tr/marketing-presentation Sun silk Co Creation Co Created by 7 of the best Hair Experts in the world To change Sun silk Forever RITA HAZON color care Hair expert Being able to reinvent and create signature looks for key celebrities and her special colour techniques are some of the greatest achievements of Rita Hazan, the most famous colourist all over the world. Known for setting beauty trends and reinventing celebrities, native New Yorker Rita Hazan. Rita has created signature looks for stars such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer López, and Jessica Biel. Rita spent the first ten years of her hair career at the world famous Oribe salon before branching out on her own. Until recently, Rita Hazan's identity has been one of the hair world's best-kept secrets. This is rapidly changing as a result of her transformational colour work on Oprah's popular makeover episodes and her noteworthy hue work with Céline Dion in Las Vegas. It's about chemistry: The loyalty of Rita's celebrity and personal clientele is attributed to her innate understanding of what looks best on women from a woman's perspective and her keen eye for detail. A mix of rock and roll and forties glamour inspires Rita's colour choices. “The most important factor is personality”, says Rita. “You don't want your hair to ‘wear' you. Instead you want to have hair that complements your skin, your eyes, hair that really reflects who you are.” Rita's dramatic Colour lifts and livens up her client's appearance and the effect is always vibrant and sexy. In 2003, Rita opened a luxurious, full service Beauty salon on Manhattan's upper east side. The elegant Rita Hazan Salon has gained recognition worldwide for the brilliant team she has personally selected. “Colour is chemical and requires technical knowhow. I believe in using the best technologies to ensure the quality of the hair and colour stays supreme”, says Rita. Tips by RITA Where possible, have your hair coloured at a professional salon so that you have access to expert advice

american. working on the best runway shows and fashion shoots. and Nina Ricci. bohemian sensibility. Marchesa. protein gives it strength – and we've got the perfect balance in the Damage Reconstruction Program I've co-created with Sunsilk. . and assisted the great talents in the field. V. Gap. and Vogue Nippon. Glen Luchford. Hayden Panettierre. You don't want your hair to ‘wear' you."The most important factor is someone's personality. Power to the people! PRODUCT Sunsilk has teamed up with Paris born Teddy Charles. Charles has subsequently collaborated with photographers mario Testino. the coiffeur combines a flare for creating contemporary femininity and glamour with an edgy. Julien D'Ys and Orlando Pita. world's most sought after colourist and expert at caring for coloured hair. Mikael Jansson.create Sunsilk's most advanced Vibrant Colour Protection formulation to lock intense. says Teddy Charles famous for being the world's best session stylist. Patrick Demarchelier. and Teen Vogue. to co . i-D. Rag & Bone and Badgley mischka on their runway shows. and ultra top designer Karl Lagerfeld. don't be frightened of change! my crusade is to inspire and empower women across the world to try the latest fashionable hair looks”. Charles' influential. Charles began hairstyling as a teenager.”" PRODUCT Sunsilk has teamed up with Rita Hazan of NYC. Then. creator of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks. vibrant colour. Teddy's obsession is “to persuade any woman in the world that a perfect hairdo can be done by herself”. arty hairstyling helps shape campaigns for BCBG. to co .step expert solution with Shampoo and Conditioner. in his early twenties. Blake Lively." Teddy Charles “Ladies.create Sunsilk's most advanced Plumped Up Volume formulation for bouncy. "Moisture gives hair movement. full bodied hair. Italian. hair that really reflects who you are. and Ellen Page and also collaborates with designers Luca Luca. you want to have hair that complements your skin and eyes. Calvin Klein. He has developed a celebrity clientele of Sarah Jessica Parker. Born and raised in Paris. His styling appears in French. Offer your hair our exclusive Vibrant Colour Protection 2 . Numéro. singled outas a dreamy stylist.

healthy .step expert solution with Shampoo and Conditioner. Conditioner and Gel/Cream Tips By Teddy A quiff is easier than you think whatever your hair type: backcomb the mid-lengths to roots from the front of the crown.create Sunsilk's most advanced Longer and Stronger formulation for evenly strong. then smooth down with a comb and clip in "Blow-dry wet hair upside down. Sunsilk has teamed up with Paris born Teddy Charles. Use the dryer directly on the roots to dry them straight upwards" Yuko Yamashita Straight hair expert Yuko is named after Yuko Yamashita. Chief Executive Officer as well as hair beautician. Sunsilk has teamed up with Paris born Teddy Charles. Yuko. creator of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks. Yuko's aim is permanently beautiful.Offer your hair our exclusive Plumped Up Volume 2 . lecturer and inspiration behind the Yuko brand. Yuko Yamashita travels widely lecturing beauticians on the benefits of the internationally-patented hair straightening process and continues on her mission to make easy to care for. mist with hairspray. creator of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks.step expert solution with Shampoo. beautiful hair more accessible to everybody from the lady next-door to the most exclusive salons of the world such as Toni and Guy. Offer your hair our exclusive Longer and Stronger 2 . the key element which reshaped the common notion that chemical treatment results in damaged hair.looking hair all the way to the tips. all products with her name use aqua gold (proprietary “Phild-processed” water). .step expert solution with Shampoo and Conditioner. to co . to co . Ms. In addition. Her passion is searching for ways to make problem hair manageable without compromising hair health. and straighter hair. While managing Yuko salons.create Sunsilk's most advanced Frizz Control formulation to control unruly hair and create a smooth and defined hairstyle for up to 24hours Offer your hair our exclusive Frizz Control 3 . more manageable. and she has successfully achieved it. Always on duty to give women their dream hair. founder. which she has achieved through her cooperation with Phi-ten researchers in the development of the renowned Yuko Hair Straightening system.

create Sunsilk's most advanced Straight Perfection formulation for perfectly straight. even in humid conditions." Jamal Hammadi Hair Shine Expert Jamal Hammadi has established a solid reputation for himself. reshaping it to appear straight. shiny hair that moves naturally. Tipss "Slowly straighten one inch sections of hair at a time – by working on small sections you can effect the way each strand interacts with the one next to it. straightening system that uses the heat oxidation process to seal and rebuild hair from the inside out. but often they damage it in the process. and a hair shaft that is rejuvenated for the first time. This will insure that your hair is smooth and the hair follicle will be protected against heat damage. . creator of YUKOTM Hair Straightening System. I am proud that the product range I have co-created with Sunsilk will help them achieve their dream of perfect-straight. The 24hr Straightening Cream smoothes the hair fibres to make blow drying easier and coats the hair with a protective layer to seal in straightness for 24hrs. One of the Yuko steps includes using shark oil on hair and also using steam instead of direct heat to condition hair. How about that. determining how smooth your whole head will be" Use my Sunsilk Perfect Straight styling products in conjunction with relevant shampoos and conditioners. to co . brittle hair PRODUCT Sunsilk has teamed up with Yuko Yamashita from Japan. Get an extreme silky straight look that lasts for up to 24 hours* "Girls try so hard to get their hair straight. The last thing you want is dry. fashion editorial and international haute couture houses alike. This goes against the notion that straightened hair is damaged hair: the result is hair that can breathe from a lack of coating. Both an unconventional idea and a breakthrough in the art of hair straightening.created the system in 1996 with the intent to create a non-coating. yet healthy hair. creating sensuous and glamorous hairstyles for celebrities. the Yuko straightening system actually uses the hair's small amount of “living body electricity” to cut off the hair's cystine bond. His characteristic work has been featured on the covers of British Vogue.

to co . Jean-Paul Gaultier. Their meeting was a timely blessing. As a result." . I want to bring brilliant black shine to girls worldwide. assembling a body of imagebased work that positioned him to move into the world of editorial. James Franco. The two of them clicked immediately and shortly thereafter. and runway work around the world. Maya Rudolph. Around the same time. Christian Dior. Additionally. blow-drying. while working at the beginning of his career at one of the top salons in Beverly Hills. Nylon and Flaunt. 100% organic products made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts. Jamal has styled the tresses of countless super beauties on the New York and Paris runways for Chanel. However. and Drew Barrymore. Hammadi Beauty. Maggie Gyllenhaal. The Black Shine range I've co-created with Sunsilk develops shine from the inside out and replaces lost moisture. says Jamal about his hair philosophy. Naomi watts. Vanity Fair. widely considered one of the most accomplished hair colourists in the world. They've worked together ever since. Sharon Stone. The Face. colouring or straightening. film. using the wrong shampoo. Spin. Eva Mende. His celebrity clients include Heather Graham. With Sunsilk.British Elle.step expert Solution with Shampoo and Conditioner.create Sunsilk's most advanced Addictive Brilliant Shine formulation for healthy hair that dazzles with shine. Offer your hair our exclusive Addictive Brilliant Shine 2 . and John Galliano. his clientele consisted mainly of film and television celebrities. is a line of luxurious. and Licari introduced Hammadi to Linda Evangelista. Jamal credits his training in Paris from the highly-respected hair guru. Linda Evangelista. InStyle. fashion. Learning from the Gurus Jamal completed his professional education at a private beauty academy. Odile Gilbert. Jamal met Louis Licari. hair dresser to Hollywood stars and famous for his natural approach to achieving healthy shine. Jamal's signature product line. Italian Glamour. "Everything we do to our hair depletes moisture. “Ladies come back to the planet earth and create a beautiful naturally shiny hair base through luxurious highly effective organically and naturally derived hair products that work from within”. PRODUCT Sunsilk has teamed up with Jamal Hammadi from LA. he began doing test shoots with photographers. as one of his most valuable professional experiences. Evangelista flew Jamal to London to work with her on the cover of British Vogue. Jamal found that he was yearning to push himself creatively.

It's found in foods such as avocados. tip head upside down and massage hair near your scalp in a circular motion. The middle eastern turned New Yorker opens up: "I am Lebanese and have dark. Today. says Ouidad. Since 1982. She takes an active part in formulating and creating her line of protein and vitamin enriched hair products that work with antioxidants to make curls defined. soft. frizzy hair. and manageable. In fact. Ouidad's expertise has been turned into the book Curl Talk. This generates volume at the roots and wakes up your look THOMAS TOW Damaged hair Expert .Jamal's Tips Start with a great cut – take care of the ends of your hair for healthy shine "Vitamin E is vital for luscious shiny locks. where the drive behind Ouidad reveals itself. editors at national fashion and beauty magazines consult Ouidad regularly and consider her tobe the "Queen of Curl. Tips "Never go to bed with wet hair as the curls will dry unevenly and become frizzy" If curls have gone flat overnight. and being a hairdresser and not being able to control my own hair was hard. I learned something: Stop fighting mother nature! Learn to work with your waves and you'll learn to love your curly hair"." Ouidad combined scientific knowledge with an understanding of the special needs of curly hair. curly. long. and in 30 years. Ouidad (pronounced wedôd) was the very first stylist and salon owner in the United States to specialize in curly hair. the nationally acclaimed curly hair expert and stylist. So I decided to specialize in curls due to my frustration with my own hair. shiny. berries and nuts" Ouidad Curly Hair Expert "My ambition is to get every single curly haired in the world throw away her hair straighteners and love and respect her curls by using the right products and hair knowhow".

fashion designers. your hair is healthy. a great one. If it floats. understanding the how and why of what has happened is critical”. you are in need of some repair – seek advice "Moisture gives hair movement. ensures an ever growing loyal following. The haircut should be customized to suit your hair texture and the colour should work with your own skin tone and eye shades. fashionistas. grannies. where he continues to develop and nurture his own special brand of hairdressing. “Prevention is key. rather than concealing it in an unmanageable and high maintenance carbuncle. creating looks for hair shows. Crossing the English Channel inspired him to move to London. Tom opened Bobsoho. fashion shows and educational seminars. authors. Modelling agencies and film and television production companies frequently call upon his expertise.Tom began his hairdressing career at the tender age of fifteen as a Saturday boy in a busy salon in leafy Surrey. Tom's main passion now lies at his project Bobsoho where he makes your experience of a good haircut. says the stylist. and coloured the hair for product and beauty campaigns. It is all about finding something very elusive: harmony. but for those who have already damaged their hair. In 2007. Tom's Tips First. protein gives it strength" Product DAMAGED HAIR RECONSTRUCTION . He has worked as a freelance consultant for hair product companies and marketing firms. This profound philosophy. England. He quickly worked his way up the ranks to become a Senior Creative Director at Aveda. check if you have any damage by pulling out a single strand of hair and submerging it into a glass of water. His diverse clientele includes influential musicians and pop stars. where he worked alongside some of the industry's best. Tom's talents have since taken him around the globe. His mentors were accomplished Italian hairdressers and he soon found himself working regularly in Italy and roaming all over Europe. He found his inner calling and threw himself into the training. if it sinks. A balanced look: Tom believes in enhancing the natural beauty of your hair. London. artists. and media darlings alike. housewives. executed with care and attention to detail. actors.

create Sunsilk's most advanced Detox For Men formulation to help cleanse. leaving it clean and revitalised. . its triple action creamy formula offers gentle and thorough cleansing to your hair while intensively nourishing it. famous for resuscitating damaged hair. enriched with Eucalyptus Vitamin B5 Complex. Her approach is based on a philosophy that with early intervention and non-invasive treatments. her patients can delay or even avoid plastic surgery.create Sunsilk's most advanced Damaged Hair Reconstruction formulation to give back extreme+ smoothness and health to your damaged hair. Exclusively developed to detox hair. it replenishes and gently invigorates hair with every use. refresh and remove dirt and product build up. Francesca Fusco. hair care expert from London. gently lifts away oil. who has been practicing medical and cosmetic dermatology in New York City since 1989. but she is also widely recognized for her emphasis on rejuvenation of the skin. the acclaimed skin care expert. its refreshing formula. to co . Fusco's Manhattan-based practice not only covers the range of dermatological diseases and conditions. Enriched with Micro . Moisture gives hair movement. founder of Bobsoho Salon. condition and treat all in just one wash. which ultimately leads to healthy and stronger hair”. everybody should nourish the scalp. famous for resuscitating dry and damaged hair. An associate Dermatologist at the Wexler Dermatology Group for nearly a decade. to co .Thomas Taw of London.create Sunsilk's most advanced Total Care 3 in 1 formulation to cleanse.” Dr Franseco Fusca Scalp care Expert "The scalp is simply an extension of the skin. and you need to treat the scalp with the same level of care as the face! Whether you have scalp problems or not. TOTAL CARE 3 in 1 Thomas Taw of London. to co .Moisturizer Complex. says Dr. founder of Bobsoho Salon. Offer your hair our exclusive 10 day surface reconstruction program with Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo and Conditioner. dirt and product build up. DETOX FOR MEN Thomas Taw of London. protein gives it strength – and we've got the perfect balance in the Damage Reconstruction Program I've co-created with Sunsilk. Ideal for frequent washing. Dr.

and phototherapy to rejuvenate aged skin and its associated conditions. sculptra and lipotransfer). She has been quoted extensively in high-profile consumer magazines. Sinai School of medicine. followed by a three-year residency in dermatology in which she served as Chief Resident in her third year. where she also directs an outpatient clinic. A Media Resource Author of a chapter entitled “Non-operative Techniques for Facial Rejuvenation” in Clinics in Plastic Surgery. Offer your hair our exclusive Purifying Scalp Care 2 . Fitness. Sacramento Bee. Chicago Tribune.” she concedes in a piece of wisdom. Prevention. botox. After receiving her medical degree from New York medical College in 1985. born Italian. and Fox News 5. eyewitness News. Dr. Dr. world class dermatologist and expert at understanding skin and scalp care. Fusco completed an internship in pediatrics at the St. and woman's world. She also performs liposuction. allure. Fran's Tips Increase your intake of essential fatty acids found in oily fish or avocados to improve the general condition of your skin . Parents. and in newspapers. including the New York Times Sunday magazine.create Sunsilk's most advanced Purifying Scalp Care formulation for a restored dandruff-free* scalp and beautiful hair. Golf. Dr. my skin doesn't look as good. Dr Fusco. weights. hydraulic acid. She is also an assistant attending Physician at Beth Israel medical Centre. I truly notice that when I don't exercise. “my circulation is stimulated.CBS News. First. Her guest appearances on medical news broadcasts include CNN. such as brown spots. Fusco is among the leading experts in the application of fillers (collagen. Glamour. Self. Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC. and New York Daily News. co-author of a variety of medical publications and editorial contribution for women's Health. to co . Fusco continues to train medical students and dermatology residents in her speciality as both an assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology and assistant attending Physician at the Mt. I feel great. Product Sunsilk has teamed up with Dr. lasers. such as InStyle. Inside edition. Fusco is also an expert resource for the television media community.Currently. and stretching five times a week. O. Vincent's medical Centre in New York City. and blood vessel abnormalities.step expert solution with Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner. does Pilates. scars.

These alliances have enabled Converge to standardize its procedures and have facilitated in making the organization a trend setter in launching and leading some of the biggest Pakistani brands to the Digital Marketing Arena. Dream Soft & Smooth. Lusciously Thick & Long and Stunning Black shine variants– in Pakistan together with four zen experts Jamal Hammadi. Online Advertising on various local and international sites via Google. Use the dryer directly on the roots to dry them straight upwards" Sunsilk introduced six of it’s co-created product–Damage Reconstruction. Following are the service provided: • • • SMS “Sunsilk” to 5892 or call 0800 Sunsilk IVR and not only win exciting prizes but know the Expert for your Hair Type and get weekly hair tips from them. etc. Yahoo and Facebook text ads. MSN. Tom Taw and Dr. Pakistan Advertising Society. Online advertising and Digital PR services. IVR. Teddy Charles. Converge Technologies being their Digital Agency is providing SMS. (Case in point. . Hair fall solution. firmly knitted with leading local and international mobile operators. Anti-dandruff solution. Francesca Fusco."Blow-dry wet hair upside down. content providers and premier global industry trade associations such as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Mobile Marketing Associations. Digital PR campaign to sign up Online Ambassadors and social content: o Microsite for Experts o Facebook fanpage o Twitter page Converge Technology is the first of its kind Digital Agency of Pakistan. marketing organizations. The main idea is to create an overwhelming digital presence influenced with talkability and to own all the keywords relevant to ‘hair care’ on multiple digital mediums.

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