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The Principle

Khaitan Public School,

Sector V, Rajender Nagar, Sahibabad,
Ghaziabad (UP)

Sub: Regarding threat given by Mgt. to refrain our ward for sending to School
Ref: letter ref no. ……………………. dated ……. Nov, 2009

Dear Sir,

We are in receipt of your above mentioned letters and noted the contents there from. In this regard, we
wish to submit that we had admitted our ward in your esteem School with determined / fixed fee
structure which was explained to us at the time of getting the admission in your school. But in the
meanwhile you have enhanced an unreasonable fee hike on account of 6 Pay Commission & without

the prior approval of State Government and against the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court in its
Judgement dated……. in SLP No…… & the hearing of the same is to be done on coming 23 Nov. rd

However, as instructed by the A.D.M City & D.I.O.S we have been depositing the pre fixed fee
regularly and the same is being accepted in 1 & II quarter by the management. But it is of utmost

surprise that the management has now started harassing the parents and wards by sending threatening
letters and by Phone & the more worst is by sending 2-3 unknown recovery Agents at their residence at
the time when mostly Men’s were not present and only Ladies / Grand parents and Children’s were
present and they give the letters for the balance payments or to stop sending their ward from next day
in the school which is total against Humanity & not good at your part.

It is therefore, requested not to send such type of threats or call on telephone in such a tone which may
cause a trouble to any of us & Once again we will bring into your kind notice that It is totally against
humanity and attract the provision of Human rights ACT and against the National Child welfare

As per our mutual understanding, we are paying the pre enhanced fee regularly until the decision of
Pending writ petition bearing W P No. 38170 of 2009 pending before the Hon’ble High Court
Judicature at Allahabad which is listed for hearing on 23.11.2009. We are a law abiding citizen of
India and belong to a respectable family. We shall abide the decision of the Hon’ble High Court and
shall pay the increase or decrease in fee as may be decided by the Hon’ble High Court at the time of its

In these circumstances, We request your good self not to create So much panic or Mental Pressure and
also stop restraining the ward from coming in the School in peaceful situation and not make hurdles in
study of the wards and also not establish any differentiation between the ward of Members of Khaitan
Parents Association.

We do undertake to pay each and every fee or out standing balance what ever it may be as per the
decision of the pending court case an till date request you to kindly bear with us and create a peaceful
and coordinate relation.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Parents Name & Sign


Encl: All correspondence as mentioned above.

1. Distt. Magistrate Ghaziabad : With a request to kindly interfere in this matter
in restraining my ward in coming in the school.
2. Distt. Inspector of School

3. President School parents Association (Regd)Ghaziabad.

4. Chairman CBSE, New Delhi.

5. A.D.M. City Ghaziabad.