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MARCH 11, 2010

MARCH 11, 2011 • Volume 9, Issue 20 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea

3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team is ...

Agile. Mobile. Lethal.
U.S. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Stryker Bri- Army unit conducts
live fire exercise
gade Combat Team dismount their Stryker following
live fire training Monday on Nightmare Range, South

during Foal Eagle

Korea. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Hong Yoon-ki

By Walter T. Ham IV
8th Army Public Affairs
A U.S. Army Stryker unit engaged and
destroyed targets here at this South
Korean live fire range Monday as
part of Exercise Foal Eagle.
The Fort Lewis, Wash.-based
2nd Battalion, 3rd Stryker Bri-
gade Combat Team dispatched their
targets with heavy vehicle-based
machine guns and small arms
fire in mounted and dismount-
ed infantry operations.
Agile, mobile and lethal, the
Stryker vehicle is the center-
piece of the Stryker Brigade
Combat Team, a multi-mission
medium weight unit that com-
plements the U.S. Army’s heavy
and light combat forces.
Named after Pfc. Stuart S.
Stryker and Spc. 4 Robert F.
Stryker who both posthumously
received the Medal of Honor for
their actions in World War II
and Vietnam, respectively, the
Stryker can be airlifted to any
conflict, crisis or contingency on
short notice.
The Fort Lewis-based 3rd SBCT,
2nd Infantry Division was the first
Stryker Brigade Combat Team formed.
— See STRYKER, Page 14 —

Color Matters Asian Dust Season ... DFAC Facelift GARRISONS


Pigments in foods contribute See ‘small- Chow at Casey now served Defense News P02
to good health. Find out how: arms’ images in renovated facility: Page 5 USAG Red Cloud P05
Page 18 from Daegu USAG Casey P05
USAG Yongsan P09
USAG Humphreys P21
USAG Daegu P25

Sights & Sounds P03

Will China’s yellow sand affect Lt. Gen. Lynch: SOS Command Perspective P04
your health?: Page 13 Honor the Fallen, Page 2 Photo Feature Page P16


The Morning Calm
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D6 on Survivor Outreach Service

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than ever before. Survivors do not have to accept assis-
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong
Commercial Advertising
Gen. Lynch details The Army is fortunate to have a tance right then or ever. They can de-
leader like Chief of Staff Gen. George cide to return months or years later.
Telephone: 738-5005
Fax: (02) 790-5795
support for newest W. Casey, Jr., who had the vision and
compassion to propel the effort to sup-
The important thing is for Survivors to
know that the support is there. They
IMCOM program
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post port Survivors beyond casualty assis- are not alone—they are part of the
tance alone. Casualty assistance offi- Army Family for as long as they want
Phone: DSN 738-4068 cers work with Families during a very to be.
E-mail: Bt Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch difficult time, a heart-rending time, There are also no exclusions in the
IMCOM Commanding General when Families are notified of their Sol- definition of a Survivor. For the SOS
dier’s death and have to make funeral program, a Survivor is anyone—imme-
SAN ANTONIO, Texas — I com- arrangements and decisions about en- diate Family, extended Family, a friend,
Visit us online manded the 3rd Infantry Division out of titlements and benefits. a fellow Warrior—who feels the loss of
Fort Stewart as part of the surge in Iraq But grief is very personal—it can- a Soldier. Every Survivor is not entitled
The Morning Calm in 2007-8. During that time, 153 Sol- not be standardized or resolved in a set to the same benefits under law or regu- diers died in combat, in a place on the time period. With the help of a panel lations, but SOS coordinators will work
battlefield where I put them. I pray for of Survivors selected by Gen. Casey, with any Survivor to access counseling
those Soldiers and their Families every SOS was developed to provide longer- and other resources. Our partnerships
day. Their loss is something I have to term, expanded support and care, tak- with local and national support orga-
live with. For any leader, the loss of ing up where casualty assistance ends. nizations make this more expanded,
a Soldier hits hard. But the loss that SOS offers support through benefits inclusive approach possible.
Survivors experience is magnitudes coordinators, who help Survivors un- SOS staff have made tremendous
deeper and wider, because they have derstand and apply for local, state and progress in a short time, receiving
lost not just a Soldier, but a friend, a federal benefits; financial counselors, more than 24,000 cases from Casualty
son or daughter, a husband or wife, a who assist through investment and es- and Mortuary Affairs and continually
father or mother. tate planning education; and support reaching out to Survivors, both those
When I visit installations, I meet coordinators, who facilitate support who have suffered a loss recently and
with those who have lost loved ones groups, provide life skills education those whose loss pre-dates the pro-
on active duty. I make sure to talk with and connect Survivors with counseling gram. As the program becomes es-
Survivors for two reasons. One reason resources. tablished, they continue to refine and
Submitting to is that now, as the commander of In- More than 200 SOS personnel are enhance services as more Survivors
The Morning Calm Weekly
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries,
stallation Management Command, I now working on installations through- provide feedback on their challenges
story submissions and other items: need to know how we are doing with out the United States and overseas, to and needs. For example, this past year, one of our newest programs, Survivor include National Guard and Reserve when it became clear that Survivors
Outreach Services. The other reason is locations. The three components work who do not have ID cards were hav-
For all submitted items include a point of con- that Survivors need to know that the and train together very closely on this ing difficulty getting onto post to use
tact name and telephone number. All items are Army recognizes and honors their Sol- One Army program, to provide SOS services, SOS developed a Survivor
subject to editing for content and to insure they dier’s service and sacrifice. services closest to where Survivors live. vehicle decal program to ease access
conform with DoD guidelines.
The best, most meaningful thing we It does not matter how a Soldier and provide special recognition. The
IMCOM-K Public Affairs can do to honor our Fallen Soldiers is died, and there is no time limit on decals are currently being distributed
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located to support and care for those they left SOS services. SOS coordinators extend through SOS offices.
at IMCOM-K, Yongsan Garrison. behind. Survivor Outreach Services a hand as Survivors are working with More information on SOS services
For information, call 738-4068. was established in April 2008 to do just casualty assistance officers in the first
that, in a more comprehensive manner few months after a Soldier’s death, but — See OUTREACH, Page 14 —

Police Blotter
The following entries were ex-
cerpted from the police blotters
the previous week. These entries
may be incomplete and do not
imply guilt or innocence.
USAG Red Cloud
Child Neglect: Victim (a child) Scan here to see this
was escorted by Joeun Security image in color.
from Gate 1 to the provost mar-
shal’s office where he was report-
ed as a Lost Child. Investigation
revealed the guardian left her
child in a vehicle unattended. The
guardian arrived at the PMO look-
ing for her child, was processed
and released to her sponsor.

USAG Yongsan
Black Marketing: Subject pur-
chased several items in excess of
his personal needs. His Ration
Control Plate was seized and
he was issued an order to show
cause memorandum.
Making a False Statement:
Subject reported that an un-
known person operating an un-
known vehicle struck his govern-
ment vehicle, which he claimed
was legally parked, secured and
unattended. Damage to the ve-
hicle consisted of dents, cracks,
scratches and paint transfer to
the right rear bumper and fend-
er. The Subject was instructed by
military police to report to the
provost marshal’s office to file a
report. Victim #1 reported to the
PMO, but investigation revealed
that the damage to his vehicle
was not consistent with a vehicle
to vehicle collision. The Subject
later confessed that while he was
attempting to make a three point
turn, he improperly backed,
failed to observe a guard rail and
struck the guard rail. Estimated
cost of damage is unknown. In-
vestigation continues by MPs.

USAG Humphreys
Larceny of AAFES Property:
Subject was observed conceal-
ing a box of cough medicine in
his pocket and attempting to exit
Building 63: A testament to Korea’s modernity
the Main Exchange without ren- When this building, called 63 City, was built in 1985 it was the tallest building outside the United States - an impressive
dering proper payment. He was 817 feet and 60 stories high, (there are three basement levels making a total of 63 floors, hence it’s alias "Building
apprehended and transported 63." Until 2003 it was Korea’s tallest building. It’s cost was about $161 million. The skyscraper houses headquarters
to the provost marshal’s office, for multiple major Korean companies but there are several tourist attractions located inside as well. On the ground level there
was processed and released to is a sea world complete with numerous aquariums, an Imax theater, and a shopping mall with approximately 90 stores. There
his sponsor. The property was is also a wax museum, the world’s tallest art gallery (on the 60th floor), international restaurants on the 59th floor and family
returned to the Exchange. In- restaurants on the 58th floor. The building is located on Yeouido Island and overlooks the Han River. To get there take the
vestigation continues by military subway, Line 5 to Yeouinaru Station, Exit 4 and walk about 500 meters. — High dynamic range photo by Russell Wicke

USAG Daegu
Shoplifting: Subject was ob-
served in a retail store removing
SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off–post events and activities
a pair of shoes and socks from
the shelf and placing it in his bag The Korea House Folk Performance — A Favorite for Foreign Visitors
then exiting the store without The Korea House folk performance Center for Korean Traditional Per- dhist solo dance in white clothing),”
rendering payment. He was then team, established by the Foundation forming Arts, and dancers from the and “Barachum (a Buddhist ritual
stopped by Loss Prevention Per- for the Preservation of Cultural Prop- National Dance Company in Korea dance)” are usually enjoyed by foreign
sonnel, who attempted to escort erties (FPCP) who helps preserve and perform Korean traditional music and visitors.
him to the Security Office, but he promote Korean traditional cultural dance every afternoon. The regular folk performance held
refused to comply. When mili- arts, presents a spectacular Korean In particular, programs like at the Korea House presents eight di-
tary police responded, the Sub- performing arts showcase throughout “Sinawi,” “Buchaechum (a traditional verse performances for about an hour.
ject attempted to flee the scene. the year for both natives and foreign fan dance),” “Salpuri (a traditional Performances will be held through
Subject was detained and trans- visitors. shamanism dance),” “Pansori (a tra- May 31 at Seoul-si Jung-gu Pildong
ported to the provost marshal’s Inside the Korea House is a folk ditional narrative song),” “Bukchum 2-ga 80-2.
office where he was processed performance hall, which holds 156 (a traditional drum dance),” “Bong- To get there take the subway Lines
and released to his sponsor. Esti- seats, where human cultural proper- santalchum (a traditional Bonsan 3 or 4 to Chungmuro Station, Exit 3.
mated cost of loss is $32. ties, performers from the National masked dance),” “Seungmu (a Bud- For times call 2266-9101.
Source:;,, — No endorsement implied.

Tour Normalization in effect

New garrison facilities, classes aim to help families
By Col. Hank Dodge
Red Cloud Garrison Commander

CAMP RED CLOUD – In the next

couple of months all of our efforts to
fully transform from an austere family-
member restricted hardship to com-
mand sponsored tour under tour nor-
malization will come to fruition.
In numerous ways we have and will
continue to become a more family-
friendly community.
Since tour normalization was an-
nounced by U.S. Forces Korea in December
2008, more than 850 American families
have moved into our community. Since
then we’ve built and opened the Casey Ele-
mentary School – the first ever Department
of Defense Education Activity school north
of Seoul – and next year we’ll open the
second wing of the kindergarten through
8th grade school expanding its capacity to
about 500. — Col. Hank Dodge —
This historic accomplishment has also
led to the construction of numerous facili- the open house festivities on April 8.
ties to support families. Three new Child, In addition to new facilities, Brenda
Youth and School Services facilities will be McCall, our Family Advocacy Program
opening in the coming month to meet the manager, has been working diligently on
needs of our growing community. a series of one-day parenting workshops
Our CYSS has a vitally important mis- which will be conducted April 22 in honor
sion in our community. We entrust this of the Month of the Military Child. FAP
organization with the well-being of our will also hold a Parenting Fair on April 21
families and the challenging task of reduc- at Casey Elementary School in conjunc-
ing the possible conflicts that may arise be- tion with parent-teacher conferences. The
tween mission requirements and parental conference will address bullying, nutrition,
responsibilities. This is no small task and peer pressure, promoting self-esteem in
they do a great job! children, parenting your exceptional child,
The Youth Center in the former Com- single parenting, child abuse and neglect.
munity Activity Center at Camp Red Cloud Don’t miss these! Call 730-3150 for more
will be the first facility to open. The reno- information.
vated facility will enable CYSS to provide Beginning March 15 and running for at
before- and after-school care for children least 60 days, the hours of operations for
in 1st through 5th grade. It will be unveiled all garrison service points in Camp Casey’s
during an open house April 2 that includes Maude Hall will be adjusted to 9 a.m. to 6
our Community Spring Festival with a pa- p.m. (including lunch hour) to help us de-
rade, games and carnival atmosphere for termine the best times to provide services
families. for our customers.
We’ll also showcase the Child Develop- While we’ve been doing a lot for fami-
ment Center and School Age Center/Youth lies, we’ve also sought ways to take better
Center at Camp Casey during an open care of our Soldiers, too. Last month we un-
house with games, entertainment, music veiled the “PCS Express” – a new automat-
and food for families at 10 a.m., April 8. ed system that significantly streamlines
The CDC is for children from six weeks to the outprocessing procedures for Soldiers
kindergarten, and the School Age Center/ by pre-clearing those organizations that
Youth Center will cater to 1st to 12th grade are unnecessary for our Soldiers to visit.
students. The original 25 service providers that were
Each of these CYSS facilities will open previously required to be cleared have been
their doors for business in our community reduced to as few as 17; 11 of these are auto-
April 11 and it can’t come a day too soon for matically pre-cleared leaving Soldiers with
our community! We’ve been eagerly an- only six organizations to outprocess! I’m
ticipating their opening for some time now extremely proud of this initiative launched
and I hope you’ll find them well worth the by Rene Tucker, our garrison director of
wait. human resources.
The Army Community Service has also We’re proud to be the Army’s Home and
relocated into a newly renovated facility we hope you’ll be equally proud of our new
and will officially open in the former Edu- facilities and classes that are coming on
cation Center at Camp Casey as a part of line for families in the coming month. x

Col. Hank Dodge (second from right), U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud commander, cuts the ribbon at the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for the Casey Main Oriental Garden
Dining Facility at Camp Casey, Feb. 28. From left to right, Command Sgt. Major. Nidal Saaed, USAG Red Cloud senior enlisted advisor, Lt. Col. Richard Fromm, USAG Casey
commander, Sabrina Wilson, DFAC manager, and Richard Davis, USAG Red Cloud deputy to the garrison commander also assist. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Mardicio Barrot

Dining facility gets facelift to match award-winning fare

By Pfc. Mardicio Barrot three years. The DFAC also received “The DFAC provides a state of
USAG Red Cloud Public Affairs the Department of the Army Phillip A. the art dining facility just like a
Connelly Award in 2002. 5-star restaurant to promote a family
CAMP CASEY — For the past Among the major improvements oriented atmosphere for Soldiers away
decade the Casey Main Oriental to the building are energy-saving roof from home,” he said.
Garden Dining Facility here has material and heater units, and new “Providing free meals to Soldiers in
developed a reputation for serving not water pipes and sewer lines. a renovated dining facility will prevent
only some of the best food in Korea More obvious improvements these Soldiers from turning to non-
but also throughout the Army and now that benefit kitchen staff and diners nutritional food items such as junk
the newly renovated facility that re- include new serving and kitchen areas, food that has a negative effect on a
opened for business Feb. 28 has a fresh the installation of better lighting in Soldier’s health and fitness.”
appearance to match its tasty fare. the kitchen to aid in food preparation Many of the Soldiers who visited the
The $720,000 DFAC renovation that and in the dining area to create a more facility Feb. 28 said the food was good
began Nov. 1, 2010 and was completed pleasant experience, and non-slip in the past and that the new overall
Feb. 27 by Yibon Construction Company floor tiles to prevent accidental slips appearance makes a visit to the DFAC
from Seoul upgraded a variety of areas and falls. even more pleasant.
within the facility to improve energy “Having some of this state of the “The DFAC looks new and has
and water conservation, as well as the art equipment will save thousands that new smell to it,” said Staff Sgt.
working and dining atmosphere for of dollars on future food service William Griffin Jr., Headquarters and
DFAC staff and diners. operations, loss of man power due Headquarters Detachment, U.S. Army
The Casey Main DFAC managed to accidental falls and energy cost Casey.
by HHD, USAG Casey has a history of savings,” said Chief Warrant Officer “It’s great that they have workers
excellent in dining service. 3 Luis Aviles, Casey Main DFAC in here that are nice and treat us very
It won the 43rd Annual 8th Army and manager. well. I also enjoy the fact that it’s right
Installation Management Korea Phillip Aviles stressed that the newly around the corner from my barracks.
A. Connelly Awards competition Oct. improved DFAC will provide a healthy It’s more than good enough for my
1, 2010 in the large garrison dining and pleasant option for Soldiers to Soldiers to eat and I’m going to start
facility category – the second time in enjoy their daily meals. eating here three times a day now.” x

Cpl. Lim Sang-won, 55th Military Police

Company, pours soup into bowl at the
newly renovated Casey Main Oriental
Garden Dining Facility, Feb. 28. Aside
from improvements to the building to
improve energy and water conservation,
the interior of the facility received a
complete facelift to include new serving
and kitchen areas, better lightening and
non-slip flooring. Left, U.S. Soldiers and
their Republic of Korea counterparts at
Camp Casey for the Key Resolve/Foal
Eagle exercise enjoy lunch in the newly
opened dining facility. — U.S. Army photos
by Pfc. Mardicio Barrot

News & Notes Casey anniversary bridges 60 years of history

By Sgt. Lee Hyun-bae Republic of Korea,” said Dongducheon and swimming pools were not available
Customer Service Hours 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Mayor Oh Sea-chang. “Dongducheon on Camp Casey in the ‘70s, he added.
Beginning March 15 and for city hall is trying to keep good “When there were no fast-food
at least 60 days, the hours for CAMP CASEY – Throughout its relationships between citizens and chains in Korea, the first Baskin
all garrison service points in 60 year history, Camp Casey has left U.S. Soldiers. I want to extend my Robbins opened in March 1980 on
Camp Casey’s Maude Hall will its mark on the Republic of Korea. congratulations on Camp Casey’s 60th Camp Casey, and I still remember
be adjusted to 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The camp, which originally supported anniversary, and hope we get along seeing a long line despite the cold
(including lunch hour) to help Soldiers who fought in the Korean War, together well like we have for past 60 weather,” said Alexander. “At that time,
determine the best times to is now the northern-most installation years.” there were no cars on camp besides the
provide services for customers. of the 2nd Infantry Division, home to Not only has the relationship with the brigade commander’s. That was the
the 1st Heavy Brigade host nation community only (personally owned vehicle) that we
Army Emergency Relief Combat Team, 210th blossomed over the years, could see on Camp Casey.”
The Army Emergency Relief Fires Brigade and U.S. but so has the landscape Over its history, the camp was
Campaign will be held March Army Garrison Casey for Soldiers and more home to the Royal Thai Battalion; the
1-May 15. This annual campaign units. recently, Families. Philippines’ 19th Battalion Combat
is an opportunity for active duty The camp, Retired Col. William Team; the U.S. 45th Division; and the
Soldiers, Army retirees and established in May 1951 M. Alexander, the 2nd ID 5th and 7th Marines during the war; and
civilians to make a donation that and filling a mile-wide museum director, said he the U.S. 35th Division, 25th Division,
will be used as a grant or interest- by three-mile long valley has seen many changes to and 7th Division after the cease-fire.
free loan to help Soldiers, Army near Dongducheon, the camp in the 30-plus In 1971, the 7th Division returned to
retirees and their families in was officially dedicated years since he originally the U.S. and the 2nd ID occupied Camp
need. See your unit representative in 1952 in memory of Maj. Hugh laid eyes on it. Casey.
to make a donation. B. Casey, who died when his light “I first came to Camp Casey in 1979 The 2nd ID headquarters remained
observation plane was hit by ground and there were no (heaters) back then, on Camp Casey from 1971 until moving
OHA Utilities Survey fire in December 1951 crashing just so everyone gathered around this to Camp Red Cloud in 1992.
The annual Overseas Housing west of what would become 2nd ID middle stove with their gloves on at “We’ve started collecting stories like
Allowance Utility Survey for headquarters. winter times,” said Alexander. Alexander’s on our Division Facebook
Korea will be held March 1-31. Throughout the years, the camp built He added, back then there were no page as a way of connecting past and
All servicemembers in Korea a close relationship with Dongducheon Warrior Family Days and the troops present Soldiers in the digital age,” said
who receive OHA for residing city. worked more hours than they do now. 2nd ID Commander Maj. Gen. Michael
in privately leased quarters are The U.S. Army occupies roughly “Soldiers in Camp Casey worked six Tucker. “Old Soldiers can post photos
encouraged to participate. They 42 percent of the Dongducheon days a week and Korean Augmentation of their Quonset-huts and new Soldiers
will receive a link to the survey at area, accounts for 30 percent of the to the U.S. Army and Republic of Korea can show off their off-post housing.
their official e-mail address. This Dongducheon economy, and plays a Army Soldiers didn’t have any vacation. Boy, how times have changed.”
OHA supplement is a valuable vital part in the nation’s defense, the There were no weekend passes and no Tucker said the social media exercise
entitlement for servicemembers city’s mayor said. civilian clothes were allowed on camp.” will help current troops appreciate
stationed overseas. The time “Soldiers in Camp Casey are playing Some of the perks Americans have what they have now, while introducing
spent answering the questions very important roles defending the now like a community activities center them to their legacy. x
enable the DoD Defense Travel
Management Office to establish %
equitable OHA utility rates.
The DRMO conducts annual Lent / Easter Worship Services Throughout Area I
OHA utility surveys to collect Catholic Services
data on utility and recurring
maintenance expenses from March 11 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
servicemembers receiving OHA. March 11 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
The data is used to compute
allowances worldwide. DTMO March 18 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
bases its rates on typical costs March 18 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
incurred by servicemembers March 25 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
receiving OHA for living off-
post in countries outside the March 25 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
continental United States. April 1 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
April 1 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
Keep Off Pounds in Korea
A new peninsula-wide April 8 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
program starting in Area I – Keep April 8 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
Off the Pounds in Korea – is set
to launch its wellness seminar April 15 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
fror mothers and children from April 15 6 p.m. Stations of the Cross Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
11 a.m.-1 p.m., March 16 at Camp April 17 9 a.m. Palm Sunday Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
Red Cloud’s Pear Blossom Family
Outreach Center. The seminar April 17 9:30 a.m. Palm Sunday Mass Hovey Chapel Camp Hovey
focuses on nutrition for mothers April 17 Noon Palm Sunday Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
and children. The second hour April 21 6 p.m. Holy Thursday Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
will be devoted to interactive,
energizing demonstrations of April 21 6 p.m. Holy Thursday Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
the fitness classes in Warrior April 22 6 p.m. Good Friday Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
Country. For more information,
April 22 6 p.m. Good Friday West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
call the PBFOC at 732-7168
or send an e-mail to Donna April 23 8:30 p.m. Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
Winzenried at kopikclub@ April 24 8:30 p.m. Holy Saturday Easter Vigil West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
April 24 9 a.m. Easter Sunday Mass Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
Women’s History Month April 24 9:30 a.m. Easter Sunday Mass Hovey Chapel Camp Hovey
An informal gathering will April 24 Noon Easter Sunday Mass West Casey Chapel Camp Casey
be held to honor women as part
of National Women’s History Protestant Services
Month at 10 a.m., March 18 at the
Camp Stanley Commissary. A $25 April 21 7 p.m. Maundy Thursday Service Hovey Chapel Camp Hovey
gift voucher and fruit basket will April 22 Noon Good Firday Service Warrior Chapel Camp Red Cloud
be given to two lucky women.
RSVP no later than March 15 by April 24 6 a.m. Easter Sunrise Service The Soldier’s Field
calling 732-5859. April 24 6:30 a.m. Easter Sunrise Service The Village Green Camp Red Cloud
MARCH 11, 2011

Zumba Jam takes Area I by storm

By Sgt. Karla P. Elliott
2nd ID Public Affairs

CAMP CASEY – “Alright guys I want
to see some energy out there,” said the
dance instructor enthusiastically.
Just like a scene from the popular
‘80s movie “Footloose,” members of
the Warrior Division Family sported
their spandex pants, leg warmers, and
arm and head bands.
More than 50 Soldiers, military
spouses and children gathered at
Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness Center
for two-and-a-half hours of dancing,
aerobics and fun, March 5.
Dubbed “Zumba Jam,” the aerobics
workout session featured an array
of Hispanic music, from Bachata to
Reggeaton to Cumbia.
But what is “Zumba?”
According to the Web site www., Zumba Fitness is a
Latin-inspired dance-fitness program
that blends international music and
“contagious steps to form a fitness party
that is downright addictive. Zumba
classes feature exotic rhythms set to Soldiers, spouses and children exude some energy and enthusiasm to get a good aerobic workout during the Zumba Jam at Camp
high-energy Latin and international Casey’s Carey Fitness Center, March 5. Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program. — U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Karla P. Elliott
“For me, teaching Zumba has with pride. Regiment. “You don’t even realize show Soldiers that this, too, can be a
become more than just a job; it’s One regular said that this was you’re getting a workout until you stop workout.
my passion,” said Kathleen Walsh, a exactly what she was looking for when and realize you’re out of breath.” “Some units have already asked
Warrior Country Zumba instructor. she and her husband arrived to Korea After a couple months of attending us to give them a session during PT,”
“As an instructor, I have had the last June. Walsh’s classes, one frequenter decided added Albaladejo, a Vega Alta, Puerto
privilege to meet amazing people that “I love coming out here because you to take a leap and become a Zumba Rico native.
inspire me to keep on going, dancing can just let go,” said military spouse, instructor, herself. Units interested in having Zumba
and teaching Zumba.” Meghan Schaut, a Boise, Idaho native. “I feel happy and very much alive classes during PT hours can contact
Walsh, a Grand Rapids, Mich. “Dance is my passion, so it’s right down when I’m out here instructing,” Carey Fitness Director, Robert Gobble,
native, added that every class is an my lane. Plus it’s a great way to meet said retired military spouse, Mabel at DSN 730-2322.
adventure. friends and the instructors give off Simonetti, a Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico Zumba classes are available at the
“I meet people from different walks great energy.” native. “It’s like I’m teaching others Camp Casey Carey Fitness Center
of life; I experience diverse cultures; I But Zumba isn’t only a class for about my culture through dance and Mon.-Fri. 1-2 p.m., Mon. and Wed.
see smiling faces; I hear giggles from women; more and more men show up music.” 5:30-6:30 p.m. and Saturdays 11:30
the first-time dancers; I get ‘woots’ and for a good workout. Walsh, who has been teaching a.m.–12:30 p.m.
whistles from the avid dancers; but “Time flies when you’re having Zumba for more than two years, said “If you have never tried Zumba
most importantly, I witness positive fun,” said Pfc. Emmanuel Albaladejo, that Soldiers can request for classes before, now is the time,” said Walsh.
changes from the regulars – physically, with Headquarters & Headquarters and she, as well as the other certified “If you have no one to watch your kids,
mentally and emotionally,” Walsh said Company, 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor instructors, will be more than happy to bring them with you.” x

‘Strike Force
Iron’ Soldiers
roll through
Warrior Forge
CAMP CASEY — Two Bradley fighting
vehicles from the 2nd Battalion, 9th
Infantry Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade
Combat Team, approach the firing
line at Nightmare Range, a Republic
of Korea gunnery range located north
of Camp Casey, Feb. 18. The 2-9th
Inf. was participating in Operation
Warrior Forge, a live virtual constructed
theater-level exercise. As part of the
exercise, battalions from throughout
the Strike Force Iron brigade rotated
out to both Rodriguez and Nightmare
ranges to conduct table XII gunnery.
Warrior Forge concludes this month
after the brigade rotates all of its units
through the ranges to complete table
XII gunnery. — U.S. Army photo by Sgt.
Ryan Elliott, 1st HBCT Public Affairs

It’s about honoring our commitment to Soldiers and Families.

Visit to see what the Army Family Covenant can mean for you or someone you know.

Yongsan photographer competing at

DA level for ‘Best of Show’ award

Awarded First Place: What’s for Dinner. Cast your vote at by Mar. 15. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Amber Smith
By Cpl. Hong Moo-sun Among those winners, Pfc. Amber Smith, Visual In-
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs formation, Headquarters and Headquarters Com- u Scenes from Photo Contest!
pany, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, won first place in
YONGSAN GARRISON - U.S. Army Family and active duty Military division and animals category.
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command recog- “I didn’t think very much of the Photography
nized winners of the 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest because of the vast number of entries they
Contest at Department of the Army level Feb. 2011. receive annually. However, a week or so before the
Contestants submitted their best work by divi- deadline, I was instructed that not submitting
sion and category. wasn’t an option,” said Smith.
Two Major Divisions: “I had about twenty photos from various outings
* Military Division (active duty military) around the Seoul area, so I compiled them and sent
* Other Eligible Participants (family members, them for entry.”
DAC Civilians, retirees, etc. per AR 215-1) Smith said she is happy to work as a photogra-
Eight Categories within each division (seven for pher in the Army.
color photos and one for monochrome photos): “I have been taking photos since 2003. A former
* People friend got me into it. It spiraled from there. Soon I
* Military Life had my own camera, lens, and was taking college through MWR,” said Smith. “I would advise anyone
* Nature & Landscapes courses. It’s been a passion of mine ever since,” she to submit. You never know what’s going to happen. I
* Animals said. “I am blessed to have a Military Occupational thought my image would go no farther than the Re-
* Still Life Specialty that allows me to follow my passion and a gional Contest but then I ended up winning Army
* Design Elements Chain of Command that encourages it to its fullest.” wide.”
* Digital Darkroom First place winners at the DA level are posted in “This is all about supporting the Installation
* Monochrome a web gallery to compete in a popular vote competi- Management Command’s new Campaign Plan,”
Contestants first competed at Garrison or Region tion, “My Favorite Photo” from Feb. 15 to March. 15. said USAG Yongsan Garrison Commander Col. Wil-
level and those who were recognized at this level The award is for overall winner of the entire contest. liam Huber.
competed at Department of the Army level. Depart- You can go to, “A key part of this plan is supporting Soldier,
ment of the Army level means that they compete log in with your Army Knowledge Online username Family and Civilian readiness with quality programs
against the entire Army and all Combat photogra- and vote. and safe communities that meet their needs. We are
phers, civilians, and family members. “I feel very honored to be recognized with the keeping our promise to make Yongsan a place where
U.S. Army FMWRC recognized eight entries sub- other great photographers that the Army has to community members can thrive.” x
mitted by seven winners from the Korea region. offer and there are contests offered for everyone

News & Notes Packing lunches is an excellent way to

FMWR Events
St. Patrick’s Alibi Tournament
support student’s health and performance
will be held on March 19, 11:00
a.m. at Yongsan Lanes. Come and
celebrate the holiday by bowling
and a chance to win great prizes.
Contact Michael Nichols at 723-
Missoula Children’s Theatre
performs “The Jungle Book”
on April 2, 3:00 and 5:30
p.m. at Seoul American High
School Auditorium. For more
information, call Melody Francis
at 738-8122 or faye.a.julies@korea.

K16 Shuttle Schedule Chnage

Starting February 22, the 5:30 a.m.
bus departing K16 will no longer
run. Instead, a bus will depart
K16 at 7:30 a.m. on weekdays
only (excluding U.S. and training

Yongsan Retiree Council

The USAG Yongsan Retiree SAES students enjoy their nutritious packed lunches, Aug. 2010. - U.S. Army photo by Spc. Rick Canfield
Council would like to invite all
Military Retirees, their spouse By Maj. Ronna Trent, MHA, RD statistics point out that almost 32% of selves. We must walk the walk, and
and Retired Widow by attending 65th MED BDE Nutrition Consultant children between 6 and 19 years of age talk the talk. I suggest that one way to
a monthly meeting on the second are overweight or obese, and the num- begin investing in a healthier lifestyle
Thursday of the month at the YONGSAN GARRISON - As a di- ber of obese children in this age range for our children is to begin packing
USAG Yongsan Headquarter etitian I am frequently approached has tripled in the last few decades. lunches from home for our children.
Conference Room in Bldg. 4305. by concerned parents regarding their Concerned military leaders point out The very act of packing a lunch and
Let your voice be heard, your ideas child’s diet. While many parents ask that childhood obesity is a threat to sending it to school with our children
come to life by showing up and about specific nutrients, others are national security. “The basic fact is says, “What you put into your body is
providing input to the Garrison concerned about weight control and that too many young American men important to me as a parent. I am tak-
Commander and his staff, on how their child’s physical development. and women are too fat to fight said ing the time to do this because you are
to improve the quality of life for Still others are concerned about their General “Hugh” Shelton, U.S. Army important to me.” Children know that
Military Retirees in Area 2, and child’s weight contributing to chronic (ret.) of the nonprofit group Mission: parents are busy and infer our priori-
maybe elsewhere in Korea. disease later in life. Readiness. ties through our actions. If we simply
It seems that there are frustrated The truth is that parents must be pack a lunch for them but they do not
CYSS is looking for you parents and caregivers becoming the first model for children before we see us packing one for ourselves, we are
We are currently recruiting for a acutely aware of the rising tide of can expect them to fully embrace new sending an inconsistent message.
Lead Teacher. This position pays childhood obesity. The most recent foods and physical activity for them- — See PACKING LUNCHES, Page 12 —
$13-17 an hour and requires a Child
Development Associate credential
or 12 hours of education in early
or elementary education. We are
Yongsan celebrates K-16 gym opening
also recruiting for a Functional By Pvt. Choi Sung-il
Technology Specialist, which times bigger than the previous gym wipe down the machines with white
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs which often got easily over-crowded. sheets placed in the gym after use
pays $40-50,000 a year. And,
we are looking for Family Child “Thank you for Garrison Yongsan and do not change the TV channel.”
YONGSAN GARRISON - Hun- and Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph Rusch The opening was a brief ceremony
Care Providers. Earn $26-40,000
dreds of Soldiers attended the opening for their huge efforts to rebuild this to show soldiers around the remod-
a year while staying at home
ceremony of the brand new K-16 Gym, wonderful gym,” said Battalion Com- eled gym. The grand re-opening will
and building a long-lasting
the state of the art facilites, Feb. 25. mander Lt. Col. Erik Gilbert. be held after Key Resolve ends.
and portable career. For more
The gym was renovated by con- Gilbert emphasized a few do’s and Soldiers had a chance to take a
information, call 738-3406. CYSS
structing a wider health club next to don’ts while using the brand new gym. tour around the gym equipped with
benefits include tuition assistance
the original one. The two were com- “There are three rules to follow: the latest facilities after the opening
and employee discounts of up to
bined into one facility that is now five do not drop the weights on the floor, ceremony and check-out the various
50%. Applicants must go to www. to apply. sports equipments. Some of the en-
thusiastic Soldiers tried the sporting
AFSC Scholarships apparatus with their uniform off and
The AFSC is proud to support helped each other work out.
hardworking students in our “It’s really good and equipped
community! This year we have with high tech treadmills. I’m sure a
expanded eligibility requirements lot of us would benefit from it. The
so that the student or parent does old gym was a lot smaller with less
NOT have to be a member of the equipment,” said Pfc. Camilo Marino
AFSC to receive a scholarship! from Delta Company, Second Battal-
If you are in Area I or an USAG ion Second Aviation Regiment. “I’m
Yongsan resident and a ration glad we have a gym now and hope ev-
card holder, or are a dependent of erybody would take advantage of this
an Area I or USAG Yongsan ration and enjoy themselves.”
card holder, you are eligible to “Garrison Yongsan supports all
apply! Applications are available Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians
online at and with quality programs and safe com-
must be returned to the Chosun munities that meet their needs,” said
Gift Shop by March 5, 2011 U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Com-
mander Col. William Huber. “We are
For a complete list of community infor- keeping our promise to make Yong-
mation news and notes, visit the USAG san a place where community mem-
Yongsan Facebook page at Soldiers try out the brand new exercise equipment at the newly revamped K-16 Gym, bers can thrive.” x after the opening ceremony Feb. 25. - U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Choi Sung-il

Yongsan on a
Financial diet
By Cpl. Choe Yong-joon
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs
The economy is bad. The U.S. government is
cutting costs. If you could put USAG Yongsan
on a financial “diet”, how would you tighten
the belt and save money? Find out what more
than 7,000 Yongsan community members are
talking about by becoming a USAG Yongsan
Facebook Fan at!
(Comments are kept in their original form)

Facebook Fan

Yongsan celebrates official grand

Install thermostats in the apartments in Hannam Vil-
lage. Once the heat is on, it is always on - even when
the registers are turned to the off position. I know so
opening of “McCrae Loving Hearts”
much energy (and money) is wasted because we have By Pvt. Choi Sung-il
to use the A/C or open windows in the winter to cool USAG Yongsan Public Affairs u Scenes from McCrae Home!
down the apartments at the same time as the heat is
running. YONGSAN GARRISON - Children with their
moms gathered together to celebrate the opening
of McCrae Home Family Care Center, Mar. 4 at the
Schroeder J. playroom Building H # 104. Cheryl McCrae, founder
Streat of “McCrae Loving Hearts”, started the warmheart-
ed home child care service on Jan. 20. She carefully
Facebook Fan looks after kids in Army families and eagerly accepts
new members. x

Cut back on the nice to have and look at things like

flat screen monitors everywhere (gyms, foodcourt, KATUSA solider braves the confidence course
Dragon Hill Lodge). Turn off items that can be turned
off without impact when leaving the office daily.

Facebook Fan

Have the residents of hannam sort their own garbage

or kick them off out to live off post.

Diana Adcox
Facebook Fan

Make on post housing pay extra if they go over their

limit of energy consumption. Give them an amount.
I am sure they would all start turning of their light if
they actually have to pay out of their pocket.

Cindy Boxley
Facebook Fan

Senior KATUSA soldier for the 14th Military Police Detachment, Sgt. Lee, braves the confidence course at Camp
Turn off the heat in all the buildings when everyone Casey. — Courtesy photo by Sgt. 1st Class Steve Blackshear
is opening the windows because it’s so hot you can’t
breathe and all that hot air is going out those win- See yourself in the Morning Calm when you become a USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan. Just post your travel photos
dows, everywhere on post. It’s absolutely wasting to our page with a quick description covering who, what, when, where and why and we’ll see you in the paper. -
electricity and a lot of it. Your Yongsasn PAO team


A packed lunch will have both im- sider packing whole, frozen berries
mediate and long-term benefits for which can defrost by lunchtime.
our children. A healthy, tasty lunch Keep It Safe: Food held for pro-
will improve a child’s attention and longed periods of time between 41
performance at school and extracur- and 135 degrees Fahrenheit have an in-
ricular activities. In the long term creased risk of producing a food borne
these routine choices can reduce the illness in its consumer. Therefore, it’s
risk of chronic disease associated with important to keep hot foods hot, and
poor diets, particularly obesity, hyper- cold foods cold as long as possible.
tension, and diabetes. Use a vacuum bottle for foods that
But where is a parent to begin? need to be kept cold and chill it in the
Packed lunches do not have to be lim- refrigerator before adding cold foods.
ited to a peanut butter and jelly sand- For hot foods, use a stainless steel or
wich, an apple and juice box. In fact, glass-lined vacuum bottle rather than
regardless of how healthy any one par- a plastic-lined one for hotter and safer
ticular meal can be, there needs to be food at lunchtime.
a good variety in the packed lunches Regardless of how often you pack a
to address a body’s need for multiple lunch, your child will inevitably be in-
nutrients. Below are some suggestions fluenced by and purchase food items
for packed lunches: on site through the school cafeteria.
Breads: Whole grain breads provide A national policy is under review that
extra dietary fiber and are an excel- would affect over 32 million American
lent, low fat source of energy. Look school children. In January the USDA
for whole grain as the first ingredient published a proposed rule to update
whenever possible. Note that not all the nutrition standards for meals
‘dark’ breads are whole-grain, some are served through the National School
simply flavored with molasses. Con- Lunch and School breakfast programs.
sider varieties such as whole wheat, This Act is the first proposed ‘upgrade’
multi-grain, and oat as mainstays. to the National School Lunch and
Pitas and tortillas also serve to make Breakfast Program in 15 years.
great sandwiches or wraps. The proposal would, “increase the
Beyond Sandwiches: Consider raw availability of fruits, vegetables, whole
vegetable salads with cooked, chilled grains, and fat-free, and help meet
strips of lean poultry or salmon and the nutrition needs of school children
a low-fat dressing on the side, fresh within their calorie requirement.”
fruits with cottage cheese or yogurt, What do you think? I would urge
tuna fish salad over a bed of dark all interested parents to visit www.
greens and whole grain crackers. If you and follow the instruc-
don’t think your child will like this try tions for submitting comments before
it at home together. Even better, shop Apr. 13. Search for the document under
for and prepare these items together. ‘National School Lunch and Breakfast
A child who is ‘invested’ in the meal Program.”
preparation will be much more likely At the local level, a new SAES Well-
to try it. ness Council has been created in re-
Savory and Sweet: Instead of buy- sponse to the DoDEA Korea District
ing pre-made snacks and sweets, con- May 2010 District Wellness Policy. A
sider making your own on weekends wellness needs assessment for SAES
and freeze products so you have a bag- parents will be available beginning in
lunch supply when needed. Examples March on SAES’ SharePoint.
include homemade quick breads or For more information contact Maj.
cookies made with whole grain flour or Ronna Trent, MHA, R.D. at ronna.
oatmeal. Ask your child which fresh or Mi-young Cho,
fruits they would like to have and con- at x
MARCH 11, 2011

Beware: Yellow Sand season is in

By Monte D. Hargrave hydrated and keep your tear ducts
65th Medical Brigade Nurse flowing
‹‹   Use air filters or a humidifier to
YONGSAN GARRISON — Many keep air clear and moist
readers have first-hand experience or ‹‹   Wash fruits and vegetables ex-
have heard second-hand about the air posed to yellow sand before consump-
quality in Seoul, Korea. When 14 mil- tion
lion people are gathered in one area ‹‹   Don’t burn candles or spray aero-
they are bound to create some sort of sols
pollution and in Seoul, air pollution is ‹‹   Don’t smoke indoors
Scan here to access ‹‹   Vacuum or dust off outer gar-
the most obvious.
Some days are better than others,
live satellite feeds for ments, shoes, purses, backpacks and
and it is comparable to conditions ex- current dust levels. clothing before storing them in a clos-
perienced in some of the major cities in et with clean clothes
the United States. We may already be ‹‹   Dust, wash, vacuum or avoid pets
familiar with air pollution and Ozone that go in and out of the home
Warnings if we have lived in large met- ‹‹   If you must be outdoors, you may
ropolitan areas, but here in Korea, and want to invest in a mask or other facial
many parts of Asia, we experience a barriers. Masks commonly seen worn
weather phenomenon called HwangSa This is a satellite image of a yellow dust storm over China in April 2001. Scan the QR by locals are readily available at many
also referred to as Yellow Sand or Asian code to access live satellite feeds for current dust levels. During this time researchers stores and may help reduce exposure
Dust. watched as dust from an Asian storm crossed the Pacific reaching as far east as the density to the irritants.
As the name infers, the air is filled Great Lakes. An eye-witness to the dust storm, who visited Jilin Province in northeast- As with any condition that can
with dust and other pollutants car- ern China, reported that around 7 a.m. local time on April 7, 2001, the dust blocked make us ill, it is up to you to use good
ried up from Mongolia and China and enough sunlight to leave the skies as dark as midnight, and reduced visibility to roughly judgment and exercise proper risk-vs.-
brought to East, South and Southeast 20 meters (65 feet). The temperate cyclone spun counter-clockwise over China, push- benefit decisions before heading out
Asia by the jet stream and winds creat- during an Asian Dust plume. Some of
ing the wall of dust as it moved. The deep tan dust is not only thick enough to com- us will never notice it is there, while
ed by the weather patterns beginning pletely hide much of the land surface below, but it almost forms its own topography,
sometime in late February or early others may be hindered by it. Being
March through May. Asian dust has an
with ridges of dust rising up below the clouds. — Image courtesy of NASA armed with a little knowledge might
interesting history dating back to 174 dust may be of significant concern for ance is key just help you avoid being miserable
A.D. It is documented at http://web. elderly people, young children, those ‹‹   Keep windows and doors closed later. Make good choices and I’ll see with lung diseases (such as asthma, ‹‹   Remove contact lenses; wear you while you are enjoying the “Assign-
tro.jsp. chronic bronchitis, pneumonia), heart glasses ment of Choice” the next few months.
There are many things that have disease or diabetes. For people who ‹‹   Brush your teeth; wash your To find out current Asian Dust con-
proven successful in combating the fall in those categories education and hands, face and eyes with warm water ditions, go to the following U.S. Forces
problems associated with Asian Dust. avoidance is the key to getting through upon returning indoors Korea website:
As for a normal, healthy member of the dust plume with minimal discom- ‹‹   Wash your hands before eating or eng/weather/asiandust/satellite.jsp,
U.S. Forces Korea, the dust should fort. Some tips for everyone include: handling food or access the site via smartphone by
pose little concern. However, Asian ‹‹   Stay indoors if possible; avoid- ‹‹   Drink plenty of water to stay well scanning the QR Code in the image. x

Gates nominates Thurman to lead USFK

By Jim Garamone manded the 4th Infantry Division and diplomatic and interagency skills that
American Forces Press Service Multinational Division Baghdad dur- these posts will require.”
ing some of the darkest days in Opera- If confirmed, Kernan would return
WASHINGTON — Defense Secre- tion Iraqi Freedom. to Southern Command where he pre-
tary Robert M. Gates recommended McRaven, a former commander of viously commanded the 4th Fleet, the
that President Barack Obama nomi- SEAL Team 3 and Special Operations first Navy SEAL to lead a numbered
nate U.S. Army Gen. James D. Thur- Command Europe, is the commander fleet. “On a personal note, I’d like to
man to serve as commander, U.S. of the Joint Special Operations Com- thank Joe for his dedicated service for
Forces Korea, and Vice Adm. William mand. He has led the command as it the past two years in my office,” the
McRaven for a fourth star and to the “ruthlessly and effectively [took] the secretary said. “His advice, informed
position of commander, U.S. Special fight to America’s most dangerous and by his background as a special opera-
Operations Command. vicious enemies,” Gates said. tions warrior, has been invaluable, and
Gates made the recommenda- The secretary also made other per- he will be sorely missed.”
tions during a Pentagon press briefing sonnel recommendations. He has rec- Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly, cur-
March 1. ommended Navy Vice Adm. Joseph rently at Marine Forces Reserve, will
If confirmed by the Senate, Thur- Kernan for the post of deputy com- succeed Kernan. He previously com- Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is
man would succeed Army Gen. Walter mander of U.S. Southern Command, manded the 1st Marine Expeditionary
replacing Army Lt. Gen. Ken Keen. Force in Iraq’s Anbar province.
recommending U.S. Army Gen. James D.
“Skip” Sharp in Korea. McRaven would
succeed Navy Adm. Eric Olson, who Kernan has been Gates’ senior military The secretary also commented on Thurman (above) to serve as commander,
has headed the Special Operations assistant for the last two years. the passing of Army Corp. Frank Buck- U.S. Forces Korea. Thuman, in this photo,
Command since 2008. The secretary said the officers he is les, the last living American World speaks as he accepts the promotion to his
Thurman currently commands the recommending “have the right mix of War I veteran, who died last weekend current position as the 18th commanding
U.S. Army Forces Command. He com- military acumen, strategic vision and at his West Virginia home. x general of U.S. Army Forces Command.

Stryker combat
teams train for
‘Different kind of
fight’ in Korea
STRYKER from Page 1

“[Stryker Brigade Combat Teams] have a whole

array of mission areas that they look at that they
are ready to reinforce,” said Col. Ross E. David-
son Jr., commander of the South Korea-based 1st
Heavy Brigade Combat Team.
Tested in combat in Iraq, the Stryker unit also
proved its mettle during the training exercise in
the blustery and rugged terrain near the Korean
Demilitarized Zone.
Sgt. Bryson Hounschell, a 2-3rd Infantry Stryk-
er vehicle commander from Stark City, Mo., said
the exercise gave his team the chance to train in a
different environment.
“This is very different from Iraq,” said Houn-
The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and Army Field Support Battalion-North East Asia conducted schell who returned from a deployment there last
railhead operations March 3 for Key Resolve/Foal Eagle. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Park Young-ho October. “We’re training for a different kind of
fight here.” The Foal Eagle exercise prepares Sol-

U.S. Army flexes logistical muscles diers for that “different kind” of fight here.
Held around the same time every year since
1961, Foal Eagle is a defensive field exercise. Ex-

during Key Resolve, Foal Eagle

ercise Key Resolve, an annual Korean Peninsula-
wide command post exercise, occurs at the same
Col. Bob McAleer, chief of Training, Exercises
By Walter T. Ham IV toon from the 11th Army Cavalry Regiment. and Readiness for U.S. Forces Korea and Com-
8th Army Public Affairs The vehicles were drawn from Army Preposi- bined Forces Command, said the threat posed by
tioned Stocks 4 to support the Reception, Staging, North Korea requires ROK-U.S. Alliance forces to
CAMP CARROLL — The U.S. Army flexed Onward Movement and Integration process. hold exercises like Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.
its logistical muscles March 3, moving pre-po- The vehicles will be shipped to Camp Casey “We necessarily must have our plans, equip-
sitioned stocks onto trains here during railhead and the U.S.-based task force will conduct a live ment and training level at a very high state,” said
operations in support of Key Resolve/Foal Eagle. fire exercise with units from the 2nd Infantry Di- McAller, who commanded a Stryker battalion in
The Daegu, South Korea-based 19th Expedi- vision. Iraq. “In Foal Eagle, we exercise the ability of U.S.
tionary Sustainment Command and Army Field Held around the same time every year, Key Re- forces to come from off the peninsula, primarily
Support Battalion-North East Asia staged the solve and Foal Eagle are defensive command post from the United States, to deploy here to Korea
equipment for a combat task force consisting of and field exercises designed to keep the ROK-U.S. and then integrate with the [Republic of Korea]
the 2nd Battery, 146th Field Artillery and a pla- Alliance ready for any contingency. x and ensure that we are interoperable with the ROK
McAleer said several combat units from all four
services are deploying for Key Resolve 2011 and
training together with the ROK military until the
exercise wraps up in late April.
“We have to maintain what we call a ‘fight to-
night’ readiness,” said McAleer. “We know that
with the forces we have, especially because we’re
technologically superior, that we would prevail if
they were to attack us.” x

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule

Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services

Collective Liturgical Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Protestant Collective Protestant
Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel Traditional Sunday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Sunday 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 10 a.m. Stanley Chapel Contemporary Sunday 9:30 a.m. South Post Chapel 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Gospel 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 10 a.m. West Casey Chapel Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Spanish 3 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Gospel 12:15 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Crusader Chapel Nondenominational Church of Christ 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. South Post Chapel Contemporary
Gospel Sunday 12:30 p.m. South Post Chapel ChapelNext 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Gospel Catholic Mass Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel, Mision Pentecostal Hispana Sunday 9 a.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA
Casey 12:30 p.m. Camp Sunday 2:30 p.m. South Post Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Stanley Chapel Saturday 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker
United Pentecostal Sunday 9 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. (youth) Freedom Chapel
COGIC Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Catholic Services
Sunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel KATUSA Mass
KATUSA Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker
KATUSA 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist
Tuesday 6 p.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Saturday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital

Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel

Catholic Services/Mass The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total
Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Catholic Services religious support to the United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth
Sunday 12 p.m. West Casey Chapel U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and authorized civilians across the full
Sunday 9:30 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Catholic Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
Latter-day Saints Worship Sunday 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 4 p.m. West Casey Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
1st Sat. 9 a.m. Memorial Chapel
for helpful links and information
Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud Chaplains USAG Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jeffrey D. Hawkins: Chaplain (Maj.) John Chun: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Suk Jong Lee: Chaplain (Maj.) Milton Johnson:, 738-3009, 754-7274, 732-6169, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Terry E. Jarvis: Chaplain (Maj.) Anthony Flores: Chaplain (Maj.) Alfred Grondski: Chaplain (Capt.) Mike Jones:, 738-4043,, 732-6016, 765-8991

Camp Walker CAC hosts tour to Kyong-ju

Story and photos contributed by Mary Grimes

DAEGU GARRISON — The Camp Walker Community Activity Center
provides a variety of tours to Soldiers, and other authorized I.D. cardholders.
A recent trip to Kyong-ju, allowed for a hike through Bulguksa, a primary
temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. The tour was yet another
opportunity for USAG Daegu and Area IV personnel to break away from their
day-to-day routines and see some of historic Korea. Below are some of the
National Treasures that don the landscapes of Bulguksa. Make Kyongju a part
of your Korean experience. Visit CAC today, to find out how.
September 3, 2010 FEATURE IMCOM-K • PAGE 17


Keeping the Promise

It’s about honoring our commitment to Soldiers and Families.

Visit to see what the Army Family Covenant can mean for you or someone you know.

Smartphones for all ‘makes sense in long run’

Leaders discuss potential for iPhone or Android devices to be standard issue for all Soldiers
From Army News Service does make sense in the long run.” “People that over an unsecure network, like cell
Vane did say, however, haven’t grown up phones might provide.
WASHINGTON — It’s not written that successes with with that have In Afghanistan, the enemy is al-
in stone that every Soldier will get an smartphone tech- a cultural chal- ready using cell phones successfully,
Android phone or an iPhone -- but nology are more lenge with the Vane said. The Army can make the
signs are pointing to it. evident in the use of these tech- “risk decision” associated with infor-
During a bloggers roundtable Feb. training envi- nologies and the mation assurance to decide when is
24, Lt. Gen. Michael Vane, director ronment than ability to pick one the right time to use an unsecure net-
of the Army Capabilities Integration in the opera- of these things up work to transfer a particular kind of
Center, discussed the latest develop- tional envi- and operate them information.
ments in how the Army is evaluating ronment. He very quickly, to “One of the most significant feed-
smartphone technologies and soft- said in six to look at a smaller backs you get from Soldiers in theater
ware applications to provide Soldiers eight months screen, use a dif- is they look at their Afghan army com-
the ability to learn anytime and any- the Army would ferent sort of key- patriots or the Taliban guy, who has
where. finish cost-ben- pad -- all those a cell phone, and then the Army guy
The general said it was too soon to efit assessments sort of kind of looks at his MBITR or his 117G radio
say for sure if Soldiers would all one and be able to things... there’s a and we want to deny that capability to
day carry smartphones to enhance provide recom- cultural challenge our own Soldiers even through the en-
both training and operations, but he mendations to that is part of the emy is using them?” Vane asked.
did say that in the next six to eight Army senior lead- issue for the more “Can we operate quickly enough
months, the Army would have had ership. senior people,” with just that kind of data that is per-
time to look at assessment results from Challenges with Vane said. ishable and not classified, and reduce
pilot programs it is currently running smartphone tech- There’s also con- the risk -- that’s what we’re experi-
involving smartphone technology. nology are twofold, cerns about security, menting with in these pilots,” Vane
“Whether or not we recommend Vane said. First, there Vane said. “It’s both a said. “We think that may be a risk
that all Soldiers carry a smartphone are cultural challeng- technology problem and a worth taking for perishable battlefield
would be sort of out in front of the con- es. Decisions makers discipline problem, or challenge data.”
clusions,” he said. “Though many peo- -- those who decide for us on the network.” Vane said that the Army isn’t speci-
ple are already suggesting that that’s a how to spend money in The security issue, he said, is one fying a particular brand of smartphone,
possibility. Even I have said there’s a the Army, are not nearly as savvy with thing the Army might work through, or software -- just “mission command-
long-term vision here that would say if the technology as those who want to however, because in some cases the essential characteristics” within which
we can figure out the smart cost-bene- be able to use it -- those he describes value of perishable data now, out- the Army can quickly purchase com-
ficial way of doing this, this probably as “digital natives.” weighs the risk posed of handling it mercial off the shelf technology. x

Outreach to Experts: Colorful food is healthy

survivors of Researchers uncovering paragus, broccoli, green beans, green
peppers, leafy greens. Green fruits and
melon; vegetables — beets, red onions,
red peppers, red potatoes, rhubarb,
pigment-related benefits vegetables contain lutein and indoles tomatoes. This color group delivers ly-
Army Soldiers in variety of edible plants
which have antioxidant potential and
may help promote healthy vision and
copene, a powerful carotenoid, as well
as anthocyanins. They may help main-

crucial to fallen
reduce cancer risks. tain a healthy heart, vision, immunity
By Capt. Donna Goodson ORANGE and DEEP YELLOW: fruit and may reduce cancer risks.
Brian Allgood Hospital dietician — apricot, cantaloupe, grapefruit, WHITE, TAN and BROWN: fruit
mango, papaya, peach, pineapple; — banana, brown pear, dates, white
OUTREACH — from Page 2 YONGSAN GARRISON – March vegetables — carrots, yellow pepper, peaches; vegetables — cauliflower,
is National Nutrition Month. This yellow corn, sweet potato. The arot- mushrooms, onions, parsnips, turnips,
and Survivor resources is avail- year’s theme is “Eat Right with Color,” enoids, bioflavonoids and the antioxi- white-fleshed potato, white corn. Alli-
able on Army OneSource encouraging you to pack more nutri- dant vitamin C in these foods promote cin in onion (and garlic) and selenium
( tion into your day with colorful foods a healthy heart, vision, immunity and in mushrooms may promote heart
FamilyProgramsandServices/ on your plate. reduced the risk for some cancers. The health and reduce cancer risks.
Sur vivingFamilies/Sur vivor Research is uncovering the benefits deeper the orange/yellow color, the To learn more about phytonutrients
OutreachServices.aspx), the of pigment-related phytonutrients more carotenoids they have. and the benefits of fruits and vegeta-
SOS Facebook page and garrison and the colorful fruits and vegetables PURPLE and BLUE: fruit — black- bles, stop by the Brian Allgood Army
SOS webpages. that supply them. Phytonutrients are berries, blueberries, plums, raisins; Community Hospital dining facility on
There are also links to partner certain organic components of plants vegetables — eggplant, purple cab- Tuesday, March 18 and March 25 from
organizations whose support is thought to promote human health. bage, purple-fleshed potato. Anthocy- 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will be playing
so critical to connecting with Different foods add a variety of color, anins, which give a blue-purple color games and giving away prizes.
and providing for Survivors. texture, shape, and flavor to meals and and phenolics, may have antioxidant We hope to see you
The loss of a Soldier is not a snacks, as well as different nutrients and anti-aging benefits and may help there. x
topic people want to talk about, and phytonutrients. with memory, urinary tract health and
but it is a reality of military life. These nutrients and phytonutrients reduced cancer risks.
We do what we can to prevent have a different bundle of potential RED: fruit — cherries, cranberries,
losses. benefits in a healthful eating plan: pomegranate, red/pink grape-
We train for and plan our from oxidizing free radicals that may fruit, red
combat operations. We stress damage healthy cells, to having anti- grapes,
safety in garrison. We have en- inflammatory qualities, to lowering water-
hanced programs to prevent LDL cholesterol – the unhealthy kind.
risky behaviors and suicide. In Furthermore, phytonutrients are as-
the end, though, despite our sociated with the prevention and/or
best efforts, we cannot prevent treatment of at least four of the lead-
every loss. ing causes of death in Western coun-
That is why Survivor Out- tries - cancer, diabetes, cardiovascu-
reach Services is so crucial. To lar disease, and hypertension.
honor the Fallen Soldier’s ser- Choose vegetables and fruits
vice and sacrifice for our nation, from the following list to add color-
we can do one last thing—offer ful variety on your plate to provide
support for the loved ones the a festive and nutritious meal.
Soldier left behind. x GREEN: fruit — avocado,
apples, grapes, honeydew, kiwi,
lime; vegetables — artichoke, as-

2nd CAB tackles contingency training

By Cpl. Tim Oberle enemy forces and make it safely to a The looks on their face was priceless.” is to evade enemy forces for as long as
2nd CAB Public Affairs pickup point,” Keaton added. “The in- A group of enemy forces played by possible so that you can linkup with a
fantry Soldiers from 2-9 had no clue members of the Tango Security Force rescue team,” Gilbert said. “These skills
CAMP HUMPHREYS — A wild what was going on when we shut down tried to capture the Soldiers once the are necessary because the worst day of
card is a poker term that refers to cards in the middle of nowhere. Our flight aircraft landed. Crew members had to evading enemy forces is much better
designated to be any suit or value the crew had some idea that something rely on training they learned in flight than the best day in captivity. Overall
player wishes. was going on, but the Soldiers from school on how to react to the situation. the Soldiers did really well despite the
Outside the game of poker, a wild 2-9 Infantry had absolutely no idea. “The main idea behind the training surprise nature of the event.” x
card is generally accepted to refer to
anything that is unexpected or has a
low level of predictability. Unfortu-
nately, the equivalent to a wild card
in the gambit of armed conflict is sur-
prise attacks by enemy forces.
In order to combat or mitigate the
effects that a wild card poses, the
Army often conducts contingency
training, where the leadership keeps
the mission secret until the last min-
ute to test Soldiers’ reaction skills, said
Lt. Col. Erik Gilbert, the commander
of the 2nd Assault Battalion, 2nd Avia-
tion Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation
“Surprise missions are about teach-
ing our leaders and flight crews about
how to deal with contingencies, those
unexpected things that happen, so
that they are prepared if they ever face
a similar scenario in battle,” Gilbert
said. “Soldiers always show the capa-
bility to be resilient, and exercises like
this help to instill confidence in their
ability to assess and deal with unfore-
seen situations. The more they find
themselves involved in surprise sce-
narios, the more it will seem routine.”
Involved in the surprise mission,
executed on a UH-60 Black Hawk,
were Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion,
9th Infantry Regiment and from 2-2.
Of all the Black Hawk crews in the
air assault, one was given special in-
structions to land at Bisung Range
rather than continue to the Multipur-
pose Range Complex near Pocheon
with the rest of the helicopters.
“I opened the letter and it said that
we had experienced a catastrophic
failure and that we were to follow
some points in our Global Positioning
System to the training area, located
at Bisung Range,” said 1st Lt. James
Keaton, a 2-2 pilot who flew the mis- Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, pull guard outside
sion. “Once on the ground we found a UH-60 Black Hawk from the 2nd Assault Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, during an air assault
out that we had to evade a group of mission. — Courtesy photo

Volunteers help middle school students practice English

By Peter Yu so he could also participate. participate, but many students want to be in the
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs Mildy Briones, an eleventh grade student from program. I am very happy that American volunteers
Osan American High School said, “I love it because work very hard and hope they can come back.”
CAMP HUMPHREYS —Volunteers from U.S. you work directly with the culture and with Koreans.” Classes are held on the first and third Saturday of
Army Garrison Humphreys participated in the Shin Jong Ah, a Cheongdam Middle School teach- each month, To volunteer, 754-7652, or e-mail pom.
Cheongdam Middle School English Village Program er said, “At first, I was doubtful if the students would x
on March 5.
The program gives Korean students the chance to
improve their English skills by providing interaction
with native speakers.
Post-level basketball tournament schedule
Chang Da Yeh, an eighth-grader at the school Women’s Tournament Men’s Tournament
March 12 at MP Hill Gym March 12 at the Super Gym
said, “This program is so wonderful because I can
10 a.m. Humphreys vs. Daegu 10 a.m. Daegu vs. Yongsan
learn English, make some foreign friends and learn
11:30 a.m. Yongsan vs. Casey 11:30 a.m. Osan vs. Humphreys
their culture. I only wish that the class could be a
1 p.m.Game one loser vs. Game two loser 1 p.m. Game one winner vs. Casey
little longer. One to two hours is too short.”
2:30 p.m. Game one winner vs. Game two winner 2:30 p.m. Game one loser vs. Game two loser
Though still in middle school, Chang is already
4 p.m. Game two winner vs. Game three winner
preparing herself for college and she said the English
March 13 5:30 p.m. Game four winner vs. Game three loser
Village program is helping with that.
8 a.m. Game three winner vs. Game four loser at March 13 at the Super Gym
First Sgt. Kevin Campbell, senior enlisted Sol-
MP Hill Gym 8 a.m. Game six winner vs. Game five loser
dier in Headquarters and Headquarters Company,
10 a.m. Game four winner vs. Game five winner, 11:30 a.m. Game five winner vs. Game seven
United States Army Garrison Humphreys, had high
Super Gym. If the Game five winner wins this winner. If the Game seven winner wins, the
praise for English Village.
game two teams will play again at 1 p.m. Sunday teams play again at at either 1 p.m. or, if a sec-
“I think it is an excellent program for American
at the Super Gym. ond women’s final game is played, at 2:30 p.m.
Soldiers,” said Campbell, who brought his son along

News & Notes

Exercise tests emergency workers
Tax Center Closed
The Tax Center on Camp Hum- By W. Wayne Marlow the 16 victims suffered everything from The training helps identify what ar-
phreys will be closed March 14 USAG Humphreys Public Affairs cuts and scrapes to death. eas need to be worked on and it may
for a United States Forces Korea “We’ve got several burns, some se- pay off later.
training holiday. CAMP HUMPHREYS — The vere trauma, some pychological pa- “If they deploy, it’s not like they
wounds were moulage, the smoke tients that witnessed the event, some haven’t seen it before,” Rumfield said.
Home School Forum was courtesy a fog machine, and the killed in action, and some minor inju- Dathan Black, assistant fire chief
A Home School Forum is sched- screams were acting, not anguish. ries,” he said. and chief of training for USAG Hum-
uled for March 14 from 6:30 to But the training was very real for According to Rumfield, rushing phreys Fire and Emergency Services,
8:30 p.m. in the Community Soldiers and firefighters in a mass ca- into a dark, smoky building added to said the training goals were met.
Activity Center. Home School sualty exercise here March 7. the training. “We had never, in Key Reslove, done
issues and concerns will be ad- The scenario had a helicpoter crash- ‘The only thing we’re missing is the a full-scale mass casualty exercise with
dressed and free childcare will be ing into Building S-2108 and respond- heat and flames,” he said. “But basi- the 121st CSH,” he said. “That was the
provided. For more information, ers had to act on what they’ve learned cally, we get to test the medics and get benefit for us, because in wartime,
call Candi Wight at 753-5973. so far. Those involved were from the them into as real a situation as we can. they are going to be the ones setting up
121st Combat Support Hospital, the We get the benefit of how they react to a hospital here. We had never done it
Women’s History Recognized Humphreys Medical Clinic, and Fire trauma, especially in smoke. You have before, so there are some bugs to work
A Women’s History Month ob- and Emergency Services. to be able to locate the injured and get out, but it identified what we needed
servance is scheduled for March Major Jeff Rumfield, 150th Medical the patients to a safe zone and loaded to know and we met the objective.” x
16 at 3:30 p.m. in the Community Care Detachment commander, said and taken to the hospital.”
Activity Center. For more infor-
mation, call Sgt. 1st Class Alan
Guardado at 753-8079.

St. Patrick’s Run

A St. Patrick’s Day five and 10-ki-
lomter run is set for March 19.
Interested persons can sign up at
the Super Gym or call 753-8031.

Children’s Theatre Coming

The Missoula Children’s The-
atre will be here March 26, giv-
ing youth in grades Kindergarten
through 12th a chance to perform
in The Jungle Book. For more in-
formation, call Joon Auci at 753-
8507 or 753-8284.

Cub Scout Banquet

The Humphreys Cub Scout Pack
203 is holding its 2011 Blue &
Gold Banquet on March 26 from
5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Conference
Room B of the Super Gym.

Course Selection Brief Soldiers from the 121st Combat Support Hospital tend to a notional victim during a mass casualty exercise March 7 on Camp
Parents whose children will be Humphreys. Hospital personnel were joined in the exercise by members of the Humphreys Medical Clinic and Fire and Emergency
freshmen at Osan High School Services. — U.S. Army photo by W. Wayne Marlow
next year are invited to a brief
March 30 at 1:15 p.m. in Build-
ing 657, room 141. Speakers will
explain course offereings and be
on hand to answer questions.
For more information, call Vicki
Leivermann at 753-6313, or e-
OHA Survey
The annual Overseas Hous-
ing Allowance (OHA) survey
will run through March. Service
members will receive a link to the
survey at their official e-mail ad-
dress. Answering these questions
helps establish OHA utility rates.
The survey can be accessed at

Pregnancy PT
Pregnancy and post partum
physical training is every Mon-
day, Wednesday, and Friday from
6:30 to 7:30 a.m. in the Super
Gym Television room. On Tues-
days, there is a pregnancy and
post partum education class in
the same place at time.

We Want Your Stories Vitals

We want to publish your stories CAMP HUMPHREYS — Andria Guerrero, a Sure Star student at Osan Elementary School, checks the heartbeat of Jethro, a
and photos in The Morning Calm three-month old mixed breed puppy at the Humphreys Veterinary Clinic on March 4. The visit was part of a tour of Humphreys
Weekly. Call 754-8847 for more
that included a stop by a field hospital established for Key Resolve by the 121st Combat Support Hospital. Holding Jethro is
information or e-mail warren. Spc. Christopher Bellew of the 106th Medical Detachment. — U.S. Army photo by W. Wayne Marlow

Music highlights African-American observance

By 1st Lt. Austin Liu the music scene of the 80s and 90s,” said Staff
6-52 Air Defense Artillery Sgt. Syreena Hughes, who choreographed the
performance. “I admit that we are presenting the
OSAN AIR BASE — It is not every day that African-American History observance in a non-
audience members can see rhythm and blues legends traditional format … but it worked.”
James Brown and Etta James, hip hop star Jay-Z, and The program also featured Soldiers portraying
the King of Pop Michael Jackson all performing on Etta James performing “At Last,” James Brown and
the same stage. his feverish dance, The Temptations bewitching the
But on March 4, Soldiers of 6th Battalion, 52nd Air audience with “My Girl,” and Beyonce performing
Defense Artillery Regiment made it possible during “Single Ladies.”
their annual African-American History Observance Staff Sgt. Edet Martin, who performed as James
program at Osan Theater. The Soldiers dressed and Brown, said, “I really felt like I was James Brown on
performed as some of the most beloved African- stage and I think the crowd felt it too.”
American musicians in history. He continued, “I think both the performers and
The theme to this year’s observance program was the audience now have a new appreciation for great
African-American contribution to American music African-Americans such as Brown who explored and
and dance. The program featured music and dance opened doors that led to the freedom and equality
performance from the Colonial period all the way to we have today, not just in the area of music but in all
the MTV age. aspect of the American society.”
“I chose the musical theme because entertainment Sergeant Maj. Eric McCray, operations sergeant
and art have always played an important role in the major for the 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery,
shaping of a nation’s identify and its culture,” said and the guest speaker for the event, echoed that
Sgt. Janet Gillins, organizer of this event. “And message.
without a doubt, African-Americans contributed “Great African-American musicians such as Miles
significantly in shaping the American pop culture.” Davis daringly challenged contemporary standard
The 24-years old communication system specialist through his music and changed the American culture
added, “I also knew that a musical performance will forever,” he said.
captivate my audience and ensure they gain new At the conclusion of the event, all the performers
appreciation for the rich African-American heritage.” went back on stage and bowed to the cheering crowd.
Judging from the crowd reaction, Gillins was “This was an event planned, organized, and led
correct. by a group of Soldiers in the Iron Horse Battalion
When the introduction to “Thriller” was played, who want to share with the world their rich cultural
and “Michael Jackson” appeared on stage with his heritage,” said Lt. Col. William E. Darne, 6-52
Private First Class Ivan Ferguson performs as Michael trademark moon walk, the audience went wild. commander. “And their performance this afternoon
Jackson during an African-American History observance “We know we will grab our audience’s attention is on par with the finest post-level productions I have
March 4. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu with some of the most memorable highlights from seen.” x

Shots and shouts

CAMP HUMPHREYS — Left, Darren Miller of the Bulls goes up for a shot against Osan during the final day of youth
basketball season March 5. About 120 children ages five through 15 competed in the six youth basketball leagues
this year. — U.S. Army photo by Steven Hoover

Above, cheerleaders of the Mavericks ages 7-8 basketball team root on their squad during a game March 5. There
were four cheerleading squads this season, with 60 children participating. — U.S. Army photo by Lori Yerdon

Logistics team participates in WHNS Transfer of equipment

By Mary Grimes
USAG Daegu Public Affairs
Army Garrison Daegu Directorate
of Logistics sponsored a War Host
Nation Support (WHNS) transfer of
equipment, March 7 on Camp Walker.
The event was the first of its kind in
more than eight years, and proved to
be well worth the time and preparation
based on feedback from participants.
DOL officials said the purpose of the
event was to train the force –ensuring
Soldiers, DoD civilians, Korean National
employees, and others had a chance to
see the system at work.
“This training is a valuable tool
for DOL to use in case we’re ever
required to have to actually use it,”
said Eugene R. Sergi, chief of supply
and services division, DOL. “In a real
situation, there would be more than
50 vehicles needed to support the
mission. The WHNS Program is used
to augment and support the Garrison
and other units during their wartime
missions. It certainly works, and we
train occasionally to ensure everything
still works. This is especially necessary
with the turnover of personnel, and lack
of continuity in Korea.” Participants in the WHNS vehicle transfer event with USAG Daegu Logistics finalize the necessary paperwork before closing out the
With representatives from G3, G4, process. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jang Bong-seok
DOL, and Korea’s Ministry of Defense
(MND) on site to observe and or the WHNS representative and driven With the vehicle transfer complete, force behind this mission. However,
participate in the logistics-driven event, away from the Camp Walker location. DOL has already begun planning for it took a collective effort to ensure we
a series of preventative maintenance One portion of our mission had been similar events in the future. achieved success.
measures were put into place with the successfully completed,” he said. “As was mentioned earlier, this was “DOL plans to have another WHNS
arrival of a full capacity passenger bus at Immediately following the transfer the first time such an event like this Transfer in the not too distant future.
Camp Walker’s Gate 6 inspection station. of the bus to the WHNS officials, USAG was held in more than eight years, and We’ve all heard it before. We have to
“The vehicle went through a series Daegu DOL began the second portion the first time ever for some of our team be prepared at all times in order to
of checks,” Sergi said. “The inspector of its transfer procedure when a forklift members to actually see and participate successfully carry out our mission. This
took at look at everything from steering was guided to the inspection station, in,” Sergi said. “We can thank USAG transfer event was a good experience for
to oil, engine, and tires. He was very and the same inspection steps were Daegu Director for Logistics Randy B. everyone involved, and we’re looking
thorough and detail-oriented. Given put into place as had been with the Cheniault, because he was the driving forward to doing it again,” he said. x
the safety issues involved, we wouldn’t bus –with one exception.
have expected anything less from the “ U n f o r t u n a t e l y, d u r i n g t h e
inspector. The good thing to report is preventative maintenance checks,
that the bus was in pristine condition.” the forklift was found not fit for duty,”
Close to 20 Soldiers and civilians said Sergi.
were present to observe the transfer, According to Sergi, the inspector
which according to Sergi, went found several discrepancies during
f lawlessly. “Once the vehicle had the inspection of the forklift, such as
successfully undergone the required no working horn, no seatbelts, and no
inspections, the transfer of the bus functioning brake lights. Under these
was the next order of business. As you circumstances the forklift owner and
can imagine, there was an enormous driver took the vehicle outside of Camp
amount of paperwork and signatures Walker to a local mechanic, and worked
involved. Given the extensive nature of off all the negative findings before
our logistics mission, that is expected. returning to the inspection site. Once
Once the inspector was completely the vehicle went through another series
satisfied, the bus was turned over to of tests, it was deemed safe and fit for use.

USAG Daegu Director of Logistics, Randy B. Cheniault looks on as Kim Chong-kon a TMP Eugene Sergi, USAG Daegu Chief of Supply and Services Division, signs a final document
mechanic prepares a vehicle for the road. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jang Bong-seok completing a WHNS transfer of equipment. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jang Bong-seok

News & Notes FTX finds 215th Med. Det. Optometry Team in Chinhae
Financial Counseling Services By Capt. Keith Schmidt
Financial counseling for soldiers 215th Med. Det. Optometry
and family members with emphasis
on managing personal finances and DAEGU GARRISON — “Eyes on
tracking spending habits. Development the Peninsula.” That’s the motto for the
of a personal financial plan, retirement 215th Medical Detachment-Optometry,
plan, and college saving plan. Call the 168th Multifunctional Medical Battalion.
ACS financial readiness program office, The unit really took that motto to its
768-8127 or 768-7112. limit as it travelled more than 360km to
the southern edge of the penninsula in
FMWR Marketing order to provide optometric care to the
Can’t find your favorite menu at the various benficiaries at Commander, Fleet
club? Got a party theme your friends Activities Chinhae.
would love? Have a program idea for This was the first time the Soldiers
teens? Tell us what you would do if from the 215th Medical Detachment-
you could reach out and touch FMWR Optometry have travelled to Chinhae
programs, events and activities and to provide support to approximately 270
you could win $100 in FMWR gift navy personnel, family members, and
certificates. Suggestions can be e-mailed DOD civilians stationed there. Normally,
to the unit operates two separate teams at
Camp Walker and Camp Humphreys Sgt. Clarence Ware, Camp Humphreys Optometry NCOIC, screens a Sailor from Chinhae
Say it on ICE providing eye care support for Area III and as part of an eye examination.— U.S. Army photo
Ever wonder if your voice is heard. Say it IV. The Detachment Commander, Capt.
Grace Dewars, is currently stationed at expected arrival, but they were able to optometry technician from the 215th.
on ICE, we’re listening. Fill out an online
Camp Walker with one other Soldier see everyone that had originally been “The patients seemed really happy to
comment card today our response is
while the remainder of the seven Soldiers scheduled for an examination. see us, and it was nice to get out of our
guaranteed. http://ice.disa mil
in the unit are at Camp Humphreys. Working around patient care, clinic and help people that don’t have
Each quarter the unit comes together Soldiers were even able to get some easy access to optometry,” he added.
Texas Hold’em required medical training completed. Dewars agreed. “It was a win-win
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Camp Carroll to train during their quarterly field
training exercise. Due to its small size, Later that evening, during a short situation for both organizations. We
Hideaway Club. Weekly prizes for the period of free time, the Soldiers of were able to deploy our field sets and
top 3 players. $20 per person. Free meal the unit usually joins with another
company from the 168th MMB for this the 215th Medical Detachment had a accomplish a service for them in 12
for players. Points awarded for every 8 chance to bond with their cohorts from hours that would otherwise take them
weeks of play toward the final game and training, but this quarter Dewars decided
to do something different. the BMC over dinner and bowling at months.”
a $1,000 prize. Calll 765-8574 for more the naval base’s four-lane bowling alley. As realignment continues on the
information. “What seemed like a thought a
few months back, materialized into On the following morning, Soldiers penninsula, Navy personnel currently
reality in this last FTX. This was a bold were busy again seeing patients. After stationed in Seoul may be moving to
Haveyou beenaffected bysexual abuse undertaking since we hardly travel this the last patient exam was completed Chinhae in the future, creating a larger
Celebrate your strength and express your far and we’re limited in personnel and around noon, they began breaking down patient base requiring eye examinations.
emotions by decorating a t-shirt. Draw equipment”, said Dewars. equipment and preparing for the journey With that in mind, Dewars looks at
a picture on your t-shirt or write a poem As luck would have it, bad weather back to their assigned duty stations. making the trip to Chinhae a regular
on your t-shirt. Completed t-shirts will caused some delays in getting the “It was a great experience working event. She said, “We accomplished a
be anonymously displayed for Sexual scheduled event off the ground. As with another branch of the military,” meaningful and purposeful mission, and
Assault Awareness Month. For more a result, participants from the 215th said Pvt. First Class Michael Rausch, an I look forward to doing this annually.” x
information call 725-3085 or stop by your Medi. Bn. Camp Humphreys had to wait
local ACS office to pick up your t-shirt. for improved road conditions before
joining the rest of the team in Chinhae
Camp Carroll Community Town Hall –spirits undaunted.
Camp Carroll Town Hall, Thursday Early on the following day, Soldiers
March 24, 6 p.m., Camp Carroll CAC. quickly set up their optometry equipment
The entire USAG Daegu and Area IV in the Emergency Care Section at Branch
community is invited. We especially Medical Clinic Chinhae, and began
urge everyone living in the Waegwan/ seeing patients. It was a busy day as the
Chilgok area to be there. Soldiers made up for their later than In any military exercise, it takes a team effort. The helmets say it all.— U.S. Army photo

Kids Club
Register your child for our Jr. Membership
Power of prayer: If you are facing a difficulty pray about it
Program. Program benefits include By Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Milton Johnson member and friend, called his wife and
quarterly appreciation nights, $5 gift USAG Daegu Garrison Chaplain asked her to come to the hospital.
coupon for thier birthday and other When she arrived he asked if my
great events. Open to kids ages 5-12. For DAEGU GARRISON — “Men ought family would allow them to pray with
more information, call the Evergreen always to pray, and not to faint” Luke 18:1 us, I consented. The doctor prayed.
Community Club, 764-4060. Luke 18:1 is a favorite Bible verse that He checked my son and his vital signs
I recite many times to keep me positive were the same.
Busan International Market Tour when life seems negative. The doctor prayed three times,
Saturday, March 26, departing from In that same chapter, verses 2-6 Jesus checking Milton Jr. after each prayer.
the Camp Carroll CAC at 8 a.m. and gives the parable of the unjust judge. Each time there was no change. We
the Camp Walker Commissary at 9 a.m. He said, there was a certain widow who waited. We knew God would not keep
Transportation fee is $10. Call 765-8325 lived in a town that had a judge who silent. Time passed
for more information. didn’t fear God or man. This widow Then signs of hope appeared.
went to the judge and asked him to Milton’s vital signs changed. Five days
avenge her of her enemies. of hospitalization followed. He was
Finally, the judge said, I will avenge released, and we took him home.
this widow of her enemies lest she weary Thank God, he lived.
me with her constant pleading. Jesus Like the widow in the parable we
added, shall not God avenge his own were prayerful, persistent, and patient.
elect, which cry day and night unto him, dehydrated. The next day, following Jesus stated at the beginning of this
though he bear long with them. an examination, the physician put him parable that men ought always to pray
This parable reminds me of an in the hospital. and not faint.
experience I had when my 25-year old To say the least I was hurt, shocked Question. Are you facing a difficulty?
son was 2 years old. He was seriously ill and confused. About three hours after Or do you know someone who is going
and had to be hospitalized. The family being admitted his condition worsened through a dilemma? If so, pray about
was puzzled because no one could and the doctor transferred him to the it. And remember to be persistent and
figure out what happened to him. Intensive Care Unit. patient. That’s the key to being hopeful
The night before admitting him to I concluded that we were losing him. when things seem hopeless. x
the hospital he vomited until he was Our family doctor, a fellow church

Army Substance Abuse Program ready to provide the help you might need
Story and photo by Cpl. Kim Min-jae in place a Drug Testing Program, and a
USAG Daegu Public Affairs Prevention Program.
“These programs involve systematic
DAEGU GARRISON — Drug or alcohol and drug testing of our Soldiers
alcohol abuse may be impossible to and regularly scheduled educational
eradicate, but the Army Substance programs for Soldiers. In addition, we
Abuse Program professionals at U.S. have a Rehabilitation Program involving
Army Garrison Daegu are here to lend a individual assessment and referral, and
helping hand to steer clear of the dangers individual and group counseling.”
of abuse. Lord went on to mention the role
“There is always dust in the house, of UPLs, better known as Unit Prevent
even if we clean it all day,” said Daniel B. Leaders. “UPLS have the primary
Lord, USAG Daegu Alcohol and Drug mission of assisting the commander
Control Officer. “So, what we need to do in planning, implementing, and
is not only clean it, but remove the source executing an outstanding unit level
of the dust. The Army Substance Abuse substance abuse program. Their roles are
Program exists for that purpose.” profoundly significant and of tremendous
Lord explained that in addition to importance.”
training and education, the main mission The abuse of alcohol and drugs has far
of the ASAP office is that of rehabilitation. reaching consequences. Lord eplained
As a result, an effective reporting system that it can easily lead to domestic abuse.
is crucial. “Domestic violence of all kinds --
“Essentially, there are five ways a spouse abuse, abuse of the elderly -- this
Soldier can get help from our program,” type of abuse is not unusual in families
he said. “A Soldier can be self-referred — suffering from alcohol and or other
that is they can walk right in and request forms of drug abuse. Soldiers or their
services. They can be referred by their spouses can get help through the local
commanders. There is also a medical ASAP, Family Advocacy Program, or the
referral, and there is a law enforcement Chaplain’s Office. Right now the Camp
referral. That referral is typically a result Henry ASAP office consists of an Alcohol
of a DUI or other alcohol involved offense. and Drug Control Officer, Prevention
Soldiers may be identified for services as a Coordinator, Drug Testing Coordinator,
result of a positive urinalysis result.” as well as a permanent clinical counselor.
Lord elaborated that merely taking “Talk to someone,” Lord said. “If you
actions as a result of drug or alcohol abuse have a problem with drug and alcohol
is not enough. use or know of someone who is in trouble
“We have to prevent abuse in advance,” because of their use, visit ASAP as soon
he said. “So, the ASAP office has monthly as possible. There are people there who Daniel B. Lord, USAG Daegu Drug and Alcohol Control Officer, goes over pertinent material
educational programs aimed toward all want to help you, and they have the right that will be used to promote awareness of the ASAP Program. Lord views a Soldier’s
Garrison members. Currently we have expertise. Help is available.” x rehabilitation as ASAP’s top priority.

K-9 live demonstration receives a paws up from 36th Sig. Bn. Soldiers
Story and photos by Capt. Jared L. Mosby
36th Signal Battalion
from 36th Signal Battalion supported
the Camp Walker K9 Command Unit
during a live demonstration of their K9
capabilities, February 24. During the
demonstration, Soldiers learned how
canines are trained and how they assist
Military Police.
The event began with a live
demonstration of how the dogs locate
drugs with their keen sense of smell.
“I could not believe how fast
the canines work,” said Pfc. Megan
Henderson, 36th Signal Battalion. Next,
the canine handlers demonstrated how
the dogs can intimidate uncooperative
With the event in full swing, the
Soldiers witnessed the Battalion
Commander, Lt. Col. Mark Rosenstein,
bravely don the suit and face the
trained canine.
“I would never ask anyone to try
anything that I would not do,” said
Rosenstein. Thanks to the expertise
of the canine handlers, each Soldier
survived their encounter. “This was
a great experience, I have never
seen anything like this first hand,”
said Cpl. Ahn Hyeon-Seo. The event
culminated with an opportunity
for individual Soldiers don a dog
protection suit and allow a canine to Capt. Jared Mosby, 36th Signal Battalion, plays the “suspect” and reacts as K9 “Sgt. 1st Class Jambo” makes an “apprehension”
attack them. other things. At Camp Walker, canines Law enforcers began learning the implementing canine programs. The
“K-9” units are trained for rescue are primarily used for illegal drug value of dogs in the early 1900’s. European military introduced the use of canines
missions, deterring criminal behavior detection. “Our dogs know how to find purebred dog clubs taught members of to the United States and during World
and detecting illegal substances. Police illegal substances and can respond law enforcement how to develop and War II, Korea and Vietnam, canines
dogs often hunt for suspects and locate quickly,” said canine trainer SSG John organize canine capabilities. By the 1930s, performed as sentries, messengers, scouts
explosives, narcotics and mines among Darnell, 36th Sig. Bn. Germany, Belgium and England were and hazardous material detectors. x
Shop, Save and thrive

COMMISSARY BENEFITS are part of the Army

Family Covenant’s commitment to provide a strong,
supportive environment where Soldiers and
Families can thrive.

• Through the ‘Bringing the Benefit to You’ campaign,
Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their Families
have shopped on-site at more than 100 remote
locations and purchased $14 million worth
of commissary products.

• An average of 30% SAVINGS OR MORE on

purchases compared to commercial prices.

• Within the next three years, more than

$200 million will be spent on building
new commissaries and enhancing
existing commissaries to
better serve customers.

Visit to learn more

about the Army Family Covenant.

행크 닷지 대령
필요를 충족 시키기 위해 곧 소개 할 것입니다.
[행크 닷지 대령 개방될 것입니다. 우리의 공동체를 위해서
USAG Red Cloud 사령관] CYSS 는 우리 공동체에 훨씬 더 일찍 선보였어야 했던
필수적으로 중요한 임무를 이런 시설들은 4월 11일에
가지고 있습니다. 우리는 개방 할 것입니다.
레드 클라우드 위수 사령부 - 몇 달 이 조직에 우리 가족들의 A r m y C o m m u n i t y
이내로 제한된 환경 속에서 복지, 그리고 임무 수행과 Service는 개보수된 이전
어 려 움 을 겪 는 가 족 들 을 부모로써의 의무 가운데에서 Education Center가 있었던
위 해 사 령 관 중 심 의 To u r 생 길 수 있 는 갈 등 들 을 곳으로 옮겨 갈것입니다.
Normalization을 통해 완화시켜야 하는 쉽지않은 새로운 시설 뿐만 아니라
바 꾸 고 자 했 던 노 력 들 이 업무를 맡겼습니다. 이는 결코 F a m i l y A d v o c a c y
성과를 맺게 될 것입니다. 쉬운 일이 아닙니다. Program 매니저인 Brenda
우리가 가지고있는 다양한 하지만 그들은 이를 잘 McCall은 군 자녀의 달을
방법들을 통해서 지속적으로 수행하고 있습니다. 기념하며 4월 18일부터 21일
가 족 친 화 적 인 공 동 체 가 레드 클라우드에 개보수를 까지 열려지는 육아 워크샵을
될것입니다. 끝내고 개방한 레드 클라우드 성실하게 진행하고 있습니다.
2 0 0 8 년 1 2 월 에 To u r Communit y Activit y FA P 는 또 한 4 월 2 1 일 에
Normalization이 USFK에 C e n t e r 에 Yo u t h C e n t e r 가 학부모들을 위해 열리는 육아 우리가 그들의 가족들을
의해서 공표된 이래로, 850개 처음으로 공개되는 시설이 될 박람회 역시 개최될 것입니다. 위해 많은 일들을 해왔지만,
이상의 미국인 가정들이 우리의 것입니다. 이러한 시설들은 회담은 집단 괴롭힘, 영양결핍, 또한 우리의 병사들을 더 잘
공동체로 들어오고 있습니다. CY S S 로 하 여 금 1 학 년 부 터 5 아이들의 자존감 고취, 육아법, 관리 하기위한 방법을 모색해
그때 이후로 우리는 케이시 학년까지 아이들에게 등교전, 단일 육아, 아동학대 그리고 왔습니다.
학교를 개설했고 내년에는 약 방 과 후 활 동 을 가 능 하 게 아동방치 등에 대해서 토론할 지난 달에 우리는 전, 출입
500명 정도를 수용할 수 있는 해줄것입니다. 것입니다. 절차를 간소화 시키기 위해
케이시 학교 부설 유치원을 이는 4월 2일에 가족적인 3월 15일부터 60 일간 자동화 시스템을 공개했습니다.
개원할 예정입니다. 분 위 기 속 에 열 리 게 될 진행되며 케이시의 Maude 전, 출입을 허가를 받기위해
이 역사적인 성취들은 또한 우리 공동체의 봄 축제에서 홀에있는 모든 개리슨 내 최소 25명의 서비스 제공자들
가 족 들 을 지 원 하 기 위 한 퍼레이드 그리고 게임과 함께 서비스 지점 운영 시간은 거쳐야 했지만 우리는 이를 17
다양한 시설들을 확충할 수 공개 될 것입니다. 우리의 서비스를 고객들에게 명으로 줄었습니다.
있게 하였습니다. 세곳의 또한 4월 8일에 캠프 제공하기 가장 좋은 시간대인 저 는 레 드 클 라 우 드 의
새 로 운 C h i l d , Yo u t h a n d 케이시에서 아침 10시부터 오전 9시 부터 오후 6시 인적자원부 책임자인 Rene
School Services 시설들은 개 방 파 티 와 함 께 아 동 까지로 (점심 시간 포함) Tu c ke r 에 의 해 서 시 작 된 이
점점 확장되어 가는 공동체의 발전센터와 유스센터에 관해 조정될 것입니다. 계획을 매우 만족스럽습니다.