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Poa K-13-00395-1 ee June 26, 2015 Mr, Hunter Yurachek Dicector of Aiheties University of Houston 3100 Cullen Blvd, Sulte 2002 Houston, TX 77204-8742 RE: Amendment and Extension of the Unlversity of Houston NIKE AllsSport Agreement Dear Hunter: This will serve as the amendment of the All-Sport Agreement between the University of Houston and NIKE USA, Inc., effective August 1, 2013 (the "Agreement"), confirming the extension and the other agreed modifications. Effective as of the full execution of this Amendment (the “Effective Date"), UNIVERSITY and NIKE agree as follows: 1. As of the Effective Dalo, the term of the Agreement shall be exlended for six (6) additional “Contract Years to commence August 1, 2016 and end July 31, 2022, 2, Effective as of the Sth Contract Year (2016-17), Paragraph 1(m) shall be amended lo include golf bage and golf eocessories (including, but not limited fo golf travel covers, duffels, umbrellas, wood cavers, towels and back packs). 3, As of the Effective Dale, the annual product consideration (\.e., Allotment’) chart in Paragraph (a), shall be amended as follows: “Contract Year “Annual Product Allotment ] iti Contract Year 2016- 00 (tall valve) Bih Contract Year 216-7 00 (retall value) [ih Contract Year 2017-16 100 (retall va "Annual Product $1,200,000 {otal value $7:300,000 [otal value) 4, As of the Fifth Contract Year (2016-17), the Performanes Bonus chart in Paragraph 8 shall be amended as follows: Phage Re the AAC Championship Game ‘Wing AAG Championship Game Shamnplonship Gane — ‘Wins National Championship Men's Basketball Bonuses Women’s Basketball Bonuses Wins AAC Tournament Championship NCAA Final Four Appearance 1G ONE HOMER DANE FEAENTONGRCODK FELD FeSOLUNEE WHEN 5. The date set forth in Paragraph 14(a) shall be deemed to bs July 31, 2021. K-13-00396-1 ae Except as modified by this Amendment, all defined terms used within thls Amendment shell have the same meaning ascribed to them under the Agreement, all other terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in full force end effect, and all rights and obligations under this Amendment shall be exercised consistent with the Agreement, IF UNIVERSITY fe in agreement wiih the terms of this Amendment, please so indicate by cue execution of this Amendment and return of same to me for counter-signature on behalf of NIKE. AGREE! University of Houston. or ‘Renuleroben 1 amt Rhator : Ghancellox/Prestdent, UES” if 7 (hf PEM OAL ‘Gfiristie Moore: Director, College Sports Marketing AGREED: NIKE USA, Ine, Joratran ay VP; Neth Ameria Sports Markoting Dated Bfzsfans AVPROVED ABO PORM BY: FE CONERAL COUNSEL ORvER )F HOUSTON SYSTEM ‘he, OE ROERNAN DE CART OREO ATS sORAeE EC,

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