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> 4 ‘August 5, 2014 Via Fed Bs Tim MeMurray ‘Senior Associate Athletic Director University of Maryland 2718 Comcast Center ‘Terapin Trail College Park, MD 20741 Dear Tim, Enclosed, please find your fully executed copy of the Under Armour ~ University of Maryland Aletie Team Sponsorship Agreement. ‘As you know, out relationship is one with deep roots and is very special to all of us. On behalf of ‘everyone here at Under Armour, we thank you for your coutinued partnership and look forward to many more years of working together. Sincerely, Fer Lay tf ‘ick Carparelli J Senior Director, College Sports CC: Jess Parker ‘Suzanne Williams ‘Attachment PROTECT THIS HOUSE. ESSE AUILICTIC-TEAM SPONSORSHIP AGHEESIENT “TIS ATHLETIC TEAM SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT (’Agreenen) is etive as of full, 2014 CEMetve ‘Due by and between Under Artow Ine, « Mayland crpratiow (Under Arp”) ad te Unive of Mayland College Prk, Marylané Univesity), elias Statens University operates imeoalete atc programs and employs th couchig afr such pops. Unler Armour ess thei (provide athlete produto Univers’ we pores and th coaching salon a excise ba ‘sd (0) tse eran tadamors cred Wy he Uinta to sckaowinge te elatonshp bsncen Universi ad Under Arma pst he rma ondtone set th lw Aeros Now, thf, in condenon of the mil covests st fh in ths Agim, and ether good and vale omidertion the resi a siceneyof which are hereby acknowledged the parties this Apenet gre as allows: 1. sis. LL. “Accesories all sees alte Ia mate lacing, bu no limi 0 ender, Henan, vistas sock, ves, and shee nocesone tat have te cgay of messing Nae 12, “Apparat means ll apparel tlie inate lads, but at ited to sideline apparel, competion nil ume warp at Sui, seuss acts, ps nk tops, shes a hrs al ype, pce ‘ear, rosstaning apparel, and atc pre hat ashe capi ores ome dt, 13. “Concho mous the Head Conch nd the mitt cache the Team 14. “Competitor” ments an ety engaged ia the manufac, dsebaon, development, martating or sale of Aces, Apparel and Eqpmet, afd wish etgngs inte compete outing of Davison | twa (L2, roves Accessor, Appar and Egupmes Io Dison fens). Fo the prone of isan an ety ft engages solely re manure of Egulpmet sng provides such Egunent 0 Din Table eas, ‘it tht dos at manuf or provi Aeon or Apparel sucht prosans shall o edad 2 "Compal" Forte aoidace of dost a of he Eve Dt the ters “Comet” ream Nike, Resi, sas, Now Bales, Russel, Li Ning abd Evo-Shed or ay of thi specie pee compan, fats, ‘Mbeidinien Unengees auccezon, oF esis which fect Conveoer Harley. Unio, Exeter Brod ‘TuylMae, Spalding Brooks, Aacan Ales, Huly, Moving Como, Bike, Daly, Brine, PE Flyer, ‘nd Warton Under Are sal provide Mayland witht apt st 2h “Capoten a te epg ‘teach Conrad Yes 15. “Conereace” meats the lteolegite alle conference of which Teas ae a wear, which a oF the "etve Das ite Big Te Cone. 1.6. “Conference Champion” means the result sexton changin or c-changion ofthe Confreice us the CCnerenee has 2 ehampiomhip ene I the Conference has chanponsip uke Hew “Conlrcce {isn senha re Cnferene lamps pe 17, “Core Teams” aes Unive’ foal and mers and womens skal ens 18. *Distriution Channels seas any ono moc ofthe Flowing pains of se: 141 Mauer Dsuatment Stoesauauss Retires ht re high en rele department res seing Aide ange of pods witout = pedo! techane ie or all shopping oe ‘hat “pcs nlite on shone tos a 1.82 Commusdasal Resies hat are ore members of he Nail Assosinion of Cllge Sores, oy Texbeots, o cany elghty perce! (80%) of heir soe inventory fr one (1) ively: Oa inaspendcnt-owned avg ops Fcated inte ome campus communi, ot oe wives ‘ned ote, cdg Sd onmedpeaa sos) an, 183 Interne /PVCataae AMT Sls of mister ems ough omineextesions of amps rears and mienbeter rales or sles by rel thr oer comme via shoping mais (6,QVC, HSN, or Shop NBC) an published uae hate ale deta the ona a, 1.54 Sula Mass Rel sires hat specialize ina specif age of mechan and read tems Most ores have an exe wih and depth of sk erin hich thy speci ad prove High level of sevice aod expat. Psicing policy i gene i the meu wo high range depending on Its he the type ents of merchandise nd ever nd, 18.5 Snurine GaoduSuot SuesiniFan Shows (Ret ses cht primarily fous on sports apparel andor eipmen), 19, “Equipment means sports equipment used bythe Teams ad is Conc ncn. But no nite to eyewenr clung without ination snglses dv), athe, nce tn goody ating loves, lt alte footwear nln, witout Fmt, ceed fovea, shoes, nonseted wee tang shoes, spr specie soos, and shocr wih the copay of menurng Breit), ad my interactive oes ‘pean, ons, ud patra. 110, “Hen Cone ese Head Cosh af eash ofthe Teas LIL, SNCAA* mens Nation College Alte Asositon “Performance Pradues? meas Poul defo a Seti 114 blow) a: 1.124. Have uniqe consteton (eg compresontih en: andr, 1.122 Have moisture-wicking frie that sit the weer daring eerste a generate asks al ‘ype wenher and 1123. Are mao sisting uch consuton,ition andl special characte Fy Competitor" means ary one of the following Seven (7) Competes: Nike, Revtok, ais, New Bale, Ruse Li Ning nd vo Sh Ld, “Peed ns Appel, Accesses and Euan, 1.45. “Reta Peng? mets User Amour’ hen-cet etal psn othe Under Armour Pris 1.16. “Sti” resis einen amazes, ine, a spp pen ofthe Teams, md helt direst aod ‘senior annie tea ofthe Unies ale depute 117. “Teams® mens the Univers’ itecofate athlete tems nclaing me's and wonents basketball, css eum ck pd el coor autor ol asose, em souseran sng and gta baseball, esting, Nel toeey, gymnast ‘olleybali cesesdng waterpolo and ny other replace adonlinreolegie atic programs tat may be essed dre be Te, [LIK nder Armour Marla” meas the gor and idem ned by Under Armour et hin Est A nd ‘ote inii of erin prided by Unde Armour to Univesity owen, 119, “Under Armour Products” means Prats upon whi or coonestion wth which the Undee Amour Mrs ‘rather Under Antara of erg appear, 120, vat “Uviverty Marke mean the logs ad radars ned by Uniery st th in Ese na ary other Usha ncn of rin povided by Univer o Unser Amour ting “Wools Pei AP means Under Anus te cues wholes pring rhe Under Armour Prt ‘em, The nti ton ofthis Apeement commences on the Ete Dae an contin unt ane 30, 202 Tem"), ‘en carer tenn in gcorance wth he ems canon af this Aree. Fr pups of ths Apeees, "Conrat ear” rea pid of tae (12) cnuathe months oon fn eth ay Tad ei he fiw ne 30 dng the Tem, Ama Armour: Obligations io Unive a ish Eee ach Contact Yeu, Under Amo shal ey to Universi av anual ris fe pay! the san sl hele (ech 9 "ane" Contra Year Payment Amount Cowal Ves ‘iano Cont Year 2 ‘Sisas000 Comat Years ‘1 ssnd00, ant Vea 1 'S1sT5.000 Cont Ver is ‘1ron,000 172500. 1750000 Contet Ve 68 177500. Contet Yes 9 10,00, Cait Year #10 S125,000 ‘he Payment each Conc Yon sal e made in ur gaa quately neal. Suh instants ae veo ier thn Js], Oster Janay 1, a Ap, especialy. University Sal lake Under Amour forall Pye de hereunder. SLL Payment Reduson fo Cone Tan Seton. Nowitndng the foregoing i dita ny other itor emedes Under Anour my have ny Cotas Yarn which» Core Team sno Uy tke NCAA resulng inthe proltbiion of televshn appearances ora relucton of postacaon ny 8 CCntereace shapenship sane pay (i appeal) bythe Coe Tew, Un Armour shal have the Hh rede the Payment fsck Contact Yer by hint eet (0%) fr foal ard e's basketal apd ees Peet (13%) for womens basketball Such eduction scant. Thus, te mes taka em and the ‘meds Baska tea are stond by the NCAA esting in he pcibion of tevin apperans = Teluston of poutseon play or Cores champlonsin pe playin these Contact Yen, then Under ‘Armour shal have the gt fo ede the Payer fo such Cet ear by To fve pent (9%). Ue ‘Arousal ve te Fight to either wid Paymen() ov rece rebar of Payment) rcv, F ty, pal In ences of the amount fo which Univer 1s eed (ich renbuncret to be made t User ‘Arn within tity (3) days writen note by Under Armou 5.12 Payment Redtin fae Spang. Nowittonding the vegas a aon to any other Yahi ores Under Armour may have, fn ty Contract Yeon which Ten member“ es, bros the Under Armour Marks on any Unies Aor rads exp ae herve pm t Sesion ‘elo, Uder Atm shall tae th ight sede the Pye seh Cott ear ellos Oesorease Percentage of Pane RedaC 7 a C7 2 Occurs 109¢ ofa Payment 3 ovewrence 159% oul Pays Pownce 2 ofl Payer For the awidance of dob, svorssve rletine hall be cammlatne (2, 3 oes wold el the nol Payee bens ede bolo 255%). 52, Ramu Allowance Eich Const Yous Under Araour sil provid o Univer tn cost fo Univer, [Under Amparo fr ney the Tens, Couto, an Stand Alon") allo ‘Contract Year ——[ Product Alewance Amon Contract Year 1 $1 350,00. ‘ConactVear 2 $130,000 ‘Contact Year $130,000, Contact Year 5100.00, Cet Vea 5133000, Contact Vea $150.00, Gone Year $1530.00. Gaeet Vear St on000. Conract Year 9 5175000 Cont Ye #10 ‘Simo University al spit he quanti, pe an se of Under Amour Prods be prove Under Armour 4p Bl fhe Pret Allowance an sul oly Under Aner of the sane swing University mt pice ‘rs ty October 1 of th rsedig Const Yer fr Fall Tate a ly 1 of th posing Contact Yee fr Spene Teas. Under Amour Pedic provided ful he Prodi Alowance wl be valed at Wholesale Pris. The cos of siping the Price fom Under Amour to Usiersy wil be charged agaist Universi reduc! Allowance. Uns otherwise spd by the Universi. Under Amour shall we an ficient and coat efeive metal of shiping. Ths eo Unt Ano forembelisting the Une Armour Products or ase by the Teams (ez embroidery or ingrn) wl be charge! epalest Unives’s rodut Allowance. Forte woe of dui, the pares acknowledge tit he Universtyenbelses the Unie ‘Amon Pods el thre wil eo care asain the Univer’s Pedut Allowance, Ruse, i Un ‘Armow provides eabellshed Under Amur Prous, the Wholesale pice of sch Unde’ Anbar Produts Incufes ‘the embellishment cos, Under Amant res 19 work wih Univesiy’s Equipment Sia ordi placing hr cos on ll hoes an spent of Under Srmour reds, a meded. Universi Scknowleges tha all eds plased by University for Under Amour Pods mst be plage im accordance ‘ith Under Arno’ then-en ems nd onions for Prout oer, an Univer sl be espoible For eosin 1 Sas complance wil NCAA rues abl regulaions i Eanunetcn wail hls place of Prod onl with Udo Armour 33. Lnilasas la aoe ode Produc llowanes, Under Anaour shal povide Usiversy wid one (I) fille oF enettion fre for ich Core Tenm in ch Contact Year For puns ofthis Secon 35, ‘Comte uf? salman the patel on by such Coe Tear competion detente Unde “nous sok dscretoa, bt sal alae op ad btn or cash eam tebe. 54, Stull Dicouat St members oF Uniesn’s Atlee Deparment sal be permite purcnee Under ‘Aor Products tn dicot i of ily pen (50%) ff Rete Ping dung he Te. Unvei 2 nse tha sich Sia members abide by Under Amow’s raat fe pucse of Under Arour Pred 3s ‘ell ar all egpble NCAA regains. Each Sef meer shal be response Tr payment Of my pping ost soci wth he phase of uch Under Aour Padus 21S, VIP Discauat Atte commencanee ofeach Contact Year Univesity sal provide Under Armour with 9 ‘een is of people designated es Univeriy VIP em person, “Uns VIP) Uy VIP be Termite lo roses Under Annwr Padus a dscouned tte of ty percent (OM) off Real Pring Sing the Term: Unverty sll ensure that Univey VIPS mite by Unde Arcus vegans or Prchse of Ue Armour Prods wll all applicable NCAA regulon. Each University VIP sl be FeSponsea ajnet of 2 shipping css soca wi he puch a suc Under Amana rod 36, Daler and_Accetance Under Armour Prods shail be delivered FOB te single. sain on the Unive camps deigted by Univers in ling. Delivery of the Under Armour Prodits sal be Ina in acawaance wth he spetcaons, nme ta th Under Armour Prot sl confo to fea nd Mayland state avs and regan (ling ppb Fer and Nir Occpsna Safty an Heal ‘Act Sands) and sal eto cna eda sands for qual (Lesley, pereance and dub) Univesiy acknowledges and eres tats of the Bete Date Under Armow Prot ect sich spies. University sal etn hein of performance fer excl eye ds lounoveneahe eases. a. a8 beyond Under Armous control Univesity untely ay order in wring the supenion, delay, or Icon of perfomance hereunder provided, howoet tt such tape, dey, or herptandoes nt ale Univesity’ ciation oexclstely we the Under Amour Presa et fh in Seton, Seon {64 and eiewhew br ths Agreement Fur, Under Armour aa) subi 2 ele f anyassclied cst Ineied by Under Armour based on suchstsprsion, delay, intrusion vader Stan 9(ispues) University eserves he righ fest ny Cader Amour Press delivered fo determine i the speciation hve teen met Any Under Armour Product ati dfetve rf mel the tem of he petetons sal be ‘sje. Rete Under now Pred tall be promptly repos For the avokance of ou, cea ‘ver and tear with rxpect othe Under Amour Prosi of mise ofthe Under Amour Prods shall ensue “aectve Unde Aaou Profits ad Unies hal oe ede elcenet Ue Abou Prodi for sth ony wear and fee or miss. I Ur Armour to promo replace eed Unde ‘Argue Produce Unive ball mt Under Annu ofthe same Ia wing, and Undst Arno all hte ‘en (0) barns dys to rele sich ret Under Anno Pret Und armnu il replace sch ‘ete Under Aer Prac win sch fa (10) basins day pve, hen Under Armour sal be ibe fo ty excess pice pall te seplcement Pred, pls apie expense, ian. Howey, if Univesity arches sich repacemen Product, Univesity may mk purchse such ricer Peds fom 3 [Cimpettrunet sch eplcemnt Product ar ot avalible oar a an-Conpthe (a which case Unieny nay purine leplacement rods fom a Campeti). Unvesty shall esue th sy tid party nds of ‘vin so isle on sch Potts unless romoving or cveig suck hid party inn of iin dstoys Sich Peducs provided. howevet tht ude vo cucunstaces may any Competir ina o fig spy cn ‘my competion noes ‘Addianal Pras 1 in say Comet Yea Universy requkes addon Pauls frase by the Tem, {osekes, or St bejnd the odet Allowance fr such Contact Yer, Unies sal prchase ay a all Such Pet fm Unier Aout Wholesale Ping, 2nd shall we purchase sch atonal Prods fom oy thr payin any Const "Yer University egies aoa! Drodet be any Univesity opened an, elise o ther ree even, Univesity shal purchase any an al soe Press ow Uner Amor at ‘Whole Pig, and shall ot pichase uch addtional rods fom any thi party. Under Aamo sll Inca on the fae of al voices edt Univers unde ts Seton 3.7K Taxpayer lenin Nur {leis Federal Engler Idetcaion Nur) Univesity shall nt sponsor, co-sponsr, or ends a {Competitor or any Prods of any third pay at ans Univesiy operate camp, cline, armament, or ther ‘New Prods tote eynt hat the Coase of Tensor Saf members rie Prodi tht ee unable Tough Under Anno (eg, aolfspeitie shes) the Coaches of Team or Staff mente may we hid pry Produce provided tha (@) sud Product ae et cena, spl, manuf, develope, dined rrkte, tre, ors! by. Congtioe (ness serine spciealy autora in wins by Unde ‘Aanou ad (0) acer Univerey nr ny Coco Sn or Tet mee sll ener pac, pt ‘averse sch hl pty Produc Notting the oeping, ish Products re unable fo tot Under Armour and 8 no-Compeioe, Univesity may soe sh unable Prods fam a Competes, University sal sre hat any hi pry ea a va wo ise om ach Prods unless sonaving or covering such third party Tedse of aigin destoys such Products: provide, boweve, that under 00 ‘irenstanes may my Compsorindcn of gn appr on any competion ifm. Hav any ine ding the Teem Under Armour fat busines pl wo prove any Peds that i previosy dita pov, chet Unde Amour sal pve University pio writen nie of the Pad Under Armour ect vise. Onse ‘Under Armoue prove the pevouly savas Prosi, Unter Armour shal poly spice of chew Pras wth Uaiversty Tor is apovel, which posal tll ot be uneanaly wel, Under Armour Irons tht the Unive denpreal at ew jvionly somata be denned ‘sonable fr lepine rvs rele fo the sft. pean, ce Guay. Ia the eve! Universi dos ‘ot spprove sich prevlyunavalbe Pads ix revel dein fo legit reo, Univer Shut pose Under Amo with ten tasers fr Geapreval ad Under Aris aye esl ‘ime pei to adress Univers reors fr dspprovig och presowly uavalabe Products. If Unies ‘ein cspproves uc previo naval Profits ns essonble diction er eat reas, then tbe Univaiy cannot ore ths new rods owt a tarCanpeltr fee of lunge, Under Armour shall ove Univesity withthe cash quiver of ach disapproved new Prd, whick aro shal te deduced fromthe Product Alowmce.Sachsehequent sal be ad by Univers ¥o secure sch Pract em = ‘son Compete. However, Under Armour shal tae te gt resubmit the previ weave reds (Gabino scout the resons why the University di ot approve sich es) fo Univers te Fave {Cnit "Yes fr Unive approval in aesonance wth We above procercs 1 Univesi pprover the a, reve Pat, thn the Tens sl wer andr esc sw Pry a sich Product shal be dered be Freud in th deftion of Prods an cover by te wpe rms et th cn and Univers sh ‘lng he permed Wo sauce suck Produ fom 3 manfctrr eter tan Und Anu Theta, Under Amie tl ake ssh nw Proce avails to he Universi and if University odes sch Pris ude Seon 3-2 above the dol aca! woth of sch ew Predazsoneed Uy Unies sal be coated azinst te Produ Allowance ‘Materia Madicasins to Under Armour Pratt. 1f Under Aner sbsanly ies an exiting Und Amos Pott sates! ner (Malis! Pu Under Armour hl apy samples of such Modified Predicts Usietsty fis apova, vic approval sl ot be resco wield. Unt ‘Armour acknowledges tha University’s dspprovl of sich Modified Produc al be deel reasonable or Tepe reasons reed w the sft, pertrmance, or by. Inte event Unive doesnt apooye Sieh Modified Prous in ts sesonble dro Ie legate rmson User all prove One [Armour with writen enone fr ke dsapprva, and Under Aros sal have exon Gn period fo tess Universiy's reasons for dspproving such Modified Prasat If Usiersiy gan dcprover sich Motifs Produ in is resomble door fr legitimate fas than Uner Anew sal ona ‘siply Univesity wi the reviosy approved version of sich Meded Products. Howeve, Under Amour Stel have he right ores the Moi Poduets (aking in eco he reasons hy the University id ‘ot apyeove suc es) Univers the flowing Contact Year or Univer approval in ccodarce with Ateabove proces ‘Besformanse Ramus Pusmes, Under Armour shall pay to Unis te Bones campers st fh in ‘EalubiLClatacted ere. Tor the avoidance of dou al boas compensation french Tex shall be Rom aula, excep that sy Caoch othe Year bora all be eauitive: Homa commento shall be pad te University within shy (6 days afer Univer provides Ur Armas with wit soe ht chev the criteria necessary for payment of such bona compensation. Tn orer for «Tet to quai for bens teinpenston, the Teas compton Appa and Accesories mut be spied by Unde Armour (i bein lndesiod tht Teams may enly Wear now Comper competion Products i Under Artur i unable 1 Provide sch competion Prodi toh in Secon 3.8. ‘Nuplicne of Emplois No employee ofthe Univesity whose dates as sich employee ini mts ‘efing tthe subject ste of his Acer shal wile $o ployed, become or beat eploye of Under ‘et usculon of Resorts Unler Arousal resin aed minsinal resons a document eating to hie Agerer for tre (3) yeas afer nal paynet by Univesity (i appeasa} hander ean apa Safe of ltaton,ichever longer, ad, gon revsoale poeple, sl kes arable fo itspaston and abd by autora rposniatves ofthe Univer, cadng the Prosumer Oe or eigen emcable ine, Wnts: Obes Ur Amour ‘Concha, Sith and Teams Ding he Ter, University wil reir the Coaches, Sia oi Teas 0 ese inf te the Under Armour Produce eschsiely forall Team tives, workous, proces, games ot enpetos, trae, al specs camps o etnies opentd ty Unieriy or the Cons, ad st ela interviews, pes conencs, coaches hove, of puble apparanes when speaking fr or ting. af 2 "epreseie of the Team, and shill not allow Cotes, Sta or Teams fo wear andr ise any rods Iunthtred, lured, cet, devloped, mutate, bdo eld By oy thd ary Case tothe ‘xe seal set forth in Sets 86 sd 38. Under Armour showed at Universi eso are ‘Meh eanel the Products ued by Conch oper athe sane olin 411 Ealtiue Asrooments. Ntwitading sything contin i Section 4.L10 the contry, Under Armour seknowledss tht Univesity asin pase exstng agentes Tor the suply of cera Producto th allowing Teams () elms forthe en’ cose Teams (i ld Weky wicks nd ‘i equipment for te eld hockey Team: al (i) tte and lng lover forthe baseball ant Soft! Teams (euch an “Ux Ages”) Sujet (0 -my righ oven tho Existing ‘Agesnen) (hing whan sion, ny vg of ft negation alr ris offs rfl), ‘pen the expat er terination of an Exiting Ages, Univ al neti exclusively ‘eh Unde Aout oa period of sy (60) dye rep he on ote elvan Prods th, 6 42, 43 45 46, Ageement, Ia the eveot de pares ae unable 1 mutual agree 10 tems whey te reve ‘roses held fot Apres then Universi sl bs persed oso ach Pacts ‘fom anon-Conptio, sujet Under Amou'ights set thn Sesion 7 stow, ‘null or Maticl Candas. A Coach, St member, or Team member shal ot be reqied 9 wear an Under Armour Poot when quale physician orotic qullied dial posal deerme Ht ould be imppeopie Hace of oa or phys! condon” Under Amour all be gen te Dpperaniy Yo provide ape Under Armour Proc tht is cpa to the physica or tr profesional ‘rear by the Coch Stall mente, or Ten tember, If Unie Amour is ube To provide an aespale special Produc 1 ageoumodte the medica or pyscal codon ofthe Coach, Sia mee, of Tea eee ‘wi estore ine, Uniesy may obtain aecepae Prod rm 9d pty source eer a 4 Compete and Be Coach, Stuff member, or Tem member may wear or ute such radu sich spec Product not avaiable oma oo-Congetin, thn Universi may sure sich sei Prat fem Cpe Univers al ere tts ted partyin of xg at vile och special Pros tnflessreoving o ovring sch hr prt nn fog ears sich pil Pods; provide, however, Munro exeutaneas mayan Competor nia rin pour on ny omen waar Aupesrances bv Head Coach. Upon essonshle pir notice snd subject te ay cosching commitment, ‘rive sh mate tc Hed Conc of ech Ten val for a maxima of two 2) peso means ‘on bell of Under Armour ech Cont Vea Such appearance my ice ut re el Hed pein ‘henge, appearances at spel cls, cleiy eves and the ple appearances. Under Avo al poy al reasonable aod necexarytrmportien, mes, and loging expenses ofthe end Coes in crmeton (sh ay appearance under ths Sesion 4 Dung any sich appearances by the Heal Caches he Head Coaches lear Under Ant rods Visit of Under Armour Maths Unter Amour ct sal be worn owed in the condoned irom Under Amour Unies sal a (and wil ke fal Team members, Sa abd Cones sal ot) ‘emove ep, tie, po change any Under Annow Products ialuing bt ot ined ote Une Acro Maks) ora the ame, ater, raerane, sevice mar, los, symbol, desig, o een of ny id fury ols oud bythe Canereace oe NCAA, or uss edly neces To do so (which stl au 8 ‘wt ete fom an independent pyscian in ech istic). Unahried “pati” ano taping of Unde ‘Aroce Pacts by any Team member, tf member nar Conch hal be inate i he pss of thie Apecnet, sd all be deemed meal bretch of this Agreement. Under Armour reoenees that cent NCAA rues (inlaw 1254) gover the Sze and oocirenes of « manufactures or disor ‘rales oll rods warn by member ofthe Teams. Stet Secon £3 Unler Armour bet sy changes insu gation daring the Ten. ‘imitation of aia Dissaier-of Wartanis. EXCH AS SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH HERE UNDER (@xextonG, HMOUT LTATION, THE WARLANTIS OF MRQUANTAMIETY Of FTTAESS FDR A PARTRULAR gost) Wr RESHECY TO THE UNDER Aro PRODUCTS. UNDE NOCMEIRESTANCES SHALL BER PARTY NEUARLE TOR CORSIOUENTAL, SPECIAL, RECT, PUMIWE XIMLARY OR INCIDENTAL DAMANGES ARNG broemns AcREEaNs, ‘Saansnahin Onsortuniie and ries In condertion ofthe Payment a ote payments mde by Under Amour ander Stain d-of ts Aeement, Unversy hersty grants Under Anbu te follwing, sporsostip oppartanies ard pegs at w nina os Under Aran, 461 Qiks Designating. Usventy hoch rats Under Amour he ofc designation of "Excuse Otel Outer of Unvesiy of Maryland Deprtent of Alec” 2 well asthe “Ease Offi Oster of each of the Tene (lest, "OFBeiat Desgnaton”). University sll te onmatily resonable flor weft Under Anaoi by he pproprste Oc Desig a ll ‘pope seins and Stuaons. The pares nay, ou tine fo time, metal ace wig © ‘uo! Oris Detain nies barby rans Under Armour the exclu ig ipl) the Teams, Coaches, a Sa with rods, and Unive sll mt eer io a gts! forte Pusha ef, escngs, pomnton, eodoncent, or advertisement of any Prod onep he ‘tet eft Secon 6) Further, Univesity al aol shal ot aborize any Can o SttT rember to, ewer uo an agrenent wih ny thie party () fr the purse, gi, exchange, Sponsrsip.promion, spy, enorsement, or aveisement of any Pas (excep othe exten 1 ‘posal se forth in Sens. 3.6 and 3.8), or (i) if he tem “Anmoar” “Ano any tem nisl sir heres sed in connection ith the hie pays ae ois prac o setvcs, Uns chews approve in hance by Under Armen ‘Lshts and Parking Pass, Univosy stall povide Unlor Amour wit he flowing Hees ad Dashing pases for each Contact Yer (0) Twwnly (20) Tesapin Clb Sesto seman tite fr lf the otal ean’ ome games, and et (10) reseed lot pig pases fr al fhe bal Tea’ hoe ges (©) Ten (10 tickers witin the Terapin Cd Seton orl ofthe Festal Team's aay ges (©) Ten (10) tks win te Terapin Ch Secon to any postsenion gue in which the fost Tem puptes. (A. oc of one nde (10) thes Yo one (1) tally red apon home gue of the fetal Te nan to Univesity blips wer Sion 48 (0 one ing ch sch game, Under Anmour shall recive special veg by an ckctonie setoad ‘ioage and pbc ales: wncancement. At Under Ammo gus om the da OF the {Zane Tor whieh Under Anour rosvestcets under this Seton 4.63(0, Univer all ‘nnke a suiable area on cpus enside the Foal! Tea’ oat stdin avaible fr 8 rane sot faneon, Under Arousal pay fer 33 cl seated wh sch social Sisto (© Tea (1 lower evel thts eal oe games of Univers’ men's and women’s taskeball ‘Teams, and ie (5) reseed pking panes Sr ll ome gas ofthe Unrate td woes basket Teas (Eight chess any postszasn pane in which he men’s nd woes taskebll Teams ait, (©) Forall Tams other thn foot and me's and women's Basketbal e (10) eke fr all home ges ofthe Teas, five (5) reserved parting passes fr sch ae ges, and te (Go) elas ach petseason smpetion in aie sath Tea print, ‘The pates wektowlede sal ape at nthe event tat 2 Team parses ia a postseason omputiion bed oni perorianee arngm Cant Yet, the post-season competion ty ocr ling the folowing Contact Yesr. Taf, Under Armour sll be eile to te postseason ‘kets forthe postseason campetans at ceca ding te Contact Year fllowieg termiain 6 ‘iron of this Ascot, and Under Amott sll he rele fo he “Escsine OF ‘nace of he pliable Team during such pont sasoa coin AnouncmentsSiemase and Achuoniedsmls, University sll oo allow any mathe, Soppler, distri, seer or mart of any Praduts © cs sinage atthe Unies’ ies fore Teams or gant 1 auch pric any ung ight to sachs Nocwaealng the Faeecng, Under AMoour acknowledges at grees tat ers ht sel various brs of Prods themsies muy be gral te foregoing rights povided they do ot exe sch ght 8 mannet provide Unter Amon nih the lings (©) Game rosrams and Msn Gs User Arousal exve oe (1) fll page color sderiscmeat In cch sane program and oe (1) fal page svetiseent nea med guide foe the Teams, the eoet and desig of which shal be dried by Undee Aout Is sete dreton (0) Aamauasemsnis aud Sianase Under Armour sal be resogize by te applcble Ocal Designaton by one lecronie scoreboard message and ope public adres? amouneemen ‘ing exc aif ech home me of fe Teas. ° @ eae Under Armour abl be recognize asthe “Lelie. Official Otter ofthe Universtiy of Maryland Deprtnet of Attics” onthe Univesity of Myland partment of Alii’ fll webste homepage sent to the Univers’ oe sponsors, ih ‘lee ik to Under Arnos wate homapae etd a uber ‘Marsan Spats Propet. Besides the rghts gated to Undee Amour bean, Under ‘Armour tay dese cern adios oportiniesfo father demote sponaship of the Teams and hn cites. Universy ns granted vo Maryland Sports Popes MSP") the excuse sig Yo cerain aiersing and raking opprtinies surouning te Teams nd tht fies, TT equeed by Under Armour, Unversity wl ase resemble efor fine Under Anaours purchase of sch advriing and mang oppranie (acluding eng MSP trite consstet wine and. 47, Pande Sales Unversity Anon Venda): University acknowl that: @ o Under Armour cual hs a exiting Liem and Disibtion Apex wth GFSI, ‘a Gear For Spe CEST), under which GFST fas cain exch ie wi pet ‘rain Under Aove Press sing calle terns natn sales chanel. GrSI and Universi etal ening ages, mel, the College Licwsng Company {CCLC) have an exting nor-excsie rel eens pect wader whch GFSL may sell eran Prods bearing orn Univesiy Maks prs to the terms of he Teese secneat University ull ensue hat Under Armour and GFSL,respesvly, sal have the Hh sl Under Armour Proves bearing the University Mars Univesity orehy ara to Under Armour the exclsve ah os he flowing Prodits eating the University Maks: @ ® Allah nfo as wor by th Teams nd te spective Coaches; and Alte replin veins of ich auteurs developed fares sl in sch of the fo (4) deste Appel Cagis. (0) The four (4 designed Apa Categories we: Men’ Youth Toddenfne (0) tne eve Under Amour as not Het 1 ea Epa mS nam Apne (Cage in parla Dstibuon Chanel a, Spaity Ms) tan Univers ray sure at Teese the Universiy Mads to any vendor "pues repih tnifrms in tat Apparel Category in tat parealar Ditton Chet u sich Time at Under Amour bags tpl nits ta th Apparel Catagory ht Distaton Channel wo reat encept the University stall ano ne sure sd zee the Uaiverty Marka fr tis purpose 1 Primary Conpaitor of Under ‘mur, i) For the purpose ofthis Seton 473, Under Armour as not bought an Appr Chegry pater Distindion Chanoe ntl the repli oormy we ‘maufetrd bpp a nila ores on» cmos smal bass ia a FertclrDistibuton Chanel. (© AL Perfomance Products, inlsing all Performance Apparel Products speci 10 he University's Cre Tes. 474 Nowitstaning eying ia hs Sston 4.10 the comtry, Univers dos wot rat Under Amour Ihe exclave ight aol the fling Products ening the University Mas (8) Performance polo shite an now Fefoenance Products, prove, however the Univershy ages not 1 lense of permit the Teesing of the Univesity Maks by any Peary ‘Comettor on Perfomance nolo shit a onthe loine nan Permance Pre (©) NonPertemunce pol shies hedwwar and Fashion fess (© Forthepuposes ofthis Section 47, “Fashion Fess” stall mean jerseys that: (©) Aesold atresia (® —Donwtreplcate the look ote oil unfems ofthe Teas. 4A75 Under Armour may eerste he ies sant erin itr its andr pusnt fs greenest wih (OFS or oka hed arty wih hom Under Armour may conrac nthe fre, provided sch thi pty ns cese wit Universty or CLC (oe the hp to which Univers has gamed the Fight licen he Univerty Maks 47.6 Under Amour Pedits provide for une this Section 47 mt be at among there Prats offered onthe UMTerpacom west. 42.7 Unser Armour acknowledges Univers oes not own or contol Prods ens and marketing ih postseason sn owe compeitins a htfore dou at ont is Are fo at fxclusy fo Under Amur Produ or event the use, makeing ose of Competes Prous st These eves, wherever thy my cr. ‘Mains. Universal esr hat privacy ple allows Univer to tae the sein inormation feet ing Iss wih Under Amour us such egitrans opt-out of eeling sh infomation ot Under “Armor University shall provide se ifomaton oa fomat usable by Under Armour ona ts month bass sch nivation hale sea to dared oy. Under Anno ees it 9 mein Tits provided by Univesity wl be sld or given oan hit py. requested ty Under Amour, Univers stall make for () mings pr Conte Your on af of Under Amur to Unies’ ming i ih the ‘denn ta cont fc lings sal be matally agreed pen by he pat neu Popa, S11 Grant of License, During te Teom, Under Amour hereby pts Univesity aly ie, nom fetish ite, non-eansteebe ete to se the Under Amour Mas Yo ai ts bigans Inder ths Agree inl, but not ite, to Under Annour being te "Etlisive OFT ‘tates o he Ulery of Mayan Depa of Altes" 512 Rasulo of Value of Under Ameue Masks. Univesiy recognizes the value of de Under ‘Armour Mai: Ur Armour ov I igh tile an inert na the Unter Armour Maks, nd Unt Armour las he ight grat to Uniesy te Hee owe the Under Anour Mans set forth this Agremet. University shal not do anne imoonsset wit Under Anours ownesip ff ltl propery, iaadog the Under Arar Nak Univers wl no fle ny apie to register any Under Amour Nak in whol tpt, any nar tt iets sir any ‘ofthe Under Amour Mars a any ine daring the Ferm o tet. Univesity wil at ding the “10 53 “erm of href, ak ile oF sighs nthe inlet pope of Undee Armour, ncang the Unlee Amour Maks. Use of the Under Anoor Marks by Univesity andthe good associed ‘heroith hl nr the bon of Under Aru, 52.) Graut of License Dring the Term, Univesity hereby grams © Unéor Armour a owes, nate nomtsterable Lae owe de Univerty Macks 1: () promot the rash batweeh ‘Under Armour and Teans including, bt vat line , Under Armour beng te “Excsive OFT Onan of University Mand Department of Atbleiss” and (9) 9 embellish the Under Aro Produ wih th Uaivasty Rak for we bythe Teams, Coach, and St, Asoc use of Ie Univesity Mats by Uner Amour sll confor to Confernce snd) NCAA relation. Under ‘Armour dost hae pay 1 Univerty my aoa es beyond those spate cutie heen {ve ease grated under his Sesion 21 522 Resoniion of Value of Universite Marts, Under Armour recente vale of the Universi Maske Uniersiy owns al ight ean tre ean othe Universy akan Univers at the ight to pan Under Arma he Heese oan he University Mare ee fot in hr Aurea ‘Under Anoour shal ot'doaathing content wih Uniwrsity® oweip of stl propa nclding the Unversity Mars. Under Amour will te ey appliton 1 eter my ‘Unveesiy Mak, ia wle or a Fr, o any ma ht contig sir to any ofthe Universi Marks a any tine ding te Tom or Theraen Under Amour Wl ry lag te Tero Teeter, tack let ar igh the nla property of Universi, inst te Univers Mats Use ofthe Univesity Munk by Under Armour andthe good associated therewith shall inure fo he beef of Unive All ae the Univesy Make by Under Armaur hl confor 2 Confrene and NCAA regulations ‘Oat Cone 531 Manet Obligations. Dorng the Tem Univers shall copente with Under moar to ae tha the tte sod quality of i we ofthe Under Axor Marks andthe gly of rene ad reotronets of ths Ageument To tl xd, Unversity sll provide saps of ts woof he Under ‘Armour Mae to Under Amour pon Uae Amaro ad shal ake resonable fot x tany be reqs by Under Are fo ae tht the ost ahd guaily of Universi wie of He Under Amour Ms a the eve of gully of aoa an sorties povided in eomnecton wth Be Und Armour Marks ae conse with and do toe dams The good astosaod wh he Under Amour Rat 53.2 Mader Araus Obigaans, Dusgg the Tem, Under Armou sill cooperate with Univesity 0 “este Tt hentia aio swe ofthe Univers Mark ad te quay of ie ot ond {ere conection ih ish the Univeraty Ms are oe te coistnt wil th ogee of ths Apreant To hat en Under Armour sl prove sample of suse ofthe Univer Mas 0 University apn Univer’ enol request and shal mae eombl lets at may he regu by Univers to ase ta theta sn aay of Under Aru se of te Unrsity Mars and the level of quit of goods and sevies provided in connect wih the Unversity Mas ne ‘onsse with no tat om the goodwill wis oe Univers Mas aulale Re The partie acknowledge that any we ofthe othe pays tlc propery, thr has ‘ctdnse wih hs Agreement wil ese eperolednage tbe ote pa. There nthe evel of ay ‘Sch bach or tmnt ac fis Seton themes pty wl ete, aon sad ines of all ler igs and rods svalale at nw or equ. to specie rele fain, witht Testa, an lnjuneton enjoining any sch beach or henna reich, and oss ineured in connection tn ‘Renu and Waren oa Malus Renesetaions and Watranes. Pah pty epee nd waa to the thes pny ht) as ‘light and ary to eterno hs Agreement, prom ts oitons under hs Agere and wre oe all ofthe pts pant by it dr hs Aeon (his Agreement has Ben duly executed and delivered on istehalrand sa valid and Binding obtgation eforesle wast tin axon ith ers a) ode Petrmasce of hs Agrosse, vil mpy th apple se, Celera! nea sd elton sd the contin, bla andes ofthe NCAA and the Conerens. Without ng Setian 416th pry "pestilly represent nd wert tha sal ot crim nay mane next empiyeso pen Fee employment bess of tac, colo, rian, cee, age, sox ai! ana in, aay oF physi or mnt undp wrt nate wh extent soa roby 0 rele te perfrmnce of ch [apoyo pt in conpiao placessalebe fo ployecr and applicant for employ nat, ist Selinger ie subance of sca. 62. Addins! Usinensty Reuusenatans and Wavraes Universi specifiy represents and waa t© Ur Arar tat (3) tere eto poneion esnring antec snmp mareeet ot an thr fapecnedts to which fs pry which Would peetde the conveyance ofc mail Ini he gs intended tobe conveyed to Une Armour ae hs Aer; nd (bt hs exter esved no expe © ‘eccte ¢ Leter of laguy o Note of egatoes oat he NCAA vi rapes to te Teams. For the ‘dace oF dub, nothing i Univers’ lensing nremet wih CLC as elles in Seon 47 contacts ‘Me rapresnttions an wren thi hs Seon 6.2 63, Addin Under Auuout Repuseulions aad Waraulis, Under Arour speicly cepesens aad ‘Sane Universi th a) eer Under Amn ny of fier, ects, pares mo any of ts payee who are dic Ivolved in obtalsng peri contacts wily public body fs eon anv of ribeye ey, or conspiracy fo bbe under the laws of any sie or ofthe federal fovemnato hs cogs in snd ine Tal | 1977, wich would conse ibe, tepid bribery, enspirey to bite under the vs of 2 sale or the deal goveraments nd (8) Under Anse ha sot splayed of ened my pen, parnership, corporation, other ety she tan Don ie employes o get working fr Under Armour, sale or sce this Apress, att Bs mo pad speed py fy pessa, patti, copaation, of athe eu ter Una be Bde employes o age ty He oF a fe cersieain contingent on he making o this Agree ‘Bicol Hut Nesofatian: Ris of Fist Refusal Usivesiy shall met exclasively wih Under Amowe © neposiste ‘a god Tah te tems of eeneval of th Apert om Fetriry 1 202 Grodgh Marck 3, 04 CEncasis [Negoiine Pat) Pror to and. ang the Exchsive.Negoiting Pei Univer may ot priate in Tosolsios or erin any tsd pry offs Wik respecte roduc pny, advetbement puns easements {potion wth spect Produ fr Teams, Coaches, oe Sat Tht Pay OME) ove, ower, hat I he Fares camot mull agree pan helms of sch renewal bythe end ofthe Exclusive Nepsng Pere, then Unive ea egase i sxsw any thd pty th respect tthe spol of Prof fo Ten, Csehes, or ‘Sal Inaditon commencing upon he ed of te Exclusive Negaiting avid, and exteating Sty (0) dys ae the ‘xpron of the Ferm (ee entening stl Angst 31,202) Under Anno sal he aight ft seal ith respect to any Thid Paty Ofer Universi aay recive. If Univesity reeves any sch Third Paty Of, to University sat submit o Unies Asmour in wig the nae of de til party and al she rate tes ofthe Tied any Ofer Under Amour sal have te (10) busines ds os the date of ts ee ofthe Thins Pry Ofer tity Univesity writing whaer Under Aru wil ene ths Ageemot onto a kat eal the mtr ems et fan the Third Paty Off; prove, however, tt the Payment ad Pret Allowance of by Under Armee ‘mus exceed the Payette red Allowsoe in te Td Paty OMe by five pees) or more 1 Une ‘Aour niies Univers fn iting dt wl ee the Ageebent on sch tems, hen Unley aed Under Alou shal rene tis Agreement on sh ems, Unies shal inrm al hi pares o its requirements ude hs Seton ‘minty and Remedies 1, mination fr Default 5.11 Eider paty may, subj 1 the rovisous of Sexi £15 tow, by ween mac of df othe

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