Aliens, Nuclear Wars and Genetic Intervention, Part 1 A brief introduction to the Possibleorigins of the human race


What follows is a collage of different theories about the origins of the human race that gives a logical explanation of virtually all the unexplained mysteries on this planet. I have included a few theories of my own but most of the information I give here comes from dedicated researchers who take their work very seriously and have written hundreds of books containing evidence from every branch of science from linguistics and archaeology to genetics and quantum physics. Most of the facts here are backed up by archaeological discoveries and ancient documents, many of which have been swept under the carpet to maintain order and control. The sacking of the museums in Iraq at the start of the gulf conflict is a perfect example of this. This is not meant to be a definitive explana tion of what actually happened but a possible solution that has been supported by many people. It may be that the whole thing is entirely wrong as it is based on trying to understand events that happened millions of years ago but it at least offers a more logical and feasible explanation than the lies currently being accepted by the mainstream as fact.

I am not going to put much effort into referencing or trying to validate what I am saying as I am writing this purely for the fun of it and I don¶t care whe ther you believe me or not and have nothing to prove. I hope that reading this will inspire you to go and find out more on the subject as it is my personal opinion that ignorance of our true origins is what keeps us enslaved. I will include a small bibliog raphy so that you can read some of the books I have got this information from and form your own opinions.
Darwin was right (ish)

The belief (and it is only a belief) that mankind evolved directly from monkeys has been accepted as proven fact by millions of people for the last century but it has never actually been proven.There are lots of reasons why, even though the theory of evolution fits perfectly for all the o ther species on this planet, when it comes to humans there are a lot of things that simply do not add up. Darwin himself never actually claimed his theory could be used to prove humans evolved directly from apes but it was quickly ado pted by anthropologists in a bid to explain human beings. His co-discoverer Alfred Wallace was a little more vocal on the subject and claimed that ³some intelligent power has guide d or determined the development of man´.

As our knowledge of genetics and the timescale involved in evolution increases many scientists are now starting to agree that there is a lot of eviden ce that goes against the evolutionary theory such as«. The fossil record has huge gaps in it; there is no continuous stream of fossils to show our evolution from chimp to human. Homo sapiens has only 46 chromosomes compared to 48 in chimpanzees and Gorillas. The theory of natural selection has been unable to suggest how the fusing together of two chromosomes ± a major structural change - should have come about. Homo sapiens suddenly appeared 200,000 years ago with a 50% increase in brain size compared to Homo erectus, this is impossible according to the theory of natural selection as changes like this would take millions of years. Human DNA shows signs of having passed through an extremely long and relativ ely peaceful evolution. This is inconsistent with an evolutionary split from the apes a mere 6 million years ago. Millions of people all over the world believe in some form of god or creator and there are literally thousands of ancient documents from all over the world that give sometimes vague and symbolic, sometimes extremely detailed, explanations of how we were created. During the course of this paper I would like to put forward my own theory that mankind did evolve directly form apes on this planet but that it happened billions of years ago and that there has been several civilisations that have risen and fallen since that time. I believe that it is a possibility that our current race of human beings was created by a previous race of human beings that fled this planet before a major cataclysm and then returned in the last 200,000 years to create us as a slave race in order to help them extract minerals from this planet. There are hundreds of other reasons why mankind could not possibly have evolved from apes in the short timescale that is currently stated but I do not have the time or the inclination to go into them here, if you can allow yourself to accept the possibility then please read on. If you require a more in depth explanation I suggest spending a few minutes on Google or reading µGods of the New Millennium¶ by Alan F Alford. There have been thousands of clay tablets found in northern Iraq that date from up to 6000 years ago. These are from one of the oldest known civilisation scalled the Sumerians, and are thought to b e the oldest known examples of writing. These clay tablets were translated by a now famous scholar called Zecharia Sitchen, who went on to write 12 books based on his translations that feature an epic story of how a race of gods known as the Annun aki genetically created the human race and had many wars and disputes that has shaped our history dramatically over the course of thousands of years. His books have inspired hundreds of books and websites

expanding on his discoveries and it is this story which I am going to summarise into an easy to understand form in the next few pages. I shall start at the very beginning«

Planetary Collision

The Sumerians listed 12 planets in the solar system instead of our 9. They considered the sun and moon to be planets but there was also another planet that they referred to as Nibiru or µthe planet of the crossing¶ their symbol for Nibiru was the cross, funny how the most well-known religious symbol is also the oldest! The Sumerians knew precise details of each of the planets such as size, distance from the sun and even colour. Many of these details have only been confirmed by our scientists in recent years, much to the satisfaction of Zecharia Sitchen who predicted details about some of the outer planets from his translations of Sumerian texts before our scientists at NASA discovered them. It is not likely that the Sumerians had spacecraft of their own as they would hav e written about them so how could they have known the details of the planets? It all becomes clear when you start to take their stories of gods in flying vehicles literally and perhaps it is these µgods¶ who gave them the detailed knowledge that they wrote about the formation of the planets. It is also worth noting that astronomers have recently acknowledged the existence of another unknown planet in our solar system and that NASA have spent literally billions in their search for µPlanet X¶. According to the Sumerians, approximately 4 billion years ago the earth as we know it did not exist. Instead a planet twice the size of the earth existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This planet was referred to as Tiamat by the Sumerians . At this time the planet Nibiru was not part of our solar system but was hurtling thr ough space on an unknown course. Nibiru is approximately 3 times the size of E arth and entered our solar system on a direct collision course with Tiamat. Both Nibiru and Tiamat had several moon s and these were the first to collide. When the two planets collided Tiamat was hit so hard that half of the planet was broken into thousands of pieces and the other half was knocked into a new orbit between mars and Venus . The fragments that were left beh ind remained in orbit between mars and Jupiter and became the asteroid belt , the half-planet left between Mars and Venus eventually reformed to a sphere and became Earth. There is overwhelming evidence for this in the positioning of the land mass on earth which was originally all located on one side of the planet in the super continent of P angaea. Earth¶s crust on the land side is up to 20 miles thick and has been found to be at least 4 billion years old, whereas the crust on the ocean side is only 5 miles thick and less than 200 million years old! It is thought that Tiamat¶s largest moon (Called Kingu by the Sumerians) was captured by the gravity of what was left of Tiamat and eventually became our moon as we

know it now. Evidence of this ancient collision can be seen in the huge craters that cover the surface of the moon. Nibiru itself was also affected by this collision and was captured by the gravity of the sun into an elliptical orbit that caused it to return to our solar system every 3600 years, It is this 3600 year cycle that has shaped virtually every aspect of our culture and history and can be seen today in company logos, the horoscope and even our numerical systems.

We came from space ?

Scientists have discovered that the very first single celled life forms on earth appeared 4 billion years ago which Is when Nibiru collided with Tiamat so it is highly likely that this is where they came from. Most historians, scientists and archaeologists agree that there has been regular mass extinctions throughout the history of our planet, Alan F Alford suggests that these extinctions were caused when Nibiru passed in close proximity to the earth, possibly passing through the asteroid belt and knocking large asteroids out of their orbit and into a collision course with Earth, such as the huge asteroid collision that is now known to have wiped out the dinosaurs. Even though we are supposed to have only been on the planet for around 200,000 years there have been human and man-madeartefacts found in rock millions of years old such as the 3.4 million year old human skull found in 1880 in Castenedolo, Italy and the grooved spheres that were found in South Africa in rock strata dated to 2.8 billion years ago! Most of these finds have been blatantly ignored by conventional historians who make a living from the current paradigms and do not want to bring to attention anything that would cause them to have to completely rewrite the history books. I would like to suggest that the only logical explanation for these ancient finds is that human beings evolved on this planet billions of years ago and that our current civilisation is only re-discovering technology that has been around since then. I believe that a previous civilisation may have been aware of an impending cataclysm and left our planet, possibly settling on Nibiru itself, and then returned at a later date for various reasons which I shall explain in the next chapter, and that that this return eventually led to the creation of our current civilisation through genetic manipulation. It is likely that at some point in our distant past we may have also occupied M ars as Nasa has recently released many photos of the Cydonia area of Mars that feature what appear to be structures very similar to many of the ancient temples found all over the world and even what looks like a giant sculpture of a human face that is the size of a mountain. There have also been photos of what appear to be transparent tunnels and one website claims that you can even see a dolphin swimming through

one of the tunne ls. The 2000 movie µMission to Mars¶ offers a very feasible explanation for these structures when a rescue mission sent to Mars from Earth discovers a secret entrance into face mountain that leads them to a holographic museum that shows them the story of how the planet was abandoned and how this led to the seeding of life on earth. There is very strong evidence for this scenario as the surface of mars shows that there has been a major cataclysm at some point in the very distant past. There are thousands of craters on one side of the planet consistent with a major collision. On the other s ide of the planet the crust is relatively smooth which could mean that the planet was hit so hard that the molten rock burst out from the core and coated the surface.

It may even be possible that Mars is still populated. In July 1988 soviet scientist s launched two probes towards Mars with the intention of investigating why it¶s moon Phobos appeared to be hollow. Phobos 1 was lost on route apparently due to a radio command error. Phobos 2 successfully arrived at Mars on the 29 th January and functioned perf ectly until it came close to Phobos and was mysteriously destroyed on the 28th of March after beaming back an image of what the Russians describe as ³an odd shaped object between the spacecraft and the surface of Mars´ Phobos 2 also transmitted infra-red scans that show a vast city like pattern beneath the surface of Mars that had no corresponding marks on the surface visible to the regular cameras. The infra-red camera was designed to pick up heat signatures so what ever it was, it was giving off heat in a pattern that is entirely inconsistent with any natural phenomena.

So who is this God person anyway?

The religions of Buddhism , Confucianism and later Christianity and Islam are all based on a monotheistic belief system that is closely connected to the discoveries that are recently being made in quantum physics. I believe that the god of Jesus and Mohammed is omnipotent because it encompasses everything that exists and is the one consciousness that we are all part of , and the whole point of monotheism is that if god is everything then th ere can be only one everything! Unfortunately many people have failed to realise that this God is very diffe rent from the gods of the old religions who created and guided the human race and used them as slaves and pawns in their many wars. Because of our need for consistency we have tried to make the ancient texts like the old testament fit our modern belief system and lines such as ³Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness´ are simply thought of as mistranslations or explained away with the invention of ideas such as ³the holy trinity´ to give the idea of god being three persons in one.According to Alford, Buddha regarded the gods as mere flesh -andblood beings who were not to be worshipped since they were caught up in the same

problems as mankind; he thus sought a spiritual enlightenment, or nirvana, that was higher than the gods.

The Annunaki

In Zecharia Sitchen¶s translations of the Sumerian texts, the ancient gods were flesh and blood beings who came to Earth about 432,000 years ago and colonised the earth in order to mine the gold from the planet. According to Sitchen they needed the gold in order to protect the atmosphere of their home planet of Nibiru in the same way that gold is used in the visors of space suits to protect astronauts from the sun¶s harmful rays. The leader of this race of beings known as the Annunaki was Anu. He had two sons called Enki and Enlil who became so heavily involved with the history of our race that their appearance in all the ancient texts of the world eventually led to them being referred to as God and Satan.These Annunaki were said to have advanced knowledge of genetics and a pure bloodline that enable d them to have lifespans hundreds of thousands of years long so that to us they would seem immortal. The Annunaki may be responsible for naming our planet Earth as the root word of the word "earth" comes from the ancient Sumerian (the word e.ri.du) and means "a home far away" According to Sitchen the Annunaki had numerous space stations in the middle east located at Baalbek, Jerusalem and the Sinai desert. There is archaeological evidence for these such as the huge platform at Baalbek made from stone blocks so large that even our modern technology would struggle to move them. The 8000 year old settlement of Jericho is thought to have been one of 3 garrison towns built to protect the Jerusalem base and the Sinai desert features a huge black scar that can only be explained by a nuclear explosion, which ties in perfectly with a well-documented war that led to the destruction of all the space facilities in the area. Around 250,000 years ago the Annunaki miners complained about the working conditions in the mines and it was decided that a genetic hybrid worker would be created to ease the burden. This was achieved by their chief scientist Enki and his half-sister Ninhursag who was the chief medical officer . They set up their base of operations in Africa and Enki became associated with the symbol of the serpent to represent the Nile which was the source of life for a large portion of Africa and provided 97% of Egypt¶s water. The Hebrew word for the Biblical Serpent was nahash. This termcomes from the root NHSH which means ³to find things out, to solve secrets´, a very fitting term for the chief scientist of the Annunaki. The first hybrids created were a race of giants with Negroid features who lived for over 100,000 years. They were created sterile and thus were not able to breed. Unfortunately there was a lot of disagreement over ownership of these workers and at one point Enlil took the workers from Enki without permission and moved them to his home in Mesopotamia. The area was known as E din (Sumerian for ³home of the righteous ones´) and is the origin of the biblical Eden. Enlil wished to expand his

workforce but did not have the knowledge to do this and so he ordered Enki to give him his own genetic laboratory to create his own clones (does this sound familiar, star wars fans?). Enki used this as an opportunity to take revenge on Enlil for taking the workers and decided to implant two of the females with embryos that he had altered to give them the ability to develop full sexual awareness and the ability to reproduce leading to the biblical Adam and Eve . When Enlil realised the trick that had been played on him he realised that he was in danger of having a severe population explosion on his hands and banished them from E.Din. Due to the mixing of genes Adam¶s lifespan was reduced to a mere 93,000 years and the biblical story blames Enki/the serpent for this. The term Satan comes from the Hebrew term for resister/adversary and the idea of Satan as an evil being leading man ast ray comes from this conflict.

The Flood

In his book µGods of the New Millennium¶ Alan F Alford offers an explanation for the extraordinary lifespans quoted in the Old Testament for the early patriarchs. If the original ages of the patriarchs are added together it places the Garden of Eden creation story so recently in human history that it causes the bible to completely contradict all the archaeological evidence and it is for this reason that scientists and creationists are so at odds with each other. Alford claims that the ages in the bible were reconciled from earlier documents that were based not on years, but on µSars¶ He suggests that there are two different types of µSar¶: Pre flood sars were based on the 3600 year orbit of Nibiru. Post flood sars were based on a 2600 year cycle that is part of a process known as µthe procession of the equinox¶s¶. Using these values he has come up with lifespans for the early patriarchs that are much longer than previously thought but that coincide with the fossil record for humans and also with the evidence from the sphinx and the pyramids that date the biblical flood to around 10,983 BC Due to their new found ability to procreate and lifespans that were up to 100,000 years the human beings had completely over populated the planet by 11,000 BC to the point that the gods/ Annunaki were at a loss as to what to do about them. The Annunaki were aware that Nibiru¶s next crossing through the solar system was to coincide with an alignment of the planets that was to cause a massive gravitational pull on the earth and would lead to a global extinction. It was decided that they would use this as an opportunity to rid the planet of the humans but Enki was not happy about it. Enki knew that if he wanted to preserve the human race he would have to shorten the lifespans considerably. He implanted the wife of the biblical Lamech with a hybrid child who became Noah who only lived for 68,400 years , Enki decided to create three diverse races by taking Noah and three women from three diverse races to his medical facilities and implanting their eggs fertilised with Noah¶s sperm into three surrogate mothers creating a 50% dilut ion of Noah¶s longevity genes (Shem only lived 15,120 years). Noah¶s three sons were then ordered / manipulated to marry their mothers leading to a further dilution of the longevity genes ( Noah¶s

grandson Arphaxad only lived 5100 years). This genetic manipulation led to the three different races of mankind as we know them now. The lifespans of the early patriarchs were gradually reduced over the generations with a dramatic reduction between Terah, who lived 2,235 years and his son Abraham who lived 175 years. According to Alford this dramatic drop was due to the fact that Terah fathered Abraham very late in life, leading to a process of genetic deterioration that occurs in male sex cells as they age.

According to genesis human beings were entirely vegan until after the flood. Genesis1:29 states:
Then God said ³I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food´

Then after the flood Genesis 9 begins with:
Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands. Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

Could it be that this was a deliberate attempt on the part of Enki to shorten the lifespans of the human beings by in troducing health problems and disease to them by encouraging them to eat meat? In µGods of the new Millennium¶ Alan Alford offers some very convincing evidence based on Sumerian translations and archaeology that the three pyramids in Giza were built as navigation beacons in order to help the Annunaki to locate th eir space port from the sky after the whole surface of the earth was changed by the flood. He offers a theory that the architectural features of the great pyramid point to it being a hydrogen fuel cell that drew it¶s water up from the N ile before splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy to p ower radio equipment mounted in the capstone. There is a huge amount of information in the Sumerian text s that refers to the pyramid as a weapon and also to it¶s ability to create a ³grid in the sky´. The Sumerians also give detailed descriptions of how th e pyramid was sabotaged by one of the Annunaki during a war and the evidence of this can still be seen today in the damage to certain internal features, just as it was described in the texts.

Ancient Calenders

According to Alan Alford¶s theories in ³Gods of the new Millennium´ the Annunaki had numerous disagreements about who should be in charge of running the planet so they agreed to a 2160 year cycle that was measured by looking at the stars. When Nibiru passed by the Earth in 11,000 BC it caused the earth to tilt slightly on it¶s axis. This led to the viewpoint of the stars slowly rotating through the sky in a process that took around 25,920 years to complete. Enki was the first to notice this cycle and brough t it to the attention of the council who divided this up into 12 sections and assigned different names to each section that became known as the houses of the zodiac. This processional cycle led to the base -60 number system used by the Sumerians and is the origin of our 60 seconds to a minute, 360 degrees in a circle etc. Disagreements about when exactly this cycle was due to change led to various arguments and wars between the gods, most notably with Enki¶s son Marduk who enlisted the help of Thoth to build astronomical calenders at Machu Piccu in South America and Stonehenge in England using the giant negroid slaves to help with the construction. There are various stories of these giants mentioned in the bible and myths and legends throughout the world and wherever they appear they seem to be associated with tin mining. Is it possible that the original giants of A lbion may have been descendants of the Negroid slave workers left behind by Thoth when he built Stonehenge? It surely is no coincidence that Cornwall was known to have been populated by giants and is also full of tin mines. I believe that the practice of using Negroid races as slaves may have come directly from the original Negroid giants that were used in the construction of the ancient temples and may have been instigated by one of the original annunaki overlords or a secret society wi shing to emulate them. The sphinx has recently been dated to around 8000 BC by experts who attribute the water erosion to the last time in Egypt¶s history that there was known to be flowing water in the area. It can surely be no coincidence that this was the start of the age of Leo. Many experts believe that the sphinx originally had the head of a lion and was re-carved at a later time. The nuclear destruction of Sodom and Gomorrahand the Sinai space centre led to mass migration from the civilised areas of Sumer and Babylon which can be evidenced by the sudden appearance of technology all over the world around that time An ancient exodus from a fiery hell is part of the legends of many ancient cultures and many ancient languages can trace their roots back to Sume rian. The migration even spread as far as America as the Mayan civilisation appeared at this time

Later use of nuclear weapons is also found in the destruction of the cities of Crete where archaeologists have struggled to explain the scale of the destruc tion there, which cannot possibly have come from the crude handheld weapons they were supposed to have had at the time. The new religion of Crete from that time featured images of the goddess Innana holding two snakes which symbolises th e victory of Innana over Marduk.Other sites from the area also feature black stones that h ave turned out to be pottery that was fused by extreme heat that could only have come from a nuclear war. This second war has been dated to 1500 BC which was when many new civilisations appeared in America, worshipping the same gods from the near east and EasterIsland was vacated. Alan Alford claims that the Olmec¶s civilisation was started by the same people who had previously been banished to EasterIslandafter rebelling against the god Ishkar and sabotaging his artwork on the plains of Nazca. The Olmec cities contain many carvings with indo European features very similar to those left behind on EasterIsland. There are quarries on EasterIsland that are full of half-finished carvings from where the settlers dropped their tools and left the island.

The time of Moses and the Israelites relates directly to volcanic eruption that occurred at the time and would very likely have caused the plagues described in the old testament and it is highly likely that the story of Moses parting the red sea comes from where the tsunami caused by the volcanic explosion left a vast area of shallow sea dry for them to cross as the sea withdrew. The Egyptians who were following them were then washed away when th e tsunami hit with full force. They would have had advanced knowledge of this phenomenon as they were being led by the Ishkar the youngest son of Enki who chose to be referred to as ³I am who I am´ (later translated to Yahweh / Jehovah / God) as he did not want the Israelites to realise that the other tribes that he wanted them to wipe out were actually worshipping him as well.

At this time all the gods had migrated to America after the nuclear war that had caused so much destruction and were in the process of setting up mines and mineral processing plants in South America. In order to communicate with the Israelites without having to commute backwards and forwards from America Ishkar/Yahweh gave the Israelites detailed instructions to construct a radio transmitter to enable communication which became known as the Ark of the Covenant and was used to help many tribes overcome their enemies. It may be that the ark was more than just a radio transmitter and may have even been a teleportatio n device as well as a weapon. The ancient texts describe how only the trained priests from the tribe of levy were allowed to handle it and they required special clothes and training to handle it. The entire casing was gold and it had to be lifted on wooden poles. This indicates

that it was some type of electrical device and it is thought that it was a type of battery containing a form of superconductor made from all the gold that they were ordered to gather at it¶s time of construction. Archaeologists in the 1940¶s discovered a temple in the Sinai desert featuring storerooms full of a mysterious white powder . Unfortunately the temple was left open to the elements and the white powder was blown away by the desert wind. Scientists are now researching this whit e powder gold for it¶s superconducting properties. It is made by a process of heating and cooling and at a certain temperature it becomes a white powder. The powder that is left behind has virtually no mass and the only logical explanation for the disappea rance of so much of the material¶s body mass is that it must have gone to another dimension! When this sample is weighed it appears to weigh less than nothing and will even transfer it¶s weightlessness to the container in which it is weighed. Could it be that this substance was used to levitate the stone blocks used to construct so many of the ancient temples?

It is also thought that this substance also had hallucinogenic properties and was made into a form of bread that they ate in order to commune with the spirits/ alien overlords / god. Is this the origin of the line ³give us our daily bread´ in the Lord¶s Prayer? I believe that there may be a connection between these special properties of gold and the fact that the world¶s monetary reserves are all stored in gold bullion. Could it be that the annunaki are still using us to hoard the gold for them? When Nibiru last returned in 200 BC the South American culture of Chavin quickly went into decline and the industrial activities at Teotihuacan were stoppe d. It appears that the gods who were lording it over these cultures may have returned to their home planet. The last return of Nibiru also coincided with the end of a 2148 year cycle meaning the handover of leadership to a different god and the start of th e age of Pisces. The Christian symbol of the fish represents this period. The three wise men who went to visit Jesus are thought to have been astronomers who went to search for him after studying the stars to see that it was the start of a new cycle. It was at this time that the reigns of power were switched to an unambitious god by the name of Erishkigal. After the chaos of the last 2000 years the gods decided to step back and let mankind live in relative peace for a while. This could all change soon as we are about to enter the age of Aquarius and the handover to a new god. I believe that this changeover is directly linked to the agenda of those currently pulling the strings behind the scenes and is the reason for the so -called µNew World Order¶

There is so much more to this story but as I¶m not being paid to write this I really don¶t have the motivation to go into more detail. If you want to know more try reading some of the following authors« m(if you have the time to read it this is the most amazing book you will ever read)

There is absolutely masses of info out there, just search for Nibiru or Annunaki on Google (or YouTube if you can t be bothered to read )

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