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‘THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT FOOTBALL GAME AGREEMENT This AGREEMENT entered int this 10 dey of August, 2020 2y the Unversity of Conneticut, witha principal place of busines t 2095 Hillside Ro, Stors. C1 06268 (herinafar designated UIC an the Flvia Intemational University wih principal place of busines at 11200 SW 8" Sire, Min Morida 32199 (hereinafter designated as FU). In consideration ofthe mutual promises and covenanis conned herein and oer good and valuable consideration the paris intencing tobe legally ound gre s follows ‘Burpass The purpose of his Agreement isto conf the araagement nd cantons Fr plying football series between UConn and FU. -Exsnt: Each pony shail cause fs varsity footall enn to participate in fotball games (ech game hereinafter ‘designated us Gan in accordance wit the tems of his Agraeten, Gach Gone sal be played onthe dtes and ‘the locations a se orth below: Date Place Time Home Team Visiting Team 04/2025 Rentscher Feld TBD UConn FU Est Hartford CT 0772027 Riseordo Siva Stadia TAD PIU, conn Mini, FL References below the Home Team sal rte o UCen for he Gum played in as Harton, CV and vo FIU for ‘he Game played in Mian FL. and references below to the Mig Team sal rete fo UCona forthe Gime played Min, FL ad to FU forthe Game played Fat Heetford, C1 Game tne to-be determined (TBD) based upon television considerations Inthe absence of elevsio, the Hom Teun hall nan he igh ol the me tie Rules The Game shal be governed by he rules of the National Collie Atlee Association (NCAA), ae the institutional ules of the Home ad the Visi Team a neat tte tine ofthe Game The city oF enh team member wo participate ia te Cie sal be governed ty the ules and regulations of isitation, the rules ts thei enference (i any) and he rales and regulations ofthe NCAA as inet atthe time ofthe Game, ‘Oflials The oficial or the Game shal be a crew assigned by the Home Team's conference or the Home Tec’ oficial assign. ‘Compensatian: Com, the Home Team, agrees to py FH. the Vtg Teun, fll nd complete ompensaton for participating in te 2028 Cue, the granted sn of 100.000. Neither py seed {w-campensation fom the ther unde his Agreement fr the Gone pled in 2027, Each pty shall be ‘responsible forts nen coss and expenses ncuron perormmce forth Chae played it 2027 unde his ‘agreement ‘icketsand Parking: 2. Tichet prices will be established bythe Home Team. The Home Team wil ain al revenve fom tek sles. 1b. The Pisiing Tea hall be allowed 350 complimena tikes, «Band members, cheerleaders ad mascots fr the Fig Tum shall be adnited without charge when in ‘iform a shall not be included inde compliment tele allosment Sealing forthe band sus come oo oF 10, the Pstng Tes lout of iekes for sles tots followers. 4. The Viling Tec shall be alloted 3,000 tickets forse ot ollowers. adlona tickets ae nesded the Hone Team. wil mae all easonable effort fil such requests. The Home Teo will xersise its best fonts to provi seating forthe Fisting Team fans wiih nckdes an agreed pon numberof ees with reasonable sigh lines. One month price othe date ofthe Game, he Visiting Team shoul retain no more than 500 unsold tikes from the orginal allotment sent by the Home Ten. The rersinder shouldbe retued for ere via overnight malo {he Hone Tean, Two week piel the dae ofthe Game, the Psiting Team should retain no more than 200 ‘nso kets from the orgie latent sen bythe Home Team. The remainder sould be resumed for eet ‘in overnight mai tothe Home Ten. On the night before the Game, te Pising Teams may retun no more than 100 unsold tickets fr ered fom the orginal allotment sent bythe Home Team. Inthe eves the Visiting Team Fails to retu any tickets bythe denne se: forth in this paragraph the Vising Team sal ot be ented toa ‘efund or rembursement fer thos ate res, No tickets shal be required for (1) sedi; (I) Game stad workers and (Il) concesion workers Visiting Tea wil have we of one (1) press box suite for VIPs and guess, which willbe comprised of twenty admission (16 seas pls four standing oon). ‘a. Vasing Tecan wil ecive ten (10) complirentary pity parking passes in best aviable lot near stadium, i Wang Team wil receive ten (10) al-acees pases. ‘Sldaline Bases: The Vsrng Tea shall be allowed snty (60) sideline passes at wo charge. These passes shall bein ‘ion to complimentary lekes andthe re wmission of bands, cheerleaders and mascots. Such pases ae for ‘se by coaches, ars, and working personnel nly. Al personnel with the exception of varsity players in uniform inst wear sideline passe. AI Visiting Team sieline passe wl be restricted othe Visiting Tea aea (baveen the 25-yue ines), The Home Team shall rain the revene fom, and shal ave fll contol of al radi igh to brondeat he Game. The Visiing Tein sal bellowed two fee outlets ne for ive earereal radi broadcast fr which it shall retain the revenue fom seh wondcast and one student noncommercial radia broadens. Al ther radio broadest righs, privileges and recip therefore shall belong exclusively tothe Howe Team. Braadcast Rights Television rights wil be governed by any existing or future crossover agreements between the ‘conferences ofthe (eas or betven a eam andthe oer eas conference a elevsion rights holder. Inthe sbsonce of suc agreements, te following willappy ‘4 Generally, The parties agree tha he gamestart ines ae subject to change in ode 1oaccommedate lve brondcasting opporinites, Any change nthe dats ofthe games shal require the consent ofthe Visine Team, ‘whieh consent shal ot be unexsorabl withheld r delayed. A avenue derived fram ad, television, and Totemetbrodeass, shall be eaied by the team owing the broadcast rights. Radio Rights. The Pisring Teun shal have the righ to produce radio broadest o the game. The Home Team tll provide the Visiting Toon with te ncesenry hook-ups and faites Tree of charge o produce the rio brondcnt. Al othe aio broadcast rights are the propery ofthe Home Team. Television and Tnernet Rigs. ll television i hall erin exchsvely with the Home Teun, subject to any agreements between the Hone Team and its conference ‘Conssssons, Packing. and Pooecam Lasonic The Howe Teo shall have the exclusive sight a sell programs fd um eaneestons and parking, Al nese Fo program sales, ebacessions and parking sal be the sole ‘ropety ofthe Home Tec The teams shall peesent themselves atthe ste of the Gumein condition to play a lest 30, ‘niutesbaore the time adveneed she serine forthe Game, [NCAA Scholarship Requirements: Visiing Tents Timed that it ha satisfied the NCAA Scholarship requirements within NCAA Bylaw 20.99.21 Zacetion--Foatall Chainponship Subdivision Opponent. [FBS] Esch year, a Football Bow Stisdivsion intition may count ane contest agains Fatball Championship Subdivision opponent sats the etka scheduling requirement specified in Bylaw 20.9.2, provided the Feotbll Championship Subdivision opponent has averaged 90 percent ofthe permissible maximum number of _ransi-aid per yearn feoball aves rolling two-year period 14 NCAA Rules IF'NCAA alters rule persning to coumabilty of Football Champions for bowl qualification, Home Teant ay void tis contrat whut farther o comply with altered rile or ules Subdivision (FCS) Games ation only if Vili Team fils 0 |S. lassi: Inthe event of enact God, pandemie,epidemi, lockout, se of trois, was, by erde of government, ili or public auhaiy, wich mskes impossible or impractical the playing ofthe Gams or which revels the participation of at east one ofthe Pastis inthe Game, ten) the Paros wil exercise their bert. forts to atempt to reschedule the ffeciod Game ona mutually converient dat during the season in which the iafeced Game was scheduled to be played, and (ef he Parties ae unable to reschedle the affected Game dong the season in which it was be plajed, den the Pate shel be relieved of thet respective abigntions under this ‘Agreement with respect tothe Game affected by such force majeure event, 16, Damagcs: A perys fire to comply with the conditions of Seetion 2, ether by cancelation o rfl to eppeat {or Game, shal result in payment of iquidted damages inthe amount of 1,000,000 othe non-beachg party for each Game in which the breachirg party cancels or fils o appear, unless such eacelaion or file to appear i veto impossibility (asst forth above), is mutually agreed upan, ri forthe olowing eason: 1A party's confernes adopting new scheduling requirements, provide that aid party gives writen notice the ‘ater party’ 18 months prior tthe applicable date in Section 2. For purposes ofthis paragraph, a change in Scheduling requirements sal ide, without Finitaton, changes inthe nombe of conference games fo be played, changes resulting from tie addition or subtraction of conference members, or anyother changes in onference schedules. nthe event of eanclltion in accordance with his Section 16, the Agreement shall terminate in its entirety without ely or lbility to either pay, 17. Ansan; Bach pry shall maintain comprehensive genecalIabilly insurance ora program of selinsurmnce in amounts that ae commercially reasrable- Upon request, party shall provide te othe party wih wien poot of 18, Ste of Connecticut Terms and Canitians: ‘The partes agree to comply with the requirements se ath on Exhibit A, which are hereby inorparsed by reference. 19, Antesraton: This agreement isthe nie sprerent betwen the partis wth respoet Lo the subject mater hereof tl speriedes and rescind, in all respect, ll other agreements whether writen ar ors. No amendment to he ngreeentshall be valid ues edie to writing and signed by bath parties het, I tore page follows) IN WITNESS WHERLOT, the patios hereto by thel espectveoifiers duly authorized, have cased this agreement to be executed as oFthe dae Mt wen above. University of Connecticut Florida International University By a By ia cq Signatre: Signature, Deets 40 Ati ‘Tie Zeeurive piawercr spears & Burak hd 40, Date:_fe[s0>6 Date:_/o-29-20 EXHIBITA so Terms uo References herein 10 “Universiy” shall mean te Univesity of Comectcut (eluding UConn Heath and all regional campuses) and references to "Contacior” shall mean the entity with whom University isconracting. References herein to "Contract shall mean the agreement botween University and Contactor inching any ppicable University Purchase Order) to which these terms ae Incorporated ind made a part therso. Statutory Authoriy: Comeeteut Genera Situs 9§ 42528, 105-104, 13-108, 103-1056(aX5) and/or 10a- 1b, provide the Univesity with authority to ener into contact in the purait ofits mission, Sovereign Immunity: Nothing bccn shall be construed asa mediation, compromise, or waiver by ether party or ther respetive Sate of any rights or defense of any immunities provided by federal or sat law ‘which such party including its respective officers snd emplayees) may have bad now have or wil have with respec tall mates arising out of this Agreement. To the extent ay claim, including w claim or guided damages is brought agains ithe party under this Agreement, uch eam sal be brought in accordance with the relevant stator requirements wit espect oth party egainst whom theclaim ie sought. To the extent that this section confit wih any othe ection in the Agreement, his section shal govern

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