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‘THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT FOOTBALL GAME AGREEMENT ‘This AGREEMENT entered into this 1Sth day of February 2021 by the University of Connectict, with ‘principal place of busines t 2095 Hillside Ra, Sto, CT OS268 (heteinafirdetgnsied as UCom) and the ‘Univesity of Houston with principal pace of business t 3206 Cullen Bid. Houston, TX 77204-6002 (oreinfer designated as Houston. In consideration ofthe muna promises and covenants contained hetcin and other god and valuable consideration, the parties intending tobe legally bound, gre as flows ‘Euros: The purpose ofthis Agreement i to confirm the arrangements and conditions for playing a fotkall tame between UConn and Houston, ‘Exsnt: Foch pany shall ous its varsity football tam to participa in the osball game (heoiafer designated as Game} in aecordance withthe tenn ofthis Agreement. The Game shall be played onthe date anda the leation as set forth below Date Place ‘Tims = Home Team ‘isting Tam NiO Resishier Field TED UCona Howson ast Hartford, CT References below tothe Home Tea shall refer to UConn forthe Game played in East Harford, CT snd references ‘below to the Visiting Team shall ero Houston forthe Game played i Est Harford, CT. Game tie to-be- ‘termined (TBD) based upon tlevision considerations. tn the ebsene of tevision, the Home Team sal maintain tHe right to sat the game time, ‘Rules: The Gane shall be yovemod by the rule of the National Collegiate Athletic Assocation (NCAA), and the institional ules of the Home andthe Visiting Teams as in effect athe time ofthe Game. ‘Elsblity of Team Members: Tho cil of cach eam member wo paricipate inthe Game sal be governed bythe roles and regulations of ts insitton, the rules fits lei eonerece (ayy and the rls and rogulations of the NCAA, a infect at the time ofthe Game, ‘Dilla: The officials for the Game st oficial aesigner bea crew assigned bythe Home Teams conference or the Home Team’ ‘Compensation The Home Team agrees o pay the Visiting Team fll nd complete compensation for pateipating in cach Game, the guaranteed sum of $150,000 for each Game played at the Home Team. ‘isketsand Parkine: 1 Ticket prices wil be etblshed bythe Home Team. The Home Team wil ea al revenue fom ticks sles. The Fisting Tean sal be allowed 400 complimentary tikes Band members, cheerleaders and mascos forthe Vising Team shall b amined without charg when in ‘uniform and shall not be Included inthe complimentary ike llounent Seating forthe band must come out of the Pisng Team allotment of ches fr sales ot followers 44 The Visiting Team shall be alloted 3,00 tickets for sae to its follower. If additional ckets ae needed, the “Home Team. wil make ll easoable efforts to Fil such requests. Ta: Home Team wil excise its best efforts to provide seating fr the Tsithg Toa fans which clos an greed upon numberof Uekes with, reasonable sight lines. €& Onemonth pir tothe dat ofthe Game, the Vistng Team should retain no more than 500 unsold ticks fom the original lltment sent by the Home Team. The remtinder should be retuned for credit via overnight mail 0 the Home Team. Two week ror othe date ofthe Gane, the Psing Team should retain no more than 200 ‘unsold tickets from the orginal allotment seat bythe Home Team. The remainder shouldbe eturned fr eredit mal tothe Hone Team. On the ight before the Game, the Vising Team may run no more than 100 wosold kets for eet ‘rom the orginal allotment sent by the Home Team. nthe event the Visiting Peart fails tortura any kets by the dealin set forth in hs paragraph the Ving Team shall nt be ened toa fefind or reimbursement for thse lt returns. No tickets sal be required for () medi; (1) Game stadium workers and (ID concession workers. Visiting Team wil have use oF one (1) press box suite for VIP's and gucss which wl be comprised of twenty admisions (16 seats pus for standing ror). Visting Team will resive te (10) parking passes priority parking passes in best availabe lot ncar stadium. isting Team wil recive te (10) access passes al acess passes. ‘Sideline Passes: The Vstng Team shall be allowed sixty (60) of sdetne passes sideline passes at no charge. These pases shall be in adlition to complimentary kets andthe fee admission of bands, cheerleaders and mascots. Svch pases are for use by concbes, ters and working personnel ony. All personnel withthe exception of varsity players in uniform must wear sideline pss. All sing Team sideline passes wil bs estieted othe Visiting Team aca (between the 25-yarlines. The Home Team shall sin the revere fromm and shal ave fl entol of al rad rights to broadcast the Gane. The Visiting Team shal be allowed two free outlets, oe fora ive carmel rio broadcast for which shal isin the roverue (rom such broadeast and one stent non-commercial radio broadcast. All oer radio broadcast righ, pivlegsand receipts therefore shall belong exclusively tothe Home Team. Broadcast Righis Television rphis will be govemed by any existing oF fiature crossover agreements between the ‘conferenecs ofthe tars or betwesna team andthe other cans conference or television rights olde. Inthe bsonce of such agrment,thefollowing wll apply ‘Generally. The partis agre thatthe game slat tes are subject to eange inorder to accommodate ive trondcasting opportunites. Any change in the dacs ofthe game shall require the consent o he oter Party, ‘hich conset shal not be unreasonable withheld or dclayed All revenue derived fom radio, tlevision, and Intemet broadcasts, shal retained by the team owning the broadcast ight 1k Radio Righs. The Visiing Team shall have the ight wo produce a radio broadcas of the game. The Home Team ‘ill provide the Visling Team with the necesary hook-ups and fecites re of charge to produce the radio ‘rondcasts. All ther ado readcast rights are the propery ofthe Home Team. «Television and iteret Rights, Al tlvison and ltemet rights shall remain exclusively wit the Home Team, subject o any agreements ween the Home Team and is eonferenee 4: The Home Team shal have the exclusive right sl programs ‘dun concessions sd parking. All facome fom program sles, concsasions and parking shall be the sole ropety ofthe Home Team Arrival of Teams The teams stall presen themselves al the sit ofthe Game in condition wo play at feast 30, ‘mutes before the ime averistd a the starting time Yor the Game. ‘NCAA Scholarshin Regulcemenis Each Team affirms that it has satisfied, and will continue to satis) through ‘the date that each Game fs playe the NCAA Scholarship requirements within NCAA Bylaw” 209.92. Exception += Football Championship Subdivision Opponent. [FBS] Each yes, a Football Bowl Subdivision nsiaion may ‘count one contest against Footall Championship Subdivision opponent to satisfy he fosball scheduling roguirement specified in Bylaw 209.92, povided the Foaball Championship Subdivision oppancat has averaged 590 percent ofthe penmissble meximur numberof grants-in-aid por year in fotball over arllng two-year period, 14. NCAA Balas: IFNCAA alters rule sraining to counsbilty of Fottll Championship Subivision (FCS) Games for bowl qualification, ether Team may void this contact without farther obligation only ifthe other Teom fle comply with altered reo ules 1S mossy: Ian unforeseen eatarophe or dsatr makes i impossible o play a Game by citer Team, such Game shal be cancced, and neither Team shal be responsible tothe abet fran loss or damage. Cancellation ofa Game unde hie secton shall not be semed a breach or termination ofthis Agreement Note of sich caastrophe tordnaster shall be given az coon epoca 16. Damages: A pary’s lure to comply with the conditions of Sction 2, cither by caneslaton of o ale to appear for Game, shal result in payment of liquidated damages inthe amount of 1,000,000 othe non-beaching party ar exch Gane in which te breachirg party ances or fl o appear, unless such caneelaion afi to appear is «du a impossibility (asst Fort above), mull agreed pon, oe for he fllwing reson a. A part's conference adopting new scheduling requtemens, provided that sid party gives writen notice tthe ‘other party 8 months prior tthe applicable date in Section 2. Fox purposes of this paragraph, a change in Scheduling requirements shall ide, without limitation, changes inthe number of conference games to be played, changes resulting from ti adton or subtraction of conference members, of anyother changes in Eonference schedules nthe evant of cancelation in accordance wit this Section 16, the Agreement shall ‘exinat ins encrety without elt or Tbiity to either ary 17 Insuranse: Each prty shall maitsn comprehensive general lability insurance o a rogram of slnsurance in ‘mounts that are commercially reacrable. Upon request, a party shall provide the other ary with ween poof of is The parties agree to comply withthe requirements st forth on hibit A, which te hereby incorprated by reference. 19, Antegration: Tis agreement ste cnire agreement between the parties with respect tothe subject mater hereof ‘nd supersedes and rescind, inal spect, ll ther agreements whether writen or rl. No amendment to thi fagicement shall be valid ules educed wo writing and signed by both patos hereto, (Sienaure page rotlows) IN WETNESS WHEREOF, the paves hereto by ther respeeive offices duly auorized, hae used this agosmeat to be oxccuod as ofthe date fiat writen above University of Connecticut University of Heuston By:_Chels Pe Signature: “Tite: Viee Phen Da 217.2021 \iomey General ‘This Agreement is based on a frm agreement which, having been reviewed and approved by the Conneticut Office of the Attomey General (OAG) is exempt from review pursuant toa Memorandum of Agreemt between ths Univesity of Conneciat and the OAG dated une 2, 2015, as amended. If his Agreement contains mdifetions to that form 'greement, the OAG must review and approve the Agreement sto frm. ‘References herein to “University” shall mean the University of Connecticut (incloding UConn Healt and all regional campuses) and references to "Contactor" shall mean the entity with whom University i contacting References herein to "Contract shall mean the agreement between Univesity and Contactor (including any applicable University Purchase Orde) to which these terms are incorporated and made apart heeot. ‘Statutory Authority: Connecticut General Sates §§ 42-52, 103-104, 10-108, 103-109da)S) and/or 10 1b, provide the University with aubority to enter ito contacts inthe pasut ofits mission, Sovereign Immunity: Nothing hoi shal be constued asa modification, compro, or waiver by citer party or their respective Stat of any rights or defense of any imu provided by federal or sate lw ‘which such party (including its respective officers and employees) may have ha, now have o wil have with respect oll mater arising ot ofthis Agreement. To the extent any esi, ineing acim fr liquidated

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