Emmy Award Winning

Embark on an incredible journey as National Geographic traces the story of an average person, using milestones to examine the everyday workings of a living, functioning body in ways not seen before. From the producers of the acclaimed Inside the Womb, Emmy Award winning Inside the Living Body reveals the life story of the human body from first cry to final breath. With microscopic filmmaking, advanced medical technology, and state-of-the-art cardiac tomography (CT) imaging techniques, Inside the Living Body presents a new and uniquely revealing perspective on how our bodies function, grow, and mature from infancy through puberty, adulthood, and old age. It's the journey of a human lifetime, from the outside in. Join us for this one-time special engagement! Space is limited so reserve your spot today!
Monday, March 14th ● Show Starts at 7:00 PM Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be available for audience. Please pre-register for this feature film viewing so that we can have appropriate amounts of snacks and drinks. Walk-ins accepted.

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