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May 2021

The Cornerstone
Volume 43 Number 5

Minden United Church of Christ

Pastor Brian Wohlhuter
Phone 712-483-2903
Parsonage 712-407-2370
106 Lincoln St. Box 218, Minden, IA 51553

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Worship 10:00 Group 3:16 at Derrick Danker Maggie
Arrowhead 6:00 VanNordstrand

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Worship 10:00 Bob Siebels Charles Stempel Emma McDonald
Shirley Kahler Joyce Jensen John Price
Carolyn Bintz T-C Baccalaureate
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TEACHERS NEEDED Group 3:16 at Arrowhead
IN THE FALL 6:00 p.m.

Tri-Center Baccalaureate
May 12, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.
at the Tri-Center Cafetorium
Minden United Church of Christ Board Mee3ng, April 12th, 2021
Those a=ending: Mary C, Tracey R, Jerry Mu, Rod and Michelle O, Pastor Brian, and Pam D
Minutes were approved from last mee3ng Pam moved, Tracey seconded
Pastor’s report
• Met with area pastors
• Baccalaureate is May 12th at 7:00pm for Tri Center
• 3:16 get together May 5th or 19th depending on the weather
• VBS with Neola last week July/1st week of August will meet today
• A few of our members need an extra prayer
• April 25th, Pastor Brian will be gone for nephew confirma3on, Bonnie will lead worship
Treasurer’s report approved by Pam seconded by Mary
Mission report—nothing as of now
Trustees report
• no leaking on the east side unless wind is blowing by chapel
• house tub faucet has the part ordered but plumber has returned yet
• the idea to epoxy the front steps, Mary is contac3ng the person that does that for an es3mate
• The idea of a nice awning, at the front door, to help stop the rain from coming in is a good solu3on, Pam will
inves3gate a company her work uses.
• Wireless for church service had another bid for $1000 so for now will just use the cable. Will install cable so
its not in the hallway.
• Laptop for the service was donated by Suzanne Watson’s work ..thank you!!
• Pastor to do online class for boundary training

• MidAmerican, with a grant from them, can change out all the lights in the educa3onal unit for $65 each,
which includes labor and fixtures. The fellowship hall will have a different light since they are not in a false
ceiling which will cost $175 each. We will need to have a congrega3onal mee3ng to decide this.
• Gap in sidewalk was noted
• May ask EZ Enterprizes to spray for dandelions at the church and will pay them for their services. They are
dona3ng the lawn care for the next 3 years in memory of Jerry Christensen. They also have added some
mulch in the flower beds. Looks very nice.
Old Business
• Congrega3onal mee3ng was held and was decided to not sell the land but look into an easement and
surveying the land, with the church paying for the surveying
• Michelle is looking into the surveying part.
• It was decided to send out the mee3ng notes from the congrega3onal mee3ng.
Worship at the

on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Face Masks Suggested

and on Facebook Live

Congrega3onal Mee3ng 3/28/2021

Kevin and Paule=e Zimmerman presented to the church congrega3on ideas that they have
been trying to get through the Minden city council regarding the purchase of land directly south
of the church.

They have talked with city council with trying to free up some of the land purchased for the
development of a home. The land they would like to place the house is currently land locked
with no entry into the property.

There is a business on the east side of the church property, Wellman’s??, that has a paved road
and there is a poten3al for a paved vs rock drive from that entrance.

The Zimmerman’s have wri=en the church board to discuss purchasing some or all of the land
the church owns on the south side of the highway. The church owns approximately 2 acres that
the Zimmerman’s are proposing bids for in 3 different ways. Please see purposed real estate
agreement le=er from the Zimmerman’s from 6/12/2020 for more details. 3 op3ons were given
in brief by the Zimmerman’s: #1A: giving an ok for an easement, and $1,000 and would pay for
all legal paperwork and surveying costs. #1B: consider giving an ok to see the area this would
purchase more of the land, but not all of it, $2,000 and legal paperwork and surveying costs. #2
purchase all the land for $5,000 and would leave the church with an easement to be used as a
parking lot and they would again pay for all the surveying and legal fees to cover the proposal
for purchasing all or just the easement.

Zimmerman’s are proposing a driveway along the current fence line on the southwest side of
the church property, south of the highway. Feel that an easement along that side of the
property would be beneficial for them. They have no inten3on of puing a driveway in the
middle of the church property.

If they purchased the en3re 2 acres they are planning to pre=y much keep the area intact, but
would clean up some trees. They are thinking that it would take several years to fully develop
their own purchased land, (i.e. to build their house). There is also poten3al for a greenhouse
and/or orchard in the distant future if the whole 2 acres were to be purchased.

The Zimmerman’s are also proposing that if they purchased the land it would “basically
decrease the church’s liability”. As it stand the church is liable for any injuries that occur on the
land south of the highway and there was discussion that several children have been seen riding
bikes in the area that is discussed. There are no posted trespassing signs at this 3me.

The Zimmerman’s also made men3on that they cannot move forward with their plans for
development un3l they know what the church is planning to do with the land. They also have to
run their plans past the Minden city council. They also state that the current surveying 3me
es3mates are approximately 1 year out.

At this 3me all ques3ons had been asked of the Zimmerman’s and they were asked to leave,
which they did without any concern.
Open Discussion Ensued.

Several members then had ques3ons asked to the board treasurer, Jerry Murley.

One member, Bruce C., wanted the church to know that the current numbers proposed by the
Zimmerman’s were “decep3ve”. Bruce knows that the Zimmerman’s purchased their land for $10,900 per
acre. Bruce feels that the monetary proposals from the Zimmerman’s to the church were low. He also
voiced concerns about selling the land at that price vs. selling at all.

At this 3me Jerry then reminded the congrega3on that today’s mee3ng is to help the church board
determine if we want to sell the land or not and/or to determine if we need more informa3on before
making the decision. Jerry also reminded the congrega3on that we could give the Zimmerman’s and idea
about how much more 3me we would need to be able to given them an answer: 30 days, 60 days, etc.

Another member, Dean Olsen, is in real estate and he had many things to discuss to the congrega3on
regarding his concerns. He had many documents to present to the church members.

1) He proposed documents that he thought were in the interest of the church.

2) He thinks that there should have been an appraisal done of the church land that is in ques3on for
sale. Thinks there should have been a sealed bid. Also feels that not doing so was not in the
interest of the church.

3) He also feels that a survey and an abstract of the legal property descrip3on should be done before
any bids should be proposed.

4) He relays the concept that in the real estate business the above steps are rou3ne when selling or
buying a property.

Dean also said that he looked at the mee3ng minutes from the board mee3ng in June 2020 and it states a
community member was interested in the property south of the church and wanted access to farm land.
Dean stated that it appears that the community member, likely Zimmerman’s, were discussing the
purchase of the church property to access land that they had yet to purchase themselves. Dean states that
the Zimmerman’s land was not purchased un3l a “quick claim deed” was filed in September 2020. So the
proposal made to the church in June should be considered null.

Dean also tells the congrega3on that he has looked through the legal documents from the 3me the church
was originally giqed. There was a lot of confusion and amendments to the abstract from July 7, 1961. It
took un3l 1999 to be cleared. What he found through his realtor inves3ga3on is that there does not
appear to be a clear legal descrip3on of the property owned by the church. Some of the records that he
round were in Omaha, some in West Council Bluffs and some of these records were wri=en in short hand
and are difficult to decipher. There is also a deed from 2/28/1959 that was notarized by a M. Walker, but
there are no signatures of the owners on that deed. He is wondering if the church has a legal descrip3on
of the property somewhere.

It was noted that there is a safe that has many documents in it, possibly including the legal descrip3on and
abstract. It will be inves3gated to see if we have this documenta3on in the safe.
It was noted that there is a safe that has many documents in it, possibly including the legal
descrip3on and abstract. It will be inves3gated to see if we have this documenta3on in the safe.

Dean also goes on to say that the land recently purchased by the Zimmerman’s, the parcel
abuing the church property, was filed in Douglas County Nebraska for some reason. There is
what he describes as “cloud of 3tle”.

Dean proposes: there be at minimum a survey and updated abstract of the church property with
legal descrip3on before deciding to sell or not. He feels this would be in the best interest of the
church all around. He thinks that a surveyor typically costs around $2000 but he is not sure if there
would be any discount since it would be for the church and not a private personal appraisal. Also
feels that to update the abstract would likely cost between $500-1000, but again not sure if there
would be any discounts for the church. Further, he recommended 2-3 es3mates from the
surveyors before choosing one.

Dean further states that he believes there is a 66 q road easement on the current property from
the state highway.

Dean then goes into current land prices in our area, around Minden, is $10,000/acre, total price.

He also recommends that the church look into liability insurance policy to see what we would be
held accountable for if an injury did occur on the property in ques3on. Also thinks there should be
a No Trespassing sign posted on the property.

Church member, Charlie L., then suggested that the church needs proper surveying done of our
property for our own interests before deciding to move forward with more decisions.

Discussion then turned to what would need to be a majority vote to be considered agreed upon by
the congrega3on. Is it 60/40 or 50/50. Jerry Murley, then reviewed that it was current majority
vote as listed by the church bylaws and cons3tu3on. Must be 30-35 members present and then
the majority vote stands.

Church member, Mary C., made a mo3on to determine if the church wanted to pursue the op3on
to sell or not. Mo3on was seconded by Dave Manhart. Vote was 25 – 10, in favor of not selling at
this 3me.

Open discussion ensued once more.

Church member Sarah A. then asked that the church board move forward to discuss finding out if
the church has a legal descrip3on of the property and if not then pursuing op3ons to get the legal
descrip3on and abstract up to date. Jerry Murley then made a mo3on that the church board
pursue gathering the informa3on needed to make this happen, it was seconded by Lynn P. This
passed with majority vote, there were 25 members who voted yes, unknown number of no votes
as no one raised hands for this.

Church member, Bruce, again joined the congrega3onal discussion and wonders if the
Zimmerman’s would s3ll plan to pay the costs of the surveying for the church property. Church
member, Pam R. stated
that she would prefer that someone who has the best interest of the church in mind do the
surveying and upda3ng the legal descrip3on of the property with the abstract. Church
member, Lynn P, then proposed a mo3on that the church purchase and place No Trespassing
signs on the church property. Mo3on was seconded by Terry C. This passed with majority yes
votes again.

Church members Cindy and Dave Manhart the proposed that there be a le=er to the
congrega3on about today’s congrega3onal mee3ng that be send out to the church members
in wri=en form. They have concerns that not all church members were able to be here today
for this discussion and feel that all members should be privy to this informa3on, not just
those that could be physically present today. They propose that the informa3on get sent out
through postal mail, in addi3on to email, and should be sent with return envelops for wri=en
discussion. They feel that the congrega3on was not properly informed about today’s planned

Jerry then reviewed with the congrega3on that the board was under the impression that this
informa3on had gone out in the March newsle=er.

More discussion will be had with the church board at the next mee3ng in April 2021.

Mee3ng was adjourned.

There is a container at the back of the church for pop

tabs. Aletha Buck from Shelby collects these for the
Ronald McDonald House. So far she has turned in
9,510,000 on her quest for 10 million. Let’s help her
make this goal. Thank You!
A shared experience

What comes to mind when you hear the

word Pentecost? Many people think of a
mighty wind, tongues of fire and
multiple languages. But Acts 2 begins
with another detail that’s just as key: THREE INTERWOVEN CIRCLES—
Jesus’ disciples “were all together in Each circle in this symbol represents
one place.” Because they were together one of the Persons of the Holy Trinity
physically and spiritually, the early — the Father, the Son and the Holy
believers didn’t miss the life-changing, Spirit. The circles, having no
world-changing birth of the Church. beginning and no end, signify the
The pandemic, while changing our Trinity’s eternal nature. The circles’
definition of gathering, also highlighted interlacing symbolizes unity. In the
our need for interaction. If Jesus’ first center is a triangle, an ancient symbol
followers hadn’t been assembled on of the Trinity.
Pentecost, they would’ve missed the
outpouring of God’s power and the
indescribable joy God had for them.
Think about what believers today might Special dates
miss if we neglect to worship with other
friends of Christ. Who would want to • National Day of Prayer, May
miss God’s blessings, promises and 6, 2021
joy? • Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021
• Ascension Day, May 13,
• Pentecost, May 23, 2021
• Victoria Day (Canada), May
24, 2021
• Trinity Sunday, May 30,
• Memorial Day, May 31, 2021
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