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1. Do you own a Two wheeler?

• Yes

• No

2. Which brand of Two wheeler do you own?

• Hero Honda • Tvs

• Pulsar • Yamaha
• Bajaj • Others

3. Which type of Two wheeler do you own currently?

• Geared Motorbike

• Geared Scooter

• Gearless (eg. Honda Activa,TVS Scooty etc.)

3. Average distance travelled by you in a month is around?

• 0-100 kms • 301-400

• 101-200 • More than 400
• 201-300 • I don’t keep track

4. Are you happy with the quality you get?

• Yes

• No

5. Which kind of two wheeler would you like to buy?

• Motor bike

• Scooter

• Electric bike

6. Which price bracket does your vehicle fall?

• 40,000-50,000
• 50,001-60,000

• 60,001-70,000

• 70,001 and above

7. What is/would be the engine capacity (CC) of your two wheeler?

• Less than 100cc

• 100cc to 125cc

• 126cc to 150cc

• 151cc to 180cc

• Above 180cc

8. Kindly rate each of the following based on the importance you give while purchasing a
two wheeler?

(1=Least important to 5=Most important)

Ranking 1 2 3 4 5
Looks and Shape
Maximum speed
Mileage per litre promised by the
Pick up of the vehicle
Maintenance of the vehicle
Resale value of the vehicle

9. What influenced you to buy two-wheeler?

• Recommendation of dealer/salesperson

• Celebrity appeal/endorsement for the brand you consider to buy

• Recommendation/analysis by auto magazines, auto shows on TV.

• Parents

10. In today world two wheeler is?

• Need

• status symbol

11 Are you satisfied with the after sales service provided by the company ?

• Yes

• No

Personal Details:

Name :

Gender :

Age :

Occupation : Salaried Professionals Business

Analysis Of Data:-

All the 100 respondent are having the Two Wheeler ,and major are owing the Brand – Hero
Honda with 41% .

The average age of the respondent is between 24-25 years and mostly are male and two
wheeler is a need and not a status symbol.

Mostly Professional (51%) used geared motorbike and most of the respondent price bracket
is between 50000-70000 and like to have 126-150 cc .

Most Respondent prefer buying the feature which has quick pick-up and mileage and mostly
are influenced by Celebrity and TV Shows.