Here are some useful books on the topic of “social and cultural history”.

Social and cultural history continues to play an active role in our day to day conversations and debates and occasionally flares up whenever social issues come to the forefront. I hope that these books will give you a better grasp on this topic.

 Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason by Michel Foucault ISBN: 9780679721109

 In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen ISBN: 9780140144567

 Ideas, Ideologies, and Social Movements: The United States Experience since 1800 by Peter A. Coclanis ISBN: 9781570033131

 Rice Planter and Sportsman: The Recollections of J. Motte Alston, 1821-1909 by Arney R. Childs ISBN: 9781570033162

 Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors by Stephen E. Ambrose ISBN: 9780385479660

 Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman by Charles East ISBN: 9780671785031

 Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era by Elaine Tyler May ISBN: 9780465010202

 Snows of Yesteryear by Von Rezzori Gregor ISBN: 9781590172810

 The Revolt of the Cockroach People by Oscar Zeta Acosta ISBN: 9780679722120