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20-0437 ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT ‘This AGREEMENT entered into this 16" day of Augist 2019 by the University of Connecticut (hereinater designated 18 the HOME TEAM) and the Middle Tennesee State University (hersinafer designated asthe VISITING TEA), In consideration ofthe mutual promises and covenants contained herein and ater good and valusble consideration, the ates” intending o be legally bound, agree as fallow: 1. Purpose: The purpose ofthis agreement is to cot the arrangements and condition for plying Fett ‘ame between the University of Connecticut and Midale Tennesse State University. 2 Event: Each pany shall cause its varsity fotalltam to paticpate in football game (hereinaer designated as Game) in acardance withthe terms af hs apreenent. The Game shall be played on the date nd at the loation 1 tft below Dac Place Time Home Team ‘ising Team 1723/2021 ReatseMer Feld TD Univer of Connecticut Midle Tennessee State University (Gametime to-be-determined (TBD) based upon Wevison consideration. Inthe absence of television the Home Tea shall tain the ight te the game time 3 Rules: The Game shall be governed bythe rlesothe National Collegiate Atletic Association (NCAA), and ‘he insttationa ules ofthe Home andthe Vsting Teams as inet at the ime ofthe Game, 4 ligiblitv of Team Members: The eligibility o” ech eam member to patiipate in the Game shall be governed by the ules and regulations of hs institution, theules of is atltc conference, and the rules one regulations of the NCAA, a inelfet atthe ime ofthe Game, S. Officials: The officials forthe Game sal ea ew asigned by the Home Team's conference 6. Compensation of Visiting Team: The Home Team agrees to pay’ the Visiting Team, 8 fll nd complete ompensaton for participating in each Game, the guaraniced sum ef $800,000. 7. ‘Tishets and Parkin: 2, Ticket prices willbe established by the Home Team. The Home Team will ean all venue from ticket sales, 1. The Pisiting Team shall be allowed 350 complimentary ticket, Band members, cheerleaders and mascot othe Visiting Teor sal be admited witht charge when in uniform and shall not be included inthe comolimentary ticket allotment. Seating for the band ust come out ‘ofthe Fisting Team allotment of tickets fo sles ot followers {4 The Mtting Team shall be sled 3000 Gk for sale oit ollowers. akionsl ckets are needed, the ome Team, will make al reasonable efforsto fll suck requests. The Home Team wil exercise its best. efforts to provide seating forthe Vszng Tan fans which includes an agreed upon number of tickets With Teasonable sight lines. ‘© One month pio to the at of the Game, the Pstng Team should retain no more than $00 unsold ches {rom the ogi! allotment sent by the lome Team. The remainder shouldbe reurned fr credit via overnight mal tothe Home Team. Two weeks pre othe date ofthe Gams, the Visiting Team shoul retain no more ‘han 200 unsold tikes from the orginal allarneat sent by the Home Team, The emainder should be retamed 20-0437 for ert viaovernight mailto the Home Team On te night before the Game the Visiting Team may rum no more than 100 unsold ticks for ered from the orginal llecnert sen by the Home Team. Inthe event the Vising Tea fils wo return any tickets by the deadline set forth inthis paragraph, the Vsing Team shal not be ented ton refind o reimbursement for hase ate retus. Notickets sal be required for () media; (I) Game stadium workers and (I) concession workers & Msg Team wil ave use of one (1) pres box sie for VIP's and guests, which willbe comprised of twenty admissions (18 seats plus fur standing room). 1k. Mating ean wil reeive ten (10) complimentary priority parking passes in best avilable lot nese stadium. Maing Team wil resive ten (10) all acces passes. 8. Sideline Pases: The Visiing Team shall be allowed sinty (60) sietine pases at no charge. These pases shal be inaddion to complimentary tickets an he fee admission of bands, cherieaders and mascots. Such pases are foruse by coaches, trainers, and werking personnel ony. All personne wih be exception of varity players in ‘uriform must wot sidaline passe. All Veting Team sideline passe wl be ertrited othe Visiting Team area (tween the 25-ard ies), 9. Radio Rights: The Home Team sal ein the evenue from, and shall have fll corr ofall aio rights to broadcast the Gane. The Visiting Team shall be allowed two fee outs, one fora Tive commercial ado brosdcast for whieh it shal retain the revenue fom such broadess and one student son-conmerial radio broadcast. All ober radio broadcast rights, privileges and receips therefore shal belong exclusively tothe Home Team. 10, Broadcast Righs: Television righ will e governed by any existing or future crossover agrsmentsbotweon the conferenes ef he teams or between a team andthe other ams conference or television rights holder. nthe absence of sch agreements, the folowing will ppl: 1 Generally. The partes ares tha the game start times are subject to change in order to accommodate five broadeaing opportunites. Any change inthe date of the game shall require the consent ofthe Pising Taam, wich corset shall not be unreasonable withheld o delayed, All revenue derived from radio, {elevisoe, and Internet broadcass, hall be retained bythe tam owing the broadast igh. io Rights, The sting Toa shal have the right to produces radio broadeast ofthe game. The Home Team wil provide the Visiing Team with te necessary hook-ops and fects fee of charge wo produce the adiobroadcasts. All ther radio broadcast rights are the poperty ofthe Home Team. ,Televsien and fotrnt Rights. All tlevision and Interetrghs shall remain excasvely with the Home Team, sbject to any agreements between the Home Team ands conference 11, Consessions, Parking, and Program Income: The Home Teun shall bave the exclusive right to sell programs and run concession ad parking. All income from program sales, concessions and parking shall be the sole property a the ome Tem 12 Settlement: Payment due under this agreement shall be made bythe Home Team by the next February Ist Tollowing the dt ofeach Gam 13, Arrival of Teams: The teams shall preseot themselves athe site of the Game in condition 1 play atleast 30, ‘nies before te tine advertised a the starting time forthe Game, 1M. NCAA Scholarship Reguicements: Ving Team ba affired that it has satisfied the NCAA Scholarship ‘requirements within NCAA By/sw 20.99.21 Exception -- Football Championship Subdivision Opponent. [FES] ach year, Foatall Bowl Subsvsin istnution may count one contest agaist a Football Championship Subdivision oppenent to satisfy the feotall-scheduling quirement specified in Bylaw 20.992, provided the 20-0437 Football Championship Subdivision opponent has averaged 90 percent of the permissible maximum numberof ran-in-aidper year in football over a rlling two-year period. 15. NCAA Rates: ITNCAA ates rule pertsiing io couribliy of Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Games {bow quiieaion, Home Team may void this corract witout urther obligation ony if isting Team fl 10 comply wih aired lores. 16, lnmposibiti Ian unforeseen ctr or dsnster makes it imposible to play the Game by cher Team the affected Game shall be canceled, and neither Team sal be responsible tothe other for any loss o¢ damage Canlaon of = Game under tis section shall ot be deemed «beach ofthis Agreement for purposes of Paragash 7. Notice of such a causrope or disaster shal be given as soon as posible 17, Damages: ‘The patie gre tht TCA § 9-8-307() establishes that Tennesee state agencies ae lisble for set damage o another pany result ofa cinractul breach. The partie also agree tha estual damages tothe ther pany from a cancellation of the game, which isthe subject ofthis Agreement, cou exer $800,000, but that costs of disputing such losses would not bein the partes’ ineress, could result in net collection of less han actual damages. and would engender ill-will beeen the pares. ASaresul. the partes agre o forgo pursuit of any ‘ional damages in favor ofthe commitment ofthe breaching party o pay $800,000 o actual raonabe and documented damages, whichever sls, fr eanesltin, ules such eaacelaton or Fila oappede shal be for reason blow, in which case this Agreement shall terminate without penalty o ability to ether ary: ‘2 Mut consent or A pary’s conference adopting new scheduling requirements, rovided that ud pay gives writen notice to the other pany 18 months prior tothe date in Paragraph 2. Foe purposes ofthis paragraph, a change in Scheduling requirements shall inelade, without Fitton, changes inthe numberof enferene games to be layed, changes reulting from te addition or subracon of conference members, or any ole changes it Confersnce schedules, 11 Integration: This agreement is the entire agreement betwen the putes wit respect to the subject mer hero and supersedes in all sper all ther agreements wheter writen or oral. No amendment 1 this agreement shal be ‘valid unless redoced to wring and signed by both pares hereto IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the partes hereto by ther respective officers duly authorized, have caused this agreement tobe executed as ofthe dae fist writen above wokSal oS ee Title: Dee of Bante bey ‘Title; Alan R. Thomas, Viee President ‘Busines and Finance Dare: _e/aa lig Date:

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