Measurement & Evaluation Analyst: Salary: £30 50k Reporting to the Head of Planning

This individual should be able to manage their own projects, dredging through reams of data to find nuggets of insight. Sometimes those sources will be existing client data, sometimes the data will need to be found. They will be expected to work closely together with the brand planners and the innovation team to take the data available, use it as a basis for understanding consumer needs and motivations, and translate those insights it into easily digestible plain English. The job will include importing, cleaning, transforming, validating and modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions. But data doesn t exist to be locked up in spreadsheets and tables, reports and dashboards will need to be created and interesting charts, graphs, tables, will need to be designed; extra points will be awarded for good design (Is Dave McCandless a hero?). Familiarity with social internet sites and their analytical tools is a must. Have you had a look at Google Analytics? What about Foursquare, Facebook, Google Ad words, and social monitoring tools such as BrandWatch? You will be expected to prepare and make presentations and will work into the joint heads of planning.

Roles and Responsibilities y y Developing or recommending new tools and services that provide planners and their clients with a better understanding of their data Providing the team with o Insights to inform the brand planning process; e.g. an analysis and interpretation of server log files to reveal a new insight about a client s audience o Transformed transactional & behavioural data that has led to an insight that enables a better understanding of the customer and stronger strategic planning o Information that can be used to take action; e.g. the location and nature of influential bloggers in a specific conversation or community o y y y Reports that can be used on a reoccurring basis

Regularly evaluate and monitor a variety of data sources for both client and internal knowledge Work closely with data partners to continuously improve data quality, structure & analytical capability Responsibility for writing, executing and managing data counts/queries/extract requests

Skills y Google Labs specifically Analytics, Trends, AdPlanner

g. Omniture. but any of Visual Basic. Hitwise SAS / SPSS Exposure / Crystal Xcelsius Knowledge of external data sources (who manages them. what they have to offer etc) is a plus Type of person y y y y y Investigative mindset enjoys the hunt for insights Insightful sees opportunities that others can t see Different gets to unexpected solutions Enterprising has proven he/she can drive commercial success for clients Might know a programming language (which one isn t really important. . etc) . it s indicative of a mindset not a skill set.Net. PHP.y y y y y y Web APIs Excel (including advanced formulae and pivot tables) PPT Web analystics e.

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