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Campus Maritime Greenwich

School Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Department Information Systems and Multimedia

Level M

TITLE OF PAPER System Modelling


Date and Time May 2008, 2 Hours

Answer any TWO of the following THREE questions.

Each question is worth 50 marks.
If you answer more than two questions, marks will ONLY be awarded for your TWO best answers.

COMP1429 System Modelling


1. Greenwich Motors is a company that sells new and used cars. The company will often
arrange a trade-in price for an old car when a customer is buying a new car. When a
dealer makes a sale they will enter the details of the sale into the sales system.

Latitude Credit is a subsidiary of Greenwich Motors which provides loans to buyers.

If a customer requires a loan in order to proceed with the sale the dealer will contact
Latitude Credit to obtain a loan quotation. The call is received by a credit officer who
records the customer’s details and the loan information on a request form. The form is
then sent to the credit department to check the customer’s credit status. This
information is recorded on the form which is then sent to the business practices
department who will draw up a contract. The form and the contract will then go to the
pricing department who use the credit information to establish an interest rate and
record it on the form. The form and the contract are then sent to the clerical group
where an administrator will prepare a cover letter quoting the interest rate and will
send the letter and the contract to the customer for signing. The customer returns the
signed contract to Latitude Credit who will then advise the dealer to proceed with the

Getting this financing quote can take anything from 4 to 6 days giving the customer
time to rethink the order or find financing elsewhere. While the quote is being
prepared sales representatives often call to find where the quote is in the process so
that they can tell the customer when to expect it. However, no one at Latitude Credit
can answer the question; the paper forms can be in any department and it is
impossible to locate them without checking in each department.

Latitude Credit would like to change this process to make it more efficient.

a) Produce a Business Process Diagram for the Latitude Credit Company’s

loan process.
What is the benefit of this diagram to the system developer?
[10 Marks]

b) Produce a State Transition Diagram (STD) for the loan process.

[10 Marks]

c) How will the STD be used to address the main problem of providing
information on the progress of the application for the dealer?
What are the implications of this for system design?
[10 Marks]

d) What is the difference between BPA (Business Process Automation), BPI

(Business Process Improvement) and BPR (Business Process
Discuss the major activities associated with each using the Greenwich
Motors case study to illustrate your answer with examples.
[20 Marks]

COMP1429 System Modelling

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a) Produce a Class Diagram for Greenwich Motors showing the classes,
attributes and methods involved in the sales process.
[15 Marks]

b) In order to decide the price of a car the dealer will check the recommended
sales price in the database. The dealer can use their discretion to adjust this
price by up to 5%. She/he will deduct the agreed trade-in price on the
customer’s old car if there is one. There is a Get-Price method on the
Sales class which co-ordinates this process.
Produce a Sequence Diagram to show how this method will be
[15 Marks]

c) The UML definition of architecture is:

Architecture is the organizational structure of a system. An
architecture can be recursively decomposed into parts that interact
through interfaces, relationships that connect parts, and constraints
for assembling parts.
With this definition in mind what comprises a good architecture?

[20 Marks]

COMP1429 System Modelling

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3. The diagram below shows a use case model for Greenwich Motors.



Price Car



Figure 1: Use Case Diagram for Greenwich Motors

a) Draw a level1 DFD of the system.

[15 Marks]

b) Create a Function Entity matrix showing all the processes in your DFD.
[15 Marks]

c) The Latitude Credit Company wants to make their loan system available as
a Web Service to other garages. How will this be achieved and what will
be the impact on the design of the system.
[20 Marks]

COMP1429 System Modelling

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