A Course Proposal Prepared by Foluso Aribisala
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2 Day Course

Enhancing The Effectiveness of Your Supervisors!

This is a training proposal prepared for Oando Plc. It follows a request for a training solution to equip Oando staff that has recently been promoted to supervisory roles with the necessary supervisory tools, skills and attitudes. After reviewing this proposal we look forward to a decision to implement the training after agreeing final fees and delivery details. This is a confidential document that we trust will not be shown to third parties or used for any other purpose without our prior consent.


The PSL Consulting Effective Supervisory Management Training is designed for those who oversee or direct the activities of others. The training builds understanding of the supervisory role in meeting overall organizational goals and enhances the spirit of teamwork and mutual support to achieve goals. Clearly, this training is a necessity for all new supervisors and those who have never had any formal supervisory training. It promotes the skills and attitudes necessary for making the important transition from being responsible for personal productivity to achieving results through others. This training will encourage participants to take those initial steps of exploration that will open the doors to continuous development. It will help participants see their supervisory functions as fun and easy when applied step by step.

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Training Objective

On completing this training, participants will have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and tools to: • • • • • • Enhance leadership capabilities and use of authority Improve delegation skills Increase self confidence Improve time management Develop communication skills Generate organizational growth • • • • • Improve problem solving and decision making skills Develop the potential of employees Handle and prevent people problems Train and motivate people for a higher level of productivity Improve team building skills

The course will start at the current level of each participant. It will not make assumptions on previous levels of supervisory knowledge. The program will encourage participants to reach further than they thought possible.

Our Training Approach

At the beginning of the training process, each participant will identify their strengths and developmental needs to enhance their effectiveness as supervisors. Based on this self evaluation, specific behavior modification goals will be established for each participant.

The training is facilitated in nine interactive modules using a multi-sensory training approach which enhances participation, understanding and absorption of new ideas and habits.

At the conclusion of the training, participants are required to summarize their learning experience in a brief statement or presentation, which helps reinforce their achievements and celebrate their accomplishment.

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Experience The PSL Difference!

If you compare our training to others, you would notice the following differences:Engagement – Participants find our trainings engaging. The continuous attention and interest is generated by encouraging lively hands-on participation, providing mental challenges and varied delivery formats all leading to a stream of insights on the topic.

Adaptation – We ensure that we match the depth of the material to the current level of the participants and proceed at a pace that is moderately challenging.

Exercises – While we keep knowledge, skills and attitude in close balance, we focus more on skill development through carefully chosen hands-on real world exercises.

Experiences – We draw out the personal experiences of participants to keep their emotional engagement high. Participants will find the personal experiences of others fascinating and insightful.

Simplicity – No matter how complex the material, we deliver it with a simple structure that is easy to absorb.

Multimedia – We include films and animated slides to keep interest high.

Tools – We include effective tools that can be used back in the office. Many of these tools are in the form of laminated desk references making them easy to use day to day.

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Below is a typical outline of our course. Each subject heading will have a number of topics. The topics will be interspersed for the most effective delivery.

Introduction Our introductions are extensive so that the course can be run more efficiently.

Objectives We will clarify both course and participant objectives while encouraging higher goals.

Present position Here we surface current knowledge, skills and attitudes. We will pair participants for the exercises so those with higher skills can help those with lower skills.

Principles We will detail the first principles as a foundation for effective supervisory management.

Topics Each module will have a set of key topics. We use a building block approach where we start with simpler, foundation topics and build upon these with higher level topics until we reach the desired level of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Tools We will include a simple set of tools that participants can apply to a wide range of situations. The tools are simple enough to memorize, even though we provide most of them as laminated desk references.

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Processes As much as possible, we will break supervisory management into sets of processes. These can then be learnt step by step to ensure mastery of the skills.

Exercises Most of the learning will be via exercises. The lecture format will be minimized. The exercises will be interesting but challenging. The debriefing will focus on key insights and attitudinal shifts. Some of the exercises will be based on real life examples developed by the participants solving their own problems.

Personal exploration To reinforce attitudinal change, we will encourage lots of personal exploration and discovery. Most life changing learning experiences come from solving challenges. We will help participants develop effective ways to solve challenges so learning will be continuous, even after the end of the course.

Specific Training Topics

Our trainings are developed in a modular format. Based on the specific needs of your organization and participants, these modules can be combined and facilitated at different levels of complexity.

This list of topics is not exhaustive, actual topics will depend on the level and speed of learning of the participants. We will run multiple streams of topics allowing participants to choose the pace and depth which most suits them.

Some topics will be treated within specific exercises that will typically address real life supervisory issues.

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Training Modules
Module One: Successful Managers & Leaders Are Made Not Born • What is success, what does it mean to you? • Building the base for success • The slight edge • Purpose of leadership development • Identifying your challenges and growth opportunities • Identifying solutions to overcome these challenges Module Two: Exercising Authority effectively • • • • • Understanding leadership & Supervision The responsibility of leadership Sources of leadership authority Leadership styles The supervisor/manager and the bottom line Module Six: Problem Solving & Decision Making • • • • • The supervisor as a problem solver The supervisor as a decision maker Steps of problem solving Guide to good decision making Problem solving & decision making tools

Module Seven: Handling & Preventing Problems With People • Separating organizational & personal problems • Managing conflict • Dealing with irrational behavior • Productive handling of problems involving people Module Eight: Motivating People To Produce • • • • Understanding Motivation Traditional methods of motivation The supervisor as a coach Conducting performance evaluation

Module Three: Improving Results Through Better Time Management • Understanding the value of time • Managing your time • Managing the time of others • Maximizing time use • Benefits of time management Module Four: The Art of Delegation: • What is effective delegation • Levels of delegation • Barriers to delegation • Benefits of delegation • Delegating effectively Module Five: Communication & Team Building • Features of an effective team • Leading a team • Effective communication • Listening & feedback

Module Nine: Personal Development Planning • Training review & summary of learning experience • Personal development action plan • Awarding of certificates

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This course will have one primary facilitator with extensive facilitation, training and coaching experience. They will be assisted by one or two assistants who will provide roaming, individual support to participants.


Our fees cover content development, delivery and training materials. Our rates are set at industry competitive levels which enable us to provide the first class service which you are entitled to expect from us on this training.

Fact Sheet

Option 1: In-House Expected Number Of Participants Per Class 15 Location, Snacks & Feeding To be provided by Oando Duration 2 days Facilitators 1 Assistants 1 or 2 Development, Material & N30,000 Per Facilitation Fees Participant





N315,000 (70%)

N135,000 (30%) -

Under this option, Oando Plc will be responsible for providing a suitable training environment, refreshment and feeding for participants and facilitators

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Fact Sheet

Option 2: At PSL Facility Expected Number Of Participants Per Class 15 Location, snacks & Feeding To be provided by PSL Consulting Duration 2 days Facilitators 1 Assistants 2 Development, Material & N42,000 Per Facilitation Fees Participant





N441,0 000 (70%)

N189,000 (30%) -

Kindly note that the amount stated above is exclusive of VAT


This program provides an excellent opportunity to prepare employees for impending supervisory responsibilities. It can also be used as a refresher course for supervisors who have never had any formal supervisory training training.

It is our hope that this proposal meets your expectations and that arrangement for further discussions or commencement of the training be communicated to us soonest. encement

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