .te.orU sense and feel.t you want andirm yOUr' mind (. Tbalt means: that yow.3Jce and be able to' relaxemetionally and Ji.t you:rYi mmst "listen" to your Chi.g the Chi (TyaUl. understand .soeie. '~umdersta:iIldl.IS WEAJt.CO'fioentrate 01' think in ord!er . Th~nk~ and. Yi is the key in.d!yjthen you IIIeatpea:ce. you. :teel lb.!lll'iegu[aooyoor Chi. ~LTS: .ToulIlding dis= tractions.ou uaderstaad theCbri siltua.i.ctice .t GM. must frnn. Once you hsve reachedthis . With yourmiind ealm. Only when you area:t p'eaoe are you ablero think and fllinaUy gain..you. pay aUenuoD.st learn.utrS!. Chi~ and!. YliUbe .tUe:fDie.oonc.Meh is 'iiikean rorder to your Chi 00 complete a certain mission. Unde:rUris thou__ghtfuJand!. and.iI: 1I3.aUy want wm yw~ mind gain p€'. Me cahn~ yiou can see thing.1ElfflG. reWlreentratedmind.. In Chi Kung y'OtUI' mind '00:' 'l]i.. m ust gen~ e. meditation (1'1' Cm K1lIIDg ex:e.Jizeyou~~n ten Uon).controls the sit4.tr.tb.ou ea.y.reme:.ell:'Y'(aiiJl1 list Ol'.omblfl{!'athil1lg istl1e SIU'ateigy.gy. as 11 Chit Kung begin~ about Yia..KiU8 s aid~ ". F them Sooady. Only after YDU know what you m.re badly.If you. is your intention.s c~ear:~yand not be disturbed by sUl. GrYi (it ish-ow your Yiis: gener8!~d).t be aMJeto lead y~Ui:r Chi... \Vbelil!yoo.e Chi flow and.Yi should. w~n ha.J. When you. rCh:i.tbe: calm..eto . to the most advantageous plliae:es.e. "(*27)' TffidsPMeedure is elso applied :in.te yw~ body~breathj. All (*27). Tm:s firm m1Ifl S'ready mind. Itegulalt~D. 1(1f fl~. The more :you. The :first . is like the genera! who generates ideasand . y. OQmpaIl8 yaurhody toaba. Only afbe:r y. m bler!p tbeim rcomm. The:roll!fm.WJefieM.~d~ then your mind.tha. .nd. Peaes. AND' WHEN THE YJ[ .t? rOne'€! y~gknawwha.exeeute YO'UF intention. it is.then yoW" mind can be stead. Chill r. The more your Yi commuoieates with you ClIli.lilllica te Kung~ :fi~st.First YOOlmus. Comfi. •• tlGfi. Without tM s Vi Y'(!IiU. y'~nu Chi 'Win follow and you win be able to gain what you wish.tllegula.thel1l. e Remember WHEN TilE Yl ISS:TRONG~ THE . :fimlUy Ga..eo..sTRONG. En Tai Chi.. up the stJlength of the Chi 'ijI' cLreula te ~tth re ughroot Y.ef(lrrey. .tionwi]J1. and mind . your \:].e better yrOliJ. alselearnhow to refficiently. irst Oahn.In Chi Kung trainjng~ the first thing is~o knorW'\i'l~at ehi ~_s.ty. you.~1r':@'. is and experience ilit. Ietalnne build. therm-s.

and where yo:ua.d.effectively with y'o:u:r treops.first Iearn how to maketbe OlUfli@twsmoothlyins~eaCl of b.dJefi. Remember.wlding a. If' y.01!l do not have enough Chi in ym..I" " ·t·s ...e must know why h. 5. and. have ruready loot.te Chi.ry~ ~L _ all ff'ur mlilstbe__ c""'I'I)lI~fic d----~th-·_"''''_w__. and tWillunderstanding wmraise up his . still lnse.__ __ _ Jlour e.eoo. not hav.t yon also need. battle.. smoothly~ Y1o'uJ' Yi must first be r.aU knows how tn regulate the 'body (lltiThowsthe ba ttl. YOlll need more than.e:r. thus ho~. increase his patience and .e a 'MgbfJigbting sp~rit (merale). RegmQ.re weakest (wheR Y. a~Sio bow' how :m:any :8.chthie finalgow of em.t mOives smoothly in tn.\Vhen Y011lrYi (t.. OmJ!lY when your Yi is relaxed win your body be relaxed and the.ung exercis" €IS in which you mtent~on.e" if)"Oll do not have enoU!gb so~wers to S'latup' yow strategy.hm..eb~eathln:g (.t toaTIl.elaX!e.tin. .thin. Then yOilil m.".n!o·W ho.€: correctpatbs.e:r:.. \¥hen you keep this oonter~ one soirn.g spirilt.amrs.why.\v Y'Oilll' D!I1Idy to r.g r'eguladya:nd.rea. Yl~CM communication. of morale.itua. ou.~ n nd a ".O'tlneed g:oodi.expert str..t sickness and. .: wm __ a h __ cc .Asa.. glenelF'al wiIDlbe a!h~efuo' cootfo1the .aitlegist.Ylourself a.w to gene:ra.mfigly~ and. In a battle..t.€mIts. To be saccessful.0.al~ hold Y01l!1rYi..of your stra. in on@ area (e:xcess:iv:e Chi). Dot .e is fightin.tMn~)~ bu.~ There is one thing that ismoc€ imporiant than anyt'hm.communica teand.g~ how to. and.e your Chi now mltib yolWf bmat!bing. Shen) . strategy (brea. how tor-egu~ate tb.tu_l'o'EI!llyand.~!ej["s).e6e~d).mewner.w bod~.Be. ealm1:ywiUmak!e ]lourY! ealm.tegy will be in vain.ndYlO'Ur headqtru. he might.efficiently.G~r Chi is . .er t.howev.erto make Chi :I. JilG. em.Ma... ~s. You m.. stoongthen his wii!i~and. in order for a :soldierfuo haViE!thlsk:]]nd. 6ght.! ap.o'~ldI.ellldw-ruloo ..te:mal martial eM Kungtr..roU Deed.Ung Spirit (Tya~.e . that is figiw. . Ku~~gb:'mmn_g.thebes! ~fier.t if a h]s is(l101ie:rs do.spirit. beginn..g else in a.be gener-.\Vh@ll 'IDs sIririt is 'hlgih~ a solru.tiGl!J!.1\. g~n@r:a1" you must.• lax ev~ mOIFe.us~ooordma. U ndi.. Chi dam.1diers areavailable fur th.IDortant. H yoo W<i1illl..tillilgeyotw seldiers most eff~etively for 'battle. 00" al~.eient) :a:_nd. you\v:mbe ab~e to rea..ow nS!.en are neQes"".~ you :s:hould. and!.~ :rate~y and wli. Chi ehannels open :for'the C~i to circulate. and. bu.m" smrOotffilly.olmers. aging. In cjl'ld.airnng. and bow many yQU! will need.sa.only do y.. You aISIo need tGk.VI. Chi K.. SPIRIT IS THE CENTER AND.ay hav.commOl1lly dome in. YOUlmust tirsttrnimto make YCIl. understand the :s. then you can.IIT. you. \Vhen you praeties ChlKuDg.. fiOr p:lIo:t€1etlm:g .e -abe where the ranksare . Mr Y'lJlU have mere seldiers thaD.al[o. . the :strategy)~ and bow to effeetively regulate the Chi '(dimeet yOUl' s. h. send them siO.d.how 'CaDY-au J!'€..al~ who knows the battlefie:~d Wrellli nd is also an . you must know whlmarea of the bSittlefieM is most im.ebattle. what he can expeet after the fight.ROOT OF . to . e Chi flow naturaUyandi.hes~oonmtiolilJs~he 'Win know what he is doing and!.Mtlla~ tion . eX.:r Chi~ y in at spee:mea. needto send reiimoroe:m. h~s. just efficient.There are ~Gme. --- @3Jehather :if you are to win the war aga:ins. which. B:reat.e:rcan be equal to ten :s. In order to regubllfue your Chi SiO that~.gWate it? In a bai!ttTI!.e:r wj']]J ![Ibey his G:rn:'der.

It is th~ same with Chl.H. the more you ~n . .:amiine them few d). is rn:rnl~the Shen win be ste.t.e '~a:S'tfifty years..e ofmartiailli.emphasizeWai Dan pradke.am tihllou:gh the soRbody movemelJ!t{l.ain the rea]. Kung styles wMc:bare t'lelat[ve~y harder phys:i.ld 'To. rul:d 9.. from many other martial Chi Kung t systems inthat it emph.Begil:iJ.m:G. ca~m. fi"o.~n~ng·.\Vh.. TiliU:s is the (filly W:a!y to g. :2. D:IDIly one sty~. understand. rather than. eM beginners fee]thei1r Chi. Ch~.'HE ~.hIS..iining wa. d]:ffeooliJ.. is stl'\oog~the Yi isfirm.~e~a]thoughit also. 'GIUIS STRONG..(lw~edge~. Chinesle .M ChlKuffilg ·Ls. you sheuld .'W'actJ.ng~and martial Chj Kung is! only one ca legary of Chine se' hi KUliJJg.aduale ly gives th. This kind of kn.l!Ulglilas been practieed mamly fur health p'ufiloses. Tai Ch~ C.g gr. 8.KullI!g tl'aining.tj o:rlgjinaloos from.tal spiritual roo~S!:'Wi11~ patience. martial ones.g Chl K·u. training.f the Tai Chi Chi KUlIlg movementswere adapted .etr3!.cessaty f'Or any kind.ersusually do not have even the slightest c0<l1Icep:t f Chi.oW!d el w.m. .&entii.he pn3'Vi01]ls.Chl.standimg of ehl.is .hiKrtJi1l.O>lIom ~J3. and buBdl3 up Chi 'internally tb:rnu. order 00 reathtJbe rma~ goru of eM Kung you mnst have three~l!.entire.a:hrlIillg' . and endurance. combat.ady and.€: forms. 'fHE SHEN IS 1.eeper levels ofmeamng. D. in erder 'to understand analyae 1.ays keep' these 1IivekaiI!l!ing criteria in mind. J1IOU sh. WHEN THE . N.ooethat thef'e ~s to lIrnow. THE SHEN IS ALBO STRONG . C~i Kung tr·a. of advMoement in Thli Cm. alse adhere to themwhen pr.WIIEN THE SBEN IS . 1. 1'ai Chi be:giI!l_nern are usually ta ngbtsom€l of the mallY s:~...dice:s Wai ]).e:x.ilero tn.ability. Tai Chi Chi Kun.•vts style. Thi Chi Chuan forms.se te:nnfo:m:.AU of th.g ~ wesbou.ny other martial Chi. was ori:gjnally ereated as a martial . D " the masons ~OIJt tra..gh NeJ. To ream a deep level ef undastanmng and pen.TOF A SOLD'mR. Fo:r thisreasen.8.actieing Tai Chi Chuaa.spiri. through f~elingand.uaD and. 'i01U' foolmgsmd eompIIehensirOn are the! es. proeed!ur1'ies BIle (l(m'D!mo:nm aU Chi KI!Ulg'~ and.wl'3clUsion ean he sammaeiaed L as follows: Tai(. 4.NTAL THE C. Tiai em Chi Kiun.8!IiI! ].caiWy and . T.. Tm!5 is differexrut. and.en the 11.AJways remember that Cm 'Kung' tr. 1'a1: Chi ChiK.asize\S the soft.eman rmder. Ttrl Cl. was used ia. men tal and p:llilyS'iealhealth benefits frem y'OUlt training.ex~p'eriencing it.s n_e. Many o. .Yin.of f~ ti[DJg' . the 'Yi (the! genera]).notj1Ht tn.roO'ts of 'the . .ese ·t~ail1ling ooncepts and.s I!I!ecessary forreaehing the h~ghest levels . help TaJ.. Tai.€: €'s:se:nce of any Chi KWlg' p:raetice.HlI18 ST:BONG AN1)1 EASILY nIUCTEn.mdam_eD!.liJ. and the deeper you.ma. tShen~ whim is the Chme. \Vhe:n the Shell. In th.PM1. p:r:a.mphl! WaDi an forms .side of fhe traimng has no limit.~..K"tmg T. Chi CJb. .I~.

ow to.\Then you 9r.e]s nd :in u.f Tal CM Chi Kung pra'cIUce ism ~ea.trs.D£IIll. sno<uidals.body~ b.e'.D..m how to f>E!gnla:be your mind. . .complica ted.ms is the sJeeretto internal Jing (N't'l'J. it cube.[ooease.sswhe're your y willole be:in.h. 1'0 teach. ''']Po' teach.o'llI.tly~Onoe y.eSIJ']I. you: then strut to leru:'11l.~nd.reathing. U you .BS deep'ss: t'he ~noornal o. to meadtb.ving . .can.ception Vess.e to lead th. thebOOis Chi has bee:r.ow eHicie:ntly. Chip~acti tiener inte the domain of spiritual eul tivatinn" Th.All 'Of these .eadiy done this basic trail]jing~you w:m be p:r.den~ astioJl. Tberns is then tbe time fo:r Tai ehi forms 0[' sequence kamin.'lb .dl ou into tbe domain ot' e. 1 4. YJ(lU must also laarn how to regu· latle YO'ID"bmathing' .. Th_]!. 1100:t.a. 'buUd up your oe!Oi. To te\a!ch.eimcient~y.g.alr.as.e~ and the Yang Governernng 'Yeslset Sti!llmedilta.€!ulUmategoa'~o.effidel1l.t€8ch To...your rcG:nrenUa.ood m.r. Chi begrnnners how to regulate the body.tio:n is normaUy 1Iilsed.d. unti~. eMi.2. Tw.ior this. 'Once yuu have gcr.:uscles to .[:I:n.vanoed.~ .oux Tai Chi 'Chi Kung 'tr'ah:dng andleern .\ When.hQwto mguJa.eabl.e'rSho<w~o use the Cm to energise the musc~es£Q'r mmm. y'~!!l have completed. you w]iH then be abWew' 1!l:Sie .e CM to the skin. In .atiQtn and reverse ebdemmal 'breathing fOT Chi ~pansion. and condense it~o the m. This indu.addit].ted vooi.o learn how to Incre a ss the Cb~. blleatMng~ and Yi.:rgans andb one marrew.a:ilt Chi v. lead the.eticel of Tai eM Chuan.des hoOw to.i Chi p!rl'u::titianen bow to eireulate Chi in the 12 :p. .ve l'IeguWated y. in th.3.w. "To teach Tai Chi beginners how to U91e their Yi~o lead the Chi .and sense your' ce'flter hafanee. Ta.Goth1y and efI'ectiv ely. them in a superficial way.ouha. N ChiF['acntion.g is in the WU.tbo:ut disterbance . ad.p the tw.Do<rmal ahdominal bre4'lthingior m~ax:. and.O:fDl you sbo.(m~)Nlill.essels~ If a y.criteria are the itriticalkeys~o the . calm .aMgh levet T. ~e'q]ueneecwiUIGiI!1 t.r. Jing).correct p. to: lead the Chi to eir-eula.an.W'he:lIl. C:bi practi~lion€!1'8 how to expand their Ch~ 00 the surl'aceo:f the skin and to eondense the Chi to the bone marrow.h.r~J. MOis't imp ortant of all. hig~er leve~~aDd eensequently build your Chi to a higher level.mmvements~ and wiU oruybeaMe wpe:nnl'm. tlile oas~e T:ai Chi training.u~dJeentinue . {To .6. j I 5.ped the idea .ofChi.tlo.chrul.mptm.SEa:rt learning' the Ta~.DI too.eo:noo!!l.ta®e.u csnthen use this Chi to energize the m.e Chi .um Jlngmruill"estaJt~on.Chi (no elXtremity) s. Through thisrelasatien yQU are able te fee.flOOCU ]lied wi to the .ilibuilt to a mg'ber levl?l~u then starile:arning how to lead the Chi tothe skin 'M' if. and. foat of external J ing (Wai Jing).€: two m ain vessela .the fCilWlda. and . you hav~ lI'ieached thlsgo3l~~ the Chi ~n Y'@.cm are able to use your mind.tbe Yin OO-[l.om. illn addwti. mind.. yo. and.1!l t:ratilJ.rims_' Cbi .teyour bmdy. you must 1!f!a.IlIll: body and the Chi in " 7. relax the bod_y fromthe J ski1llto.tihe skin"s sensitivity and mto the bone's too no'unsh the marrow.t.ra. Interna1Jingi:s.

J rum 2.g. :sick easily.s. Nei Dan and.gVe.~:~.s>els. enables the 'P.d. w 4. amd poostur. used today have bee:n adoprtedfr-cmtibe Tai Chi sequeaee.1lI. '. beoom. Kung inc~udesbotlli. T'ai Chi Chi Kung 'bu.ractiUtlm!e.sncJI. etc. peM€::mlul. on..O't'bier m - Ch~ :KiWl.:sil'ilgthe VI to ~ead. and reaeh a. The p:nl!c.uman desires 'Will gra.ekly 'than.vy remphasIs.hiB m.~ the C~mception.ther style of Chi Kung. L Because 'I'ai Chi Cheanwas orriginall. the CmflrOw can be . . 'internal organs. and is men:€: rC~llmplete than those Chi Kung sy:s'te:ms hieh emphasize .andlYiang in. to energise the muscles. Chi ChlKl1Dg aliJi!d.el of :relaxation. eireulatien in the tW'Or ma.rn Kumg remphasizes u.. unhealthy extl'!emes. Be~a. 5.created Chl KUD!g!foilms. in the bones.nns .skiD and. em Ch.ch most otha.the Y]in side and! the Yang side equ.FOO"xam pille.r eiIect'ive~y and effieient.more flwd the Chi caB be! ineressedmere tha_nwith the! usuel Ctli K~gp!l"adioes that do not €.nature willilWi. This is drnHeoont from many other Chj Kung praeeiees whieh em. Wai Danb·. and marrnw.m. In ord.ds.rm lead.MartiW em Kiun:g sty~es use to 80m.n of theY! mllJcst be strorD!g ia revefymo"v~ me)]rt. able to l'leWease mental stre:s:s anclphy:s~. higher ~ev.systems. but alse the Guarman (Jibi ~1l the . Altho<u_g'b.phasize the Yang s~.g' . This means.uan.1lSe o:f this hr€l8/.and.st understand the differenoes between Tali.emo:!I"!e oor po:pu1!ar tban any o.Govemm. has.editative state.all b. Tai elrl C.Imprnasi7iethe' Yl as strongly. other. are commonly used for Ohi Kung tra:hlimg. Sooring Jing (in the 11.a:inilDig.titiornerr is. but.8.a.ar'!I:IOIw eM.e:r wmallifest Thi Chi Jingpowe.akesit easdierr ~hr the p~.d8ot 10rnly the Chi cii~cula n tion in the primary Chi channels.eal tension.~titioners 'Who rempbasize the Yang tr.Chi in a.d.e .. Tm.m.maDlY Tai Chit 'mast. the ehl mere stMngly and. thattJhe inteD!tio...ainiingwill not giet.oo and beeeme one~8!nd. Yl. This is the key to mental and physical health .s. normal. does I1Iotuse fuension. ma:i:ntafuning' and improving -38- . In rOl:[ld@'r urnderstaflid why Tail.emore tJl a ill the Yin side.d does not use the musculartensicn wh~.lilie Jmg' mus:t(u-st be :stored.uy.jioif vess el s .and can eonsequent- ly balanee Y~m . ly. tIb.enhllve most M'tihe traifilingfo.only ene o:r the.e) is Yin" whHemanmesting Jin. 8.void.crane spreads its 'Wingls~wave e ha. In addi tion ~ Tai Chi Chi Ku[!]'g alsoteaehes the practit:~oner how mo increase the ~eveI of Chi S'tOF81g'@1 and. Tai Chi empha- sizes . ost ..€: degJ:'€e. because thmr bodies b€£ome Yang~t11@Y'wiU a:g@ "OR (fu1i. efficiently to the Iimbs. p:l!u~h. Pf"a. Cm.oft" an.aetitioner toreach aeaha. you MUl:S't D['.nds ~n re~u.g is. lrelaxedbod!y.y ereated fOl' martial P1m"pOS~ rE!S~ revery movementhas ~ts defe:nsiv~ or off@llsiViepUlllQSe.al1y disappear. Yan. ''lrai Chi Chi]. l'~iChi is . throbod!y amda.

beoks .v.~. gaM!" \Vb. it is best tOi wo]!'kwilhthe tape and. yo:uoo a!voii. "Wba.y. you may not be.p~E! behind ~.o?" Then you. what I want ~s thetriek of how to change I.the :same reason. ''my do 1 n.advamae1d[ toward my goal?" . rmse tn.er~ There are .€! question of how i YOll.. In of\deit 00 mak!e . . '\V[thout all of this. w hen you. y'ouYliH.at you have 'learned. boy came to see :him mrud asked.E ~ooldng' for?" "V/ha. tm.ct]_oe most e:ffiC]E!nt:rny. llieam 'WiDbe oruy branehesand ..rtan. y'~lln' ork \"mbe done blindly.tpose. [I1I. One da. The eld man said: "Boy!.a. Understa:milling·tfteory and pdnc4phl liVillnot only shoden yOturtime of pOI!i. ¥ibel!l yo~.rk?" "Whymust I de i~thiswa.exp(!~t?" and "\ilha.ce and :feelin. An . and. they will be elear.y mstead of that way? . and. ar-e cerreet.ss.. itwill be w a long and pmruulp:rooee. of these.1"19. ri~ha~ .vance further?'" It is y.~y.. m~e1l.::plainedm a book.o.s.M wrm the Mot of your p:ractiee.plesa:nd.~d?E can. If y'~nJi ave the mel: ofhoiW to make gold" youwm h never' be poor...e theory and prmei piles.some impo.t just SLutoml9ttllie. wu:t:? Oo.g.y replied: "No.too. book tQgeUI.ndJenng . y>Ol1.t:" means: ''What am . be abkl to see why 50metmng has happened.~not j'ust tbep. hel..a. what I wamtis. ean De firm and s®eooy. o@nfusion tha.:what do you.'to ream itsihmnd. Wl .I . and nQ.t things wMdll.. qnestio.tanding you will be able lio blow yow.eto ehange a piece of rock: into go~d.a. these ean owy be ID. if you ponder car15fuUy and practice patiently andpe:rseverin.e:ml you j iJllS't h.Uy repeat aU tb. it CO'llmot 00 d:enThed.p. '8 flO ot. I'm:.t the princi. and wha.e:n YIOU awe SUllie what your ~ is and why you.derlngand. make it grow ~ yo.~ flowen~ and UlI.. Hiow.dJorn.u MIl know how w create.e. tm. lth.• an the! rock into. Is possib~ using oinly tapes.der. Only wh.u are missing is tbe master's ex:. How-to Us@: This .ve gO:~d~ ou ean spe]]. NarualIDy~.ery Hnllartan.example :is th.JI.l Ii' for ..any Chi KULng.that.And "How w]]nmbe able to ad.glli.under the tutelage of at mas®er you can learnmore qluickly and perfectly than . learn Cm KWiJ!g' you should leamth.. what you are pr.t Wlee:rtailltybring.ve you of the ~Id you womt.etheo~ and princrn.b~. However..po:rtmlt idea~ which are imposS'~b~eto take th.sure yourmO'v)eme~ts or fonns.t dOl I .)." The bo. CMnat:here is a sto:ryabout an old man who W8:El a. practice.gry" youwiUbea'ble to.e: time to esplain in the videotape. One of foe hardest parts of the trainJing pn!C~SS is learning how ~o 3!etuaHy do the~o!rmS oOITect. you.rregoing' to .penen.d.Wbat. and!. Tlu!! Mswers:oo aU. M9s~r!.dthe wo..clng. Eve:ry Chi Ktm:g movement has ~. muse ask. f~rms. but also . Y'oum U!St determine: "How does :it work?" "How mum ha. it alland y oooome PO!}]!. Wid1 tmSUfidentanding. but once you see them.emy and. U youkeep this :root) you will be able W apply t. JH..goat Once you know your goaJ~your mind.stand.again. must rn:-st as:ik.etney w:dIWltJne:r. ·there are other im. such as th.enable. Understanding is the I\oot of any work.et['a:ns'ition mevements ootween the fOimls.atti. ableto pick: up fvom readIDg. yoom pra.he tJ1I. theories behind i1t: are. it?'" "Why does it we.ts speciammeanillg' amd.. ]]Jot y@'ur gomd.tim.s.Book..ra.• "~ •. What y.t.ctice.'" FmaJilly. andwill help..t sheuld md.ractic:e . With tmder.tmd. 'Why...eed.!Il€!edl.

tape ar"ied. wUl nndtbat they w:m serve yollJ. up the depth (if your theoretical underatanding so that your m~.o:ned.Chi Cb!i Koog tau.same. The most important thing is to build.w:[l1be· Ideal' and you will understamd. sa ke:yfuo e:nfuer inte th.ra.s~o:n youp. many dJifferentve:rsiioas of ']'ali .esigne.grceat deal of self-disei p·~iDe. of Cb11{:tmg. "¥ou should und!e:rstalld that. You need a strong willi]! and a .ions.s~ack t1:'J:fougn Y·O'lU· own ~eriem:e and p.~.b ver.ra:c:tioo. j• .thl. a To()onclude~you mustptactice withpersevereneeaadpatienee..b€lOODlfusedb'yaJl o:fthese ver:s. You. ])0 not. @. ~t dkles not mai1tte:r wM.efi~ld. yon Dl.kand.Ue. where you are g(li~g. This boo.e·Uce the basictheozy anJ.fid.l prineiples remein the .ay find. As menti.d.r.on. fo~ se!~f~iDstmc:ti.gbit by difIerentmaste:rs.

dis. when these two forces combineand interact wi th eaeh q}the~r smO'othly and harmonieusly.tt:he universe is made u Pi of two. Experience has shown that the Yin and Yang balance in.Yin and Yang . a.. :if the Yin and Yang forces of he aven (i . Yang The Chinese ha:ve' long believed tha. Root Tai Chi Chuan 'Yin and Yang 0. h urrieanes.. When 'these two.e floot of Tai Chi Chua:n.Cbapter2 The. . long life.aster will occur" However. are also baeed on 't'Ma.and the source from which it was created and formalized.cih comes to' us from the sk. and man. can change then: paths.they manifestpower and generate the minions of miving things. "tbeory. YOIU need to know how to a- -41~ ..of Yin and Yang'. them.t'heory of Yin and Yang is tb. and earthqu. or other natural disasters. nature finds a. ({.y)r are losing' balance. sicmess and even dea..ananel Lii Yin and. healthy body and live. the Yin and. mflueneed by the heaven's Yin and Yang. earth. e.ees loose their balanes on earth. Slmilar~y.akes can oeeur When 'the ).a. a. which are an. F'Ot example. £o-reesbegin to lose their balance.-.:y w hl. s~gnificant.eeomplish :wn your practice. It is tber~ore desirable to und.IIleGl:'g.ou wish to have. The Chi Kung' sets. If the imbahnu:e is.th ean oeeur. There£ore.1. .etice of T:ai Chi.e.' The . if y. Yang' balance of the earth is. there can be tornados. rivers.ry is alsoapplied tothe threegreat natural pewers: heaven. When the Yin and Yang for. Yin and Yangtheo. 'I'he Concept . opposite forces .t youare trying to a.e!ntand YiD~ Yamg theoirJ so the t YDU can havea clear concept of wha. man is acffeded by theYlin and Yang balances of the ~arth and heaven."in and Yang forces in the human body lose their balanee. 2-.which must bslanee each 'Other. way to rebalance.. essentia! part of the pl'.

lIhe'N! ar.or esample..s strol1lge:r than it~s in.. Ch~. with 1tbe "Yin and Yang .gpier.<":JIa.eratin('J'l.om tj!1a moa_n is Ym Chi. when a person is dead. -Spl'e en.I..fthem a:r'€:Yin and six ate Yang. a.g at the upiver. be ma~ntained and the eauses of sickness be correeted.bodl. Yang..OlB body's Yin and 'llan:g. and Cl[D.rgy balance into a more hal"lllOnio:us state.cb~s.energy of heavenand ..!I.can health.adjust Ymg: in the human Thlo~y is the root . 'When it is said that.s Yang in eempariscnse Human Chi. This is no.arudt€(ndm. .and. healthy sta tus ..le are ahv:ays .ng or."!. tb.. the Va. wemusi :redennB ourpoont offef~~e. and f".energy itself does not 'hav.. th.e in the human body. ire aDd w:aterr."01' example. in the univ'e:rseacoorostrategy" and the spirit aile covered.gy where peeple are involved. natm:ruly. Tms is because the sun's €:Dergy ~.grm s are Large bu t are DOlt 'the e'.ting :bowth. Ma. p -"'_. like lb. Ya. and.altive and not abs!olute. Th. Cbi can be either Yin or Yang it doesnGt mean that there are two dJiffe:ool1l1t inds of Ghi ~ik.backward is Yin and fiO'fWal'd ~.ng~and so 00.~~eV'.f\1mg weak.foom th. ..so:n':s.tibis ~mp:~~es that thep€lt@!nUal whien generates the Chi is st.'..eh is gElnera.efiefer. that Chi is Yin er Yang~ it means that the eM ~:B: too strong or toll' weak f(!l<l' a particular circumstance.. of the 'human. It is re~.. human the. .t Yin and Ya. a.e·-h ati>~s. feel:i!ngs.ce p' n+"'I!Iti··· .e k l• male and female. within the body" in the L1l.j' .i.ofoapti ve and -o"'it~v.g t defense is"iiin and .especi.g Ip'JilHedto of :~.[DJCif!p.·'h-·.tiolllers of Chinese medicine an._~a.le.though1lts..only then . Yang'" night is Yin and day is Yang ~weak is Y~n and str. and. Natu'r. Lungs. Yrn and. The study of' '¥lin ami ing to Yin and. Fow exemple.residua~.arth. Kidneys. even same Chi Kung pr.liJJ.ofthe Chi there.e.e is. the gil1ost's Chi is Yin w~:ille t~e living' persen's is Ya:ng. v.. TheNti'o1l8.ally.e y:ijjn and Yang.se. c__c riJ'P.. if it ~s weUJal" than this" it ~s lln. If the Chl.en. the normal state" it ~s Yang.enoe point 18 the norma].ethat Even.~ of . hi.rges h -'lie" __ liJJ.n__g ehannel For enmp. hDWKlooo!J:Idiina!te yow: Ch~.ngar. am still confused by this. .s. Wl:u:lD Wf! look at the! Yinand Yang of Chi Ycitbinanli in regard to tihe!human body.be Chi e.e Chinese have c1a:ssUied everything y.Ill€lrgy itSEl\~f. they must iSeel~Gundentand. six: o.ooers. the Chi from the or 81m ~s Yang Cbi~ and Chi fr. Human Cm (Gee Chi! or ghost Ghi) isweak comp. OirpO~itiV1e and.ircula. Yang . a:nd. d!is~}uss:~ng..-.ally [ote:rested ln what concerns them diirect~y. regmliate nDie body's ene. fema~e ~:s 'Yin and mal. 'The Yin organs 31'i1l! the Heart. ..e t:we.y that are considered( org. In any diseussicn of ener.ny people.llivepam. Li ve r. Human Chi is used as the standard.' . 'happy is :'ian. fu:s Praeti. however. and.e energy wm.t unliltle! looliin.e pe:rspectiv!e of the Eam . \Vhen it ~s'said.so it is natural that we are i!!lterestedprimarily in Human.r.ti.--".ans in Ch~nese medic~lle.iJ@wall Chi.. Cbi Kung be..ong is Yall!g'. negative! . It is .~".of CmneSJe medicine ami Chi Kung. [)'101m theperspecti v@of human CM.s YaliJJ:g~ sad ~.efirDJed.~ C. 'Wh.of nature and the 'body before they can adjust and.s:fIed to a. . Ya.@nerR'IJ .8 Y~l1I.Uvifl.oR'enSie. '.erka:rdi um.acU.. wh:ih:lthe moon's is Vb}.'' .d.lPeCfl..8 t. Ch~. eM is erleT'gyJ and.ted from the spuking . No:wie't us dlisc'uss how Yin. d.

Intestine" Smell Intestine. Stomam" Gall B,~adder. Urinary Bladder, and Triple Burnen Denerally BpeakiD:g~ the CM level of the Ym organs is lower than that of the Yang' organs. The Yin organs store Original Essence and prlQOOSS the Essence obtained from food and air. while the Yang 0IgatnS handle digestion and exeretien,

When the Chi in any of YOi1!1r organs is DOlt in its normal state, feel uaeemfortable, If it is very much off from the' normal state, the Ol'g,an will start to malfunction and ,YOU may become sick., When this happens, the .chi in your entire body will alse be affected and

you. will fee~:roo Yang" perhaps feverish"

'too Yin. such as the wea._k=

nessafter diarrhea, Your body's, Chi level is also affected by natural circumstances such as the weather, climate, and seaaonal changes, Therefore, when the body's Chi l,evel is class:illed" the reference po~nt is the level which feels most eomforta ble for tlll!lS,e, particular ei.lIC1Ilms:ta.f.ilie,e B. NaturaUy~ each of us is a little bit different, and what feels best and mostnatural tor one person may be Q. bit different from what is right for another person. That 'is why the doctor will usually ask "how do you. te~d?fI It is aceeedieg to your own. standard 'tba,t you are judged .. Breath U c~osely related. to the, state of your Chi, and therefore also consldered Yin or Yang. Whe'n you exhale you expel air from your lungs, your mind meves outward, and the Chi around the body expands .. In the Chinese martia~. arts" the exhale is ,generaIDly used to expand the Chi to, ene:rgiZ!ethe museles during an attac~k_. 'I'herefore, you ean see that exhale is. Yang - :it is expanding, offensive, a,nd. strong. Naturally, based. on the same theory~ the' inhaleis considered Yin. You.r breathing is closely related to, your emotions. '¥hen. you Those our temper, your bl"es't.hingis short and fast" i.e. Yang. When y you are sad, your body is more Yin, and you Inhale morethan you exhale in order to absorb the, Chi fromrhe air to balance the body's 'Yin and bring the body hack into balanc-e..VVben you are excited and. happy your body is Yang,.and your exhale is longer than your inhale to g,et rido! the eJl:CeBS Yang' which is caused. by th.e exci.tement. As mentioned before, your mind is also closely related to' your Chi Therefo1re, when your Chi IS, Yang, your mind Is usually also Yang (,exc:l. and vice versa. The mind can also be claseified according to ted) the Chi which generated it. The mind (Vi) which w:s genera ted fr.om the ca]im and peaeeful Chi obtained from Original Essence is, considered Yin. Tbemmd. (Hsin) which orjgIDJ!lateswith the food and air Essence is em.otional, scattered, and excited, and it is considered Yang. The spirit, which is related to the Chi, can also be classified as Yang or Yin based on ~tsorigin, Do not confuse' Yin eni and: Yang Chi with Fire Chi and, Water Cbi. Whe,_nthe ~n and. Yang of Ohi are mentioned, itrefers to the level of Chi according to, some reference point. However, when Water and, Pire Chi are men tioned, it refer'S to the '~uali·ty of the Chi. If you are interested in reading more al]jouttTh1e 'Yin.and Yang of Chi, please refer to, Dr. Yang"s "The Root OIf Chinese Chi Kung" and "Muse~eJTendon Changing and Mar1'OwIBrain Washing Chi Kung." -43-


~~~==~~==--~--=----------------Kan an_dLi~.
The ter-ms Kan and .Li:Di. occur fteqU!eiD..tly in Chi Kung doeameI1lUs,

resents "Fire,

In the lE~ght Trigrams. Kart repn;:sents "Wa:oor" whil.e :Lii l~ep~ HowE!V€!r~the everyday ·tel:'t!llS f~n'· ,Qlt& and fire are W

cal and spiritual bodies (make them. more Yin) isoonsidered Wa.ter Chi However. yOW' bod.Ycan. llev'eI'bep:ulIelyWate:r, Water can eeel

Kanand Lii tra.i~ing has lOO1,gooe:no:fmajar impl)ir~ Ktmg Illr:aetit1:ol1l.ers.Mn ,order to, under,stmdl wil_y, you. mustund.er.stand. thes;e two worcds. and. the theory behind. them. First you should understand that though Kan.~ 1Li1and ·Yin-Yang are relatedJKan and. Lii are not Ym and Yang. llUmi.9. WaooI', which is ablete ooo~ yOm:' body dOVil'D !ai11i.dmake it :mo!llll! l]l1l" wba.le Liii is Fim, whim, V/,a:rms, you_Ibo~ and makes itmol',e Yang.Kan and!. Ui are the methods or ca 118@i8, VI bile Yin and. Yang are ·the results, 1iVh.en.Kan and Lii are adjiusfued o:rrEl.gU1ated correctly. Ym and Yang wiU be baleneed mld.mlm@r.act harmoniously. Chi Kungp'ractiti:onern believe tlia.!. youroody is, always too Yang~. unless you are s:~.ek have not eaten for a. long tims, in which ease o:r Y:(iur bo dy maybe mo're Yin. S~noo your body is always Ya.~g, ~t ~:s: dll!g~ner.a:ting andbuming out. It is helis!V1ed·thattm:si:sthe ca.W!t'li<:£ 0 aging. If you are ab~e to use Water to coo]!down. y'our body~ you 'WiU be able to :slow d.own. the degefJel'.ati.oD p:rm:'€.'.8:s, and the.reby lengthen your Hie.. This is, the main reason. why Chinese' Chi Kung m>ramtlli.oners h9!\'iie been studyin,g ways of imp<lIoving the ,(!u,ality of the Water in t.heir bodies, and. of reducing the quantity of the F'me. 1 beIDievetbat as aC:hi Ktl1Ilg p:~act.:i.innar you should. ,a].ways, ·~eeJl' this SUiIb,je:et at th.e t@p of t your list for smdiy and researeh, IT you.em·IU'l'stJy pon.de:r and ,expe:riment, YOUMU be able to grasptb.e trick of aCljuf;u:ng them .. If' y'ou w,ant~o learn. maw to, aJlfjust them. y10u mustunders.tand ·tba.t Wat@;r and. F.l~ mean many t.hin:gs m your twdy" The first. ooncerns your Chi. Chi ~:s.clesssfled as Fire cr Wa~lSr. Vlh€'J1Y;OW" Chi is not pure and causes yo~r physicSll body to heat up and y01l!1t meD!tallilspiritual body 00 beeeme uns&aib:~e (Yang), ~.t:is classified a:s FffireChi. The! Chi w~icll~is; pure and is ab:[e to coal both y<!Uf physialso eften used,

·tanoo to,



This mind is calledHsin, and is, considered the Fire mind., Yang mind, or ,emotio:l]Jal miad. On the othl'lrb.and" the rmndth.a:t Wa:~e'r
Ow genera.tes
:is consideeed is calm, steady~ and wise, Til:.i.s mind 1$ cal1ed.Yi., and 00 bet~.e Walte.r- mind. or 'Wisdom ]f y'ou:r spirit is

the Fi«!J but it :must meV-fer totally 'Qlwmch it, because then. 'y1fD1ll. I t ~,s also s3.1d. ·thatFire ChJ.~sa!ble to agitate and stimulate theem.ot~.ons" and [l'Iomt.hes@ emotions gmelr'a:bEla "mind .."
would be dead,


by Fire Chi, .although your s;ph1.t may be Mgh, it 'Will be scattered and, confused (.a Yang spirit), N.atura,[~yj. if the spirit is


nour.mshfNli and. raised. up by Wa~ef' Chi~ it iiirill be ftrm and steiady (a Yi.n mind). When Y'()illU' y~ is able to gOVe:r.D. yOulr' em(!J!tiolll,dHsin

eiTectirli"'ely, your win (stmng emotional intention) ,can be fmn .. You ean see from this discussion that yo~r ehl isthe main cause of the Yin and Yan,g of your physlical bod:y~you.r mind, and yon:r

spirit. To,regulate your body's Yin and Yang, you must learn how to regulate your bedy's We.tel' and. Fire Chi" but in order ,to do this effieien tly you. must know their sources. Once you have grasped th.e concepts of Yin-Yang and, Kan-LJii then you have to think about 'how ·to,,adjius:tRan and tU so thet you can balance 'the Yin and Yang in your body~ Theoretieally, a Chi Ku_ngp:racti.tioner' would lU~.e; keep his body to in a state of 1{in~Yangbalanee, whl.cb. means the "center" point of the Yin and Yang forces, This center point is commonly called ''Wu Chi" {no extremities), It is believed that \V11 Chi is the original, natural sta.te where: Yin and Yang are not distinguished. In the WU Chi state, nature is peaceful and. calm. In the Wu Chi state, all of the Yin and Yang farces have grad uaUy eombined harm,onious~y and disappeared. When this Wu. Chi th.eory is appUed toh uman beings, it is the fina]! goal ef Gm Kung practice where y,ou.rmind isneutral andabsolufuely ealm. The Wu Chi state makes U possible fer you to find the origin of your life, and. to eombine your Chi with the Chi of nature. The ultimategoal and. purpose ofTm Chi Chi Kung and. 'rai Chi Chuan is to find this peaceful and. natural state. In order to reach this goal, you must first understand yOUI' body's Yin and Yang so 'Ulat you can b alanee them by adjusting your Kan and Ln. {)rIlly when yOUI' Yin and Yang are balanced win you !be able to find the eenter balance pomt, the Wu Chi state, Tbeoretically;, between. the two ,t':lnre:mes of Yin and Yang are, millions, of paths (i.e., different Kan and. Lii methods) which eanlead you to the neutral center, This accounts for thehundreds of different styles of Chi Kung' which have' been created overthe years, You can see that th.etlleory of Yin and. Yang and the methods of Kan. and Liii. are the root of tratning in all Chinese Chi Kung styrues. Without this root, the essence of Chi Kung practice would be lest.

.2;~.2. 'Yin and. Yang in. 'Tal Cbil Cbmm. In Wang Tzong-Yeuh's Tai Glli Classic he states "What is Tai Chi? It is generated. frem W:u Chi, It is the mother of Y~n and Yang. When it mOV'8S, it divides At rest it reunites'P'L) .. According to Chinese Taoist scnpture.the 111m verse was initially wi thou t life. The world had just cooled down from its fiery ereation and all was. foggy and blul'l'Y~without diJffierentia.tion or sepa1"ation,with no extr,emities or ends. ''I'his state was ealled "Wu Chi" (literally "no extremity"), Later; the existing natural energy divided into two extremesvknowa as Yin and Yang. This :polarity ~s ealled Taj eM., which means "Grandi un~mate'" or "Grand Extllemity," and .a~so means "Very _ Ultimate" o!r "Very Extreme." It is this initial aeparatdoawhich allows and causes, all other separations, and changes. You can see from this oxplanatton that Tai Chi (Hrand Ultimate) is not Wu Chi. Tai Chi is prodU!Cledfrom Wu Chi and is
. .


ember: ONLY WHEN THE 0..j. Yang into Wu Chi.oo into the YWa!nd.e Chl}J and can b. yarn. The deeper you can aIDJa]y. . Yan.. MOlving Yin. Of the Ch~.e th. BOOllI.)~aDd.to.91' I)S. In humans. into Yin and Yang.a:te .vis. ''fai 'Cbi is divided into Yin and Yang.Yang smte~or if you 'WiD lea.wv]idied in fight~ng .er.oe which llisahle to [ead Wu. Deve'lopill!g the Yi and t\lle Chl1!lloou:gb sctiU meditat~Gn ~s t~heooot 'ij'( physical power. two poles prod nee four phases.d make them balance . Medimtio'D (Y:amg}("~gw-e 2. a~g> and 8!~:so~o~ead. ChuatIl m and. and.the divided Yin Y and. It is a. 3:lIJId Yang m uet balenceeach other. The sctJiUmedi ~ tat-ion of Tai Chi Chi . <Chi KJtmg. the E:MF' of tlh. d~.d.ove:m. what is. aetions. fusion in I.ing'.e eM stor-ed]D them.concept'S Thi trai!lling.and Yin and Yang. Yang.t even. ''rhismea.n. Yang strdegy. give . '(Y:m. andth. \Vh.en this hid.den ferce ~s applied tOIlJ.s. sUel1l!gthen~iIlem]nd.oon~ Cm wm. ill hope .atuF'a]i. 1'0t examp~e. and calmness. Ch:i.e:n ts in T'8!iChi Ch~. Ohi or eneI'gy~ it Is U. STRONG CAN 'TIll.. Tai Chi meludes: A.. .g.:YOUf Ym and. eM.sothe force which .liP' the Chi to a hi__giber~eve1.s WU Chi into Yin and.:.yersand subdi. errersand . silll lD@mtattTh.actiion ~syour 'Yl!.llJd.ther~ the deeper you will be able to understand 'rai Chi.the molber of Yin and. B.mt.e word.d.seU :womYJin and. y~ is the faree w. (:i.b~o said: "Thi Chi begets.€!s if roo wiU mange yom.n :mOlfle efficiently.Ii. ~s the PiOO>C. 'rai Chi..els~ and i!l1crrea8.ebyavo:~d.o.g ... yOUlT' training .p air cl:imiru.e's:senee (If Taii.t DleMlS that yOlJllF Vii isthe EMF which de~emIil]J[es the entire sit'l!1atiolIDl. Next~ I wOl.. ~iketo point out the bas1e Ym and YMg .e:BS which ~. and theref:tIIreyulu" physic:a~body wUl be able to £UDcU(!II.y ehaanels will be abu.zethese la.d.M.Th!1!l: EMF (electmmagne:Uc force) which is building u.:ii.hat Ta~..IU1:n. StillM:editatioD. into the divisien of Yin a.U..@ .~omal]J. Tha.on tan.~!(il:ns of Ymand Yangan. and so' 0'0 'IWiJ. hidden £o:r.h.K:uf!lg. twopoles. and eac.eight tri_grruns (gates).c'h.each . vnle:n Y'm amdYan:g theory isa ppH€.strategy. Whllln the Chi intheae two 'V'esseTIl:s abundaat.into 'Yin :andYang'j.g: an o~}e'mthe patThls of the Conception e (Yin] and Go!verning {Yang) Vesg. that Yi:lIl or Yang themselves are again divided . y~ is a].d. Chi.this nelp. each onemust be subdivided. Yin and Yang aiN! . Ta~ CM is the "cause" of Wu Chi and of the division into Yin and. whli. WHILE 'THE PHY:SICAL MANIFESTA~ 'TION IS TIlE YANG SlUE. illn Or[l.d. the CM eireuis ~almngIiDt!lle 'twelveprimru.Wu .-»d.ch decid. Yang to the unlrty ofWu Chi.m. PHYSICAL BODYMAND'EST POWElL CHI IS THE YIN SIDE OF POWER.commIllea Yin a:od.. when.thoutend.s between Wu CM.s t. Thli!:r. You C~ see tha.eighttrlgrams mit.sbrty-four hesagrema" (Figure 2-U. Yang into WU Chi. y~is intention and tbe'mo:tivati. . It:is Y'OUfmind. this hidden force is y~. (msdiommind). Tai eM? It is the.o'i!l to action.uilcJj..:. iFour plbases genera~e .Chi sta.yaua clearer understandlingof the .vide.aW!.h YIn. YOU1'. its root of .

and.ation can also be .'ts the Vi and Chi .I""" . movlingmed~. 'f'~"li~ . Imi.A.cing on:~y th. Yang ..actice both.rutat]ion and ya.ng movi. mama]l.e Yin stiUmedita~ I!:lon and.ng 'Physical ma:[!Iifesta.(J:ing)tr. the aetiens of . . In still medii ta tio'!I]J. TAm em CHUAN I MirJdI mol ffin) LtglU Cold i CY:ilJng) H:etlvy Wrum Wi~wal Mw II. Klmg and.aimng ~:s to pr.editation iDel~:des~a..00 .caJbody sheuld be very stiH~ l'Ie~axedj. The Coo:'l"ect way of martial Tai C~i tr.!igt. ~"Dd 1'I.li!JeBedy a:mdb.tion tluoll!gn.tion eq]ooHy. Acoo'rdi!!.If<'JjJjJ II _1Lab E!tll'.:2.S1!d.ams am dedved. pr..divided i11l.. (llmI.T.dY"1lI SMoYiJl . the key W.!!l'lB1Dn.M.ns1id..\I' M" R!!lVm Cb. ealm.a. W:e . TheY' .. cbannels .2.ws tbe li to sen (Y'm). .e ..@xternaJJm.s~o<redby Ym still.tbe Yi and.tatioDanCi.PJ. from Tai Chili.e£feetm. ~'tP_.the. This orpe:nst'h.the :p.e Cm.QrviI1lg medita.vity 'of the Yi and (~bi {Y8Ilg'l'. '['8!I!Yil.. Yaf!!g because ~.: .ar T:ru.-1.med!ita.t.e Chi Yin and Yang. 'HlDg:Pnil.allo. . 'Chii is.oo.t.gtlh. MalllyTai Chi practitioners ooday are' ~gnorin.tioo iis .nWldB1" .t:ma.~ ..v. YIn still me..d~" [!'ot realise that bwld!iIWg uil.aining. lIlhysicalbody.iby:si. Offlml!'!! . The Acti. Gh~.J<\'"~ Sb!!ofinll" W.IlInes. Figure .1- . -4.M.~ ID."'1'1 Yon ""Lo.E~iI.~ !l!i:r~iJ :i.'.nd.erel'l~ .'igmI'e 2.he Eight Trigr. D1.o tms theory.ond.:ICi\l.ovingmal]Jifesta:!tion.ne Stillness oft.ow~r StiU meru. Tbe 'Yll1l.acti.

the miad should remain calm so that F.ty of 'the 'Yi.the Yi. the Cbi st.Body Ineludese i.. you have touched the essence of Tai Chi Chuan. the marrow and brain (Yin)~ and ii. which: is also classified.Yin channels.1I:"gy ef the body feelslike it is expanding. This mind is theretol'e classified as Yin.the Chi eireulatien must be alive and active. the bo dy fsels 'Warm and the e'1Ile. Tberefo're. MOUOD. is.' :fOI' Defense o. Mind: i. 'the spilrit ~s rarised.on_gly and wi.t is expanding to the skin (Yang).e'I1efoJ'le~it is elassified as Yang..Aetivi~y0" the Yi and. NormaU:y~ this o:ffensiveprl'looess is ceordinated 'With . ~lhen you reach the level where . B.ard. Normally.c~o&elliyrelated to the Chi KUDg' strat~gy. The . and ii. and Chi is elassifiedae Yang ..tcan leadthe Chi :sm"Qotnly and calmly.weve't. This stilbH~SSof thephys:i.: i. :hlchl(Jl.. up the Chiand to. yo. Chi.aDd Offense I(Yang)•. Mind.oviDI' Medli.es.vy an... and .fU}.excitecll and aggreasiv.ewithdra:wing and defensive mevements 31'i@ Ym.a.gand the calm mind ~:s. . an attack..ny eeordinatad with Inhalatden in the reveraeabdominal br.Yin .Li. your mind is on 'defendmg 01' on storing Jing fo. Th'e .• e . the' Chi. M. (Yin)'" 8iE)j. while the expanding ami offense movementsare Yang.g'h'er lev.d Warm: (Yang).cal body is Yin.vement of Tai Chi ChUBJ1.cal body is YaIl. the Yi must be strong' and . the six Yang chennels.t strongly.tion.m.Vrer"Be abdominal breathing. the Geverning Vessel. 'I'h.Yin}.'o. the aetivi.ati. However.r an a'Ua:cllt.1Iy. although tbephysicru latel the body..includes: i the Yi is calm and peaeeful. Chi. yonI"'breathing. and i.the body will flarel cold" andthe Chi of the body win condense! inlw the marrow. mov'ements stimu- In. and movements are united. When.exhalation in the J'le.f. ExpansioD . The Chi is circulating in.thout any stagnation.se (.db. When this happens. b. Therefore.it :is condensing into.ou fee..) heavy and wa.cold.lead. Bea. order to build. In the mo. Withdlrawal and Defe:n.n MrOveme:nt (Yang). and tbe sp:hit is condensed. youwill 'experience a differ~ ent .Stillness of the . and ii.and this Inhala tion is abo classifiedas Ym . and.el ef efficiency.md. EXpamdillg' :lor Attack l(YaQg).feeling'. inw.gbt . During :stiUmedita:Uon. The Chi its eireulating in the Conception Vessel and. the Y:ii.e.t. circulate i. b. when youinhale. all 'of tbese symptoms .d when you exhale. C11i.~it w:m lead. 48- . Ho. a. the six. B. moving medita. as Yang. y. N a.:a. 'th.'Us~..rm.. This condensing precess ms. when your mind is on. IChi Condenshl.tural.and Cold fYia)fand it.eathing.r Jlmg Storage (Tm).u:r physical body £eels ligbt and. the motion of thephys:i. it 'Win lead Chi to the surface of the skin and to the limbs to energise the muscles to a hi.

~ {'Yang) iITnhaWaoonEMlalatioo Inhala lion (Yin). Yang defense.commo:Wyu.e mevemeats of Tai Chi Ca. "normal a.efficiently.se. considered a.R. It is usually easier to' keep you.ng~iri whHe the.eep~.Chi Brea. even though the mo"ve:m.y relaxed and feelin. in revers@a. many Tad cmp'raeuti.bold the other in fr..everse o'reathingtechniq. B~ro@atJmmg considessd the s..Uru. if th. aeempletely defensive withdrawal movement: isa Yin defe:n~H~.eath.y.b:rea:tmnwg.bis. F{l. and as Yl)U exhale. hand on y.~. j includes:: A.listbreathing .3).is because theYli.acj€ one.DamJJ.tba:t~ when. 'Gllie:r way iiscalled! "reverse a bdeminal breathing'" or "T-ao..t. 'fry w.ndlling~ offensive meveme.ievethalt tib. (Yang) Ern8ila.auOOmatically~se uvene.t u prOT .e Yi is Yi:r.e Breathing MamalArts I ~ .~selybe]. B•.D a.bdom. T.ats.te Y011lr body and. to.s .e'verse Breathing (Y. in.~ethe abdomen.n.ooe:rs ooday fa. br.P~. y'ou .o:mmal brea.ng :2.tra:tegy ln Chinese Chi KItIng.st the way of the Tao.ay lis caned. Inhale d.N aturaIIDy~ the Yin defensiv.g cemfertable with n.e r. However.(il'U:r abdomen. and expands when you exhale. Yon easily sell! . Tal..hereas" if the withdrawal is used..a. are pu.rbod.&Mn:g' a be!avy object.gain be divided into Yin and Yang.bdomil1l.narly~ in the Yang . which is . eM.thing. Tie[!l) expMds~ and when you .g.~~ nal breaUiling" or 1'lBlld. . n:Dis simply used for diffe:rent pUJI1)oses. N. withdraws. iemJJ) with ~ T draws when you inhale.::i.eme. w.on1lt.bUifi.ol'mJalaibdommru.~ ing. ~.t~on Figur-e :2-3. . an 'offe:nse it is.edJ.r example.ent~:sYin.expa.8. Yang of Bre!atlruII1l:g' .~tb:ooathii.9led..t w. when you mha~@ the: abdomen (or Dan. This is the method. YiOU try~o pushes stroO!giy as pcssible.. set up.sim. Tai . of you as if yeu we:re pUS:hing somethin.~o the ofi"eJ[!. imagine that you.8imp'~e experimsn t.yOW" em .oogy lor Chi).eoo.Ol'mal B~eatltidfig (YiDJ~ and.e offensiv.Uy Yin. "rhlgis not true. Asfmr reverse abd.O:l!:'D!ly used by those who practice Taw.o:minru breathing.Tbe Yin and. weig. Th@mrr-s..sive moves ment is str8(tegica. HO'WeV'er~ the offel!llsi e m!ij. aud. Tal CbiBresthiog wn~.tlting (Stra.ue is again.bd. C~i o~ly for health.e movement is purely t'or 8trildlilg~ ~hel1l. retrea. How Is you coordmate y'ourib:reatbingal1ow5 you to' regula.siO tma't IDs the methed oomm. (Yin) (Yang)' Nonnal Breathing Relaxation ~I (YinJ Revers.nts used it if v i m . There are two ways o'fbr-eathmg which are commonly used in." In normal a. stays Yang. is Yang.an_g){F~gure 2~.al beea thing the abdomen (or .

d.lyimJpo:rt:ant in. The mind. Emalati0m fffttng)I •.p' a baUoom:l' and hood a.g eeneemstbe Ilhysical mCI'~jfem. hand an Y'OlU' a.. WaiJ:m.: A. see how it m(J... to Fi.slID &om the bone mafiI'\O'w.C!Q:mpetition.nood.ent from the root of the slance:.e.g.and.oo are . cCilncernedwiith the 8.r a thick be~.the .OU are figb-tmg.iIJillig kami~g WI the st'udentuntiJI he ean be trusted. .ves.erntI_yma.is Yamg'. Tn.of energy which is ll'ldt inta tine machine..la]Jnd op. OffeDSi.udJ.ve (Yaur~~ Th.ally. T.aCieorom.A..of Chi to yom Dan Tien. UlJl.ei .l'st~Tal Chi J:iJngcan be ..two ways.ohred witb how stm~gjyth.criticaL The ma:S1ller'nsually does not iN!:veaJ Ne.th.ead __ _ ge 0_ __ !AI e __ s ~ "'_ ___ ~'"W_ ill much stron.ese experiments that I'\everse b:reat:mng ~s in f(!J<I' ev:ery B. and .M~h.e maehine ~s' o. w:m~e.be 'competiton 'D.omdae legs®ol tobe limbs.. and how to manifestand 'use the power.aRd. se the .analogy ofa ma.erntedlJ and the second. N"e:i.Ren wea.Jingo inc! u.g the parpeee of the JiD. Yang of Tai CIri'sJ~ng (p'ow. I:MalaUoD (Yin)lt. the methods ·are .ffifj..e.e Chi to a higher level and how telead Chl from the Dian TIen. If JiOU a are sti11 not oolftvrn. and. Nei1!. B. Wai JiD!g !is! u irn. IBhala.qrn. 8' ff you also. the Tao.tto :smppc<ri thleir abdome[Djs . B.ng ~n . Bl. ~sextreme..~ e'O!!dYa.tiO:!!l.d.o'W u. w'hicb. Wai J~Dg Waugh aooA.bdomen. TO. Nei ding (rm).oo'm.UW'll_m}t .how 00 use the waist to direct the Jiingfr.athing.eBici.. :N"ei. power.e Ibnbs f'n:Im the Dan Tien and w. way ~:s.aimng :iis the crii.e oonemalTl{!Iw..as. [!hiJml iRdWles.emalation. and Wai ling (~mal Jiog).UlSJe the ClliFiis ledlW' the Umbcil .m tile 'Umibskil the Dam 11.cmne.and merease theil'pow~.v.Jrng' UmtemaJIJing).e!Oits·.. N atur. Tai. 00. fired Mother flow . is elassified ss Ym beeausethe . Because it expanE the eM aDa 'El'FlIergizestlhe bo~ iti&. Rev@(l'se Brea:dling i'D.E . w-ru.sta'oos that 1 uoon th. . Whala:ticm is Ic]as:sIfied as Y~n bemuse the Cbi is led&o. The first way is: aeoo. is Ied '~(I! th.atmng is .tllle limbste .eh.ool1l:sid. Remember: THE POWER AND 'EFFICIENCY OF THE JlACJIIIN. InDQnnal bl'le. the . 'neu.ee .®o the limbs 00 energize the m useles.DBin Is .. DelensiVte (Y'm). Ne~Jing 'tr-aming .tbll!' l]n.xQalatioD {Yang)I •.ei". fm:mthe skrull~o th.ere must 00 an .nced"try anot'heir e:x.eM IS '[ed fto:mt:iIle limbs 'Itoth@ Dan.iin.g. You.perIDm8I1l1. 'y. simwtanoously.cliassifi@d as N. It should be used whenever yiou need to mead Cbi w.STILCS w. mmfest its mmm.mfest power.'" the limbs and -rufl!:"'tmore' .emaJatiOOl is Yangbooause the Cm.. .of tllileJiingJ which inelude the movem. mar aeeerd 'WIth. ean see fmmth.des: a.€! rationale forr fiev'ei'S@OCe.tioD ('flo). 18 DETERl\IINED' BY THE ENERGY SUPPLY. irwhrua.-:'r flwl 0= C-. Similarly.rmng 00 how the ding was gen. as when.eq_l.er). N'Q. '".. ~s Yang beca.a:riS!Ml tonormal breathing.ou can 1.osiifue l'\eaeltWn. is Ym:.simple.l'mal Bl'es'thinl include:s:: a.hi.w]t.Jmg k.tical ~ey wmch enables the Wai JiV!g to. s.. and h. aDd b.:s.es how to 'build.Wl1IJ.t.B. ~ This :rns111 aeeordanee 'With the basic law of P:hy. to. :in r@vel'seb:r-eath.

andl. with.n.{!htfuvely e maintain. expand the a.ng.tmeuiis an: c.g.e time use yOU1 Yi to.CAUSES em STAGNATION.h.\E!gU~a.er cases of'Yin and Ya.ccavity(FigIDle :2-4} and the anus.ea.o wisbe s 00.hen .other seeret of' Nei Dan ttainiiing is nailing the "'ili and the movement of the Huiyin . mind.Yin mild Yang'.edale. 'The .'a1e the Lower[)an.ru.hul!.m.b:reathm. Yang to Ym". Kan.r.dt tbeto:iIlgueto thereef !(Dlfth.tmng.ts) whieb.tJnetrnst of his master.eL :~11 the Witjhou:ttihis~th.B Ji]lg') is Ya.effective way..pora tant to know that HOLDING UP DOES NOT IIEAN .JiJng (Ya:n. is like all otb.p'oocess whim.exPiUl_.uoo. :fru:tIher IDnoo the gn:rund. smb-c.te .t aU em Klimg p:ractiees.g relaxresth_abOO.x.dl'3I.tbin:g you withdr.w YO'W' abdomen.. you genti]yholdup your Hui:yin and.ev.s:s~fiedasSoft Jirng (Ylin).~calexamplea of offensive Jingar.and. :oormailbreathiIi!..LIFTING UP a.:pwa:ro.s. your bea1!.the o:ffel1l:s. to 'the iBatili.eand. IS elaes:iined as Hard .p the HWyin and annswhen youmhale~aI!ld. lIoweve. This enaMes yo. J~ng elm a]Jso be classified.energize the body-and. is.massified. It Is qrw.ofYiB. If :¥O'Ui useneraral iJ. N orma]J breathing and the ~ool['ldlina..ymu e:xha~.bdolnen.riUt-al keys ior . With noo:m. a'Od Yang in Tai C1Iipra.g.tmm of your foot and. .e lPu:sh~ng Ji[lg~StrikIDg J ing~ Waroo. lead the Cm to t-ihebo. Withr. .tily y .e Huiyin andmM~ and at the sam. Chi KOOg'pra.pudth. . anus is the ~eykl ca1Jming dO'Wfi both the! physica]mdmefilt.bOO§]es~.e%JIand yo:urHmyin and al1lUS.~gelassifiea lion ~ tb:ese ean be " further 4. Wh. Typical'Elxamples of defensive Jing are Lii. '1'yp.y and.-Ui.th.Naturally.aws.pe:ri. TIen expuds. .tion of the :Huiyin and.N ex~1:Uif \V..w the abdomen ana hold u.simp~e.1ly eenkept b secret.1s.sten~ng -Iing.ff J~ng.nJjill!tI .etition.r.you e!Xha]e~the Lewer Dsn TIen withdJr. you ~n. and so adjustm:g them is one ci'the main subjects of .en this is oody's.sUOOOS8 ~n Chi KWl.aeeMmn:g to its purpo.etiee. while J~ng which redaees the 1!I.ve 'Usu.s of cllangi_ng the body fmm.~and.e:noe!o:f the last thou~an.a.e do:ne in eoerdmationwith 'the eorrectb~ea tMng ~ it 'can effecti V. used fun almos.eclassify J~11.then the de{ie:osi ve Jing (Sho(JlJ!Jing) is Yin while .yinnd MUS up.e mouth.al bfiear.tagnatf! Concep.thlng~ when. P:mctici:ng Tal Chi Chmmwitb. relies DW.d. w n. area and make th. . and llit 'is one of the most . mNSINU .andl Yin-Yang adj. 1':ili:ds m.when ylou illhale and .a]!.adjust hisKan and Lit efficiently must mearnhow~o}.e of J muscle to a very low leve:~ cla.. Nei D~[I.e:r wb.ght whenthe student had eamed. It ilisim.€!:~y eabmn.se.g. lead Chi ou:t '00' the skin on oa TEN·SlING.gand.Jing. your HiI!lJJ. Tims eenneets the Yin mouth.to the ex. Tbereate also seve:ral"'Chlaw Men" (Tricky Dao.ooWd. you gently hold.Jve Jing (F. MUS" and at the Samte 'time me yom Yl 00 lead 'the CM u.ene abdominal brea. and~iEmlb:'a]Jizi]lg Jing.g). Leadm.a].djusttbe eM .. Y(Hl gtlntIDye.tio. c~euing . .acool'dingtobow it Jingismamfes~ed.secret .l!imrtly expand your Humym and aml::!i when y01!J!..s. years jf!.dour abdomen ylou also gel1l.eoody too Yang.:g . and opens: 'dle 'twelveprimarry ehannsls. One of Ul@ secrets is to W11. and onlyta li!.w..ete. Aeoo. This:is:al.nVe'Silrelw the Yang GovlerningVess.eD. Yiehiing Jing. For examp]Je Jil1!g which.t@ hisYl both uam_ing and resea:llc.l". A..e en muscles tlhan eM.

expandlng~ bea'VYt and siIDUng·.You can .see ·that inhaling is a way to beeeme more Yin. Othel"S. do this right y'o.addition!. Yang.the edulle~and lead Chl into themarrow and. more le:fficiell!lt ~n. T. y.rni:ngthecenter of the :roof of yOW' m.. may a:loo.t!ly~ because :iJf yOiU .oor-brail1i.ex:ert too much ].c:ula. -~Up'per Dan TIen frille ThkdE)re) wmm ~--- M~d<BeDan TW. )jgh.e.lres. but ~.ligbt~ and yo~.a1oo:-ganai on the mnale.3l11d.~n key to.lh. Y01ll.El! em inward and outward" 5.ore . saeesssful Yil'!l.mm:trcem. take 000. The. through the inside of YObJJr spine..smed :8:8 Yin aDd.efFective ~.e~ (So1a'l'Pl~) .thing. ~eads Chi upwa~d to y..e:nyoU\ 'exhaJ.u will ieel.re are ma:ny 'o1thet' things: in Tai Chi are eJa.. Wh. you.thiDJg is.e this way you sbo1ll1d'feel hot. As always. U you. Inhalation is Ka:n while . 'This must be' dODJ3.experienee a sense of rism.eswill tense snd stagna!!te ·the Chi cu-. ~ID:~ern.tionl.etip of' YiOU!f tongue oo1!!l. ma.thing'is m.twould.s.ale also.oold and.actice '1m Chi Cm KWlligIt isim~t w w remembew tokeep th.In .uretJ1teoon:guemusc1!..t:h yom: brea.g.exhalation is lii Ia cornclusW..ember that yom Huiiyin and anus :mu:s:tmoVle 1I.oupr.ny pages 00 diisc1!lsS them..UOliJi.cm.Jt Yi remains tbe l!lU:IJ.s.teading th. Yang adjustmen to Normal Dl'Iea.t~.on~ ben.!l p and down in cGOUl:'ld!ina.inib. 'M. while exhaling isa way m become more Yang.eading the Chi!up in mOl dOWID~ whitef\eViersebrea.

Chi is distributed fr1(lm the L~ogong Ca. Tal Chi .he origin of the power rutd. ~en tib. A. Vlh.€! dig. 00 'the fingers.Aitta. and so they are' Yang. In the})alm. is therefore Yin~ and.d from the legs. and eause of 'the JlOWeI~ wllWe Yai!l. Bourne. H:elaxa. Once you understand the ~dea. the attacking band.aniFest th~s power and. D.t11estni'ol!cE!! of the POW'(!f ~s demon- boa.~u are ab].center of til:rue palra is Yin while the .arnms ue fadng up orflO:rwajld~ . and. marrow:. -53- .gis. are therefore Y:amg. Theoofof!e" the center is Ym while the edge Ji:fJ Yang.vlty (Figure 2~.8 Yin. \V}um you relax YOU'f body and .enyou attack. R:el~atio:!l is Yin... the! lim osm. D. Mso~ if you g'ira:b Ute 0PflQnent"s . 'Vben th.tion is thereFore Yin . thep(rVII'e:r 'E. T.organs and. oll:1l. Yang~and.the efiergy lis cOf:l:se:nred Mdth~y ere Ym.ey are facing teward your body 0:1' dOr\ol.rything irr Tali.g'j t]le po.leg wmth is supporting the pml ~B '''Em.Howeve:r. . and mawelSted by thelimhs.Jin..e Va-Dig. pull.dg:e and flngersare Yang. you shou]d be able to classify almost eve. The roo-t is \lin and the Hmbs are Yang. dire.e..emitted.ctedby the waist...€ root. and tenseness is Yang.C. wei willl briefly discuss . is Yang and the rear leg which S'1!IP'Poifts the a Uack is Yin.. itself .5)to the edge and.SJometyp~cal 'e~am:"les. ever:y example of "fin and Ya~g can be subdivided into another Yin and.is Yang wh~le the f:r'(mit.. men you are tense.abe. The deeper . A. CM into Yin and Yang. the muscles a~f'emal!ljfe~tingtheir strength and.Wle:ris ~ene'f. the stramd. the 'to more Y'GU win understand Tai eM. then the pulHng hand .e. Laogong-+I:::!:l (p~~n.grun. so on.mlnd ar-€!calmand the Chl can be lsd into the . Remembel'~ Y'm is th. The ..namd.ckis Yang and defense ]. This is the wa_yto understand the essence 81ldtbe roet of the Tai Cm Chuan. .y~so'mnsooess~sthef'efoil'.fffilw'ard" ..energy is . Ill.ne foot ~s t.

'hel'l€f!O:re. U]!timate1y~ YIOU will be abhl! to Iead Ch~.hm_g· is the str.er.vanta. your mind.e general (mind) who is in chaw-ge of the battle must be calm.ea:thing) au Ofiornizred 'OMmet~y~ the so~di€rs {ChO ean be 1€.e best swategy (brea thlng).gy O:rody. wise. vidoobfle.omisb your br-aJn and rruse your Is.t.irit ofri tality.K:w:IDg p.~ea. 'convey. as alive. order t. Th. and. is the general.[I.d. book can o.. el th. YQiU also need good figh1tiingspirit and high morale.eieelmg of t.1I].of them will fio.ea.3~. ~tsdescrl:p~ twon o:f movement. stw-ate.. yo:utbrea. an instn. Then Y0111 will be able~o feel the Ch1.ert . th.ing . you-to' a deep level @funderstanrung'~ ~.ool{:at Y1)ur Cb:i.ou must bow T yoor battlefield (bGdy ) and learn ho. Avideota. and. your understanding .sily and. .ttle a..d misleading in.wsintemal:{eeling is one cf tnenUlst ~mpQ.pe can remedy thls lack. smoothly. the :move:ments wiUnot be.ga.oook: and.nts fr'{lm tMs book.tbe as detailed as ~fyo~ ha.Chapter 3 Tai . ulti_maelylead!.etalled thoon~ti.med them from. StlilJldi yOlur Yi win be able to lead it .the morale of 'the geneeal and. does ~not have to.die:iI"s.W'acticeas a ba. ])r. be OI]J.ng your body. even ~fyou have both. Second. 'When practici. and. n'Clng'@ Um@st ad. lFir~tJ if you: ~. your Chi is the soMiers.n.fIe:ra d.ect-s 0·[ the exereise tbat an instruesor .ea.w1e weald !like to pl)i~nt out a.owilnthis battme~y.e of Thi Chi ehi Kung. Howev.€l:oyOUf' body is the batt~etie'M.mind.\Vbentbehalttle6eld~ m glenel'a~.t he can set upth.etiedtiv. Y01Jl.w '®o. booatMfig. tegy..g@l tba.he exe:rdse.a gIllOU:S~Y for thebaUJe. few things.liI. However.ough you can learntbe theory andm. you sUU'!Nllll1lO't get tJh.ea] discussion which can. yC'llX mind. and your' spirit ~s.s often ll:nelearan.t'acti(. th.. GeneralTra:in~DI (]0iDCepUi 1 Before we :go inw thep..g Chi Kung. and theregulatien happens a utomatic:aHy. and mind. and a1ways know \V hat he is doing. Th.t.a. \iou Must keep'fiegubl.:s pay attention to rngula:t~.lt asp.t~.rta.~..egula1tirig.ovmne..to ymlr head to . so~.Chi Chi Kung .inst sieknessandaging.u:oor~ In other Wloms" :although a.them until.should alwa.p.ely.

you should. the generru concep.ce the exereise. in this.e this :fe.~h.ce through reading.e theory.e body to.. In this chapter w. If you are interested in knowingmere about Chi .ofthe training. pondering.ctition. understand what .oeedures befsre we start discussing the . 'be relaxed tOo such a deep ]. tt'aining..ery movement" yoor body L -55- .This means that if you. while praetiee isthe Yang side which manifests the tl:u~OlY. Above all. your mOIVlements must be coordinated with tbe movement of your torso. E9. In ev.n The pr-ocess t. This enables y.ts cf suecessfu] Chi Ku~g tI'a~ning. Na. and Yang can gI'iow~ogether and lead you to the essence of the practice. Kung pra. know the' movements.timg' the Body (Tyau. Only when you ha.ta:~e w here they are ready fo. wi]] summarise Ule training' principles and rules which we have discussed earlier.r the practice.tf you have practiced Chi Kung for a wh~]e and.e'D.. In addition. 1'hh'ld" remember that theo.other YMAJl. Tbe ceordina tion of the body enables you to find yourba~ ance.l!" mind and body . then you can gradually aoeumulate enougih experience to aehieve a great depth 'of feeling fo. so let 'us review the pr. You win then be able to feel and lead the Chl.r the exercise. reathing.mto a deep meditative s.DJciii.ers: all have reached a high stage' 'of praeti. and mind. Chi Kung ami. Howsver.efer to .turally.v. when you practice a pushing movement.on. integral part of the training. the warm-up. your target 'Will be learning how to regulate your spw.F!URdam. then. This iis unfortunate" because it is almost as important 88 the Chi Kung praetiee itself. section we. centered.ust both.deS'i:Ji:wte ofth. .ting your bodyunti1 it is relaxed. If you understand till.eling'will you be' able to say that you have gained the essence . other words.ry is the Yiin side i(Jfbowlliedge. have already grasped the key points of regulating the bOody.oU.r. For exam pl. if you have alreadyreached thislevel.yon are aiming f:Uir. and practice patiently and intelligently. begin regulating your breathing and mind.evel that you ean feel YlOur arms relax. Sltenn) R II Regulating the body is adjius. Tai Chi publications.ou m. 'r-eaI]y want to' understand t. and. For example.ehelps th. Regula..mitical for success. then praetiee using the mind b to lead the Chi.Kung theory. move smoothly and CQntin. Beginners ft-equently igno. During the course of yOUI' practice you should always keep them in mind. which is . In.ese obstacles.e theory' and.ously asa unit.ibeexer~ise.g Pri.ucethe wann-up Chi Kung. study 'tb.'can the Chi be led into th. "racti. all the way to the :marrow~ Only the[lJ..€:marrow and a]S100 to t:!le surface of the skin.ples. balaneedcand rooted.ourwbol. the muscles should. by leading y.e the warm-up Chi Kung' training.thousands of Chi.e" if you are only a beginner you should fnint ~eru:ntoregula te . Chi Kung is an.tRI Trainiu. comfortable.e win revi'8wthe kieys and.. ofregulatinn is crucial in Chi Kung.u. Then we will ]11'trod.actualli. 8~2.e other" sotihat Yin. and training. The warm-ups prepare Y'(lU.Y01Ilr'body unUlli you feefrelaxed and. y. please r.

g: !Norma~. This . rooted. and makes .our Chi You can see that. In order 110 use YD'UI' mind to lead the Chi effiici!!i.ggre.t[!MIiSsible your the fur Yi to strongly lead y. in a pushin_g movemanti yo..body. 4.H'a! start wo. and there is no physical . to circulate :m the primary Cm.~ur'body. :ru. g.ren~er-ed.ave learned how teuse yourYi to lead Y'(!Jiur Gh~. This wiU kaep the . you must learn to regula tie your bllea. Abdominal BiOOa:thmg" and "Reverse Abdo. discussion methods MJI1be given later in.y~Finally~ you. basic ~ procsss in any ClruiKung practice. the em.. YOO.eOlaJchthese gota~s~ymw must firs. A more detailed method you use.ep the blood :factory (the rn Qrt'o.€lr dropped. &lUla. you would. and balaneedvthea tffile Chi cireruatllio:n in . )'iOlU first Ieamhowte bring your mind and attention.ur head to nourish your brain. thm..tmgthe Once youh.90 that :ittis ca]Jm and peaoefumand.. Regardmess of whichbrea.cha. However.of 'Vitali tYi w hie' is t·he main key to the secret of longevity. It is more a.Fil"st.bole be:~ng~and.. This .e .{!'.o' ooonmcm ways .m~g how to control your e.to the surfaee of your is.a!d)iml (Ty:a:lI Sbyi) iJII.. .e afletw. and..atioD. to rslax both pbys:iJeaUy and.l Brelat~iI'JJg.t learn.regala.owsycum :fi:rnd root 'o:fthe push. be able to lead yom Om eiIJortlessly.eneraUy by martla~ eM K'Ungp:racttti~nEl!U. In or-der tor.thing to.suspended) and.YGUf body w]]ll not be stagnant..IChi..r' pushlng arm: must also be reoted.must be upright (i.bould.yoUl 'can false your spin t .t:b. menta]]y.a[s i:~.. if YII]U wish 00 ~€ladCh~. Thlrd. you want to bund. your mind will.channels. and .il.~~. If your brain is bealthy.~ Pi levelliwhere you feem com:fort.~f bf!ea:t. . how 00 circulate th@ ehl in your body wi thouta~y 05tagn~tion. For example.el:'a:~ go.m:t]y. ReguJatmgthe VVben you have reached .you can.ooordmate your brea:thing'with the mO"ven'umts of Yiouranus and :Regulatimg the Mind (1Ya:u.tr. into yom.thing is oom:monly used to lead.rking toward sev.. :Br. you e. yOUl' health. y!Ou want te lead the Chi to the skin. eB'ectively:.aH.thin.tiD!gyou.ur elbow must be sunk aDd y.@ur s.hingm Chi Kum. rooted. . Kung P'rllctiOEl.mina.." Norma~ Abdommal BRa. . will have . If )'lOU bl'lea. Then you.V. This helps you. norm any u se Reveese Abd. .hing. BFleat. this .r Chi. ean use! YOlur Yi to lead YOU. regulat:Wng the body is the mllstimponantandi..kin and to the b onemar1l0i'l.also to the marrow. you want to make the Chi eireulate smoothly and.ation is onlhe Chi cireu].omina~. This iJ5P05Sible when 001 of ]lIourconoen. S. The first step' islea.th. Seoond.ssiviElt and is therefo~e 2. up the CM ttl a ·hlgher level to streDgthelDl yourb@cliy.. It is the eentsr of y. want~o lead the Cbi to yo.e 'OOrR¢tjly.pter.a.wn fresh ClEIi ly au C~i) ~ •• f and young·~ and ke.e lll!ead.emphasl2ied.w) functioni.tbing ~ which ~s the stJ'a®egy of CM.v.. Ther. Hsi:n) Q1tO En regy]iating the mind.our .tsn€JCessary (''Or feeling the Chi eireulation. eenesn trate.t is important of these two brea.g Huiyin c"vity.ng 'fuU.h~eand naturaland your body iSl'\elaxed. stl'lMlgly ~n .I firm root only if your brain is mnctioning we.motional mind ..

your sp. and Y'Qur Chi Kungpr.tw-aHy. 8.irit will unite with the spirit of nature. Na.und once youhave prtacticed'them and understand their theory and purpose. prractice another time. In ti:m. ysars. always remember that the final goal of Tai Chi Chi Kung is to 'be naturel. tbe stage of "transparency. you should also be aware of the foUowing: 1. especially if you intend. be relaxed and. then practice about 30 minutes to one hour. ofenli~gb~ment. you. Eat a little bit rigbt after you w. eemfortable. In this section we will in trodi. and it cantains the major muscles which centrel the trunk and also surreund the internal o:rgans. Do not drink alcohol before pra .. this Wu Chi c-enter.ather than the liimbs. e To eonelude this..stiffn. Kung' St~etching the· Tnmk Muscles Theoretieally the first place that should be stretehed and. may then ereate other movements which workhettel" fo:r you . since it willliaff'ect your Iungs and the regulation of yom' breething 5. and spiri t~you should practice until the.egulate yow. . mind.ould like to.ess to make the Chi circulatton stagnate.. You wiU not be able 00· regulate your mind effici.effe·ctiveand 'Imjoyable.a1cticebe . Tbetrunk is at the eenter of the whole body. Do not smoke. p Regulating the Spbit ('ryau. and Buddhahood 5. use your Yi to lead yeur' Chi 3. it will feel like you_]" h:ysieal. Thiswill also prepare you mentallYt &0 that you will get the best l'esults._ken) ~l*i Once you reach. Chuan or Thl Chi Chi Kung practiee. It can excite y'o'UI'emotions e and. these exercisea are only exanrples. 'This is the stage of "regulating without regulating. to. 4. Chi. body gradually disappears and becomes transparent. you sho'lJ!Malways Ioesenup first to warm up.u!tiesome of the loosening up and warming up exercises which I have praetieed for the last twenty~si_}!:.adjust them until you reach the state of Wu em.. This is the final goaW . (1l0 extremity). If you w. your Chi will unite with the Chi 'Of nature.ening will help y01Ll relaxbefere sleep . regula'nol1l happens naturally and automatically. section. and you win become one with nature. Chi and make them unstable." Only then will you. 3~3\oWarm-Up Cm. loosened is the trunk muscles~t..ped.'7- .ently and.00 not practice when you are too full or too hungry: • 2:. Wbm you have gras. The ascend practice in the ev. 1'1 a- When you praetiee.~en the tronk mil1s-e~.e sunrise.oodly~breatlti:ng.e. may cause yourself harm. you will be able to return yourwhole sp. your body. and. The best time to practice is jll.U~t be!f)or.es -5.ake up in the morning. tice. the best time is two hours after dmner. Do not practice when you are upset. Before you start your Tai Chi.te of yourbod'y\~ Yin and! Yang.irit. \Vbe:nyou r. to its origin (the state before your birth). you will beable to clearly (<eel ·the S'Ea.

.ce'Okf our Or~gi:oa~ 10m.OUGANS.'TA:GNATION AND MAINTA1. For these reasons.tion i_n the ~y and. befo!l'l8 the limbs and bef«re! . The Chi m your Dan Tie'll ean be Ied y ea 5:i:ly lonlyw hem Ylou.Abdom@n. faet.by the spine and the! trunk muscles. The abdominal exereises areproba.ere f.stighUy because they are being p.bly the most ~mpo. Chinese medi.. :yGu wil!l feel tJhe muscles in )11lJ1!JI waiatarea reming .liof the muscles in YOm' abdomen. finish. then tillt toHle ot.e seoo:ndis"turn yow" bedyto face farwar·clJ. First.BEST CIDKUNG PRAC· TUJR 113'110 REMOVE em S. use y.sh~ngupward wi th YOUI' hand183nd pushing dewnward with. The lower Da.ou mind.agiming that you are f. Mer y'ou have stretched "0'1' about IDensacends.sible ftlrthe Cb_j to cir.Fo:rUris reason. Do RIOt tense yOI1!lr museles beeause this wi~l (.}) and the bettom.s~then tilt your upper oodi)' to the side and stay there :focaboult three seconds (lriguI1e . Stay th.m:.U" ead h "".t.J. Iocsened up.Next...s:iJde.t with mevemen is that streteh the trunk museles.RNAL.hUle im.aJround~ wlri.~eelv. an -58- .stretenes the tmnt to' ~ooseliJi 'up the cillest.roblemsm the limbs.:herthan p. m relax. many em.embe~j people rue frem failure of the internal org.mds 'up olVer yo1l.etehilling. muscles (lFiigm-e 3-2). a. the whole body 'YJill be tense andth'e intema:rn.me tense.: This exercise helps you to regain eonscieus con tI'o. mld~ower abdomen (which arethe tripleburness in.gpraetic~s stan (Jl!.. the ·tnmk muscles.e:ry comfortable and warm. A. Kufl. TIlE . twist yO'lHl!1(Ppe:rn:' bod)yMOtrDJ~ :sMe to twist the trunk. IN'l'1!:.g.llJ.crulam . moUWd be . In. this exereise lis i:lJdia'p'ltedfrom the Sumd!ing E~ght Pieces of Brocade exereises.tie:rn.smoothly mside yoW"bodly.W' body . For exmnple. and. stretch the toes (JIti'igure 3~6).fIte:r you. secends.e. If you do this stretch .chmoves and relazes yOW' :iI1l. ciirelllJa.onsmct ymnrr body and.stretched. be eompressed.dI1l!e). Nerl. of the Coo. p:mv.8ide 'yO. Finaillly~ sq]uat dewn with yom f~et flat on th.my em Kung praetioa .al organs.). The 'torso is suppOI'iOOO!.a. in the Standing j Eigl'1tPIDeoes of~:roeade" the firstp.pper body t-wistillg three t]me.Inc] thenturn to tn. oond f~wdmd t. . makieS! Upw.r ~bd!omen~s leos e and relaxed.her sid!€:.Rem.3.s. Repeat the entire PiflOOOSS ·ten times. Once you have stretched your trunk m usdes~ you can loosen up the torso.lilled s~mulm~ nteorndy from the to. Stay to the side foc thireewiv.. tlle inside of youx' body shorud! . Repea.n Tien IS the main resid.. YOIur feet (':iguf\e3~:m).ch Y(lJilll'hands to.N SMOOTH ClII (:mCULA:TION IN 11JB.uI'e 3:4) and sta_y ther.ng'@f. This C9!uS/as s:mgnaJtiQ!!]J.om str..aml m.iece . J War:mmgU)) L LooseniDg Up the Thr.and lift yourh.CQ_nettiry.so and Internal Ol'gBDB. even more.ou.e gJ'{l11md to sWeteh.t the! u.efot threete fiv. and streteh out a 1liHillebit more. Inte:rlockyourf'll.e other . . This also moves the Muscles i:n.the ground '(Fi.e~.rtMt of the internal CM Kung practices.or three Eo :rnveseoofid!s.emt youu. 'o:rgamlrilID. your ankles (lF~ 3-5l and then lift your heels up to.3:. swmaih. espeeiaHy in the org. This~ it!! tum.

. usethe waist m.er mreetiilfiabouttentimes.1.ntal c1. Without moving YOlUl'thlghs or wppe:r body. If you hCi!Idone hand! over yom Le.o:wn :i!:nt:he Horse Stanlce.~ '1).zo. - Figure a-a d. squat .ahon.wer OPl 'TIen and the ·other on your sacrum you may be able to :focus Thp'raJeticeU]J-rns exercise·.t. Circle in one direet~oin about ten time.r'C1Je (Figur·e 3.s~and them in the oth.'3des tomeve the abdemen arnund in...

nthe beginning you :m. Y'O'W" a. Once you ean do the movement comfortably~m.ttentiO'ft bette:r on the area you want to control .ay you want itto~but if YIOU keepp'racticing you 'Will qwckly learn b. it. . .ak:etla9 circles larger and ~arge:r.ay have wffietdty Mrudng your body I move 'the w.Figtll'e 3-7.ow~o do. NaturallYi this will cause the muscles to tense somewhat and inhibi t the em flOlW.

s e]iminare Cbi .and 'O'll your Lowew-Dan TIen and you.mest. healrnl md preventing lewer back. eJbnina:te waste.pm YOUr' ruaphl'agm.ch. practi!Cied.easily. moves tllloough.e. up to' the chest.ex. U sea fornerd.Repeat ten 't~mes. pain. Next~ oontinu.. .. Praetiee len times.lliJgbt physh::al .. :f]j. back. This 'Win s. Seeand.aphra. are fowrmaj:O!r benefi ts to tbt$. Third. e. may become sick.WignaJ. area isIcnse.praeti~o:nel"s. b There.eZYt the absOllltJ!Of. You may tmd .ay find it h~lp:rum When yo:upractioo this to pleee 'One h. can.it 'Elas:ru.g:nu.wingup to the di. and on itsleft is your spWeen. You llI. 'Will agam be able to relax. oontrol YOlLlr waist museles . Once you can eomfortably do themovement in your Iewer abdomen. and .t'he· movement upto yom .effectiv. the O~]gin!9tl :Es senee stared in the kidneys can be convened more efficiently J:n.eir.toChi. is to usea wave-like motion between the perineum a. for a.arge.g.bdominal .amd.1sE!.whouse t!lle Dan nenas their main SiOUJ.e and lOOS'EHl tJlem om the' !Jtber" which vdll massage the internal organs. . the Chi can flowm and out easily.l is to 'have only a s. the .1l:' ethsr hend above it with.entstarts in the abdcmen.but the more .n ts and. the lddney Chi ean be led dO'Wllward and upw3itd.ovem.tion in the lowel' back.o.t. the Chi in the kidneys wil] e~rculate smoothly and.e Chl frem the Dan Tlien to move in these . when tilleabdo:mma]..gt. when the abdommaJiarea 'is Ieose. start making the eirclea smaller. Ch~. Cm frem yl:HR Lower Elan Ti.!J.biest:: After loosening up Ule center po.Ughdy tense the m1!lse~!esen one s~d. liver.g yourmmd W lead.tenrl.el' to feel the m. h.:'ll.hI eircnlation there.ud to the selar plexl!l8area.·likem@v.h. themovement Vi' hlletumin:g youroody slowiy to (I'BEl side' am1Idthem to the other (Fiigur. andalso start u:smg y.ard wave~[iiJk.gm and dowm~o theperinsam and. change themovementfrem ho.e 3r9').cle!s.oosens th~.rtion ef your oody~ . In. The easiest way to loosen the area areund the diaphragm. of nutrient-s will be hindered.se.em.e."ce of Chi. This is especially important for martial Tan. hold 'one hand on your a:bdomem. and y'Ot~.After y. lIhls exerclse~.JOup-radic'€: the soooer you. Diap:!lIra.e.t:ly touching Y'Om' d18st (iFl. .@ur Yi telead 't~. to nourish. 3~8). 'It also trams Y·OlJl musm. and ba<:kw.exel'lc.IDolV@me:n.~goa. 'Ci.xe:rd.OW' diapbragm is your stomach. strong mevement of Cbi.hr-ag:m (]Figure.lre 3·· . the entire bod-y~ Fmurth~the:se .muscles areund t. o:m ltsrigbt is your liver. Beneath Y. gall bladder.ve. . not eliminate .~e stoma.small inOOS'~I1Ies win be .nd!the d~ap.o'u hSl¥e.smooth~ and they will be able to absorb n utri.and. \ill bile and.the thumb O<D the salar plexus.F:i. the lo1t:her li. extend~t u. The w. ut 8. the Chi eireula tion In the '~. addt tion~ when 'the kmdneyarea isJeosened. 'The flna. a.stomach and. Jf your body does.irst" when yow: Lower Dml Tien ar-ea is loose. and s.snup'w.~eeil1j aad therefare improves the C.e! motion.rimntalwverticalli..e:nt if you.s. then.

e.wawa and exhale when you mov. sbould be as. movement upte your ..The i.. Inhale whe!ll you 1m..ala non.shoulders !(Fffigm-E!' 3:-11>. After ymu have done the movement ten 'twmest extendthe move yo'ur sheulders back. .md.a]ationmd €d1. the entim cThlest slu:mild. Figure 3-11. deep as possible.t th. beve:r:y ioos.Re-pea.e tihem ifor'loVard.Figure 3-9 .e n1JJiIltion ten times .nh.

.This exercise loosens up' the ehest and.me:nt '~oth~ . 1m Chl mam. C'hiii. Wb. Ch.anmesta Uon in Tai eM. Chi.ovem.oo hav.am Tail Chiip'ractitioners to.peei'i.s t generate the mOUOi.e CM cin:ruatio:n in 'the lungs.Olil! '00 held beek 'tThlep [lw.uan.maru.amso teaene.mullt be soft and (lom1ectedJ U~e a.€!: body'stm.e:nts.pp.egfh dJiucted by thel waist.tion with tn.muiU.tin yOU!' body from the (]Inee y. AJI] of the fo]]Jowmg mov~me:Dts are part of the fundame:wtaltrairrilblg forr T:ai CM. Yan.t to the banm.er. and :mnally reaches the arms t(F'igw'. inm. helps tol\eguJ.J::: aresswith speci.ry~o 'm:r~£t .O'ftb. yOW"body :&om the w.plIove th. Ch. you also twist yorw-body [~.e 3-12).s. wwstro the fm.da:m. 'When you extend the mov. a:nnst€\ntimes~ and them de eOlilJch..m"mIS you tlr-. by the ~. lead.~o the shouldersID coorwna.g S~yle Tai.11U. and.ds.- riduaUy ten times. .gh the chest and shoulders.ateand ftm. whip.fingers. You. It passes Un.t:~eh:m.]igJbt. 8Illddir. Yang. you ean w'GT'k on s.-13}. shOtt~d.~ fesoodb.en youptractice 'Witb one ann.~ fim.lieations"J~ng (porwer)is generated.ge:rs.e. VoL 1" by Dr.D [l'Iomtb. Onoe you have complet!e.enta]i practice of J ing m.e ch. Onlliy then wUrnthooe be no stagn:a:M. Thesel e?ter. it .e loosened 'ILl P YOill:' body.ru:m €Figt11l€: g.a]J a.ect this power upward. In ordeeto do tm:s. m:m.. Chuan.e ~egisor the waist.ai:s. These esereises arein fact tn. If you 31'1e interested inre adingmore about Tai Chi J~ngjpleaSefie£'et' to "Advanced.almo'''ii''ements.nalll.ement to the a. hst practice the mo:tio:nwi th bod).the :mOI'V. In.d the ~oosenlli:n:gp ..eiseswiU loo~enupl every joiin.estarea~ u extend the motion to your arms andi.

and finally generates the. and.oy.tlyin Tai Chi ChuaIl.alewiith the forward motion ~ and inhale when coiHng your arm back.e monon is still generated from. and rotate both hands first inward ten times (Figure 3-14)" and then outward ten times (Figlill'o8 .3. Hold you_]'arms out in front of you.. and 3-24). 4.ough the ehest and shoulder.Figure 3-14. Repeat ten ti. upwardand passes thI'. The. then practice wUh each hand singly . Your right arm Icoi~s fOnvsrd cloekwise (Figur-es 3·21 and 3=22)~and backward eeuntereloekwise fFigures 3. Praetiee tint with both hands. Start w~th your hands in fMnt . tell times in the other directio_n (Figur'e . alsn moving to. rotate both wrists at the same time.st individuaUy ten times in one direction (Figure 3=H5)and then. Doten repetitions with each ann" 3.generate power for the wrist. moves upward thr-ough the chest and arms.g downward (Figure 3-.of your chest. Rotating the Wrists Fi'tst. coiling "our anns.g FOl"Wal'd and Back. the' whole body is. and. Again" themovement is generated frem the waist 0'1' Iegs. CoiliD.n ICiOn the arms indi vid u ally. iisdirected. Th. The left arm coils counterclockwise farwardand clockwise back. Settling the Wrists This movement is used fre ~ueI1l. so that as t_hewns.3:=17).m. wri. praetiee each.t turns. the legs or waist.m'8S.wing'tbe pattern of the moeements . NexJt~rntate each. with the palms fa... m.wa.aI'd (Figure 3~19) and then backward (FIgur@ 3-20).]8)" then coil both arms forw.·64- . 2.·2. co:illing'motion of the arms.ement until it is smooth and natural and you c-an feel the Chi startmg to flow follo.cin. The motion is generatedby the legs o:r waist. [many reaehes the wrists. E.rd Now extand the motion so that you. are..3-15)1.

Figure 3-18. -65- . Figure 3-19 .Pigure 3-17...

)f'our'leg..and" as. Oenera:oo a. r'igul'iE! .--.:.Agam. witb the palms J ----=- • -...3J!ldsheld your arms out in front IOf you.Thpr3c. with thep1alms d. the moti.on reaclles the hands~ lower youif'wrists sot:lla:t the palms fa. -- -- ..own and the nngM'Spoontmg €O:u\"Waro.=-=_-== . and the mo'twn becomes l\ :pus_b{onv:ard..tioe u$i~g both h_.8or waist . is diir'eeted up. ooH:i:og motion witih. -- -- -- . the movement starts with the legs or waist and.ee{onv:al'd.__- ----::-~-:-=--- -- - --- - - ----- .3-25). to the wriscts..

3~28).---~jjI~I ~.mgly ten times.Ies a~2'1 and.US:bingpo. Wlli:rueIly O1!lp:rad.· -- ---- ~ ~ .wer can be dlil'ected. to twist your body fOl"\Va:m.oo siDg'~e banded. .need.oo tilTh.ent"ffiy (F:ii.gur. :-1 ~&_ _ • Figure a~27."••. .YOU..ore effici. l .6'1- .ward slightly so that the :p. Practice the two haadpress ten times and then each hand . btltck.epushing handm.s.. (Figure a~26).i. and.

f\otate~.es Hold your arms extended to the sioos with the fingers pointing to the sid.owliJi. a relaxed moveme:nl~ Y011.tOODtion)to Altho~gh these exercises are used. Chl!Um.a]intain the sense of holdling a bell. morn complete explan8. yow:- ..t a lster dare . as warm-ups.mes in front o:fyour ehest.UD.F]!g~1l'1e3~28. Generate a.r' that these Wa.pper hody together se thattllt miWSS as a unit. Tbefie is no.haskethafl. 0 6. bnaginetihalt you are ho~ding a. in front of your abdomen. yOill mayro1ta tie the ball any way you ]ike. movement you will feel a str. Cb. ..s'etU'e (lower) your wrists and ~rress. RQti!ltinl tJhe Ball Rota ling the' ban is one of the m!Qst bask e."The Root . J\s al ways~ the motion starts M. mo've the im~gin. me J1!ouare 'Usmg yom 'ii. Figure 3-29.or' W:aJstand.~U'" exereises are offe}'\15d only aSSlJ1gg~illstiOO1S. th. Rememhe. a.'· which w:illbepuMisn@db!y' nIAA :aJ.tlo connect yOW' u. the legs or waist (F'igure a~ 29).. ate aJI:ready doing Tm Chi.of Thi eM.51. When the motion reaehes the lli:ruands. each. to 'IJead your Cm In. This exereis'e isan sxcellen t way to thread the entire body toget:her: A.jf you add. P'Usbmgto 'the Sid. feeling of motion from the Legs .u~m. fm Tal Chihal~training 'Win be diseussed in the booik.. After r.x!ercis@. seVleral .s.nd. direct it out to tlhe arms. They can start you off on the eorreet path for 'rai Chi Chusa or Tai CM CM Ktmg~ but once you y~ (in.tothe : sidee with your palms (Figu:re 3:~32).exf:lrcis€s. body move as aunit and you m.otatmgthe ball about tenti.tion and. retate it every which way in fron t Qif your chest.ong eM flow.ary bell d.t to about ten times 'the-fie (Figure 3~3ij1). :th!ed 'JMltrern fOIl' r~tating the b\aJIL As lcngaa your arms and.es (Figure 3 \31). and.

v. ~ Frngure 3. . SU. -:.. t. a.-. ta.e practice.-=.@fyour own.. _ -*-=-- -.re f~miliru'~thUruem~ y'OH may combine them 'with exercises from other sources: or even create esereises .'Chi I(jl!H!l. 'TIn.e:f<e aU! many . Tai Chi.. tn.tatrn..... --- -" .€! stillmedipraetiesand the moving meru.tiw 3·4.32. -- .g Tal Chi em Kung Cain be divided into two ~arts.

different sets of morvmgp'atte:ms~ each with :its own unique purpose ,and, benefi ts, We will. ,rusiWSS the stiUmeditative pra.etices in. ,tMs SE!ctiOOl~nd. themmng a o:~es in the next secti(lI'l, Before we staN) there are several important conoepts, wbicb you ehouldundeestand, ..As e:xplme;d! :im. he seeend chapter, comp:a:foEld t WUllin the m.ovin:g' 'fai ,Chi Chuan. which iis,clUiiiified. as Yang, the st;jll meditatio.n ~iS, das:sUied as Yin. Again. in Tal Chl still meditation" the s.itting med:ita ti!,ci!i!lJ.lS ,oo:nsidelle,dj Yin, whilethe standing' still me;~ta tJ.Cl:t1I. ~;s: considered Yang., In oo,th casesthephysieal bmdy Is still. realm" andrelazed 8:8 much as p05sible.and. therefur,ethe bodly is el .. sffi@d as Ylll~ whUe the Cbi g,@D~raood and ch:'£;rua tllld. mt'rueYi:n brIdy is cl!assified as Yaog. There: are a number of other ,differeu()esbetween. si ttrng and sbmdmg still mem tatien. Fi1i1l:'St,m the sittil1lg' medita tien the p.hys~,ealbodiy is relasedte themmtimwn. while intbe ~t~diingmedit9.~ tionthe :physlcal body ~s,l'l~l;ativ,e~y '~en8ed.m certamal'leas. Seeol]Jd. si t.tJ:!Elg medi tatiOi!!l bU(ildsUlIf' the Chithroug h. N ei Dan te:rn,al Elixir) trainillg and. ,coonp,~,etmgthe 8:m,all Cireulation (Bheau JOlU 11a:n)., w.hile the stam.dm.g m@ditatiOOl builds uptbe ehi irntlb.e limbs thoough Wai Dan (Edie:rnru E,Uxl!r) praetiee, In the sitting medttatio~!th.e Cm is btd1!.tnp in the Lower Daa Tien~ which is the resi ~ demo€! of G1rl,girnal ehl.. It is lecated about one to two .rnch.es below the navel. The main goailll si tting meWtatio~ to remove siHblockages of causing si:a:gDatirllJl. 'Dr'tlhe Chlflow llillt!h.e CO:liloe:ptio:n and Gov'emmg Vesse1!s. Howeve:r~tbe go.a.l of s,bmJdi!!lg stiU meditation. is 'to Dill1d up the Chi by usiIl;g ,ceria~D.p'ostU[\e:s which cause te:n:s,j:Oirl in spe,c:Ji.;fic musdes. em~rgizin,g th.em arsd hilcrea.s:iing thei:r level of Chi. TheFefOO:'e~:i.:['ru.t~e Ym sittin_g meditation!. llieoodly Slndthe mind. 9te both ealm, whl~e in the Ya:llg sianmng medita tion, .alltb.ought!ll.em~nd is ,callm~the p'~ysical body is exeitedtoa degree.. H you are interested in ~lea1fmng more abeu tNe;i DIan and Wai. Dan Chi Kmn,g ~ you. sb.ould read. the au:thor',sboO:k "Chi Kung .~Health. and Mam,;}l .Arts." bi this ,section. we win. diseuse sitting still medi tatien for the BmaH. Ciy,ro]jatiG'n. HoweV\er~1F YOU A.ItE A c.mK1JN'G :UGlEN-,





TRAJNlNG ON YOUR OWN NOW.. Ne:i Dam Chi lKJ1!1ags hard to i oodu-stmld and. e:xperiEml::e~especially fn:r ChlKl!lng begjIme:n,. If you do flOit undentandthe! aaining t.ll.eozy Mdpr1ilid~oe eQ.nect~YIy'oiu\ma,y ' iDljm-e youtsell Wa:i Dan .s.tand!in,g meditation Is g€l:neral]y m.llen safer. We8iI',e plleseotmgthe' iol1owin.g diswssffioD fm.- YOUI'Imorma.timD"but you SDOOlld waft U[l:tU YOllund!E!I"slta.nd Chi Kung and this: b'.aining faddy wel!1be:lor,e you start ·the praetiee en YOUl' own.

Nei Dran ,sittmg.Meditatiou
Altbo!ugh. Small CiNul,a UOiIilis us ually a.ehieved through N',ei Dan st.iUmeditatiol1il.,theraare slelv,&al Wai lOan. tec.bn;j~ues w.~ich ean also be! 1llItiled. eehievethe 001 same ~:al These Wai Dan Small Circulation P'iF8ctices are norm,al~ d.oneby ma.rtial artists .in. the ,shaolin st,yles. F,o:r (!xamp~e" some of the MU$letfundon Cha:lilgin:g ~70~

(Yi G~n Ching) exercises are fa,r Small Circulation. Tills slIlbjiect is diseussed in the, book "Musc1eJTe:ndon Ch.anging and MalTOWlBl'alll 'Wacsbing [Chi Kung.;i There m-e many Nei Dan teehniquss fur Small Cireulation which, the different Chi. Kung style,sMve dev,e,loped,. In this boot I will only :in troduee the one which I have practi1ood.Small Cireulation 'traiDing hasm:[(Ii maj<)r giGals. The first is to cireulate the Chi smoothly in. the CODoeptlonand. Governing Vessels .. The second is tonD up the Chi in these twu vessels. We have lexpla:ffi.ned ear lier t._Thla~ thejl"l@ eig:ht vessels, in,tbe are human body w hich behave like' Chl reservairs and. regulate the Chi level in the' 'twelve prima_ry Chi channels. ,Among these eight v,essels, the Conception Vesse~. is l'Ies,onsib1e fo:r 'the six. Y'm channe]Js" while, the Govenrlng VeiSse~. [co:ntro]s, he six Yang' channels. In order to regulate t the Chi in the twelve primary channels ,efficieD'tly~the Chi in. the vessels m ust be abu.ndant. Alsn, th€i ,Chi in these two[ vessels mus't be able to circulate smQ{)tbly.. If there is any ,stagnation of this, Chl, fII,ow, the vessels win not be able to regulate the Chi in the channels eff~"," tiveJy" and 'tb€! o:rg.allls will not be able to funetien normally. You can, ,&ee~ha.tSmall C:iircu]lation~ ~s thefirst 800p in N"e& Dan. Chl Kung. Small CiI'lcwation training will[ help, you to buildup a firm founda.tion for further N ei Dan practices su.c._b, Grand. Cireula[n.on andthe as


Washing {Shii Soei Ching}.

In order t'Of[eadl ,8. deep stage of Ne:iiDan still meditation, it is, ,especially c:ritica1 that you foHow the five :m..portanttraining lI,rooe,. dures which we discussed earlier; a. regulating' the body, b. regulating the! breathing, c. regula.ting the mind,. d. re,guJati_n,g the Chi, and. 8. regulatingtbie sp,irit. You. also need to kno,w the location of the Dan TIen. a!l:ildt~.ereles wmchtbe Ceneeptien and 'Go,veming VesseTIIs play in Chi. Kung. These 31'i@ discussed in detail futile YMAA Chi Kung book: '(The Boot of Chinese Chi Kung." It is recommended! ,that yo,u :s.t\]I"dy that book 'before you start praettctng the Small Cillculation.. Since Nei Dan Small Cil'lculation bas been discuseed in detail inthe eadier YMAA Chi Kung book: !'Chi Kung - Hea1th and Martial Ari,s",'" wewill only remE!w the techniques here. You start SmaU Circulation. training by buUding up Chi at Ute Lower Dan Tien. Thie, IS done throughabdominal exereises, You.must first learn how to eentrol the abdominal muscles, again so that they can expand and withdraw. This exercise is, leaned ".Faml. Torng" (back to' ehildheed). From birth until about B years of' age" you move your abdomen in and. out in coordination with your breatbJing. 'This abd.ominakmovement w as neees sa.ry for 'bri:n,ging nut'rii,'ents and OX.YieiD in through the umbilical eord when you wer,e in. the Wlomb. However, once you were born; you. started taking in food throu,gh your moutb and 'Oxygen through your nose, and the abdominal movement gradually diminished. Mos,t adults don't 'ha.vethis, abdominal movement wben they breatbe. The "baek to Clrlldhooo" eseretse helps yml to return to this type of breathing. , =71A.

Abdominal Exe'reises

Once you have regained control of y,our abdomen, if you eentinue these exereises you win feel your abdomen gewng warm, This indicates that the Chl is aecumulating, and is called "Chii Huoo," or "Starting tn,a Fira." These exereisea lead the Chi which bas been con vereed frem the Original Ess,en.ce in the' kidneys to the Lower Dan Tien, where it rest des. The more you practice, the easier this is to do" and the more you can relax your body and feel the Cbi.

D., Bn;a:thiing
BI"'eathing is considered the "strategy" in Chi Kung. In Small Gircu1ationyou may use either Buddhist or Taoist breathing, Buddhist breathing is also called "Je'l1g Hu Shi" lnurmal breathing) while Taoist breathing is caned "Fa an Hu Shi" (reverse breathing). In Buddhis,t breathing" y'OilI expand yOW' abdomen as Y'0111 inhale and Qontrcact it as YOillI@xhale. Taoist Breathing is j ust the reverse (F1gure 3-33). As explained in the last ,chapter, Buddhistbreethtng is generally more relaxed than. Taoist bl'le,athing. Although Tho:iJstbreathing is more tense, and harder to train" it is morn efficient in expandingthe Gua~dian Chi and in martial applications, This point can be clarified if you pay attention to the ,@veryd,ay movements of y,6ul' abdomen. Normally, if you. arerelaxed Oil:' not d,oingheavy work, Y;OU will notice that you are using' Buddhist breathing. However, if you are d.oing hea.vy wcrk and ex.ertin,g a lo,t of foree fur exam ple pushing a car or lliftin,g a heavy box,th.el1l you wiU fmd that yourabdcmen tenses and expand;!!;,when. you push or lift (which is Taoist breathmg), It is suggested that beginners start with Buddhistbreathin.g,. Mer you have mastered it" you shou~d then praetiee Ta'oist breathlng,. Ther-e lis,no conflict .. After youpraetice for at while, you. will find that you can swtteh from ene to the other very easily,


H:uiyinand Anus 'Coordinatio,:n

After you have practieed the abdominal exereiseefor about ,3~5 weeks, you may mel your abdomen ,get warmer every time you praetiee, Mer continued practice, the abdomen will start to tremble and shake eaeh tim.e you start the fire. This means that Chi bas, aeeumulated at the Dan Tien and is about to 'ov,edlow. At this time you should. is tart to loom'lmnate your breathing and abdominal movement with the movement 'of your Huiyin (literally "Meet the Yinl!) ,cavity and. an us ~o lead the Chi to the tailbone {Wen u cavity). The teehnique is very simple, If you are doing the Buddhist breathing, every time you inhale, ,gently expand you.r Huiyin and anus, when you e,xhaTh.e ou hold them up g,ently.. If you are doing the y Taoist~:n'eathiI!.g ,tille mevemene of the Huiyinand anus is reversed.: when you inhale you gently hold them up, and when yon eXhale .•you ,g,enUypu~b them out. This up and dOWD pr,a'ct'iJcewith the anus :ii,s called "Song' Gang'l and "Bih Gang" (loosen the anus and close the' anus). When you move y,our Huiyin and anus" yow must be relaxed and gentle" and m ust avoid aU tension. If you tense them, the Chi wiWl stagna te t~eIle and. will not be ab~e to flow s:moq}th~.y+

he bottom of y'our body is where the Ooneeptioa (Yin) ana Governing (Yang) Vessels meet. Beea usethere isonly a thin layer of' m usele 0111.of the Small stagnant.S.k of holding u. might not know how to Iead the Chi back to its ongi:naWp.FiglHe a~34). R.n t inNei Dan Chi Kung. This d..a!I!:!IJgqILang~n. w hicch win -73- .1!l. can fin up the Ceneeptienand Governing Vessels and circulate Chi sm. called "San Glll. the ta:ilbO:I!Ie~theChi ves$e.g and from Yang D®' Yin.ITOW~ and.Taeist.hale B-~xhale Thetri~. It is the first key to changing the body from Yin to Yan. in t~H~ Lower Dan Tien and.ere: Tailbone (WeUu in C~ldi. is most eommonly 'There ar-e threepmaees. beginner. D~ Tbe Three Ga. aeupu_1lC. are l'. can easilybe eb st:ruded.ring me d. perhaps even paralysis of the ]egs.p andlecsening the 1I111iyin and..vitywlIlst be open.Fnhale A<!ExhaJe Buddhist: A-In. Since you are only 8.oothly~ you mnst open these three gates. anus ~.tes eourse .. or the Chimight :flowinto the legs. B.ure){.(\. which win be discussed next.p a mot of eM. extt'<emelyimporia..ting it the j tailbone ca. Once you ha v€: buil t u.[ ther.an" in G~rc1JllaUon whereth.e ehl.!. T.rt circula. along the Chinese. The three gate. BefDlle y'~lU.anger can be prevented if you si t with yOUI' legs crossed du.ath. you.eady to sta.e is ~a. It is also UlL@ key to o'fI~ning the fi:rst gate.ii tatio. Kung and C'h. If the Chi stag:ma:~esin the legs it eeuld ea use problems.

rtant tricks whieh is called '''YiwYi YilJn Chi "(* 1) w..ill . .AHEAO OF' YOUR 'CID.re~the tdek~s to .ou mn. t.E narrow the eM. .our Dan 'rie'[l[ to the '~eg.e:ndto push.UgbtJiy numb. Themo.truS.ts.r.bone . Chi. you. Th@refJO."but it cannot 'be pushed. Sometimes the w area will ie. Thearea w:m f:eelli arm and sUght]!y tense.entChi from .t ehi has been ~.DJ. Flgu:oo 3·.a: nd a pr. the more you.ev." Please pay attention to the word ":r~EAD.34.se.If yo'u .and. (* 1)t:1. iBeea.~h means "use y. trick.sligbtl__y energized .e JllGU mt.ALWAYSPlACB ¥011R YI .efu:rcwate.Oiverl1DwID:g OOrWD.Lingtai Gv-Uljf-~-""""'!"" ( (Ja.om.. "ath (r. ~74- I.wanJi.etaU..3nd. the WQI'S!El the Chi w. wi:n~ense.vity in Just a few days." Chi behaves like walte:f .our 'Yi 100.m.use ._U ean 'be led.il~ find that the Chl ean getthro~ghtih. The Changqiang (WeUu)~Li1ll:gta:rn (JMgf).edto tha.ca.gi) Qh:angqiaI1.r.~ r .em calteh.there are two big .tibe baek beside the Gove:m:ing Vessel~ whenever there is extra Om f:!Jowingth. All of these V'e:-my tba.iOOugb.of muscles in.st know 'M_16 f o tbeim:p~.E!ls.y. lead ~u!'r Gbi. these museleS! will be.Fsngfn I(YWljeeJ.g ~Gv·l)""_~"'" (W~JuJ .t poonlt.' (:avities. 'lbpNvent this kind of pllobi@m~ y. y.

ter )11(!lur brain .w cavity it feels like inae. C3lEtf! 'permaneut damage to the brain. that (Dlart of yourbea.eir people feel Itumbnoos or itching.re 3. It is the same as wben you are playin.e8lE! ~iked to make out of jade.ts~8Dd Ungmi :in aeupUB. tense. If you.hmJ.8. 'c~J.mm-tia!JI. wnicbthe Cmn.ereth.slay whieh is the -75- E:.ch. the tailbone SInd. tile.. The eavi ty is so named. l).arg'i gat.tbthOl'&eic vertebrae~I:D. Oth.breathing is. This lack.edltma...Y!01l.gllii tihere is lorilly one gGal~ Wer.or Wa'l'l11. Ci~cmatio:o.€! ~s.t ways: you cango about it. Thi~ willi!..and.s.l is nan"OW~ and. Y'QW: strategy. Because most of the sp'Ine we..xth and sev. .d.our heart" tn. Tbiswill. Chi . in acwiluneture) ('igure 3-34): The Jode P:iillow cavity :wsthe last ga®e whjchJ yen]! must opem. You can easUy tell when the Cm is pa.ghtpa1thJ the Chi m~y spread over ~OiurheM)l.e ean 00 moy str.heartan. it ~sharder to tell what ]. proceed careru~y~ you ~U 1300111 ~eaj'n to' 'reoognizetille new clues.b.g' ehess with semeone.ere 'is not :mum muscle in this are a .ade Pillow (yubjeea. geillleraUiy eause 'tbe heart to beat faste:r"".t least 13. The trick of leading Chi through thls ea'rityis to :NOT pay atten. whi'en reish. the ChlipasSies tAnrughtbe Jade PiUo.strategies o:r :m.tl:on to .s.surrounded. few inehes a.w:aJnt 00'. when. This ~s espe'CiaUy oonfusing for beginner.34}: The J. Bftath~ng . it is easy to ga urge w.y attentiOlI!l tot. you are using . In CMKrmg.ead more Chi to it. beeause them uscles wiU feel numb.or :some people.ou.C~twre)(Jli'1Jigu. Si~..aDd C. because of the response of t~he!museles.<mgb you should beaw8!l'e 0" :itt. make the situation worse.e.ce ehi .b. the 'Chi win pass thro~gh with.w'.e:r's ldnf:!:'"there are many dtlrM·en.. AltholUighyou both ha!¥ethe same !JZIa].wthe oth.t too much effort. easUy . Be ve:ry eenscientious when you mov.ssiogbetwBen. HOi'INeV.e CM thrnughthis area.. by '~aye!rs of muscle. iD(1~bi X. Squeeze.If . in. dliftevent . of muscle 'Cl'Iea.anothi.bovetbe J. happemngwi th 'the Chi. on the piUow. .t if you take it . Cmnese em Kung has developed a.be hears. ]If the Jargi isMoe~e.Mem.og anll :F'.me scared and p.Q"ver the head there: is Vl'lry little mUSicle.a. .easy and. .SKeSS U.r' Yi to ~. the neck.engfu. Alt.and aff:ect yOW' thinking.lI.te. because it is hl~aled.eil' heads.eiD.:thUowstbe 'In.Y'0U do not lead the Chi in the ri. .and so the pa th of the Governing' Vess. If it is net kept meal' the surfaes.cts. in 6e .and.aek of the! heart. omlsiderced.dl and you eiuula:. illt is said thattbiis csn sometimes even.Th.".bi. Mnstteadl~plaee! your Yi a.olking @"ielrtb.p .etltods o:ftfammg: It fus harod 00 .e Chi is. Spme (J'argi :m.( the tOm 'Wffi11 Bow 00' the .w Crum ~t. OIver'''.oltegjes.KlHIil.d.MiBgmcm. Iecated between the si.ert &o:mthe Jade AUoc'oli' U.e:r pIIo.argi. F. it may €lo. .ad 0.bu.co:nsmded. beoo.

"bWildhllg a bridge . We 'Wowd.te s. This process is caJ]jed "Da Chy~n.th to generate saliva.of your Yi:.~ of is your tongue touching the roof ef your mouth (Figure 3~3." which means. thing YIOU needte pay attention to is the strength . is .o.t m.g to lead the eM. can 00 led e.ol1lgas: the ew. VJ'be:n you kain usin__gy.).fll~." i\s ~. aa you . to :r-ecommendsevwal brootlting strategies which are eommo:nlyus-edfuo~ead the Chi intraining the Sma]].s~nT'al things. you.a:b~eto ."(*2) which means "spirit and bwea. Ifllu:gm.caned TIM Chyr(hea.how efferti V'ely it is leadingthe Chi.tegy. 'The third thi~g is hJ)wm.1t:arno:n.. the Shea eanbe raised strongly while tbebildy ~.shoul. Oif\Cli.tihebf@athing strategy is bemg effeeti VEl. it depends.n each other.e]l~ the ~anding and mthdramn:g o:f the Chi Ju.5.thin..em8hyi Shiang Yi..moothly betw'e>E!nthe Yin and Yangvess.alw~Y's p:l1!y attention to ...n:. The! El!rS1t: beping thE! ti. on.ts use rev..tti:velyand.and bis: training goals.ted is . type of breathing reflects and. ] t is said.i ng Sw.o:I:st during m. the a..olubreathin. The bri(lge also causes yOW" mou.bestb:reathimg st. 1'aois.oogy.g·~ the dept!h of his CM Kung piraetJioo. This.: "Sh.erse breathing.like. JP-I. and . wheN]).srelaxed and the mmd c~lm.*Si*: ·-76- .. 1:ihemmViidnal's tmde:rstandin. TIle! alma beneat:'iIl~e ronglle where saJ~va~s gener8!.wsm as yon inhale" and expands.. This allows the " Chi to clrcWa.els. the Chi can be expanded to the skin. L Taoist Bl'eatt.hdamen m-a.ategy: As discussed 'earlier.lllfllnoft.uch yow She:!]!.ve:n]y pond). th.'eHmhEi~ or even (<i<2).. which keeps your thooaJ.g ffiuwallYIlely .(i! . The second.Thws conneets the Yin (Go:nooptimJ) and Ya~g (Govemi~g) Vessels.exha]ie. you exhale.em.follow the breathil'lg' stra.

o BreatbCycle. lead the Chi from the ~77~ . one with two mhalations and. for Small Ctreulaticn. Reverse breathing ~sthe netural way your body breathes when you want to get power out.ou inhale the Chi can be drawn deep' into the marrow. I. Only when breathing 'this way is easy. The disadvantage of reverse breathiag ~:s tJn. VJhen you.atit is harder for beginner-s. do not do reverse breathing . while as y. the Taeist reverse breathing . and the other with one inhala tion and exhalation per cycle. you win feel tension 'in y. nafural.g beginners start with Buddhist breathing . exhalatiens per cycle. (Pigure 3-86): In your first inhale. the CM.our abdomen and Ell buildup of pressure in your solar plexus. This significantly aifects the Chi circulation. use the Tho. TOaveid this. it is highly recommended that Chi Kun. eomfertable should you switch to.r"ltJDI~lDig to lead. lead the Chi 'to the LOW@f Dan Tien: when you exhale. and... 'Them are two common ways~o. Martial artists use this strategy of exhaling while the abdomen expands. Tw.cOl"l"ect~Yi.·Inhale E:x:ha].ist bl'le. '!\va breath Taoist bre·athing cycle beyond the skin.e Figure a-3S.

Exhale .gtra . you 'can experience many b1'iea:thiiDg regie'S.the inhalation is always used 00 lead. If you try to do 'this w:iththe exhalatien. then you voi. As long as you follow Ul.and as you exhale. lead. Chi from "thetailbone up tlu:! spine.Figure 3~. j b.n bepushing the Chi and not ]leading it.8 two breath cycle.e rules. . th). the Chi from t'be tailbone to a the nose. B'oorlliistBreath-m. In Taoist breathlng.. to complete the cyCle.1 Strat~gy: T~:leB.uddhlsts usually use the one breath cycle" but this does not mean you eannotuse . the Chi over the head .37'. lead. ii.ain~ lead the Chi from the tailbone up along the spine to..37'): On the exhale.! level of the S:houlders.to 'tihe tailbone . by )'iGur.to. Taoist breathing .·78· .One bMatb.'the :DilS8 to complete .elf .-.~cle Lower Dan Tien . One B"reath Cycle (Figure 3.s.t:il:u~ cydle. lead. the Cbi worn the nose to the tailOOJle~nd on the inhale. As you inhale a:g.

One: BF@atk Cyele (Fmgul'. If you ca:!IlIDotD1l!edlitate F.ad_s. FOif the . itlea.tji)< ceordinate with the rotatio'n.r Practice ~en you praetiee ~ntbe mo:mingand th. yO'U~hOULjd faee South to takie advan tag@ o:fthe. you shoeld memta:.t to abscrb the e:!l:lIergyrom the f sun and. of the E.eld.g 00' 'the doeume:nts~ theiOOare th~e times in the da.the em ftG'm yow: nose to yom tmilbo»e:. th1fee. ~omllleootille (lJ.t-ooes a day.ekl i.o. two o"'c'moek). e. .te.earlh's ~gneit~e fi. m . ne b'reathB'uddbist.evening session.mdl. PlJliS~esfo. and after neen (between ene and.ds 'tb(! Cm fr.e afternoon.m:eathmg O cy. Wlumm Practice Aceordin.mtJh.cle..malEi.lFJigure 3~38. .emomiD!g and.e3-38): When you iMale~ y.en you.nemtbe noS/eoo. wh. G.mthe tru:rnbo. eve:m~g. it Is reeammeaded lliat you face the ea:s. ~d s.OUl' mind le.kiptbe aBiernooD session. bei"~remidnightj' dawn..arth.rs which are considered 'est for practice.

OODg-. bees useo:o.mHyUrrought:be POistUlI€S.do the W:ai Dan 'tr-aini]j!g.~the muscles and nerves are stressed. the more Chi youwill aceumula. shoulder-width -80- .(H'wai(Io:n1 01' Embracin8 eo the Baw l'euh) Stand.' .1~tAI~· .. Because this Chi is built up in U))eshoulders and legs. and the other in tTOl1l..S-.he yean:.e1may take you many years of oont[ntH!d praetiee. the .erni:ng Vess!els respectively). Wh. wi til one leg rooted on the· ground. .€: [10M of·the l'. Both arm:s are held in Front of the chest. forming a herizontal eircle. Wal Dan Btllndhlg SUIiMeditation Over t.rtia]. Thetengue should~ouclt tn.@ meg carrie..T .auM be dleep. med.n]y the roes t. J Once you have opened up the tllnle gates and. rather than in the DarD!nen~~tis considered "local Chi" OF "Wai Dan GhL" In . eonneet the.g yOllr mind ealm and letting the em.hou) 1lll'!.sho1ll1docs. At thiis stage.·· __ -eo ----.back should feel sore and warm. We \Yin now introduce two of the post'lIlres most oommomy practieed by Tai Chi martial artists.Arc:inrtthe .ancll regular. vessels" The ultimate! goal .tion.ey buiThdup the! Chi locally ~npa.tes~yowI' arms and one side of yow. Neath~ngsh.When yon meditate you.ANT CHI STORAGE IS TIllE FOUN~ DATION OF YOUR HEAL:rH . artists win do 'this during their standing medita. various Tam Chi and Cbi Kungmaste:rs ha!v. nerves in tha:tleg and iill one side of the back will be tense and wiil]! thereby busld up Chi.n.OOuth to eonnect the! l1n and Yang Chi Vessels (Conception and Gov. they are safer to practies thanth:e Small Di1:'Cldatiol!!.ngue should touch. shouldsit with y'Gur legs crossed on a mat (I'I' cushion about 3 im:h. However. res'@irv'(!ilrs.Dan praetice . .. Gener.. Open:tingu.te.. after three minutee change your legs without moving your arms and stand this way for another three minutes.ABUND.o. .aUy s}}€aking.:: minutes..ontllile floor. Mer the sb. the reof of your mouth ~@. the ga tes may take 'Oinlya f\ew months.1ln you stand ill this pasture for about thlfeemimJ. facefonv:aro ~put both feet flat . 'YOur to. but building up the Chi to an abundant [ev. build.Ad.€! Chest .of tIns trah:ThiliJJg to combine the Chi built u pby this Wai Dan praetiee with is the Chi lbn1il1 tnp' in thi:e Dan 'Jjie[D:throu.oumil1lgfihegro1l1nd.rder to keeptbe Chi build-upand the flow in tille back balanced.Rememher: .rt:s of the body~ ra the!' than directly in the ChTh.s all the w:eight~ the m uscles and. Also.Anns~.es thick.~eep].. The mind should be ealm and relaxed andcon(lentrated OIi!.vanc@dTal.w ta tW!OI1ll. the more youpractic.e erea te d many p ostures fo:!:'standing Stm. Chi will build. up natu. with the fingertips almost touching (Figul'\t! 3-39). Ym and Yang vessels. 1..ex~ cises beeause th. Ch~. .e. Because the arms are held 'exte(nded.(·G·. and heet w:iU be gsnerated.t of it with o.ma. as a beginner you should just .--~ _ 11 ~ ~ Moon on th. UII in this area.gh the N e~. circula ted the Chi smoothly in the Conception and Governing 'Vesse:ts:~ you should then eontiaue meditating to build up the Chi more strongly and to learn to store the Chi fun these two.

~oodl.re3. 00' they have WI be sympmms of Chi. Sometimes Chi is f~lt on the upper' Up. the Chi feeling is usually stronger in tbe pa1msandi.them. dam.ally~. lower YlOIIB" annstb. Flint.ti~g 8.. ¥Otl can also hold your palms close to each otheI:. eVIer)'" llivingMoo<d.D:e shoulders to the palms and. eoneen tra te and calm the mmd.ctioe.s can usua. N a'tll1!'". which. Beginner. nearthe other arm. Theaceumula te. However. need to understand several things. flow~whiclli'ru is typically fe.Uas warmth 01' a sijght numbness.ue to Chi '0'1' iij.dspra. w.gs. and look fur the f@elmg' o:f Chi ilowi!l:llg'ftomt:t.our erms O'llt you are also slowing the blood c:ID. w. ehannel (Hand Yangming wge ~ntestil!J. yeo.YOln' ann move.e) wbichruns over the top of the sheuldertethen pper lip (FWgure 3~41(1). TIli. in the j rush dewn into. You."~gu. t Ispossfble FoI' y(~·u.39.. Hl00dC9nnot causethese feelm. after 9. when ylou hold y. At tbis time.ecmnu]ja. This'is beca. the hands.w lilaltw:-al]y and strorDIglyin.d Chi will then 'Io.e blood will Tills may cenfuae you as to whether wha. You sheuld be ableto feel a.M test whether theexereise i has brought extra Chi tOI y'OUf hands. kind of electrl. may also sense a. Place yIOW:. in the lip.to yonr arms.mugilIthe shoulderfuo end. fingel'~ tips.. Chi can.e eM. sligibt sensa tion. apart. lit is ~ike 8.s d.vle one hand.hen Y011l.E!l'Ief:ol'e. large amount .ng~rs than. -si- . eell has~o have Chl to keep living.use there is 8. o:r mo. which has 11:0 Dome fromtffi:n.. Sec(lI!JJd since blood is material and Chi ~slenergy. and slowly ~ow'e:ryuuramUI. both blood and CM will come down.t you leel].hands right in front of your face. flow beyond yQurhodyoot your blood eannot.:uJanon"and. In addttion to a slight feelbllg 'of warmth. Tbus~ when you mlaxaft~ the ru'Cinghm:JJ.Uy sense this Chi.c charge which may maketibe hairs on .of water. releases it andlets it flow out. because there Me six Cm ehannefs whieh pass th.

lead the Chi to thefingmi. On the inhallie you take in Chi from TI1.ln still addition to building mp Chi in the shoulders. . to the Lower Dan TIen.d~tation.lete two Chi circuits.y. The eeeend circuit is a v. comp.es.vities.Fi:guI'e . and shoUl.derrsduringthis exercise" you may also :find thait you can sense it in your back.ps of both hallds. yon will be able to use this exereise as p·art of yOUI' advanced practice .ertieal one' w hieh connects heaven. Many advaneed Too Chi pravetii.oners. man" and earth. The first Chillieireui t is a ho.at.w:'e through your ]Bait ui (Figure 3-4 ]L) on the top of .actice~thEl two eireuite should happen at the same time...tafi!d~n~g' me.riz"(illilbdene in your arms and ehes t.and then aeress the gap from each hand tothe other.Th e Large! In te sti n e Channel ·ofHand-Yang Bright"fi!ess !Figure 3-41.ti.lNhe:n you p!'. they also train uS'ing the mind to lead the Chi in cOOl'ldinatien with the breathing to. If' you are a beginner this is .e hand. but ther-e is only one channel connecting the lip and shouMer. On the inhale you lead the Chi from the fingertips to the center of your chest.3-40.our head and lead the Chi.. On the exhale you. On the exhale you lead the Chi further downward and out of yOUI' body throughthe Bubbling Well (Yong'quan)(Figure 3-42) . The Baihui cavity Once you experience Chi flowin_gin your arms.continue to practieefhis s.11Iot easy to do. however. downward. If youpersevera.

in trua.YO:llgqnan. turn Y'Otlil' hands to :EMe each ot:.o:Iu t:ru. o:f Y. upward. to shou~de:r height (Figure 3~45.).ay ~u feel strong enough to practice this one.Erm. both.. hl'!ea.exh. you eshaleraise yQurhodiy s~ight1y inw the Horse as .untU the palms are faem.egulate y~ mind. hende. exi6:reiSJe.hollid UPI tillebeSivlen. BoldilllgUpt:be Heaven (Tuo.Jing dlo'W1lw:ru:rlun. The:n~whUe .et sliiJl)U!1de:r'dllstance apan~ mlJdi your arms sllght~y bent w.e:n.. you raise YOlur and carefully.igu_re 3-4'. stand with you[' {e. a. pnaition.g' the heavens (Figur-e 3-4.t. while inhaling:! move your MmS upwud.a1ing.. turn your hands palm d.om=:.pos:siJ!Ye.med. W{lrk 'With easier and more li€lliaxedm.ei UahPem__g lKiung.tra and regala te your breathm.Stanoe (Figure 3.gure . natureland smeoth.·419).8).g until fut. NOT p:raC~ThOO ~.o.+". in front 01{ YOIll.b~r(Fi. .the regmi[ar~y and.as .ghsame hon?lootalli 1(F. keep yom badly as ['Iel8!Xed. Tian) f6.7t: This ~g a. fo]~o'Wthem with your .l1 Next. very stren..s.eyes untiJ! you' are lOQking FWnaUYj. Similar e:xe:rdses arealso practiced.ownwmd 'fF~re 346) aDJd..m eonsidered old or weak" you shoulld.pracUoos 'f:o:rmea-rung the begirmer to expe:n..~>5. 2. by otffi:DJer styles" such as .n.of the most comm. make sure you start sJowIDy 110.llI. some 'Iai eM styles place great emphasi$ onit.3-44) and lift them. Then.lower your body wi thyo:urpahns p:mss.oving Chi Ku.. Instead. (K~][) This exercise is one . un:t11 ilit is !l]ruJm and oorn~ 08I!JJ. Then! while i1rmaJ:]ng.cethe flow of Chj!and.ng esereises ULn til s.ith the palmsfa:cing downward (Figure 3~4a).ti~. so if you.ti1!~r. A. Stand s. .. tad.o. As ylou standi.

imagine that yon are lifting up theheavens. ru you raise your bands to the finel pasture.Always remembae: YOUR BODY CANNOT BE BUILT so. only stay inthis posture for a min ute or As you become sUong. UP IN ONE DAY. ADVANCIN'G SLOWLY AND SAF'ELY IS..KEY TO SUCCESS. .Figure 3-47.er~ extend this time to three to five minutes. THE.. If you are abeginner. . and then standi there as if yom were holding up.

practice is dangerous.w]y lower" your body un til both thighs are horizon tal (Figu-re 3.s..a:d ual]y strengthens y'Olilt ankles. Finally. the entire sk_y. To. not .€!n you decideto stop. do not jU$t stand u P" Keep yonr arms in posi tion as you mhale and slo. and Holding Up the Heaven is generally safe for those who are strong enough and in good health.ocking set. stati.0). The firs. few minutes and breathe deeply and reguJarly 'before€! moving.Figure 3~48. and mpsj' as wellas the muscles of your trunk and neck.-5.onary and walking' exercises. conclude this section. knees. UE CAU~ TIOUS AND p:aoCEED GRADUALLY. I would likie to remind yon ilia 1:: Nei Dan . 9·5.tion.5." is usually used for Tai Chi beginners . and you should. In this secnon I willintrod nee three stationary sets.. exhale and turn your p alms downward. This E!xerci:s€:gI'." since it emphasizes coiling movement-s. presented here is generally safer fO'I" beginners.Itt feet. as you lower them. The third set is the "f.eing each other (Figure 8. I call the second set the "coiling set. The first one.sitting Small Circulation." It trains the .5. and at the same time lift your arms up to shoulder helght 'With the palms fa. Then exhale as you Jower your hands tOI your abdomen (Figure 3·. Always remember.of yo. Standthere t70r a. to your wai s t {FiguJle 3-53)0. inha1le and raise your body until you are standing upright.2). Figure 3-49. Keeping this idea in your mind wiH lead Chi from your Lower Uan Tienupward to youlFhands and also downward to the bottom .·.tart it until youhave reached an advanced level.1). for beginners. MOlvlng 'rai C'hi Cbi KWlg Moving TID Chi ChliKuWlg.t Wa'ii Dan Standing Mediita. Next.includes both. which I call the "primary set. 'Wh.

i sequence which are performed repeatedly.as forperfonaing the Tai Chi =86= .Figure 3-52.enefi:Ued not 0I11y me but many of my students. These three sets actually combine the Tai Chi Chi Kung and the White Crane Chi Kung VI hich I was taught. and they haveb. and the movemen t of the body. coordination of the hands. The walking set uses individual movements aut of the Tai Ob. The criteria for performing these exercises are exactly the same . feet.

..···. Primary Set 1'h:~ssetCll'.. '.' th t':-.".. In thih. uOO1Jl ~I~.87~ .. Before . and can devete all of yOlllr a. The . The ~oone~ a begi:rnln. at'IDention to the fo:nn.taJrting.II IOnll wL. strmlgly to UlenMd...s.~ 1~1 ~ __" 8 ulCu _oa . . J . beginn!e:rlJ:nd. II' S.Y'(Nl d.·tton to rcegulati".asters· use dilIere:nt hand fomul'l depending upon their personal experience and.l energy of the oody~ This :set i:s lil.···11f.·. th. ·.54·. for a few' minutes Y'(H]! shouJ.styles .JI. It is believed.dill'ere:nt ..e bod. . The thum~. Rod.atilling. . OIl' crane led. :middle finger au stretched forward slightly~ and the s@oondi and lUtIe fingers are pulledbaek SIghtly (Figllf1e 3~54).audvery . YO'lls:bnu.~~~. fo:nn whenever y10urpalms IDIt'!OpMl. sequence.f hi Kung exereises has several purposes: C '1'0 help the Tad CM.oam:y 'rai 'Chi Chi KWlg I.uanUJ}. the socner and :mOl\E! easily he 'Oil' she ean understaad the interna. is eurved Uke a. I.ue .. that the mfferen:t han. unde::rstaDrung' of Chi Jl would Ukero 1fit-ooOluoo ahand form which m consider the best . Ghineseooof tile.o nat have to pay ~O' much.· jI.easY'to ·. Use this hand!. 8ince you 8Lr-. the Chi.e center ![If your palm gem. form !IS anotne:rimpoirWnt k~yW ..e hands. have their d1ftl'll"~nt ways of fo:rmin:g th.er is aM€: to undersbmd!.n.Fi.an.gurce 3. "W·.s~@ssftml trai:nmg.d notice.'S. ..g your body. what Chlis and.for leadmg crn to the Laogo. .dforms originally came Hom inlitatillg animals. IS caReU.. It was fOilma fhari bO~Wngthe hand in the .Ullg W8!lme:t and warmer. 'bo feel it..-.After you ho~d this hand fmm.d mind.g c~vity in tihece:nrel' o:f the palm.ttel1l. feel Chi. br@.@agle~·tiger.t even within the sityies some Ml.nr eM.shape ef the 'Claw of om. [tis not SlJl'Pristng tha.tati.edoing the samemovemeat over and over a:gain.erstaDd.·1 'Hl. Chi Chuan.ar'tru.d understand thait using ·tb. .and. and to using yOW" Yi to lead .yo.mple .e prope:rhamdl.

strong€'f Chi eireula tiOill will gradually open the twelve Chi channels. }'IouMll find that the Chi is flowing' mtlOre and more sh'\orugly.~55. and bring all of yOm' thoughts.d stirnland elose YOllll' eyes (F~gM:rie . bteathing~ and mind" you then. .s. This Ioeeeningremoves any Chi stagnation near themre:mal o.gu~e3.ea:d. how to ~. the limbs to.eritical in Tai Chl trainmg·.. b(ilw ·oo.l'g. and. the Lower Dan Tien when.U :be .OUJ. so after 8.penu.a'b[e to do it comf'Odably and.~.2. "i'o}e'am. this $et row a.e:ad.~o you br.round. \Vb.e:r Dan Tien to the timbs when you.-55). let the Chi circula. from.. exhale.eBrea.ooitJhing and Chi.adually .~ong time.internal muscles. devote ymll': .eathing.emtihe:m re:~.especia~ly those a. the . from 011 tside o:f yoW' body to the :i!:rudd. To gr.hoo:ttime yGum.8fum.te more sm(lothly in Y'(Htt tw.en you have regulated yoW'oody.. and. Chi)~ which is very. First p!ay attention to your third eye 3 (Upper Dan Tiell). you iIll:baIJe.ncentr:8!1Itio~. al]rbomaUca:~:~y" and.g!ans.. This is the key 00 maintainmg gooo health. .the! internal 'o'!'gaEDI:S. em.thing (JiJ}. Thi~ bmns you inusing yGur Yi to ~Jead the Chi (TIll Yi Yih:1l. '\Vb. s.en YOlJ1:I' mind is ealm and conof!liItra:ood. L Stand StiiUto·Regulate th. To loesen up.ms~which l.axand l'iece:~v@ the pr-ope:il:'Chi neurishmene. bring yoW"atmntion to y'OW' hr. 4. S. If y... remember.. fr1@lIntbe Lriw. T'm.El:.o.CM to the limbs.~$ - MeiIr you have oompleted 'yiotlr WliITll. A:f'teryou have practiced. learn. FJ.p the twelve primruy Chi channels.-Up CM Kung. are doing only relaxation Chi ~88- ~~~- .gLi Tya:u Shyi) I_ll.elve internal ~:u:.co. "'OrlDS.

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