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Axis Bank Mobile Banking service enables you to keep a track of your account 24 x 7. Special SMS alerts notify you about the debits or credits to your Axis Bank account. This thereby helps in keeping a check on any unauthorized access to your bank account. You no longer have to worry about the lost Axis Bank Cards or compromised passwords since Axis Bank mobile banking facility will not just help you detect a threat but also prevent it by notifying the Axis Bank Customer Support Centres. In case you require any information on you personal account at a time other than the banking hours, no need to worry, Axis Bank mobile banking ensures you get the required info anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is SMS the keyword of the info you require to the Axis Bank SMS alert number provided below and receive the relevant info. Besides updates on all transactions to your account, the nominal service charges of a flat fee of Rs. 120 per financial year are just an added advantage for this highly convenient service. For current accounts with Axis Bank , you can even operate your account through the mobile banking facility. You can check your account balance, Cheque status and more by just a simple SMS Axis bank is in the forefront as regards to using all available technologies and platforms, in order to provide superior quality of banking experience to its customers. One such utility is Axis Mobile. It is the terminology Axis bank has assigned for its Mobile Banking Utility. With Axis Mobile, you can do varied banking transactions and bill payments - just by using your mobile phone. Axis Mobile enables you to access your Axis Bank savings account on your mobile phone. Using Axis Mobile, you can check account balances and mini statement, transfer funds, make bill payments and do much more by using your mobile phone. There are over 75 billers available on Axis Mobile for bill payments. Axis Mobile gives a true anywhere, anytime banking experience. The benefits you get from Axis Mobile are: y y y Information at your fingertips High security and great customer experience Funds Transfers, Bill Payments and loads of other features

Considering that you are an existing customer of Axis Bank, you have the option to conduct quite a few of regular transactions through Axis Bank Mobile banking system. In order to avail of this utility the first thing you will have to do is register with Axis bank for Mobile banking service.

and complete the process as described underneath. The process of activation is identical. Once downloaded. It will open up a page on your mobile screen which will look similar to the one that you see in the Axis Bank ATM Machine. Here enter your mobile number. In the third then you will have to go to this link http://mobile. fill up the forms pertaining to registration. to use the Axis Bank Mobile Banking Software. In this method the bank will take about 48 hours to activate the facility of Mobile Banking.Axis bank Mobile Banking Registration Process: Axis Mobile There are three methods by which you can obtain registration to avail Axis bank mobile banking facility. you still can use it for Axis Bank Mobile Banking. All that you have to do is send an SMS with the specified keyword to the Mobile . Axis Bank Customer Care system would send the Activation Code for your account via SMS once you register mobile number at an ATM. It is dependent on the type of Mobile Handset you possess. It is important for us to mention that you should have subscribed with your mobile service provider for usage of GPRS Service. The Method of Operation of Axis Bank Mobile Banking ± Axis Mobile There are two methods of operation.axisbank. and Click on µCustomize¶ and then on µMobile Banking¶. If you have a GPRS enabled handset. y y y y y Insert your Debit Card and enter the PIN number Select the µOther Services¶ menu item Select µMobile Banking Registration/Update¶ menu item Enter the mobile number you want to register Re-enter the mobile number With the above steps the process of registration for Axis Bank Mobile banking service is over from your end. The second method is to log onto your account via Axis bank Netbanking. If your mobile is not equipped with GPRS feature. or the Second Method. The first one is to visit the branch where you have the account. Here you can start conducting transactions. After receiving the Activation Code. complete the relevant formalities. even if you have chosen to register by the above described First Method. you are required to activate your account number on Axis Mobile by following the instructions given in the and download Axis Mobile Software or else send an SMS as MBANK to 5676782. just click on the Icon which will be written as Axis Mobile. Upon completion of the registration. you can go to the Axis Bank ATM which is closest to you. and then click on the µEnable for Mobile Banking¶ checkbox and submit to register yourself for mobile banking.

If no account number is specified. 123 To know your Gives the registration date/s of the mobile banking REGDATE Example: REGDATE linked account/s. then returns last three transactions in your primary account. Activates mobile banking for registered but deactivated account. If no account number is specified. Gives you the last three transactions in the specified account. The account number is optional. Request SMS Message Information Gives you the balance for the specified account number. De-register from SUSPEND <accountThe specified account linked to the mobile banking number> Example: SUSPEND mobile number is de-registered. Gives you the status of your requested cheque. registration date . Balance Enquiry BAL [accountnumber]Example: BAL 123 Last 3 transactions MINI [accountnumber]Example: MINI 123 Cheque status CHQSTATUS <accountnumber> <chequenumber> Example: CHQSTATUS 123 987654 Security balance DMAT <client-id> <ISINin Demat number> Example: DMAT account 12345 INX98354A26 Activate mobile banking ACT <full accountnumber> Example: ACT 123456789123456 Gives the balance of your specified demat share/security under the specified client id. you will get the balance in your primary account. We have provided some of the keywords that would have to be used by non-GPRS mobiles in the table underneath.Banking number +919717000002 or 5676782. The account number is optional.

If you unsubscribe within 60 days. 150 (plus taxes) would be charged for the financial year for using the Axis Bank Mobile Banking Facility. no charge would be levied for the service. .Features available with Axis bank Mobile Banking System y y y y y y y y y Automatic SMS alerts when your account is debited or credited (Above Rs 5000/-) Balance Enquiry Details of Last three Transactions Know the status of your cheque Request security (Shares & Debentures) balance in demat account Inward Cheque Details Outward Cheque Details Make Payments for Electricity Bills. A free trial period of 60 days is offered to every first time registration. Telephone Bills Transfer funds between accounts of two different branches Axis Bank mobile banking charges A flat fee of Rs.

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