Everyone Pays for Canadaâ s Obesity Epidemic.

The medical cost for people with obesity issues needing treatments are c urrently costing Canadian Governments and in turn Canadians in general billions of dollars each year. Medical care in Canada is provided through provincial and federal taxes, thus the costs related to obesity are paid by society in general. In my opinion medical costs linked to obesity could be decreased dramatically i f the Canadian Health Care system had a more effective preventative approach at defeating obesity. Obesity is often misunderstood, or goes undiagnosed. A good first step t owards an effective preventative approach might be to have a clearer and more ea sily understood method of diagnosis. Measuring obesity today with the Body Mass Index that was created between 1833-1850 by Adolphe Quetelet is problematic, as it does not consider anything other than oneâ s body mass compared to their height. W ith only this method extremely fit individuals who carry significantly more musc le mass than the average can be mistakenly measured as obese. A more intuitive a nd effective measurement system, that clearly measures excessive body fat could put our nations focus on the real problem. That focus could help lead to solutio ns that work to develop preventative programs that relieve the burden obesity pu ts on our health care system. In developing an effective measuring system, â Perhaps the focus should be on the negative effects and stress obesity puts on the bodyâ quote from the social net working site, Facebook, from Mark Burgess. These are causing many physical and c hemical illnesses and conditions. For example, sleep apnea, respiratory problems , osteoarthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, type 2 dia betes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, and various cancers . All of these ailments require high cost medical interventions that are provided to the obese patients at very little to no cost at all! The most disheartening issue is that most of these would have been prevented if the patients exercised regularly and had self-control on their calorie intakes. Subsequently the medical cost related to tobacco inflicted ailments are now paid by the tobacco users and tobacco companies rather that the Health Care systems. Astonishingly the medicinal costs from obesity have increased to the po int where they replace the previous high tobacco health costs. You would think t hat since obesity Yet, the Canadian health care systems are still paying for the costs, we have not yet come to the realization that the obesity epidemic is jus t as bad as tobacco users. In conclusion medical costs linked to obesity could be decreased dramati cally if the Canadian Health Care system had a more effective preventative appro ach at defeating obesity.

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