Ellerslie Home Sellers’ Report

Ariel Levin & Randall Wulff Bayleys Real Estate

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Ellerslie Real Estate Sale Snapshot Report August 2010 – January 2011
Number of Ellerslie House Sales in the past 6 months 72

Highest sale

$815,000 – 8 Grand Drive

Lowest sale

$125,000 – 30/2 Cawley Street

Average price


Median price

$394,000 – $558,000

Average price for a two bedroom Ellerslie home


Average price for a three bedroom Ellerslie home


Average price for a four bedroom Ellerslie home


Three highest selling streets

Ballarat St, Vause St, Arthur St

Total value of sales


Number of Houses sold


Number of Units sold


Number of Apartments sold


Number of Townhouses sold


Average days to sell in Ellerslie


Ellerslie Real Estate Sales 2011

Residential Sales Listing
DISTRICTS: Auckland; TLAs: Auckland City; SUBURBS: Ellerslie; RETURN PERIODS from Jan 2011 to Mar 2011;

Printed 11/03/2011 at 09:21

Property Address
1/10 11A 8/33 4/25 42/2 8 3/11 19/8 1e 1/38 11 9 14C/3 17A/3 23/3C A/145 162 1D/193 259 62 30 52A 1/13 11 10A 21A Arron St, Ellerslie, Auckland Arthur St, Ellerslie, Auckland Arthur St, Ellerslie, Auckland Ballarat St, Ellerslie, Auckland Cawley St, Ellerslie, Auckland Celtic Cres, Ellerslie, Auckland Celtic Cres, Ellerslie, Auckland Eaglehurst Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland Findlay St, Ellerslie, Auckland Findlay St, Ellerslie, Auckland Gavin St, Ellerslie, Auckland Haast St, Ellerslie, Auckland Harrison Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland Harrison Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland Harrison Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland Main Hway, Ellerslie, Auckland Main Hway, Ellerslie, Auckland Marua Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland Michaels Ave, Ellerslie, Auckland Michaels Ave, Ellerslie, Auckland Peek St, Ellerslie, Auckland Pohutukawa Pl, Ellerslie, Auckland Umere Cres, Ellerslie, Auckland Wilkinson Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland

List Price

Sale Price

List Date

Agree Date

Uncnd Date



Sale Mthd

2 3 2 2 2 3 2 3 3 3 5 3 1 1 3 4 3 2 4 3 3 5 2 2 4 3

Land Area m2
0 0

Floor E Area / m2 N
N N 68


Val'n Date

395,000 24Nov10 22Dec10 28Jan11 460,688 27Oct10 360,000 18Oct10 359,000 312,000 27Oct10 12Dec10 28Jan11 08Feb11 08Feb11 07Jan11 31Jan11



1,012 0 607 1,133 0 0 0 0 0 138 0 0 0


320,000 300,000 470,000 295,000 345,000 08 08 08 08

100,000 23Aug10 18Dec10 28Feb11 657,000 11Nov10 11Dec10 28Jan11 312,003 09Nov10 28Dec10 28Feb11 369,000 500,000 345,000 05Oct10 530,755 14Jan11 780,000 25Jan11 500,000 645,000 219,000 219,000 25Jan11 28Feb11

09Feb11 22Feb11 23Feb11 28Feb11




600,000 04Feb11 15Feb11 21Feb11 625,000 30Nov10 22Dec10 31Jan11 205,000 15Jul10 06Dec10 28Jan11




540,000 205 08

205,000 03Nov10 02Feb11 28Feb11 420,000 15Jul10 09Jan11 09Jan11

730,000 660,000 308,000

715,000 08Nov10 09Feb11 09Feb11 660,000 24Jan11 14Feb11 14Feb11



185 121 0 0 352 480 406 0 79 500 1,035 218 118 0


490,000 410,000 265,000 08

225,000 23Sep10 07Dec10 28Jan11 428,000 18Jan11 16Feb11 17Feb11

430,000 02Nov10 08Dec10 28Jan11 565,000 537,500 22Jan11 23Jan11 03Feb11






785,000 09Dec10 06Feb11 28Feb11 342,000 26Nov10 16Jan11 429,000 795,000 410,000 23Oct10 665,000 13Jul10 28Jan11




23Dec10 17Jan11 25Feb11 01Mar11 16Feb11 28Feb11




680,000 330,000

Jul08 08

368,000 20Jan11

End of report


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Recent Case Studies

145A Main Highway
Method of Sale Auction then by negotiation

Key Marketing Campaign Components · Websites: www.bayleys.co.nz , www.RealEstate.co.nz, www.TradeMe.co.nz · Electronic notification all Auckland Central Bayleys Agents · Colour signboard · Half page ads in the Central Property Press · Weekly newsletter to our buyer database Outcome 68 buyer groups through the home over 3.5 weeks. Four bidders in the auction room with bidding reaching $680,000. We continued negotiating with interested buyers after the auction until the property sold. Sale price $715,000 (CV is $490,000)

162 Main Highway
Method of Sale
By Negotiation With a Set Date of Sale

Key Marketing Campaign Components · Websites: www.bayleys.co.nz , www.RealEstate.co.nz, www.TradeMe.co.nz · Electronic notification all Auckland Central Bayleys Agents · Colour signboard · Half page ads in the Central Property Press · Weekly newsletter to our buyer database Outcome 50 buyer groups through the home over 2 weekends. We received two offers after the second open home and negotiated with the buyers until we achieved a successful sale. Sale price $660,000 (CV is $410,000)

Methods of Sale
The benefits of sale by this process are · The auction method of sale is a highly effective way of creating buyer competition to ensure that the best possible price is achieved. · The auction process places a time frame (usually over a 3-4 week period) on the sale. This in turn instills urgency into the minds of the prospective purchasers and allows the vendor to determine the terms and conditions. · When a property is sold at auction, the sale is unconditional, a 10% deposit is paid and settlement date is pre-determined. · Auction is the only way of creating open transparent competition between buyers to drive the price upwards. First of all, an auction sale is always unconditional – which means that when the hammer comes down, the property is sold. Before Auction the purchaser must make all enquiries about title and any council requisitions and requirements before bidding. It does not allow them to object to those over a 15-day working period like a normal contract – and possibly ask you to perform other work or run the risk that a sale can be annulled, after we’ve told the market what we’ll take. It’s the only method of sale that allows that. Secondly, auction has a set schedule so not only do you know what’s happening and when, so do the buyers. This means the buyers who are interested, who know they are competing for the property, must act on auction day or they run the risk of missing out. This also prevents the canny buyer who likes to wait for you to reduce the price later. Then they come and make an even lower offer. At auction they can’t do that. The third benefit is that we’re not establishing a price ceiling, which means that we’re not telling the market what is the most that we expect. So we prevent buyers from attacking your price. We prevent buyers targeting your price and asking how much less that that, can they buy it for. Because of that, and how we position your property without any price prejudice, we can create emotional interest from a larger pool of potential buyers. That way you can possibly receive a premium price.

Tender or Deadline Treaty
The benefits of sale by this process areA Tender allows the vendor/s to deal with the preferred party It sets a specific timeframe (usually over a 4-5 week period) which allows the purchasers time to carry out their due diligence and then make a formal offer · It provides the flexibility for the vendor/s to counter the preferred offer · It also encourages Tenderers to complete due diligence and have finance in place, reducing the time delay between acceptance and settlement · The Tender process requires purchasers to submit on the vendor’s predetermined terms and Conditions

Expression of Interest

The benefits of sale by this process are – · This method of sale requires parties to register their interest in the property within a certain period of time · There is no price set so price is not an objection · Vendor/s may choose who they negotiate with · Invites conditional and unconditional offers · Most commonly used where there are multiple possibilities for the sale or lease of the property

Private Treaty
The benefits of sale by this process are – · An asking price is placed on the property · Purchasers can make conditional offers on the property at any time during the marketing campaign · Encourages both conditional and unconditional offers · Benefit to purchasers as they are aware of the vendors expectations · No time pressure on vendors or purchasers

Set Date of Sale
· A Set Date of Sale is like the traditional By Negotiation sale process with a deadline date. · Buyers are required to submit their offers on or before a certain date and unlike the traditional sale, the agent is required to present ALL offers to the seller who is then in a better position to negotiate and ultimately decide which offer best suits them. · The buyer has the confidence that their offer will be submitted for consideration and the seller has the freedom to choose which offer they like.

About Us

Ariel Levin
Zipping through the inner city suburbs of Auckland on his eco-friendly Vespa, Ariel Levin epitomises today’s new breed of marketing savvy real estate professional. Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, he’s passionate about offering clients a professional service that delivers results. Having travelled to New Zealand from Israel seven years ago, Ariel completed a diploma in advertising creativity at the AUT to enhance his business career. During his real estate career he has sold homes across the popular central Auckland suburbs of Waterview, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Herne Bay. With that experience, Ariel has developed not only an enviable skill level but an assured sense of confidence that puts both buyers and sellers at ease. From the start, he set himself the very highest standards. Ariel listens carefully to his clients’ needs before producing high impact creative campaigns tailored to influence specific buyer groups. Ariel is well-known for his ability to think beyond the square, addressing in advance potential issues, turning them into positives for buyers. His approach ensured that even when the market went through a more challenging period, Ariel continued to get great results. To achieve absolute transparency, he likes to keep his clients involved in the whole sales process, unless they wish otherwise. In this way, his clients gain a clear picture of the market. Throughout the campaign, they are kept up-to-date so they know exactly where enquiry is coming from and what buyers are saying. Communication is key for Ariel. He uses today’s technology to ensure immediacy, offering quick responses through text, email, Facebook and Twitter. He also provides market comment through a blog. Yet nothing replaces the essential regular phone calls and face to face updates. Professionalism is all about attention to detail, he says. He always delivers on his promises. When necessary, he believes in utilising other professionals who can make that vital difference. Professional photographers are a given, but he also calls on homestagers, gardeners, building inspectors…. While he’s very focused on real estate marketing, there’s another side to Ariel that reveals a genuine concern for the community. He likes to make a difference – and has raised funds for the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, actively supports Habitat for Humanity and is a volunteer driver for the Cancer Society. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than helping people. In real estate, the thank you he receives from a client at the conclusion of a successful campaign makes his job incredibly worthwhile.

Randall Wulff
New challenges are what Randall Wulff thrives on and the energy, vision and determination he brings to his role as a member of the residential sales team at Bayleys Auckland Central is to be applauded. Fresh ideas coupled with an abiding respect for the intricacies of the real estate industry, see Randall backing himself to achieve in this fast-paced profession. “I am part of a skilled team backed by the resources and experience of the Bayleys network right across the country. The credibility that this provides for my business is irrefutable and aligning myself with Bayleys has fast-tracked my career in real estate,” says Randall. For the last 15 years, building and renovating villas has been a passion for Randall and the recent sale of his family’s history-filled Cashmore residence in Herne Bay meant he and his wife were soon on the lookout for another ‘Old Lady’ to bring back to life. “I understand the emotions and the decision-making processes around selling and buying property – both from a personal level and from a business point of view. I believe my empathetic yet pragmatic outlook – backed up by solid research and market data - will benefit my clients and enable them to make informed decisions,” says Randall .As a former lead negotiator for a large union in the aviation industry, Randall is not fazed by complex and protracted negotiations and accepts that real estate requires considered and well-supported decision-making from all parties – at all times. “A real estate transaction is more than just numbers on a contract. As a salesperson I am charged with facilitating change that will determine how people move on to a new stage in their lives. I do not take that lightly and in fact see it as a privilege to be part of the process,” says Randall. When work gives way to leisure, Randall can often be found cruising the Western suburbs in his 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible – or playing basketball to showcase his self-proclaimed ‘wicked hook shot’. And if you’ve time for a chat, ask him about his escapades as an Alaskan fisherman...

What do People Say About Us?
“My partner and I purchased our house through Randall Wulff and Ariel Levin in July 2010. We both were extremely impressed with the professional manner in which they conducted their business. Throughout the negotiation process, we were kept well informed and at all times treated with courtesy, honesty and a friendly disposition. I would highly recommend Randall and Ariel to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.” Emma & Greg

"We engaged Ariel Levin and Randall Wulff to sell a family property in Waterview and were very impressed with the service and the results. Ariel & Randall kept us well informed of all interest in the property. They followed up each and every buyer who viewed the home and tirelessly ensured that everyone was engaged in the sale process. Ariel & Randall ensured that the marketing of the property was carried out with the best exposure in the target market and this was evidenced by the two offers we received within weeks of going on the market. Ariel and Randall negotiated a successful sale and followed the process until it became unconditional. Ariel & Randall were always available for us to contact and were very supportive of us as vendors. They responded to every query with empathy while at the same time being straight forward and giving their honest opinion. We are very happy to recommend them as efficient & trustworthy real estate agents who are highly committed to achieving the best possible result for their vendors." M & M Foskin

Thanks again for all your hard work. We think you did a great job given the amount of interest. The place sold quickly and for a price we were really happy with in the end. One other thing we really appreciated was your positive attitude throughout, when ours wasn’t so positive. Thanks, Nikki Surtees

We sold our house with Ariel Levin and Randall Wulff and had a great experience. They were both very professional and kept us in the loop with everything. We felt the property was marketed very well and we got a really good selling price for our house. Onny and Amelia Faleafa For more testimonials visit www.ariellevin.bayleys.co.nz/Testimonials.aspx


Many thanks for expressing an interest in our services. We realize there are numerous real estate agents you might have chosen so we greatly appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your real estate needs. We would consider working with you to achieve your goals both an honor and a privilege. Feel free to contact us anytime at 021 528 318 or 021 366 762. I truly look forward to fulfilling all of your real estate needs! Sincerely,

Ariel Levin Residential Sales M 021 528 318 B 09 309 6020 E ariel.levin@bayleys.co.nz

Randall Wulff Residential Sales M 021 366 762 B 09 309 6020 E randall.wulff@bayleys.co.nz

Preparing your home for sale
10 steps homebase recommend you take when putting your house on the market 1. Clean up and de clutter Put any unnecessary furniture, personal accessories and clutter into storage. This will make your home appear more spacious. Organise and tidy your cupboards and wardrobes. Replace odd coat hangers with a complete set of matching hangers. To enhance the spaciousness of your home use one or two larger eye catching accessories rather than many smaller items. De-personalise the house by removing and putting into storage any personal photographs, certificates, awards or memorabilia - potential buyers want to visualise themselves in the home and not you. Consider repainting any brightly coloured rooms in a contemporary neutral colour. Distract the eye from any areas that are less appealing. Use a sheer curtain fabric to hide an unpleasant view. Spring clean everything, including windows inside and out and shampoo the carpets. During the open home period your home should be as spotless as possible. 2. Soft furnishings

Take a good look at your soft furnishings. Towels in the bathrooms need to be new, unstained and arranged neatly. Remove any tatty cushions or if they are looking a bit squashed, replace the inners. Have a good look at the curtains. If they are not in great shape, consider them down and having no curtains or look into getting them dyed. If you decide to replace them, choose something that is in your budget and which will complement the room, remember to play it safe. Consider removing frilly net curtains and anything that dates the house. Make sure bedding is clean and tidy and make the bed well. Straighten covers to produce a look that you might find in a hotel room. The pillows on the bed need to be full and opulent looking. Never use a rug over carpet, if carpet has become saggy employ a carpet layer to restretch it, if the carpet is wool it could be dyed. To hide rips or marks on a couch, strategically place a throw. 3. Furniture arrangement

Well placed furnishings can open up a room. Avoid lining furniture along the walls, try placing a piece or two on an angle. If there is a feature in the room such as a fireplace or bay window, arrange the furnishings to enhance the feature. 4. Consider the season

Consider whether it is summer or winter and use appropriate colours and accessories to bring out the best of your house at this time. In winter, use warm coloured cushions such as red and gold - in summer use cool blues or greens. In winter, light the fire. If it is summer open up the doors and accentuate the indoor outdoor flow. Use seasonal flowers to reflect the look. This helps potential buyers visualise what their life could be like in their new home. Create an atmosphere by playing music that completes the experience during the open home. 5. Lighting

During the open home have lights on throughout the house. Ensure that light fittings are clean and sparkly and not dusty. Consider using interesting lamps and candles. Also consider mood lighting eg: dim the lighting in the bathroom where you have candles lit. During the marketing period, have the exterior lights on the house as potential buyers may drive by at night to view the property. 6. Smells

Smells are a strong trigger so make sure any potential buyer is left with the right feelings towards your home. Use natural smells to enhance the house for example lavender and vanilla are good ones to use, avoid patchouli and anything that may conjure up the wrong impression. Burn scented candles and aromatherapy oils. A citrusy lemon smell in the kitchen will help make it smell clean. Use a dehumidifier and a gentle room spray in any damp areas. Do not over perfume or people may wonder what you are trying to hide. During the open home period be careful about the kinds of food you are cooking, high smelling foods such as fish, curry, garlic etc linger in the room.


homebase © 2006


Ensure the front entry has a welcoming wow factor

Ensure the letterbox is in good condition and that the house number is visible. The entry path to the front door must be swept regularly and kept tidy. The front entry should appear clean and well painted; consider putting fresh-looking plants in pots on either side of the door and buy a new front door mat. 8. Exterior of the house

Stand on the opposite side of the road and look with a critical eye at your house - what do you see that could be improved. Get the outside of your home professionally washed or hire a water blaster and do it yourself. Consider touching up any peeling paint eg: window sills. 9. Gardens

If your garden is in fairly good shape, weed it and generally tidy it up. If your garden has been neglected it may need replanting. It is best to keep the style simple by planting many of the same type of plants. If you prefer, plant into pots so you can take them with you when you move. Consider using bark, river stones or lime chip to give your garden a fresh look and for instant green, use ready lawn. Emphasise any indoor/outdoor flow. Your garden is an extension of the interior of your house so ensure colour and style flow through. 10. Contact homebase for a Fresh Eyes consultation

We will take a fresh look at your home and by considering the target market, the location and style of the home and the furnishings you currently have we will put together a report with itemised furnishing and decorating recommendations, designed to suit your home and your budget. We will also be happy to advise you on how to carry out the steps listed above and provide you with many other secrets to a great sale.

Contact homebase t +64 9 3600 968 f + 64 9 3600 967 info@homebase.co.nz www.homebase.co.nz


homebase © 2006

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