JANUARY 22-23, 2011
Seaport World Trade Center, Boston

Global Wine Tasting for Serious Wine Enthusiasts Founding Chef Culinary Series Educational Seminars Exclusive Grand Cru Wine Lounge

Figs and Kingfish Jasper White Jasper White’s Summer Shack Gordon Hamersley Hamersley’s Bistro Michael Schlow Radius. LLC Richard Vellente Legal Seafoods. share recipes and create samples of their favorite dishes! Demonstrations take place in the Grand Tasting and are included with your Grand Tasting or Grand Cru ticket. Partial list of participants include: FOUNDING Ming Tsai Simply Ming Blue Ginger Todd English Olives.WineExpoBoston. LLC Roseann Tully Intermezzo magazine Rachel Klein Aura Restaurant Richard Rayment Seaport Hotel Chef Stage Host: Billy Costa Kiss 108 FM Stage Two Sponsored by: Kitchens Provided by: Dan Enos The Oceanaire Seafood Room James Martin Papa Razzi Visit www. Porcaro Top of the Hub Anthony Catarano Prezza Marc Orfaly Pigalle Sandy Block Legal Seafoods. first-served for a schedule of demonstrations. Seating is available on a first-come. Via Matta and Alta Strada Daniel Bruce Boston Harbor Hotel Paul O’Connell Chez Henri Mark J. .A N N I V E RSA RY BOSTON WINE EXPO CHEFS Learn from your favorite chefs on two demonstration stages as they entertain.

visit www. plus: Wine Clinics “Mini” clinics lead by our winemakers will teach you the secrets of their wines in short thirty-minute sessions. the Grand Cru is the perfect way to spend an afternoon sampling fine wine and tasting delectable treats from the top restaurants in the city. awards and vacation opportunities that will be auctioned to the highest bidders. MLAEF Follow Us On Join Us On Facebook For more information and to purchase Retailer Kiosks powered by Xfinity Several retailers will be onsite to help you order all of the great wine you sample at the event. EVENT THE GRAND CRU WINE LOUNGE January 22-23 | 2 pm – 6 pm The Grand Cru Wine Lounge is the ideal setting for serious wine enthusiasts looking to sample rare and expensive vintages before they purchase a bottle. the Grand Tasting features wines from all over the world and more than 100 food and lifestyle vendors for you to peruse.WineExpoBoston. Ticket includes admission to the Grand Tasting on the same day. educated workforce for the Massachusetts lodging industry. Chef Demonstrations Learn tips and tricks from culinary masters on two chef stages and leave with a copy of their recipes so you can re-create the dishes at home. Inc • Seavey Vineyard • Trifecta Cellar & Wine • William Cole Vineyards • World Wide Wine Importing & Exporting Sponsored by SILENT AUCTIONS The Massachusetts Lodging Association Education Foundation (MLAEF) hosts daily silent auctions featuring world-class travel. Located in a private room away from the Grand Tasting. . All wine and food samples are included with your admission ticket. NEW! Restaurant Tastings Sample dishes from your favorite area restaurants. All wines poured in the Grand Cru retail for $75 and up.HIGHLIGHTS THE GRAND TASTING January 22-23 | 2 pm – 6 pm The most popular event of the weekend. Participating wineries include: • Amizetta Vineyards • Fine Wines of the World • Ladera • Mansfield Winery • Moet Hennessy USA • Premium Port Wines. The proceeds benefit the MLAEF which works to develop a qualified.

SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS Saturday. Chardonnay and hospitality since its founding in 1972 by Tom and Sally Jordan.00 12:30PM-1:30PM TASTE THE TERROIR OF BURGUNDY WITH LAURENT DROUHIN OF MAISON JOSEPH DROUHIN What do oysters and wines have in common? Complex flavors.. PRICE: $30. she has been decorated twice by the French Government with the title of Officier du Mérite Agricole. Experts from Island Creek Oysters and Island Creek Oyster Bar talk terroir and meroir in this not-to-be-missed presentation. takes you through a rare tasting series of 7 vintages of our Cabernet Sauvignon. International winemaker Giorgio Flessati has been making award. This is a rare and unique showcase of one of California’s most iconic wineries that is not to be missed! PRICE: $60. how to taste like a wine pro. You’ll taste and compare eight wines from around the world. 2006. old world and’s wine blog.00 1:00PM-2:00PM A GRAND ADVENTURE THROUGH FRANCE WITH MARTINE SAUNIER Please join Martine Saunier as she guides you through a grand adventure with the wines from her most sought after growers from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. stylish. Jordan Vineyard & Winery has been dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon. and is the author of foodandwine. And you’ll have a great time doing it. too. and soils of these two prestigious Southern Rhone crus. . GENERAL MANAGER OF ISLAND CREEK OYSTER BAR AND CHRIS SHERMAN Come explore the geological history.EXPLORE A WORLD OF WHITE. PRICE: $35.00 1:00PM-2:00PM OYSTERS & WINE PAIRING WITH TOM SCHLESINGER-GUIDELLI.winning wines here from many different grapes (including the aforementioned Syrah) and terroirs in this region. Tasting Room. cultural touchstones. National Sales Manager. Premier Cru 2006 Joseph Drouhin Musigny. RED. why wine lovers throw around words like “acidity. PRICE: $50. the modern.” “tannin” and “new oak. aphrodisia. Come sample five different species of oysters meticulously paired with wines from around the world. PRICE: $30. You’ll learn what flavors and aromas differentiate the major grape varieties. In addition to overseeing F&W’s wine department. and. and has also served as deputy wine editor and senior editor.” and learn to see through some of the myths about wine. These include what may be the highest vineyards in all of Chile! Join us in a tasting of his many different offerings and a lively discussion of this beautiful and fascinating new land.00 1:00PM-2:00PM EXPLORE ELQUI. varietals. beginning with our 2000 vintage through our current release. ONE OF CHILE’S NEWEST AND MOST EXCITING REGIONS WITH ITS PREMIER PRODUCER GIORGIO FLESSATI OF VINA FALERNIA Laurent Drouhin. and what makes our Alexander Valley Cabernet uniquely Jordan vintage to vintage. terroir-driven vintages and age-ability. 2011 12:30PM-1:30PM EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINE! Food & Wine’s Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle leads this entertaining introductory exploration of the world of wine. FOOD & WINE Ray is Executive Wine Editor of FOOD & WINE. Find out about the new renaissance rising in Chateauneuf-du-Pape and the “Pink Wave” as we taste through a wine line-up designed to exemplify key learning points such as tradition and transition in winemaking. Isle writes the monthly column. Tasting Room. The seminar is led by Lisa M. and tips about pairing wine and food. Ray’s appearance benefits The Gateway School of New York. She is also a Chevalier du Tastevin.00 12:30PM-1:30PM CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE TAVEL .00 Wine Spectator has proclaimed cool climate Syrah from the Elqui Valley to be the big new varietal emerging from Chile. FWS. Director of Education for the French Wine Society and is brought to you courtesy of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape & Tavel Wine Syndicates. based on the characteristics of their individual vineyards. talent-seeking epicurean brand. for the magazine.. PRICE: $25.00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER — RAY ISLE Executive Wine Editor. soil type variations. Reid Harper. directs the title’s spirits coverage. Isle was promoted from wine editor in 2010. of course. trend-spotting. Martine is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and was formerly on the national board of AIWF. CWE. a member of one of the most famous winemaking families in Burgundy conducts a tasting of the following wines to demonstrate how profoundly different wines from the same grape from the same region can be. Grand Cru PRICE: $50. and makes wine tasting—and learning—lively and fun. Isle’s approach dispenses with wine snobbery and pretension. In addition.& PINK! 12:30PM – 1:30 PM JORDAN VINEYARDS & WINERY CABERNET SAUVIGNON RETROSPECTIVE! Tucked into the hills of Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. A Comparison of Four Different Whites From The Same Vintage: (Different Villages and Vineyards) 2006 Joseph Drouhin Chassagne Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche 2006 Joseph Drouhin Chablis Les Clos 2006 Joseph Drouhin Puligny Foliateres 2006 Joseph Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches Blanc A Comparison of Four Different Reds From the Same Village In the Same Vintage: (Different Vineyards) 2006 Joseph Drouhin Chambolle Musigny 2006 Joseph Drouhin Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru 2006 Joseph Drouhin Chambolle Musigny Amoureuses. We discuss what goes into our master blend. January 22. Airey. and along the way learn your favorite wine styles. lots to talk about.

one aged in a one-year old French oak barrel and one aged in a two year old French oak barrel.00 3:30PM-4:30PM “A COMPLETE VERTICAL (2001-2008) OF ONE OF THE STAGS LEAP DISTRICT’S FINEST CABERNETS – CLIFF LEDE’S ‘POETRY’ WITH ITS GENERAL MANAGER. Connoisseurs of Bordeaux.SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS Saturday. one’s “house palate” can petrify and a proper winemaking perspective can be lost. From the spicy Syrahs of the Northern Rhône to the fruit-forward Grenache-based blends of the South. Reserve your palate here today! PRICE: $25. Enore Ceola. PRICE: $! . Bill Russell (and special guests). stress-free night. are welcome to participate in what promises to be one of the more popular seminars of the weekend. pours three samples of his 2010 barrel-fermented Chardonnay: one aged in a new French oak barrel. Then taste the finished product. PRICE: $35. All of the barrels are made by the same cooper. At this seminar. discover wines from the North to South.” Discussion to include entertaining at home with Prosecco: simple cocktails and delicious bites for a party of 10 or 100. Managing Director of Mionetto USA. Rhône Valley Wines have charmed palates since the Romans discovered something special about this place in Southeast France 2000 years ago. where the Rhône Valley offers luscious red wines and elegant whites at a great value. Harlan and Screaming Eagle. having farmed properties like Colgin. GM of Cliff Lede Vineyards. PRICE: $25. Discover the tools the pros use to evaluate wine and recognize key structural components and identify wine top varietals.00 Purchase your tickets online at www.00 4:00PM-5:00PM RHÔNE VALLEY WINES WITH RAY ISLE OF FOOD & WINE Many winemakers recognize the importance of challenging one's palate with wines from other wineries and regions. Caterer Rita D’Angelo .Cook's Illustrated Magazine.00 3:30 PM . or novices that know nothing about Bordeaux (and would like to learn). Panelists provide many creative ideas ranging from music to table décor. Watch the premiere of a short. PRICE: $30. from international superstars to local heroes that make wonderful wines. knows his way around great properties.00 Honored as Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Region of the Year in 2010. January 22. Philippe’s time with Pétrus and Cheval Blanc give him some perspective too. Learn about the up-and-coming producers of the region and whether vintages really matter today. 2011 2:00PM-3:00PM LIVE LIVELY! WITH MIONETTO PROSECCO 3:30PM-4:30PM PRESENTS – IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD ~ OR ~ GREAT GRAPES –AND GREAT BUYS– FROM AROUND THE GLOBE Mionetto Prosecco presents Live Lively! – a philosophy and way of living.Lucca Back Bay Restaurant. who is a regular guest on the TODAY show. Experience first hand the influence of the wood on the wine and you see how the winemaker balances the oak influences in the finished product. PRICE: $60. Ten high-end wines from around the world will be tasted in a blind setting (in which the identities of the wines are not revealed until the end). and interactive sensory session. five minute documentary and proceed into a vertical tasting of eight vintages of Poetry. President and Owner of Aquitaine Wine Company in Bordeaux. This promises to be challenging and entertaining opportunity. from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. Leslie will be your “wine Sherpa” with the aim toward sharpening your tasting skills and heightening your wine enjoyment. Take a trip around the globe with Wine Spectator director of education Gloria Maroti Frazee.WineExpoBoston. These discovery wines taste (nearly) as good as those famous 2009 Bordeaux wines that are today retailing for around $1. the futures market and why prices are skyrocketing. entertaining. a documentary filmmaker posed this and other questions to Vineyard Manager David Abreu and Consulting Winemaker Philippe Melka. Associate Editor PRICE: $25.00 2:30PM-3:30PM 2009 BORDEAUX – RECORD SELLING VINTAGE WITH JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CALVET. David.00 3:00PM-4:00PM TASTE WINE LIKE A PRO: LEARN THE SECRETS BEHIND HOW TO TASTE WINE THROUGH A BLIND TASTING Join Jack Bittner. stopping in the New World and the Old to discover delectable new wines.4:30 PM BREAKING YOUR HOUSE PALATE At this seminar Landmark’s Winemaker. General Manager Bryan Roof .00 4:00PM-5:00PM THE INFLUENCE OF BARREL AGING ON THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CHARDONNAY Join Leslie Sbrocco. PRICE: $25.500 a bottle – and will not even be delivered until mid-2012. lead judge on PBS television’s “The Winemakers” and founder of the new multimedia company Thirsty Girl – as she leads an informative. as well as a tasting of discovery wines from all of the prestigious appellations of Bordeaux. in a discussion of the 2009 vintage. PRESIDENT OF THE AQUITAINE WINE COMPANY There’s a world of grapes. and a panelist of experts from the Boston area propose how to embrace life and become familiar with the “Prosecco Lifestyle. JACK BITTNER” Join Jean-Christophe Calvet. This past harvest. Come prepared to taste a range of wines and expect to be engaged in a classic symposium style. on one such journey as he sets up the Bay State's own wines against a global backdrop. Join Westport Rivers' winemaker. Greg Stach. to see if the steep slopes of the Poetry Vineyard in the Stags Leap District belong on the shortlist of great properties. If a winemaker doesn't do this on a regular basis. Rhône Valley Wines are always right. all designed to make your next party a successful. Mionetto Panel: Enore Ceola – Mionetto USA Managing Director Dennis Cargill – BABYTRAIN barBARq.

Food & Wine Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle takes on the next level of wine knowledge in a lively but always informative style. PRICE: $60. and the Estate Cab.00 2:00PM-3:00PM JUSTIN ISOSCELES: THE ICON OF PASO ROBLES AND THE CENTRAL COAST All cuvées of Champagne Ruinart rest in its famous cellars. This is sure to sell out so don’t hesitate! PRICE: $25. You’ll taste eight different wines. Chateau Montelena is coming to the Boston Wine Expo.00 3:00PM -4:00 PM “THE ONCE AND FUTURE WINE OF CALIFORNIA” People often say that Pinotage is a varietal that you either love or hate but this is not really true. Isle will give his tips about navigating restaurant wine lists and wine store shelves. Moet Hennessy USA. Plus. January 23. Grown in the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims vineyards. made by California’s most outstanding winemakers. this tasting will feature wine selections from California’s most historic vineyards. the Loire Valley sets international standards for Cabernet Franc (Chinon. leads us through the ins and outs of pairing these delicious substances (both a product of fermentation) with one another. Led by one of California’s most iconic old-vine Zinfandel pioneers. refreshing whites and full-bodied. PRICE: $25. We discuss the philosophy of grape growing and blending for this Central Coast icon. 2007. PRICE: $60. Ruinart was the first Champagne House to use these chalk cellars for maturation. Bourgueil and Saumur) and produces excellent Pinot Noir (Sancerre Rouge). PRICE: $30. In red wine. Cameron Parry.00 12:30PM-1:30PM “THE MIGHTY MONTELENA”… Join Master Sommelier Joseph Spellman of JUSTIN Vineyards and Winery for a vertical tasting of the most collected and praised wine of Paso Robles.00 3:00PM – 4:00PM THE WINES OF LOIRE VALLEY Join us for a tour of the wines of France's Loire Valley. Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Cheese Meister Extraordinaire.00 Join the “Godfather of Zin” Joel Peterson of Ravenswood Winery as he hosts a rare exploration and discussion of the history and future of California’s original wines. the home of the world's finest Chenin Blanc (Vouvray.00 . Cabernet Sauvignon. from Montelena’s Riesling.SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS Sunday. Join Wine Spectator director of education Gloria Maroti Frazee in this exploration of Portugal and taste for yourself why wine critics are keeping their eyes on Portugal’s new wave wines. Joining him is Len Presutti. 2006. One of the world’s most traditional wine countries is seriously stepping up its game and using indigenous grape varieties from diverse regions to produce delicious wines. it is the birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc (as exemplified by Sancerre and PouillyFumé). In each case the three main Bordeaux varieties. gaining insight into subjects like why soil and climate differences matter so much.00 12:30PM-1:30PM RUINART CHAMPAGNE CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO A ICONIC TASTING If you thought you knew wine and cheese. In this one-hour. the Estate Zinfandel. the ultimate seaside wine. Not to be missed. are blended in differing proportions. with a tasting of excellent Pinotages from the Cape of Good Hope. elegance and purity to the Ruinart champagne. 2002 and 2001. always with classic leftbank aging practices and potential. rich reds? If the answer to these questions is yes.) and the unique Muscadet. and what difference ‘old’ vines make (or don’t). Chief Winemaker. Chardonnay — the dominant grape variety used in all Ruinart cuvées — is the very essence of the Ruinart taste. 2004. Savennieres. 2000 year-old Gallo-Roman “crayères”. leads a tasting of all of the Estate’s current releases.PORTUGAL – DISCOVER A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the famed 1976 Paris Tasting.00 12:30PM-1:30PM “…AND YOU THOUGHT YOU DIDN’T LIKE PINOTAGE!” Do you enjoy discovering new grapes and new wines? Do you like crisp. Join Seth Box. the Corporate Wine Educator of the Martignetti Companies and a Certified Wine Educator to enlighten us concerning the specific wines chosen. for a tasting which showcases: Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Dom Ruinart 1998 Blanc Dom Ruinart 1993 Blanc Ruinart Rose Dom Ruinart 1996 Rose Dom Ruinart 1988 Rose PRICE: $50. information-packed seminar. Those who love it have had good Pinotage and those who hate it have not! Robin Back introduces you to this uniquely South African grape and shows you just how good it can be. The tasting culminates in a look at some back vintages of the famed Chardonnay as well as some library vintages of the mighty Estate Cabernet. think again. how wines change as they age. PRICE: $25. PRICE: $25. Cabernet Franc. recognized as historic monuments. this exceptional grape lends all its finesse.00 2:00PM-3:00PM PRESENTS . Best known for its great white wines. and Merlot. you’re in for a treat. JUSTIN Isosceles! We feature five vintages of Isosceles. Join us as Steve Wasik. or chalk-pits more than 100 feet underground. etc. Director of Education. 2011 12:30PM-1:30PM EVERYTHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINE! 1:00PM – 2:00PM CHEESE AND WINE MATCHING SEMINAR WITH STEVE WASIK OF THE WELLESLEY CHEESE SHOP. PRICE: $30. through the Napa Chardonnay.

SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS Sunday. and today there are more than 250 wineries. A REGION ON THE RISE 4:00PM-5:00PM WHAT'S ANCIENT IS MODERN: THE NEW WINES OF GREECE WITH DOUG FROST MS. Bose Wave Radios. media and Mark helps you drink like an insider without breaking the bank. large work desks.00 Seminar Tickets Are Sold Separately And May Be Purchased WithoutA Grand Tasting Ticket. All Seaport Hotel Guest Rooms and Suites offer complimentary hotel wireless internet access. April presents the geography. In his signature style that Bon Appétit calls “wine speak without the geek.WineExpoBoston. Ribera del Duero provides a benchmark for quality in the Spanish wine category. but following nearly two millennia of trouble and turmoil. MW guide you through the top examples of today’s Greek wines as you taste your way around the country.WineExpoBoston. and Brand Ambassador April Cullom in discovering the powerful and elegant wines of Ribera del Duero. .00 Did you know that the old name for Italy was “Enotria”. history and extreme climate while showcasing select wines from the Ribera del Duero. Drink Spain.” Mark covers six secret wines that everyone wishes they were drinking. THROUGH JAN. In 2009. TICKETS TICKET PRICING Saturday Grand Tasting Sunday Grand Tasting Two-day Grand Tasting Saturday Grand Cru Sunday Grand Cru Please note: Proper ID required. MW The world’s original wine industry is four-diamond hotel offers striking views of Boston Harbor and the city skyline. PRICE: $25. Ribera del Duero launched their first U. visit www. For more information and to purchase tickets. to broaden awareness among trade. Book your package now at www. For the complete list. flat-screen televisions.) in 1982. The region became a Denominación de Origen (D. Taste your way through the differences among the many grape varietals.WineExpoBoston. ABOUT THE SEAPORT HOTEL This distinctive. Puglia. marble bathrooms and a selection of down.WineExpoBoston. producing world class wines. Children and infants are not permitted. PRICE: $25. promotional campaign – Drink Ribera. Let Doug Frost MS. Entertaining like no one else. hypoallergenic and memory foam pillows from our Pillow Library.00 4:00PM-5:00PM ITALY: THE WINE COUNTRY WITH BILL NESTO MW Join Drink Ribera. January 23. 14 PURCHASE TICKETS Online: www. The special rate is $189 per night single/double occupancy plus tax and additional charges. 2011 3:30PM-4:30PM DRINK BRAVELY WITH MARK OLDMAN Weary of buying the same old wines again and again? Wine personality Mark Oldman—known to millions of PBS viewers as a main judge on “The Winemakers” and a renowned speaker—is here to rescue your taste buds with a lively seminar about irresistible wines of moderate cost and maximum appeal. which means wine producing country? Join Bill Nesto MW for an introduction to eight estates from it’s only in the last twenty years that there has been a renaissance of brilliant and modern wines crafted from ancient grapes. PRICE: $25.00 4:00PM-5:00PM RIBERA DEL DUERO. No one under the age of 21 will be admitted. No refunds are available. go to www. Drink Spain. Veneto and Tuscany. PRICE: $ Phone: (877) 946-3976 In store: Local retailers throughout the Greater Boston area sell Grand Tasting tickets. 14 AFTER JAN.O. particular to each region – for which the vinicultural Italian patrimony has always been known. $95 $85 $145 $175 $175 $110 $110 $145 $175 $175 SEAPORT HOTEL Make it a weekend affair! Special rates are available at the Seaport Hotel directly across the street from the Seaport World Trade Center.

Suite 50 Boston. the leading producer of wine events in the country.Boston Wine Expo 200 Seaport Boulevard. www. MLAEF The Boston Wine Expo is produced by ResourcePlus Shows & Events. MA 02210 EVENT SPONSORS Campaign financed with aid from the European .resource-plus.

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