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Central Coast May 2021


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Social Distancing Kids / Library Programs / Allergies / Family Gardening / SLO History

Free! Central Coast Family

Child Development
family over, and don't go to their
homes. People who look healthy

Social still can be infected and can spread

the virus. That's why it's important
to stay away from everyone, even

if they don't seem sick.
If you have to go out, make sure
you are at least 6 feet (2 meters)

away from other people. Viruses
can spread when someone sneezes
or coughs out tiny droplets. They
may even spread when people talk.

Children These droplets don't usually travel

more than 6 feet before falling to
the ground. Also, follow the CDC's
advice on wearing a cloth face
covering (or a face mask, if you
by Jonathan M. Miller, MD have one).
If you're caring for someone who
is sick, take all recommended
Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues distancing when outside of the people. When people who are precautions. It's important to keep
to spread through communities home to work or play. infected with the virus stay away that person away from others.
in the USA. The best way to fight from others, they can't pass it
What Is Social Distancing? Why Are Schools Closed if
this spread is for everyone to to anyone else. This way, fewer
keep practicing proper hygiene Kids Aren't Sick?
Social distancing is a safe method people get sick at the same
when in the home and social of maintaining space between time. Then, doctors, clinics, and Kids don't seem to get as sick
hospitals are better able to keep from coronavirus as adults. But
up with treating those who need infected kids can develop serious
Central Coast Family medical care. illness and even asymptomatic

(805) 528-0440
What Should We Do? kids still spread the virus to people
Our goal is to connect Central Coast families with the resources they need to thrive!
who could become seriously ill.
Social distancing means: Closing schools protects everyone
EDITOR Associate EDITORS in a community.
Patrice Horspool Claire & Jack Vogel not going out unless it is necessary. Necessary reasons to go out include Can Kids Still Get Together
buying food, getting medical care, With Friends?
PHOTOGRAPHy ADVERTISING or going for a walk or a bike ride
It might feel like ordinary life has
Stanley Horspool CC F Inquiries: alone or with members of the
been at a standstill. Theaters household.
and restaurants are still closed
closing schools or other places or partially reopening; group
GRAPHIC DESIGN DISTRIBUTION MANAGER where people gather, or partially events and sports activities have
Out of the Blue ™
Eric Woodards been called off or rescheduled.
opening with precautions
These temporary but necessary
FEATURE & CONTRIBUTING WRITERS not getting together in person measures help our communities
with friends maintain social distancing.
Jennifer Best, John J. Cannell, Guy Crabb, Kerrin Edmonds,
Stanley W. Horspool, Karyn Lutes, Rebecca Juretic, CS Perryess
working from home if possible But that doesn't mean we need
Central Coast Family is published monthly with a readership over 40,000 throughout

not taking public transportation, to feel isolated, bored, or lonely.
San Luis Obispo County and North Santa Barbara County. including buses, subways, taxis, With a bit of creativity, you can
help your kids stay connected
Find us online: and rideshares
with friends and extended family During this health crisis, it's best members by setting up video to take a "better safe than sorry" visits, group chats, or playdates.
Submission deadline: 20th of each month prior to publication approach. This means:
Some local neighborhoods have
Information contained in advertisements and other submissions is accepted in good faith. Publication does not imply endorsement by Central Coast
Family. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect views of the publisher. We reserve the right to reject or edit submissions for any reason.
Keep your family home and away created fun scavenger hunts or
Material published herein may not be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission. © CCF 2021
from others as much as possible. homemade bingo games to keep
Don't have friends and extended a feeling of togetherness. Kids

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Child Development

The Village Salon

Happy May &
can walk or ride with their parents You Can Still Be Social
Mother’s Day
in search of "treasures" or stuffed
animals in windows. These give The official phrase may be "social To all mothers, mothers to be, mothers
kids fun things to do outside while distancing," but it can help to
still keeping physical distance think of it as "physical distancing" who were, and mothers to others!
instead. We can still be social, just
Call Toni & Toni: (805) 489-5100
from neighbors.
in different ways.
You also can plan family activities.
Take advantage of the many safe
Taking a walk or a hike or riding
social in person options, media 115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande
bikes are great ways to get out
and get active without having meetings, and video apps to reach
physical contact with others. Try out and support each other, laugh
to find quiet streets or less well- together, play games, and help to
known paths for these outings. take care of each other until the
It's best not to go to parks where virus is under control.
other people might gather,
especially those with things that Reprinted with permission. KidsHealth © 2021
lots of kids use, like jungle gyms. The Nemours Foundation.

Make a Difference!
(805) 781-3226

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Library Voice
Check It Out:
May Happenings
by Rebecca Juretic

Bestselling Author Event inspiration for becoming an

Addresses Racism author and his work on the book
We are extremely proud to Stamped: Racism, Antiracism,
present New York Times best- and You. He will be answering
selling author and Library of questions from viewers as well.
Luis Obispo Libraries. The Caterpillar Hunter!
Congress Ambassador for Youth Event registration is required. To
Jason Reynolds in a special register and receive a link to the Book to Action is a program of Crikey! We’re excited to present
Live Webinar, May 26 at 6:00 program, go to the California Library Association, the fun and educational play The
pm. This is part of our ongoing and find the event on our Event supported in whole or in part Caterpillar Hunter, performed by
Book to Action program where Calendar.   by the U.S. Institute of Museum The Traveling Lantern Theater
we encourage San Luis Obispo and Library Services under the Company. The play features a
This event will be presented in
County residents to read a provisions of the Library Services colorful character based on the
partnership with the Chula Vista
selected book and discuss how and Technology Act, administered late Steve Irwin. This explorer,
Public Library. It is sponsored by
to act for positive change in our in California by the State Librarian. however, is pursuing elusive
the California State Library and
community. bugs and shrinks himself down
the Friends of the Arroyo Grande,
Reynolds will be discussing his Atascadero, Cambria, and San to explore critters and strange
Support for New Parents herbage in the wild recesses
of a common North American
We are continuing our series of vegetable garden. Join in his
parenting workshops with two exciting backyard adventure! 
great virtual events for expectant Register for a digital key to get
parents or parents of newborns. access to this video all week,
On May 4th at 10:30 am, we May 9 – 16. Go to
address the important issues and find the event on the Event
of post-partum depression and Calendar to register.
general mental wellness for new Summer Reading is coming!
mothers. LMFT Megan Jenkins
Can you believe that the Summer
will explore the many emotions
Reading Program is just around
mothers experience after a baby is
the corner? To get us all ready, we
born and answer questions about
are hosting help via Zoom every
handling this overwhelming time Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Do you need
in life. help signing up for Beanstack, the
On May 11th at 10:30 am, the topic app that we will be using again
is healthy eating for parents on the for tracking reading progress? Are
go. Are you looking to get healthy you a teacher who would like to
after baby?  Find out everything register your class for this great
you need to know about eating program? Just jump on Zoom
right after your baby is born, or and chat with our Coordinating
while you are nursing with tips Librarian for Youth Services
and valuable information from Margaret Kensinger-Klopfer. She
nutritionist Dawn Wilt.  There will can walk you through getting
be time for your questions as well. connected to the library's summer
reading program step-by-step, or
Register for this class and you will
answer a quick question to get
receive a free copy of the book
you up and running.
Parents Need to Eat Too. 
To register for either of these
parenting classes, go to slolibrary. Rebecca Juretic is a freelance writer and Public
org and find the event on our Relations Consultant for the San Luis Obispo
County Libraries. Rebecca can be reached at:
Event Calendar.

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 4

Raising A Reader Challenge
Parents of children ages 3 to 5 are

Arroyo Grande . Atascadero . Cambria invited to take part in the Raising A

Reader Challenge, where you can

Los Osos . Morro Bay . Nipomo . San Luis Obispo keep track of books read together,
engage in fun and enriching literacy
activities with your child, and best
of all, develop a love of reading
to register your child today!

Aikido (The Art of Peace) is a perfect martial art for children, because it builds a
strong sense of inner strength, focus, and self-confidence.

Children practice in a friendly, supportive, coed atmosphere. Specially qualified

instructors use games, techniques, and tumbling exercises to teach children
how to defend themselves without hurting others.

Visit our school, watch a class, and decide if Aikido would benefit your child!

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May is National Asthma and Aller- around the same time every year. Exhausted and overwhelmed from sleepless nights?
gy Awareness Month. It’s a peak These could include a runny nose, Face to Face, Phone, & Email Consultations . Local group classes
season for asthma and allergy suf- nasal stuffiness, sneezing, throat
ferers, and a perfect time to edu- clearing, coughing, nose rubbing, (805) 296-2149
cate your family about allergies. sniffling, snorting, sneezing, and
itchy, runny eyes.
Seasonal Allergies in Children bronchial tubes, overreact by con- are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts,
Itching or tingling sensations in stricting (getting narrower). seafood, soy, and wheat
Allergies and asthma can often the mouth and throat are not
start in childhood and continue usually complaints with a cold, Many different substances and Controlling Allergy Symptoms
throughout life. Although neither but are the hallmark of an allergy. events can “trigger” an asthma
can be cured, with proper care attack — exercise, cold air, virus- It’s helpful to use air conditioners
Wheezing, difficulty breathing,
they can usually be kept under es, air pollution, certain fumes or filters, where possible, to re-
and other respiratory symptoms,
control. Allergies are caused by and, especially, a host of aller- duce exposure to pollen in both
recurrent red, itchy, dry or scaly
the body’s reaction to substances gens. In fact, about 80 percent your home and your car. Molds
rashes in the creases of the skin,
called “allergens,” which trigger of children with asthma also have are present in the spring and late
wrists, and ankles also may indi-
the immune system to react to allergies and, for them, allergens summer, particularly around ar-
cate an allergy.
harmless substances as though are often asthma triggers. eas of decaying vegetation. Chil-
they were attacking the body. When it comes to rashes, the dren with mold allergies should
most common chronic inflamma- Common Allergens avoid playing in dead leaves in the
When to Suspect an Allergy tory skin condition in children is fall.
In spring, warmer weather can
Some allergies are easy to identify eczema, also called atopic derma- increase outdoor allergens. In Dust mites are commonly found
by the pattern of symptoms that titis. Although not strictly an aller- fall, many indoor allergens cause in upholstered furniture, bedding,
follows exposure to a particular gic disorder, eczema in young chil- problems because children are in- and rugs. Padded furnishings,
substance. But others are more dren has many of the hallmarks of doors for longer periods. such as mattresses, box springs,
subtle, and may masquerade as allergies and is often a sign that pillows, and cushions should be
other conditions. Here are some hay fever and asthma may devel- Dust: contains dust mites and fine encased in allergen-proof, zip-up
common clues that could lead you op. The rate of eczema, like that particles from other allergens, covers available through special-
to suspect that your child may of asthma, is increasing through- such as pollen, mold, and animal ized retailers. Wash linens week-
have an allergy. out the world. Where asthma is dander ly, and bedding such as blankets
rare, the rate of eczema is also every 2 to 3 weeks in hot water
Repeated or chronic cold-like low. Fungi: including molds too small to kill dust mites. Replace pillows
symptoms that last more than to be seen with the naked eye

When to Suspect Asthma every 2 to 3 years.
a week or two, or that develop
Furry animals: cats, dogs, guinea Work With Your Pediatrician
Although allergies and asthma
pigs, gerbils, rabbits, and other
often go together, they are actu- Your child’s allergy and/or asth-
ally two different conditions. In ma treatment should start with
simple terms, asthma is a chronic Clothing and toys: especially your pediatrician. If needed, your
condition that starts in the lungs. those made, trimmed, or stuffed doctor may refer you to a pediat-
Allergies are reactions that start with animal hair

For Wildlife in Distress in the immune system. Not every-
ric allergy specialist for addition-
al evaluations and treatments.
Call Our Hotline: body with allergies has asthma, but Latex: household and school arti-
cles, such as rubber gloves, toys,
Although there are many over-
most people with asthma have al-
805 543-WILD [9453]
the-counter antihistamines,
lergies. balloons; elastic in socks, under-
decongestants, and nasal sprays,
wear, and other clothing; airborne
The airways of the typical child it is very important that you

with asthma are inflamed or swol- work with a pediatrician to make
len, which makes them oversen- Bacterial enzymes: used to man- sure that your child’s conditions
sitive. When they come in con- ufacture enzyme bleaches and are correctly diagnosed and the
tact with an asthma “trigger” cleaning products symptoms properly treated.
— something that causes an asth- Excerpted with Permission. © 2021 American
ma attack — the airways, called Certain foods: common allergens Academy of Pediatrics.

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 6

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 7
Fun & Games Jack’s Jokes
If evolution really works, why do mothers have only two hands?

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Figs. Figs who? Figs the doorbell!

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo? A pouch potato!

Mother’s Day Word Search

Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells filled with numbers. The object is to fill
the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell).
A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 8
Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 9
Family Life
forget the all-time favorite classic
Jack and the Beanstalk! ingwithkids/Gardening_with_Kids

Grow it & Cook It (This site has links to other gar-

Many vegetables can be grown den websites), www.backyard-
either in a plot of ground or in, and/or www.

Gardening With Kids containers. Kids can research the

local growing season, their gar-
dening zone, how much space Take your child on field trips. To
vegetables need, what kind of soil see a deluxe vegetable stand, visit
and fertilizer is best, how to start the Avila Valley Barn (http://www.
plants or seeds, and what tools Call 595-
are needed. 2810 for hours. Another fantastic
place to take the kids is the sea-
Before your child decides what to sonal Cal Poly U-Pick fields (http://
by Steven Smith
plant, they can visit the produce Call 756-2279
section of a local grocery store or for dates and hours. Shop at our
Have you tasted a homegrown ily to spend quality time together. a garden shop. If there isn’t much many local Farmers’ Markets to
tomato or a strawberry picked Children can learn about the histo- outdoor space for a garden plot, see a multitude of vegetables and
straight from your own garden? ry and variety of vegetables, how children might prefer planting fruits grown on the Central Coast.
Preparing dishes with vegetables to cultivate them, and traditions, vegetables in containers. Cherry
or fruit that you have grown is a celebrations and folklore about tomatoes grow well in pots and Harvesting your vegetables from
real treat. Teaching your children them (such as, using pumpkins in small children love them. Popular the garden is especially fun and
to grow vegetables and fruits to fall celebrations). plants for children to grow include rewarding. If your children have
cook is an excellent family proj- tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, not cooked before, this can be an
ect, especially during the summer To foster interest in planting a beans, potatoes, and carrots. excellent opportunity for them to
months when school is out and garden, try these popular books learn how to prepare fresh vege-
for young children: The Carrot There are many helpful garden- tables for the family’s meal. Betty
harvest time approaches!
Seed, Growing Vegetable Soup, ing books and web sites. Kids can Crocker’s Cookbook for Girls and
Growing and preparing their own and Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes. look for books like these at local Boys, DK Children’s Cook Book,
vegetables allows children to con- For older children, I recommend: libraries or bookstores: and American Heart Association
tribute to their family, learn about Grow it Cook It; A Backyard Veg-
etable Garden for Kids; The Vege- • I n My Garden: a Child’s Gar- Kids’ Cookbook have illustrations
nature and science, and develop
tables We Eat, and Blue Potatoes, dening Book, shows a garden or step-by-step instructions so
patience. Sharing a garden can
Orange Tomatoes. And, don’t 10 x 12 feet with seven types of children can follow along. Other
provide opportunities for the fam-
vegetables: lettuce, radishes, popular cookbooks for children
carrots, zucchini, beans, pep- include:
pers and tomatoes) for pre- • Emeril’s: There’s A Chef in My
schoolers. Soup: Recipes for the Kid in Ev-
• A Kid’s Guide to How Vegeta- eryone by Emeril Lagasse for
bles Grow by Patricia Ayers for ages 4-8.
ages 4 to 8. • Kids Can Cook Vegetarian Rec-
• Growing Vegetables is Fun by ipes by Dorothy R. Bates for
Emma Cooper. ages 4-8.

• The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids’ • Kid’s Cookbook: A Great Book

First Gardening Book: Fantastic for Kids Who Love to Cook! by
Gardening Ideas for 5-12 year Olds Abigail Dodge for ages 4-8.
by Jenny Hendy for ages 4-8. • Kitchen Fun for Kids by Michael
• Kids in the Garden: Growing F. Jacobson for ages 7-12.
Plants for Food and Fun by Eliz- • Kids Can Press: Jumbo Cook-
abeth McCorquodale for ages book for ages 9-12.
• Kids Cook 1-2-3 by Rozanne Gold
• Growing Vegetables by Tracy for ages 9-12.
Maurer for ages 9-12.
So get your children outdoors and
• Jerry Baker’s Terrific Toma- start your family vegetable gar-
toes, Sensational spuds and den. Come harvest time, you’ll all
Mouth-Watering Melons (for be glad you did!
older children and young
Steven Smith is a resident of San Luis Obispo
Go online with your kids and and a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a
degree in Creative Writing. Steven is a painter/
check out these websites: www. muralist and freelance writer. Steven can be, www. reached at:

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 10

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 11
Local History Monterey Street has gotten a makeover.
Buildings have been renovated and the
parking lots have been dug up.

San Luis Obispo Summer 1917 Buy your copy of Monterey / Marsh Sts
100 Year Book. Remember the past, as
the future is right around the corner.

Enjoy Your Memories!

Get an autographed copy at:
w w w. s l o 1 0 0 ye a r s . co m
Also available at Barnes and Noble, Crushed Grape, Antiques of Monterey,
History Center, Apple Farm, and Boo Boo Records. GUY CRABB PUBLISHING

by Guy Crabb As we pass the stables, we walk of my favorite fresh cigars.

by Harrington Bros. Harness
Makers (875 Higuera - where the Janet does not approve of me
I taught 4th grade, and students much money). I’m sure our horse Gap was for years) and wave at smoking cigars, but it is one of
in my class wr0te research Rocky is also happy about not the brothers who have been my few bad habits. I’ve read in
reports. One of those reports pulling the wagon on this warm making our horse harnesses the newspaper that smoking may
was called “The Coin.” I put an afternoon. One less horse on the for many years. They use the be bad for your health. Even Ty
assortment of old pennies in a road also means less dust flying best leather and the strongest Cobb thinks that smoking is bad
jar and each student picked out around in the air. There are so steel. People from all around the for your lungs. George Kluver
a coin. They were then assigned many horses and wagons kicking county come to San Luis Obispo and his sons roll the best cigars
to write a report on the year their up dirt on the downtown streets to buy their harnesses from the in town. We can smell the aroma
penny was minted and to create on Saturday afternoons, I often Harrington Brothers. of cigars leaves that comes from
the front-page of a newspaper wish I wore a mask. downstairs where many of the
showing the headlines of that The first thing on my wife’s To cigars are rolled. Kluver and Sons
year. My oldest penny was a 1912 Some wealthy people are starting
Do list is a stop at City Hall (867 Cigar Store (in what is now 716
and the most recent one was a to get automobiles in this part
Higuera - where Charles Shoes Higuera) has been located here
1980. of California. Janet and I have
was for years) to ask about the for many years.
decided to stick with our horse
For my readers in their 50s, 60s, tax on a piece to property we
and wagon because we both The J. J. Andre store is next door
and older, 1980 was 40 years ago. own out near El Moro (Morro
agree this whole automobile (714 Higuera - Romp Shoe Store
Yikes! The outline for our reports Bay). I don’t mind stopping by
idea is crazy and will never last, is there today), and Janet goes in
started with what was happening City Hall because the fire station
and those automobiles have a to do a little shopping. I hope she
locally, then statewide, in the is on the ground floor and while
funny smell. Speaking of odors, doesn’t buy anything too heavy
United States, and then finally my dear wife is upstairs inquiring
I can tell we are getting close to because I don’t want to carry
throughout the world during about property taxes, I can check
town because I can smell Rowan around 10 pounds of dry goods.
their year. We discussed what out the new fire wagon the city
Stables. She comes out empty handed, but
the world was like 100 years ago. recently purchased. The fire
wagons are red with lots of shinyI did notice she had a paper in her
Imagine what it would be like to The stables (now a parking lot hand. She bought some things
walk down Higuera Street in San next to Union Bank on the corner chrome everywhere. I can see
the horses that pull the wagons and arranged for the Sandercock
Luis Obispo in the year 1917. It’s of Higuera and Osos) are taking moving company to bring it up
a beautiful day for a walk. care of fewer horses these days, out in back. Janet comes down
after about 20 minutes and pulls to our house. Suddenly, I feel
which is why San Luis Transfer a headache coming on and ask
Join my wife and myself on a is using part of their property. me away off down the street.
if we coan stop by Norton Drug
Friday stroll in downtown San Rowan Stables is a big building,
Luis Obispo at about noon in and today I noticed the stable We walk past the White House Store to buy some pain pills.
the summer of 1917. We start boys trying to repair one of those Grocery store and Janet asks me Thank you for joining us. I hope
our walk at the corner of Santa automobiles. Those machines to remind her to stop here on you have enjoyed our stroll in
Rosa and Higuera streets and always seem to be breaking our way home. The Sandercock historic San Luis Obispo. It won’t
set off to complete several down, which is another reason family has had this store on be long until we can safely go
chores. My wife Janet has a list we will never buy one. Higuera forever (856 Higuera - out and mingle again. In the
of things we need to do today Fiore is there today), and they meantime, stay well everyone!
and we are walking rather than Most of upper Higuera Street is have hauled many items for me
taking our wagon into town. To flanked by fields and empty lots, in the past. I always have them
Guy Crabb retired after teaching for over
be honest, I was just too lazy to but as you get past the stables, deliver animal feed to our ranch 32 years, most recently at Charles E. Teach
hitch up the horse to the wagon there are many businesses where out in El Moro. We say howdy. If Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He was
(and figure if we don’t bring the the good citizens of San Luis we greet everyone, I will never selected as San Luis Coastal Unified School
District Teacher of the Year for 2006-2007.
wagon then we can’t spend too Obispo County do their shopping. get down to Kluver’s to buy some Reach him at

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 12

Choosing Safer Activities
Unvaccinated Your Activity Fully
People Vaccinated
Outdoor People
Walk, run, or bike outdoors with members
of your household

Attend a small, outdoor gathering with

fully vaccinated family and friends

Attend a small, outdoor gathering with fully

vaccinated and unvaccinated people

Dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends


from multiple households


Attend a crowded, outdoor event, like a live


performance, parade, or sports event


Visit a barber or hair salon

Go to an uncrowded, indoor
Less Safe

shopping center or museum

Ride public transport with limited occupancy

Attend a small, indoor gathering of fully vaccinated and

unvaccinated people from multiple households

Go to an indoor movie theater

Attend a full-capacity worship service

Least Safe

Sing in an indoor chorus

Eat at an indoor restaurant or bar

Participate in an indoor, high intensity

exercise class

Get a COVID-19 vaccine

Prevention measures not needed • Safety levels assume the recommended prevention measures are
followed, both by the individual and the venue (if applicable).
Take prevention measures • CDC cannot provide the specific risk level for every activity in
Fully vaccinated people: wear a mask every community. It is important to consider your own personal
Unvaccinated people: wear a mask, stay 6 feet situation and the risk to you, your family, and your community
apart, and wash your hands. before venturing out.

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 13


bunk & its buddies of the term and it simply means

cheap, nonsensical or pretentious
English is rife with colorful terms language.
referring to irrelevant, useless, or sound (cellophane, cinnamon, From there, some etymologists
empty words. As we ramp up to There are so many great synonyms cyborg…). Otherwise, it makes see no source. Others argue for
elections, let’s celebrate a few. for bunk, blatherskite, bosh and the K sound (coliform, curly, the Arabic term yasara, he played
claptrap. Followers, what empty- cadaver…). The scraperfish rule at dice, while others argue for
Bunk appeared in American word words would you add to the even works when a C is doubled, as azahr or al-zahr, meaning, the die.
English about 1900 as a shortened list? in accident and accelerate. When
form of bunkum, meaning a C is followed by the letter H, all By the mid-1500s the English
nonsense. By most accounts the the elusive scraperfish bets are off, but in other cases, word hazard shed its specific
term was born in the US House it’s amazing how consistently this connection to games of chance
of Representatives when North Word-lovers go to great lengths pronunciation rule applies. and became generalized to refer
Carolina Representative Felix to help others make sense of to any chance of loss, harm, or risk.
Walker threw in his two cents this nutty language we love so What’s cooler still is that there’s a
regarding Missouri’s statehood well. The Elusive Scraperfish is second form of scraperfish. What I find fascinating is that by
in relation to the Mason-Dixon one such tale. It’s not elusive most accounts, the word entered
Line. He needed to say something because of its astounding English due to the Crusades.
that would appear in the papers camouflage or because it buries Soldiers don’t spend all their time
back home in Buncombe, so itself in the muck. It’s elusive lopping off heads; they have a
he unabashedly made a “long, because so many people don’t little down time to learn the local
dull, irrelevant speech.” In time, even know it’s there. Such is the Amazingly, it hunts the same customs and play the local games,
Buncombe shifted to bunkum, nature of bottomdwellers that exact prey, giving us and throwing dice was one of the
which got shortened to bunk. concern themselves with English gelatin, gin, and gymnasium games Crusaders learned during
pronunciation rules. in the presence of its prey, and their travels. Isn’t it wickedly
Blatherskite, was born during the gasoline, gogo boots, and guru ironic that games of chance, and
American Revolution, and refers otherwise. This second fish’s rule eventually a word referring to risk
to both the words spoken by a doesn’t work when g doubles and chance of loss was born of
talkative, nonsensical person and up. Also, it has some high profile the recreational time of Christian
the person him/herself. It comes rule-breaking words in begin and soldiers heading to the Holy Land
of blather, meaning to babble. girl, but like the first scraperfish, with violent intent? That’s not just
Blather is a Scottish term derived Meet the scraperfish. It scrapes it applies the great majority of the irony, that’s exponential irony.
from an Old Norse word meaning along on the bottom of the sea, time.
to wag the tongue, added to skite, looking for its tunnel-dwelling
meaning a contemptible individual. prey. As its rough belly scrapes Okay, so how many of you Many thanks to sources:, In-
We see a related ending in the along the ocean floor, it makes the word nerds have already met teresting English Borrowed Words, Hugh Raw-
word cheapskate, and a related sound kkkkkk, kkkkkkk, kkkkkk, the scraperfish? And who can
son’s Wicked Words and the OED.
beginning in the term blithering signifying to those in the know contribute other unlikely tales
idiot. Skite also originated in Old that the letter C (masquerading to support English spelling or
Norse, from a word meaning to as a gill), generally makes the pronunciation rules?
shoot, which apparently is what K sound. However, when the
the Old Norse thought should be scraperfish spots its tunnel- hazard
done with blatherers. dwelling prey, it sucks it up, savors
it, and says sssss, sssss, sssss. This word’s etymology is quite
Bosh came to English in the 1830s pleasingly contentious.
from Turkish. Its literal Turkish
meaning of empty, applies in Hazard came into English about
English only to meaningless 1300 from the Old French word,
speech or writing. hasard or hasart, a game of
chance played with dice. Most
Claptrap appeared in the 1730s The observant reader will notice etymologists agree that the CS Perryess writes for teens, narrates audio
and meant a stage trick to catch the nature of the scraperfish’s French word stems from the books, and ponders the wonder of words in a
foggy little town on California’s central coast.
applause. Since then we’ve lost prey. When the letter C is followed Spanish word, azar, an unfortunate Find more at,
the applause-inducing element by an E, I, or Y, it makes the S card or throw at dice. or reach him at

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Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 15
An enriching opportunity during the summer for students entering the 5th through 9th grades in Fall 2021.
Join a modified in-person College for Kids program in summer 2021. Sessions A and D feature two weeks of in-person classes
that meet for 4 hours in the morning with the option for online classes in the afternoon. Sessions B and C are intensive 4 and
3-day camps for deeper exploration of a subject. CDC and SLO County guidelines for safe operations will be followed. REGISTRATION OPENS: April 30, 2021 at 6:00 am
Summer 2021 Sessions:
Session A: June 14 -24 (Monday - Thursday) Session C: July 6 - 8 (Tuesday - Thursday)
Session A (online): June 14 -24 (Monday - Thursday) Session D: July 12 - 22 (Monday - Thursday)
Session B: June 28 - July 1 (Monday - Thursday) Session D (online): July 12 - 22 (Monday - Thursday)

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 16

MAY 2021 S pecial Family Days
25 26 27 28 29 30 1
May is: Emerald May day
American Bike Month space Day
Allergy Awareness Month
Better Hearing & Speech Month mother goose day
Flower Month Flower:
National Mental Health Month Lily of the Valley
National Physical Fitness Month
Older Americans Month
National Water Safety Month

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dr Benjamin national
spock’s train DAY
birthday International
space day
(Born in 1903) No Diet DAY
national child care
teacher day providers day

national school nurse day
weather Flower moon
observers’ International

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
mother’s day national armed
forces day

twilight zone day Thank You! tulip day

chocolate chip

dance like a
chicken day

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

circus day
(Ringling Brothers lindbergh
open in 1884) flight (in 1927)
1st Us nickel 1st kentucky visit your
minted (in 1866) derby (in 1875) relatives day
red cross
(by Clara Barton in 1881)
museum day
play a musical
instrument day


23 24 25 26 27 28 29
1st morse code
message sent
National lucky (WA DC to Baltimore in 1844)
penny day golden gate john F Kennedy’s
national missing birthday
bridge opens (Born in 1917)
children’s day (in 1937)

30 31
memorial Day
Jim Thorpe’s
(Born in 1888)

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Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 18
Hospice of San Luis Obispo County (Hospice SLO County) is an incorporated 501(c)3 volunteer hospice serving county residents
who are facing a life-limiting illness, end of life or grief. We depend 100% on community donations, fundraising events, grants,
bequests and planned gifts, and the time and talent of over 200 volunteers to serve thousands of individuals annually.

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 19

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 20
Local Resources
2nd FRI every month at 3:00 pm: PAWS TO am: Santa Maria Parks & Rec Dept offers free reation Community Rm, 671 W Tefft St, Ste 2,
READ at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. docent-led nature walks in Los Flores Ranch, Nipomo.  Toys for kids with all types of dis-
Come share your stories with an adoring lis- 6271 Dominion Rd, Santa Maria. Cost: free. abilities to check out. In-home appts avail.
tener. Cost: free. Contact: 528-1862. Contact: 925-0951. Cost-free! Contact: 547-1914 or www.jack-
Feeling hopeless, desperate, or alone?
Every WED 3:00-4:00 pm: PAWS TO READ at 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm: Care-
Concerned for someone you care about? Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. Read to giver Support Group at Cayucos Community Every TUE 5:30-6:30 pm: Citizenship Classes
a dog who loves to listen to children. Cost: Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Free support at SLO County Library, 995 Palm St, SLO. All
free. Contact: 528-1862. for caregivers helping with long-term illness, classes are bilingual, with all materials cov-
memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. ered in 8 classes. No registration required.
Every SUN 12:00-4:00 pm: Family Funday at
Contact: 458-7484. Cost: free. Contact: or 781-4187.
Bang the Drum Brewery, 950 Orcutt Rd, San
Suicide Prevention Luis Obispo. Enjoy the patio to play fami- Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Inde- Every FRI at 7:00 pm: Senior Ballroom Danc-
Mental Health and ly-friendly games and drums! Cost: free. Food pendent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Maria ing at Madonna Inn. Look left of the band-
Emotional Support and craft beer available for sale. Contact: Terrace, 1405 E Main St. New ways of doing stand for sign: Dancers. Dance, chat and lis-
Free or 242-8372. daily tasks are taught by the Braille Institute, ten to good music. No fees; no dues; just fun!
Confidential such as home management, traveling, and Contact: 489-5481 or
24 hours of every day
Every FRI 6:00 am-4:00 pm: Early Bird Flea
using talking library books. Contact: 462-1225.
A program of Transitions Mental Health Association
Market at Santa Maria Fairpark, 937 S Thorn- Literacy Council for San Luis Obispo County
burg St. Browse vendors with antiques, 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: has an ongoing and urgent need for volun-
fruits, vegetables, new and used items, and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pa- teer tutors and offers free training in SLO.
2nd & 4th SAT every month 12:00-4:00 pm: more! Cost: free. Contact: 258-1765. cific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Contact: 541-4219 or
Railway Historical Museum at Santa Maria Santa Maria. Childcare is provided.  Contact:
Every FRI 10:00 am-12:00 pm: Zen Doodle 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission
Transit Center, 400 E Boone St, Santa Ma- 934-3491 or
Adult Coloring Book Group at Art Center on the Status of Women meets at Coast Na-
ria. This bimonthly opening features a loco-
Morro Bay, 835 Main St.  Relax and unwind Every TUE 3:00-6:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm: tional Bank, 500 Marsh St, SLO. This advisory
motive, boxcar, caboose, railroad artifacts,
with the new adult coloring books. Cost: free. Teen Wellness Program at Arroyo Grande group to SLO County Board of Supervisors
interpretive exhibits, vintage rolling stock,
Contact: or 772-2504. EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand identifies issues of concern to women not the
and a diorama to explore. Cost: free. Contact:
Ave. Health services, including reproductive focus of other advocacy or advisory organiza-
714-4927. Every MON 2:00-5:00 pm: Historic Tour of
health, in a safe environment to screen, as- tions. Contact: 788-3406.
Architecture at Monday Club, 1815 Monterey
Every TUE & THU: Youth Aikido Classes at sess, and provide intervention. Appts pre-
St, SLO. Cost: free. Contact: themondayclub Morro Bay Museum of Natural History Ad-
Budo Ryu, 3536 S Higuera St, San Luis Obispo. ferred. Contact: 489-4026. or 541-0594. ventures With Nature & Mind Walks schedule
Kids have fun, stay fit, make friends, gain life
1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Senior is at:
skills, and learn to deal with bullies without Every THU at 10:15 am: Tiny Tunes Music &
Health Screening at First United Methodist
becoming one. Aiki-Mites (age 4-6) class is Movement at Music Motive, 3440 S Higuera Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens
Church, 275 N Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande.
3:00 pm TUE. Aiki-Kids (age 7-12) TUE & THU St #130, SLO. This parent participation pro- offers free services: Senior Connection to
Free and low-cost services for ages 50 and
at 4:00 pm. Pre-registration only. Cost: $50- gram for ages 1-5 includes activities based connect callers with local resources; one on
older: blood pressure, pulse, weight, cho-
75/mo. Contact: 544-8866 or www.aikidosan- on music psychology and child development. one Medicare help, referrals for long term
lesterol, screening for anemia and diabetes, Cost: $80 per mo. Contact: 543-0377. care, and help with billing and appeals; Vial
nutritional counseling, and medical referrals.
of Life kits with medical info for emergency
Every WED 10:00-11:00 am: Growing With 2nd FRI every month at 1:00 pm: Book Group Contact: 481-2692 or 788-0827.
responders; a Senior Resource Directory for
Baby Class at 1230 Marsh St, San Luis Obis- at Cayucos Library, 310 B St. Join other read-
1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled SLO and SB counties, and more. Contact: 925-
po. Pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation ers to discuss whatever you’re reading and
American Veterans luncheon at Veterans Me- 9554 or
consultant Andrea Herron answers questions to discover, ponder, and share insights about
morial Bldg, 313 W Tunnell St, Santa Maria.
about feeding, crying, and sleep for babies what others are reading. Cost: free. Contact: Hospice of SLO County provides free grief
Contact: 345-0402.
0-10 months. Dads are always welcome! Call 995-3846. counseling, individual and family support,
to reserve a spot. Contact: 543-6988. Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support counseling, crisis intervention, and wellness
Every THU 6:30-9:30 pm: SLO Chess Club
Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, education to those with a life-limiting illness,
Every TUE 7:00-9:00 pm & SAT 2:00-4:00 pm: meets at Carl’s Jr on Santa Rosa St, 1 block
Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Offered by Hospice of their families, and the bereaved in SLO and
Basic Safety Class at SLO MakerSpace, 81 S W of Foothill, across from Cal-Poly. All ages.
SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or Paso. Contact: 544-2266.
Higuera St, Ste 160 & 180, San Luis Obispo. Cost: free. Contact: 441-7210 or
Get acquainted with the space and equip- Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Sup- Volunteer as a Good Neighbor!  Make a differ-
Every SAT 10:00 am-2:00 pm: SLO Chess Club
ment before using the facility. See website port Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, 420 ence in the life of an older or disabled adult.
meets at the big board on Morro Bay Embar-
for dates and classes. Cost: free for Members Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. Training is monthly at Wilshire Community
cadero at west end of Morro Bay Blvd (down
and all SLO County Library cardholders. Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO. Contact:
the stairs). Cost: free. Contact: 441-7210 or 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to
Contact: 439-2727 or 547-7025 x 17. Survive Divorce seminar at SLO Women’s
Every THU 10:00-11:00 am: La Leche League Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St #D, SLO. Volunteer at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art!
3rd WED of every month at 6:30 pm: Pre-
Mother Support Meetings in North Co, SLO, Tips for handling family law issues. Cost: $10. Stop by at 1010 Broad St (Mission Plaza) or
pared & Natural Childbirth Classes at Twin
AG and SM. Breastfeeding and parenting Contact: 544-9313 to register. email for information
Cities Community Hospital, 1220 Las Tablas
support and information offered. Cost: free. about multiple volunteer opportunities.
Rd, Templeton. This six-series class includes RISE offers: weekly drop-In support groups
Contact: 242-2294 or lecture, hands-on demos, and technique for sexual assault survivors; 24 hour crisis San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health
MON-THU 8:30-11:30 am: Walk-In Legal Clin- practice. Cost: free. Contact: 434-4654. line; advocacy; peer counseling; prevention, screening, legal services, meals, exercise,
ic in 3rd Floor Atrium of Courthouse Annex, empowerment and education. Contact: 545- bridge, and bingo at 1445 Santa Rosa St. Con-
2nd THU of every month at 6:30 pm: Breast-
1035 Palm St, San Luis Obispo and Paso Ro- 8888 or tact: 781-7306.
feeding Basics at Twin Cities Community Hos-
bles Courthouse, 901 Park St, Rm 112. Get pital, 1100 Las Tablas Rd, Templeton. Learn Every SAT 11:00 am-3:00 pm: ADOPT A PET at Central Coast Astronomical Society sponsors
help with divorce, child and spousal support, about practical aspects of feeding your new- Petco, 2051 Theater Dr, in Paso Robles. Cats a Dark Sky Star Party every month at sunset.
domestic violence, guardianship, civil harass- born from a Lactation Consultant. Cost: free. from NCHS and dogs from Short n’ Sweet CCAS sponsors guest speakers and public ed-
ment, and name or gender change. Contact: 239-4443. Dog Rescue. Contact: 466-5403. ucation programs. Find the CCAS event calen-
Every TUE & THU at 1:30 pm: Divorce & Child dar, location and weather condition updates,
Every THU-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 11:00 Every MON 2:00-4:00 pm & WED 3:00-
Support Workshops at SLO Court Support and local resources at: www.centralcoastas-
am-5:00 pm: Exploration Station Interactive 5:00 pm: Jacks’ Adaptive Toy Lending Li-
Services, 1120 Mill St, Ste A, San Luis Obispo
Science Center welcomes families at 867 Ra- brary-Jack’s Helping Hand at Central Coast
and Paso Robles Courthouse, 901 Park St, mona Ave, Grover Beach. Cost: $2-3. Contact: Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Lane, #100, San Luis San Luis Coastal Adult School’s Parent Par-
Paso Robles. Help for divorce, child support, 473-1421 or Obispo. Traditional and adaptive toys for chil- ticipation Program offers Core Parenting
custody and visitation orders. Overview of le- dren with all types of disabilities to check out. and Enrichment classes at centers in San Luis
gal process followed by form prep and ques- 2nd THU of every month 6:00-7:00 pm: Grief
In-home appts available. Cost: free! Contact: Obispo, Morro Bay, and Los Osos. Parent and
tions. Cost: free. Contact: 788-3418. Support Group at Central Coast Hospice, 253
547-1914 or child activity classes, individual peer support,
Granada Dr, Ste D, San Luis Obispo. Free for
1st & 3rd SAT every month at 2:00 pm: FAMI- and education for parents and caregivers.
anyone suffering the loss of a loved one who Every TUE 2:00-5:00 pm & FRI 4:00-7:00 pm:
LY MOVIE at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Contact: 549-1222 or
is in need of support. Contact: 540-6020. Jacks’ Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jack’s
Ave. Enjoy popcorn and a G/PG movie. Call for Helping Hand at Pat’s Place in Nipomo Rec-
title. Cost: free. Contact: 528-1862. 2nd SAT of every month FEB-NOV at 9:00

Central Coast Family • May 2021 • • Page 21

Local Resources
options are Tuesday/ Thursday or student-parent-teacher partnerships

Alternative Education
Monday/ Wednesday with a Friday provide educational resources, a
enrichment day. Contact: 548-8700 mentor teacher, and eligibilty for
or sports, clubs, and activities. Students
may qualify to enroll in community
Wishing Well School offers
college as well as secondary classes.

on the
non-profit holistic Waldorf educa-
Contact: 937-2051 x 2761 or x 2762.
tion in Los Osos with part or full-
time preschool, and full-time kinder- Templeton Independent Study
garten-7th grade, and 1st-7th two-day High School. WASC accredited.

Central Coast
home school enrichment. Contact: Weekly meeting with teacher. or 235-4401. Opportunity for early graduation
and concurrent Cuesta College
Children’s House Montessori
enrollment. In Templeton and SLO
School in Atascadero strives to help
at Los Ranchos Elementary School.
each child reach his/her greatest po-
Contact 434-5833 or tae.tusd.
tential, by embracing learning and ap-
preciating and respecting the world.
Contact: 466-5068 or childrenshouse. Trivium Charter Schools in Lompoc,
cc. Santa Maria, and Arroyo Grande
Central Coast families are fortunate to have a wide variety of quality offer a hybrid program of classical
Montessori Children’s School in San
choices for their children’s education. Following are some options for Luis Obispo seeks to inspire a passion
project-based classes 2 days per
those seeking secular alternative education in our region. week and homeschool 3 days
for excellence, to nurture curiosity,
per week. Contact: 489-7474 or
creativity and imagination, and to
For more information about local private, independent, nature based, awaken the human spirit of every
and religious schools, visit: child. Ages 3-12. Contact: 544-6691 West Mall Alternative School.
or Independent Study Home School
Parent Participation of San Luis grades K-8. Contact: 938-8934 or in Atascadero. Contact: 462-4238
Coastal Adult School offers core Central Coast Montessori School in
classes to enhance parenting Morro Bay offers a rich, individualized
Summit Academy charter school Alternative.
skills, meet other families, and academic environment to promote
serves K-12 grades, and provides independence and optimum scholastic Paso Robles Joint Unified School
allow children to play with peers.
personalized home-based learning achievement. Contact: 772-9317 or District Home School & Independent
Also enrichment classes such as
that fosters investigation, skill Study Program serves K-8th grade.
Spanish, Cooking, and Gardening,
development and creativity, and Students and parents work one-on-
and a Cooperative Preschool at Heritage Montessori Preschool
lifelong curiosity. Contact: (818) 450- one with teachers, receive lesson
CL Smith. Contact: 549-1222 or in San Luis Obispo provides an
9810 or plans, textbooks, and teachers’ enriching and loving environment in
Nature Based Schools editions for all subjects. Classes,
Charter Schools a beautiful country setting. Waldorf
enrichment activities, and field trips
Outside Now provides summer, after- and Montessori based for ages 2.5-5
are also offered. Contact: 769-1675.
CAVA – California Virtual Academies school, and private nature-based years. Contact: 235-5589.
and K¹² give kids the chance to education in San Luis Obispo County. Homeschool Organizations
Academics and More is a Homeschool
learn at their own pace. Online Contact: 541-9900 or Helper class for 7th-8th grade at Homeschool Association of California
schooling is aligned with California Ludwick Community Center in SLO. is an inclusive organization offering
state standards. Teacher support as Delphinus School of Natural History
is a unique, regional, outdoor science Offered in partnership with City of campouts, conferences, statewide
needed, meetings and work samples SLO, this class includes a convenient support, a website with excerpts
required quarterly. Contact: (866) program in San Luis Obispo, for
elementary through middle school cost-effective way for students to from education code books, and
339-6790,, or gain access to a tutor, community links. Contact:
students. Programs are engaging,
Family Partnership is a tuition- interactive, student driven, and involvement, assistance with their
California Homeschool Network is
free K-12 independent study public designed to foster self-expression school work, time management and
a grassroots organization to protect
school serving Santa Barbara, San and environmental stewardship. organization skills, and more. Contact:
the right of parents to educate their
Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties Contact:
children. Website offers current state
with home study schools in San Luis Public Schools and federal laws. Contact: (800) 327-
Obispo (1981 Vicente Dr), Morro Bay, Independent Schools
5339 or
Solvang, Santa Maria, and Cambria. Clarity Steiner School in Nipomo Montessori Resource Center is a tui-
Meet with teachers weekly and turn offers Waldorf education for first tion-free public school in Morro Bay Homeschoolers of the Central Coast
in work samples. Contact: 348-3333 and second graders. Class meets four for K-5th grades through Family Part- Yahoo! group meets regularly: groups.
or days per week. Contact: 929-6878. nership Charter School. Contact:
348-3333 or the_Central_Coast.
Olive Grove is an independent study Santa Lucia School on 5 acres in
home school with sites in San Luis Templeton has provided peace Parkfield Elementary School is a Santa Maria Inclusive Learners.
Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Santa Maria,education for over 25 years. one-room school in San Miguel pro- Yahoo! group with free homeschool
Lompoc, Los Olivos, and Santa Integrated curriculum founded on viding a unique, child-centered edu- enrichment and support: groups.
Barbara. Meet with teacher weekly. life experiences, in-depth study, cation customized to student abili-
Enrichment classes also offered. and active immersion in the arts for ties and pace. Hands-on instruction, inclusive_learners.
Contact: 543-2701 or sbceoportal. grades 1-8. Attendance Mon-Thu exploration, and speakers focus on Templeton Unified School District
org/losolivos. with homeschool Fridays. Carpooling the inner development of each child. K-8 Home Schooling program.
Contact: 463-2331 or rskepins@
Orcutt Academy Independent Study encouraged. Contact: 434.2217 or Contact: 434-5840 or
is affiliated with Orcutt Academy
Charter School at 500 Dyer St. This SLO Classical Academy. is a private Santa Maria Joint Union Home School.
free program offers home study and school offering part time or full time Accredited high school program at Please submit updates, corrections, or news
blended classroom/home study for classical education in SLO. Part time Santa Maria Public Library. Interactive about resources to:

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n e 5 , 2 021
Ju :00 pm
8:00 am

Sellers and shoppers encouraged to follow health guidelines

per San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department

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Distribution (population 400,000+) : Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Avila Beach, Cambria, Cayucos, Grover
Beach, Guadalupe, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Nipomo, Orcutt, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo,
Santa Margarita, Santa Maria, Shell Beach, and Templeton.