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Ministério da Educação

Agrupamento de Escolas de Anadia

TEAMSS – Together Europe Achieves More in School Success

Erasmus+ Project 2019-1-DE03-KA229-060135_2

Meeting 27th November to 1st December

26th November, Tuesday 2019

Arrival of participants
27th November, Wednesday 2019
10:30 AEA – welcoming the participants at school
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Visiting the school - Tourism and ICT students in a guided visit
12:30 Lunch in the pedagogical canteen
14:00 Presentation of the schools PPT
15h00 ICT tools –seminar presented by the Portuguese partner, Professor João Leal
16h30 Coffee break
17:00 Hotel – time to relax
19:50 Dinner at Domus
28th November, Thursday 2019
08:30 e-Twinning seminar presented by the Portuguese partner, e-Twinning Ambassador Luís
10:00 ICT tools, workshop presented by the Portuguese partner. The idea is to give participants
tools and skills in order to improve results, PhD David Oliveira.
11:00 Coffee break
13:00 School of Vilarinho do Bairro. Lunch.
14h30 Visiting the school. Learning by watching and by doing: Workshops
16:30 Visiting Rota da Bairrada. Coffee break
17:00 Travelling back to the hotel (Free time)
19h30 Dinner at João dos Frangos
29th November, Friday 2019
09h00 Departing to the City Hall
09h30 Welcoming the participants at the City Hall
10:15 AEA Arts class, Workshop – learning by doing.
10:30 Coffee break
12:30 Lunch at the canteen

Erasmus Team 2019

Ministério da Educação
Agrupamento de Escolas de Anadia

14:00 Discuss the main ideas for the Competence Test: a test that will be prepared to evaluate the
3 European key competencies: Mother tongue, Maths and ICT.
Platforms like - Common European Framework of Reference
for Languages, or National platforms of the different countries with State Examples will be
used to prepare our test.
15:30 Coffee break AEA
15:40 Defining the criteria to have the same results to be understood by all countries. Because the
countries have different scales (numbers and letters) it is important to define a common
17:20 Hotel Free time
19:30 Dinner at Caves São João
30th November, Saturday 2019
09:00 Departing to Aveiro
09:30 * Visiting the Salt Pans - learning by doing: the history, tradition and secrets behind the salt
pans. Learning about the process, methods and tools used to harvest the salt, the fauna and
flora, as well as all the work of the most important character of this space: The Saltern
* Visiting “EcoMuseu Marinha da Troncalhada”
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Reflecting about the importance of authentic learning in outdoor environments.
17:00 Travelling back to the hotel. Free time
19:30 Dinner in 4 Estações.
1st December, Sunday 2019
09:00 Departing to Coimbra
9h30 Visiting Coimbra: Unesco World Heritage
11h00 Visiting the Roman Cryptoporticus
13h00 Lunch
15h00 Visiting Sé Velha
16h00 Walking downtown, visiting Santa Cruz Church and Monastery. Break in Santa Cruz Café
(building from 1560)
19h00 Dinner Acapela
21h30 Departing to the hotel
2nd December, Monday 2019
Departing back home

Erasmus Team 2019

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