Mantra 2011

Quiz Prelims
(Total of 30 Questions, Starred questions carry 2 marks each, and others 1 mark each. No negatives.) 1.Q. Which company recently took over the computer security giants McAfee? a. Symantec b. Microsoft c. Intel d. Kaspersky. 2.Q. Which is the first Bollywood movie to be premiered on YouTube for its overseas viewers? a. Rok Sako to Rok lo b. My Name Is Khan c. Striker d. Rockstar 3.Q. Expand the chat room lingo “BRB” *4.Q. ORUMA, an electricity billing software for KSEB was developed by? a. Kerala State IT Mission b. inapp c. CDAC d. KSEB *5.Q. If its '.in' for India, what is it for USA? 6.Q. How do we better know NXP Semiconductors? a. Philips b. Intel c. AMD d. Toshiba *7.Q. Who gave the idea of one laptop per child(OLPC)? a. George Sudarsan b. Nicholas Negroponte c. Peter Naur d. Robert Noyce 8.Q. This website ,which has been launched in 2006, is run by Sunshine Press. This web site has the slogan “We open the government”. Identify the website. 9.Q. Expand TED, which is a global set of conferences curated by the American non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate “Ideas worth Spreading”? *10.Q. What does S in SMC, a group of people who aim in localizing Free and open source software to Malayalam stand for? a. സവതന b. സൗജനയ c. സവാശയ d. സൗഹദ 11.Q. This language, when created was commonly referred to as the ‘write once, read many times’ language so as to refer its cross‐platform nature. Wh ich programming language? a. Python b. Perl c. C d. Java 12.Q. What is WHATWG's Contribution to the world of web? a. HTML5 b. CSS3 c. XHTML2 d. Flash 13.Q. Name the newspaper that has been released exclusively for the Apple iPad by Rupert Murdoch. a. The Daily b. Newsnet c. iNews d. The LiveWire

*14.Q. 2001, 2010, 2061, ____ Which is the next entry that will complete the list ? a.2088 b.2510 c.2987 d.3001 *15.Q. How will you relate these people: Julian Assange, David Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga. (This is not an exhaustive list). 16.Q. Name the current Apple CEO. a. Steve Jobs b. Steve Wozniak 17.Q. Name the new name of Koffice. a. Calligra Suite b. LibreOffice c. Ronald Wayne d. Timothy Cook

c. Visio Productivity Suite d. ZoHo Office

*18.Q. Name the image recognition application trademarked by Google. 19.Q. If Tumbeast is to Tumblr the what is it for Twitter? 20.Q. Which of the following nations have specified broadband as a human right? a. USA b. UK c. Finland d. Norway 21.Q. Which of the following is the Codename of Android 3.0? a. Froyo b. Ice Cream c. Gingerbread d. Honeycomb *22.Q. “How many “X” designers does it take to screw in a light bulb?” It was one of the popular jokes in the Internet circuit during the nineties, which arose due to discovery of a division error caused by the processor chip X. Identify X. 23.Q. Which service do all Apple devices, such as the Macbook, the iMac, the iPhone and the iPod Touch, use to synchronize data? a. MobileMe b. iSynch c. iCloud d. synchAll 24.Q. Which award is considered to be the Nobel Prize for computing, given by the Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) ? 25.Q. If Wii:WiiMote then Sony:________. 26.Q. How do we popularly know “Advanced step in innovative mobility”? 27.Q. How do we better know the project Vienna from Microsoft? *28.Q. Today(14th March) was first celebrated at the San Francisco Exploratorium, with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies in 1989. The tradition still holds. What is the occasion for the celebration? 29.Q. Identify the algorithm used for solving one of the most classical problems in maths?? void recfn(int count, int start, int finish, int temp) { if (count > 0)

{ recfn(count-1, start, temp, finish); cout << "Move "<< count<< " from "<< start <<" to " << finish << "."< < endl; recfn(count-1, temp, finish, start); } } a. Dining Philosophers Problem b. Towers of Hanoi c. Tic-Tac-Toe d.Banker's Algorithm *30.Q. The following question has got the answer coded in the answers of individual answers. Example: C-2|A-2 |E-2|N-2 i. A spreadsheet program by Dan Bricklin = VISICALC ii. Jeffrey O. Henley is the chairman of ____ = ORACLE iii. NM Electronics = INTEL iv. Filo’s partner and friend= YANG ANS: SONY Question. F-3|C+2|R-3|N+2 i. Invented TCP/IP with Robert Kahn = ii. Cowpland Research Laboratory = iii. Gordon Gould coined this term for light amplification= iv. He along with Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit= [Hint: A powerful computer] Ans: _ _ _ _

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