A Curriculum and Learning Environment Conference

April 9, 2011 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Palm Beach Atlantic University West Palm Beach
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Keynote : Musical Gestures and Textures
Join us for an upbeat, energizing and informative musical learning experience. Explore the musical wonders of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, meter, instrumentation, and multiculturalism with Dr Aaron Kula and Dr. Nancy Brown. Discover new ways to integrate musical elements into the daily life of the classroom.

Dr. Nancy Brown is the Director of the Toppel Family Early Childhood Education Institute and Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Education. She is responsible for staff development and curriculum in the College of Education’s innovative lab preschool, the Slattery Center. Dr. Brown completed her doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City, and Post Doctoral studies in Educational Leadership at Bank Street College of Education. Her research centers on resilience through the eyes of children as demonstrated in their art and creative writing.

Dr. Nancy Brown

Dr. Aaron Kula is nationally recognized orchestral conductor, scholar, lecturer, performer, and Jewish Ethnomusicologist. He specializes in orchestral studies, wind ensemble, academic courses in music appreciation, theory, composition, history, conducting, and Klezmer music at the pre-college through graduate school level.

and Dr. Aaron Kula

Conference Schedule
8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. …….……….…Check-in, Breakfast & Browsing Vendor Displays
Lassiter Student Center, on the Green

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. ………….... Week of the Young Child Celebration and Keynote

DeSantis Family Chapel

10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ….………………………………………Morning Breakout Sessions

MacArthur Hall & Rinker Hall

12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ……..…………………………….Lunch, Browsing Vendor Displays
Lassiter Student Center on the Green

1:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m………………………………….…………Afternoon Breakout Sessions

MacArthur Hall & Rinker Hall

3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. …………………………………..………………..……… Closing Session
DeSantis Family Chapel

Join us in kicking-off the WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD It’s A Celebration County and City recognition and proclamations See yourself on the big screen.

Children Count Opening Session

Breakout Sessions
(All sessions are presented both AM and PM unless otherwise noted)

Squish-Squash Open-Ended Art (AM ONLY)
Discuss the importance of open-ended art in our classrooms, as we learn to value the art process and the importance it holds for our children’s growth. Participants will be encouraged to leave the paint brush in the closet, as we use our imaginations to think of new creative painting mediums. We will paint on paper towels, create artwork with a friend, design bio-putty, while painting with plungers, feathers, and squishy balls. Lots of giggles, a bit of music, and total interaction will make this workshop a FUN learning experience for all!

Presenter: Lois Wachtel

Let’s Make Learning Fun
Presenter: Dina Muia-Pasakaluk and Sarah Henning
This workshop is geared towards being able to teach the learning standards throughout the day without the stress of worksheets! The activities will be created for a variety of settings including: small group, large group and center time.

KidVision VPK- Virtual Field Trips Make Learning Fun
Presenter: Penny Bernath

Put on your virtual walking shoes and your thinking caps. You will personally take a virtual field trip to a Recycling Center and get ideas how you can do this in the classroom on Monday morning. The Six Faces of an Early Childhood Educator: Which one are you?
Presenter: Dr. Lori Dassa and Dr. Traci Baxley
Through literature and manipulatives, delve into the 6 different types of early childhood teachers that exist ranging from the basic to the truly exceptional. Engage in activities representing each and view these educators through the eyes of children and then again through the critical teacher eye.

Finding the Child’s Inner Strength-Building Emotional Intelligence
Presenters: Debbie Rasso
Help children learn how to quiet their minds, calm their bodies and manage their emotions. more skillfully. Children will be more opened to learning and teachers will enjoy teaching, when children have increased selfesteem, improved concentration, awareness, enhanced empathy and communication skills the are more open to learning.

Upside Down Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes (PM ONLY)
Presenter: Janet S. Lifshin
What can we learn from Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood and Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star? Childhood is filled with fairy tales and nursery rhymes with familiar words and songs that delight young and old. In Upside Down Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes participants will learn new perspectives on familiar stories using hands on experiences.

Curriculum Counts: How to create and implementation quality learning experiences in your classroom
Presenter: Lorraine Breffni Ed. D.
This workshop will present an overview of best practice in early childhood curriculum. Participants will have opportunity to reflect on how they think about and generate curriculum. Practical examples of early childhood curriculum in action using real case studies will also be presented.

Calm, Connect, and Clarify: Brainsmart steps for classroom routines and conflict moments.
The Conscious Discipline® “Brainsmart Routine” incorporates step by step components for planning circle time or transition activities - that meet social-emotional needs and prepares the brain for learning. When addressing conflict moments, following these same principles cuts the intensity and can facilitate a cooperative learning opportunity. Participants learn the 4 elements of a “Brainsmart Routine”, viewing and practicing a variety of examples for different times, settings, and developmental levels. This workshop will also relate these elements to best practices for handling the unplanned upsets, conflicts, and problems that often occur.

Presenter: Jonathan Eastman

Be a Star: Introduction to conscious discipline in Spanish
Presenter: Amparo Morillas
Adquiera un nuevo entendimiento de principios basados en el funcionamiento del cerebro y aplicaciones practicas sirviendo a nuestros ninos. Aprenda estrategias para incrementar la paz, construir la communidad y promover el desarrollo social y emocional.

The Environment as the Third Teacher (PM only)
Using the Reggio Emilia Approach participants will study the physical environment and space which children learn in. Through the use of self-reflection the participants will examine the space in their classrooms. The participants will be able to determine how their classroom space expresses the underlying view of the children that drive their program.

Presenter: Shari Young, MAJS

Moving Beyond the Diagnosis: Supporting young children with special needs
Presenter: Lydia Bartram
Explore factors that affect typical development and offer instruction on how participants can identify potential developmental delays in young children. Strategies to support children with special needs and their families by helping them move beyond the diagnosis both in the classroom and at home will be shared.

Collaborative Relationships With Families of Infants and Toddlers: Providers’ Perspective (AM only)
Presenter: Cassandra Wilbanks
More infants and toddlers are spending time in child care. This session is designed to help caregivers establish and nurture collaborative relationships with the families of infants and toddlers

Unblock the Power of Blocks
Presenter: Ron Muhl
In this workshop we will engage in activities that will foster a new and lasting appreciation for blocks when they discover how these simple learning tools boost physical, social and cognitive development. Hands on activities will be used to bring math, language, and diversity into the block play area.

Parent Partnerships

Presenter: Debbie Le Bella and Leslie Zucker

Educators are given the task of teaching children skills that increase academic, social, emotional and behavioral competency. Often times however, teachers struggle with how to expand the learning beyond the child care center and into the home. This workshop will address the importance of teacher-parent relationships, strategies for engaging parents, and useful tools that teachers can offer parents in increasing the development of skills beyond the classroom setting and into the home.

Classification vs. Seriation (AM ONLY)
Presenter: Karen Molinario
In teacher’s attempt to understand mathematical concepts, there is often confusion between classification and seriation in early math learning. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of the difference between these two areas of math learning, along with some concrete activities and materials to build children’s wide-ranging interests in these areas of mathematical learning.

Supporting Early Math Learning (PM Only) Presenter: Karen Molinario

Explore High Scope’s Numbers Plus Mathematics Curriculum and a variety of activities for early math learning and ways to scaffold learning throughout these activities.

From Message to Meaning: Shared Reading (AM ONLY)
Presenter: Penny Urban
This presentation will explain the benefits of using a daily message board at greeting time for the children and teachers. It will assist teachers in developing their own messages and techniques in signs and symbols. It will allow teachers to practice interactive messages that encourage conversation, accumulation of background knowledge and support math, science and reading skills that lead to more independent and enjoyable learning.

Look, Explore, and Express: Teaching and Engaging Preschoolers in Learning Science
Presenter: Yash Bhagwanji, Ph.D.
This workshop focuses on practical teaching strategies in helping children develop observational and exploratory skills related to science. Science themes, centers, and resources will also be discussed.

Art from the Start: The Development of Visual Art for Preschool Children (PM ONLY)
Presenter: Dr. Nancy Brown
Participants will learn about the teacher’s role in promoting the visual arts in the preschool classroom, how young children develop visual schema, and how art can support each child’s cultural identity. The workshop will begin with a hands-on art experience, followed by a presentation on the development and power of children’s personal images. Each participant will then create a visual “mandala” (circle picture) related to his/her cultural heritage. A sharing session will allow participants to expand their appreciation of culturally diverse life stories reflected in their visual art. A lively discussion will conclude the workshop, as participants talk about applications to their own classroom and school settings.

Closing Session
The Celebration Continues Join us in recognizing the recipients of the

First Annual Professional Development Awards
The Becker Brothers Professional Development Award for a childcare program director/ administrator who recognizes and promotes professional development within his/ her program. The Lakeshore Professional Development Award for a child care program staff member who exemplifies dedication and determination in advancing his/her own professional development. The Kaplan Professional Development Award for a family child care provider who exemplifies dedication and determination in advancing his/her own professional development.

Closing Remarks…………………………… Bob Danzig
Bob Danzig grew from a childhood spent in numerous foster homes to two decades as nationwide head of the Hearst Newspaper Group and vice president of the Hearst Corporation. After graduating from high school with no family support, he took a job as an office boy at his local newspaper, the Albany (N.Y) Times

Union. Nineteen years later he became publisher of the Times Union, before
heading to the helm of the Hearst Newspaper Group. Now an author and motivational speaker his goal is to be an instrument for renewed affirmation that every single person is worthwhile.

For additional information contact Darianne Powell @ 561-514-3364

Children Count Conference Registration
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SEEK SCHOLARSHIP MAY BE AVAILABLE FOR ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS IN QUALITY COUNTS. If applying for SEEK scholarship: You must send this original form to Family Central, Inc. at 3111 S. Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach 33405 and a copy of this form with your SEEK Application to Palm Beach State College SEEK Office at 812 Fern Street West Palm Beach, Fl 33401 for processing. SEEK application deadline is March 9thth.

Please indicate your first, second and third choice for both the morning and afternoon session by writing the number 1, 2, or 3 next to you choice. Morning Session ___Let’s Make Learning Fun ___Kidvision VPK-Virtual Field Trips Make Learning Fun ___The Six Faces of an Early Childhood Educator: Which one are you? ___Finding the Child’s Inner Strength: Building Emotional Intelligence ___Curriculum Counts: Quality learning experiences in your classroom. ___Calm, Connect, and Clarify: Brainsmart steps for classroom routines and conflict moments. ___ “Be a Star” Introduction to Conscious DisciplineAfternoon Session ___Let’s Make Learning Fun ___Kidvision VPK-Virtual Field Trips Make Learning Fun ___The Six Faces of an Early Childhood Educator: Which one are you? ___Finding the Child’s Inner Strength: Building Emotional Intelligence ___Curriculum Counts: Quality learning experiences in your classroom. ___Calm, Connect, and Clarify: Brainsmart steps for classroom routines and conflict moments. ___ “Be a Star” Introduction to Conscious Discipline-

Presented in Spanish
___Moving Beyond the Diagnosis: Supporting young children with special needs. ___Look, Explore and Express: Teaching and engaging preschoolers in science ___Squish-Squash Open Ended Art ___Parent Partnerships ___Collaborative Relationships With Families of Infants and Toddlers: Providers’ Perspective ___Classification vs. Seriation ___From Message to Meaning: Shared reading ___Unlock the Power of Blocks

Presented in Spanish
___The Environment as the Third Teacher ___Moving Beyond the Diagnosis: Supporting young children with special needs. ___Look, Explore and Express: Teaching and engaging preschoolers in science ___Upside Down Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes ___Parent Partnerships ___Art From the Start: The Development of Visual Art for Preschool Children ___Supporting Early Math ___Unlock the Power of Blocks

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