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March 11, 2011 OPINION 3

‘Day of Peace’ ridiculous

Hipster conspiracy strikes with absurd declaration of kindness and peace
By KATIE McHUGH Is it a crime to notice? like me, who are comfortable

Graphic and quote courtesy of ‘Day of Peace’ Facebook page

Guest Columnist Politically incorrect jokes with the hatred embedded
make me laugh. deep in the fiber of their be-
On March 4, hipsters and But I guess I’ll have to so- ing.
hipster sympathizers every- ber up and take life more seri- “A day of hate” was held
where united for “a day of ously, like a hipster. in our honor. The introduc-
peace” much to the annoy- Those people are obvious- tion to the day of hate reads
ance of normal people, cool ly the epitome of clearhead- as follows:
people and people who prop- ed, somber stoicism. “I have an idea for a day
erly capitalize words. “Show everyone we cross of war. a day where everyone
They want to create as big paths with some genuine hu- just hates everyone else and
an impact as possible with man compassion. Be it with kills each other. a day where
their noble goal of “making a smile or kind words, just we ignore any instilled moral
the world a little more bear- spread some love.” values and go primal on ev-
able.” Yeah, I think I’ll skip smil- eryone’s ass.”
Yes, the glorious goal of ing cheerily at the creep leer- Tell me more!
not going out of one’s way to ing at me from across McKin- “Call everyone rude names
trip someone or make fun of ley’s and the driver who and use every obscene word
them is indeed laudable and almost runs me over at the you know... often.”
the whole world should hail. crosswalk. Sounds like a normal day
Who do hipsters think “Make not one person the to me so far…how “ironic.”
they are? exception to the rule. Not ev- “Fight. A lot. Use nun-
Are they just always this eryone deserves to have roses chuks, swords, hammers,
miserable? thrown at their feet and have slingshots, whatever. Just try
Why do they have to in- a holiday in their honor, but to make everyone bleed all
flict well-balanced people nobody deserves to feel alone. over the place. I’m too lazy

Graphic and quote courtesy of ‘Day of War’ Facebook page

with their lame and solipsis- Reach out. Talk to someone to go make more rules. FUCK
tic philosophizing? new. Care about them, and the ‘a day of peace’ event go-
Here are their three rules we will be cared for in re- ing around. We’re humans,
guaranteed to better the turn.” dammit, and we aren’t made
plight of man: Okay, hipsters. to be accepting.”
“Say not a single unkind Maybe you guys haven’t That’s right. I celebrated
thing about anyone or any- heard, but no one owes any- “a day of hate” by doing what
thing. If at all possible, try not one anything. I always do: not wearing
to even think a nasty thought. So some people feel lonely. 80’s style glasses, listening to
If we do, reflect on why it That’s so sad! bands people have heard of,
was that we thought to say it Maybe we could “raise not having enough money to
in the first place.” awareness” for them and buy a MacBook but enough
Listen, if I refrained from their sadness. to buy normal shoes, and just
thinking unkind or unpleas- Let’s have “a day of sad- enjoying my life as an ele-
ant thoughts, I’d have no ness” in which we march ment of the anti-hipster por-
brain activity beyond that of down Brooks walk crying tion of healthy society.
a comatose slug. quietly to ourselves while lis-
I’m human. tening to Spoon. Katie McHugh is a member
of the class of 2013. She can
My flaws are clear to me Fortunately, the internet be reached at mchughk@
and so are other people’s. has its fair share of people

College needs collaboration E D I

Last Friday, we all re-
choose to turn our eyes to
mophobia or any kind of
By JINNIE TEMPLIN tion to the problem doesn’t there is. If we don’t do it, no ceived a strongly worded e- the ground and let the issue harassment.”
Guest Columnist accomplish anything. one else will.” - David Hoag, mail from Joseph DiChris- pass. This time, it felt like We have faith that they,
I might feel better, but ev- ‘60. tina, Dean of Students. we were finally beginning to like the attendees of the
We’ll probably always eryone else who is feeling the Whether we’re ready to The subject line: Impor- stand up. march, want to take back
complain about minor Al- way I am is still upset, and accept it or not, we are the tant Campus Alert. It didn’t end with the e- our campus.
legheny irritants – the ridicu- whatever happened is prob- future alumni of this col- The first line: IMPOR- mail. Administrators began We have faith that they,
lous work load, the less-than- ably going to continue hap- lege. It’s up to us, all of us, to TANT CAMPUS ALERT. to meet to discuss ways to like Dr. Ryan Singh Paul
ideal weather and how much pening until we take mean- make things the way we want And it was important. publicly address the issue. in his February 25 letter to
money we spend to come ingful action to put a stop to them. With the memory of the Forums for discussion are the editor, wish to send the
here. it. You can choose to coast slur found in Walker just in the works for after spring message that “this aggres-
But far too often, I hear I use the word “we” here through your years at Allegh- four weeks ago still fresh break. sion will not stand.”
students complaining about not just to indicate the stu- eny and ignore campus dra- in our minds, here was a And maybe you’ve been It’s our community. The
serious issues, like housing, dents, but administrators and ma, but I don’t think I know “a repeat of an incident in- invited on Facebook to the administration can make
diversity, hate crimes, van- students working together. anyone who has successfully volving a homophobic slur “March Against Hate” next statements, investigate inci-
dalism and theft, all of which If students have problems, been able to do this. defacing College property.” Wednesday at 8 p.m., start- dents and vow that “anyone
have been major points of un- we’re tempted to think that I do know students who DiChristina didn’t mince ing on the Gator Quad. found to have committed
rest during the past academic we can’t fix them ourselves have worked diligently to words or dance around this It’s not simply an expres- such acts on our campus
year. because eventually the big rectify some of Allegheny’s issue. This was not just an sion of frustration and anger will be held accountable.”
There seems to be a dis- decisions rest on the shoul- most upsetting aspects and act of vandalism: it was a over recent event. Accord- The alumni can donate, but
connect somewhere. If you ders of someone higher up. incidents, and if you’re one of hate crime. ing to the event description, they still involve them-
leave all the hard work for And even when adminis- those students, I applaud you. Think back to the after- it’s a march “to take back our selves from afar. We, the
someone else, you might not trators recognize what some I don’t intend to insult math of the first incident. campus.” students, make Allegheny
like what they come up with. of the major issues are, they anyone who isn’t in this pre- The slur was found on Feb- “We are going to march College what it is. And we
So as easy as it is to sit may come up with solutions vious category; rather, I want ruary 11. An official state- to show that we can make have the power to make it
around and bash the admin- that don’t necessarily address to suggest an alternative way ment from the administra- [our campus] our home,” the what want.
istration for screwing up your the aspects of these issues that to address problems that will tion didn’t pop up in our description reads, “and that And we have faith that,
life, they’re not the only ones we students find most irritat- hopefully make your time inboxes until February 23. this is a community of love.” by and large, we students,
to blame. ing. here more fruitful and enjoy- Then, it took twelve days At the time of writing, from the most impassioned
We need to start acting as Just because you’re not be- able. before we had any sort of 209 people had clicked “I’m to the most silent, want a
a community and collaborat- ing tested or writing a 10-page Allegheny’s not perfect official reassurance or re- Attending.” 137 more had campus free of the blemish
ing in order to address the essay doesn’t mean every ex- and neither is life. sponse. This time, with the said maybe. of hate.
things about Allegheny that perience you have here is any But if we want to make second incident, it took less That’s wonderful. But we And we have faith that,
truly irk us. less important than those you our school a better place, as than twenty-four hours. aren’t writing to them. upon graduation, we want
If I were to go into Presi- have in the classroom. cliché as that might sound, Then, people were con- We’re writing to the 623 to leave a legacy of toler-
dent Mullen’s office and tell If you value your time we all better damn well step fused about what happened, people invited that still have ance, not a legacy of si-
him that I’m sincerely dis- here at all, you can’t rely on up to the challenge and make what to do and how to re- yet to reply, and the over lence.
turbed with the recent hate somebody else to make the the effort. spond. This time, we had a 1,000 other students who The administration has
crimes on campus, I’m sure decisions that influence the We’re a community of cre- strongly worded message never got invited at all. spoken. The marchers will
he’d agree and sympathize way you’re going to live the ative, logical and passionate explicitly referring to the There’s a silent majority chant. And if you can’t be
with me. But while I might next four years of your life. thinkers, and we need to start incident as a hate crime and who we have faith won’t with them in person, at
leave his office feeling mo- In Tippie, on the balcony acting like it. offering a list of resources stand for hate on their cam- least be with them in spirit.
mentarily placated, I haven’t above the reception desk, from which students could pus. Don’t let a hateful word on
really changed much. you’ll find these words: “The seek support. We have faith that they, a piece of paper define your
Yes, it is important to only owners of Allegheny Then, it seemed like like DiChristina in his e- community. Get out there
Jinnie Templin is a member we, as a community, might mail, do not “tolerate ho- and define it yourself.
communicate our concerns College are the alumni. There of the class of 2011. She
to administrators, but doing is no city, state, or profession can be reached at templij@
so without suggesting a solu- to worry about us. We are all
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